Kanye West thinks a paparazzo will crash a drone into Nori & electrocute her


Believe or not, there’s more Yeezusy goodness from Kanye West’s deposition (he was deposed because he assaulted a paparazzo last year). We covered the first part of the depo yesterday – go here to see. There was a convoluted discussion about Kanye’s insistence that the white lawyer could not and should not use the n-word, even when the lawyer was quoting Kanye’s lyrics back to him. I kind of agreed with Kanye. Some of you did not. Kanye also made the argument again that celebrities are fighting for their civil rights and this “struggle” is somehow comparable to the civil rights struggle of the 1960s. So, what is in Part II of Kanye’s rant? Something about drones.

Kanye West fears the paparazzi will fly drones over his home to get shots of his child in the pool and accidentally electrocute her. TMZ has obtained a copy of Kanye’s deposition in the lawsuit filed by a photog who was attacked by the rapper at LAX.

In the depo … Kanye sarcastically asks the photog’s lawyer, “Is your daughter stalked by like drones? Are there drones flying where she’s trying to learn how to swim at age 1?”

Kanye goes on … “Wouldn’t you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying? What happens if a drone falls right next to her? Would it electrocute her?”

As for how that could happen, Kanye says, “Could it fall and hit her if that paparazzi doesn’t understand how to remote control the drone over their house?”

Kanye then explains he and Kim are selling their $11 million Bel Air mansion because they didn’t realize paparazzi could shoot directly from the street.

TMZ broke the story … Kim and Kanye are in escrow for a $20 million secluded estate in Hidden Hills — near Calabasas. But Kanye clearly thinks even his 3 1/2 acres are not private … because of paparazzi-controlled drones.

[From TMZ]

Ah, so that’s why they sold the Bel Air estate. They sold it because they didn’t want the paparazzi to shoot their back yard. They didn’t sell it because Kanye is a tantrumy child who wanted to rip out everything in the house and install gold toilet towers and an interior wall devoted to Kim’s p0rn shown on a loop. As for all the drone talk… Martha Stewart judges Yeezus. Seriously though, that’s a weirdly specific paranoid fear, right? It’s one thing to be paranoid about the paparazzi, it’s one thing to be paranoid about drones, but it’s next-level paranoia to be concerned that a paparazzo will fly a drone over your daughter swimming in the pool and the pap won’t know how to work the drone so the drone will hit your daughter and crash into the pool and your daughter will be electrocuted.

Plus, I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian already has a drone to help her take bikini selfies.


Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram and WENN.

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  1. KJP says:

    This is my favorite Kanye story of all time.

    • LadyMTL says:

      It’s just too freaking funny. Now, I don’t have kids so I can’t say how I would react but there’s something about the image of Kanye going “Imma let you finish but the real danger here is that some paparazzo might crash his drone into my kid! And she’s gonna to get electrocuted if she’s in the pool!”

      The mental acrobatics are incredible. This story made my Friday.

      • reba says:

        I have to say I sort of agree with Kanye, paparazzi are dangerous people. I know first hand because I used to work in a paparazzi agency many years ago. Back then they were doing ridiculously dangerous things to get shots of celebs. My colleagues were the people involved in the crash with Princess Diana (although I no longer worked there at the time).
        I would not like to deal with remote controlled things flying over my back yard trying to get pics of my child. I would take the kid inside and launch my own drone to fight the intruder. Would I be taken to court for destroying the other person’s property? Just wondering.
        On the other hand, I have no doubt many celebs are asking, begging, praying for it. So where to draw the line?
        Lucky for me I just get to sit back here and read this stuff.

      • gefeylich says:

        Yep. I’m waiting for the Tisci-designed tinfoil hat. Only a matter of time now.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Reba, a drunk driver killed Diana, as everybody on the planet knows. The real fear with children and pools is them drowning in them, not paparazzi, electrocution or drones. Kanye knows nothing, his fear is groundless and there is really no need to pretend Kim, his wife, is not hand in glove with the paparazzi. Her career is all about being photographed by them. Pretending that they’re “victims” of their own asinine choices is stupid.

