“Ashley Olsen’s boyfriend is older than Mary-Kate’s boyfriend” links


Ashley Olsen’s boyfriend Bennett Miller is 47 years old (she’s 28). [LaineyGossip]
Rest in peace, Michael Johns. [Dlisted]
Nathan Fillion once shut down Justin Bieber. [Pajiba]
The Lawrence Brothers are still a thing? [A Socialite Life]
Taylor Swift gets pap’d constantly in NYC. [Go Fug Yourself]
Vintage celebrity wedding photos/gowns. This is awesome. [Buzzfeed]
John Oliver is sick of commercials disguised as news stories. [Gawker]
This is how tourists in America should fit in. [The Blemish]
Bella Thorne is a thing, apparently. [Popoholic]
Chloe Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham are a couple now (I feel old). [Evil Beet]
Alessandra Ambrosio’s dress looks like melted ice cream. [Moe Jackson]
Chris Brown is single now and he’s in St. Tropez. [Celebslam]
Jon Voight has a lot to say & I don’t want to cover it. [Wonderwall]
Lindsay Lohan’s bikini selfies have dim lighting. [IDLY]


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  1. Jen says:

    The Olsens are one week younger than I am. I don’t think I could ever date a man that much older. Obviously their life experience is faaaaaaar different than my own, but still.

    • Poe says:

      I’m 25, 26 in late October. The only older guys I would ever consider dating that much older than me are Richard Amitage, Dwayne Johnson, and a few others. I will, probably, never meet any of those guys so, or get a chance to date them.

      Even if I did get the chance, I would probably chicken out over the age difference, my absolute cutoff is 15 years older than me, and that’s pushing it. Each to their own, I suppose.

      • bettyrose says:

        So nice to hear. I’m older than you (by a high school sophomore in age), but I always felt like you do when I was in my twenties. For awhile when I was 25, I had a flirtation with this 38 year old who could’ve passed for 45 (he was bald, wore a suit . . ) but even then I knew the attraction was that I was curious what an older man would be like (you know, in the sack), not that I wanted to be taken care of by an older man. I think it is soo important to experience every stage of life to its fullest, rather than jumping ahead with an older partner. Now, at my current age, I’m no longer dating, but I often make friends with women 10-20 years older than me. It makes sense now, but at 25 we would have been in different worlds.

      • Dani says:

        You’ll have to fight me for Richard Armitage.

      • NEHA says:

        RICHARD ARMITAGE! Yeah, I’d totally break my 10 year rule for him.

      • Poe says:

        @Dani and @NEHA prepare your weapons for battle! We shall fight to the death!

        Or we could just take turns. Hmm? I’ll take him on the weekends.

      • FLORC says:

        The olsen twins use to date guys their age with around their level of wealth. Apparently guys in their 20′s with loads of wealth only like to party, cheat, and overall get in trouble. Drugs, jail, court, accusations, fraud. All details that followed their dating pool. So, I can easily see them wanting to go older. Your attraction adapts to your surroundings.

        We might think it’s weird, but their life’s experience is drastic in the difference.

        Regarding the Olsens I doubt they’re looking to be taken care of. Maybe just looking for ssomeone that has outgrown the reckless, bored with money phase to match where they are in life?

    • Dolce crema says:

      I never thought I could until I met one (I was 23) and it was wonderful (we were really a good match, lots of fun). However it didn’t feel like my life path to be with someone that age (plus he had kids, how weird that would be to tell my family). Anyways, if you meet a younger looking fit older guy who you really click with you may feel differently. I was not looking for older men at all, that’s for sure!

    • ray says:

      im early 20s and realistically i would never date anyone significantly older, but weirdly enough all my ‘celebrity crushes’ are pushing 40

  2. lisa2 says:

    I really like Bennett Miller. He is such a talented Director. Glad that he is making more films. I was surprised he is with one of the Olsen twins. But he looks younger than Mary Kate’s boyfriend.

    You never know what attracts people to each other. But they seem very random.
    regarding Taylor.. I feel like her new thing is to get dressed up and walk out to get photographed every single day.

    I like the vintage pictures.. just shows how celebrities have always had wedding pictures out. Not something new or shocking. I love how some of the dresses were so regular. Jackie and JFK were gorgeous. Grace Kelly Stunning. OH MY Elizabeth and Burton.. her dress and hair were a miss.

    fun to take the walk down the years.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    Those vintage wedding pics are gorgeous!

  4. Jaana says:

    These girls need to appreciate their youth
    I bet when they hit 40 they are going to start dressing and acting like 20 year olds.

