Pippa Middleton tells Matt Lauer she ‘felt publicly bullied a little bit’ post-wedding


Pippa Middleton gave her first TV interview to Matt Lauer and Today, and they finally aired the damn thing today. And OMG. I mean, Pippa is annoying and her “repositioning” PR as some kind of charity ambassador is interesting, but the interview is utterly gross because Matt Lauer is so skeevy and over-the-top. Yes, Pippa and the Original Ass of Lies ™ became a thing after the wedding… in 2011. These days, Pippa is mostly known for being orange, for messing up high-profile jobs and for trading in on her sister’s connections. The way Matt Lauer approaches Pippa, it’s like he’s speaking to the most beautiful woman in the world about how she saved the world with her bum.

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Pippa says that she and her family saw Kate and William’s wedding as “just a family wedding…And actually, I didn’t realize, perhaps, the scale of it until afterwards.” Are you joking? I’m throwing the first BS Flag of the interview. As for the McQueen maid-of-honor dress that became so famous, Pippa says: “You know, I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train.” Second flag.

Pippa also told Today that she has “felt publicly bullied a little bit just by, you know, when I read things that clearly aren’t true or that, whichever way someone looks at it, it’s a negative side… It is quite difficult. Because eventually I’m just paving my way and trying to live a life like any 30-year-old.” Er… did we bully her when she was riding around with some rich douches in France and they were flashing a gun, pretending to shoot at the paparazzi? Is that “bullied”? Or how about when her new media profile allowed her to score a rash of high-paying gigs that she had barely any qualifications for? I’m just saying, it’s a trade-off. You can party with rich guys and get paid gobs of money for barely any work all while accepting that you are now a public figure who will be discussed in the media. Ugh.

Plus, I just think it’s weird that she’s giving an interview about all of this stuff right NOW. It’s 2014 – no one is talking about her butt except her (and Matt Lauer, apparently). Why didn’t she give this interview to promote her sad Celebrate book?


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  1. Eve says:

    Bitch. F*cking. Please.

    • silly you says:

      @eve, i second your B.F.P.

    • I see your bitch fin’ please and raise you a Good God Get a Grip Girl.

      It might make me seem like a bitch to say but people are seriously over using ‘bullying’ as a crutch for everything these days. Its like every one has to have a reason or excuse why nothing they do is really their fault…they failed because they were bullied. It really belittles the experience of people who have actually been bullied. This being said we’ve made a real move in our society toward thinking that self esteem is given instead of earned…like so many other things we feel entitled to have. Sorry but bullying only damages you if you care what people think. If you pin your self worth on the opinions of others. It’s something that is supposed to come from within and we’ve lost sight of that. The best thing I did about my own bullies as a young woman was to stop giving 2 shits about what anyone else thinks of me. Rant over…Ass of lies can STFU.

      • annaloo. says:

        *applauding wildly*

      • wolfpup says:

        Just beautiful.

      • ktae says:


        Side note: she is aging so badly, my mom is 56 and looks better than this

      • Sabrine says:

        Her and Kate ring their eyes with black eyeliner. Do they have no idea how it hardens and ages them? It also makes their eyes look tiny. They don’t seem to learn anything as they get older. This look at 40 is going to look even worse than it does now.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Can you fourth something? If so, I do.

    • Sacred And Profane says:

      Yeah… Now where’s my Bullshit Button…?

  2. HappyMom says:

    I think my eyes are permanently rolled in the back of my head from the “family wedding” quote. And despite the denials, I think NBC is going to roll her out as a “special correspondent”-hence the interview.

    • Christin says:

      I think this was a test run, unfortunately.

    • wow says:

      I agree. Test run. Although, of course, NBC is denying that. I swear, it truly irks me how these corporations just hand over these jobs to people like her and Chelsea Clinton (I forget her married name because she’s boring for the most part). Just handing the jobs out to them like candy to kids on Halloween.

