Duchess Kate wears a cream McQueen coatdress in Belgium: lovely or blah?


Here are some photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William in Liege, Belgium today, commemorating the centennial anniversary of the start of World War I. Kate and William shook hands with Belgium’s King and Queen, Phillipe and Mathilde, and they joined in the speech-making and all of that stuff, joining Spain’s King Felipe and France’s President Hollande, amongst others. Kate was seated next to Pres. Hollande – you can see more photos here.

William paid tribute to those Belgians who lost their lives during the German advance across Europe and said that “Britain owed a great debt of gratitude to Belgium for its fortitude and resistance during the 1914-1918 war which left around 17 million soldiers and civilians dead.”

Kate wore a cream coat-dress by Alexander McQueen. It reminds me a lot of the blue McQueen (Sarah Burton for McQueen) dress she wore in New Zealand back in April. Only this dress has MOAR PLEATS. I really liked the blue dress because it was a rare (for Kate) conservative silhouette. This cream dress seems like Kate had it tailored so the skirt was shorter, and thus, the pleats seem especially puckered and stiff. The base of her Jane Taylor hat looks familiar, so I don’t know if this is an old hat that got reworked with some new fabric or if it’s a new hat that just looks a lot like some of her old hats. All in all… she looks okay. I’m glad her hair isn’t down completely. I like that her skirt looks too stiff to blow up and flash all the dignitaries. And she looks pretty in cream. Too much makeup though.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Faye says:

    This is so odd. Somehow it manages to simultaneously look like a little-girl frock but also matronly, in a way. And the hem is hella weird.

    She’s worn worse, though, I guess.

    • LadyMTL says:

      The hem is incredibly weird, it looks like really bad tailoring. I don’t hate the look – it is appropriate for the occasion – but yeah, it’s nothing special.

    • Deedee says:

      School girl playing dress up. The front placket looks like it wasn’t sewn properly and it hasn’t been pressed.

    • Lucretia says:

      I think it’s the collar. Enough of the Peter Pan collars, already. Love the hat, tho.

    • Okie says:

      I feel like I’ve seen this on her a million times already — bad tailoring and all.

      Style icon, my wedge-free foot.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I used to love her. Until I saw queen Letizia of Spain and Princess Mary of Denmark. Now…. There is no excuse. Both fashion wise and charity wise.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I really think that CP Mary represents my country well – and I really like her fashion choices, but she also has a professional stylist. mary also has her won charitable foundation that focus on children’s welfare, especially bullying and children with mentally ill parents. She has also become more heavily involved with women’s health in third-world countries.

        I have a soft spot for Holland’s Queen Maxima. She seems to be a really charismatic woman and she is certainly interesting to follow fashion-wise. She ranges from sartorial perfection to utter fashion disaster, However, her big personality often makes her fashion choices irrelevant.

      • ABKM says:

        And Maxima is a very intelligent woman, too–in particular, she really knows her stuff about finance, the field in which she worked before marrying. She’s a great representative of her adopted country. Kate, on the other hand, can’t even come up with an informed comment about her field of concentration at university.

    • sophietta says:

      Perhaps it’s only me but isn’t the coat/dress/coatdress a bit much. There are so many ‘features’ on it eg PP collar, huge pleats, wing pockets, ill fitting sleeves that are too long, little puckered shoulders and the seam below her chest? I think the hat is frivolous for the occasion and have the London shops run out of pale cream shoes? Think I’ll send her and her coterie of designers a subscription to Vogue magazine. IMO I think the Belgian queen looks quite the part with those 3/4 sleeves and little gloves. Absolutely love watching to see what Maxima of Holland will wear to her next do…what an original!!!

    • Jocelyn says:

      I think that you’re right but I find it pretty.

    • India Andrews says:

      The collar, pleated skirt and little doll hair make her look like a child. The fact she is covered up from knees to neck in long sleeves even in August with the sensible cream pumps makes her look matronly.

