Joaquin Phoenix is probably/definitely going to be Marvel’s Doctor Strange


Marvel’s Doctor Strange project has been the subject of rumors and rumor-mongering for what feels like FOREVER. We’ve heard so many names associated with the role: Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Jack Huston and as of late, Joaquin Phoenix. It’s looking more and more like Joaquin scored the role too. Collider had an exclusive yesterday about Joaquin being in final talks for the role:

Given the cloud of secrecy that surrounds each and every Marvel Studios property while in development, there are bound to be unconfirmed rumors about almost every major aspect of their upcoming films—particularly in the casting department. The studio is currently filling out its Phase Three slate, and while Ant-Man is the first film out of the gate in July 2015 followed by Captain America 3 in May 2016, we then have the Doctor Strange movie on July 8, 2016. Marvel recently signed Scott Derrickson to direct the mystical comics adaptation, and in keeping with the rumor tradition, speculation has run rampant as to who will fill the title role.

After rounds of shortlists and cryptic comments with regards to who will inhabit the character, the trades reported in mid-July that Joaquin Phoenix was finally in negotiations to star in the film. It’s been over a month since that time and there still hasn’t been confirmation from Marvel’s end, so the speculation machine kicked up again recently with word going around that Jack Huston is now “under consideration” for the part. However, we’re hearing there’s absolutely no truth to that rumor, as Phoenix’s deal is currently being finalized.

Despite rumors to the contrary, we’re hearing that Phoenix is absolutely still in line to play Doctor Strange in the Marvel adaptation, with our source telling us that his contract is essentially at the 1 yard line, about to pass into the endzone. Though some believed the length of time it’s taken for Phoenix to finalized his deal was a sign that things might have gone south, it makes sense that an actor of Phoenix’s caliber and temperament would want to ensure that his Marvel contract doesn’t restrict his creative freedom to take on other projects outside the MCU.

[From Collider]

Collider goes on to note that Marvel signs actors to multi-picture deals but the number of films varies per actor. Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-picture deal while Chris Evans only signed a six-picture deal. Which brings up a point I’ve made before: is Joaquin really going to be a company man? Marvel demands that of their actors, that they come to play. Actors have to carve out significant time to promote, to shill and to travel around the world to sell their movies. Joaquin rarely (if ever) plays that game. He’s a curmudgeon in interviews and he barely participates in the premiere hoopla, even when it’s a film he loves and supports.

My theory is that Marvel sort of wanted Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy but their schedules were a mess and both actors are scheduled with back-to-back projects for the next two years. While Joaquin is an amazing actor who could rock pretty much any role, I kind of doubt he was their first choice.

Here are some photos of Joaquin and Emma Stone filming a new movie directed and written by Woody Allen. Blah, Woody Allen sucks as a person, etc, but good God, they made Joaquin look really good in this film!!!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Side-Eye says:

    I take zero issue with this actually.

  2. Abbott says:

    Love him as an actor, but I can’t see him doing the Marvel publicity ho stroll that the likes of RDJ, Andrew Garfield, the Chris’, etc do.

  3. Chinoiserie says:

    I think he is an excelent actor and a good choice but I do not really watch these films so it does not matter to me. But red he was always the first choice but it was he who was against the multi-picture deals and such so that is why this has taken so long.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Apparently the problem is about the promotion .Phoenix did no interview for his last movies

  4. Eve says:

    “While Joaquin is an amazing actor who could rock pretty much any role, I kind of doubt he was their first choice.”

    I disagree. I think Phoenix has always been their first choice, but they know he can be…difficult — this isn’t the first time Marvel courts him (he’s turned down offers from Marvel at least twice).

    Please let this be true, please let this be true, please let this be true!!!

    • maybeiamcrazy says:


    • Mia4S says:

      I wouldn’t get too caught up in the “first choice” thing. From a PR standpoint whoever fits the schedule and strikes a deal was “first choice”. That’s Hollywood! 😉

      I’m not surprised there were other offers to him. Let’s face it at the rate they are making them eventually every actor in Hollywood will be in either a superhero or Star Wars movie. Phoenix, Hardy, Cumberbatch, Bill Murray, that extra on the right in The Hobbit, Ducky from NCIS, Me. Really! There are going to be that many!

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, I think this is their first choice. I love the other actors mentioned, but I think that JP is the much bigger “get” for them.

    • klu says:


  5. don't kill me i'm french says:

    According to Jeff Sneider of The Wrap,Phoenix is Marvel’s first choice and the deal would be on 3/4 movies

  6. Chris says:

    Doctor Strange? Not the most creative name for a character is it?

