Octomom plans to buy 1.2 mil home, stages interview w/ ET there (update)

As a person who pays taxes, pays my bills, and pays close attention to my one cherished child, Octomom grates on me. Greedy bankers and thieving bastards like Madoff should technically draw more ire, but they’re not getting as much press at the moment as this one obnoxious woman with 14 children, a distorted face and an enormous sense of entitlement.

According to TMZ, Nadya Suleman has found another home to which she plans to move. Her mother failed to pay the mortgage on their existing home for over 10 months and it’s set for foreclosure. Suleman is now looking at a $1.2 million home in the same area that she lives. If she has the money now after all that media wrangling, do you think she’s going to pay off the $23,224 her mother owes on the existing home first, or is she just going to let it get auctioned off? Suleman even arranged for an interview to take place at the new pad. Splash News photo agency reports that she met with Entertainment Tonight there:

We just called back our contact at Century 21, the agency that has listed the house. They claim Nadya is indeed an interested buyer. But here’s the rub. We’re told a big TV show has the house for the day and is there doing a sit-down interview with Nadya….

UNBELIEVABLE!!! We’ve confirmed OctoMom Nadya Suleman is looking to buy a home listed for $1.24 MILLION!

Octo is there right now … the house is in Whittier, California. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a pool with no safety gates. Perfect for 14 kids.

A real estate source tells TMZ the owner canceled showings today specifically because Octo wanted to see it. She needs it because the house she’s living in now may be on its way to the auction block — as in foreclosure.

[From TMZ]

The photos of the home are below and while it’s decent looking structurally the furniture is pretty tacky. I tried to find the listing on Century 21′s site for Whittier, CA, but the website is down now, probably from the increased traffic. Maybe the furniture isn’t included with the home. I would expect MC Hammer levels of tacky excess from this woman, though, so I guess it’s not that bad. We all know what happened to Hammer’s wealth and he’s a decent guy.

This woman is having a windfall by licensing photos of her children and getting paid for interviews, but how much do you want to bet she blows through it quickly again and ends up broke before she knows it? It seems like she has no clue how to manage money. It baffles me that she’ll be able to buy a house even though she just declared bankruptcy last year. Obviously she now has some money in the bank. She’s going to waste it on frivolous things, and we’ll be hearing about her sad state in a year or two as she comes back to the media and whines about how all this stuff she couldn’t control happened to her. Only this time people won’t be paying attention and will be saying “told you so.” Her kids hopefully won’t be without shelter or food, although they’re surely lacking in less tangible things with that type of mother.

Suleman’s older children’s birth certificates show different birth dates for their father
TMZ has obtained the birth certificates for all of Suleman’s children, and they all have this supposed “David Solomon” listed as their father, which is suspicious enough given the similarity to Suleman’s name. “Solomon” has all different birth dates listed on the birth certificates, and they usually differ by about one or two digits, like 5/25/75, 6/25/73, and 5/25/73. No father is on the birth certificates for the Biblically named octuplets.

Update: TMZ reports that Suleman answered “I wish” when asked if she were buying the home. She was supposedly just sitting down there for an interview with Dr. Phil. Splash News reports that she met Entertainment Tonight there so maybe she scheduled multiple interviews at once. TMZ also claims that they have real estate sources that say she was looking to buy the home, which she sort-of denied, but it’s not like we can believe anything that this woman says.

Thanks to Splash News for these photos.

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  1. Lola says:

    Even though I dislike her very much I think it will be good for her kids if she gets a bigger house so that they won’t be stacked up against each other.

    No surprise that her website closed down, they shouldn’t have installed a comments section (or a donations section either).

  2. Lem says:

    I don’t understand california.
    If this runs true @ over a million dollars she’d still only have 3 bedrooms for 14 children

  3. Dorothy says:

    hey! don’t bring the Hammer into this!

  4. Maritza says:

    I agree the kids shouldn’t have to suffer for the stupidity of their mother. They need a bigger home, although the sight of that pool gives me chills, with so many kids that is an accident just waiting to happen.

  5. tess says:

    the taxpayers could convert the walk in closet to another bedroom.

    with her sudden riches, does this mean she will take care of her medical bills?

    when will this woman be accountable? when will an interviewer ask her the tough questions and will she ever answer them?

  6. Larissa says:

    I honestly think she could get a (more safe)house with more bedrooms for a lil bit less than that!
    Living it up huh octomom?
    Enjoy while it lasts!

  7. gg says:

    Octopussy’s opportunism knows no bounds. Poor people should not have pools – they take quite a bit of maintenance and money to keep in proper shape and they are NOT a necessity, obviously. And I seriously doubt she cares at all about how dangerous it is to have so many small children around a pool.

    Frivolous, stupid spending, and horrible decisions as per usual on her part. Some people are just really, really, really, really stupid.