      At least a gust of wind didn’t blow up her pleats.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is another odd Burton work that requires good styling, which shows how weak the original design is. If you put something this childish-but-matronly on someone with a strong personality and strong personal style, it could look better (Borromeo’s/Maxima’s weird insect hat, strappy gladiator heels, wide bracelets). Put it on KM, it looks childish-but-matronly.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I loved Maximas insect antenna hat! – not for style, but for laughs, but then she can certainly carry off some weird sartorial choices. Queen Margrethe of Denmark can do the same thing – I think that it comes down to a strong and charismatic personality so that the clothes doesn’t end up wearing the person. The same is the case of Isabella Blow in Phillip Treacy’s hats and Daphne Guiness in classic, theatrical Alexander McQueen.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think it’s pretty, including the hat. Man, I would never wear pleats across my bottom. Nobody needs to see that. Lol

    • Sullivan says:

      Agree. She looks pretty and she’s tall and thin enough to get away with the pleats placement.

    • Audrey says:

      The pleats are weird

      But the outfit is right for the event in my opinion. Fashion shouldn’t be exciting at war memorial events.

      She looks pretty

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with everyone. Not a fan of the outfit personally, but she looks very nice.

      • FLORC says:

        Exactly what I was going to say.
        She looks nice, I like the hat and shoes, and as a whole she’s on point. And now no one can say “she can’t win” even though they will.

        Personally, the waistline and pleats bother me. I’ve never seen a coat/skirt that has pleats in the back, but not in the front like that. It’s just odd looking. Is it a new trend?
        And i’m also getting little girl/dress up/sunday best vibes. I think it’s the buttoned up collar.

      • justme says:

        A kilt has pleats in the back, but not in the front. Maybe that is what Burton was thinking of?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I have to say that I don’t like the McQueen brand as much anymore now that Sarah Burton spearheads it. It is, IMO, impossible to replace Lee McQueen because designers of his imaginative caliber don’t come along often, but I do wish she had done a better job – her first HC collection after his death was wonderful with it’s Elizabethan look, but I haven’t really been impressed since then.

      • FLORC says:

        Isn’t that always the way. This is like Steve Jobs and Apple in a way. A brilliant mind leading their company to success. They pass away, but leave many works in progress and notebooks of possible ideas. That will get the new head by for a while, but eventually the ideas run out. It’s all too clear a new person with a different mind is now leading a once beloved fashion house/technology powerplayer.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        When it comes to Dior – they have certainly been successful with successors to the creator. YSL in the 60s, John Galliano and, though I’m still a bit unsure of him, Raf Simons. It is possible, but I also requires a talent that can respect the heritage of the brand while at the same time look forward.

  3. Kori says:

    They are coming to near where I live (Mons) this evening. I am off to royal stalk in less than 2 hrs. Wish me luck! :)

  4. Azurea says:

    I love the difference in body language between the two couples.

    • Kit says:

      I laughed at that too! Do Kate and Will practice standing like that or what the hell? So unnatural looking.

    • bluhare says:

      I noticed it too. Mathilde and Philippe look lovely together.

      • notasugarhere says:

        IMO, she really has been the making of him. I think she wears the pants in the family (nothing wrong with that) and it completely works for them.

    • India Andrews says:

      I noticed the body language too. Kate and William need to realize holding your hands over your crotch makes you look uncomfortable with the situation. Just leave them relaxed at your side with your shoulders back and head held up.

  5. Spif says:

    I think Mathilde looks regal and Kate looks like the intern trying to fit in (but failing). I just love Mathildes dress…

    • Sullivan says:

      She looks good considering a flying saucer landed on her head.

      • bluhare says:

        With you on the flying saucer!

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’m grateful Mathilde isn’t wearing one of her Tribute To the Fallen / Head Wound Bandage “hats” today. And grateful that she isn’t wearing a blue version of The Shredded Orange Hat That Ate Brussels.

        Overall, the flying saucer is an improvement.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        he Shredded Orange Hat That Ate Brussels.

        - LOL, that is priceless!

      • Sullivan says:

        That’s right, Bluhare. Let me tell you, the landing was rough. It’s parked at a precarious angle.

      • notasugarhere says:

        @AH. Did you see that thing on her on National Day? It is a copy of something Maxima wore about 10 years ago, in neon pink and orange. Just a bad hat all around, unless you’re wearing it as a joke for Ladies Day at Ascot.

