Kaley Cuoco: Being typecast ‘would be the greatest thing in the world’


Wow, Kaley Cuoco’s haircut doesn’t look bad here at all. It actually looks cute on the September cover of Women’s Health. Too bad Kaley doesn’t know how to style her new hair for everyday wear. Anyway, Kaley covers this issue because (I’m assuming) she’s promoting the new season of The Big Bang Theory, which is going to net her $90 million over the next three years. Shill, Kaley! Shill for that money. Hell, if they were paying $90K, I would shill that crap all over town. Some highlights from Kaley’s interview:

Her new hair: “I was swishing my hair to the left so much, I was like, ‘Do I look like Justin Bieber?!’ [But] I feel liberated. It’s like I needed to find myself again.”

The new season of Big Bang: “I have no idea what they are doing with Big Bang this season. We are going into season 8 which is amazing. If you told me that 8 years ago I would be like, ‘Ha ha, OK’….I hope next season we engage wedding stuff, I would love that. If I had to guess Leonard is more of a planner than Penny, which is funny. I feel so lucky we are going to be on much longer.”

She’s interested in any kind of project, TV or film: “I will take any role anyone will hire me on. I am doing a tiny movie in July before I go back to work which is much darker for me. I play a drug addict and I am actually kind of excited about it, I’ve never been able to do anything like that. I think people probably didn’t think that I could. So I am excited to do that side of things.”

She loves the idea of being typecast: “I was telling someone last night, people always say, ‘Oh my god, you’re going to be typecast’ and if I really was typecast as Penny or the girl next store it would be the greatest thing in the world, then I have a job forever playing that. That is kind of how I look at it, if this is what I do forever fine, but I’ll try and do as many things as possible and experience the whole world of acting, as silly as that sounds, but I love all aspects of it but comedy is definitely number one.”

Being married: “The best part [of marriage] is that you always have your buddy with you. He is always there; my friend is always with me. I have someone to eat with, to talk to, to have a drink with, to cry with to be anything I need to be, he will always going to be there and the same for him.”

She has changed her name to Cuoco-Sweeting: “I am lucky because it happens to be a great last name. I love being married, we are so happy. It was the greatest day of my life, it happened fast but it was perfect for us and we could not be happier. I say the word husband all the time when it is unnecessary…I love it I feel totally at home we are so happy.”

She wants to get pregnant: “I can’t wait, he can’t wait. I feel like I’m meant to be a mom.”

[From Women’s Health via E! News]

There’s a strong dose of Jennifer Aniston here (and there are some very logical parallels to be drawn), but I also think she’s making an effort to learn from some of Aniston’s TV Girl mistakes. Aniston couldn’t wait to use Friends as a launching pad to film stardom, so much so that Aniston initially fought to break out of the “Rachel Green” typecasting. Kaley wants to assure everyone that she’s fine with being typecast. She’s happy playing the bubbly blonde in comedies. Maybe Kaley is just paying lip-service to that, but I think she’s trying to be a bit more savvy about her career. Kaley isn’t trying to win an Oscar, you know? It’s all about setting reasonable goals. Some people really would rather have $90 million in the bank rather than have to ugly it up for an Oscar.

Oh, and if she gets pregnant quickly… well, that will be interesting. She just negotiated a huge contract and I really hope her lawyers included lots of provisions for what the show will do if and when she gets knocked up. Plus, if she does have a baby… well, she’ll only be more famous then. That’s how it works these days.


Photos courtesy of Women’s Health.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    She is literally the definition of ‘basic’.
    Think I nearly dropped into a coma at how dull she is.

    • QQ says:

      This! 1000% This!

    • ray says:

      hahahah +1 forever

    • snowflake says:

      what’s wrong with being basic? it’s better being strung out on drugs and living a crazy, drama filled lifestyle

      • Side-Eye says:

        People always make this argument as if the only two personality types are boring or drug addict.

      • Lizzie says:

        Haha…come on. You don’t have to be either basic or on drugs. Theres a fairly massive middle ground.

