Did Kim Kardashian take 1200 selfies during her family’s Thailand vacation?


Have you noticed that I haven’t been covering a lot of Kim Kardashian stuff lately? That was for you, baby. Except not really, we just didn’t have many new pics of Kim in the past few weeks. But we do today! Kim was photographed outside of a hair salon in LA yesterday. If “hair salon” is some kind of code for “plastic surgeon’s office,” because I swear her face looks jacked. More jacked than usual. Her chin… her nose… her cheeks… something is really different.

Anyway, there are a bunch of new Kim stories, so let’s get to it. First, in new footage from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim is a self-absorbed a—hole, naturally. Apparently, during their family trip to Thailand, Kim didn’t spend any time with her family because she was so obsessed with taking selfies. Kim’s goal for the Thailand trip was to take 1200 selfies. Seriously.

Second story – Radar claimed yesterday that Kanye West put the kibosh on plans for a second baby because he wants to concentrate on his new album and a new tour. Kim is desperate to get pregnant again but Kanye can’t handle the pressure. I’m not sure I believe any of that. Kanye barely spent any time with Kim during her first pregnancy – why would he feel the need to spend time with her for a second pregnancy?

Last story – something about The Sock One (name credit: Bedhead!) and Sock’s ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon. Bailon criticized Socky and Kim defended her brother. Blah – you can read about it here.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mingy says:

    That’s all?
    Yeezus take the wheel.

    • springingforward says:

      She had her lips done.
      The purse is hiding her panoramic hips.
      The rest is just Kardashian PR (Pimp Kris).
      Every lie has a main point they want in the rags and they have created a story in their environment to push it.

    • Ciria says:

      Haha. Excellent, Mingy!

    • Lisa says:

      she looks like kris jenner, and the reason for her face looking as jacked up as it is – she has laser hair removed all her peach fuzzy hair on her forehead until she has no more hair near her hairline….it looks shiny and bald…it looks unnatural!!!

  2. Ag says:

    the upturned joker lips look a bit new, i think?

    • Mel M says:

      Yes, her lips look more plastic like then usual.

    • lucy says:

      Yes, and it looks like her jowls fell (or returned).

      Hard to pay any attention to anything but the extreme weird newly-pointy width of those hips though. They have a gravitational pull that draws all notice down to them.

      If spandex compresses what it contains, how is it that those pointy saddle bags are sticking out like that? They’re like boobs on her hips!

      This vacant person’s figure doesn’t exist in nature. Large hips are not unattractive, vanity and distorting one’s natural shape for attention is.

    • yolo112 says:

      Yeah…her lips have that weird center poof goin on…kinda like Lisa Rinna…ew.

  3. HappyMom says:

    Yowza-way too much filler and botox going on.

  4. eliza says:

    Kanye put the brakes on another kid because he only wants to pay support for one child, not two, when this farce of a marriage ends in a few years.

    I am shocked she only wanted to do 1,200 selfies! AMATEUR!

  5. snowflake says:

    yes, shame on me, i watched the show. all she did was take selfies. she did not do anything that would not let her do a selfie. everything was, oh, this would make a great background for a selfie. she’s very immature for her age. something is wrong with that broad, she is effing self-absorbed.

    • dorothy says:

      Agree. As immature as she it doesn’t seem like she has the mental capacity or maturity to not only be married, but have a child. Don’t know whether to be sad for her or amused that she doesn’t realize she has a problem.

      • lucy says:

        Nah, don’t be sad for her, save your pity for her spawn. Kim has had every opportunity to help herself but she chose this empty ignorant life for herself and is reaping what she has sown. If she is miserable, she won’t have my respect or sympathy until she takes responsibility for herself and grows up. I’m not holding my breath; that family is a plague of ick: greed, sloth, and stupidity — and untreated festering narcissistic personality disorders.

      • springingforward says:

        She is a textbook narcissistic child of a pathologic narcissistic mother. Sad for everyone that loves them as they are incapable of returning it. (Weep for Norphan)

    • Miffy says:

      If that’s true and wasn’t staged for the sh*t show, she needs help. The selfie obsession has been claimed to be one of the less recognisable forms of OCD. There has been one documented case where someone actually attempted suicide because of their selfie obsession.

      It’s difficult to recognise because apparently it’s perfectly normal now to be so overcome with your own loveliness that you simply HAVE to stop what you’re doing and document your own freaking face for the masses to admire. It’s hard to decipher what is ‘normal’ selfie execution and what borders on something worse.


  6. don't kill me i'm french says:


  7. hutter says:

    Generous estimate!

