Star: Ryan Gosling wept openly & profusely after sex with a random club girl


I sometimes worry that I’m too unemotional. I’ve been accused of talking, writing, thinking and acting “like a man” many times before, which I’ve always taken as someone else’s observation that I’m not into the frilly, touchy-feely stuff of life. I have a low tolerance for pillow-weepers, for one. Unless it’s Lloyd Dobler, I’m not really interested in man-tears, especially after (or during) sex. Incidentally, that was one of the worst parts of the Fifty Shades of Grey book – after every sex act, it felt like Ana Steele started weeping. STOP CRYING. I don’t even like men who have that “pillow-weeper look” which can basically be summed up as: Jim Sturgess.

So, maybe that’s why I’ve never been into Ryan Gosling. Maybe somewhere, in the deepest recesses of my mind, I realized that Gosling is what I hate/fear the most: a guy who cries after sex. At least that’s what one “source” tells Star Magazine in their cover story this week, which is all about normal, non-celebrity people who have dated celebrities. The Gosling story is one of the best!

Ryan Gosling brought movie fans to tears in The Notebook. But on one date, it was Ryan who turned on the waterworks.

“He was the best lover I’ve ever had,” recalls a curvy blonde, who shared a night of passion with Ryan after meeting him at a nightclub. But once the lovemaking was over, things took a turn.

“I thought I heard him sniffling,” she says. “Then I realized he had tears gushing down his face. I asked if he was all right, and he said he gets emotional sometimes.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I’m not completely heartless. If you’re in a committed, loving relationship, I could see how a dude crying after sex would be a good thing, a sign of true emotional maturity. But this was a one night stand!!! Is this really who Ryan is in real life? Is he the guy who cries after hot sex with a random club girl?


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  1. Corrie says:

    That’s funny. What about Jim Sturgess?

  2. marjalane says:

    At first glance of the headline, I thought it was recent, and that he probably cried because he had to go home to his baby mama!

  3. hunaww says:

    I have never thought of Ryan as someone who cries after sex.Damn it.

  4. Azurea says:

    Maybe he was regretting it? Anyway, I can’t stand looking at him…he looks like my ex-boyfriend’s sociopathic son, especially when I see him in action.

  5. GiGi says:

    No. No crying after sex. I’m also a heartless b!tch, er… emotionally removed? stoic? ice cold? Whatever. The worst for me is men crying at their own weddings. Ugh. I’ve been to some where the guy can barely complete his vows. Too much for me.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Whoa. That would be so weird to me. I mean, I’m fine with men crying, but in those circumstances, I would be thinking “was it that bad? That good? Do you miss your girlfriend? Your mommy? Did I accidentally hit your nuts? What?”

    Btw, she’s a jerk for revealing that.

  7. raptor says:

    I would have pegged Orlando Bloom as a post-coital weeper (probably as he stares deeply into your eyes/soul and tells you what a beautiful, life-affirming experience it was to join your bodies or whatever), but Gosling always seemed more like someone who’d maybe get you some fair trade coffee and a bagel with locally sourced cream cheese the next morning.

  8. MrsB says:

    Is that a real thing? People that cry after sex?? Thank goodness I never encountered it if true, that would not have ended well.

  9. MonicaQ says:

    Wait people cry after sex? It’s fun, why you crying? (unless you know, groundbreaking moment)

    Guess I’m a dude too because the *entire* concept of that is new to me as a 28 year old female. I thought it was just Victorian Harlequin Romance Novel subtext.

    • Bella bella says:

      I’ve cried. It can happen when it’s really good, as Amanduh says. Just a deep release that even brings tears. I’m a woman. I’ve never been with a man who cries in bed. But I was with a man for a while who cried when it was cold outside.

  10. Abbott says:

    Wasn’t it alleged that B-Coop was a weeper?

  11. BRE says:

    Has anyone here actually had a dude do this? I mean, I love my husband but I would be a bit freaked out if he cried and I’m married to him!

  12. Chris says:

    Laughing, during and after, fine! But crying? I’d run a mile. Not because it’s ‘unmanly’, but I’d find it un peu creepy.

  13. Macey says:

    Im not sure I would even know what to do if a guy started crying after sex. Im not into the emo thing either. Im not totally heartless or anything, just not into that kind of thing. I also can’t really related to women who cry over every little thing either but then I’ve never really been a emotionally expressive person.

  14. shannon says:

    Right on, Kaiser. I’ve been accused of the exact same thing. I’ve cried a couple of times when I’ve been upset of course, but it’s not often and I freak the eff out when other people do it in front of me. as for the sex crying, i guess the only way I could see that happening is if it was some sort of natural response that your body produces, like a rush of some type of hormone…not sure what I’m talking about but I’m sure some scientist on here will know what I mean.

  15. eliza says:

    His one night stand obviously watched The Notebook (Zzzzzzzz) and Blue Valentine one too many times.

  16. PunkyMomma says:

    A weeper. No. Just no. I mean, guy, stop the tears because you’re losing more fluids, so here’s some Gatorade to help with your dehydration, and I’ll just let myself out.

  17. Kiddo says:

    I’m not even a fan, but the story is repulsive on many levels. Why someone would feel compelled to tell a rag magazine this, if this was true, and why said magazine would print it is beyond just normal decency. It could have been a one time, really weird occurrence, if it happened at all.

  18. aenflex says:

    F*ck that. I’m in a committed, loving marriage and I can’t fathom appreciating or enjoying my husband crying after sex. That would instantly move me to the ‘pants’ role, and that’s nowhere I want to be. Yech.

