Pippa Middleton’s interview infuriated the royals: ‘she needs to know her place’


Here are some photos of Pippa Middleton having lunch or drinks with a female friend in London a few days ago. I think Pippa is wearing a romper, which… I don’t know, I think rompers are bad on fully grown women, but I’d be willing to give you a pass if it’s crazy-hot and you just wanted to wear something light and simple (but even then, why not a light dress?). Anyway, Pippa is still recovering from her utterly grueling Today Show interview in which Matt Lauer lobbed softballs at her and acted as if he was speaking to one of the most beautiful, enchanting women in the world. She said all of her little pre-rehearsed soundbytes in her weird speech patterns and most of us thought she was outright lying. All in all, not the best interview. You would think that Pippa would have given the royal family a heads up on the whole thing, but I guess not – and Radar says “the Palace” is upset with Pippa!

It might have been Pippa Middleton’s first television interview, but not everybody is excited about her appearance on TODAY. Multiple Sources tell RadarOnline.com that Buckingham Palace is none too pleased with the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sister!

“They are furious with Pippa,” one aristocratic source dished. “They wish that she would shut-up. It is obvious that she wants to define her identify and step out of her sisters shadow, however she needs to know her place.”

The exclusive interview was a huge booking for TODAY and its embattled host Matt Lauer, who travelled all the way to London with the show’s executive producer to film the interview. But Palace brass isn’t happy that Kate Middleton’s little sister gave her first tell-all behind their royal backs, in fact, sources tell Radar that the Royal Family is “livid.”

But other sources explain that Clarence House, the home of Prince William and Duchess Kate, signed off on the interview, which is slightly different from Buckingham Palace. The latter speaks for the Queen herself. Originally Pippa wanted to participate in the interview when her book came out, but was “discouraged from doing it as it would appear she was using relationship with Kate to promote the book,” the source added.

But the source also added that Pippa was using the interview as a forum to be approached again for other opportunities in media. Right now there are no plans for Pippa to work for NBC.

[From Radar]

Yeah, right NOW there are no plans for Pippa to sign on to a lucrative gig doing fake-reporting with NBC, but I’m sure it’s in the works. Just wait for it. As for the other stuff… I believe it. I think Clarence House probably did sign off on it. Not only that, I think Kate, William and maybe even Charles signed off on getting Pippa some media training and some “princess lessons” because of the way she positioned herself and her sister during the interview. Now, did they tell the Queen? I doubt it. But that’s the part I don’t really believe – I don’t think the Queen gives a crap about Pippa in any way, shape or form. The Queen’s courtiers might be “livid” but I doubt the Queen is.



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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m all over the place on this one. I don’t think the BRF has any right to limit Pippa to “her place.” How obnoxious. But then again, no one would be even mildly interested in her mediocre in every way self if not for her royal connections. And the thought of her getting all of these “jobs” for which she is completely unqualified irks. But at least she has some hustle. Idk. I’m torn.

    • original kay says:

      all of this, 100%

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      I agree with you in part but there is a big difference between someone else being presumptious enough to put you in your “place” and karma doing that naturally. Live and let live. I doubt this story is from any source higher than some bitchy palace butler but if so this smacks of snobbish misogyny of Lagerfeldian proportions.ugh.

    • bluhare says:


    • P.J. says:

      I’m 1000% with you on everything you’ve said here @Goodnamesalltaken.

      On the one hand, no one in the media or public would have any interest in this girl whatsoever if she weren’t the sister of the Duchess and she knows this, but on the other hand, while I feel like the Palace doesn’t have any right to tell her what she can or cannot do in regards to her life & career (lol) as long as she leaves them out of it, her connection to and ability to name drop her sister is the only reason that anyone is interested in her so the Palace kind of does have a dog in the fight so to speak. Idk…

      • kyzmet says:

        And yet….these kind of family hangers on never go and get a normal job. She loves sport, why not train to be a sports scientist?, or go to bloody journalism school and study to be in the media so you do a good job, go to law school, then work mostly pro bono if you want to. No, much better to hang around waiting to be interviewed ….its lame.