      Meanwhile, I bet there is a recent college graduate out there, who majored in journalism but can’t even get an interview at NBC for a no-pay internship. I don’t fault Pippa, per se. I mean it’s not her fault that her parents are rich or that her sister married a very popular *cough* prince. But it irks me that companies will go out of their way to throw these jobs at those who haven’t worked hard towards achieving them.

      And Matt Lauer is scum and will always be scum to me. Even before the Ann Curry fiasco. He oozes jerk.

      • Dena says:

        U know . . Privilege has always opened doors to privilege. That won’t ever change. However, the problem nowadays is that (1) sh*t like this is too transparent as it’s placed dead square in the face of the “needy” and the “worthy” (and the unwashed masses, in general) and (2) celebrity culture pays big dividends for . . . basically BS.

        On the one hand, given the aforementioned, who can blame Pippa and her ilk? The milk and honey are flowing so might as well get it while it’s good. U know? And with her ass of lies, by now, she is probably a millionaire in her own right (*cough*). Not a huge one but in the strict definition of it. I’d love to have a few mil in my emergency account 2.

        However, on the other hand, where is her dignity & integrity? I’d feel so fraudulent even if I had taken only 1/2 the gigs and “celebrity appearances” she has. Not only would I feel guilty for profiting off of my sister BUT I would feel self-conscious about people constantly trying to take pictures of what looks to be a flat ass.

        It’s BS and it’s insulting but it’s also the way of the world. Hell, I’m even thinking about a sex tape—cause it seems to be just that easy. Okay. Not really (this ass, this stomach, these breasts😳) . . . but if Kim K & the Pipster can profit off of stupid sh*t, then so 2 can Dena😜😄

  3. minime says:

    pippatips#1: If fame starts fading, you know, just go on giving interviews about your sister’s wedding 3 years ago.

    pippatips#2: Royal weddings are just like any other wedding in the world. Except that you can make a butt become a living legend. True story (#watchandlearnKardashians)

  4. Eleonor says:

    She. Can’t. Be. This. Vapid.

  5. The Original Mia says:

    Girl…please. I mean…seriously have a stadium full of those Wimbledon seats. The dress was done for attention. The signet rings were done to show your new standing in the world of who the F cares. All the famewhoring your family has done has been in service and because your sister married the balding one. So please…STFU with that mess.

    • GeeMoney says:

      I don’t think her wedding dress was done for attention… that was a pretty plain dress and she was covered up for the most part. I think the media just went nuts over it b/c they probably had nothing else to write about.

      But I will give you the whole famewhoring thing.

      PS – And she thought that the wedding was a “family wedding”? B**** please. Your sister married the Prince of ENGLAND in front of millions of people. Family wedding, my a$$.

    • itsetsyou says:

      No way THAT dress was done for attention – it was very plain and obviously done not to take away the spotlight from the bride.

    • bluhare says:

      I don’t know if it was done for attention, but the end result was spectacular. It was the first time I’d ever seen Pippa and I thought she looked amazing. I remember thinking that Kate must be very confident to have a maid of honor wear such a fabulous dress. Yes, it was simple, but that was it’s charm and it was tailored to her figure within an inch of its life.

      All that being said, Pippa’s not looked that good since, IMO.

    • vava says:

      god, this woman is a loser. Right along with Lauer. I can’t watch the interview, it sounds too disgusting.

  6. Allie says:

    I CAANOT get over how old she looks. She looks the same age as my mother, not someone who could be my older sister. Reason why you don’t fake tan, kids.

    Give me a break. The bs spewing out of this girls mouth is actually giving me anxiety. Please just fade into obscurity.

    • shannon says:

      I was getting ready to post the same thing…she looks like she could easily be 40 + years here.

    • FLORC says:

      The women in her family age very quickly and then plateau. Alcohol, dehydration, low body fat, and sun worshiping do not help.

      While Kate and Pippa have the same skin, Pippa’s looks worse with the leather skin tone. Where’s er photo editor!?

      • Chameleon says:

        What did the makeup-department of that tv show do before this interview? Some TV presenter are caked in makup… Why does Pippa look like this?

        Why is Pippa so tense in front of the camera?

