Sarah Jessica Parker (mildly) rips on Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears

In a new interview with Glamour Magazine about her fashion line, Bitten, which premieres at Steve & Barrys stores on June 7, Sarah Jessica Parker says that she wouldn’t want to subject women to the high-priced “high-fashion” that Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line offers.

Stefani’s designs are “much more avant-garde, definitely high fashion,” Parker opines. “I don’t want to do that for women, because that’s not their lives.”

Parker says her line won’t land you in the poorhouse. “You’re going to be able to buy $200 worth of clothes, leave that store with six bags and be able to pay your utilities and take your kids someplace special for their birthday.”

And Parker knows firsthand what it’s like trying to raise kids on little money. When she was growing up-she was one of eight kids-her family was on public assistance briefly. “I got all of my oldest sister’s hand-me-downs,” Parker tells writer Bob Morris. “And by the time I inherited them, they were really out of fashion.”

All of SJP’s clothing items are priced under $20, while Stefani’s L.A.M.B. offerings include $145 khaki army micro shorts and a $245 L.A.M.B.-branded scoop turtleneck t-shirt. It does seem ridiculous to pay nearly $300 for a t-shirt, but some women want that and Stefani is cashing in.

In the Glamour interview, Parker also mentions Paris, Britney and Lohan without naming names and says they’re vulgar:

“Look how celebrities are acting these days,” she says. “People are getting attention for doing nothing, for behaving poorly, for abusing themselves in public and being abused, exploiting themselves. I find it vulgar, and I find it awful.”

Most people agree with her but it’s not like she needed to dish out her unique brand of morality to everyone. Why volunteer that information unless you want press for dissing the crotch flashers?

Parker calls her clothes “Affordable, well-made, and slightly trendy” and says she’s giving a chance to the women in the “rest of the country” to experience fashion.

I remember seeing pictures of the clothing online and being unimpressed, but when I tried to find them again they were gone. It turns out that Steve & Barry’s threatened a blogger who first published them, The Budget Fashionista, and when she didn’t hop-to fast enough they left her a nasty message saying they were about to sue her. She was not enthusiastic about the line, saying:

I must say that the Bitten line looks pretty uneventful, in fact, it looks a lot like the stuff she was hawking for the GAP… It has none of the easy urban style of Madonna’s line at H&M and none of the creative basic look of Isaac Mizrahi at Target. I am also pretty skeptical of the overly touched up pictures (usually sign of poor quality garments)…

The bottomline is: they want you to buy the “celebrity endorsed/created/designed” line, but they don’t want you to have an opinion about it. They just want you to buy it.

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s case, it seems you do get what you pay for. Maybe the women in the “rest of the country” can’t afford Stefani’s clothing, but given advance buzz there’s surely stuff at Old Navy and Target that’s better than what SJP has to offer.

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