Daryl Hannah has been dating Neil Young for months, Crosby calls her a ‘predator’

Here’s a celebrity cheating scandal that I’m not sure you’ll care about, but which I find rather interesting. Neil Young, 68, has been dating Daryl Hannah, 53, for months, well before he announced that he was divorcing his wife of 36 years, Pegi, 60. Daryl and Neil presumably met in activist circles, and made a documentary together for Greenpeace. The two were spotted out yesterday with their arms around each other and kissing. (E! Online has those photos in a video about this story.) People has this story, along with some on-the-record shade from his former bandmate, David Crosby. Crosby called Hannah a “poisonous predator”! Really:

“They’ve been dating for months,” a source tells PEOPLE, adding that Young’s marriage had recently been troubled. “They’ve taken no effort to even hide it. He recorded a new album a few weeks ago, and she was on Skype the entire time, giving him feedback on every take. He even told people in the studio she was his ‘girlfriend.’ ”

The music industry was rocked when it learned Young and his wife were splitting. The couple had been together for so long and through so much, including recording, touring and raising a son with cerebral palsy โ€“ which inspired their popular annual Bridge School Benefit concerts.

But some paying attention weren’t surprised he was with actress-turned-activist Hannah, with whom he collaborated on an environmentalist documentary for Greenpeace about the Alberta Tar Sands.

“They’ve appeared at many, many protest rallies together over the past year,” the insider says. “The fans have known about this for months.”

Young’s former musical partner, David Crosby (of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young) also alluded to Hannah being partly responsible for Young’s divorce in an interview he gave the Idaho Statesman that ran Monday.

“I happen to know that [Young] is hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now,” Crosby said in the interview. “And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love tossed in the gutter.”

[From People]

Crosby is probably pissed because Young is the sole holdout for a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion tour. Right now there’s just a CSN tour and Crosby has admitted that he’s waiting for Young to call him and say he’s game to rejoin the band. Except Young has got a new girlfriend and Crosby doesn’t approve, obviously. Crosby also told The Idaho Statesman that he’s not about to follow Young’s lead and leave his wife. He said “I’ve been with my wife 37 years, and I’m in love with her. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

CSNY formed in 1968 so these guys have been bandmates for over 45 years. Their wives might be friends too. Of course it’s possible that Young and his wife were separated when he started seeing Hannah, except his old friend doesn’t seem to see it that way. He’s like “You’re going to get hurt, dude. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Neil with his wife in January of this year.
Neil Young GRAMMY Week Honoring

56th GRAMMY Awards

Photocall for 'Sights Of Death'

photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Size Does Matter says:

    From JFK Jr. to Neil Young. Interesting life choices, Ms. Hannah.

    • Ag says:

      did she date jfk jr? crazy.

      • Pager90 says:

        She dated him for years, they were quite the item and the couple were often said to be contemplating engagement.
        One book about John has it, that he went to Jackie at one point and said he loved D.H. and wanted to get engaged to her. Rumors still float around in Kennedy lore,that Jackie talked him away ,from popping the Question to D.H.
        Jackie supposedly told JFK JR. She felt he should NOT marry Darryl, she would hurt his future image in politics if he ever decided to run. She felt D.H. was flakey and not cut out for the role, but on a personally level some of the tabloids reported she really did like D.H as a person, She felt she was sweet, BUT not right for her son as far as being a wife.

        Some tabloid reports theorized that his initial attraction to Carolyn Bessette was because at the time she was similar physically to D.H. but that just seems like a theory because he had also dated a few other blonde, thin types.

        The girl that many tabloids said Jackie hit it off great with,whom JFK Jr. Dated was a lady named Julie.

      • bella says:

        yes, he not only dated JFK jr. but he was deeply in love with her and wanted to married her according to multiple news reports at the time.
        jackie O AXED that from EVER happening…
        and JFK jr. was reported to be heartbroken…
        until he met carolyn bessette…who gave him such a hard time…he had to marry her!
        this was after jackie O’s death, but again it was reported that jackie would have approved given carolyn’s pure bred connecticut upbringing.

        sad that this old bird would leave his wife of so many years for another woman. that never sits well with most people.
        poor daryl used to be lovely, but certainly didn’t age well and the horrible plastic surgery did her no favors.
        she’s bat crazy, too.

