Lindsay Lohan spends $800 a week on her hair

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Lindsay Lohan has long been reported to be in dire financial straits. No one in her inside circle has ever really confirmed this – it seems to rest more on the supposition that Lindsay does little more than shop at expensive designer stores. She hardly ever works anymore, and she certainly doesn’t command the salary she used to. Lohan has admitted she doesn’t own a home, which naturally makes you wonder what other poor financial decision’s she’s been making.

In fact according to several sources, Lohan’s main income comes from her leggings line – which is unarguably very successful. But I still doubt it can fund her excessive lifestyle. Lohan just started renting a new place at the beginning of February – for a whopping $10,000 a month. And according to OK magazine, Lindsay isn’t showing any signs of toning it down. In fact she spends $800 a week just on her hair.

Acting parts may be sparse, but Lindsay Lohan refuses to pinch pennies, a source tells OK!.

The actress recently paid $995 for a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, and spends $400 twice a week for a wash and blow-dry at Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills.

Oh, and she also lays out $500 per cut for girlfriend Sam Ronson’s hair, the source says.

The couple’s shared manipedis cost $200, and Washington, D.C.–based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki suspects she’s had a $700 lip procedure too.

“When a star’s upper lip is bigger than the lower, I think it’s a giveaway,” he tells OK!.

[From OK!]

I’m not sure if Lohan is singlehandedly keeping our economy afloat or helping further drown it in bad debt. What is pretty clear is that she needs to curb her spending for her own sake. I know actresses have to keep up a certain look, but calling Lindsay an actress anymore is charitable at best. She’s moved on to the Paris Hilton career model – famous for being famous.

The $800 hair sessions probably explain why mom Dina Lohan has an $11,500 tax lien on her home. Sounds like poor money management runs in the family.

Here’s Lindsay arriving at 14 Karat Jewellery store in Los Angeles yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Codzilla says:

    $800 a week to look like you haven’t tended to your hair in years? Lovely.

  2. whatevs says:

    Amazing. Four hundred dollars for a wash and blow out? They better have spun gold in their water and tiny flecks of diamonds in their shampoo to get ME to spend that much.

  3. yasmin says:

    Codzilla that is exactly what I was thinking. She should find a new hairdresser cos b-tch is getting ripped off!! And those lip injections look hideous… so obvious.

  4. jess says:

    she is waayy overpaying for her hair to look the way it does. why doesnt she just wash it herself? probably explains why she always looks so grimy. guessing she doesnt shower regularly?

  5. I think they meant she spends $800 a week on “blow” not a “blow-out”. I’ve spent large sums of $$$ on my own hair, but are they washing her hair with angel tears for $400? & why is she paying $500 for someone to take a Flowbee to Sam?

  6. Ash says:

    I spend 20 bucks on shampoo for about 2 months worth- any my hair is VERY thick. Nice going Lindsay, you pretty much suck at life. What a gigantic waste of money, because obviously it doesn’t look like you spend ANY money on hair with the “not washed” look.

  7. Delicia says:

    Have any idea how much does she spend on her pubic hair?

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    Hilarious these people are so stupid they don’t even realize they’re being gypped.

  9. MsTriste says:

    She can afford to spend her money on hair and shoes since she obviously doesn’t spend any on food.

  10. Bodhi says:

    But its not even “her” hair is it? Just nasty extensions!

  11. Anoneemouse says:

    I’m trying to sell her a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge but she has no interest in real estate….

  12. Tia says:

    I am sure MOST celebrities have outrageous services done weekly. She is not the only one by far believe that.. heidi and spence spend wayyyyyyy more and are wayyyyyyyy tackier and disgusting. Linds you look cute, you go girl.

  13. Codzilla says:

    dread: Lol at the flowbee. I was wondering the same thing — why the f*ck does it cost so much for such a non-hairdo?

  14. Dana Da Designated Hata says:

    What a waste, cause her hair still looks a mess.

  15. Denise says:

    Does Lindsay Lohan even have a source of income? No one wants to hire her for movies anymore. If I were her, I’d be holding on to my money for dear life.

  16. Rreedy says:

    Sadly, this kind of thinking and disrespect for money is what is wrong with this country. No money sense and cheap credit=disaster.

  17. Blondie says:

    Bizarre, maybe she has a secret stash or credit cards galore…who knows…al can say is wish I was able to spend that much money and barely work anymore…scary!

    How does it cost $500 for Samantha’s hair cuts??!!

    Lindsay really needs some shorter extensions and also go back to being the true redhead that you are

  18. Ron says:

    I could refer her to a great Vietnamese nail salon here in So Cal. I get a mani-pedi for 32 bucks with tip!

  19. Dako says:

    i love her

  20. miley says:

    if shes spending that much she should do everyone a favor and GO BACK TO RED HAIR!!! she looked so hot back then. and gain some weight!

  21. CG says:

    That whole post is lame. She’s hurting for money but bought a new car, rents a $10,000 house (which she probably wouldn’t have been able to do without proving she could pay for it).

    Meanwhile, she get paid for being the spokesperson for Fornarina, got paid for Labor Pains, Ugly Betty, hosting gigs, and her leggings are selling well.