    • India Andrews says:

      I thought Mathilde looked great at this occasion as well. Kate looked like a little girl trying to look like a woman.

  6. Catk says:

    It looks fine, and I don’t see how it’s short. I’m assuming the hem looks off because weights were added.

  7. sally says:

    I dont get it. Is it cold in all these countries that she visits? the other woman’s dress is a perfect royal summer dress…a light blue color, light fabric and long sleeves. Yet, if looking at Kate’s dress, I’d think it was 50 degrees out.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I was wondering the same about the temperature. These ladies would be completely baffled by how to dress in Texas.

    • Kori says:

      It’s a cool but nice day today here in Belgium. Maybe about 70? With a slight breeze.

      • FLORC says:

        Kate’s fabric doesn’t look too light or breathable. Maybe it is, but it looks heavier.
        I would be sweating buckets wearing a coat in 70 temps. Or even 65.

    • Francis says:

      I’ve been in some of the Scandanavian countries all summer, since may actually and it’s HOT it’s been hot since May,70′s 80 and 90 degrees , it’s been a very hot summer.
      It was probably high 70′s ,80′s yesterday. It was 80 degrees where I am traveling in the Scandinavian countries yesterday, Belgium temps may vary only a few degrees but it was probably quite warm 80s or close.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I has been awfully hot here in Denmark, much hotter than I’m comfortable with which led to sleeping problems.

  8. eliza says:

    Am I the only one who sees a boomerang shape to her blush application, it swirls from the cheek up and around her eyebrow almost. I know I always bag on her blush but it seems to be getting progressively worse.

    Is she doing her own makeup?

    • Jennifer says:

      That ridiculous eyeliner doesn’t just apply itself….

    • FLORC says:

      Yes. When/If make up is applied by a professional it’s applied as Kate would want it.
      She’s heavy handed with her foundation, blush, and eyeliner. I doubt this will change anytime soon.

    • Dara says:

      Her orange skin and pink blush perfectly match the adornment on her hat. Look at the second photo. Homegirl needs to put down the self-tanner and slowly back away. . .

    • India Andrews says:

      Kate might still be doing it herself or the makeup artist is afraid to lose his job so he does it the way Kate likes.

  9. WayPastMyBedtime says:

    BELGIUM ♥♥♥

  10. Talie says:

    You think she gets botox?

    • Olenna says:

      Yes, and fillers. She’s been looking quite plump in the face lately. Very noticeable considering how thin she is.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      I vote yes for botox and no to the fillers. I think she loves her tox regimen and gets biannual touch-ups. But I think she has always had apple cheeks and would not want to play that up with fillers. I think she likes her face to look more drawn and sculpted. Idk.

  11. Mrs. Wellen-Melon says:

    Albert Nipon for Nancy Reagan circa 1984. Except for the hat. Nancy wouldn’t have worn that hat.

  12. Shelby says:

    Queen Mathilde looks really regal and beautiful with her ensemble.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Queen Mathilde looks very good in blue, but I’m not quite digging the dress. She has worn some other outfits that are more regal IMO. But she is a very beautiful woman with a lovely face and a kind demeanour. I believe that she worked as a speech therapist before she married into the Belgian RF.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, I think she had her own practice by age 25, and earned her Masters post-wedding.

    • HappyMom says:

      I don’t think her dress is great. The color is pretty but I don’t like how it’s draped.

  13. PHD gossip says:

    Remember when their was that line on the side of her hairline that was clearly hair extensions/netting and she announced it was a childhood injury? No “injury” visible on these close ups.
    Just saying.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      It may not be visible but Kate does have a scar from a childhood head surgery. Will has a forehead scar from a childhood golfing accident and they refer to them as their Harry Potter scars.

    • Dany says:

      the scar is real, you can see it very good in old photos. IMO because that was her normal hair back then. Now she has extensions and the extra layers on the sides hides her scar.

    • India Andrews says:

      I think if it was a scar the palace would’ve given us more details.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        It is such a minor thing, why should the Palace PR use time and effort to inform the world about the details of a scar on a member of the RF? It is utterly irrelevant.