  8. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t really believe that Kim wants to get pregnant again. Pregnancy did not agree with her and I can’t imagine that she would want to get pregnant any time soon. I do believe the selfie story. She’s so self obsessed,it’s not hard to believe she would take 1200 selfies.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I agree, she does not want to get pregnant again, no way.

    • hunter says:

      She was HAAAATTTTIINNGGGG being pregnant! Lol!!!

      When I heard the rumor I was convinced she would claim a miscarriage for the sympathy or run a fake pregnancy like Beyonce. I was astounded she decided to actually go through with it and woah the clothes and her body and her ankles and the look on her face like she wanted to kill everybody because she was a sausage moose.

      She is noooottttt getting pregnant again I don’t think.

      • Rawr says:

        Is it wrong of me to have enjoyed the misery of this selfish person having no control over their body? When you have surgery instead of exercising (allegedly) and your whole “purpose” in life is to look hot. UGH! How could someone live like that…sorry how could someone who had an ounce of self awareness be able to live like that without being a miserable human being. Having a “goal” of taking over 1,000 pictures of yourself and feeling any sort of gratification is just…seriously does this woman have a brain or soul or any feelings?

  9. swack says:

    She could have gotten botox at the salon. Where I go for my hair, they have someone come in and do botox at the salon (they have a room for massages/mani-pedis and I’m guessing that is where the botoxing is done). Don’t know about fillers though.

  10. Dee1 says:

    Abt the sock one & Adrienne bailon, still playing with Barbie dolls Adrienne? Let’s get serious here, girls that play with Barbie dolls don’t take nudies & send them to their bfs, ok? Don’t try to be a little virgin here. Yes these people suck but you need to let this go! Don’t you have a new guy in your life? Talk abt him.

    • jwoolman says:

      She didn’t say she was a virgin. She was just pointing out how long ago her dating Rob was, seven years ago is a long time at her age and she was significantly younger. “Playing with Barbie dolls” is a metaphor. She’s older now and past Rob for years. She’s done many things before and since. Read her Wikipedia article. Rob was still playing with action figures when she was already singing professionally. (Another metaphor…)

  11. Anoneemouse says:

    I wonder if she can seek help through a rehab…kind of like she is addicted to herself.

  12. Size Does Matter says:

    1200 Selfies sounds like a great name for a band. I just wonder how much memory her phone must have. It must be the American Express black card of phones. I still can’t update to iOS 7 because I don’t have enough memory. I’m a digital hoarder and hate deleting the pics of my kids off my phone, even though they’re also on my Mac.

    • Booklion says:

      Actually, she had her assistant (I think?) follow her around and take pictures with a professional camera. I watched the episode to see what her selfie thing was all about and it was pathetic. She had a crew of people fixing her makeup/hair/clothes etc to take the best -sluttiest- pictures. She even went down to the beach for some and the people patted sand onto her behind to look sexy. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen and I regret watching the episode at all. Khloe actually called her out on it and Kim replied she was making a selfie book for Kanye, someone she loved unconditionally and Khloe just didn’t understand that it was a special present for Kanye, not kim being self-involved and pathetic. She was very clear about that. I pray for Norths future, hopefully she gets out on time.

      • pk says:

        I’m sure it was all scripted for the show.
        I saw the clip of Khloe calling her out and it looks like they added the bit from Kim about making if for someone she loved (Kanye). They didn’t show her saying it and it seemed edited.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Scripted for the show, of course, but the scripting is based on Kim’s genius ideas, I’m sure all she did was take photos of herself.

    • jwoolman says:

      Size- I’m almost afraid to tell you this, but there are devices that can add storage space to your iphone … I think one fits on the back or top/bottom, can’t remember. Anyway, look for them! I’m still in iOS 6, too, because iOS 7 is so horribly ugly. I’ll have to jailbreak it to fix the Fisher Price icons and mismatched color combinations, if I’m ever forced to upgrade. I think Apple has a Microsoft mole on their design team now, Apple never did ugly before.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        Thanks for the info! I just got another message today that my memory is full. 🙁

  13. GIRLFACE says:

    Do androids dream of electric sheep?

  14. dorothy says:

    Based on another article her mom said she did. If that’s true then she’s in desperate need of psychiatric counseling for a mental disorder.

  15. MonicaQ says:

    There’s no way Kim defended Rob seriously. No way. She has nothing but disdain for her brother and you can see it in the way she talks about him. If she was so concerned with people “kicking him while he’s down”, she wouldn’t do it herself.