    • eliza says:

      Lol. I hate to admit that is kind of what happened to me, except I was under 40 but was in the mindset I was 20 again because I had been so buttoned up and mature as a teen and in my 20′s and dated significantly older men. Once I hit 34 I turned into some idiotic wild child dressing and acting the part. I did that for a couple years too long. Oh if only I could do over those years and be young and act it, in my teens and 20′again, I would.

      (NOTE:I was not dating older men in my teens. Lol. I did that in my20′s)

  5. Tim Whatley says:

    Is she shrinking? No shade to short folks (im 5″1′) but I feel like she used to be taller?

  6. Artemis says:

    Hmm, I googled him. I would have said ‘I rebuke it’ but at least Ashley picked a filet mignon as opposed to MK’s beef jerky. Like, her old man wins hands down in the looks department. It’s weird that they both go for older men though…

    • homegrrrl says:

      When I was 26 a grey haired man asked me out. I was so naive, I said, “I have never seen you hang out where I hang out. I don’t even -know- you, and you don’t even know me!”. He told my co-workers, “doesn’t she know who I am?”. Apparently he owned the building of the restaurant where I worked and half the block in bev hills. I was just fresh out of college and on a summer job and had -no- idea that chicks my age were hunting ruthlessly for old “sugar daddies” especially in that town. I never swam in those circles, I was an alternative chick and the thought never occurred to me or anyone I “hung out” with. I guess I should have been more savvy and Olseny, oh well.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        HOMEGRRRL me too! me too! I was 24 and already married when my boss’s boss in New York (a VVVVIP) hit on me. At the time I was so naive I had no idea guys my father’s age would even DO that. I learned fast! No, I did not hook up with him. Just Ew. Probably should have – I would not be poor today LOL!

  7. MaiGirl says:

    Well, they often dress like old ladies, soooo….. :/

  8. Rhiley says:

    The wedding photos are very cool. Man, Rowan Farrow looks just like Frank Sinatra.

  9. Deniz says:

    I’m 28 and I can’t imagine sleeping with someone that old… I mean…how does she find him attractive? No offense to guys in their 40s! Some 40 year old men are hot , but this guy not so much…

    • chaine says:

      honestly, when you get to your mid-40′s you abandon most of your youthful ideas of what’s sexy and attractive and just appreciate any guy whose man parts are still in working order and who does not have a gross hangy gut. But Ashley is still in her 20′s, right? so I don’t understand why she’d go for him.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Sadly men do not have that view. Many men in their 40s and older do not want to date women their own age they want women in their 20s , early 30s.. Part of the blame is on society because we give this illusion you “dry up and lose your sexuality” after your 30s. But we also let men get away with this attitude not to mention the double standard that its ok for older men to date younger women but older women can’t. It’s all gross , I have no respect for men that ignore and right out refuse to date women their own age. Studies have been done even on online dating sites to prove this theory , it’s gross.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s so ironic because I have an uncle who SHUDDERS at the thought of dating a woman more than five years younger than he is. Seriously. That’s his rule, if she’s more than five years younger than he is–and he turns fifty next year, then he won’t go near her. I mean, I laughed when he told me, but I love that about him. I don’t think any of my family members have ever had huge age gaps between spouses except for my mom–she’s thirteen years older than my stepdad.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Attraction, both physical and emotional, are based on countless variables few of which are static. Sometimes you meet that someone and at some point the earth stops moving and time stands still when you look into their eyes and nothing else matters. As long as both parties are old enough to handle this with maturity the age difference doesn’t matter. So it doesn’t matter to me if a 25 year old dates a 48 year old – I don’t advise it but I don’t think it is automatically sketchy. But anything much younger than 24 and I just cringe and shake my head.

      • T.C. says:

        I think it’s suspicious that 70-80% of older male directors, actors, producers, etc. in Hollywood “only” seem to find their soulmate in 20-something year old women. Coincidentally they also seem to favor casting actresses in this younger age group as leads paired with older actors. Leaving less meaty leading roles for younger male and older females.

        I’m sure these young women always surrounded by older love interests, cast mates or directors they respect are somewhat groomed to preferring this age group or to view relationships with them as normal especially relative to young guys who are not yet as successful, accomplished, or as mature. I wonder how the Olsen twins father feels about men his age who are about to marry his daughters and become his sons-in-law. That’s got to be awkward.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I think it is a situation where powerful men are using these younger women to convey a sense of control, desirability and influence. The younger trophies are symbols, not always actualized in their own right for who they really are. And I don’t think every twenty something with an older man is looking for a sugar daddy. Some women find men their own age to be painfully underdeveloped. Overall, I give stronger side eye to the older male.
        When I was 27 I dated a very influential, wealthy man in his late 50s. Although he was kind, considerate and very charming I can’t say that he didn’t pursue me because of my age as opposed to despite it. The relationship ended on friendly terms but looking back I’m completely like wtf??

