Katie Price & her cheating, sex-addict husband welcome a baby girl 2 weeks early

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Bedhead & I both have some kind of strange affection for Katie Price, the British “glamour model,” reality star, tabloid queen and entrepreneur. She’s sort like the Tori Spelling of the UK and at this point, Katie is mostly known for her disastrous marriages and her insistence on having babies with every loser she meets. Katie split with her last husband, Kieran Hayler, months ago after she discovered that he was banging every woman he met. Katie was pregnant with her fifth child. Well, happy news. Katie gave birth yesterday in London, two weeks ahead of her scheduled C-section. Her publicist announced that Katie gave birth to a girl and that’s the only information we have. I imagine the birth was difficult because her last one (also premature) was chaos. So, congrats to Katie.

Coinciding with the birth, OK Magazine UK’s cover story this week is a new interview with Katie, done just a few weeks ago. The interview is INSANE. Katie is back with Kieran and they are working out their issues, which mostly involves Kieran being in therapy for sex addiction and Katie openly bashing his mistresses.

She gave birth to her baby daughter on Monday two weeks early and in an interview before the unexpected delivery, Katie Price talked about why she’s working things out with her husband. The 36-year-old mum-of-five exclusively told OK! magazine just days before the birth that she and husband Kieran Hayler, 26 are rebuilding their marriage following his two affairs with her close friends.

Posing with their 11-month-old son Jett in her home, Katie told the publication: ‘We’re working on our relationship and taking it day by day. It’s three months on, I’ve been very up and down because I’m pregnant and it’s been a tough time, but things are starting to get better now.’

Katie adds: ‘A lot of people would say he’s just a young guy who wants to sleep around, but I’ve learnt a lot through his therapy. I mean, if he’d gone for someone younger, fit body, big t**s or pretty, you could at least see he cared who he was with. But two older women who are rank? But it’s because it was easy and just fed his addiction.’

Admitting that Kieran is ‘disgusted’ by what he’s done, Katie says: ‘Something will remind me of it and I’ll start asking questions. He’ll be like: “Do we have to go over this again?” It’s easier for him to brush it under the carpet, but sometimes I want to know things. He says: “Kate, you’ve asked me the most dreadful, horrific questions, enough to wind your brain up.” I want to know every detail – when he had sex, how he had it… On New Year’s Eve I had a party here and him and Jane had sex in the barn. I’ve got it on camera because of the CCTV footage.’

Katie also adds: ‘[Kieran]’s broken down over this. And I was glad about that. I found him in the shower curled up in a little ball. He was crying his eyes out.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean, I think a lot of women with unfaithful men go through this thought process and have all of these emotions. But to talk about it openly in an interview? I actually laughed at this: “But two older women who are rank? But it’s because it was easy and just fed his addiction.” Good God!! And Keiran was off having sex with Katie’s “older, rank” friends in the barn… God, this is a good tabloid story to start off my day.



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  1. Loopy says:

    This is how this woman has made her fortune by meeting some guy,marrying them, having kids and everything ‘falling apart’ . The she gets a tonne of OK covers and Sky living shows. This has been her design for about a decade now.

    • Reinvent says:

      The only time I read about her is when 1. She gets pregnant 2. Gets married 3. Messy break up or 4. Has baby from failed relationship.

    • outstandingworldcitizen says:

      Man, I just don’t get why this hussy is relevant. The Brits need to find another slag to worship. Mind you, we have one our own. Just over these untalented headers being made into stars.

  2. Jenny12 says:

    Can someone please tie this idiot’s tubes?

  3. Andrea says:

    I feel for the resulting off spring. Imagine having these two as parents?!

    • Anthea says:

      Although I would in no way try to defend some of her worst moments, I don’t think she is actually a totally terrible parent. She funded a special needs centre near her home town in the UK so her first son had somewhere to get treated and apparently she has done some level of good in doing so.

      I’m sure she’s done countless dumb/irresponsible stuff and there would definitely be a bit of a stigma having her as a mother, but she seems to spend time with her kids and is probably a lot more involved than we might realise.

      I totally understand why you think this incidently 🙂 she’s definitely questionable, I just read a couple of stories recently that made me think her better behaviour might not attract as much attention as her worse behaviour.

      • Gia says:

        I think you’re giving her too much credit. She couldn’t bother to raise Harvey on her own and was totally negligent with his care. She would leave him with practical strangers and take off to the clubs. Her mother quit her job to step in as his full time career. She does everything for him, including organizing his schooling, appointments and medical care. Katie wheels him out for photo shoots. She is a horrible person all around and I quite honestly don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth….including her latest husbands infidelity. I think this latest story gave her the headlines and follow up she was desperately craving. People have for the most part lost interest in her and she relies of these dramas for headlines and income.

  4. Ag says:

    this all seems so… sad.

  5. jessica6 says:

    In that last photo of the two of them, I don’t know which one is wearing more foundation and eye makeup. His skin is so glossy. I have an aversion to pretty boys/men. I want a man….I want a REAL five-o’clock shadow, beer guzzlin’, pot bellied, belchin’ man!

  6. Maria says:

    i cant feel sorry for her. when you always pick the worst kind of men you will have to deal with the fallout. in the end she will learn nothing, it all gives her money and publicity.

    i feel very sorry for the children. this wont be the last time something like that happens.

    i have to admit i loved the shade she threw on his mistresses, that was well played. im totally not believing that all those cheaters really have an addiction, the shade though was fantastic.

    • Artemis says:

      It’s not shade when she’s outright insulting people. Shade implies subtlety.