    • Francis says:

      That photo of the weave was a hair weave lifted up, but yes I DO think her scar is real. I think Kate played fast and loose with the truth, once her OWN hairdresser bluntly said in the press they add hair extensions to her aphair and that’s what the line was, she went ballistic back at the Palace and the story was pulled down in about two or three hours after it went up. Suddenly her Palace peeps said she had a scar, but it was obvious she got caught out with a weave sticking out. It happens sometimes Boo. :)
      I think the truth is both, she had extensions in her hair and the edge of the weft showed, and the hairdresser simply answered the truth to the press, not knowing what damage he’d done. I also think she has a scar in her head, so both stories were true.

  14. T.C. says:

    The Queen and King look great. I like Queen Mathilde’s confident wide stance and posture. Wills and Kate look appropriately demure as young unseasoned royals. I like Kate’s dress. Got nothing but positives to say about them since they are actually working at a significant event.

    • HH says:

      TC – I agree with you here. I’m not a fan of Kate’s style, but she looks appropriate. I’ve noticed that when Kate is with more senior royals, her hemlines are always longer and there are never any “incidents.” Perhaps Kate associates longer hemlines with looking “older” rather than looking “professional.” Maybe she feels she can look a little more youthful when she has solo appearances or those with her and William. I know we’ve all say here and hypothesized many times as to why Kate’s skirts kept blowing up and many have landed on her being an exhibitionist, but I just can’t buy that. In the end, it could simply be sheer stupidity, but she has aides people. I mean if she’s stupid, her aides shouldn’t be. And judging by their attire when exiting the plane in Australia they look very capable and seasoned.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      My vote is also for dim witted as opposed to vulgar. For one thing Will has made Kate feel like she is completely free to be herself and doesn’t have to turn into a royal robot. So she feels no real pressure to dress more professionally, imo. Secondly both Will and Kate have completely surrounded themselves with personal friends and yes men who seem to be as clueless as they are.

      • Francis says:

        Damesnarkweek +10000

        You’ve summed Kate issues up quite well. Totally agree.
        Also the British press doesn’t help her, by constantly extolling her as never putting a foot wrong, even when she shows her rear, crotch shots and lounges on sneaky holidays Topless and shows very little work ethic.

        It’s so obvious who the Mathilde is the regal lady in those photos. Kate’s whole demeanor is still lacking. She simply does not carry herself very well.

    • India Andrews says:

      Remember Kate did do a lingerie fashion show and has been papped topless on a balcony in full view of a public road and her staff. Not to mention all of the legs apart getting into a taxi shots from her dating days. I say exhibitionist. A woman embarrassed by these incidents would’ve started wearing knickers, spanx and weighting her hems long ago out of sheer humiliation.

      • Francis says:


      • Pippa m says:

        NotsoSugar, 6:20.

        +1M Totally agree. If Waity Cannot and Willnot do work, they would be a close to Prince Harry leadrrship as rep for HM GB and Commonwealth; imagine someday lthey could be genuine leaderlike and regal.

      • Pippa m says:

        I agree +1M.

        Waity doolittle workless Schoolgirlish Intern. After a decade wity P Willnot. And pleats to blow – bum flashing.

        A RF representing HM GB Commonwealth wearing recycle on oFficial functions, cheap tailored clothes to global events is disingenious. Yet taxpayers fund in millions to. KP renovations that will not be used; security, expensive vacations and multi million mansion for ma carole (not RF), hangers on.

        Princess Di work with P Willnot all to waste!

  15. db says:

    Being a royal seems like it would be unbearably tedious.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. Certainly the perks are numerous, but all that standing around smiling, small talk with strangers. Very boring.

      • FLORC says:

        Tedious work from time to time in exchange for numerous homes/mansions/palaces with huge sums of disposable income and nobills? I think it’s a fair trade to say the least.

        1 of my jobs requires a certain level of polite conversation since personal lives are not to be discussed. Some people find small talk to be difficult and some very easy. If I found it difficult I might approach my opinion differently.