  19. Dee says:

    For some reason I believe this. He just seems a bit wet. At least she said he was amazing in bed before the crying.

  20. Dee says:

    For some reason I believe this. He just seems a bit wet. At least she said he was amazing in bed before the crying.

  21. Kori says:

    This reminds me of the Friends episode when Rachel had finally got her boyfriend (Bruce Willis) to open up–he as super stoic despite a number of losses. Once the floodgates started he cried over everything. She tried to divert him in bed and it worked–until they were done and then he started sobbing into his tissues again as they lay there. That was the end of that couple.

  22. Fran says:

    It might just be from the release of tension.

  23. Miss Gloss says:

    Maybe he was crying because he had a one night stand and perhaps he cheated.

  24. islandwalker says:

    Why even report a story like this? Random woman needs cash, makes up BS story. Crikey, gullible much?

  25. j.eyre says:

    It all depends on how bad the sex was. If it was a complete waste of that 7 minutes of my life, I might shed a tear; thats time that could have been spent drinking a martini, after all.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Well, that makes sense. With my ex, I often thought…huh…could probably have thrown in a load of laundry in that time span…would have been more fulfilling, too. Had I thought of the martini, definitely would have teared up. You only live once.

  26. kri says:

    Wow, I have something in common with Ryan Gosling. Thatrandom club girl I picked up made me weep. Wonder if she was the same chick? No, just kidding. But really, I have cried after sex. Mostly because it was with my ex-husband and I was bored to tears.

  27. Whatever says:

    Crying is a natural and normal part of being human. It’s regretful that cultural norms for “men” only accept passionate displays of anger or joy. The emotions of fear and sadness are somehow deemed less “manly” and “weaker” when in reality all four emotions are completely normal and hard-wired.

  28. Anare says:

    Beware of men who cry. It’s true that men who cry are sensitive to and in touch with feelings, but the only feelings they tend to be sensitive to and in touch with are their own.
    Nora Ephron

  29. Hollowdoll says:

    This is hard to picture, but who knows what kind of day or week Ryan was having. Long Live Lloyd Dobler. He stole my heart many moons ago. He has ruined me. I can’t settle for for less. Oh well. ;-)

  30. may234 says:

    I don’t really care how a guy is after sex. Some cry, others laugh, some want to cuddle. I for example like to be left alone for a little bit, to cool off. Just don’t touch me. As a matter of fact, I like to turn over and fall asleep right after. Yup, just like a typical guy, though I’m a girl, so what? As long as the sex is great, who cares?

  31. cyndi says:

    “… Is he the guy who cries after hot sex with a random club girl?…”
    Actually, I can’t picture him having “hot sex” with ANY girl. 😴

  32. Illyra says:

    Women always complain that men are “too insensitive” but what they REALLY mean is “he’s not sensitive enough to *my* needs”… 9 times out of 10 they do, anyway.

  33. Debutante says:

    Jesus,if some guy started crying after sex with me I would assume he was either a mental patient or I was really bad in bed !! And I know I’m not bad in bed ! Lol

  34. Debutante says:

    Also, I went on a blind date once ( thanks, sis), and basically cut the date short cuz it just was NOT working, and the guy started crying !! Holy God, talk about uncomfortable! I couldn’t get out of the car quick enough. ! I didn’t even know this guy and he’s crying over me ?? I wanted to kill my sister.

  35. Missy says:

    We’re always shaming men for crying. Women can be criers, CEOs, stay at home moms, make-up bloggers, and professional boxers. We want all the walls torn down and to not feel bad about traditional female roles either. We should give men the same latitude.

  36. Isadora says:

    While I don’t think this particular story is true, I have to say: there are worse things in life than a guy who sheds a few tears after sex. I actually have a harder time seeing Ryan Gosling as club-girl-one-night-stand-sexy than accepting a guy who cries. As quite a few here have pointed out, it’s probably a mostly chemical reaction after a mind-blowing orgasm. And even if it’s an emotional reaction, who knows. Maybe he had a horrible day, I don’t know. In the end I think I’d take a pillow weeper (who doesn’t look like it, please) over a jerk who wants a detailed performance praise after sex (Not the “I hope it was good for you” variety, but like “Was I good? On a scale from 1 to 10? Did you like that special move I did after that other special move?”) And as I tend to fall asleep right after sex he can sniffle all he wants, I probably won’t even notice it lol.

  37. mazomazohyst says:

    I’m totally for men crying. It gives me kicks. I like to be the strong one. I love it in any situation, just not after they had sex with me. No, thank you. Good for me, I wouldn’t touch Ryan Gossling with a ten-yard pole. I can’t with his face.

  38. Micha says:

    I agree with what some commenters up top said. this is supposed to be a feminist site, right? can’t have it both ways. men are allowed to cry, too.

  39. Santolina says:

    Once, when my husband and I were first dating I noticed that he had a tear running down his cheek after we made love, and I was so touched. I said, “Are those tears of joy?” and he said, “What? Oh, it must be allergy season.”

  40. Josefa says:

    I have the most irrational taste in men ever. I actually love the hipster-pillow weeper look. Black hair and puppy brown eyes kill me, and I’ve never been fond of big muscular guys.

    When it comes to personality, however, I DETEST pretentious hipsters and overly sentimental guys. Give me a stoner dude with great humor who takes nothing seriously other than his job and/or studies. I’ve been lucky, anyway. I’ve managed to find a guy who fits my irrational taste like a glove.

    So, yeah… even if this story is most likely bs it only makes my list of reasons for NOT getting the Gosling appeal longer.