    • mimif says:

      You’re joking right? That’s pretty much the strangest name ever.

      • Eve says:

        To be honest, I’m not always sure when or if Chris is joking. And I kinda like her (him?) that way.

      • mimif says:

        Hi Eve! Always nice to see your highlarious avatar (and posts). Well, fwiw I was making a little joke myself.

        ETA: I’m enjoying your Joaquin stanning as well. He’s so talented, it’s almost strange. 😉

      • Eve says:

        Mimif, jokes (or not) aside I’d LOVE to have that as my last name. I mean, how cool would that be?

        (scenario: job interview):

        Your name?

        Me: Eve Strange.

        See? Would totally rock that name.

        P.S.: The man never disappointed me. I have seen almost every single one of his movies (there are a couple I haven’t seen but that’s because they weren’t released where I live and I couldn’t get my hands on them yet). Joaquin Phoenix is a phenomenal actor. Oh, and he *IS* strange — I like that.

      • mimif says:

        You will forever be Eve Strange to me now.

        Yeah, he is truly talented. I’m finally going to watch Her tonight and I’m so excited! I found his performance in The Master almost unwatchable because he was that good. I love his uniquely handsome face too, but I promise you, Mrs. Strange, that I will leave all his strangeness to you. 😀

      • Eve says:

        @ Mimif:

        Funny you should say that, because I was going to add a “P.P.S.” to my previous comment to talk EXACTLY about that: how much he scared me in that role (Freddy Quell). But gave up and deleted it.

        His performance in that movie makes me uncomfortable, to say the least.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        I know someone with that last name. Oddly enough I’ve never found it strange. 🙂

      • Eve says:

        @ Sighs:

        For real?????? Because that’s awesome. I envy whoever this person is.

  7. Green Girl says:

    “My theory is that Marvel sort of wanted Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy but their schedules were a mess and both actors are scheduled with back-to-back projects for the next two years.”

    I can see this. It’s too bad, because I think BC would be especially good at promoting a big action film every other year or so. Look at how he campaigned for TFE, even after the reviews started rolling in! He’s a team player, and that’s what Marvel wants.

    So, I’m curious to see how this pans out with JP. Maybe he wants it in his contract that he’ll do promotions, but only a small portion compared to RDJ? I am actually interested to see him in this role. It’s so odd, it just might work.

  8. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Tom Hardy never was expected by Marvel.He has a deal with Warner Bros
    Cucumber only was on the wishlist… of his RP according to some movie journalists

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    Interested to see how he will interpret the character and deal with Marvel. I understand he has wanted to do a comic book movie and, so far, Marvel has done a great job with casting.

  10. pleaseicu says:

    He’s a great actor and I think he’d be a great Dr. Strange but I also have no idea how Marvel is going to lock him up into a multi-picture deal and keep him to it. Phoenix seems like too much of a free spirit with his career choices to actually stay locked into whatever multi-picture deal Marvel would require of him. Like he’d be game for one and then get bored or resentful the first time the Marvel filming requirements interfered with a passion project he’d get tempted by.

    I can almost imagine this ending up like a Hugo Weaving situation where he singed a multi-picture contract, did one film and then basically the novelty wore off and he publicly said it’s not his thing, they’d basically have to force him to comply with his contract and he’d do it because of the contract, but he wouldn’t be happy about it. Only worse because Dr. Strange would be the lead of his own sub-franchise within the Marvel Cinematic universe.

    If he is Dr. Strange, they’re going to need a supporting cast with super personable actors willing and able to press the flesh and play the Marvel PR game to compensate for Phoenix being Mr. Grumpy when it comes to doing PR/Promo work.

  11. Mia4S says:

    Great actor of course but, come on! He’s terrible at fans/publicity and that’s a big thing with these movies. (Before someone tries to cite Bale, check again. Bale’s great with fans and can do good junket interviews). Joaquin is a big risk from a brand standpoint! Although on the flip side maybe they just have limited plans for Doctor Strange?

    • lunchcoma says:

      I find Bale’s interviews to be uncomfortable because it’s very clear he doesn’t particularly like that aspect of the job, but I’d agree Bale isn’t the same kind of issue that Phoenix might be. Bale might not like promotion very much, but he seems to understand when it’s his responsibility and takes that part of his job seriously.

    • nico says:


      I have to disagree about him being bad with fans. Fans that have met Joaquin on the red carpet, have all said he was kind and posed for pics w/ them. There are videos of him interacting with fans at the Baftas and movie premieres, and he doesn’t come across as rude at all.