      • snowflake says:

        true. i guess i’m just being dramatic because it seems like people view being basic as something horrible and to me, it’s not.

      • Tanguerita says:

        being basic is all right, as long as one doesn’t get paid $90 million for being dull, predictable and pretty talentless.

    • Josefa says:


      I couldn’t even get past the 3rd question. There is absolutely NOTHING interesting about her.

    • T.C. says:

      She’s one of the few actresses that I agree 100% can be described as Basic. I couldn’t pick her up out of a lineup. Before the Henry Cavill PR stunt nor could the press even though she was on a popular TV show. They couldn’t be bothered about her.

      I guess the fauxmance PR stunt was a great setup by her agent (they have the same agent) she is getting more media attention, negotiated a fat paycheck and getting magazine covers left and right.

  2. Ag says:

    i just want to voice my objection to the canadian tuxedo she’s wearing in one of the pics.

  3. Kiddo says:

    Isn’t that Jennifer Lawrence hair?

    I think being typecast as the ‘bad guy’ in movies will guarantee work almost forever. Being typecast as ‘girl next door’ requires that you remain a girl, which isn’t going to happen unless if on TBBT, someone comes up with a suspension of time device.

    All kidding aside, it sounds as though she is simply appreciative that she is working.

    • Abbott says:

      Looks more like Julianne Hough’s hair to me?

      • Kiddo says:

        First I had to look up Julianne Hough, then all I found was long blond hair photos?

      • Abbott says:

        I could’ve sworn she Julianne chopped her hair off. Maybe I’m confusing Julianne with her brother Derek.

    • Em says:

      I think Miley started (made popular again?) the short hair trend recently among young women.

      • Josefa says:

        Yup I agree and I hate her for it. A killer bone structure is a must to pull off a haircut like that. On a basic pretty blonde with pudgy cheeks all it does is age them and make them look even more basic.

      • K says:


        So true, it doesn’t work for Shailene, Jennifer or Julianne either.

      • lucy2 says:

        Didn’t Miley basically copy Pink’s haircut that she’s had for a while?

        On the right person it looks great, but I agree with Josefa, you need the right bone structure.

  4. GiGi says:

    This is going to be just an awful comment: you’ve been warned.

    But… her face. In stills, it’s OK. But on film… it’s like there are no bones in her face, or like she’s lost all muscle control… idk. It just looks very odd to me.

    I’m going straight to hell.

    • lucy2 says:

      I kind of know what you mean – she’s cute and all, but definitely doesn’t have the classic beauty bone structure. Her hair looks way better here though.
      It’s nice that she’s appreciative of what she has and is happy to work, but I won’t be surprised if eventually, once her show ends, she’s giving interviews about trying to break out of that type casting. I think it’s a natural thing that most actors who get famous for a role go through.

    • lisa says:

      i see it

      like she could be a boneless superhero that can squeeze under doors

      she looks like kate gosselin here

    • kri says:

      HAHAHAHA. She has been typecast as herself, FFS. That being said, she has a face like Mila Kunis. No bone structure. Not my cuppa at all.

  5. Erinn says:

    Wait? She thinks Penny is a girl next door? Outside of her literally living next door?

    I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Penny and when she was playing Bridgette on 8 Simple Rules. The ‘hot’ blonde girl.

    • StormsMama says:

      Good point.

      Either way- and perhaps this is because she played John Ritters daughter on that show and we all watched them in real time deal with that shocking loss- I like her. I really like that she is not overtly “pretty” and that she appreciates her job. She loves working and she’s not too high on herself to realize how blessed she is. And honestly in a sea of gorgeous blondes she stands out because she is not gorgeous. She’s unique. Thank god for Allison Janney, Elizabeth Moss and yes Kaley Cuoco. I love unconventionals excelling in a sea of same same samesies!

      Haters gonna hate. But not me. I think Galecki, Parsons and Cuoco truly are the RARE case of three actors who (yes maybe greater in sum than in part but) are deserving of their unexpected stratospheric success.