    • HappyMom says:

      When I was in my early 20s I dated a lot of guys in their early 40s. I felt like guys my age were so “young” and still in that post-college partying phase, and I had no interest in that. I wanted witty conversation at great restaurants. I did ended up happily married to DH, and he’s only 2 years older than I am. Now in my late 40s I think, wtf were those older guys thinking going out with such a young girl???!!! If one of our friends was dating a young 20-something I would give him such grief!

  10. Macey says:

    That American tourists video cracked me up. I’d love to see more videos of those guys during their perfectly blended American adventures.

  11. Nev says:

    Audrey Hepburn…Yoko…Bianca!!!! amazing dresses!!!

  12. Hissyfit says:

    I just want their fortune and their clothing brand!

  13. Kiddo says:

    Mary Pickford!…where’s mimif?

    So many people I never heard of, and way too many Elizabeth Taylor pics, but interesting and strange.

  14. vee says:

    do the Olsens have older parents? i read where children of older parents are more likely to find older men/women attractive, as they grew up seeing and loving older faces. my father was 45 when i was born and i’ve had older boyfriends.

  15. FrenchLily says:

    OMG, Brooklyn Beckham can’t be 15, can he ? I feel old too ^^

  16. Chris says:

    Wow how cool was Bianca’s YSL outfit? I loved that look. What a stunning couple.
    I’d forgotten about Lulu’s having married a Gibb. And I remember my Ma getting Mia’s haircut at the time, yikes. (And how very sweet to see John Peel, may the earth lie light upon him.)

  17. bettyrose says:

    Honestly, how easy is it for the Olsen girls to find boyfriends who aren’t skeevy fetishists?

  18. insomniac says:

    Hee. I can practically hear Nathan Fillion muttering “Yeah, that’s NOT happening” when Bieber’s goons tried to make him vacate the room so Justin could have it all to himself. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Nathan more.

  19. Ciria says:

    They definitely have a thing for the older men.

    My last dating situations: me, 32 dating a 46 year old man. He thought I was too young for him. Sniff, sniff.

  20. Sue says:

    Okay I may be wrong but Fire Fly’s (No. 31) wedding dress looks totally see thru in the bust area. haha!

  21. themummy says:

    I just turned 37 and my husband is 50. I don’t know…Is 13.5 years an age difference of note? Maybe my barometer is off….

    Ashley is 28–hardly a young, young thing…so who cares what decisions she makes?

  22. Kat says:

    Some of the views re Olsen twins new boyfriend are weird. There are some older men that are extremely attractive. I have had professors at college that i was really attracted too and sometimes more awkwardly a friends dad who was in his 50s. My friend had a massive crush on this older artist. She found him totally fascinating and magnetic.These things happen, its really not that unusual. There are a lot of variables that has to come into place for a person to be attracted to another. Its not just about a youthful appearance.
    Bennet Miller is talented and has made some really good movies he might be a interesting man, I am more surprised he dates an Olsen or at least that Olsen sister. Elisabeth Olsen seems way more talented and interesting than the twins.

  23. Lady D says:

    How tall was Wallace Simpson? She looks over 6′ in her wedding picture.
    I wonder if Paris Hilton would have turned out as skanky had La Liz been her grandmother.
    Jackie O’s dress is amazing.
    Would love to see Princess Grace’s dress in person.
    Elton John’s wife had a beautiful dress.

  24. bsh says:

    I might sound mean but DAMN, those girls turned into some very unfortunate-looking women.. and I DO find creepy that both of them are in a serious relationship with men 20 years older.. mostly because they still look as if they were barely out of junior high school.

  25. Mona says:

    They both have daddy issues..

  26. TG says:

    I find the Olson’s interesting like it would be a great read if Vanity Fair did an article in them. I mean they do seen like creepy trolls but still. I do keep remembering the shadowy business surrounding one or both of them upon Heath Ledger’s death. Weren’t they the first person called someone called when they found Heath and they sent their bodyguard over. I might not have the story straight but I remember one of their names is typed up in the mystery surrounding Ledger’s death.

  27. LK says:

    Jon Voight is an old ignorant fool. Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism. Read a book, grandpa.

  28. snowflake says:

    that american tourists video was effing hilarious!