    • CTgirl says:

      Dumber than a box of rocks + bat $hit crazy + 1,000 degrees of delusional = Kanye

  2. Estella says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would support Kanye’s perspective on any issue. This man sounds consistently insane.

    • Petee says:

      Estella I agree.Why would anyone agree with anything he has to say at all?Even yesterday on here.What make’s him think what he says is so important and what he says is the truth.The man has issues and I don’t want to hear it is because his Mother died.He was like this before.I don’t care what anyone say’s this man is either on coke or speed or he is just plain going out of his mind.

  3. Phenix says:

    To be fair to Kanye, it’s not unusual to have really specific and sometimes outrageous fears about what might happen to your kid when they are around that age. I remember having vivid images in my mind when my son was a toddler of all the horrible things that could happen to him.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think he’s nuts in general, and his whining usually either completely turns me off or enrages me, but I sort of feel for him on this issue. He’s worried about something besides himself for once, and he’s protecting his child. It’s not a totally rational fear, but as you said, it’s a time in a child’s life when they are completely vulnerable, so I can see how a parent might get strange obsessions and fears.

      • JudyK says:

        Agree w/ every word.

      • Ag says:

        i agree, GNAT. as a regular person, i don’t fear paparazzi drones falling on my child (although now i might…), but you name a fear under the sun having to do with my child being harmed, and my mind has gone there on at some point. i think it’s part of being a parent, esp for someone who’s already pretty anxious. (i know they’re mostly irrational, of course, but that doesn’t help me.)

      • Tessy says:

        Maybe it is kind of a rational fear. These things are just starting to come into widespread use for different purposes, and who knows the skills of the operator. I would be a little pissed if somebody was flying one around my yard taking pictures too and if I was a celebrity I would get my security to get it down somehow and take great pleasure in stomping on it.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Tessy, even if one crashed in the pool no one would be electrocuted. I’m depressed people don’t know the basics of science and electricity. Don’t listen to Kanye, ask snopes or myth busters or some one with a clue, like a professor.

    • MrsB says:

      True. I was the same way when my son was that age, I had all sorts of fears that I knew at the time were irrational, but I still couldn’t stop worrying about them! Gahh I can’t believe I’m kind of agreeing with Yeezy!

    • Josephine says:

      I also wonder whether his fears have to do with the fact that he’s never around the child. Even someone as self-involved as he is must have guilt lurking deep, deep down, and guilt tends to come out in weird ways.

    • chaine says:

      i agree. new parents have all kinds of irrational fears. that being said, of course, he could have avoided a lot of the paparazzi attention that brought on this fear by not marrying and having children with a Kardashian.

  4. paola says:

    He’s batshit crazy. End of the story.

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Nice to know that he does think of his daughter occasionally even though the reasons why indicate stupidity and paranoia.

    • JennySerenity says:

      Right? She’s “IgNori” until Yeezy has a paranoid schizophrenic, super-specific delusion about his daughter. Between Kim’s stupidity and Ye’s insane rants, I really fear for that poor kid. 🙁

      • gefeylich says:

        Well, as they hardly ever see her, I think she’s OK for the foreseeable future.

        More concerned about Pimp Granny Kris getting her mitts on her eventually.

  6. PunkyMomma says:

    Little Nori is such a doll.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She truly is a beautiful baby. I love her expressions. I love her tiny foot in his big hand.

  7. K says:

    When it’s your child you’ll do anything to protect them. Didn’t Britney Spears almost drop one of her sons on asfalt because of the paps crowding her? They’re dangerous people with no regard for the children and I don’t blame him for fearing for his daughters life. Also, drones are becoming more and more accessable so sooner or later they will be used by a lot paps etc.