      • joy says:

        I agree. Sounds like she knows where her bread is buttered and she intends to keep it that way. I prefer that to these delusional people who are mad about the millions they made being typecast.

      • HH says:

        I agree. I just think she looks at the upside of her overall job and as long as she gets to continue doing that she’s happy. I can appreciate that because I’m sick of the overly intellectual types.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m not a fan of hers – at all – but I do agree. She seems to really enjoy working.

        Now, I will say I think she’s a complete tool with her personal life, eg: going on a first (blind) date with a guy and allowing him to come in that night, and just never leave. Like, legit, spent every night together since the first blind date, which is super dangerous sounding to me. And I really cant stand her mannerisms. The lip pursing, and smirking, the way she stands… but do I think she’s a bad person? Not at all. She just genuinely rubs me the wrong way.

  6. eliza says:

    She looks like Kate Gosselin. Her hair ages her in my opinion.

  7. Talie says:

    Yes, she is a great example to follow of someone who has seen major success as a working TV actress, not necessarily a STAR.

  8. AnoANo says:

    She does have an odd face now, not sure if it’s because she had cheek implants or plumped up her lips, but in the new BBT shows, her face looks puffy and it looks painful and her lips are always pursed and weird when she talks. In fact, i would say that Penny is now the weakest link in that show, the other 2 gals on there have surpassed her in acting and as interesting characters. Not sure she will transition to movies even with the girl-next-door image. She may get the odd small part or two, but I think she will find it dificult as she is not cute-cute and she is not edgy or interesting, she’s just… beige. So maybe good she got zillions for playing Penny as that is likely how high she will ever peak job-wise.

    • perplexed says:

      I find Bernadette sort of annoying — I don’t know if it’s because she sounds like her mother-in-law at times.

      • CatJ says:

        I think that is the point…the humour is the juxtaposition of sweet Bernadette to her very opposite mother-in-law, with the ability to morph into a familiar voice to Howard…..

  9. Eleonor says:

    I don’t get all the hate she gets.
    I am not a huge fan, I’ve enjoyed some episodes, beyond that she is pretty harmless.
    But probably it’s a matter of perception.

    • marjalane says:

      Really! kind of passive aggressive stuff.

    • Kiddo says:

      She doesn’t offend me, but I think it’s like anything else, to each, his own. Not that I love her, but she doesn’t drive up any animosity in me. Some celebs annoy the shit out of me that others find appealing. And so it goes.

    • T.C. says:

      I think it depends on how you got to know her. I tried watching BBT several times but found it completely boring and only the two male leads really registered on my brain so my first real introduction to her was that fauxmance PR stunt with Henry Cavill. That followed up with her constant attention seeking behavior with the daily pap walks, showing up at events to get her picture taken Ashley Green style and constant personal life info dump on her social media platforms. Then the quickie marriage with more info dumps about her new wonderful man, blah, blah blah.

      So to me I just know her as a famewhore trying to up her profile, not some cute actress on a popular show. I find her as annoying and fake as the reality show people. Henry Cavill on the other hand has kept his head down, avoided the paps, working and keeping his private life to himself.

      • melissa says:


        She looks like a crazy person to me. I’m sure that’s only because of all the stunt queen PR nonsense.

      • Darkangel says:

        ^^^^^ This x 1000. I was only vaguely aware of who she was until her fauxmance with Henry Cavill. I didn’t like the fact that Henry got dragged hard by people who were quick to assume that he was using HER to gain attention. She even had the nerve to shade him in a couple interviews. But in all reality (ironic term to use…), she was the one seeking the PR come up. That much has been proven by an almost daily mention of her and whatever inane thing she says or does, on celebrity gossip sites. And yes, she’s basic. P.S. I totally love her in the Priceline commercials though.

  10. Mabs says:

    We need more, generic and basically happy-to-simply-be-working celebrities. Love the bore. Love the inside out simplicity. She’s a calming breath amidst a sea of turmoil and trash. Happy to be working. Happy to be typecast. Just flat-out happy to be where she is. Thank you.