    • Jess says:

      I was thinking the same thing, she looks so much older, Kate does too, wonder if they smoke, on top of too much fake tanning!

      • wow says:

        Kate and Will smoke cigs/f@gs or at least they use to. Not sure about the Pipster.

      • Dany says:

        The Windsors are mostly smokers.
        Kate and William try to hide it because of their “clean PR persona”. William smokes (a lot… judging by his yellow teeth). Kate was a smoker, i think she stopped for the pregnancy. Maybe she started again after the birth (she is obsessed with her weight, so it is possible).
        Harry and Eugenie defintely smoke. Both aren´t hiding it when they are clubbing.

        Don´t know about Pippa, she is very sporty and active. It seems she is more obsessed with her tan.

  7. InvaderTak says:

    Maybe it was “just a family wedding ” to her because she and her family actually think they are on par with the royal family and no matter who Kate married they’d have a wedding of that size and scale. All weddings are royal weddings to them; they are that important!!

  8. HH says:

    Wow, Pips. Wow. You were earning a decent amount of goodwill from me and you just tanked it.

    “Because eventually I’m just paving my way and trying to live a life like any 30-year-old.”
    — Nope, you’re not. One, you don’t need to pave a way. You and your siblings have definitely shown that you’re wealthy and can afford to “hang out” until something more permanent comes along. Two, that lack of necessity definitely shows in the quality and consistency of your work. Busy flitting around from one thing to the next and no real persona for your public profile, aside from “opportunist”. Pippa you’re an opportunist. Yes, it’s a dirty word, but it’s true on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. That’s the only way to explain taking on writing assignments here and there, charity work here and there, high-profile weddings here and there, etc. The only consistency that you’ve shown is being willing to accept the next high-profile invitation that drops at your doorstep.

  9. Diana says:

    How is she only 30????? I don’t believe it.

  10. Talie says:

    Some thoughts:

    1. She was pretty charming
    2. Her accent! Kate definitely did elocution lessons because Pippa does not talk like Lady Mary.
    3. She’s a lot less stiff than Kate.
    4. She’s totally getting a job with the TODAY show.

    • Liberty says:

      Exactly. It was a TODAY on-air job interview, public response test, etc.

      Forgot to add: Oi!

    • FLORC says:

      Today has been sucking up to Pippa for ages now. Since the wedding she’s been praised on the show.
      This is a move for sure. And sadly,it might boost the rating a bit.

  11. Megan says:

    Pippa is just never going to happen. The media needs to stop trying.

    • Msmlnp says:

      Agree. If she hasn’t “happened” by now, it’s not ever going to happen.

      She seems pretty uninteresting anyways.

  12. PunkyMomma says:

    What is it with these Middleton women and face spackle? They look as if they just trowel on layers of greasepaint. Ew. And don’t get me started on the total skeeviness of Matt Lauer. How he got his contract with NBC renewed after his behavior towards, among others, Ann Curry, is beyond me.

    • Liberty says:

      I know. But, It’s not like the Today show is the birthing ground of creative show-running. They seem to plow that circular track. So, Lauer, plod plod plod “research shows” plod plod plod.

    • Chameleon says:

      The interviewer was VERY NICE to Pippa. Soft voice and how he described the fame of her backside was just so friendly… overly friendly.

  13. MinnFinn says:

    I watched a clip on nbc.com and I’m still rather stunned at the things she said. She must be getting PR spin lessons from Buckingham Palace because her life isn’t remotely related to statements she made about herself today. FX, she’s just an ordinary person trying to get on with her life just like Willy and Kate. And twice she said her health is very important to her. Mmkay, so that explains why you fake tan and smoke?

  14. itsetsyou says:

    I like her and she’s obviously did something very very good in her previous life to get all these opportunities now without the pressure her sister has to endure. Good for Pippa, one lucky gal!

  15. Lin says:

    Haha “Pippa and the Original Ass of Lies ™ “! Best thing I’ve heard today. It could be a book or movie, with the Kim’s and Khloe’s being sequels.
    Ass of lies: the next generation part 1 Kim kardashian
    Ass of lies: the next generation part 2 Khloe kardashian

  16. Hazel says:

    Ugh. I used to be neutral about the whole Middleton family. I thought they were reluctantly thrust into the spotlight because of who Kate married.