      I do agree that he has problems with the press.

      • Mia4S says:

        @Nico, I should soften my statement to say he’s not always bad with fans (and I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just understandably troubled). But when it’s bad it’s bad. Blowing off commitments and avoidance behaviour. Usually it seems. when he’s not happy about something related to the work or he just needs a break. Part of me is curious to see how he handles a go at Marvel…and part of me thinks it’s setting up a troubled guy for some PR nightmares.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Well, they’re phasing out RDJ, so they need another good / serious actor for the non-tweens in the audience… and the Marvel Promotional Machine can totally work the ‘tormented artist’ angle.

  12. AryaMartell says:

    I think this is a bad call on Marvel’s part and will wind up being another Edward Norton type situation where they want a big name but that big name will get fired after one movie due to ego.

    My recommendation would be Pedro Pascal. He could pull off Dr. Strange. But I guess with his commitment to the Pablo Escobar Netflix project that it is probably unrealistic that he could do the role in the timeframe Marvel wants.

    • Eve says:

      I think Marvel knows exactly what they’re getting if they hire Phoenix. He’s known to be absent from promotions and Oscar campaign. If they want him this badly, they ought to know how he rolls…

      Norton, on the other hand…I don’t think Marvel had any idea he’d be such a d*ck.

      • nico says:

        Phoenix doesn’t have issues on set. He is friendly with most of the directors he’s worked for.

        Spike Jonze said he was the nicest actor he’s ever worked with. His coworkers have praised him in the press and I’ve never heard of him feuding with anybody.

        His big problem will be doing the press tour.

      • Eve says:

        I know that, Nico. Have been following his career since Gladiator and never ever heard a bad thing about him on set.

        I was just talking from a promotion standpoint. If Marvel really wants Phoenix, they ought to know already he can be difficult during a possible press tour.

        Unlike Norton — who managed to be a pain in the ass before, during and after The Incredible Hulk was released (and I don’t think Marvel was aware of that — I mean, that he would end up being so f*cking unprofessional).

      • nico says:


        My comment was directed at AryaM not you.

        I’m also a Joaquin fanatic.

      • Eve says:

        @ Nico:

        Ok, I thought you’re replying to me (even though I noticed you’re defending him and that you’re probably a fan, too) because you posted your comment directly under mine.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Ooh, Pedro would be an interesting choice. He surprised me on GOT this past season. You’re probably right that he is probably too locked up with his Netflix project.

      I was also intrigued by the Jack Huston rumor floating around. He’s a great actor, a little young for Dr. Strange though, but sort of makes sense long term as an interesting candidate if they had major plans for Dr. Strange over the course of the next 6-10 years, to pick up the slack as the Phase 1 cast complete their contracts.

      • lunchcoma says:

        My ears perked up when I heard Jack Huston too. I’ve liked him since Boardwalk Empire, and I keep hoping to see him in more things.

    • Valerie says:

      Ooooh, Pedro Pascal would have been great. You should be a casting director, ha. Although I would expect nothing less than this suggestion given your username.

    • AryaMartell says:

      @Eve & Nico Ego was a bad word to use. I should have just said uncooperative on Marvel’s terms and it’s stupid to think Marvel and Joaquin won’t clash at some point. I just do not think that he’s a good fit for Marvel or Dr. Strange but I am willing to be proved wrong. But despite my opinion on this, I have always loved Joaquin as an actor and after learning about his family history I’ve always rooted for him as I suspect he has contended with some heavy demons.

      • Eve says:

        @ AryaMartell:

        But you were partially right about Norton (he wasn’t only fired because of his ego, you wouldn’t believe the amount of crap he pulled and was rightfully dismissed, in my opinion). I didn’t disagree with that with your take on Norton.

        I only wanted to make a clear distinction between him (Norton) and Phoenix — who may be a strange guy, but has never been called unprofessional by the people who actively worked with him.

        Yes, there’s a possibility Marvel and Phoenix clash at some point (actually, ONE point: promotion duties). However, I believe Marvel is aware of that and if they still really want Phoenix, that means (at least to me) they’re willing to deal with that — or they’re working on the issue beforehand.

