LeAnn Rimes joined Brandi Glanville’s Pilates studio, Brandi calls her a stalker


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes from last weekend. She was at LAX. I just never got around to publishing them. LeAnn and Eddie were also out and about yesterday, apparently shopping for more “gifts” for Eddie – you can see those photos here. LeAnn let Eddie take some kind of sports car for a test drive. Poor trophy husband wants a new sports car! How will he ever be able to pick up random girls in last year’s sports car?! As for all of the tabloid gossip about LeAnn… it’s actually been relatively quiet recently, despite the fact that LeAnn and Eddie were begging for attention with their VH1 series (which was all about their personal lives, not their careers, how shocking). But LeAnn is still so narcissistic, she had to tweet about all the “rumors”:

If you combine OK! Magazine and The National Enquirer’s stories that they’re “investigating” this week you get…Eddie doesn’t want to have kids with me so he’s been cheating on me since April & we’re headed for that 50 million dollar divorce we were gonna go through almost a year ago. I’m sure there’s aliens involved in it too, but we only get told bits and pieces #nextweekstabloids #there’syourquoteforyourdeadline #bothownedbythesamecompany #synergy #alwaysintheknow #thatwasfun

[From LeAnn’s Twitter]

So… yeah, whatever. I think if you’re doing a reality show about your personal life and revealing when you go off birth control and all of that, you can no longer complain about tabloid interest in your life. Maybe that’s just me.

Meanwhile, something else happened this week. LeAnn started taking Pilates at a new gym:

What’s so controversial about that? I’m so glad you asked.

Yes, LeAnn is STILL stalking Brandi. LeAnn has even followed Brandi to the same Pilates studio. #singlewhitefemale


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Size Does Matter says:

    Wow, now that’s just wrong. I’m quite positive there is more than one Pilates studio in their area.

    • Tracy says:

      There are hundreds and LeAnn drove an hour to go to this small studio. #stalker

      • Size Does Matter says:

        The hair, bags, scarves, etc. have been bad enough, but this? Where they could be there at the same time? It is an intimate setting, Pilates is a very mental exercise, and you need to feel comfortable, safe, and not distracted when working out. It’s so far over the line.

      • Tracy says:

        Yeah, all the past SWFing was weird but this is downright creepy and dare I say scary? Why won’t someone around her tell her how crazy her actions are?

        And Ed is the biggest piece of sh!t ever. Such a little man for allowing all of this to happen.

      • Maria says:

        seriously nutso. Pilates studios in california are like tanning salons in jersey…they are everywhere. Leann you crazy!

        I really liked this salon in my husband’s hometown but I found out his ex is besties with the owner and since his ex hates me, i wouldnt trust anyone there not to mess up my hair out of spite. I feel like tiny pilates studios are the same way

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Tracy- the documentation out there of her SWFing is downright frightening. After I stumbled on this, all I could think of was how incredibly immense her degree of self- loathing must be. If she weren’t such a vile, horrible person, I might feel sorry for her…buuuut, I don’t.


      • FLORC says:

        Yes, there are always many studios, but there’s always a few that stand out.
        The 1′s better than the rest for a specific instructor, machines, environment.
        Brandi is being a child here and I usually defend her.
        Did she pee on the studio to mark that it’s hers?
        Did she call “dibs” and put a “no Leanns” sign outside?

        These ladies need to grow up and realise there will be run ins and it’s not on purpose. And if it is? Brandi needs to take the high road and stop the namecalling, accusations. It only feeds into what Leann wants. And Brandi knows this.

      • Byte Me says:

        That crazy woman drove all the way to Studio City where the pilates studio is located from Hidden Hills which had to take at least an hour. Crazy !!

      • Tracy says:

        @FLORC I strongly disagree with you on this one. She drove an hour to small pilates studio that she more than likely knew Brandi has been going to for years. Not only that but she called the paps out there to snap picks. That is strange behavior. Something is seriously wrong with her.

      • Size Does Matter says:


        No, I totally disagree. Pilates moves, equipment, and machines are basically the same. Maybe this is a great instructor, but I’m sure there are plenty of other great ones, too. 12 years is a long time to build a relationship with an instructor. It must be awkward for her, too.

      • FLORC says:

        Well, we’ll all have to agree to disagree. I’ve traveled to go to really good satellite tudios before. You hear great reviews for the instructor or environment and you check it out. This is more common than you might think. You can have a sea of great instructors in your area, but there’s always a few that get the attention for whatever reason.