    Somebody PLEASE investigate this situation and make new laws prohibiting this from happening again and again!

  8. gg says:

    I’m waiting for a photo next week of her driving her new Mercedes she’s probably going to fleece somebody out of.

  9. Wif says:

    I don’t think the number of bedrooms is important, if you just keep the bedrooms as a place just to sleep (like some other cultures do) it is workable. The advantage of the house is the large open rooms for keeping your eyes on 14 kids at the same time.

    The pool is a big problem though

  10. Jen says:

    Interesting how this woman has the time to look at houses, conduct interviews, and run about town so the paps can snap photos while she has six kids at home and eight in the hospital. When does she find time to “be present” for them and hold them as she claims she always is. I had ONE child in the NICU and ONE child at home, and I ran myself ragged trying to be there for both of them. Then again, I’m not a famewhore who views motherhood as a money-making opportunity.

  11. Lem says:

    From CNN:
    Why, then, did Suleman’s doctor implant so many embryos?
    That’s the question fertility experts, bloggers and now the Medical Board of California have been asking since Suleman, age 33, gave birth to octuplets in January. In media interviews, she identified her reproductive endocrinologist as Dr. Michael Kamrava of West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills, California.

    The state board is now investigating the “Suleman matter,” according to Candis Cohen, a spokeswoman for the board. Kamrava did not return phone calls to his office from CNN.

    from me:
    we have to assume the agencies from which she is getting financial aid are also looking into this matter. This story is getting too much press and angering too many people.

  12. Lem says:

    Lord I hope I’m wrong but I foresee this ending badly. very, very badly. al-la Andrea Yates badly.

  13. L Villiers says:

    Sure, why not? We are flipping the bill for her kids, why shouldn’t we buy her a house? NOT!

  14. susan says:

    What needs to happen is for c.p.s. to step in and do their job she is obviously not fit to raise these kids. Her own father says in an interview with Oprah that he questions her sanity basically,he thinks she’s unstable. And the state of California needs to investigate her finances with all the money she is getting she does not qualify for further goverment help.It makes me sick to see her spending all her time out spending money and getting things done to herself like manicures, pedicuress, ect. when she has 8 fragile babies in the hospital she spends little or no time with and 6 at home that her mom is raising more than she is!

  15. caribassett says:

    Seems she was filming an interview with Dr.Phil there (random) and the house is not in her future.


  16. disgusted says:

    I’m sure that CPS, the medical staff that is still watching those eight poor victims know what’s going on. Who knows what they are doing, but they certainly aren’t saying anything to the public.

    What is it going to take to get those poor victims out of an unhealthy situation? Even the octomom’s parents think she off-blanace.

    It’s very sad.

  17. lisa says:

    Wow, so if I have 8 kids, do I get a huge house too?

  18. TANYA says:

    Why can’t everyone see this as a mishap? Sure she got 8 babies out of 6 implants. She didn’t say “hey I want 8 more babies.” It is always a possibility for multiple births when you are on fertility drugs or specialties (in vitro). Let this thing be OCTU MOM’s business. Let her deal with the consequences. Hey, I have a house for sale and it has 6 bedrooms, for $250,000 if she’s interested I will sale it to her for 200,000. But in the end let her try to do this on her own.

  19. TANYA says:

    Look, I have 5 of my own children, my husband has 2 from a previous marriage and we have guardianship over our godson, making the total 8. We manage just fine and noone is breathing down our backs and shoving sarcasm down our throats. People need to clean their own backyards before they try to manage someone elses.

  20. for_realz says:

    TANYA, you are so far off the mark it’s embarrassing. You are attempting to compare apples and bananas.

    Do you read things before you post or are they based on your interpretation? Do you live in California?

    “Let her deal with the consequences”, you’re kidding right? I have been paying for her “consequences” the last 7 years.

  21. Mairead says:

    $1.24million for only 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms to house, her 14 kids, 1-2 parents at least? Seriously?

    Say if the parents have their own room (which they share when the granddad isn’t dodging bullets in Iraq and despite the fact they’re supposedly divorced) that leaves 5 people each for the other three bedrooms.

    That is just too many – even boarding schools don’t have that many per dormitory room. And there is no way in hell that walk-in closet is going to get converted back into a bedroom.

    It’s kind of managable now when the kids are all small and compact – but what happens when the octuplets are 10, the oldest is still going to be only 17.

    I know it sounds uncharitable, but what’s the bet that she and the parents just saw the pool with the jacuzzi and imagined themselves in it and to hell with the rest?

  22. luna says:

    Lem, I thought of that too. She’s obviously unstable and who knows what’ll happen when the money runs out, no one cares anymore, and she’s left alone to face the consequences of her decisions?

