Suki Waterhouse lives with Bradley Cooper’s mom: weird or nice?

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been filming an untitled John Wells project (with Sienna Miller’s bangs) in London. The film used to be called Chef. The title is in flux because of Jon Favreau’s recent film of the same name. This new movie features BCoop as part of a dream team restaurant staff. He was spotted learning how to flip patties at Burger King as part of the movie. I really don’t know what that’s about.

As Bradley films, Suki Waterhouse has been popping between the Chiltern Firehouse and on-set visits to her man. She’s also been spending plenty of time in LA to audition for movie roles. Bradley has a home in LA with his mom, Gloria. BCoop moved Gloria into the bedroom next door to his after his father died. Bradley is actually very sweet for taking care of his mom, and she takes care of him too. I still think that BCoop’s relationship with a 22-year-old model is kinda creepy. He’s nearly 40 and not getting any younger. The Sun has a new article (via The Mail) that says Gloria has no problem with Bradley’s young girlfriend. The two ladies get along very well, and Suki lives with Gloria when Bradley is away filming. Huh:

She has been jetting back and forth to Los Angeles building relationships with Hollywood executives to further her acting career.

But it seems Suki Waterhouse has already impressed one hugely important figure Stateside – her boyfriend Bradley Cooper’s mother.

The 22-year-old model has reportedly moved into the home the American Hustle star shares with his beloved mum Gloria while she auditions for movie roles in the US.

Suki and the Cooper family matriarch allegedly get on so well, she often stays with her even when the actor is away shooting on location.

A source tells The Sun: “When Suki is in LA by herself for auditions she’ll stay in the house with Gloria. They get on well and it doesn’t matter that Bradley isn’t around. He’s often away in London working.”

The trio’s living arrangements come amid reports the couple want to wed ahead of Bradley’s 40th in January.

An insider adds to The Sun: “Bradley wanted to wait until his 40th before getting hitched as he’s been married before. It’s very important for him now that they seal their love.

“Bradley and Suki spend a lot of time daydreaming and planning their nuptials. They know they want to get hitched in the States, most likely LA, because they want it to be hot. But it’s likely to be a very small, private affair.”

[From Daily Mail]

Is this odd at all? I would feel weird dating a guy who’s 18 years older than me, and it would feel super strange to hang with his mom (who is old enough to be Suki’s grandmother). If Suki’s in this relationship for the long haul, it’s probably wise to bond well with BCoop’s mom. Gloria is very much the gatekeeper of her son’s dating life. I guess that makes Suki the keymaster in Ghostbusters terms. Some outlets have been making a huge deal of Suki and Bradley’s matching promise rings. Do people still wear those? They seem like a teenage thing. The ring is off in this picture of Suki. Conspiracy.

Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper

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  1. Leaflet says:


  2. Skyblue says:

    Weird and then some more weird

  3. Rachel says:

    Since this story originates with the Sun and Dailymail, there is probably little truth.

    Suki also seems to have been in London with him the whole time while he’s filming and not at home with his mom.

  4. lisa says:

    not even fun weird

  5. Lilly says:

    Not just that, she seems like a wild 22 year old, partying it up with Cara and that Jagger girl. Which is fine.

    I also don’t get how she is a model. Man, those British modelling scouts need to get over rich blonde kids.

  6. Jem says:

    “Mommy, I want you to meet my beard. Beard, I want you to meet my Mommy.”

    …Good luck with that sh*t.

  7. Pandy says:

    Ah, the movie audition portion of the relationship! Once she lands a role, they are over.

    • Rachel says:

      She already filmed a role in the Divergent sequel so I guess not…

      I think they are real but this story is fake.

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    Cut some slack: BC doesn’t want Suki to spend money on a hotel in LA. Plus, from what I’ve read, Suki has quirks like a bad temper. Maybe she needs a “mommy?”

  9. K says:

    Very weird.

  10. Rusty Machine says:

    I can’t get over how much they look like father and daughter in that last picture.

  11. Gina says:

    Except the promise ring pictures were fake and it was concluded the Daily Mail flipped the photo so it looked as if the rings they were wearing on their right hands (his father’s wedding band; a random ring on her) were on their left hands. Also, after a year & a half of dating, where else would she stay but at his house? Such a non-story.