    • Kat says:

      His child is not the only famous child in hollywood and if he wasn’t talking about her and posing with her in magazine shots we wouldn’t know much about her. He really shouldn’t allow her to be used as part of the brand if he wants privacy for her.
      If he really is that concerned then he should move out of hollywood. He lives in paparazzi central and his wife is a reality star comes with the territory. Lets see him move back to chicago, get that trashy show his wife has off the air. Pretty sure the paparazzi won’t bother him and Kim there. The paparazzi will always bother him in Los angeles.
      Julia Roberts moved to New Mexico when she had kids, Brangelina to New Orleans. Sandra Bullock adopted a child and no one even knew about it for months. So you see it can be done if you really want to be more private. Instead Kanye wants to complain and whine instead of taking the measures that shows that he is a really concerned about privacy. Whining and complaining seems to be his raison d´etre. Lets be real.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kim won’t leave LA. Unless Demon Mother and the paps go with her. Kanye is just speeding along from intermittent mania to a complete psychotic break. The real danger to Nori is actually him.

      • Josephine says:

        I agree with everything you say. Far more famous and important people have managed to protect their kids. But it takes making the kid a priority, and neither he nor Kim are capable of that. And I would buy his little act slightly more if he bothered to be in the same country as the child more often. Want a simple solution – be around your child more.

    • K says:

      He doesn’t use her as a part of the brand. That’s exactly it. She’s never on the show and apart from the magazine shoot (which almost EVERY celeb has done, even super private ones like Brangelina) and a few Instagram post (which regular people also do) she’s not in the spotlight. It’s his child and paps are going crazy to get candid pics of her and he has a right to be worried that something might happen to her. He’s not talking about privacy on the street, he’s talking about being on his own property and his child (potentially) STILL not being safe from the paparazzi.

      • Josephine says:

        I disagree. He has spoken about how how the child will be the #1 celeb baby many, many times. That’s using her as part of the brand. He’s just more judicious about her exposure, probably to increase interest, but Kim’s latest airport pap walk proves that the kid is part of the scheme. There is no brand without the paps, because Kim has no interest outside of being papped.

        He has a choice, and he can’t get over his incessant need to be not only famous, but the most famous. Does he really believe that when he’s selling that they are the most famous and important celebs, his child is not part of that sell?

      • J says:

        I agree. If Kanye were not strongly curbing his daughter’s time in the spotlight, she would be on KUWTK CONSTANTLY. I think Kanye’s paranoia and issues specifically come from the way his wife and in-laws behave themselves. I bet he got that far-fetched idea about the drone in the pool from something Kris said/tried to do.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Britney was doing a pap walk of her own choosing, with a highball glass in one hand, and almost dropped the kid. While paparazzi are terrible, in that case I don’t think it was their fault at all. She was wearing stacked platform shoes, too long of jeans, and was carrying the baby with one hand. For much of her career leading up to her breakdown, she would regularly have deals with the paparazzi.

  8. GiGi says:

    Kanye is someone who should just buy an island and stay there… he can still do his music thing… but, seriously. He’s going to go insane otherwise.

    • gefeylich says:

      I think he should take the kid and move in with Tisci in Paris. it’s where he really wants to be, anyway. Maybe that would be theraputic (probably not).

  9. NewWester says:

    Maybe his relatives and friends should start to be worried ( if they aren’t already) Kayne is sounding like he is headed for some sort of breakdown.

  10. Louise177 says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure why people are attacking Kanye for fear drones. They are being flown by people who really aren’t concerned about other’s safety. There are stories that about drones crashing into people so why shouldn’t he be concerned about them crashing into his daughter? Above all drones are a huge invasion of privacy. As much as Kim and Kanye are hated, they should be able to be in their backyard in peace.

  11. lili says:

    given the stories of drones and their reckless operators, his questions and concerns aren’t exactly unwarranted.

  12. lucy2 says:

    Oh FFS.
    If he wants less paparazzi, he should tell his WIFE to stop calling them!

    • joy says:

      Exactly. He’s got enough $ to retire somewhere and live a nice private life with an unknown wife. He chose instead to marry someone is essentially in bed with his worst enemy.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yup – but he doesn’t even need to retire. He can continue his career just fine and give his daughter some privacy – lots of other celebs manage to do that.

