Heather Mills To Walk Away with $50 Million Divorce Pay Off

Heather Mills will allegedly walk away with £25 million (about $50 million) from her marriage with Paul McCartney. It had been speculated she would ask for £200 ($400 million), but sources close to Mills say the figures are wide off the mark.

I don’t care if it’s $50 million or $50, just please let this saga be over! She doesn’t deserve half that, but if that amount makes her happy it means she can go away and we never have to see her again!

Here are the details The Daily Mail:

Heather Mills believes she will be awarded £25million in her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney, friends claimed last night.

They spoke out after Miss Mills’s former bodyguard, Sean Ghent, suggested she was seeking a £200million settlement.

Ghent said Miss Mills’s lawyers would argue that she is owed the incredible amount because she helped Sir Paul through his grief after his first wife Linda died.

But a source close to Miss Mills said she was “furious that people might think she is after this much money”.

“Two hundred million pounds is way off the mark and has never been Heather’s target,” said the friend.

“The real figure she has in mind is most definitely £25million, no more, no less. Heather is convinced that she and Paul are close to a settlement and agreeing this sum.

Does Heather really deserve this much money? I get she has a child with him and all, but she wasn’t married to him long, and what did she actually contribute to the marriage other than embarassment?

I’m sure Paul regrets not getting a pre-nup, although I think it would have been difficult for him to enforce it as he is a habitual resident in England and English courts give little weight to pre-nups. He hasn’t been looking too well since the divorce, and he is a notoriously private person so he must want this over as soon as possible so he never has to see Heather cha-cha across his TV screen again.

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