  29. jwoolman says:

    Ashley looks very good to me in the top pic, just as I would have expected Michelle Tanner to look grown up. The ultra-thin look is really not natural to either of them, they started deliberately restricting food at least by 16 (they looked normal for their type before then), judging from some odd things they were saying and doing in a documentary about them at that age. Looks like Ashley is doing much better now.

  30. MisJes says:

    Wait, wait, wait. Didn’t Chloe Moretz JUST declare in her interview with Flare that was covered here last week or so that 17 is too young for dating or relationships? Yet here she is, with Brooklyn Beckham (who’s 15!? That went fast). Sigh. Another starlet who can’t stop contradicting herself. Cut the shit, Chloe.

  31. LAK says:

    Judging!!!!!! And by that I mean MILLER. 28?!!! Seriously!!! No one in your age range?!!

  32. BlackBetty says:

    I’m 27 and like older guys. I’m a first born and was always told to be responsible growing up. Plus guys my age would only hump and dump. My number 1 crush is Crispin Glover who isn’t a typical heartthrob actor.

  33. g says:

    Im 27 and im engaged to a guy who is 51. I graduated highschoolearl and i think young guys are immature . It works fine its who you are attracted too. why are people freaking out?

    • Truthtful says:

      People freak out because in general quite unhealthy power imbalance lies under this type of relationship… particularly toward the older partner !
      It is not really normal to be attracted to someone who can be your parents generation as it is not normal too to be attracted to women you can have fathered. That’s why people freak out: because there is a major wwww factor

      • JustChristy says:

        Eh, to each their own. I’ve always found myself attracted to Christopher Plummer, who is old enough to be my grandfather (but seriously, in The Sound of Music, he was a handsome, handsome man!) I even think he is adorable now. Wrinkles be damned. Attraction is so personal for everyone, and the physical part is only so much of that. I think a person’s maturity level (or lack thereof) plays a bigger part than the number of candles on your birthday cake.

        That said, I’m married to a man six months younger than myself, who looks nothing like Herr Von Trapp. He can speak a little German, though :)

      • Truthtful says:

        @JustChristy: sure.

        I just like you have older imaginary crush, with older celebrities, but they are just that: imaginary.

        In real life your age COUNTS, it’s not just a number not matter how mature you are you cannot fast forward experience from your 20′s to your 40′s, that’s why these type of relationship are based on an imbalance and hold a certain amount of issues on both parts…

        Not just me but studies say it, example the OECD study on education prove and make a solid point that the lesser a woman is educated the greater are the age gap in her relationship.This studies points that women who choose men older than 10 years than them have the most basic education in their respective countries ( high school dropout, just high school diplomas, etc..)…. while the more educated a woman is, the narrower is the age gap with her partner would be….And that is just one study only based on education, but there are many others that show that the core of these relationship is an imbalance of power, nothing to do with maturity , actually it’s even the exact contrary: the more dependent (economically, emotionally and financially) a woman is, the more she would chose an older partner… so “attraction” can have some explanation after all ;) !

        Good for you on your husband he seems a catch ;)

      • g says:

        mmmm i think people have a right to their own opinion. People make an assumption of others relationships and I think thats unfair. its doesnt matter who you fall in love with….it matters if it makes you happy. Call it rose colored glasses but theres too much BS and crappy stuff out there for you be worried about others relationships

      • Truthtful says:

        @g: The truth worries you? hitting home much?

        If you weren’t worried about other people relationships and more invested about “the crappy stuff out there” you certainly won’t be commenting on a celebrity website on a thread related to some “other people relationships”… but instead of hitting CNN and commenting…there you are, not exactly minding your own business !
        So maybe you shouldn’t bother to give an advice you clearly don’t apply to yourself…

        And sorry to bring some facts to my saying about these relationships (I didn’t even provide the psychological studies that are way more crude…)…but clearly I am not the one going around with rose colored glasses…

        ps: I didn’t make any assumptions…I just stated facts and a more than revered study!

  34. Ice Queen says:

    I like the twins. I really do. I find them interesting. And it wasn’t too weird that MK is with a waaay older dude, but now Ashley too? Each to their own I guess, but it makes me think they both have daddy issues. Millions of young rich men and they pick someone who’s old enough to be their dad?

    I’m not judging. Each to their own.

  35. JennySerenity says:

    Can I just add that I think Nathan Fillion is the BOSS? First, slapping Bieber B*tch-Boy down, and now, his tribute to Joss Whedon? His performance w/ Keri Russell in “Waitress” was delightful. Yeah, I know he’s Castle. But why is he not a bigger star w/ more street cred? He is the total MAN.