      • AryaMartell says:

        Right. Ego was definitely Edward Norton. Phoenix is a pro at filming I was never going to deny that. But once again, I think Marvel is stupid if they expect him to tow the line the way they want their actors to and I think it sends the wrong message if they accomodate him too much. Marvel wants a certain type of person to play their characters. That’s fine for them to have a high bar but they need to stick to it and Joaquin needs to be fully aware he can’t pull the anti-promo card. If he signs on to this, he needs to do the job the way Marcel wants and Marvel needs to make him do the job the way they want. If RDJ dresses up and goes to charity functions and promotes, so can Joaquin.

        For the role itself, I’m okay with the idea of Joaquin playing Dr. Strange moreso with him than Hardy or Cumberbatch (my top choices were Mads Mikkelsen, Pedro Pascal and Joaquin Phoenix in that order). But I just see a future conflict that Marvel doesn’t need or Joaquin needs. Marvel has enough pull to make or break careers now. I would hate to see Joaquin fall into Marvel’s wrath in the way Edward Norton did. But I don’t think Marvel can break his career the way they did Norton’s.

      • Eve says:

        @ Arya:

        I actually love that Kevin Feige (Marvel’s executive) called him out on his bullshit PUBLICLY. People had known for years Norton was a control freak diva, but were always willing to overlook that. I’m saying this because I used to be a fan (of Norton).

        I’m going ahead and say it: he deserved all the flack he got. Dude was a nightmare during TIH’s filming (in fact, even before — during San Diego’s Comic Con in 2007 he announced he’d co-write the script…Zak Penn, the official screenplay writer, didn’t know that). I have more stories, but I’ve already commented a waaaaaaay too much on this thread.

        P.S.: As for Phoenix and Marvel and their respective MOs — as I said, I think they’re probably already working on that beforehand (that’s why it’s taking so long to announce him as Dr. Strange). Or maybe Collider’s source is wrong and Marvel will end up announcing somebody else, completely out of the left field.

        By the way, I’d love to see Mads Mikkelsen as the character, too. Don’t think he’d be hired though because his accent (which I love) is too thick and he’s already in his late 40s.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @AryaMartell: I am no expert on comic books, but from what I read about Dr. Strange, Mads Mikkelsen would actually be quite a find! Never thought about him for the role but now that you mention him, I agree!

      • AryaMartell says:

        Norton did deserve everything he got. Dude’s behaviour was disgusting and he was an ass. It’s a damn Marvel movie not an arthouse flick. The man got too big for his britches but I would hate to see anything like that happen to Joaquin Phoenix if he doesn’t play the game. But I also think it sends the wrong message if Marvel is too accomodating with Joaquin.

        Marvel is known for doing this, giving a false lead and then naming someone else. So I will not be surprised if it happens. All I ask is that someone else is Pedro or Mads but both have tv projects so Marvel would have to accomodate their schedules, something Marvel hates to do.

      • Eve says:

        @ Arya:

        It won’t happen. Marvel is not stupid to make the same mistake again — and Phoenix is not Norton (he may hate promoting, but he’d be ok to work with on set). If they do hire Phoenix after all…they’ll both have to compromise. Or not. As I said, if Marvel really wants Phoenix, they have to know about his reputation and are willing to deal with it or are working ways around it.

        I don’t think that sends a wrong message though because they’ve already done something like that before (RDJ, after the first Iron Man, played hard ball and Marvel had to concede). I know, I know…Phoenix isn’t a box office draw as RDJ proved to be after the first Iron Man, but the man has three Oscar nominations under his belt.

        Deep down I think this is all a red herring and they’ll announce a completely unexpected name.

        Having said that — my wish list for Dr. Strange in case it isn’t Phoenix:

        Mads Mikkelsen — (problem: accent and age — if they’re planning a franchise, age is an issue);

        Viggo Mortensen (already in his 50s);

        Joel Kinnaman — because he’s awesome in The Killing and can play “dark” characters really well, plus he’s my current crush and I’d love to see him coming to Marvel (problem: he’s already RoboCop and there’s probably a sequel in the works — yes, the movie semi-flopped in the US but did well overseas).

        I wouldn’t mind having your husband (Oberyn) playing the character but I honestly don’t think they will ever hire him — it’s possible for a supporting role though.

      • AryaMartell says:

        I think that’s why the talks are taking so long. Marvel has shown a willingness to compromise on some issues especially schescheduling…they don’t like it but they will do for the right person. But Marvel gets pissy if you shirk promotion duties. There will be compromise but I think Marvel has had to tell him how it’s going to be and he has to really think hard before signing on the dotted line. I think it’s Marvel wants him he hasn’t said yes and he may turn it down.

