Solange Knowles passes out at LAX, blames ‘Nyquil’

Solange Knowles is known mainly as Beyonce’s little sister. Maybe if you follow these things closely, you might remember some kind of shotgun wedding when Solange was a teenager, and a very uncomfortable interview Solange did where she complained to a reporter after the station showed a clip for a story about Jay-Z’s club that she misinterpreted as somehow being related to her interview. And that’s about it.

Now add another funny-ish detail to the old memory database. Solange passed out at LAX last week, and Radar Online has the hilarious picture to prove it. Now, I wouldn’t be laughing if someone actually got hurt, but if it’s just some funny picture of some sort of famous sister of someone who is really famous face-planted on the floor of LAX, it’s pretty funny. And guess why Solange passed out? Nyquil! Seriously? Radar Online has more:

Talk about a dramatic entry. Before boarding a flight to New York last Tuesday, Solange Knowles passed out on the floor of the Los Angeles International Airport after taking too much flu medication. brings you the gripping photo from the scene.

“Never taking Nyquil again. I feel so weird.” Knowles wrote on her Twitter page shortly before the incident. It’s as if she knew what was around the corner!

Hours later, she added: “Woaah…How’d I end up in the hospital” and “Woke up to 8 random people over me, laid out on the floor in baggage claim!”

Suffering from dehydration, Knowles was hooked up to an IV. Shortly after her mother arrived at the hospital, she was released to go home to fully recover.

From Radar Online

Alright, dehydration is no joke. But blaming the whole thing on both Nyquil and dehydration is funny. It sound like a cover, right? Yeah, I take “Nyquil” when I fly too. Only it comes in pills that have the effect of horse tranquilizers. Seriously, I’ve overdosed on Nyquil before (the real stuff), and all that happened to me was I spent like two hours staring at a chair that was moving all by itself. Nyquil’s so much fun.

Can you imagine if workaholic Beyonce was on “Nyquil”? Her body would try to pass out, but if she fell, she would bounce right back up, and go back to being Sasha Fierce.

Solange is shown at Fashion Week on 2/13, 2/16 and 2/17, thanks to WENN

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15 Responses to “Solange Knowles passes out at LAX, blames ‘Nyquil’”

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  1. Lem says:

    i have to say I pass out alot. alot. and I see people who pass out alot. Never have I ever seen someone hit the floor and look like they are soaking up the rays.
    anyhoo I call BS. no one feints like that. look a camera. quick pass out. good. now twitter about it for 6 hours. yeah. good idea.

    that being said i miss NyQuil, the original stuff, this re-configured crap they are trying to pass off as NyQuil… Ha

  2. J.D.M.J. says:

    Lern, Just saw the pic and I have to agree w/you. She looks like she’s napping. She was probably thinking about her “career” and fell asleep!

  3. HEB says:

    Why was she traveling alone? She said she woke up to 8 random people around her…doesn’t she have an assistant or something on B’s payroll that could have tried to wake her up?

  4. Cinderella says:

    Looks like someone got her drank on.

  5. kiki says:

    she annoys me
    she is just famous because of her big sister the fact that she thinks shes All That ! is hilarious you are not

  6. the original kate says:

    LMAO! ok, i’ve passed out in public more than once (very low blood sugar) and i’ve always fallen on my side, kind of crumpled over. i have never laid out my coat and then fallen face first on it, with my chin resting on my arms, like i was at the beach or something. i call BS, too…it is a publicity stunt.

  7. Holly says:

    Kind of cruel to lambast her like that. Did you read her twitter of the events leading up to it? Its clear that she’s telling the truth, she’s not “on” something. She started complaining about the Nyquil and the drowsiness and how weird it made her feel loooong before she passed out. It was her mom who insisted she was just dehydrated and got some fluids in her. And no, she wasn’t traveling alone, she was with her mom, but she was in the baggage area and people swarmed around her.

  8. Holly says:

    And I’m surprised you could “overdose” on Nyquil and not pass out asleep, Kaiser. I know I do. I can see how someone would take it on a flight, too…if they were opposed to taking a pill, I’m sure they’d think the drowsy effect you get from Nyquil would help any in-flight anxiety. Hell, I’ve popped a Benadryl or two before for that very reason.

  9. Holly says:

    As for “no one faints like that” how the hell do any of you know? I’ve fainted a few times in public and fallen forward. Who are you to say? Oh and Lem, she didn’t Twitter about it six hours later. She Twitter’d before (because she wasn’t aware of what was about to happen) and the minute she woke up and onward.

    All these jokes about her career, too–any of you actually heard her album? She actually has talent. It was a good album. The critics agreed. All this hate because she happens to be the little sister. Give me a break!

  10. jayem says:

    I thought the same thing about her “passing out” so posedly, but then I remembered that I quote-unquote “passed out” after a shot one time and I didn’t really fall over, but I just started feeling weird and dizzy and nauseated and thought the ground looked nice and cool and flat, so I laid down, and THEN blacked out for a few seconds. So I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Lem says:

    yeah I said for 6 hours. she felt weird an hour before and was (whew) released from the hospital thus still talking about it 4 or 5 hours later. as my understanding, no I did not read her thought. whatever it’s her drama to twitt away.
    I’ll stand behind: no one passes out like that. forward sure. face first sure. pleasantly resting over a perfectly draped coat with both arms tucked under your head. complete and utter bs. sorry holly if you’re a fan but your girl is just looking to get her names on the blogroll. hey it worked. if you’re looking for snarky I say girl shoulda grabbed hold of the cold wall she luckily avoided and slid her dosed self ever so gently to the ground.
    I have no hate for her. (Big B I have some feelings on; but I can separate the 2, their parents sure do)all I’m saying is no one asses out like that. whatever. photo op’s are harder to come by at LAX since the whole security beef up.

  12. Autumm Leaves says:

    Please retire the flimsy “hate” word because those of us aren’t fans of an artist you like. It’s called having a criticism. Frankly, I think she’s an attention whore who is taking extreme steps in getting media attention. She’s desperate to generate buzz for her solo career, but I haven’t forgotten her nasty attitude and personality. Kelly Rowland is a better singer and entertainer anyways. Her last album may of been “good” but it FLOPPED harder than Beyonce’s thunder thighs on Oscar night.

  13. Christina says:

    how many times have i heard a movie star is in the hospital for “dehydration” or “exhaustrion”… i wonder what it’s code for…

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