      • Pager90 says:

        I saw her arrive at Jackies apartment in NYC when Jackie died or about to die. I remember hundreds of people were crowding in front of Jackies apartment and many of the Kennedy’s , Jackies sister Lee and very close friends were coming in to see her just before she passed away or just after. Daryll Hannah was stunning in person when she got out of the car , very tall, beautiful naturally blonde hair back then, a good figure, not skinny, just slim with a shape actually and John briefly came out to bring her in. They seemed very sweet with each other. They may have been just close friends at that point, but it seemed like more the way he was with her. Protective.
        I remember the woman standing next to me in the crowd said ,how beautiful D.H, was in person but too bad she didn’t know enough to wear underwear in public. It appeared she wasn’t wearing undergarments of any kind, when she jumped out of the car…..her outfit wasn’t see through, but you could see she had no bra and it looked like maybe back then she had maybe a invisible thong or no undies underneath. Maybe that’s what Jackie meant by D.H. Being flakey , in the past when she advised John supposedly not to marry her. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jo says:

        Supposedly, DH called JFK jr. to rescue her after Jackson Browne (with whom she was in a longterm relationship) after Browne allegedly physically assaulted her. Many of JB’s songs from that time period are about him pining for her.

      • Bella bella says:

        I knew Jackie back in the day and John had a very serious relationship between Daryl Hannah and Carolyn Bessette. Can’t remember her name for the life of me but she had dark hair (not blonde as Pager90 says above) and he was with her for at least 3 or 4 years. Jackie was friendly with her as well. I think her worries about Daryl were more about her being an actress and John at the time was thinking about pursuing an acting career. But Jackie dissuaded him from going that route.

      • FWIW says:

        I think Carolyn Bessette tried to transform herself into a Daryl Hannah look-a-like. Looking at pictures it seems Carolyn had darker hair and not a total blonde as she did when they started dating. Just a guess but it seems she probably knew how much JFK loved Daryl and that type of look, so she tried to copy DH. They looked similar physically with the height and the blonde long hair. Though she tried, Daryl was still more beautiful.

        Looking back now and seeing how things turned out, seems to me he should have married Daryl instead. His relationship with Carolyn seemed like a big hot mess.

      • Pager90 says:

        Bella read my post above again, I never said the girl Julie was blonde, I know she’s brunette, I just said her name was Julie. I also saw her once in NYC during the period she dated John.

        The dark haired girl John dated after Daryll H and before Bessette was named Julie Baker. The press called her a Jackie look alike. She was tall, brunette. I also saw her in person. She came into a big ad agency, I was at for a interview and the receptionist said Julie Baker and everyone stared at her, but they were already looking at her. She was dressed immaculately for the interview. She did some modeling but Rumors were that she was starting to work in PR too. She was gorgeous in the flesh. I believe she and John remained good friends until that fateful airplane flight. There were rumors that he met up with her to talk, but that was tabloid rumor so who knows?
        P.S. FWIW Yes that was the gossip in the hair salon or with her hair stylist that Carolyn Bessette wanted D.H. hair. He called them big butter chunks when talking about the color. Tabloids noted it too.

      • Betty says:

        I’m not sure about Julie Baker, but the lady that John Jr. dated for 5 years was Christina Haag. She was an inspiring actress herself and was his longest relationship. She grew upon the Upper East Side NYC with both John and Caroline Kennedy and was one of John’s housemates at Brown University. Apparently she was a favorite potential daughter in law of Jackie’s and was close to her even after she and John broke up. She wrote a tender memoir of their romance called COME TO THE EDGE. She actually came before both Darryl Hannah and Carolyn Bessette. One of the most heartbreaking moments in the book is when Christina finds out the John and Carolyn got married privately on Cumberland Island, GA. It was a place that Christina actually introduced John to when they were dating and they had romantic moments together there.

      • Pager90 says:

        Oh ok Christina Haag, yes I remember her. Wow blast from the past.
        I was always surprised John didn’t get engaged and married to her, they seem to date forever when he was younger, but maybe he still felt too young at that point.
        I didn’t know Christina Haag introduced him to Cumberland Island. She must have been crushed when she heard and saw photos of him marry there.

        Thanks for the book tip. I’m going to look for her book. You’ve got me interested.

    • Duchess of Corolla says:

      She was also involved with Jackson Browne for many years. Their relationship was tempestuous. Interesting, indeed.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And she was in a video featuring both Jackson Browne and Neil Young so she’s known Neil for a few decades.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        This is the video for Tender is the Night – very charged video.


      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        Thank you! I was pretty sure that i yet saw Hannah and Young together before

      • Bella bella says:

        @Mitch Buchanan Rocks! – Lots of hair-flipping in that video! Funny how boring videos used to be.