    • Jocelyn says:


    • FLORC says:

      Agreed. Completely torn.

      Although, Pippa in the header pic is giving that B-face. When that face appears at a table of ladies it can only mean 1 thing. Trash talking!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Do you know what, I actually am starting to feel a little bit bad for Pippa. Now…I KNOW she has never really had a proper job and is a bit lazy etc. etc. BUT imagine your sister having to sign off on stuff you want to do?
    I know that if it was me I would just rebel as much as I could. Do stuff to annoy the royal family on purpose. Like….WTF…let her work for NBC if she wants. It’s annoying!

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      If Pippa was already a public figure( actress, speaker etc.) before her sister get married, BRF wouldn’t have any right to meddle into her business. But she is using her BRF connections and I think it’s fair that she should get their permission to talk about them.

      • Lizzie says:

        Yeah….I guess. I know your right on a sensible level. I just bristle at the idea of having to ask my sister permission to do something. haha!

      • Olenna says:

        ITA, maybeiamcrazy. Whether this new story is true or not, Pippa is a royal opportunist, and I mean that in the figurative sense. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. If she is talented or skilled in anything other than being the darling athlete of charities, please let me know and I’ll reconsider my opinion.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        @Lizzie Me too! That would piss me off to no end and I’d probably end up doing things to annoy them on purpose. I do think the Middletons have William wrapped around their finger so I’m sure all Pippa had to do was tell William and Kate and they probably didn’t care and honestly, they shouldn’t. Its not like she gave away any trade secrets or anything. Her interview was as bland and boring as can be. How can they be mad?

      • kcarp says:

        She is using her connections but she isn’t in a hotel room smoking cigarettes offering access to Kate for thousands of dollars.

        She is 30 years old, she isn’t married, and she doesn’t have any kids, girl has got to hustle when she can.

        Family wedding BullS***…I know I am defending her a little, I can’t handle when people lie like that though.

      • maybeiamcrazy says:

        Well, it has been obvious since forever that courtiers are bunch of overdramatic bitches so however bland interview may be of course they are mad.
        Pippa wouldn’t need royal permission if she got a real job. But for this interview I think it is fair that she needed a royal permission. She literally talked about how her ass looked on her sister’s family wedding that happened three fucking years ago. If she gave an interview to promote her book, I would defend her.

      • A:) old prude says:

        I agree with you completely. Pippa is using Royal family for jobs, publicity etc, so she should get their permission or at least they have a right to be mad about it. It has nothing to do with snobberyor misogyny. Palace doesn’t like anyone using then for free publicity especially if they are personally related to them. They didn’t like it when Diana did it or when her brother did it or when Sarah did it or still does it or when Sophie did it. It has nothing to do with misogyny and snobbery, and any suggestion to that sounds extremely stupid to me.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Agree. The palace has the right to be in a snit but not the right to stop her.

      • A:) old prude says:

        Who is stopping her? She is doing whatever the f*ck she wants to.
        Also I disagree with palace doesn’t have a right to stop her. If someone is using my name to their advantage without my knowledge or permission then I absolutely have a right to stop them or stop associating myself with them. Again nothing to do with misogyny or snobbery.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        There is such a thing as freedom of speech.

      • Lizzie says:

        I think just what really bothered me was the “know your place” bit. If they actually think that then Pippa should freak the fuck out and go wild. Or marry someone really really famous, or inappropriate that would make the Royals freak the hell out.

      • Tammy says:

        But she did get permission, from Prince William & Duchess Kate…and probably Prince Charles. I think Kaiser is correct that Queen Elizabeth could care less about Pippa Middleton and what she does. And know her place? That’s just rude.

      • bluhare says:

        Freedom of speech just means you have the right to say it, not that you don’t have to be accountable for it.

      • hmmm says:


        There is freedom of speech? Tell that to the UK media.

      • FLORC says:

        Dame Snarkweek
        Regarding the freedom of speech. Is there? Does William know this? Someone should tell him they can print what they want when there’s supporting facts and not slandering.