    This is such an unusual situation, but hopefully something can be done to make the situation better for those children, while at the same time making sure the tax payers of California don’t have to give money to someone who is not eligible…

  23. the original kate says:

    @tanya: this crazy lady brought this into our backyards, as we are the ones paying for this with our taxes. and also i can;t turn on my damn tv without seeing her simpering face asking for donations. i don’t think anyone is comparing your blended family with a mentally unbalanced, unemployed woman whp had 14 children she knew she couldn’t take care of.

  24. Viper says:

    She really does want to live jolies life doesnt she.

  25. Christina says:

    should her location be disclosed due to the death threats?

  26. rebecca k says:

    did anyone not notice during her Dateline interview that her last name on her hospital bracelet said, ‘Solomon’… I think there’s alot more going on than we really know…

  27. Chiara says:

    Small growing number who agree with me these children need to be placed in adoptive homes.

    Those who are promoting Nadya attempt to remain behind the scenes, Paramount, Dr Phil, Oprah.

    I resent the idea this woman is being portrayed as a victim due to some of the phone calls. I disagree with any threats that have been made, but the backlash is a normal response to this woman’s lies and manipulation.

  28. piedlourde says:

    Yikes! That horrendous decorating looks straight out of the Sopranos house.

  29. mE says:

    While I don’t think that placing these children in adoptive homes is a horrible idea, I do think that it raises the spectre of who gets to decide who isn’t a fit parent. This case seems to be relatively cut and dry. But where is the line drawn and who gets to decide?

    Is it parents who delay (not totaly eschew) vaccinations for what they see as good reasons? Is it the parent who doesn’t install their child’s car seat correctly (an alarming number of carseats in use are not installed or used correctly)? A parent who decides that spanking is okay? Absolutely not okay?

    I sincerely hope that these children have a CPS caseworker (who knows, they may have already had one even before this most recent pregnancy).

  30. morgs says:

    As a person who works in a medical practice who regularly sees the kids who have been fostered out and in group homes under the “protection” of CPS. I think its kind of rich when commenters say ‘adopt them out”. It doesn’t work like that. They’ll obviously be slpit up and will most likely spend the next 18 years being bounced from one foster/group home to the next.

    I’m not saying I have the answer because I really don’t. But to just throw the kids off onto CPS is a joke of an idea. CPS as a bureacracy is completely inept.

  31. CB Rawks says:

    “I do think that it raises the spectre of who gets to decide who isn’t a fit parent.”

    When you’re insane, irretrievably narcissistic and a pathological liar, it should be very easy to decide.

  32. Jill says:

    Tanya, your eight are not all the same age and you didn’t put their lives at risk to have them. Not to mention, that’s eight. She has 14. You also have a two-parent household– 1 to 4 ratio. Not 1:14.

  33. lurker says:

    Does anyone else think that maybe she had this latest round of children because she knew her parents were going to stop making the mortgage payments on her house? If her parents stopped paying the mortgage 10 months ago and they informed her of their intentions beforehand, maybe she seen this as her only option to keep freeloading off others.
    She is clearly f’d up and loving the attention, and apparently as long as we keep talking about these pseudo-celebs they will keep making $ for popping out litters of kids, flashing their crotches, talking like babies, etc. If she makes a lot of money from this, what do you want to bet that someone has 10 at once in the next few years?
    (Sorry for the mini-rant, she just infuriates me and my tax money isn’t even going to support her. I feel sorry for those that are paying to support this woman and her selfish decisions!)

  34. Kat says:

    Pay the hospital bills, before you buy million dollar houses idiot.

  35. MIA says:

    OCTOPUSSY thats too right on!!! I have a child and honestly not sure how she has time to do any of this and ABSOLUTELY that Pool could welcome trouble.

    Just feel for her babes its not fair and I can’t come to understand how many the Dr transfered as it took me (us my husband as I am married)6 IVFs just to have this beautiful perfect little girl.

  36. JustSaying says:

    OK, now I’m confused too. If she has money for a bigger house, why cant she pay for the one in forclosure. Also, if she is able to buy a 1.2 million dollar home, why cant she pay for her own kids instead of everyone else including the government? She’s a user and a con artist, and she may be mental, but she’s getting exactly what she wants and the world is footing the bill.

  37. JustSaying says:

    And Tanya, the point is she’s not doing it on her own, she’s doing it on handouts, govt assistance and interview royalties.

  38. Joshua says:

    This whole situation makes me wanna throw up. I am following this very closely and she is not mature enough to handle the 6 kids she already had. It fishy to me that she was getting disability because of a hurt back then why did she have 8 more kids the things just arent adding up in this picture family services needs to take the kids from her and be done with it.

  39. Colorado JoJo says:

    I have to say that I consider watching ET a great way to relax after work, but I am on the verge of giving up watching it all together. I like celebrity gossip, but this woman is not a celebrity and I am tired of the daily updates we get on her. She is a sad excuse for someone seeking fame and I am repulsed by her.