      • MW says:

        I have always been a huge Jackson Browne fan and a huge Neil Young fan. I remember this assault involving JB. I always thought he really cared for her and was trying not to let her leave that night, and grabbed her hand. DH had her finger broken. She called the cops. Whatever happened, she ended up with JFK, Jr., right after that. And I was really annoyed at her about that then too. JB is a really peaceful guy normally. Of course, I certainly was not there. (She had to choose between Jf K, Jr. and Jackson Browne? Poor her). Anyway, David Crosby knows and is still friends with NY, and yes they have had problems getting the whole C, S, N, and Y band together because NY just likes to do his own thing, his way, with his music (looooong story), but if David Crosby said what he said publicly about DH, I believe him. Plus, NY sobered up a couple of years ago. That can really change the dynamics of a relationship too. Whatever — it is sad, and I do not want to see NY hurt either. On the other hand, I feel bad for Pegi if she was blind-sided by this. NY does have a habit of losing interest and just walking away from things. JMHO.

      • MW says:

        I went back and looked up the facts about the Jackson Brown/Darryl Hannah alleged altercation, just in case anybody read my post, because what I read and wrote was erroneous. It was determined by the Santa Monica PD that there was no assault at all, and no crime occurred between Hannah and Browne. SMPD basically said they take domestic violence seriously, celebrity or not, so if any crime was committed, they would have prosecuted. However, no crime occurred. Also, JFK, Jr. spoke about it in an interview later and agreed with Jackson Browne! No assault ever occurred. He said a lot more too in defense of JB, but I will leave it at that. So “My My, Hey Hey”, Mr Young …

    • Sammi says:

      Don’t forget Jackson Browne.

  2. mellie says:

    My Lord she has not aged well…

    • RJ says:

      That last pic of Darryl is brutal, I think Pegi Young looks much more attractive

    • Courtney says:

      The works she’s had done is doing her no favors.

      • homegrrrl says:

        She claims to have had no work done at atall, but then starts discussing how she is autistic. Hmmm. I guess the two met while doing activist work, so hopefully they are a force. I must admit, I was so proud of a rocker being with his wife for over 6 decades, so I have to say I feel catty about Daryl Hannah, and am a bit sad about this “news”.

      • Pager90 says:

        I don’t think she’s had work done either, I think she’s just aging badly.

        I think she may have tried Botox, at some point, but zi don’t see where her face has been cut or changed shape, it looks like natural but bad aging. She has heavy lines around her eyes, I don’t see facelift or work done on her.
        I think this is how she’s aging, her skin is sagging and getting lined.
        She may have botoxed at some point but it looks like it’s gone.
        I think she always had sort of full lips, but she may have done a bit there, but maybe not?

      • Pager90 says:

        Ok I had a good look at her again in close up photos and I agree now, she’s DEFINATELY been tinkering with her face. That’s sad because DH had such a nice strong natural face and strong features ,she didn’t need to do anything, she probably would have looked much better without getting work done.

      • Sarah Nellie says:

        Major fillers in her face. Not a good job.

    • KelT says:

      Oh my. 53, really? Maybe in correlation with her activism, she refuses to use moisturizer.

    • Pandy says:

      Yeah, that was my first thought – yow!! I’m sorry he and his wife can’t make it work, but at least I see the attraction (activism etc) for DH and NY. I’m happy she’s not 25, you know?? I love NY and that would have been such a let down.

    • CTgirl says:

      She has always had somewhat heavy features and the work she has had done has just made that heaviness more obvious. She is walking proof that all cosmetic procedures aren’t beneficial.

      • Diane says:

        It looks like she took a bicycle pump to her lips in that second picture.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Interesting point had never thought of that angle before – about taking into consideration lighter vs heavier features. Candy spelling I guess would be the opposite of Daryl hannah in terms of the surgeon not taking feature size into account? It seems the surgeons of the time made her already light nose too light and the artificial pixie-tinkerbelle look is odd on an elderly lady but probably looked allright when CS was younger and first had the nosework done.

    • Kosmos says:

      Agreed. She looks older than her years. Perhaps she just spent too much time in the sun. Some people just do not age well, while others look younger. She was very pretty in the video, however.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I hope that Pegi takes him to the cleaners!

    • anon33 says:

      Excuse you? That was his wife of 40+ years, not some “old hag.”

    • Yup, Me says:

      Wait. What just happened? Old Hag? What?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      That’s kind of a harsh judgment to make. Marriages fall a part all the time. Maybe P wanted it too?

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Auntie Nicole—That was a very beotchy thing to say! His ex-wife looks very nice. Why do you assume she has had a free ride?