      • Sandy says:

        @Olenna Why would she care about your opinion. You seem to have a very narrow mind.

      • Francis says:

        NO WAY she got approval for this from Pr.Charles. He doesn’t like this sort of thing at all. He was the main one against Sophie working a job(she loved by the way and was involved in prior to marrying Pr.Edward)
        IMO Pr.William gave permission because he can’t say NO to anything that his family of choice. the British Kardashians ask of him.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        FLORC, Bluhare, Hmmm
        Freedom of speech is for everyone – even people we find distasteful. William’s problems with this concept have absolutely nothing to do with Pippa – classic straw man. As for accountability there is nothing to hold Pippa accountable for as long as she didn’t lie, exaggerate, defame or cause harm. Does anyone really believe she didn’t get the green light from William first? Of course she did. Better, imo, than some ancient royal third cousins writing “memoirs” in order to make a buck on family secrets. and let’s not forget that Will, Kate and George are her family. She doesn’t owe the rf anything but standard respect.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “But she did get permission, from Prince William & Duchess Kate…and probably Prince Charles” I doubt she got permission from Charles. Maybe from W&K. Then again, William is obsessed with privacy, so I can’t see him being pleased with Pippa spilling the beans about private PGTips-related things.

        She is in a really difficult position. People are only interested in her because of her sister, not through any work or merit of her own. She’s trying to hustle some kind of career, but she is trading on her royal connections. Earl Spencer did the same thing when he worked for NBC or Fox News and was a royal correspondent.

        She needs to figure out a way to have a career in whatever her field is, while refusing to make any comments about certain members of her family. That has to be written into every interview contract: She will answer no questions about her sister, nephew, or royal in-laws. She will answer questions about herself and her work. Let’s see if she can build something on her own. If she writes another book, no up-front publishing contract that she gets handed because of her in-laws. She publishes it eBook and print-on-demand herself.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @hmm. “There is freedom of speech? Tell that to the UK media. ” Or explain the idea of freedom of speech to Swedish media. Some Swedish outlets are shutting down open discussion about Sofia H, while continuing to allow negative comments about the rest of the royal family. Blatant censorship. The more they try to shut it down, the bigger the (eventual) public PR backlash will be.

        The universe seeks balance.

    • Olenna says:

      @ Sandy. My comment about my opinion was a figure of speech. If you want to single out someone for having an opinion on a gossip site, be my guest as I care about as much for your opinion of me as Pippa Middleton cares about my opinion and your defense of her. Now, I’ve entertained your rudeness enough, so if you want the last word, again, be my guest.

    • Malak says:

      What can she do for NBC? The only thing they want to know about is the family, and that is NOT something she can talk about.

      I think she is boring!

    • pippa middle says:

      @Lizzie, agree! if these people weren’t such parasite social climbers who just work gave interviews and exclude the RF, lazy workless Waity included, the RF would not give a rats a … about what they do…but their actions or lack of speak for itself.

  3. Hautie says:

    Did I just read “Know her place”…. how offensive.

    When they start paying her bills directly, maybe then, they can have a opinion about what she says in public. But until they are writing her a check… the snippy old folks at the castle, need to go have a seat.

    I am so tired of all the hate that rolls out of these folks. These allege palace insiders.

    And I hope Pippa keeps on talking. It is none of their concern what she wants to talk about. I am seriously tired hearing about the Middleton’s are making money off the “Royals”.

    Please…. the entire country makes money off of them. They are officially nothing short of the # 1 tourist attraction for the country. And there is not enough money in the world, to convince me being part of that family is worth it.

    • danielle says:

      Saying anyone should “know their place” is hugely offensive!

    • Ag says:

      it’s super offensive. they shouldn’t be too uppity about others trying to make some cash while they mooch off the english people for a living. and i’m no pippa fan, but she’s a grown woman who should be allowed to do as she sees fit.

      • FLORC says:

        I fully agree, but I do see a valid argument in the BRF.
        Pippa is only wanted because of her royal adjacent position.
        Are people just waiting for her to give them the inside BRF scoop? I think that’s likely. Befriend her and during the next royal baby she will be expected to open up.