    • Green Girl says:

      Yes, agreed . Sometimes it’s ok to be “OK.” And if you can do it while making serious bank, that’s even better. She’s also aware of how lucky she is. Imagine if she’d acted like earning all this money was a huge burden.

    • snowflake says:

      i agree

  11. Huckle says:

    I don’t get the hate either. She’s cute, she seems like a sweet person, she loves her husband, makes really good money and she’s happy. What more could a person want out of life? Sounds great to me.

    • SamiHami says:

      And she’s a huge animal lover.

    • yolo112 says:

      I don’t get it either..Is it because of that Herny guy and their relationship?? Because she married her hubby after knowing him for a short time?? Because she’s just happy getting what she can NOW because H-wood is so quick to move on to the next “best thing”?? It’s crazy. She might be boring or vanilla and maybe not a great actress, but I agree that her love of what she’s doing and where she’s at is refreshing. And seems sincere. She’s not bitching about fame or the paps or calling the paps to do Starbucks walks (like some accused her of), so..the hate for her is really weird.

      And another thing, why is it when someone cuts their hair, it has to be because so and so did it?? Or that she “copying someone”?? lol Why is there always a weird backstory? Can’t a girl get her hair did!? geeez.

  12. birdie says:

    I like her.

  13. Lex says:

    She is not a pretty girl… I don’t get her being the token ‘hot one’ on the shows she has been in

  14. AlmondJoy says:

    I think maybe she knows she’ll never get out of the Penny box and is just trying to be positive about it. It is only natural to want a career that is on the move, no matter what industry you’re in. To grow and thrive in your field of work. For a person that loves acting, a meatier role is a dream come true. They’re usually not content with being typecast and playing the same boring roles over and over.

    I am so glad that with my job as a teacher there is NEVER a dull moment, lol. And I mean never. Every day is brand new.

    • Eleonor says:

      Yey collegue!
      I think teaching is one of the most challenging job. It can be very tiring from an emotive point of view but I would not change it, for nothing else.
      I’ve worked in some great enterprises, but at a certain point I had to stop: I’ve said to me “I HAVE to teach or I’ll go crazy”.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Eleonor, I agree completely. I just LOVE it! It can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. But the rewards are even greater 😊

  15. perplexed says:

    She sounds like a positive person to me.

    Besides, who wants to hear someone making $90 million dollars over the next three years whine?

    I prefer her looking at things from a positive angle rather than a mopey one.

  16. Zvonk says:

    I remember her from Charmed. In my opinion, she was a dreadful actress. That put me off watching The Big Bang.

  17. Lara K says:

    I love BBT, in part because none of them are very hot. They are normal and funny.

    It’s also refreshing to see a woman be practical about her career. When little bimbettes start talking about their “craft”, I just want to vomit. Eg Shailene woodley – blech!

  18. Dany says:

    she´s a simple, positive, total harmless girl. She like attention, but that does every actor/actress. At least she´s not bitchy or ungrateful. She doesn´t pretend to be more than just a TV blonde and i think that is her formula for success.
    She knows she can only play the pretty blonde in TV and so she takes the roles (and money) she can get. She worked steady over the years, i remember her in 3 TV shows, the series with John Ritter (RIP), Charmed and now she´s a millionaire thanks to Big Bang. Respect! Good played.

  19. paola says:

    I used to like her a lot. I defended her on this very website and now I can’t stand her.
    She was a non pretentuous girl trying to do her job and keep her nose away from her paps but all of the sudden she’s freakin everywhere.
    I don’t think she deserves 1million per episode. Anybody could play her part and her acting skills are almost non existent. All she does is clear her throat every 2 minutes and pull weird faces in the attempt of being funny. I love TBBT but it seems like the writers ahve lost the plot in the last season. I don’t know how much material they’ve got for 3 more seasons. I mean.. Howard is married, Raj now speaks to girls, Penny and Leonard are definetely together and Sheldon… well Sheldon is Sheldon. He is the true star. Jim Parsons deserves all the money he wants. and maybe even Galecki. But Penny no, she doesn’t.