    • joan says:

      Yeah, the old hag’s “free ride” of having to raise a son with Cerebral Palsy and co-found a school for kids with that condition.

      That free ride.

      Evil thing to say when you have no knowledge of her life.

    • Lori says:

      Some of the detail that the mags/tabs have published are not correct. He has 2 sons with CP, from his first marriage. He left that wife and 2 sons for Peggi. Peggi was a backup singer that he had cheated on the first wife with. And he and Peggi have 1 daughter.

      • KAI says:

        What you have written is not correct.

        Neil Young was never married to Carrie Snodgress but they were in a relationship from 1971 – 1975 and they had one son together who suffers from CP. It was always rumoured that she was the unfaithful one although as a touring musician, he likely was as well.

        Pegi was a waitress, not a back-up singer and they have one son, who also suffers from CP, and one daughter together.

  4. aang says:

    weird and random. Love CSN(Y) but their voices just aren’t what they once were, the beautiful harmonizing is gone.

    • Amanduh says:

      Really?! I saw them maybe 6 years ago and it was the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard!! Brilliant musicians, all of them together and individually…

      • aang says:

        autotune maybe? because when I heard them a decade or so ago it sounded rough!

      • Amanduh says:

        Nope, honest to goodness a Capella…bawled like a baby (mind you-I was pretty baked) but it blew me away!! When David Crosby sang “Carry Me” – I don’t think there was a dry eye in the venue!
        Poo that your experience wasn’t awesome ๐Ÿ™

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Jackson Brownes albums are great but once went to see him in concert – it was all acoustic – I left my seat to go to the washroom leaving Jackson strumming away his guitar – all alone, – no band, back up singers drinking water and strumming – stayed on That seat for awhile, and left before the traffic rush. Came home and enjoyed ‘Lives in the Balance’ with my cat and had a much better time. Some artists are good live acoustically, JB wasn’t.

  5. Kiddo says:

    Neil Young is talented, but I’ve read stories where he was painted as a selfish pr!ck, in so far as considering or taking care of his band, over the years. It’s sad that a marriage that lasted 36 years is broken, but who knows what it was like?

    It’s weird to hear someone like Crosby, part of the original counter-culture (I think?), getting all wash-woman-like and clutching his pearls, but maybe he has some attachment to Neil’s wife?

    Darrel Hannah doesn’t actually look better than Neil’s wife, so I guess maybe it’s the new or different that is the attraction? Meh…

    • Josephine says:

      The comments were ridiculous – Crosby is not the one within the marriage, and I’m so sick of women being publicly outed as predators. Young is a grown man but apparently he’s just a meek victim of the big bad Hannah.

      • Lady Macbeth says:


      • Chris2 says:

        +2 !

      • Ag says:

        yeah, that was an asinine comment. young was responsible for his marriage, not hannah.

      • mimif says:

        @Kiddo, a buddy of mine was the captain/caretaker for Neil Young when he used to own this awesome old schooner, the Ragland. He was always very courteous & generous to him (and his family) and I got to tour the boat and meet him. Nice guy. I think he comes off as cranky at times as he’s opinionated & pissed off about a lot of political issues, but I thought he was great (but I’m a fan so I’m biased).

        Crosby sounds like a total blow hard; no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Hope the divorce ends up being amicable.

        ETA: all the comments about DH being a downgrade because of her looks are nauseating.

      • Jaded says:

        +10000 – and Crosby is coming off like Captain Hypocrite here. I just finished reading his autobiography and my lord he sounds like one of the sleaziest, most egotistical guys on the planet. During CSNY’s heyday, he was tempermental to the point of having fist-fights with the other band members, slept with anything and everything, treated women horribly, took enormous quantities of drugs and ended up broke and living on the street as a total crackhead, He served time in jail and has managed to crawl back to a semblance of a normal life. Good for him that he’s married to his wife of many years and has gone all sanctimonious but that doesn’t give him permission to diss someone else’s life choices. Relationships change over time. Neil Young’s a big guy, he can handle himself.

      • gefeylich says:

        THANK YOU. Hannah didn’t make promises of fidelity to Young’s wife – HE DID. Even if Hannah was trying to vamp him big time (which I doubt), a man who loves and respects his wife would say a big “NO THANKS.”

    • Kiddo says:

      @moobzillif, I think it wasn’t that he was a bad person per se, just that he would leave Crazy Horse in a lurch in terms of touring; saying he was going to and then not, his fickleness left them without paying gigs, or something like that. I don’t remember the entire story. There wasn’t a lot of consideration outside of himself, in other words.