      • hmmm says:

        There are lots of positions that require tedious small talk. Parties, too. All things being equal, many of us should be millionaires.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, as I said, the perks are numerous, and they are certainly well compensated. But I find small talk to be difficult – I mean, I can do it fine, but I find it extremely boring. I dislike events where you dress up, listen to speeches and chit chat and find them to be almost painful.

      • FLORC says:

        That’s why you cling to your significant other and never stray from a drink tray or the bar.

      • India Andrews says:

        Not to mention some of these strangers are interesting people like heads of state, humanitarians, philanthropists and the like. I would enjoy making small talk with them.

    • Francis says:

      Many of those born into it, don’t know anything else, so it’s just how their lives are.
      I think Pr.William seems so awkward at it because he basically has done every he can to avoid being a working -full time. IMO He does not like royal duties and wants a Royal life based only on HIS Terms, but he knows that won’t ever completely happen, so he sort of resents the outward working duty part of royal life and it shows.

      I never have gotten the feeling that William really enjoys being out and about on these duties.

  16. jessica6 says:

    I personally would have selected a navy blue, black, or grey dress that covered my knees – and matching hat – that would have better suited the sombre and serious occasion. I also would have worn my long hair up for the occasion, but, that’s me. That said, she’s looked “worse for wear” on other occasions. To me, Kate’s fashion selections can be summed up as underwhelming and overrated.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      +1 on Kate’s fashion choices. I can’t for the life of me understand why she’s hailed as a fashion icon. She’s generally appropriately dress on official occasions, but I find her fashion choices boring, too matchy-matchy (not the mention the theme dressing) and unimaginative when it comes to accessorizing. However, that is simply my personal opinion – I simply don’t like her style.

      • FLORC says:


        I’m with you. She’s not a style Icon. She’s a person that gets attention for what she wears (and doesn’t wear). Not that she is wearing it, but rather where she is there are cameras and the clothes get exposure. This would happen to anyone William married.

        And to me a style icon has changed fashion in a way. Mary Tyler Moore with her slacks over house dresses. Carolyn Bessette with the clean, simplistic look. Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Marie Antoinette, Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Madame De Pompadour, DvF with her wrap dress, and the list goes on. All these women created or popularized an unpopular/unknown style.

        When it comes to Kate wanting a bespoke dress/outift they all look the same. Poorly tailored and unfinished. Now if that became a style she would indeed be an icon.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        In some ways Coco Chanel is perhaps the ultimate style icon. She was simplistic and elegant – truly embodying the the dictum “less is more” (Mies van der Rohe).

        As a designer she radically chaged women’s clothing in a manner that really haven’t been seen before – no corset, new material (the jersey that hitherho had been used for men’s undergarments) and she practically invented the Little Black Dress. She also made it acceptable for women (especially society women) to mix both high jewellery with costume jewellery.

      • FLORC says:

        To add to your list AH… She (for better or worse) made tans desirable and hands down has a great perfume. Not #5, but just Chanel. No matter who you are the scent adapts to you.

    • hmmm says:

      Agreed, jessica 6.

      It looks like Kate is theme dressing, as well. The frou frou on her hat resembles a stylised poppy.

      It ‘s a sombre occasion. Mathilde’s oufit is simple and quiet, as it should be.

      The ersatz ‘medals’ on Willy’s jacket slay me. I don’t know how he has the nerve.

      • jessica6 says:

        Hmmm…I agree re Willy’s wee medals – I raised my eyebrows at that.

        Ah, Kate…the more I look at this outfit, the more I think of a day old cream pastry on display in a bake shop window. And would someone please tell her to lay off the heavy eyeliner and mascara?

  17. Chibichichai says:

    What is with this chic and coat dresses? It seems like EVERY formal event is a coat dress. It is not that cold if the Queen of Belgium is sitting near her without a coat herself and wearing a light fabric dress.

    Someone please get her royal bum watcher to put her in something other than short, floaty dresses that fly up if someone sneezes next to her or a coat dress.

    • India Andrews says:

      The coat dresses all look the same after a while. This one is the top half of a blue gray coat she wore in Australia and the bottom half a cream coat dress she wore to the trooping of the color.