        And the equiptment and teaching style does vary. It varies a lot! I cannot stress this point enough. In some cases it’s the make or break factor for how new/sturdy the equiptment is and what a studio offers. Even if it’s just a complimentory water and towel it makes people drive further and pay more to go there.

        Having said all that i’m certified instructor for trx. I see people enter a satellite location often that heard good things or came because the equiptment is better.
        You can say they’re all the same, but there’s always a place more trendy.

        And maybe Leann is stalking her. It doesn’t invalidate my points in the slightest.

      • littlestar says:

        Florc, I completely understand what you are saying. I go to one yoga studio only, because the owner/main instructor there is just fabulous and I feel so comfortable in her class. I followed her when she opened up her own studio. Thankfully, it is not far for me to drive to from home. That said though, I think this really is a case of Leann SWFing Brandi again.

        Why oh WHY doesn’t Eddiot put a stop to this already? It’s embarrassing for both him and Leann and just down right UNHEALTHY! GET LEANN SOME HELP EDDIOT!!!

      • anne_000 says:

        @FLORC I disagree. I truly believe LR knew that was BG’s studio of 12 years. I truly believe LR went out of her way, an hour away from her home, just to creep the hell out of BG by going to this tiny studio in the hopes that her chances of being in BG’s eyesight would be very good. I doubt LR’s intentions was just about getting a good workout. And I seriously doubt this was the only and best studio in all of LA county that LR had no choice but to go there.

      • Michele says:

        Agree she’s stalking PER USUAL. I think she’s starting to lose it and I’ve heard the studio asked her to not come back

      • DrMrsTheMonarch says:

        I understand that there may only be a few top-notch studios or whatever, but LeAnn should have more sense and human decency than to go there.

        There is no possible way that this is in any way good for Eddie and Brandi’s children, who LeAnn claims to love so very much. Who cares about Brandi – this is about keeping the peace with the mother of the children whose father you cheated with in a public way.

        In my book, if you can possibly help the children of your husband, who divorced the children’s mother because of you, you should do it if you can. She can, but she goes out of her way to hurt Brandi, which cannot be good for the kids.

        LeAnn, who brought so much pain and uncertainty into these children’s lives, could do the right thing here, but chooses not to, and chooses to dump more pain on them.

        And Eddie isn’t much of a father for allowing this. His kids obviously don’t come first.

      • FLORC says:

        As much evidence/coincidence/general admission that Leann is SWFing Brandi I can’t stray from my point. Some places are just better than others.
        Sometimes the best place you just found out about is where youe worst enemy goes. I’m trying to say I think it’s a mix I don’t think it’s only out of stalking. Looing into that Studio they are pretty amazing.

        And a part of me wonders if Leann is trying to provoke Brandi for her show/self promotion drama. Not stalking so much as that. And Brandi is playing into it. She knows better by now that the best way to deal with Leann is to ignore her. Maybe they’ve reached some kind of agreement in this? And often i’m a Brandi defender, but this makes me gve her a big side eye. She’s playing this game as much as Leann and Eddie are. So much to the point I wondering if Leanna got a newsletter about that studio from Brandi… *adjusts tin foil hat*

        Last, Eddie. Is Eddie leaving seeds of doubt in Leann’s mind that Brandi is what she should emulate? He’s an awful man it seems.

        Once you find that amazing instructor you cling to them. My beloved spin/yoga instructor teaches all over and I try to get as many of her classes in as possible. Her following is huge and her energy is unmatched imo. Anyone else can teach exactly what she does, but she makes it fun with energy.

        So, if that studio has thta kind of instructor I have no question Brandi played a very small roll in this.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. She’s obsessed with Brandi.

      • Rita says:

        When Eddie leaves the house in the morning, LeAnn asks what his plans are to which Eddie replies.

        “Going to look for some random to bang”, to which LeAnn replies:

        “Good luck honey, I hear Brandi’s going grocery shopping so if you need me I’ll be dressed up as a Broccoli display in the produce aisle.

        LeAnn is an obsessed and dangerous stalker. Brandi’s children are seriously in danger as is Brandi…………so is Eddie but all I have to say about that is “More tea?”

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Broccoli display- ridiculously funny! I can’t stop giggling!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Lol, Rita. I think you’ve got it!