      Darryl and the wife, in appearance, seem to be on equal ground. If he left his wife for an outside relationship, I think people are surprised because usually rock stars go for a really, really young trophy wife.

      • mimif says:

        That sucks about Crazy Horse, those guys have been with him a long time. But I guess so was his wife.

        Re: the comments, I just find it totally depressing that the value of a women’s worth is reduced to her looks. That wasn’t directed to you btw, you at least had a tactful way of approaching it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris2 says:

        He played in Ireland recently with Crazy Horse, so maybe all’s forgiven. Dayum, I wish I could’ve afforded a ticket.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t know…I think perhaps Crazy Horse members could be jealous of the fact that he can play shows with them or solo.

        I saw him recently at the Kodak/Dolby theater solo and acoustic, and it was truly amazing. Hearing “Ohio”, “Southern Man” and “Old Man” etc. live gave me goose bumps. If it had been a NY and CH show, I might not have heard those amazing songs.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Tiffany :), that could be, or he screwed them over, or it’s a combination of both. I don’t really care. I don’t hate NY but I don’t hold up him up to a level of hero worship either. So I’m not all that invested, just relaying what I read.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        …biting my tongue.

      • Kiddo says:

        Sorry Tiffany, I meant no disrespect to you. I was putting it in context. I have two ‘hippy’ guy friends who always tell me NY is a rock god, so they have the hero worship thing going. Nary a bad word is allowed. But it’s the reason I’ve read anything at all.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I don’t think its pearl clutching.

  6. Brin says:

    They are the new (old) crusty love now that Meg and Mellenkamp are over.

  7. Pager90 says:

    She’s certainly come down since JFK Jr.

    Is this Neil’s getting a younger version of his wife? The wife looks better. IMO

  8. The New Classic says:

    Ugh leaving his wife for that blonde tragedy is a complete downgrade.

  9. Gal says:

    I had no Idea Neil had split with his wife. I love, love, love him, but now I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for him. Gave up his wife for Daryl? Sad.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Why would you lose respect for someone because their marriage didn’t work out? Perhaps there was more to it and DH didn’t factor into it at all? Divorce happens, sometimes there isn’t a “bad guy” behind it.

      • Isadora says:

        Because after 36 years (!) I like to think that whatever problems they had in their marriage, they should be able to work it out? I don’t know… Maybe I’m unrealistic about it, but I always thought that if your partner has such a flaw that you simply can’t be together with him anymore, then it would show after a few years and not after half a lifetime. And if it’s not about the partner’s personality and you were in love for 30+ years, what’s so big that you can’t work it out with a person you’ve know for that long?

        Except a new partner of course.

  10. Birdix says:

    So Darryl Hannah is the 50-something version of Leann Rimes now?

    • Julie says:

      “So Darryl Hannah is the 50-something version of Leann Rimes now? ” lol

    • Courtney says:

      hahaha YES!

    • Sarah says:

      Yucky thought but I think you may have hit the nail on the head there. But at least Neil has some potential for generating income (unlike Eddie).

      • gefeylich says:

        Oh my God. Hannah didn’t wreck Young’s marriage – HE DID. SHE isn’t married to his wife! If he were such a good guy he would have turned Hannah down and gone home. Jeebus – put the blame where it belongs, be it on Young, Cibrian, Brad Pitt or whoever.

      • Isadora says:

        Yes, but the same can be said about LeAnne and she gets the blame all the time.

        And while the comparison is funny and probably not all that wrong, the thought of Neil Young being the old version of Eddie is nauseating.

      • Pager90 says:

        Yes blame the guy. D.H. Isn’t married. I’m not totally defending her , but HE deserves some blame he’s the one who tipped out on his wife.

        I kinda like D.H. She just seems like a hippie free spirit. Maybe he told her it was over with the wife before they started?

  11. MsMercury says:

    This struck me as so odd but then I realized they might have a lot in common. Daryl seems like a fun girl who is a little out there (not in a bad way) and he is still a rockstar. I feel bad for NY wife though but I’m sure she will be fine money-wise.

    I really like David Crosby though, he did a interview with Howard Stern a while back and seems like a nice guy.

  12. Hillshmill says:

    She was dating Rami Jaffee, keyboardist for the Wallflowers and Foo Fighters last I heard.

  13. smee says:

    Interesting! I was totally creeped-out when I saw that photo of DH being overly affectionate with him. Looks like a “retirement fund” relationship for her. Sad to see such a long lasting union get destroyed. You can’t be young again, Neil.