  18. Kori says:

    I usually love Mathilde but I think this is a bit on the frumpy side. Something about the fit (on top) seems off and it just seems plain.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree. It’s a pretty dress, but she looks very dumpy. And that hat is just stupid.

    • L says:

      I was distracted by the fact that I could see her bra seams/padding through her dress. Mathilde has been making some weird fashion choices lately.

      • Lady D says:

        I noticed that too. Takes away from the overall look.

      • notasugarhere says:

        To me it looks like it isn’t properly lined and it feels more like a cocktail dress: light fabric, beading, chiffon trim around the neckline. I’m surprised she didn’t wear one of her more formal dresses/suits, but those are mostly in bright colors which wouldn’t be appropriate to the occasion.

    • Jocelyn says:

      I agree with you. I think Mathilde herself looks really pretty. It’s the dress I have a problem with.

  19. kcarp says:

    She seems to have aged a lot since George was born. I don’t know if it is the smoking or all the makeup.

    She looked really good when they did they left the host. with George. She looked much more natural and real.

    • Ms. Lib says:

      I agree – cute as a button.
      She smokes????? How disgusting. Poor thing.

      • India Andrews says:

        They’re hard to find but you can find pictures of Kate’s cigarettes in her purse. Peruse the internet.

      • justme says:

        It is always the same picture of her with cigarettes in her purse and it is from several years ago. She may have stopped – or not. It does seem as if most of the British aristocracy smoke.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There were also photos of her smoking at the airport in France and on the infamous balcony. Those were scrubbed off the net pretty quickly, faster than the topless and changing out in broad daylight photos, but there were seen by many.

  20. BeckyR says:

    The Duchess looks appropriate and very pretty.

  21. Lara K says:

    It’s OK for her.
    In general though she seems to have no real sense of her own style so she dresses in bland inoffensive ways. Bores me to tears.

  22. Vava says:

    No to this coat dress. I really dislike it. The seaming is so weird and those pleats are horrible. Not digging the hat, either.

    Well her hair is out of her face and she isn’t flashing her rear end, so I guess that’s something positive to say.

  23. may234 says:

    She looks so lovely, like a peach! I approve.

  24. rianic says:

    Did she get a hair cut?

  25. The Original Mia says:

    She looks fine, but the tailoring is bad. That seam across her boobs is unnecessary. But then I guess the dress would look like every other coat dress by McQueen that she owns.

  26. anne_000 says:

    It looks like when the royal butt-watcher gave her an appropriate-length skirt but then Kate got it hemmed up above her knee so quickly that she didn’t have it ironed.

    I think this outfit would look good on a 14 year old.

    • Vava says:

      Maybe not even on a 14 year old. That seaming at the bustline is horrific and the darts go too high.

  27. Malificent says:

    Really like Mathilde’s dress, neutral on Kate’s. And I think veering toward the bland is appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion — not the time to pull out all of the stops and call attention to yourself. In keeping with that, I think it’s appropriate that the ruffles on Kate’s hat look like a poppy.

  28. Mrs McCubbins says:

    She looks so pretty. Love the outfit.

  29. may23 says:

    I feel like today ladies are criticising for the sake of it. Is everyone in a bad mood or just jealous a little? She very obviously looks beautiful – well-put together, appropriate and nice.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Please stop with the jealous card, because no, that is not the reason why so many eloquent posters on here criticize.

      Perhaps if she had re-worn an old outfit, it would have been about the event and not about her new clothes. New hat, old dress. New dress, old hat. That would fit more with the PR image of her being “thrifty.”

      As for appropriate and nice? The skirt is too short by several inches, it is poorly and unevenly shortened, but at least it isn’t flying up. It would be more appropriate if she had re-worn one of her many other (4, 5, 6?) beige/white/pink outfits, rather than dropping *another* $2000 on *another* bland bespoke pale coat dress that would suit someone of Lady Louise’s age better.

