Angelina furious over Brad’s smoking

While most of the stuff I read about these two sounds fake, this story comes off as halfway plausible to me. Angelina is said to be miffed that Brad continues to smoke even though he promised to quit some time ago. She’s said to have busted him sneaking a smoke and to have gone off on him:

Brad Pitt’s smoking like a stove again – and Angelina Jolie’s burning! After swearing to Pretty Angel he’d kick butts, she caught him red-handed in mid-puff and screamed “BRAD!” – the last word he heard from her for two days because she stopped talking to him! Now Angelina’s told him not to approach the kids if he smells of smoke, Brad told a pal, and he’s renewed efforts to brake [sic] his habit.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker’s column, May 14, 2007]

This is the second recent tabloid story I’ve read that claimed that Angelina stopped talking to Brad for at least a day after a recent fight. That doesn’t seem likely to me, but whatever. I tend to think they would fight over this as it sounds like typical couple stuff and not some huge blown-up episode that threatens their entire marriage like the tabloids usually report.

It turns out that Angelina and Brad were mighty annoyed with the paparazzi in those candids were published yesterday. There was a story yesterday that Angelina is ready to quit her movie Wanted due to excessive hounding by the paparazzi in the Czech city of Prague where they are staying.

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