    • Pager90 says:

      Darryl was always a trust fund girl, despite her hippie, free spirit nature, She came from Big Buck$ some reports say her stepfather was a Billionaire, she also received a huge inheritience. She’s loaded both her father and step father mainly was loaded and politically connected to Chicago politics. That’s one reason Kennedy’s didn’t mind her around, she was basically from a society, moneyed background, she’s from mid west wealthy society.

    • Jayna says:

      Daryl is a hippie girl who has a fancy tepee out in the middle of nowhere on her property where she built her house. She likes to stay in it and lived in it when building her home. It’s not about the money. Companionship I guess. They have their environmental causes in common It is odd the way she is hanging all over him for the cameras.
      Funnily enough, when Neil met his wife, when she was young and a carefree thing, she was living in a tepee.

      • Pager90 says:

        Oh my…..he likes ladies who live in tepees.

        I remember seeing D.H. interviewed,talking about how much she loved her tepee.

  14. Tig says:

    I’m in a rush, and God knows my memory is shot- but didn’t he have a disabled son with Carrie Snodgrass decades ago? I knew that she was raising him pretty much on her own, and I think she died when her son was in his late teens. Whoever the father was- he reportedly was zip help.

    Another case of love the music, not necessarily the musician. Wonder if this will resurrect the Jackson Brown saga?

    • sqs says:

      You are right, he did father Carrie’s son. It is well known and documented that he and Pegi have had an open relationship for ages, though.

      • Tig says:

        Rush over- glad some brain synapses can still fire-thanks for the confirmation! Now did he also leave her high and dry when they split?

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Young’s son with Carrie Snodgrass has cerebral palsy. His son with Pegi also has cerebral palsy and their daughter has severe inherited (from him) epilepsy. His marriage with Pegi began after the relationship with Carrie ended.

  15. tinyfencer says:

    Not to defend them, because they both seem gross, but absolutely nothing in any of these quotes indicates that Crosby thinks Young cheated with Hannah, merely that she is taking advantage of him now. It is entirely possible that Young and his wife were separated when he and Hannah began seeing each other.

    Having said that, I fully agree with all of you that Hannah is a downgrade in the looks department from Young’s ex-wife. Her face looks painful.

  16. Ginger says:

    I’m a fan and I didn’t know about this. So source, fans have known for a while hmmm??? I’ve been to see Neil live and I’ve been to a few of the Bridge School benefit concerts as well. I’m really shocked. I have always heard Neil speak of his wife in such glowing terms. Just sad. I’m curious to see how this is going to play out. Did Crosby call her a predator because she was chasing a married man? Or is he just pissed at Neil for leaving his wife? I’ve lost some respect for Neil and I hope that his wife gets a good settlement.

  17. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    I used to live near the Youngs’ ranch in Northern California. If you watch his “Harvest Moon” video, you get the drift. The Youngs helped found The Bridge and put their hearts and souls into it and the disabled kids who go there, not just their own. Not saying Neil Young is a selfless saint because he’s not, nor am I. Am saying that the Youngs were a team for decades. They were strong.

    Darryl Hannah is not an upgrade in any sense.

    • Jayna says:

      I know. They were so solid as a couple and united and there for each other. It’s just shocking that they made it this long and through so many ups and downs and still seemed to love each other and at this age break up.

  18. Jen says:

    Ever since Daryl started messing with her face, she increasingly looks like a husky man in bad drag. Add that baby-doll voice of hers to the mix and it’s just all kinds of weird. Agree totally that his wife is much more attractive. Crosby is right; he’s going to regret this.

  19. Chris2 says:

    Yikes, but do shut up, Mr Crosby! Totally biased Neil Young fan here, and rather him than Jackson Browne any day. Even so, I hope this isn’t a bolt from the blue for the wife, like Jo Wood went through.
    As the man said, ‘only love can break your heart’. ๐Ÿ™

  20. lunchcoma says:

    Oh dear. Both about the relationship and about Crosby’s reaction to it. There’s nothing that makes people dig their heels into a bad choice like being criticized publicly for it, and those comments probably just added a few months to the relationship’s lifespan.

  21. Belle Epoch says:

    Team Crosby, actually. Neil is an old fool who kicked a good wife to the curb. To me it sounds like Crosby feels bad for the wife and thinks Neil is being a jerk.

    • Haolebunny says:

      Same here. Besides, Croz commented on the fact that he is with a poisonous predator now, he didn’t say that Young cheated with DH. Team Croz all the way.

