Pamela Anderson in a gold thong bathing suit on the runway at Fashion Week

Pamela Anderson was a gold bedazzled mess on the runway for fashion designer Richie Rich in New York yesterday. The former Baywatch babe, now 41, strutted her stuff in a tight butt-baring v-neck gold bathing suit adorned with jeweled stars. Is it sad or just business that Anderson continues to get attention for showing us the extent of her personal waxing?

Anderson has reportedly moved into a mobile home with her new boyfriend, a surfer and electrician she met while she had to live in a trailer park temporarily while waiting for renovations to her home. She is said to be in love with the guy and to have introduced him to her sons:

The former Baywatch star is reportedly living in a mobile home with new lover Jamie Padgett, who is a surfer and electrician, in Malibu.

A source said: “Pam is staying with him in the Paradise Cove trailer park while her house is renovated.”

Three-times divorced Pamela, 41, met Jamie at the end of January and soon introduced him to her sons, Brandon, 12 and Dylan, 11.

The source added: “Pam and the kids joined Jamie and his sons – who are around Brandon and Dylan’s age – on his boat in Paradise Cove at the weekend. They spent most of the time on the beach with their kids. They are really happy together.”

Pamela is said to have fallen “head over heels” with Jamie because of his clean living ways – in stark contrast to Pamela’s ex-husbands: Motley Crue rocker rocker Tommy Lee, who is also the father of her children, rapper Kid Rock and professional poker player and pornographer Rick Salomon.

A friend said: “She is more in love than I have ever seen her before. He’s a totally moral, nice, normal guy.


It is worth noting that Anderson isn’t living in a typical trailer park – she’s in “Paradise Cove,” which was one of the high end trailer parks on the Pacific Ocean profiled in a 2005 piece in the NY Times. Mobile homes in that area used to go for a million and up during the real estate boom. Minnie Driver also lives in Paradise Cove. It’s kind of fitting to think of Anderson living in a mobile home community, but it’s not quite what you might assume despite the way she carries herself.

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  1. I Choose Me says:

    I gotta say, her face may be a hot mess but her body looks damn good.

  2. Hey Pam, Richie Rich is making fun of you. Put it away, lady. Just put it away.

  3. cara says:

    I just lost my breakfast.

  4. MochaNthaMiddle says:

    She is TOOOOO Damn OLD to still be dressing like this. It’s not even attractive anymore. She looks like a old HAS BEEN. Cover up and grow up, Pam. It would really help your career and image. Think of your boys if you don’t have enough respect for yourself. you’re in your 40s I’m sure and you need to start acting like it.

  5. What says:

    I agree with the “she looks like an old hasbeen” comment. However, she really isn’t that old. She just needs to dress appropriately and she could look great.

  6. Baholicious says:

    Can she get any more ridiculous? Probably.

  7. Tia C says:

    Um, I’m not so sure that’s supposed to be a thong bathing suit. It looks SEVERAL sizes too small for her. It’s painful to look at, LOL!

  8. just a poster says:

    Hey, to be honest, I wish my tush looked as good as hers.

  9. spooge says:

    “Daddy. Why is that old lady dressed like that?”

  10. teehee says:

    I suppose if you were older and wanted to dress/feel like that, you wouldnt appreciate being slammed and called too old to feel that way. Viva la spirit; beauty is all inside.
    I’m not saying she looks even half conscious here- she doesnt. Looks totally out of it. But it’s so cruel to say someone else cant do something that says they feel good about themselves.

    I know, but why should they do it at the expense of our eyeballs right LOL hey no one died LOL

  11. the other kate says:

    ick. just….ick.

  12. the original kate says:

    ick…just ick.

    *sorry – i reposted with my new name.

  13. Orangejulius says:

    She’s not that old. It’s the harshness of her eyebrows and plastered-on makeup. Her body has held up but her face has looked pretty beat for a few years.

  14. Megan says:

    She’s beautiful and could look really classy, but she just looks like desperate mutton dressed as lamb here… which is really sad. Pammy you’re 21 any more, hun.

  15. kiki says:


  16. Ashley says:


  17. daisy424 says:


  18. BluePlanet says:

    She’s got a great ass, which is always worth pointing out.

  19. barneslr says:

    Does she not have any friends or family that love her enough to tell her how foolish she looks? This is just sad.

    God, I feel so sorry for those sons of hers…and for the women they eventually end up with as adults. Just not good at all.

  20. Baholicious says:

    @Spooge: ROTFLMAO!!

    She’s certainly cause for bewilderment.

  21. Nony says:

    I wish she’d manage to reinvent herself and take her career in a different direction. She always seems like a fun person in interviews and it’s a shame she keeps clinging onto this ‘my body is my career’ thing.

  22. geronimo says:

    Why Pammie? Just why?

  23. GimmeABreak says:

    Those two boys are going to be sooooo screwed up. If you don’t believe me, watch INTERVENTION. Almost every story starts out with a normal kid that had two really effed up parents like Pam and Tommy. They make Octomom look like a saint!

    I’m not a religious person but tonight I think I’ll say a prayer for all the kids in the world. Especially the ones growing up in Hollyweird.

  24. lin says:

    So so sad. Does she not see herself? Worse yet. Somebody should tell her. Please.