      • may23 says:

        Not everyone, but you sound jealous. Just read back your comment – you’ve dissected her outfit with so much energy. She had her hits and misses but here she looks fine and beautiful.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Again, may23, not jealous. Your opinion is that “she looks fine and beautiful” and that is your opinion. I’m commenting on the way she is dressed, not whether or not she looks “beautiful”. My comments are based on her clothing and grooming choice not her physical appearance per say (ex. Is her hair out of her face vs. golly I love her hair extensions). Should I accuse you of only liking her with “blinders on” and not looking logically at her choices because you are a “fan”? No, because I think that is inappropriate.

        IMO, her dress is too short for protocol, too expensive, and too juvenile. Those are fashion and protocol issues, not driven by jealousy. It is pathetic that all we have to talk about about is her poor clothing choices. Oh, and the fact that she giggled and played with her hair during the event as per usual.

      • Francis says:

        Notsugarhere I agree with you +10000

        It’s exhausting explaining to some why NOT everyone sees what Kate wears or how she looks as wonderful. I stopped trying.
        Kate has set the bar so low, that when she does a ok job of dressing herself or doesn’t flash her panties, it’s suppose to be an amazing outing for her.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Some criticize Kate for absolutely everything but I think very few here are actually jealous of her. Maybe 1 out of 8 but most criticism is out of frustration and not malice. Still, a few over the top complaints do make it seem like more of us are irrational than actually are. If Kate recycles a dress she is pretending to be thrifty and if she wears a new one she is frivolous. Lol.

      • may23 says:

        I don’t think that everyone is jealous, that kind of life isn’t for everyone, some maybe. But she obviously looks very good here, why not be fair for a change.

      • FLORC says:

        Many here are fair or try to be. On the other side we can think we’re fair, but are only seen as critics for not praising.
        Should we comment on William in a negative way we’ve been called jealous he married Kate instead of us. Just got to let it roll off.

        So far I don’t think anyone has made a comment that sounds more like they’re jealous than anything else. Kate looks good. It’s not something we’d personally wear or pick for her, but she’s following the rules. Now that means less criticism, but it’s not enough for praise.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I think what may23 is saying is that even when Kate does what everyone says she should do she doesb’t catch much of a break. She is partially correct but in what world does anyone get everything right? Praise and criticism are par for the course.

    • India Andrews says:

      Kate looks okay. Everyone wants a more polished, sophisticated grown up look for Kate. Have for a long time and aren’t getting it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And behavior befitting a 32-year-old in her position. Other photos from the event show her playing with her hair. Again. If she cannot keep her hands out of it, put it up.

  30. Milla B. says:

    I’m sorry, but why are they commemorating the anniversary of the start of the WWI? I mean, it is the end that deserve (and usually has) all the celebrations, isn’t ? Sounds odd.

    • may23 says:

      I think they are doing it not as a celebration but a reminder of how fragile and valuable is peace. We must remember what our grandfathers gave up or us to have and cherish what we have today.

    • Sisi says:

      They aren’t celebrating the war, they are remembering the tragedy

  31. SoCal says:

    Ugh, the Peter Pan collar. Is she only going to wear Alexander McQueen for every event? Give another designer some clout, change it up a bit.

    I assumed she dressed for the reception after the commemoration thus the cream color and garden party hat. She should have worn grey with black hat and heels.

  32. Dame Snarkweek says:

    How tall is Mathilde? Given that William is nearly 6’4″ everyone in the first photo must be fairly tall in their own right, even the high heeled ladies.

  33. SoCal says:

    Meanwhile, QM of Belgium looked like she was going to a garden party as well, but at least she knows how to carry a clutch in order to show off her dress.

  34. Abbicci says:

    Kate is just never going to hit the style trifecta

    1. Tailored perfectly
    2. Age and event appropriate.
    3. A refection of the wearer’s inner self

    Well, I think she might have hit number three. Boring, lazy and aimless.

    • India Andrews says:

      And immature.

    • FLORC says:

      She has nailed it though. She’s capable of this trifecta. I think that’s why everyone is more at a loss for words and praise when she falls flat. Because she has done this before.

  35. Fan says:

    She looks good and appropriate. Her legs are amazing.

  36. Julia says:

    Zzzzzzz. She did also not benefit from the immediate comparison with Queen Mathilde, who looked elegant and appropriate, and was also a.) wearing non beige shoes and b.) a dress that was properly tailored.