        I honestly don’t even think he cares that much about the paparazzi, I think he just likes having something to rant about and feel victimized over.

    • Eleonor says:

      Spot on. He has married the greatest famewhore of all time (the number one girl on internet!) and he complains about paparazzi.

    • gefeylich says:

      Not to mention his mother-in-law.

  13. Sarah says:

    I feel bad for him. He obviously needs help, but everyone around him has their head too deep up their behind to realize that, or to care.

    • lucy2 says:

      Well to be fair, the behinds that are around him are pretty big, it’s hard NOT to get your head stuck up one…

  14. Mzizkrizten says:

    His concerns seem legit to me. Someone recently crashed a drone into a hot spring and now there are worries how that will affect the geothermic balance. I can’t even imagine having drones fly over my pool while my child is swimming. So surreal.

  15. littlemissnaughty says:

    Whatever someone’s stance on paparazzi is, I think none of it matters in this case because he married someone whose fame is based solely on the existence of paparazzi. You married into it. You don’t get to complain while you push your paparazzi-loving wife as the next Marilyn.

    The man is delusional and doesn’t want the paparazzi to go away. He want to be able to control them and while that’s a cute idea, it’s also not going to happen and I suspect his wife doesn’t mind at all.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. I can’t stand the paps and what they do to celebrities when walking with kids. You don’t see the crowd of them pushing their way onto them so close. It’s awful and I don’t think it should be allowed personally and better rules should be put in place when taking children to school, etc., or on a sidewalk as far as such a throng being so close.

      But he has a fame-ho wife whose livelihood is courting this type of attention, setting up obvious pap shots all the time, every day, and he is pushing her onto the world as this great icon and trying to make her happen. I have been shocked by him. I thought he was going to make Kim less fame-whorish, and it’s the opposite. He’s obsessed with her fame. He has said the only reason he’s not filming the Kardashians is because he’s too much of a perfectionist. He would want to tell the lighting guy how he is shooting them wrong, because he thinks he’s doing it wrong he said. He already took over their Christmas card shoot and photoshopping their one wedding photo to be released spending four days of his honeymoon on it. He’s right. He would be in the producers and the cameramen’s faces all day telling them how to do their job. So it has nothing with he is too good for her reality show. He supports it. Let’s not forget he filmed his proposal to her for her reality show, for God’s sake. His idea. I never thought I would see Kanye doing embarrassing stuff like that. He rarely uses his baby for it, I agree, though. She does the occasional photo-ops walk with the baby in her arms and then lets the nanny whisk her off while she continues her walk of paps.

  16. Guest says:

    Hi Kaiser, Bedhead, fellow Celebitches. Just wanted to introduce myself. Been reading this blog since 2011 but have never posted until this week. (Waves to the room!) This is possibly my favorite blog on the entire Internet (there, I said it) and I love the comments — lots of snark but no obscene name-calling.

  17. Kate says:

    Not a completely irrational fear. Drones are going to become standard for paps any day now, and drones crash all the time because of negligence. There have been deaths and injuries due to morons messing about with their new toy and losing control of it.

    People really shouldn’t be able to buy the things.

  18. Jayna says:


  19. Jayna says:

    Hey, did anyone notice after his video deposition is released about how concerned he is about his family and their privacy, instead of Kim dressed to the nines with her boobs hanging out and a skin tight skirt with her ass popping out doing her daily pap walk, she’s now in comfy jeans and and old nothing T-shirt trying to get through the airport with precious Nori in her arms while being followed by the paps?

    When has Kim Kardashian ever gone to the airport or out on the street in attire like that ever? Even her casual outfits with jeans and tops are far different when she steps out of her house or a designer jacket over her outfit with boots,, etc. A totally set-up scene for his poor precious family trying to go about their everyday lives and poor, Kim, just an average mom, dressed down for effect, trying to take a flight with her baby being harrassed by the paps. They are such fakes. Does Kim even know reality?


    Man, is her face morphing into Mama Kris.

