Sofia Vergara on Joe Manganiello: ‘I’m trying not to think too much about it’


Sofia Vergara is opening up just a little bit about her new boyfriend, Joe Manganiello. I would guess that they’re still in the “honeymoon stage” of their relationship, which involves lots of sex (grunting) and food. He’s already met her family (side-eye) and as we can see from Sofia’s new WhoSay photo, he’s sending her roses somewhat regularly. Nothing against red roses, which can be very beautiful and romantic, but I love when men think outside the red-rose-box. Send a bonsai tree or some lilacs or something. Something more individual. But we are talking about Joe, the muscled unicorn. As for how Sofia is doing these days… she told People Mag: “I’m very happy romantically. It couldn’t be better!” She also spoke to Extra:

Things are heating up between Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello. The brunette bombshell recently opened up to Extra and gushed for the first time about the new man in her life.

“You know, I’m just having a great time and it’s a special time in my life and I’m trying not to think too much about it,” the Modern Family star explained.

“It’s something very new, so we will see what happens.”

Manganiello recently spent time in Miami, where he met Vergara’s family for the very first time.

When asked what the actress’ mom thought of her hunky new beau, Vergara giggled and replied, “What is there not to approve of?” Fair enough…

[From E! News]

“I’m trying not to think too much about it…” That’s what it seems like. No disrespect! Sometimes, a lady just needs to be with a guy where there’s no need to overthink things. It’s just easy and convenient… and temporary. Judging from Sofia’s last relationship, I think she’s a woman who likes some drama and some challenges. If Joe doesn’t bring the drama, she’s probably going to get bored. But you never know. Maybe they’ll last longer than six months. Maybe.


Photos courtesy of Sofia’s IG, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. eliza says:

    Ugh. With that egotistical lunk head preening at his abs in the mirror 24/7 with his Cyclops eye (s), I would try not to think about “it” too much either.

    • Dani2 says:

      Hahaha yes, I agree so much, Joe seems like the kinda guy who checks himself out a lot.

    • Hmmmm says:

      HA! He probably has a mirror on his ceiling and watches himself while jerking.
      His dirty talk to himself sounds like this:
      “Look at you, you sexy a** unicorn. None of these so-called acting hacks have what you got. Tom, Brad, Clooney. None of em!”

  2. ToodySezHey says:

    It’s easy not to think too hard over a pr stunt relationship

  3. Abbott says:

    “I’m trying not to think too much about it” and neither are we, Sophia. Neither are we.

  4. mia girl says:

    “I’m trying not to think too much about it… because that’s what I pay my publicist for”

  5. Jaderu says:

    Unicorn penises make you unable to think. I read that in a medieval manuscript.

  6. QQ says:

    Yeah no neither one of them seem the “thinking too hard” types

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Agree about the red roses. I mean, if he knows you love red roses, great. Sweet. But find out what she likes. Don’t just think flowers = red roses. There’s very little thought in that, and some women, me for example, much prefer peonies or sweet pea or whatever.

    • Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F.) says:

      I like gladioli, for example. My husband rarely sent me roses, and only at the start of our relationship…. maybe JM doesn’t know about Sofia’s preference in flowers… too hot sex at the moment to think about flowers lol

    • Jennface says:

      I prefer Gerbera Daisies or a nice mixed bouquet better than roses. I also love it whenever my husband brings them back from the supermarket and surprises me. When he was in Afghanistan, he had some Cala Lillies and roses delivered that cost five or six times the deli flowers costs. The first bunch lasted three days and the replacements that were sent lasted four.

    • Ange says:

      My husband knows not to even bother with flowers. I think they’re a gigantic waste of money so he does the smart thing and buys chocolate hehe.

  8. Josefa says:

    If there’s any way this relationship is somewhat real, it is just like Sofia is treating it. A woman looking for a more cool relationship with a hot guy who gives her good sex. She’ll get bored eventually and the whole thing will be over. I’d never even get close to that guy but hey… Different strokes, right?

    I dont like roses as gifts either. I love flowers, but in my garden. Luckily me and my bf are very into practical gifts. Things that are actually useful. Or food. Everyone loves food.

  9. Talie says:

    Her last relationship was rough, so it must be nice for her to be with a guy who actually gives a crap about her.

  10. Lara K says:

    It’s a fun rebound.
    And if it turns into more, good for them. Neither strikes me as particularly intellectual so whatever makes them happy.

    I’d totally rebound off a guy like Joe. Bored in six months but also boned for six months :). Sometimes a girl just needs easy fun sex.

    • Nicolette says:

      +1. Guys do it all the time, and I hope she has fun while it lasts.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      True. So the saying goes, I think, the quickest way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      ” Bored in six months but also boned for six months”

      HA!!! Love this comment! 😀
      Very wise perspective, Lara!

  11. Victoria1 says:

    If I were her the only things I’d think would be take off your shirt and do me! Then I’d ask him to bring me a drink after

  12. kibbles says:

    Did anyone think she put serious thought into this relationship? She’s clearly having fun. I imagine she’s really enjoying his body and having great sex. I don’t think there is much else to consider with these two.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Followed by Joe saying “I’m trying not to think too much.”

    I feel like this is a PR setup, especially if she’s posting flower photos and getting blurbs in People. Her last guy seemed like an a-hole though, so if this makes her feel better, go for it.

  14. joy says:

    I don’t care what anybody says he’s hot and I would hit that like it owed me money.

  15. Ciria says:

    Maybe it will be one of those things were she was engaged to her ex forever and will quickly marry Joe M.

    I love flowers as gifts; I find it romantic.

    • Kym says:

      I see a look of smugness….not a look of love on her face. They can’t stay inside all day long of course but shouldn’t certain special romantic moments be as private as possible? It’s like every move they make is being printed up and photographed. I hope the real aim isn’t to get a kid out of Joe before going back to her old ways.

      • Ciria says:

        I don’t see smugness. I see two people dating who are celebrities. They are way better than Kimye who posts every five seconds of their relationship. I will take Sofia/Joe any day over those two.

  16. Lucie says:

    Her ex-fiance Nick was a prick. And one boyfriend Chris Paciello whom she dated in the 90’s was a straight up gangsta who went to jail. Sofia is supposedly still close to him. She seems to be drawn to “bad boys.” If it’s real on Joe’s part, I very much doubt he’s going to approve of that! She apparently had other relationships in between and I bet Joe is the 1st gentelman she’s been with in a while. But women who like “bad boys” don’t change over to nice ones that easily, even if they are better looking. I hope Joe doesn’t wind up getting hurt by all of this.

  17. Hmmmm says:

    Their relationship seems to be part publicity stunt, part “I want to make my ex jealous.”

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t know why everyone thinks it is a PR move. It could be, no doubt about that, but at the same time it doesn’t take much twisting to think two very beautiful people who aren’t incredibly bright would be interested in each other. Mentally and physically, they seem a pretty even match to me.

  18. Jennface says:

    I don’t think it’s a real relationship. They both have the same management or PR team. It’s mutually beneficial. She rubs away the stain of the last guy, who was a complete douchebag and he gets the publicity he needs for his next few B pictures, until Magic Mike XXL is released in 2015.

    Just my opinion.

  19. Moi says:

    I just know from Modern Family, that I ❤️ her. She’s awesome.