    • word says:

      But how did Adrienne “kick Rob while he’s down?”. She spoke about him cheating on her…that was true. She didn’t call him a “fat” or “lazy” like Kim does.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I wouldn’t say Adrienne kicked him either. She was asked and pretty much said the truth–he cheated. He can’t get mad at the truth.

    • Lirko says:

      Exactly! It’s only ok when she’s doing it, about his weight…

  16. Mixtape says:

    I read about this elsewhere and while I have no doubt she is vapid, self-absorbed, and only knows how to live life through the quasi-fictional story told by her selfies… this whole “1200 selfies” thing was nothing but a plot device on the show used to set up several scenes.

    • word says:

      Yup…I think the scene where Brody walks in on a partially naked Kim was a set up too. There is nothing real about that show or anything that family does.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You say that as if that justifies her 1200 selfies, it doesn’t. Scripted for the show or not, she needs to get a grip. Spending her life this way or projecting it as how she spends her life is splitting hairs; she’s a vapid, self absorbed mess.

      • word says:

        @ Bob Loblaw

        Of course the “selfie” part of the show was real. We all know how obsessed Kim is with herself. But she is rather boring, the producers must work over-time to come up with story lines for her character.

  17. LAK says:

    Kim K shamelessly lifted her defence of her brother from a DM commentor. I read the adrienne’s story and accompanying comments and the comment she copied was top of the ‘best rated’ comments in that story. Lots of people made a reference to Kim coping the comment to her twitter account. Word for word. Shameless.

    • lucy says:

      Yes, they are shameless. We can hope that they read celebitchy and will take our advice to disappear forever.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        We can only hope; When I visited the grand canyon a few years ago, I didn’t take selfies; I just stood and took in mentally and imaginatively the vista before me.
        Watching their show is like staring at the bottom of a Styrofoam cup. There’s nothing there.

      • Lady D says:

        I have a debilitating phobia where heights are concerned and I had to get on an airplane. If it had been anything but my Grandma’s funeral it wouldn’t have happened. Ever. When we flew over the Alberta Rockies I forgot everything, my grandma, my terror, my grief, everything. I felt like I was back with the dinosaurs, and I was the only person on earth. It was amazing, awe inspiring, stunning, humbling… I don’t know how to describe that sight effectively. Taking a picture of myself with the Rockies in the background never would have occurred to me.

    • word says:

      I really think comedians now steal from on-line comments as well. We need to copy right our comments lol.

    • Jayna says:

      That is hysterical. Sometimes Kimmie shocks me when I think she could never do anything else to shock me. Good catch.

    • Joan says:

      I don’t think kim copied anyone’s comment on dm,she is actually the one who posted it on Dm because she stalks herself but forgot to edit it..

  18. Chris says:

    My brother wears an outfit just like Kim’s whenever he goes near the sea….or the Bristol Channel…in case ‘surf’s up’, or even a little ripple will do.
    I wonder should I be scrutinising him a little closer?

  19. word says:

    1. Busy taking selfies in Thailand, yet she had her assistant take the pics for her. How is that a selfie then? Nori was on that trip but spent the entire time having fun with her nanny.

    2. Do you really think Kim wants to get pregnant again? Only if she got paid to do it lol.

    3. Kim is a hypocrite. They talked about Rob cheating on Adrienne on their show ! Secondly, who puts Rob down more than Kim? No one. She needs to shut up. Adrienne was famous before the Kardashians were.

    • Dawn says:

      Every point is spot on. Also let us not forget to mention that the tweet she post was taken word for word from a poster on DM. I hope Adrienne comes out swinging after this because we all know Kim is just a plastic little jerk,

  20. Mike says:

    Thailand is a very beautiful country and if you cannot take the time to put the camera down and take in all that beauty and culture then you have major issues. Kim Kardashian may look back on her life and see that it was all spent looking in a mirror instead of enjoying her children.

    • Lady D says:

      I have the feeling that when Kim looks back at her life, it will only be to admire herself, or pick her next face.

    • hunter says:

      Duh all that beauty was in the background of her selfies. That’s what they’re for.

  21. Vava says:

    classic narcissist…..

  22. Angie says:

    Awwww I wish I loved myself as much as she does! So, so sweet
    “rolling my eyes so much it hurts”
    there’s a saying that goes : talk about me in good, talk bad about me, as long as you talk about me…she got that all figured out!