        And the monarchy has an image to keep up. Not that Pippa is trying to tell secrets, but they might see her as a loose cannon not knowing what she’ll say because she has more to gain from talking. And the monarchy (as stated below with Christina) did bail her out on more than just that gun occasion. They might be frustrated and nervous. Considering the family of royals and former royals do not have a good track record of being open with the press and not having scandals break out.

        AND by BRF I mean the courtiers that are fiercly protective of the BRF and the image given out.

    • Christina says:

      The whole reason she got out of the French “gun” scandal was because the Palace made some calls.

      • fairy godmother says:

        ^^ Excellent point Christina!
        Yet, IIRC when her book came out she claimed she could not do interviews to promote per palace. Not longer after the palace made a statement saying they do not get involved in personal matters of a private citizen.
        So does that mean she is helped when she needs legal assistance or what exactly? Then again offices at that time were divided between Clarence, KP, and Buckingham so it any previous statements/help may have been issued by Bill Middleton. It is anyone’s guess what is the truth- especially with this loopy bunch! Lol!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Royal body guards provided security for one of her book signings, even though no royals were present. Somebody (W&K?) were playing outside the lines on that one and the taxpayers caught them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @fairy godmother. I don’t think royal legal intervention in France would have been done to help Pippa. The message to France would have been something like, “This situation has embarrassed the BRF. Make it go away.”

        They weren’t protecting Pippa, they were protecting the image of The Firm and by extension, the UK.

      • pippa middle says:

        RF P Charles thought aristocrat Lady Di was a headache (at least she had some jsutification), , wait til workless doormat Waity and her middletrash fam finish, there won’t be any thorne for Wills or Harry n PG to take. Carole PR n here social climbing parasite offing Willnot will be the ruin of the BRF!

        Wiilnot wanted a doormat middleton, well he got at least 4 to contend with when they finish- spoling them with luxury for the past decades +!

  4. Kath says:

    All I could focus on in that interview was her sun-damaged skin.

  5. Talie says:

    These are just the views of snooty courtiers,

    • Chris says:

      Zackly….if that, even. More like people who think they are ‘courtiers’….(that word makes me think of bejewelled fops and exquisites at Versailles!)

  6. Adrien says:

    Her rompers betrayed her pancake ass.

    • Denise says:

      I never understood the whole ass love-in. The cut of the dress was very flattering, but no ass was to be seen in it.

    • pippa middle says:

      Shouldn’t she be at ‘work’, why she n her gay brother always workless. Around town at exclusive events! I

      read in an article how they pad their worth by bankroll from P Willnot – shouldn’t be a surprize. as no party favoring to make you multi millions with example from workless Pipps entertaining or lack book sale! No one buys their ‘trash’!

    • pippa middle says:

      British Kardtratrashan!!

  7. Tig says:

    Assuming it’s “the Palace” behind this, isn’t the clock ticking on them anyway? I would assume there’ll be a major house-cleaning once Charles assumes the throne. Some of the purported attitudes seem to rooted in what would Queen Victoria do?

    • Francis says:

      I think when Charles becomes King, (if he lives longer than the Queen) he is going to Throw the Middleton’s out and any furniture they may have brought with them. He will have the press destroy them,,with smear campaigns which no one can put their finger on where it’s coming from,it all the while it’s coming from Charles peeps on the inside of the Palace. I think he has been gathering quite a portfolio on the British Kardashians exploits and will use them on e the Queen goes and William Middleton can scream to the high heavens, The Palace won’t care!

  8. aenflex says:

    Load of crap, the whole monarchy thing. Not her fault that her sister married a ‘royal’, she should be able to say what she wants.

    Add: I think the only true ‘royal’ person to come out of this entire lot the last 50 years was Lady Di. And she was royal straight out the womb.