    Now, not so much. Between Lazy Katy, Orange Party Pips and Mashmallow Middleton, I just wish they can all disappear now into oblivion.

  17. Racer says:

    She must secretly hate Kate. Definitely not the sharpest tool but on some level she must know that every documented move she makes will run parallel to the life her sister lives. I dont care how much opportunity she has and will continue to get, if my older sister were married to the future King you would not see me or hear about me. Propriety would be the name of my game.

    I would have a lot more respect for her if everything she’s doing now was something she wanted to do at the age of 12. Otherwise why are we ignoring the fact that her current state is simply because her sister married a well-placed cad.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    Standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and sitting in the Royal Box give people the big head. This woman has coasted into jobs because she is the sister of the future queen of England. Pips and her family should have gotten the memo they are not royal by marriage when they didn’t ride on the royal barge during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla. The Middletons’ getting their own boat and riding it during the celebration made them look Kardashian-level thirsty for fame.

    • LAK says:

      In an odd coincidence, Cressida and her family were on that boat too. There is a picure of the two women ( carole and Lady Mary) appearing to be in conversation!!

  19. FLORC says:

    If Pippa feels we’ve bullied her she’d get the royal lawyers on us. It seems she’s bullied quite a lot and not just the pppa tips people.
    I was such a fan girl of hers, but she drank the koolaid as is too far gone.

    IMO American’s that are Today show viewers like the royals and Middletons so much because they’ve accepted the image sold to them. The fairy tale.
    Let Pippa talk. Let her show her personality as it is. Let her go on about her Brother in law the prince. Then there will be more interest and more people will start to dig for dirt. As far as I now the American press has no take in hiding Middleton family secrets.
    It jusst seems very likely that if she tries for fame here a tabloid or 2 will start opening those closets looking for a scoop.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Speaking as an American, you’re right. The gossip press and blogs here will dig, starting with TMZ. If it finds something Pips will be dragged from one end of the globe to the next.

      • vava says:

        Let’s hope they start sooner rather than later. This young woman needs to go away.

    • hmmm says:

      Amen to that! I like the way you think, FLORC. I feel better now :).

  20. Kris says:

    On a scale of 1 to Lindsey Vonn (Vaughn?) Pippa is definitely a 2 for me. I’m so tired of Today making a huge deal of women we do not care about.

    • msw says:

      Ha ha… I’m no Lindsay fan either, but at least she did something besides be related to someone who married someone famous 😉

  21. itsetsyou says:

    How can anyone think it would be a “family wedding” if their family member is marrying a royal? Pippa either didn’t phrase that one right, delusional or lies.

  22. Olenna says:

    So many good comments on this self-absorbed woman trying to play victim and coquette at the same time that I can’t reply to all! +1, Ladies!

  23. Dena says:

    What happened to her boyfriend? The one who looks just as greasy as she does? I really don’t mean to be insulting. He just looks like he’s just as much as an opportunist as she is. (Shrugs)

  24. Lisa says:

    I’m shocked at how thin her lips are and how un-nice she sounds.

  25. Rosehip says:

    About the dress: i liked it. it was beautiful yet demure. I didn’t have a clue who she was before the wedding day. But what did strike me was her smile. I thought she had a beautiful smile that looked genuine, and perhaps a little shy – as in a Diana way. Perhaps it was staged, because for the past three years now i have been feeling that her whole persona is staged, but at least it looked genuine on that day.
    I thought the media circus about her behind was not about her behind per se. It looked nice, like the bum a lot of girls her age would have looked nice. Nice, but nothing more than that. A pretty dress, a pretty girl with a pretty smile. Nice and appropriate.

    What she (and her brother to a lesser extent) have been doing after that wedding comes across as anything but genuine. What someone else here said: no dignity, no integrity.
    I also agree about the use of the term ‘bullying’. Please. If you behave like a celebrity, people will celebitch about you. Your choice. But bullying is something of a totally different nature. She is still milking her sister, making a lot of money and a lot of fame out of it, so she really shouldn’t whine about it. Really.