    • Mrs McCubbins says:

      Really? I think the other woman’s dress is ill fitting esp in the bust and the hat on her head looks like an upside down bowl. Pretty face though. Kate looks much better imo.

    • hannah says:

      Mathilde has a talent for picking out exactly the outfit that makes her look fat , which she’s not . This is one occasion where she picked a good dress

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Mathilde can be hit or miss, depending on the weight of the fabric. She has some nice day dresses, like the fuchsia boatneck one she wears a lot, or the tan and maroon brocade one, which are in more structured fabrics. When she pulls something like the floaty white and orange dress with the mismatched sleeves out of the closet, you wonder what on earth she was thinking.

    • Francis says:

      Queen. Mathilde exudes regal beating and confidants. She’s class all the way. I like her dress, it’s quite appropriate for the occasion. I think she’s the perfect consort. Quite a lady.

  37. bettyrose says:

    I like it … for Kate. I mean, while she’s in town, she oughta take some fashion advice from Queen Mathilda, who is rockin’ a figure flattering, appropriate, but not matronly dress. The problem is the cream color. I can’t adequately evaluate the style in a color that makes me cringe. If if were an olive green, we could talk.

  38. Jocelyn says:

    Kate looks really nice here. A lot of posters here seem to like her in bright colors but I think cream really works for her. I wonder what she’s thinking of in that last photo. Sometimes she has that huge grin that you can tells she is forcing but here it looks like she’s trying not to laugh. I like it. It’s nice to see Kate a little relaxed.

  39. Anastasia says:

    Why oh why is her makeup always put on with a trowel? I wish someone would clue her in that the older you get, the lighter a touch you need with the makeup. Too much ages your face, and girlfriend already looks older than her years as it is!

  40. Notasugarhere says:

    This is kind of odd. On one of the boards someone pointed out that none of the other royals brought their spouses. Mathilde was there as Queen Consort of the hosting country, but the other royals didn’t bring their consorts. Why was KM brought along again?

    • LNG says:

      I’m going to go ahead and assume that it was because she was invited.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That’s my question. It seems very unlikely, protocol-wise, that they invited her and not all the other spouses. More likely an invitation was extended to BRF to send “one representative of their choice” and low and behold W&K say they’re both going to show up. And we’re going to fly Harry all the way over, after his morning event, just to play the Three Musketeers PR angle.

        No one else brought their spouse (not royals or leaders), so it is highly unlikely that spouses were part of the invitation for this event. More suitable if she had shown up later as Harry did, but attending ups her really pathetic numbers so I can see why they did it. Odd and speaks to the fact that they (or their staff) are not paying attention to protocol again (ex. William walking ahead of King Philippe).

      • LNG says:

        But why does it matter in the slightest why/how she was invited? Either she was specifically invited, she was interested and wanted to go or someone in the BRF wanted her to go. Either way, in the end an invitation was obviously extended. There are a lot of easy ways to up her “really pathetic numbers” that don’t involve elbowing her way into an event she was not invited to, so that theory just doesn’t hold any weight in my opinion. And if she did express interest in attending this event, how again is that a bad thing? She is always being criticized for not doing more events or showing interest.

        Watch the view of the W/K greeting the King and Queen again. W/K were very respectful, bowing/curtseying to the King and Queen. They are obviously aware of protocol. After the picture it looks to me like William is trying to hang back and walk behind or with King Philippe, but King Philippe doesn’t walk ahead, instead walking and talking with Kate. William keeps looking back and walking slowly to allow King Philippe to go ahead, and he doesn’t. So obviously King Philippe isn’t too fussed about the situation.

  41. Suze says:

    Well, geez, Mathilde looks marvelous in her blue. She is a lovely and composed woman. She, like Kate, has had some hits and misses in her dress, but here she looks lovely.

    Kate looks good, but I find something about the hem a bit wonky. She does look good in cream, and is certainly appropriate, though. And I like that hat.

    And this photo should solve the mystery of Kate’s height once and for all. Mathilde is on record as being 5’10″ – Kate, as you can see, is at least two inches shorter. So 5’8′ at the most.