    • Beatrice says:

      That’s how I interpret it. No one knows what really happened, but that “predator” comment may mean that DH pursued him–you know that men can really lose a grip on reality when a beautiful, famous woman is after them. NY really seems like a cranky old codger.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Team Crosby here too.

    • RobN says:

      Team Crosby, too. He’s always been a straight shooter and time isn’t changing that.

  22. putchka says:

    I saw a solo Neil Young at Madison Square Garden circa 1973. He sat on a stool in the middle of the stage. He was so out of it he fell off the stool. Shortly after, he dumped Carrie Snodgrass and she raised their disabled child alone. She was a promising actress: Diary of a Mad Housewife. Her career ended, he went on his merry way. Love his music, not the man.

    • Kiddo says:

      Now THIS is good gossip. Did he ever get back up on the stool? I have to go look up Carrie Snodgrass now.

      ETA: she died in 2004, was awaiting liver and heart transplant, yikes.

  23. Amy says:

    I saw Neil Young and his wife sing at Farm Aid, It was TERRIBLE. I am long time fan of Neil Young, but his wife was not a good addition to his act! That being said, I hope I don’t have to listen to DH if i ever see him again either!
    Stick with Crazy Horse Neil!

    • Lauren says:

      Pegi sang at a NY concert 4 years ago in Canada– and I still wonder why. Sometimes Pegi was drowning out Neil ! Neil was gracious enough to let her sing solo – and folks were leaving. Absolute torture.
      Pegi was touring the last year with her own band – Pegi Young and the Survivors. Consequently, Pegi and Neil were rarely together. I wonder if this is when Daryl became close with Neil.
      Divorce is very sad, but who knows what truly transpired in this marriage. Neil seems pissed off and does not want to pay Pegi alimony. This could get very ugly.

  24. Zee says:

    Kind of disappointed on Crosby for his reaction. Yes, she did a shitty thing but I ‘m sick of the women always getting all the blame in these situations….Neil has a mind of his own, is certainly old enough to know better, and was the one with a ring on his finger. No one comes off good here.

    • Isadora says:

      I agree, but to be fair: Crosby is friends with Young, so he is more likely to put the blame on the new factor (Daryl) and not his old pal. If he were friends with a woman he would probably (hopefully) blame/shade the new guy.

  25. LolaB says:

    David Crosby used to date Daryl Hannah or at least have the hots for her. He got arrested and wound up in a prison where my dad worked as a psychologist. He said one of the three people Crosby had on his visitor list was Daryl, but she never showed up on visit days.

  26. putchka says:

    My friend, the nicest & friendliest guy I know, had backstage access at Jones Beach Theater back in the day. Said Crosby was a sweetheart and Stills was an arrogant fool. BTW, Jones Beach is a great concert venue as long as it doesn’t rain. Intimate, great acoustics.

  27. roxy750 says:

    puulease….they are all adults. Do any of you know what hell can happen after that many years of marriage? “the cheese gets old and moldy”…..It’s ok to move on and try something else, you have no idea what their relationship is like. Try being married for ancient years and getting majorly old really fast and knowing you can have a heart attack at any time and all you want is something new and exciting in your boring marriage. She could have wanted to divorce him or was done with his crap too….its all good people—Lets just wish them all well—

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with you. I’m old fashioned and I believe in sticking with your marriage. I’ve been married for a long time, and I feel closer to my husband now than ever before. Kicking a spouse to the curb to try something new before you kick just makes me all kinds of pissed off.

  28. Smithblarg says:

    I love this story. I love that it brings up old gossip (i.e. JFK Jr and DH’s relationship). And I just fell in love with David Crosby (again).

    โ€œI happen to know that [Young] is hanging out with somebody thatโ€™s a purely poisonous predator now,โ€ Crosby said in the interview.

    Amazing. Also, isn’t Crosby the sperm donor for Melissa Ethridge’s kids or did I imagine that?

  29. bcgirl says:

    “a celebrity cheating scandal I’m not sure you’ll care about”

    man, this is Mini Cooper sized news in my mind. sad.
    “Harvest Moon” will never sound the same to me again.

  30. Bread and Circuses says:

    Joni Mitchell had some delicate shade to throw at David Crosby’s tendency to insert himself into other (more successful) people’s narratives, especially if the press is paying attention.

    From Malka Marom’s biography of Joni:
    “When I went to receive it, David Crosby was up there and he’s going, “I’ll tell you what a good songwriter Joni Mitchell is, man. When we came back from Woodstock, talking about it, and two days later she had a song written from what we said.”