        I don’t think Mads’ age would be an issue. He looks the part and there’s no age limit. He’s fit. He could do the role. But accent is an issue probably a breaking issue. He would need some serious vocal training or the character would need some re-writing if they chose him.

        Pedro’s popularity surged with GOT and he looks like Dr. Strange with a tan. He’s the exact same age as Joaquin, has no accent and if you saw his comic con panel he’s very enthusiastic. Plus if you look at his Twitter, I think there are some clues he has been approached. Plus if they act now he can back out of the television series and give them time to find someone else. Filming was not set to begin until February.

      • Eve says:

        @ Arya:

        “There will be compromise but I think Marvel has had to tell him how it’s going to be and he has to really think hard before signing on the dotted line.”


        “I think it’s Marvel wants him he hasn’t said yes and he may turn it down.”

        He has already turned Marvel down twice. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned them down a third time. I’d love to see him coming to Marvel but if that doesn’t happen, I’ll always have his other movies to watch.

      • AryaMartell says:

        I didn’t realize Joaquin’s turned Marvel down twice. I think he’s going to hear Marvel out and then say no. Joaquin would be a great fit for Marvel but I don’t think Marvel’s a good fit for Joaquin. As sensitive as he is I just don’t think he would do well with this…and that’s okay. Look at the toll it has taken on Chris Evans and some of the other actors who are awesome but you can tell this type of movie role and everything it comes with is taxing. It’s tough. Joaquin is a great choice no one will deny that but I think it would be too much for him. But he does have my support if this is what he wants to do although I don’t think it’s a good idea for him on a personal level and the potential conflicts it could cause with Marvel.

      • Eve says:

        @ Arya:

        He was approached for the role of Bruce Banner (Louis Leterrier said so in an interview I read ages ago) back when they announced they’re going to reboot Hulk, the character, as part of Phase 1 (with The Incredible Hulk).

        According to Leterrier, Norton was always *HIS* first choice but he thought he’d say no, so he asked Phoenix while Norton was mulling over choosing to do it or not (Phoenix flat out said no, like, there weren’t even “talks” or negotiations). In the end, it was Norton…

        The second time was back when they fired Norton just weeks before The Avengers started shooting. He, again, declined.

        P.S.: I know all that because Bruce Banner/Hulk is my favourite character (ever since I was a little girl) so I read almost every single article that came out when Marvel announced Phase 1, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers.

      • AryaMartell says:

        I can see Joaquin as Bruce Banner. I thought at one point Joaquin and Edward Norton were friends. I figured that Norton would be warning him away if that were the case.

  13. lunchcoma says:

    I’m a little concerned with this choice for the reasons you mention. I think he’ll be great from an acting point of view, but I suspect he’ll tire of promotions and mandatory charity gigs, and I can picture him balking at doing sequels and cameos. Marvel seems to want actors who will happily shill and keep their noses clean, and I’m not sure to what extent Joaquin is on board with agreeing to that for the next decade.

  14. Hissyfit says:

    He looks the part of a strange doctor. Lol. He’s a good actor. I loved him in “Her”.

    • Eve says:

      And I’ve loved him in everything. The man is brilliant. Marvel, please don’t let me down. Grab him before anyone else does!

      P.S.: Dr. (Stephen Vincent) Strange is actually a sorcerer (used to be a physician, but after an acciddent he can no longer operate).

  15. Lilacflowers says:

    Now, onto the villains and colleagues. Can they please find a place for Oded Fehr and Pedro Pascal in the MCU? And more stuff for Idris Elba’s Heindahl to do,

    • Eve says:

      I can find a place for Oded Fehr and Pedro Pascal in my sex tape. Does that count? I can’t pay much but we could work a back-end (ha!) deal.

  16. Pamela says:

    Hmmm… I love him. I think he is a great choice, but agree that he is not so big on promotion etc.

    I think he may be fine with a multi-movie deal because he seems to be working less lately. I think that is by choice–he makes movies when he WANTS to. This role will bring in so much $, he can sit back and only take the teeniest most artsy film roles every 3 years if he wants after this.

    Also–he won’t likely miss out on passion projects because he is at the level where if they want him, they will work around the Marvel schedule.

    I hope I am right–because god knows, Marvel is going to have an iron-clad contract. He is not going to get out easy if he changes his mind.

  17. betsy says:

    I think they wanted Cumberbatch but when he moved his Hamlet to 2016 that put the kiss of death on that. I;d have loved to have seen Cumberbatch in the role but I know I;d have resented it too. I love seeing him play lots of different roles so once he’d have had to drop roles for Strange I;d have got very resentful about it. I think its all worked out for the best but I;m sure there will be some fun and games between Marvel and Phoenix.