    This interview is absurd. She’s a joke.

  26. P.J. says:

    I watched this clip this morning and I think my personal favorite part was when Kathy Lee and Hoda started completely fan-girling out and embarrassing themselves by fawning over how “awesome” and “relatable” Pippa is because she dressed down in jeans and a blouse for the interview. JEANS AND A BLOUSE did it for them. For.Real.

    I almost got a little sick in response to all the nonsensical *ss kissing that was going on between them and Matt over this Royal adjacent nobody. Ridiculous.

    Now that I’m on a roll, has anyone else noticed and been completely annoyed by all of the random “token” British characters that suddenly started to appear in American sitcoms almost immediately post-Royal Wedding? Mindy Project, Super Fun Night, The Neighbors, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just to name a few of the dozens off the top of my head. (Ok, that last one makes a little sense). I was watching one of the aforementioned shows with a friend’s mom who was actually visiting from England about 2 years ago and it was she who originally pointed it out to me by laughing and saying: “God, could these people be more transparent? This is so bizarre. We never have all sorts of American characters just show up in our shows. Not unless it fit with the storyline at the very least and all of these people have just been sort of tossed in as ‘one of the gang’ or something. So bizarre!” Like her, it’s not the characters themselves that I take issue with so much as it’s the obviousness behind their casting. Ugh.

    • Olenna says:

      About the British characters–the networks know Americans are easily impressed and fascinated with Brits and their accents. Years ago, I lived in Lexington, KY and the local radio stations were constantly playing commercials voiced by a Brit who sounded like a character from one of Guy Ritchie’s gangster movies. Needless to say, his English was not Received Pronunciation (like BBC news anchors), but the locals loved him. Nowadays, there are so many British and Australian actors on TV speaking with American accents, that many times I’m only aware they’re not American if I stumble across them in a celebrity website.

  27. original kay says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I liked her. I thought she played it well, a bit shy, just a girl who’s sister married a prince.

    < gullible

  28. Cordelia says:

    A. In reference to “A family wedding..”… really? Please Pippa, don’t tell me you never watched clips of Charles and Diana and/or Andrew and Fergie getting married. Your sister was marrying the future king of England, royals and dignitaries from around the world were invited.. don’t tell me you never considered the magnitude of this event before you arrived at the balcony.
    B. I just saw a picture of her entering the Abbey on the day of the wedding… I honestly do not understand what it is that is so special about her back side. I am no fan of Kim K’s, but she has a remarkable backside.. and so does JLo- but Pippa, hmm, idk.
    C. She is working hard on her accent though.

  29. hme says:

    Oh.my.god. I don’t know what was worse, Pippa’s asinine ‘i don’t want to be famous that’s why I’m giving this interview on TELEVISION, have we talked about my bum yet?’ routine or all of the Today people fawning over her. Ugh. And why the hell were they going on about what Pippa said about people will say stuff online that they’d never say to your face like Pippa was the first person to ever say that? Good god.

    Still I think even Lauer was giving her a ‘bitch please’ when she came out with that ‘we saw it as just a normal family wedding’ bullsh!t.

    • Suze says:

      As if – AS IF anyone, least of all Pippa Middleton, thought this was just a normal family wedding.

  30. DanaG says:

    Why was she even being interviewed? She hasn’t really done anything except make a lot of money for doing very little. Poor baby felt bullied well there are some people who feel ripped off by her stupid book and pathetic attempts at living off her sister. As for beautiful umm no she looks like a 40 year old woman and she is going to age badly. I thought the whole bum debacle actually overshadowed Kate it was a stupid thing to wear and too much like a brides dress. Pippa seems to enjoy her new found celebrity there is good and bad that goes with it and she really has had very little bad.

  31. HoustonGrl says:

    Omg she’s an even bigger famewhore than I thought. With that pointless chatter and fanta skin tone, this girl just has no class.