    • Mesia says:

      Yeah I’m not sure what is weird about this. I saw all those stories about the rings too. All because DM flipped the pic. He always wears his dads ring.

      • FLORC says:

        With you both.
        Still, BC is odd when it comes to dating. And all his ex’s shade the hell out of him. These stories seem possible because of that.

  12. Ag says:

    very strange. seems like it would be all kinds of awkward.

  13. Chris says:

    I guess she must be the young woman in recent ads for Prada’s Candy edt. So dead-eyed! I wonder if there’s a TV version, accompanied by the plangent strains of the Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant”?
    (Sorry….probably a very nice young gal really)

  14. Honeybea says:

    Their whole relationship seems very bizarre to me…and i’m not just talking about the age difference.

    • Anne tommy says:

      My friend married a man 18 years older than her and they were very happy. Not sure this will end that way but age difference is not such a huge deal if the other things are right. Are they here? Don’t know.

    • Ally8 says:

      Yes, it’s not just the age. It’s that he looks mean and she looks dim. They’re the upmarket Doug and Courtney.

      Oh and the Norman Bates mother-son relationship. He’s always smilier with Mom than with his girlfriends.

  15. rococo says:

    I cant think of a better place for a beard to live….

  16. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Yeah. Weird. And kinda creepy.

    • Gypsy says:

      Yes, very creepy, A young man should never want his mom to have a front seat to his sex life.
      Stop being creepy Bradley, buy a house for her next door and visit her every day before you go home to have sex….For it’s not like she is the object of your desires, not like you need to fill in for your dad, don’t put Suki through what Zoe wouldn’t accept.

  17. Loopy says:

    I think they are just using each other, of course she has more to gain at this point.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Weird and gross FTW.

  19. Dani says:

    The age difference isn’t what bothers me (a lot of women like their men older for various reason) but the creepy factor is she lives with his mom…while he’s not there…? That’s just so strange.

  20. AG-UK says:

    The grandaughter she doesn’t have.

  21. Jh says:

    She’s a beauty, but she always looks so miserable.

  22. Lori says:

    Have you seen Gloria in action? She’s the one with all the personality. I notice all the girlfriends like spending time with Gloria. I bet she makes up for how effin boring Coop is.

  23. m says:

    Their relationship wouldnt be as creepy if she couldn’t pass for 17.

  24. Sarah B says:

    I get a major daddy-daughter vibe from them. Why wouldn’t she want to live with her Grandma?

    Also, a model? Really?

  25. Gypsy says:

    Actually, in an interview after the break up with Zoe Saldana and rumors were flying about Zoe refusing to live there with his mom, Bradley said in that interview that his mom is alone since his dad died so he has will always have his mom living with him, so anybody he’s dating needs to know they are a package – This interview was a TV interview 2-3 months after breaking up with Zoe, he was promoting the film “The Hangover”.

    • DJ says:

      He actually said that? That doesn’t even sound like something he would say. Would you happen to know what television interview it was?

    • H2O says:

      That makes me like him a little. Don’t care much for him and don’t see his movies.

  26. Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

    Go home.

  27. Bread and Circuses says:

    Eh, I don’t think it’s weird. A friend of mine had a childhood friend she was so close to that they could stay at each other’s parent’s homes even when the friend wasn’t in town — i.e. their two families had long ago just started seeing the girls as communal children, shared and equally welcome in both homes.

    If Suki is a permanent part of Bradley’s life, I see no reason why she couldn’t stay in his house with his mom even when Bradley isn’t around, and I also see no reason why his mom would have a problem with it. That’s what happens when someone is considered part of the family: they’re welcome.

    • Irishae says:

      Agreed. I don’t get why this is weird at all.

    • Gina says:

      It would only be weird if HE was living with HER. I think it’s commendable that he’s done this for his mom. If my dad passed away, my mom would move in with me with no hesitation until she felt emotionally ready to live alone – if ever. Plus, we’re not talking about them living in a 2 bedroom apt. Supposedly he got a bigger house. I’m sure Gloria has her own wing, he has his own wing. If anyone hears anything going bump and grind in the night, somebody should be sticking to their own wing. 🙂