    If playing Strange meant I wouldn’t get to see Cumberbatch live on stage next year I’ll take Hamlet any day.

  18. Juniperus says:

    I’m a total Cumberbitch but I honestly think that Joaquin Phoenix is a much better choice for this role. Dr. Strange stories (once you get past the origin tale of him overcoming his own arrogance) tend to be really trippy and hallucinatory. Like REALLY. And I think Phoenix can probably handle that metaphysical angle extremely well.

    For the promotional stuff, IDEK. I think he could carry it off.

  19. Innie Outie says:

    *sits back, stacks on popcorn and prepares to watch (a certain part of) Cumberbatch fandom*

    • Eve says:

      I don’t think they’ll show up — or I hope they won’t. They would have though…had Kaiser used Cumberbatch’s picture in the thumbnail/headline.

      • Innie Outie says:

        Noooo but I enjoyed watching some of them raging at Marvel for not wanting to shift their schedule to accommodate for Benny! *pouts and throws popcorn at Eve*

      • Eve says:

        Really? LOL! AS IF Marvel would shift their schedule to accommodate anyone (that isn’t called RDJ).

        Throw more…I haven’t had lunch.

      • Innie Outie says:

        But you obviously know nothing, John Sn.. Erm, Eve! Ben is the biggest star of them all, EVERYONE must be willing to bend over backwards to accommodate for him.

        And how do you like your popcorn – salty or sweet? I’ve got a couple of buckets of each. And I promise not to aim at eyes or ears 😛

      • Eve says:

        Stop trying to conjure them!

        Eh, that’d be salty but you took too long to throw so I prepared myself some cocoa (am drinking it right now — with crackers).

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Eve, would you like some peach raspberry pie and some iced tea?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Innie Outie, I’m staying out of that fray but watching from afar through a telescope while sipping a vodka & tonic.

      • Eve says:

        @ Lilacflowers:

        Sounds delicious, but I already ate. But thank you anyway.


      • icerose says:

        Obviously no one here is reading their Telegraph and Daily Mail. There is no role that the cucumber (sorry it’s catching) cannot play. According to one reporter (I will not call her a critic because she was drooling at the mouth through out the article) Cucumber would have been superior to the one dimensional Fassbender if he had been given the EPPS role in 12 yrs. I am not even a big Fassy fan but I was pretty impressed with his EPPS.
        I also heard if he concentrates hard enough he can produce the hormones require to give him the right attributions for all the women’s roles as well. And because he was a people person who wanted everyone to be able to access his Hamlet he signed with a theatre which not only raised the tickets prices but the membership fees as well.
        Sorry feeling very ratty today and needed a good snark.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Oh dear, ice rose, now you’ve done it! He was in that 12 years movie and he stole it. Fassy? Gassy wasn’t in that, was he? (Personally, I was too mesmerized by Paul Dano’s performance to notice others.) Why he could have played all the parts, including Chiwetel’s, brilliantly. Lupita owes him her Oscar. Of course, if he had played all the parts, they would be indistinguishable from his character in August, Osage County, Parade’s End, Star Trek, War Horse, and Atonement. I must now go pull splinters fromy fingers.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @icerose, no problem sis, snark away 😛 By the way, re: The Imitation Game reviews – they are coming in from Telluride now. You might want to check out Indiewire – they ran 2 reviews – and Variety. Critics seem to agree that Cumberbatch was brilliant and also Knightley’s performance was excellent, but the film itself is a bit uneven. B and B- from Indiewire, “Likely to prove more popular with general audiences than highbrow critics, this unapologetically old-fashioned prestige picture […] looks and feels like another awards-season thoroughbred for U.S. distrib Harvey Weinstein” from Variety, and I had to cackle at that description 😀

      • icerose says:

        @Innie Outie I read four which were mixed-the gist seem to be that it was good solid film but nor great or exciting. One said it avoided the grittier side of his story whilst another said that it failed to adequately explain what exactly he did and concentrated more on his autistic like personality.
        They all praised Cucumber’s performance but one made reference to his having carved out a niche for playing intelligent men with odd personalities and a second said Sherlock like personality. One review said he kept it very reserved making the emotional moments more moving. So pretty good reviews. Sounds like his performance might have Oscar potential but not the film but who knows what else is coming up.
        Indie wire gave it B/B- Rosewood got a C- .By comparison 12 YRS and Only Lovers Left Alive got A’s and Dallas Buyers Club a B.