  9. kibbles says:

    We will never know what the Queen actually thinks of the Middletons, but I can imagine that she is constantly rolling her eyes at how nouveaux riche and classless they act. As a peasant commoner, even I find this family to be pathetic and classless. Can you imagine what a real old-fashioned Royal thinks about the Middleton clan? If it weren’t for their British accents and Kate’s title, this family would fit right at home on the E! Network. Ugh. I would be so angry with William’s choice of bride if I were the Queen. But I agree that the Queen does not care about Pippa and probably has not spoken to her more than a handful of times. Maybe she is annoyed by Pippa, but she’s probably not infuriated.

    • Sunny says:

      I tally agree @kibbles, total E netwok material.

      I think Pippa is talentless and tacky but I can understand her trying to exploit her connections and strike while she still has some fame and interest.

      I also think the Queen doesn’t waste a second thinking about any of the Middletons except Kate and how to avoid Carole during the holidays.

      • Dena says:

        I am on the fence. On the one hand I agree but then on the other hand it’s hard for me to support the notions of “our kind doesn’t do that” simply because I am not of their kind and in supporting it aren’t I helping (indirectly) to keep an uber exclusive system in place that defines me as inferior? In that, aren’t I/we propping up the very gates they use to separate us from them?

        Okay. Now. Kate & the Middleton’s (if they are going to rub along well in their new social status) will need to learn the mores & values of the class in which the eldest daughter has married into. It’s like William was “slumming” and has married a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She & her family are loud fun, lively, and vivacious & hungry for money & status. He probably loves that. But guess what? She & her family are loud fun, lively, and vivacious & hungry for money & status!!! His side of the family is not & in this his family trumps hers–rightly or wrongly (although it & the establishment needs to give a little to make room for her & her kind😜😋). OMG!! I defended Kate & the Middleton’s.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        You are buying what the royals are selling. Do a little reading – the rf can match any peasant out there for crass, ludicrous, money grasping behavior. Only they get to do it with someone else’s money and behind the privacy of palace walls. Pffft.

      • dena says:

        No. No No.

        I didn’t mean money literally. I was trying to speak more to the social markers that people can wrap around themselves as barriers to keep other people out but to enclose themselves in. I was trying to convey that Kate & family still have the stench of climbers & irrational exuberance of new money–which can be open and lively but has it’s own sense of superiority. Nonetheless, it has a certain Joie de vivre that hasn’t quite gone into hiding. It hasn’t quite been suppressed or closeted. Made secret or restrictive & restricting like that from William’s background.

        I will think about it more.

      • hmmm says:


        Brilliant and spot on.

    • Francis says:

      The Middleton’s are called the. British Kardashians by some in the in the UK.
      They are a tacky family and total opportunists, they always have been. The only one they have ever fooled is Pr.William Middleton.
      Even Ingrid Seward of Majesty Magazine once said, she’s never seen anything like this concerning family of in-laws. They have been cashing in since Kate began dating William. From the free clothes and Audi car deals while dating William, to The family “allegedly” constantly using the Daily Mail not so subtly to promote their online party business. This family just keeps moving the goalpost on how much they can promote themselves using their connection the Royalty.
      The Middleton’s have Weak William Middleton wrapped around their fingers and are riding him wherever and whenever they choose.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The money motivation is one that bothers me. I get it, I just think they’re so obtuse about how it looks. ex: Putting copyright on the first private baby pictures and the photo of the Middleton relative who was a secretary at the code breaking center (no, she was not a code breaker herself).

        Why not copyright the family photos and openly donate all of the money raised to the royal foundation with the ridiculously long name? That would make the Middletons look pretty good, and they’d get to take it off on their taxes. Instead, they appear money-grubbing for making money off of family photos. Who knows, maybe they’re splitting the take with William so he’s okay with their behavior.

  10. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    What place??? She’s Kate’s sister… so what?? Really, these RFamilies and their 19th century pseudo rules…. 😛

  11. SJF says:

    Last I checked, when Pippa wrote that stupid book, she TRIED to use the BRF as an excuse as to why she couldn’t promote it! (Oh but she did spend her time in America partying)

    The BRF then released a public statement before that in a nutshell said that they don’t care what Pippa does with her career. (They had to do the same thing when Kate tried to use the BRF as an excuse as to why she couldn’t work. Bet that put a spoke in her wheel. Her having to service Big Willy at a moment’s notice surely wasn’t the fault of the rest of the BRF)

    They don’t care what Pippa does with her career but I’m sure they are tired of her and her nuissance family constantly trying to piggyback off of the fact that Kate married William. Then they already have to put up with her pain in the ass sister.

