Lindsay Lohan considering Sailor Moon role

A few weeks ago we reported a poorly sourced rumor that Lindsay Lohan was in consideration for a role in an upcoming action movie based on the Japanese anime series “Sailor Moon.” Lohan told MTV that materials for the movie have been sent to her, but she hasn’t heard much about the role apart from reading about it online:

[Lindsay] cautiously confessed, she may try her first action film.

The people behind the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the Japanese manga series “Sailor Moon” have sent her some materials to look at, she said, and fans have begun lobbying hard for Lohan to play the titular character, a rail-thin blonde known for her strong powers and sexy costumes.

“I read that [online] the other day,” Lohan said of her supposed “Sailor” casting. “I haven’t read the script; I don’t even know if there is a script. … I read a lot of things [online] that I don’t know about myself that apparently people think are true.”

It sounds like a Sailor Moon role is only a remote possibility for Lohan at this point, but if she’s mentioning it in an MTV interview she must be interested.

Meanwhile Lohan insinuates that her breasts are real by stating that she loves them in their natural state:

The American actress, 19, told OK! that she has to thank her sexy curves for her heavenly boobs, and thinks that she’s even sexier now she’s put on a little weight.

The Mean Girls star said: “I like my breasts the size and shape they are naturally.

“I am comfortable in my own skin.”

“Naturally” means before the breast surgery, Lindsay. A more accurate statement would be: “I like my breasts the size and shape they are now.”

Here is Lindsay outside of Butter Nightclub in NY on Monday. She did lay low for a day or two at least.

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