      • Lea says:

        Still bitter about Benedict’s career I see. Be careful, bitter isn’t a good look.

    • J says:

      What is even the point here? Bringing in needless drama presumably from somewhere else I’m guessing you can simply avoid?

      Fandoms having obnoxious people in them is certainly nothing new; try looking in your own fandom backyards. Done with CB for now, I think, this is so childish.

      • Innie Outie says:

        @J: Isn’t the fact that Cumberbatch was rumoured for Dr. Strange part mentioned by the OP in the original post? Doesn’t this make it legit to discuss how his extra-zealous fans might react to him supposedly not getting the part? Do CB rules mandate that we discuss only things that are happening here on CB?

        As for “looking in your own fandom backyard” – I always do, and always directly state my opinion on the matter on CB (see for example the thread on Ben’s ALS challenge), so no need to worry about my objectivity 😉

    • Katie says:

      I should just ignore all this but icerose the membership prices have been the same for at least the last 2 years:

      I prefer my personal bashing to be at least factual

      • icerose says:

        @Katie Sorry It sounds as if you are right .I was told on a theatre where people were Barbican members sight that they were put up just after the announcement he would be perfroming . Plus someone else mentioned it on another forum.They also said the prices were put up for his performance. Certainly it was more expensive than Antigone and they did release a substantial amount of tickets to other agencies. My understanding is that the Barbican is subsidised as well

      • icerose says:

        I was not bashing him personally-more the OTT media coverage which has surrounded him recently but I might have phrased it badly. Most theatre productions with well known actors in them are either broadcast live or available on line so continually quoting his I want the people to see it just reeks of PR/Media hype. And some of the recent articles about him were not only banal but insulting to other actors.

      • Katie says:

        Not a lot of reviews coming out of Telluride for anything, I noticed that too. It’s small though, I’d wager you’re right on TIFF, icerose.

        He’s always been upfront about theater accessibility, tbh, going back to at least 2010, and I’m sure some people prefer live. It also doesn’t appear the Barb is subsidized anymore. I thought the prices would be higher so I’m not the best person on that end of it LOL.

        Honestly, he’s major clickbait, so I don’t think it matters what he or his PR want. His PR is not a huge firm or anything with notable sway.

        FYI, People need to be careful with third-party sites, some of them snagged tickets during member sales and it looks like it’s going to be an issue come attendance time.

    • icerose says:

      I am curious about the paucity of reviews coming our Telluride. Most of the big UK papers are at Venice and I am guessing a lot of press are waiting for Tiff.

      • Innie Outie says:

        I hope we shall have a separate thread for TIG, maybe tomorrow (?), where we could actually discuss the reviews and first impressions and stuff. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the film and forming my own opinion – as well as assessing how much the gut feeling I got from those reviews that I read matches what I will actually see on screen. One thing I am sure of: Ben nailed the role. Based on all the descriptions, it seems right up his alley.

      • Katie says:

        Please delete–wrong spot, sorry!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Many of the major media outlets agree not to release full reviews of a film until close to its actual release date. I’m looking forward to the film because the Enigma story has always intrigued me and the trailer looked very good. Ty Burr, one of the leading critic in this area, is going to TIFF, not Telluride, and today he listed the films he is most interested in seeing. He did include TIG but lumped it together with The Theory of Everything as classy British biopics about “big science things.” As for the actors, he wrote: “the ubiquitous Benedict Cumberbatch and the not-as-well- known- as- he- should- be Eddie Redmayne.” Burr usually gives credit and high praise to an actor where it is due but if he thinks an actor is coasting or playing the same role over and over again, he won’t hold back. So, to me, that “ubiquitous” with nothing more signals that Burr is expecting a breakthrough performance and if he doesn’t see one, he won’t be kind.

      • Innie Outie says:

        I am already lost among all the Venice and Telluride reviews I read on my Twitter feed lol. I am probably reading more European than American critics, but so far there seem to be much more reviews coming from Venice. And it seems like Inarritu’s Birdman is currently the most talked-about film. Can’t wait to see it, too!

  20. rtms77 says:

    Why they would pick him after the stunt he pulled during the Master promo is beyond me. He severely damaged his rep with the general audiences with his supposed art project and damaged the promotions for a film that was slated to do well awards wise but quickly faded into obscurity. Marvel better have a huge insurance policy on him if they do pick him.