    • Jayna says:

      Okay. I have to admit when I’m wrong. I hate to on the Kardashians, but I’m fair even to them. She’s worn that jean and T-shirt outfit before when out with the baby. It was a great theory though, while it lasted about the outfit.
      Darn. LOL

      Although I do think she dressed purposely like that yesterday of all days in the airport for a reason and wanted to be seen all alone with her baby while flying for effect, the little wife and daughter being followed by paps. No one is even near her, a nanny, friend, family member, security. So I won’t let her totally off. When does Kim every fly alone, not walking with somebody at the airport, especially with her baby? She’s managed to let them get lots of shots where it’s just her, no one around while at the airport. She must have told them, step way back as I go through LAX for these photo-ops. Everything they do is calculated.

    • Guest says:

      The extent of this man’s cognitive dissonance is staggering and tells me that he doesn’t spend a lot of time with this family or he’d recognize their game for what it is. There’s between 50-60 pictures today alone on the DM website. Who does he think is tipping off the photogs?

      @Jayna: I saw those pictures on the DM website. Kim (oh, so demure) but with a face full of makeup and jeans covering an a** not seen in nature.

      • Jayna says:

        LOL I agree. Kris set them up for her. That’ s where Kanye doesn’t get it. His wife lives for the paps and being seen with Nori at times when it suits her is always another set-up by the Kardashians. The latest is just a poor little mom with her child trying to go about her daily life. I’ve never seen so many photos of Kim and child before. Yet all of a sudden we get them after his video depo. Hmmmm LOL

      • Ag says:

        “not seen in nature.” LOL

  20. Katie says:

    I get that parenting comes with irrational fears, but I think Kanye is losing it. And for someone who hates the prss, he really does keep them in business.

  21. smutwriter says:

    I really do feel like Kanye lacks some sort of innate filter most people have. And I wonder if it’s something he always lacked and if celebrity has made it worse, or if celebrity and his own bloated sense of self-importance caused it.

    Intrusive thoughts and weirdly specific fears can actually be pretty natural – but normally people dismiss them as quickly as they pop up, never lend them real credence, and certainly don’t discuss them in depositions like they’re actual possibilities. Sometimes I think Kanye’s reactions and his words come straight from the way he perceives the world and of himself – as him being the center of everything, good and bad, that might happen.

  22. FingerBinger says:

    At first I laughed when I heard this story because it sounds so nutty. Then I thought about it. Kanye sounds really paranoid. I know paranoia is sometimes a sign of mental illness. It sounds like something is going on with him. I think he’s sick.

  23. Chrissy says:

    Little Nori has more chance of being irreparably harmed by her
    parents and the rest of the Kardashians than she ever would be
    by a drone! Is he trolling us???

  24. daisyfly says:

    The “smartest celebrity” knows nothing about electrical currents and batteries. How unsurprising.

    Have all the seats, Dumbassye.

  25. Jaderu says:

    Serious question. I never really followed Kanye or his music, but did he act this way before his mother died? I get that there are narcissistic, paranoid celebrities, but he just seems beyond sometimes. Ok not sometimes. Most of the time.

  26. TX says:

    I don’t blame Kanye for his dislike of the paparazzi on its face. I bet as a celeb they are awful. But then DONT MARRY KIM KARDASHIAN. I lose all sympathy for him at that point.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t marry someone who lives and breathes the paps then bitch about them. Sorry bout it Kanye. This is the life you chose for yourself.

  27. Hawkeye says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you get electrocuted when something is hooked up to an electric source? Like, unless that drone is plugged in or carried by a lightning bolt, it can’t actually electrocute someone? So in other words, the bigger threat to North isn’t drones but her own parents?

    • coco says:

      They run on batteries, so no electrocution. I guess there could be a short, or even poisoning?, if the casing of the lithium battery cracked on impact… but this whole scenario seems unlikely.

  28. Penny says:

    Kanye is the King of delusional paranoia and hypocrisy.