  20. Ennie says:

    I still like the show and I like how the old Friends record money for the actors has been reached and even surpassed.
    I like how she is not reaching for the stars in this interview, she will probably keep working but she does not seem to want big awards for her drama performances.
    She seems nice.

  21. Murphy says:

    Jennifer Anison has always been Kaley’s #1 muse. There are several scenes in BBT that she’s done that I’ve said “She said that just like Rachel Greene”. She must have watched every episode of Friends a million times (although what 30 year old woman these days hasn’t?)

    • SamiHami says:

      Really? I don’t see that at all, and I like Aniston and her portrayal of Rachel.

    • TG says:

      I don’t know about her show but when she said marriage is great. You have your best buddy with you I thought I was reading a Jennifer Aniston interview. Remember when she said the same thing about her hen husband Brad Pitt? Also I believe Aniston and Pitt’s romance was created in a publicists office, not that it didn’t become real on its own, but still, and Kaley and Cavill’s romance was also created by publicists, of course the sparks didn’t fly so theirs was faker than fake.

      The thing I took away most from this interview was her saying she and her husband want to start a family and I am thinking of course he does. He wants access to that $90 Million. Same for Adam Levine’s new wife. She mentioned she wants kids fast and I laughed at how obvious she was being. The ones who stand to gain financially in a relationship can’t wait to pop out a kid or two. Must keep the money train going as long as possible.

    • minime says:

      30 year old woman here. Never watched a full episode of boring “Friends”…just saying.

  22. mar says:

    she is cute and she has a good attitude

  23. penelope says:

    She looks really good here. I’ve always liked her; she is what she is and doesn’t put on airs or act like she’s inventing the cure for disease and pestilence by acting in a popular sitcom.

    ETA: And her body–just wow.

  24. snowflake says:

    I like her. she’s worked hard and made a steady career for herself. she’s not out partying, doing drugs, getting in fights. she’s normal and I like that.

  25. paranormalgirl says:

    I think she’s just fine. She’s a competent actress and has worked hard.

  26. Marianne says:

    If she got pregnant, then the studio would just have to work around like they normally do when a star gets pregnant.

  27. Lydia Says says:

    She looks cute. The hair suits her.

  28. Patata says:

    I hope she got a prenup.

  29. Adrien says:

    $1 Million per ep. Wow! Why can’t Peter Dinklage not have that kind of salary? Is it because cable?

  30. Sheila says:

    It’s funny I like her in the show, but otherwise find her not interesting and as bland as oatmeal. I keep expecting to read about her or hear her quotes and find her interesting..but nope, still not. Very generic blonde nothing stands out.

    And why does she smile crooked? Looks like both Katie Holmes and Kaley C. went to the same lip/cheek/botox place???

  31. ann says:

    She sems to try and get herself in the news alot. Another ok actress like boring Aniston that is starting to live for the limelight.

  32. P.J. says:

    LOVE her ☺️ Though I was super skeptical and grossed out by that insultingly obvious PR stunt that she agreed to participate in with Henry Cavill last year-really girl, you’re so much better than that-I have always liked Kaley all the way back since her ‘8 Simple Rules’ days. She’s a huge horse-woman like myself, has adopted and personally rescued tons of homeless dogs, volunteers her time at animal shelters and fundraises for animal charities all in spite of her insane filming schedule ❤️

    She seems sweet, thoughtful (as in always appears to think before she speaks), totally harmless and fun. It’s also wonderful to hear an actress be so forthcoming about the fact that she just wants to WORK and there are no roles “beneath” her. What’s wrong with all that?

    Seems to me that the rest of Hollywood could learn a thing or dozen from this lady 😀 (Take note Heigl’s of the world: Nice and grateful get you leaps and bounds further ahead than obnoxious & entitled!)