  23. Nibbi says:

    It’s the lips. It’s incredible, it’s so obvious.
    Why ladies whyyy?
    except it’s true it works : we are all talking about her.
    the lips thing tho argh… they re already pushing the envelope overplumped but there they start to look hard like wax teeth or something
    she kinda looks like that chick that got divorced from mel gibson, and that other chick who was one of the first of tiger wood’s 500,000 whores … all those “subtle modifications” do add up over time, and they really all do kinda look the same

  24. Nibbi says:

    holy ish !! ORRR, or or or, she looks i’m not even kidding kinda like Michael Jackson

    and THEN

    cue Kanye singing “she went to the doctor and got lipo wich yo money, she walking around looking like Michael wich you money, …”

    those lyrics are totally immortal and hilarious to me btw

  25. rlh says:

    She has to constantly take pictures of herself, she has nothing else to offer but her body. The sad part is that she does not see how sad that is. On the one had I say, good for her for doing things like that ridiculous app that is making her money and having a baby with a wealthy man because she has secured her future. On the other hand, I am working class, single in NYC with a mortgage and several degrees that will never earn me any money and I would not trade places with her for all her money and “stuff.” I truly see her and her family as part of the decline of a civilized civilization; the vapid, narcissistic, selfie obsessed. It is so very sad and pathetic it makes me sad, very, very sad.
    I wrote sad allot. Sorry, she just makes me so sad.

    • Chrissy says:

      You have self-awareness, an education and contribute positively to society. You are richer and more down-to-earth than anyone in this clan could ever hope to be. That is something to be proud of. Congratulations!

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      She’s worships at the temple of materialism and there’s no emptier pursuit. Money and fame don’t necessarily bring happiness. Her endless tampering with her face and body reflect a lot of dissatisfaction.

  26. jwoolman says:

    I still remember the pics when she was “attacked” by a cute and curious baby elephant trying to figure out with its trunk what this strange creature was. There she was, within petting distance of a darling baby of an amazing and intelligent species, and she was absorbed with her phone instead of drinking it all in anmd was just annoyed by the attempted interaction (now the baby elephant knows how Nori feels).Then at the end of the trip, she posted a picture of some Thai scenery that turned out to be lifted from a stock photo collection on the net rather than any photo she took herself. Thailand was wasted on her. The rest of the family enjoyed it, but they should have just taken Nori by herself and left Kim home with a nanny.

  27. JudyK says:

    Not even bothering, for the first time, to read the other comments first. I’m through with this waste of space. We already know what you look like, Kim.

  28. jwoolman says:

    Just read the link for the Socks fury. Kim really said Adrienne was famous only because of the K Klan?!? Ridiculous. She was touring long before the K’s afflicted us and has shown herself to be a decent actor, singer, and dancer many times. I knew more about her than about the K’s when I saw bits of the K shows she was on. Khloe was awful to her parents especially when they foolishly agreed to go on some camping trip with the K’s, her foul language and endless sex talk was bothering them and that just put her into higher gear. I felt she was trying to sabotage her brother’s relationship then, just as she worked to put down Kris Humphries. Real control freak. I never understood why people thought Khloe was the “nice normal one” after seeing her in action on those episodes (which I watched more of than usual only because I recognized Adrienne).

    Anyway, Adrienne wasn’t kicking Rob. She didn’t go into detail, just said it was puzzling that people blamed her when (as he admitted on national tv) he cheated on her. She said she thought being on the show damaged her career, and she’s right. It was such a waste of time and certainly was a bad idea for her relationship with Rob also. I don’t know why they think living in a fishbowl is good for friendships or romance. They talk people like Kris H or Lamar or Adrienne into thinking the exposure will be good for their careers, then use them as targets for their stupid plotlines. In all three cases, you could see the targets were feeling less and less enthusiastic about the idea (since their faces can move and express emotions) and getting really uncomfortable with the K shenanigans and their role as the goat. Reggie had the right idea and just refused to go along with it, but the K’s still managed to humiliate him regularly.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      The main reason I dislike all of them is I watched the first season or so of their show. I had no idea who they were or what I was in for. They are horrible people. They way they treat each other and other people is repulsive. I found them so disgusting, they turned me off so much, I turned off their show and eventually stopped watching E! altogether. I don’t understand their popularity, if you watch them for even five minutes, their inner ugly comes out.

  29. me says:

    Funny Kim used the hashtage “family forever”…yeah Kim didn’t your brother walk out on your own wedding? Isn’t it YOU who is constantly putting him down?

    Secondly, Adrienne was well known before she ever appeared on KUWTK. If the show is so great for people’s careers, let’s ask Kim why Kanye refuses to be on it ?

    The Kardashians want to come off as being tough like “no one can mess with us”. Please you guys are not taken seriously in Hollywood or in the media…people love to hate you.