    • Eve says:

      I don’t understand what you mean. What stunt? He merely gave an interview that SOME people found controversial — the one where he compared award seasons with a circus. Then he clarified some of his statements in a second interview. That was in 2012. And even after these interviews he was still nominated for Best Actor (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role). He didn’t campaign for it, but it was clear he wouldn’t from the get-go.

      The “art project” he did was back in 2008, when he was supposedly promoting a movie called “Two Lovers” (not The Master). It was a d*ck move on his part and he was “grounded” by the industry for good three years.

      P.S.: Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of The Master, doesn’t seem to have a problem with whatever he did either since he hired Phoenix once again to play the lead in his subsequent movie, Inherent Vice:

    • Katie says:

      Maybe they mean the festival circuit? He was awful doing the Master promo at movie fests. The director said Phoenix is a pain but it’s worth it to deal because of his talent.

      • Eve says:

        Oh, come on…he wasn’t awful. He just didn’t do what that award-crazy Harvey Weinstein wanted him to do.

        As I already mentioned a plethora of times, Phoenix doesn’t like the promotion part of anything he does — you can see how uncomfortable he looks in interviews (talks shows). Everybody knows that. It’s up to Marvel to decide if they’re willing to deal with that or not.

        Again, I still think he’ll turn them down (again). Big budget movies don’t seem to be his thing. The only “big” movie Phoenix has ever done was Gladiator.

      • Katie says:

        Not a fan of Weinstein, but that aside, Phoenix was still pretty off-putting for the Master stuff, imo. Pres confs aren’t unreasonable, and he either sat there sulking silently or just blew things off after saying he’d be there. That leaves co-workers on the hook and picking up slack while wasting the time of fans/press who showed up. It’s part of the job.

        I do think you’re right in that he’ll turn them down. He doesn’t need the part; his talent nets him quality work already.

      • Eve says:

        Fair enough.

  21. Katie says:

    I’m sure Phoenix thought the PR angle over and he’s certainly talented enough, but yeah, bad idea. The PR schedule will likely wear thin despite his initial acceptance of it, and Marvel will have a mess on their hands.

  22. bella says:

    I love this guy and I would love to see him as Dr Strange. He’s perfect for this role.

  23. LAK says:

    I’ll be so disappointed if he signs on to Marvel. These films are squeezing out other films. Not to mention pandering to lazy audience who won’t fork out for proper films then complain about the lack of variety in films.

    • Camil says:

      But Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor, his career is amazing, and a Marvel movie would be something new for him. Of course, he doesn’t need to prove nothing at this point of his life, but probably he wants some fun 😀

      • Innie Outie says:

        I was actually thinking that maybe Marvel – in addition to wanting an excellent actor to lend his talents to their universe – were actually looking for someone for Dr. Strange’s role who would sort of break their PR mould? They have lots of actors who are playing their game and doing promo tours and shilling hard – so why not use JP’s personality and unwillingness to play the game to their – and the future film’s – advantage? I am quite sure it can be done.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Innie Outie, Marvel also has a number of actors on its payroll who do very little PR. Gwyneth did PR for the first 2 Iron Man films but none for Avengers or Iron Man 3 and she doesn’t do the panels. Samuel L. Jackson basically only does the panels. Stellan Skarsgaard has been in 3 Marvel films and will be in Avengers 2 but only does the autograph sessions after the panels. Anthony Hopkins did one interview for Thor 2. Portman and Hemsworth only did a few interviews in the UK and US and the bulk of the PR for Thor 2 was handed over to Hiddleston. For Capt America 2, they dealt with Chris Evans’s anxiety and Scarlett’s morning sickness by handing much of the PR over to Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. Robert Redford wasn’t expected to do much of anything. For Guardians, it has been primarily Chris Pratt handling the bulk of it while Glenn Close and John C. Reilly and Lee Pace are nowhere to be found. Marvel will deal if Joaquin takes the role and much will depend on the co-stars.

  24. Maria of MD says:

    I like Joaquin, but I’m not sure he’s temperamentally suited to this project’s intensive demands. He could probably do something interesting, but still, he can be odd at times and that would overshadow the project. I’m more for someone who’s either underrated or up and coming, someone who needs the break/exposure. Jack Huston sounds intriguing.

  25. Marianne says:

    I don’t mind if he gets the role, but I never really saw him as a “franchise” kind of actor. I would find it odd if he actually agreed. He seems like the kind of guy who wants to be taken seriously.

  26. Lea says:

    He’s a great actor but a bad choice for Marvel.
    Can’t wait for his media PR sh%tstorm.