    And really, no one would be interviewing her if she didn’t have the connection to Kate. She could tell the interviewer that she’s not going to answer any questions about George or the wedding but I’m sure the interview wouldn’t have gone past telephone negotiations. If she’d actually had a career going, I’m sure they wouldn’t care but it’s plainly obvious that not only is she untalented, she’s using the BRF connection to get things.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with you.

    • kibbles says:

      Exactly. People are getting things twisted. The BRF does not care what Pippa does for a “career” if she actually had a respectable job that did not involve using her BRF connections to be in the public eye. The BRF does not need Pippa, but Pippa is sure trying piggyback off of BRF to sell a party planning book and establish some sort of media career. She loves being in the public eye and making lots of money for pretty much doing nothing. Pippa, like her sister Kate, has never and does not want an actual 9 to 5 job. They just enjoy being rich and famous for doing nothing.

    • Francis says:

      +10000 SJF

  12. Skins says:

    Know your place PEASANT!

  13. kriskrossapplesauce says:

    Riding on the royals’ coattails and blabbing about them is crass, but if that is Pippa’s plan/motive, people will tire of her pretty quickly and see through this. However, as others have said she’s a private citizen, a free agent and the royals have no jurisdiction over her and her actions. The day they start paying her way is the day they can start dictating. She may not be the most hard-working person in the world with a conventional job, but she’s not receiving any money or support from the royal family…

  14. Word Girl says:

    I don’t think the BRF cares too much about what Pippa does. They probably just want to be informed before she does any major media events like the one done with Lauer. I hope that the BRF doesn’t try to control Pippa’s actions because Pippa isn’t apart of the firm, right? Pippa should only consider Kate’s feelings because, after all, Pippa was in the wedding and received “butt- notoriety” because she was there in support of her sister. I don’t see Pippa riding Kate’s coattails. Yet, I do see her maximizing the surprising notoriety given her by parlaying it into somewhat of a promotion for her books and charities. Can’t fault her for making lemonade out of lemons.

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      BRF don’t care about Pippa as long as she doesn’t use them to get press. She could have given interview during her book promotion tour and The Palace wouldn’t care. Pippa is not being controlled by BRF. Why would they want to control Pippa’s ‘career’ anyway?

      And I really think HM doesn’t care about Middletons.

  15. Charlotte says:

    If she wasn’t Kate’s sister, there would be no attention. Let’s pretend she’s not Kate’s sister and not give her any. Maybe we can make the Middletons disappear.

  16. wow says:

    Um, “know her place”? Palace, please. The girl shouldn’t need “permission” to talk about her own flesh and blood sister and nephew. They can’t “police” everything she says. Especially when all she has said is pretty basic and boring soundbites. It’s not like she said that Kate is stressed out from William’s cheating and that she hopes another baby will bring them closer.

    I bet if Pippa really wanted to, she could truly put William and his entire family on blast. But of course she wouldn’t do that because it would hurt her sister…and no more job offers for Pipster.

    Even with taking this story with a chunk of salt, Queenie still needs to chill. They may own Kate, not Pippa.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      This all day.

    • bluhare says:

      Except she gets paid for it. There’s the rub. Besides, we’re supposed to think someone important from the palace talked to Radar Online?

      No, I don’t mean she got paid for her interview. (Did she? Don’t know if Today pays for those.) But she does get paid for her efforts which only come because of the royal connection. If she didn’t have that, she’d just be another gal about town getting by on her school connections. I don’t think she ever met a camera she didn’t like. Speaking of liking a camera, where’s the boyfriend? Haven’t seen much of him lately.

      She would get shut down if she used her sister and nephew in commercial endeavors, no doubt about it, so instead she skirts around it.