    Yeah, she’s really hurting.

  22. kiki says:

    its her money she can spend it anyway she wants..up her nose on her hair..

  23. tigerlille says:

    Hey you guys, this is a GOSSIP site, and the GOSSIP repeated in the above piece is from OK magazine, hardly a sterling source, so why do all the posters’ comments assume that these reports are credible?

    There have been rumours that Lindsay is in dire financial financial straits for a couple of years now, but her major occupations seem to be shopping and partying, so could it be that these reports are in fact GOSSIP, unverifiable and untrue, or at least partially if not wholly inaccurate?

    Or could it be that the opportunity to knock Lindsay is so irresistible that nobody really cares if the information is factual or gossip?

    I think her hair looks beautiful most of the time. We all have days when our hair is a wreck, so what?

  24. CB Rawks says:

    “I think her hair looks beautiful most of the time.”

    Most of the time?
    Most of the time it looks fried, ratty and unwashed. How old are your magazines? Do you work in a doctors office reception room?

  25. pookynut says:

    SamRo’s hair looks great. Great cut and color for her. Lindsay’s hair -not so much. It usually looks like she doesn’t even brush it. She looks like she lives in her car. Her expensive shoes and purses tip you off to the money.

  26. Jill says:

    the first thing i thought was $800? for that? her hair always looks like shit.

  27. Bodhi says:

    Or could it be that the opportunity to knock Lindsay is so irresistible that nobody really cares if the information is factual or gossip?/i>

    LL fuels (& feeds off of) the “gossip” written about her. She has no career to speak of & hasn’t had a viable one in a looong time.

    What happened to her tango movie or her album? The public was inundated with obviously staged photos of her “come-back projects” & yet there is less than no mention of her actually working on them.

    To say that her occupation consists of shopping & partying is a compliment.

  28. Bodhi says:

    shoot, sorry y’all

  29. Codzilla says:

    tigerlillie: Yes, this is a GOSSIP site. And that’s we come here to GOSSIP about celebrities. No need to get so worked up.

  30. Codzilla says:

    And that’s WHY we come here …

  31. CB Rawks says:

    Can people please stop wearing that god-awful deathly pale pink lipstick?
    It only ever looks horrible!
    How about a darker pink or something, so you don’t look like a corpse.
    I’d sooner the retreaded trend of gutter goth where everything is black, black lips, nails, sharpie marker for eyeliner.

  32. ChristinaX says:

    Uh, I got an awesome haircut for 12 dollars at BoRick’s and her busted ass extensions are for 800 bucks?

    I guess what I am trying to say here is that how much you spend on your hair OBVIOUSLY doesn’t effect the quality of a haircut/hairstyle.

    I’ve seen more attractive clip ons at the racks in Wal Mart, if she thinks she’s impressing anyone.

  33. tigerlille says:

    Surely it is possible to gossip about celebrities without being irrational and mean spirited? I thought that that was the whole premise of the Celebitchy brand of gossip. Sorry, but I think it is stupid to treat gossip as if it were a fact.

    I’m not worked up, Codzilla, but I do get exasperated by the lack of elementary critical thinking skills demonstrated by some of the commenter’s on this site. I think that the people who are worked up are those who brand Lindsay as a failure in life because they think she spends too much on her hair.

    And no, CB Rocks, I don’t work in a doctor’s reception room, but thanks for the compliment. I also don’t read magazines. Most of the pictures I see of Lindsay are right here on Celebitchy.

  34. Mairead says:

    I’m afraid that you’re wrong on this one tiger – although it looks generally ok (sometimes nice, generally blah and far too long), it certainly doesn’t look like it’s worth over $41,000 a year just to wash and dry it and maybe a little trim;

    And that’s not even to put in the hair taken from dirt poor women/corpses…

  35. vale says:

    Is that why she doesn’t seem to be able to afford clothes?

  36. the original kate says:

    not buying it. but i do believe her bar tab is probably $800 a week…

  37. Lisa says:

    I don’t get it.

    Who cares how much money she spends on her hair? Really.

  38. Miss Moo says:

    It takes a lot of money to look that trashy. LOLLLL I love it! That’s how millionaires go broke. Ms. Loho needs to stop throwing away money just to prove she has it, purchase her a nice property ($10,000 per month for a rental!!?? Eeek!) and get her a good accountant (which she probably has but just doesn’t listen to). Baby take it from a star who knows, beauty fades and collagen gets expensive so Miss Thang at least get the bottom lip done and get a better hairstylist if you’re going to throw away money like white trash gone wild after they hit lotto. LOL!!!!!!!

  39. Itsybitsyspider says:

    She’s still pretty though…and a very good talent. Misguided though (parents should be slapped – hard – especially mom)At least she’s not running all over the place, curb jumping, getting DUIs right now.

  40. karen says:

    does this make everyone feel better about themselves ,insulting a human being because she is or was a celeb, and now broke, shame on all of you, we are all human beings with feelings. boy i’d hate to be in your lives if i hit rock bottom, does this boost your eggos, make you have higher self esteem putting down others. how cruel is this world we live in, because this is what your representing to all of us , insults and disrespect too, how sad is your lives?