    And I went, “I didn’t get that from what you said.” Already he’s tailgating on it. Crosby had nothing to do with the writing of “Woodstock”.”

  31. Hautie says:

    When I originally read about this relationship. I thought I had read the name, Vince Neil. hahahaha! And was having trouble believing that Vince Neil left his wife.

    Then today… I see it is actually Neil Young. Thank goodness. For I was wondering what the hell happen, to make Vince Neil to give women with big hooters.

  32. Diane says:

    Well, it looks like Crosby just turned DH into Yoko. My guess is after what was said, NY will never tour with him again.

  33. P.J. says:

    “Purely poisonous predator”

    Oooooh…Is Darryl actually like her ‘Kill Bill’ character in real life????

    No, but seriously, the rumors of Neil cheating on his wife of THIRTY SIX YEARS with Hannah have been going on for months now. The whole thing is just very sad and seemingly awful :/

  34. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Neil’s flipped his lid.
    Old man take a look at your life.

  35. Lia says:

    He looks like Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers.

  36. Veronica says:

    Ah, I see. Even though *he’s* the one that’s married, DH is the “predator” in that situation. Men are never responsible for their part, apparently. 9_9

  37. UmamiMommy says:

    Team Carrie Snodgress. My only hope is that this scandal will revive interest in Diary of a Mad Housewife so that it will finally get the Bluray release it deserves.

  38. Jayna says:

    This is devastating. I don’t judge much on affairs and breakups. But I am a huge fan of his and have read a lot over the years. Their one child is severely disabled, a quadriplegic, with cerebral palsy. She has devoted her life to their family and him. Both of them were very active in the school they set up for the profoundly disabled because of having a son so impacted by disability.

    She has been his rock all these years. The man is a workaholic, always recording, always touring, and she gave his life the stability it needed for him to be able to do that. He has publicly proclaimed his love for her all the time and what she has meant to him. He has written songs about her. She was there for him when he had his brain aneurysm. They both are great parents and loving to Ben and their healthy daughter, but Pegi was the one who was always home with Ben. She has given interviews on how their marriage survived all these years and her love for him. As her family became more stable and grown, their adult disabled son with a little business and full-time care-givers that they consider family, it gave her time in the later stage of her life to start writing again and recording music and doing little tours or performances. She isn’t some boring older wife. She’s always been interesting and a strong woman he relied upon. She toured often with him, unless couldn’t because of family when younger, etc.,, and Ben, as disabled as he is, tours with him. He is so proud of his son. They have a great daughter also together

    This is not a marriage that wasn’t grounded. They had a lot of love and deep respect for one another. From what I can tell, this affair with Daryl has been going on quite a while, not just a few months before the separation. The worst thing is in those photos is how she is hanging all over him, not vice versa, knowing the camera is on them, like marking her territory. I read on a music blog Pegi has a new album coming out and titles to the songs makes sense now about loneliness, etc.

    Daryl was a beauty, a stunner, when younger, but her fillers and lips are gross now. In the harsh light, where you can’t hide the effects of fish lips and fillers, you can see how distorted it makes her face.

    I find this just sad. He is a difficult man and can have a mean streak, and has admitted so. He got sober a few years ago.

    Here’s some comments in a 2012 and from his book published in 2012. If you want to read a fascinating book, read his, Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream.” But in his book, his love for Pegi is so evident. That’s what makes this so odd.

    “He decided to do it sober after talking with his doctor about a brain that had endured many youthful pharmaceutical adventures, in addition to epilepsy and an aneurysm. For someone who smoked pot the way others smoke cigarettes, the change has not been without its challenges, as he explains in his book: โ€œThe straighter I am, the more alert I am, the less I know myself and the harder it is to recognize myself. I need a little grounding in something and I am looking for it everywhere.โ€

    “Of all the obsessions that live on the thousand acres of his ranch, the family is the one that enables all the rest, he said.”

    “But family life โ€” a complicated, challenging one โ€” suits and calms him. Young says much of his current battle is to be a person good enough to be worthy of his familyโ€™s love.”

  39. sauvage says:

    I’m pissed. This is one of the rare cases where I take a celebrity splitdeeply personally.

    I would have thought you knew better, Neil.

    Thanks, Crosby.

  40. Lis says:

    Ewwww. That’s all I have.

  41. john says:

    If Young is down with the environment – why would he go for a woman with fillers and plastic surgery? Guess he’s not the BPA-free variety environmentalist.

  42. Juana says:

    My guess is that it’s the autism bond or at least the neuro-atypical bond. Long live Shakey and Flakey.