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      If Pippa already was famous enough to do interviews before wedding, the palace would have no say in this. She would answer questions about her sister and nephew and move on. But she only gets press because of BRF so yes, she should ask for permission.

      People act like BRF made her quit her job or slammed her for answering a harmless question interviewer asked while she was interviewed for another reason. She is using BRF for fame.

  17. Megan says:

    Totally agree that the queen doesn’t given a crap about Pippa.

  18. tmbg says:

    I am really sick of the royals. They need to dislodge that 40 ft. stick up their butts and just get over it. Fergie did more scandalous things than give a simple interview to bumbling Matt Lauer. They should be relieved that’s all it was. Geez.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    I doubt anyone said anything to her, other than roll their eyes at her obvious coattail riding. They also probably laughed at the Today Show’s ridiculous fawning over Kate’s little sister.

  20. Newyorking says:

    I don’t get rompers either. Or jumpsuits. So when you have to pee, you have to take it all off, ugh. Too much work.

    • Hissyfit says:

      Haha. This is so true! I love wearing rompers, they are so easy style. But peeing is a hustle!

  21. Janet says:

    “Know her place”? Who the hell do these snotty little twits think they are?

    • FLORC says:

      The ones making her relevant, those who give her royal lawyers to sue twitter folks, Keeping her out of the press and court for that gun waving incident, and the reason she gets RPOs on her book tour?
      While saying “know your place” is incredibly offensive they’ve done so much for her. In return likely expecting her to stay low profile like all the other family members of royal members.

  22. may234 says:

    I like rompers and she is in great shape, so what’s wrong with romper if you don’t want to wear a dress? Both equally cute styles.

  23. Dany says:

    the sun is not your friend girls!!!!

  24. Aurelia says:

    Mumma Karole has shark eyes. Eyes like a great white. You would not want to get on the wrong side of her.

    Anyhoo I will eat my hat is Mumma Karole gives her blessing for Pippa to marry somebody with only like err 2 million pounds. Mumma Midds Bouvier Kardashian is holding out for much much more. If Pippa does marry him I guess Karole will go around telling people she guesses its ok for a “starter marriage”

  25. Aurelia says:

    I think Pippa’s motives were clear with the interview. Had she been firm about not cashing in on her royal connections she would have banned Matt L from asking about her sister full stop. Instead forcing him to concentrate on her and her only and her charity gig thingie. But we all know the interview was for her to talk about her royal connections/family. God she even said point blank she gets tonnes of opportunities because of her connections. Could it be more clear what she is about.

    And she shouldn’t have to be told. She should have enough class, dignity and general home training to know she should not be doing this. But then again she is the sis of a chick who wears no undies in public. Pure Klass people. No wonder Buck Palace is livid.

  26. Hayley says:

    “Her place” ? The arrogance that reeks from the palace is just as smelly as ever. They don’t own her, and she isn’t part of their family. She can say what she wants.

  27. Jarredsgirl says:

    Did Pippa get a nose and chin job? Looks good if she did. If not, she’s got a nice profile.

    Personally I think it’s so disgusting when people say “know your place”. Like.. what, my place is under you, right? Pffffffffft.

  28. Francis says:

    From what I heard from someone who was out at an event and saw several of the Middleton’s in person, the royal connection has totally gone to the Middleton’s heads…they not only USE their Royal Connection, they now think they are Royalty themselve
    . Pippa is a opportunist just as her entire family are and always have have been …. and that includes Kate. IMO opportunists.

    They are the British Kardashians.

  29. youdon'tknow says:

    You people are so stupid! You are getting info from a GOSSIP website. NO ONE knows what/how the royal family thinks or says. You are ‘getting’ one-sided info. 2 sides to every story.
    And how would any of you people know the 1st thing about Pippa? Do you know her? Do you hang out with her? Do you even know anyone who knows her? Just live your life and stop judging others, cuz there is no way you are perfect!

  30. A.Key says:

    She needs to know her place?! LOL, I always forget that freedom of speech is at odds with monarchical rule. Why does Britain still endorse this unfair class system really?