  29. kri says:

    Cut to Kim in the pool, holding a remote control upside down, furiously pushing butttons and complaining that there is no flash or Photoshop installed on the “little airplane camera thingy..”MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! Help me work this-you were always so good with a camera…

  30. Chell says:

    Kanye is a completely insane whackadoodle! With that being said, I actually don’t think his concerns are that far fetched in this case. *bows head in shame*

  31. word says:

    Drones can’t electrocute a person. They are battery operated. If submersed in water, the battery would simply just die. Also, drones could fall out of the sky and hit someone on the head, that is true, but his daughter is no more susceptible to that happening than any of us “regular folk”.

    Secondly, Kanye keeps forgetting who he’s married to. Drones won’t need to fly over his property because Kim gladly gives pics to the paps. Lastly, why did he and Kim tell the media they bought a new 20 mill home, with pics, and location ? If they want privacy, why announce where you live ?

  32. Josefa says:

    When it comes to their children, I think celebrities have every right to complain about the paparazzi. The kids didn’t choose their parents and tabloid culture is in NO WAY healthy for a child. But nothing to come out of Kanye’s mouth is to be taken seriously. He’s insane beyond repair.

    • me says:

      Yeah but he put his daughter in Vogue. He named her “North”. He wanted her name to be just “North” and no last name. Can you believe that? He didn’t want his daughter to have a last name as if to be already planning for her future career as a celebrity. So strange. This poor kid didn’t choose to be born to famous parents…but the parents CHOSE to have a child. They CHOSE to put her in Vogue, they CHOSE to put out pics of her, Kim CHOOSES to do pap strolls with her daughter. There are some celebs whose children we never see, because their parents CHOOSE to keep them out of the spotlight.

      • Josefa says:

        I don’t think those are reasons to harrass a celebrity child, as awful as their parents may be. Don’t get me wrong, I detest these 2 and I think their parenting is, to say the least, questionable. But Kanye and Kim were in control of all of those situations you mentioned. If, say, one day Kanye is getting off his limo and Nori is hit by one of the cameras (a far more plausible scenario than what he describes), I’d still think he’d be in his right to complain about it. A child shouldn’t suffer unnecessarily because of her parents’ choices, in no scenario ever.

        But don’t get me wrong. Hating paps and marrying Kim Kardashian is absolute nonsense. It’s not like I truly believe Kanye is serious about this, which just makes it all worse for Nori.

  33. Tippy says:

    I agree with Kanye and feel that Congress needs to enact legislation governing the use of both civilian and government drones.

    The misuse of drones is becoming a menace. Drones hovering over private property and outside of bedroom windows should be alarming to everyone.

    Everybody including celebrities are entitled to privacy and quiet enjoyment while on their own property.

    • word says:

      I don’t think Kanye gives a damn about us regular folk. He cares more about celebs and their safety/privacy. I don’t like the idea of drones either. What value would they have in our every day lives? Do we really need to have our pizza delivered by a damn drone? Is that necessary? I can see all the law suits now. Those drones will damage all sorts of power lines, rooftops, and perhaps even fly into an airplane engine during take-off. Who knows?

  34. dorothy says:

    Dumb as dirt.

  35. Mischa Jane says:

    These are North’s parents – a delusional, egotistical, paranoid blowhard and a selfie-obsessed, plastic, empty-headed mannequin. Poor child. #FreeNorth

  36. skeptical says:

    so only Michael K noticed that kanye is comparing the paps to the nazis? And that when Goldberg tried to explain about the nazis that’s when the whole “you can’t say that word” while quoting kanye’s own lyrics came up? it was a diversionary tactic, as is the whole drone nonsense. Kaney just doesn’t want to face up to saying the Nazis were better than the papparazzi.


  37. Marcel says:

    NO ONE should ever us the “N” word who is white, black, nor any race for that matter. And Kanye is absolutely correct to suggest the defendant’s white lawyer should not use the “N” word even when reading back to him his lyrics. How completely disrespectful and absurd.. (As a half black man myself, I feel very strongly about these opinions).