  25. ERM says:

    Oh, the humanity…

  26. loldongs says:

    Her vagina! Yuck.

  27. Madison says:

    she’s only one year older then Jennifer Annistan, she just looks rough…

  28. Dana Da Designated Hata says:

    I only hope that the fashion show was a lot better in person because these pictures of Pam are really hurting her image right about now! Like…why didn’t anybody air brush these?


  29. kimberly says:

    is that courtney love or pam anderson? LOL

    i’m sorry, but she does NOT look good anymore. Someone really needs to tell her the truth. Only old men above the age of 60 would find her hot. It looks like her muscle mass is diminishing and needs to schedule an appointment with Suzanne Sommers or something!!!

    She used to be hot, but isn’t anymore. She’s older now, and if she wants to continue prancing around like a 20something cutie, needs to work on her body. It’s not cute right now!!!!!

  30. TinaWithPom says:

    Faces aside, Jessica Simpson seems to have the same body now as Pam Anderson’s still good-looking, yet undoubtedly middle-aged, body. Good news for Pam. Not so much for Jessica.

  31. oh no not again... says:

    I think J. Simpson has a WAY better body. It looks nothing like Pam’s. Jessica at least has enough mass to fill out her skin. Pam is way smaller too… but it’s not a good thing. I don’t think she’s gross b/c of her age though-it’s b/c she’s obviously cracked out on the bad shit. Homegirl has been rocking that meth face and her petrified skin, and doesn’t seem to be aware of her real appearance… she’s in a drug induced denial. She could be so pretty and sexy, but right now it looks like she’s constantly dripping dumpster juice out of her c–t.

  32. aleach says:

    Eh, I think she knows how she is being seen & LOVES it.
    Shes kinda “campy” so I can dig it! Im not gunna hate on her.
    Work it, Grandma!

  33. CB Rawks says:

    “Oh, the humanity…”

    “Work it, Grandma!”


    Ow, I think all my shame muscles cringed all at once. Now I’m a twisted paralysed freak and I can’t even escape the images in front of me. I’m going to try to press esc with my nose.

  34. Diva says:

    She’s reminding me of Goldie Hawn on an ill advised day.

    Someone mentioned that she’s only a year older than Jennifer Aniston… she looks like she could be Jen’s MOTHER.

  35. eternalcanadian says:

    ewwww, how tacky. 😮

    she really isn’t that old, but she can’t carry off that kind of look.

  36. Brandy says:

    I would love to see her in something like a sexy suit (sans huge tits busting out). If she really wants to shock people, she needs to start dressing a little more conservatively. Of course, she’s the very definition of a Histrionic Personality, so there’s no hope of that ever happening.

  37. tristan says:

    You guys are crazy! I would love to slap cheeks with Pam. BEAT CAKES!!!!

  38. j. ferber says:

    I’ve never disliked Pamela Anderson, just her taste in men. Come on, people, why must a blond bombshell hang it up at 40? She looks great (granny, indeed) and is clearly enjoying herself, so why is that pathetic? I’m not saying it’s a great role model for women, but if she’s a sexy mama at 21, why not 41? And who’s to say she’s not “acting her age”? Bawdy has no age and how depressing if it did.

  39. dbag says:

    I wonder what she would look like without the support hosiery in her full body stocking?

  40. ChristinaX says:

    It has nothing to do with her age.

    If she was 21 and carrying herself like this and dressing like this, I’d still be making the same assumption that she has no class.

    I’m all for the sexy look on women (I personally would wear more revealing clothing if I could get away with it), but the manner in which she accessorizes isn’t sexy; she looks like a backwater stripper on the job.

  41. Elvira I. Rangel says:

    OMG Pam is my girl. Shame on people who try to diss her. I bet all you beeyatches wish you could look half as good as she does. Let her do her damn thang! So many haters…… Man people are sooo neg and helluva hate!! It’s actually funny!

  42. ChristinaX says:

    Nah, that’s okay.

    I’d rather have a face that doesn’t look worn and scarred from years of drug abuse and excessive plastic surgery.

    I have to say, I’m a chubby, pasty in kid in an Iron Maiden shirt, and I currently look better than she does on her best day anymore. High maintenance does not equal prettier than everyone else.

  43. Dave says:

    Shes to old for posing like this, her butt is getting fugly. However for her age she looks better than most. I’d still do her after taking my Viagra.

  44. Mr Big says:

    All the losers out there saying she looks “ridiculous” are really the pathetic ones. Acting like you “feel sorry for her?” Give me a break. I’m sure the balance in her bank account won’t suffer from your pity. Also, she has a rockin’ body. Obviously, most of the posts here are from people under 30 who think 40 is old; well it isn’t. I bet her ass looks better than 99% of you schlepps.

  45. MS says:

    Pam’s career is in freefall. She should have taken the Teri Hatcher role in Desperate Housewives. As a brunette it would have taken her in a whole new direction. Unfortunately,she like Heather Locklear and Anna Nicole Smith, didn’t prepare themselves for life after forty. She’s desperately trying to be sexy like she was when she was younger, and her attempts are pathetic and embarrassing. She needs to be a mother to her boys, take some acting lessons and keep her clothes on. Look at Morgan Fairchild as a model of how to age gracefully and beautifully.