      Besides, who is she to shade when she cheated on her former boyfriends (before P. Andre)? Who is she to shade when she’s still too immature to see that cheating has got nothing to do with beauty? Who is she to shade the ‘rankness’ of these women when she herself fights age through bad tans, plastic surgery and excessive diet+workouts? One day, she’ll be just as ‘rank’ as her friends then because those women are just older and dealing with age better than she is.

  7. eliza says:

    She should have stuck it out with Peter Andre.

    • GeeMoney says:

      He left her… so… not much she could do about that.

      • eliza says:

        I thought she cheated on him and that is why he left her? So my comment was based on her actions, not his. She should have stuck it out and not cheated.

    • Andrea says:

      I think peter was just over it. He was insanely jealous and didn’t like her hanging out a lot with her horse-riding instructor although I do not believe anything happened since his wife runs her jordan ebay site.

  8. Liz says:

    I think she might just be addicted to chaos in her personal life. As you get older you do meet people like that.

  9. Sam says:

    Where the hell are the other kids in this mess? She has one child with a variety of special needs. It seems like when she takes up with another man, her children seem to drift to the background. They’re going to bear the brunt of her bad choices.

  10. GeeMoney says:

    This woman is nothing short of a hot mess. She can’t be without a man, she’s insecure and she’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

    With that said… she actually does seem like a nice person. And she loves her children. I’ve been watching old eps of her reality show on You Tube, and yeah, she’s trashy (and clueless), but she does seem like a decent, hardworking person.

    I hope she gets her personal life together one day (and um… stop having babies. 5 is enough!).

    • Artemis says:

      Lol, she’s horrible. She cheated on most of her boyfriends (she got with P. Andre on TV when still with another man) and then when she gets cheated on, she thinks she blame other women. She openly berates P. Andre all the time just because she still can’t deal with the fact that he couldn’t live with her hot mess ass anymore. To this day she maintains that she doesn’t know why he divorced her when every time she grabs a headline she shows the world why.

      In fact, every time her relationships go sour, she spreads the most vile intimate information you can think of. One only needs to read a headline to know what’s up. She loves herself more than her children otherwise she would keep her personal life to herself. By god when (not if) those children are going to bullied, she’ll just use it as another way to get into the news.

      If she can’t get into the news through her personal life, she goes on to Twitter attack other D-listers or even A-listers and she even fatshamed Kelly Brook when she dared to date an ex of her.
      KK is a saint compared to this nut.

      • GeeMoney says:

        Oh, she’s a famewhore of epic proportions… I’m not even going to argue with you there. And the fact that she has boyfriend, after boyfriend, after boyfriend…. ugh. I feel for her daughters. They shouldn’t grow up seeing their mom date like that. It may give them the wrong idea.

        Even though she’s a trainwreck, Katie does come off as likeable. And I’ll go out on a limb and say that she really does love her children. I think she has so many b/c they’ll be all she has in the future. I don’t think she loves herself necessarily more than them, but she should focus more on spending time with them and raising them instead of focusing on finding a new boyfriend/husband every five minutes.

        But yeah… she needs to get herself together. Sooner rather than later.

  11. Elise says:

    I honestly feel so sorry for her, mostly because I think she should seek counseling. Her eyes seem so dead and sad in pictures. Some therapy and single life would suit her – not to mention a nanny to assist with her kids. Doesn’t she have a mentally disabled child? How is he coping with her tumultuous relationships?

    • Artemis says:

      They used to have a nanny because I remember Harvey (the child with a learning disability) having one accident after the other (serious stuff like glass in his face and scalded legs!) which included his nanny once. I remember thinking that kid needs better monitoring, I can’t even imagine the mess of that household.

      She’s too narcissistic for therapy. It’s always others, never her. She doesn’t understand her part in the failures of her life.

  12. Anoneemouse says:

    Fame whore or not, this lady has found a way to earn money and take care of her kids without relying on a man. Plus she is just beautiful – I love when you post about her (but I am sure I am in the minority here, so don’t be mean just because I like her). 🙂

    • Gia says:

      I can’t handle this logic. Earning money to take care of her kids!?! She earns money at the expense of her kids!

  13. Cinderella says:

    He looks like he could be her son.

  14. Aussie girl says:

    Sex addiction! What a load of BS. Look I’m not a fortune teller but I’m going to put everything on this relationships doomed

  15. Andrea says:

    I hope she finds love and happiness (preferably not with the guy who has fathered her last two children sadly). I haven’t cared for any man she has been with since Peter and even Peter got bad towards the end too IMO. She needs to work on herself and date better men. I must admit though, she is my guilty pleasure. I loved the Katie and Peter shows back in the day and I love reading her autobiographies which are really diaries of her train wreck of a life.

    • kri says:

      Wow. Two more (minor) celeb crazy idiots who keep making babies so that i can type the phrase “poor kids”. Awesome.

  16. Kimberly says:

    I feel very sorry for all her kids. 🙁

    She needs to stop getting married multiple times and stop having so many kids for so many men cause that ain’t going to keep a marriage together hun.

    She also seems vain and insecure.
    And I think that presents itself in the horrible quality of men she chooses.
    And that guy isn’t a sex addict. Who’s he fooling? LOL. He just cheated cause he felt like it.

    I’m also sorry to say this but no RESPECTABLE man would ever want to bring her home to his mother or even marry her because of her reputation.

    She has serious problems that needs to be addressed ASAP. She also needs to start being a better parent.

  17. Stef Leppard says:

    She has an 11 month old and a brand-new baby?? Plus three other children? There is no way those kids aren’t neglected. So sad.