      • betty says:

        Leann certainly is. She has a gym in her house why would she go out at all. Poor woman I guess it is hard when you try to walk in another womens shoes. It shows she got the gigilo but she can’t duplcate the life. Her insecurities are immense, She has Brandi leftover husband , friends and no kids of her own. Eddie is a jerk, he stays because of the perks being employed is an option with him and Leann buys him all the toys he wants. I feel sorry for her if I had to keep a man by catering to his whims I would be insecure too.

    • Kosmos says:

      Okay, even if there are very special things about this particular studio, under the circumstances, Leann should never infringe upon Brandi’s territory, ever…..if she can go somewhere else, that would be the right thing to do. She doesn’t HAVE to go there, and why would she want to, knowing this is Brandi’s studio, geez…..now I am totally losing any good feelings I ever had about Leann. This is kind of ridiculous. Yes, it’s a free world, you can go where you please, but she needs to respect another person’s boundaries first and foremost. Wrong, just wrong…..

  2. TX says:

    You know LeAnn is going to tweet something like “lol I had no idea! Such a small world!”

    Poor Brandi. LeAnn can’t just leave her alone. It’s pathological.

    • Lisa says:

      Blandi is no better than Leann. They are both hasbeens thirsty for attention.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I completely agree but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s utterly insane that she *just had* to join the same pilates studio.

      • Pinky says:

        @Lisa It sounds as though you have never been stalked in your life. It’s scary and it’s serious, especially as it escalates. If Leann doesn’t want that label, she needs to tone down her obsessive parroting and “following” of all-that-is-Brandi. If I were Brandi, I would have gotten a restraining order long ago, when LeAnn cut her off at her sons’ school. She probably still could get one, though the threat of danger is not obviously present, as it was then. But LeAnn is a danger to someone (herself or Brandi or the kids or others) if this is her go-to behavior. This is not normal and when it escalates even more (and judging by the current path she is on, escalation is inevitable), it will be terrifying…or worse.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think Leann is worse, but Brandi has said and done her fair share too. And she should have just ignored this, by commenting she’s giving Leann the attention she so desperately craves.

      • Sal says:

        I agree, Pinky. LeAnn is clearly a mentally unstable sociopath. BUT Brandi doesn’t seem to give a stuff about her kids welfare. I was a huge BBer, a big fan of Brandi’s. A few of us suggested to her she should get a restraining order against LeAnn for herself and to prevent her from seeing the boys – this was even BEFORE LeAnn and Eddie’s marriage. She brushed all our concerns aside, and even got aggressive with *us* like she couldn’t care less. She just waffled on as she did a year or 2 ago; oh the boys like her, I know the situation I know best yada yada etc etc. I am no longer a supporter of Brandi (in part because I believe that she is a dysfunctional neglectful mother not just things she has said ie molestation) but I truly, TRULY BELIEVE that LeAnn is a danger to not just Brandi, but to those 2 boys. I think that Brandi is so drunk half the time she doesn’t comprehend reality. Lets face it being nice has got her nowhere. The time to act was long ago. I thus believe that she deserves what she gets for being in my mind a neglectful mother. But her 2 sons sure as heck don’t deserve it. Brandi CHOSE to subject her 2 innocent children to LeAnn – they didn’t choose it. They would not be in their father’s custody 50% if Brandi had acted before, WELL AND I MEAN WELL BEFORE the marriage. You can’t tell people like Brandi. They have to find out on their own. Despite the fact she knowingly put 2 innocent children in harms way. Brandi had a choice to subject herself to LeAnn. The 2 children never did.

      • sonia says:

        Lucy2, I agree with you but jeepers, Brandi can only take so much before she has to say something, I feel bad for her. Having to send her children to be around Leanne every couple of days has to be awful. She has to be so careful to not react too much because the kids will pay for it.

      • funcakes says:

        I believe Brandi know’s exactly what she’s doing. This is only get people to follow all her shows (yes plural unlike Leann who has a cancelled show) and get publicity for her while Leann looks like the fool she is.
        If Leann was smart (insert laughter here) she would lay low, like brandi did during her Leann and Eddie debacle, so there would be no free publicity to make her show popular.
        But Leann is so in need of the spotlight every friggin minute. And everyone knows that Leann paid Eddie to show up again. Boy, she is really keeping John Varrvados in buisness. He should send her a thank you card.

      • lucy2 says:

        sonia, I agree it must be very difficult and frustrating, and by all means she should get to vent and complain about it – to her friends and family. Reacting publicly only feeds the beast that is Leann’s ego.

      • msw says:

        No one deserves to be stalked, no matter how much of an attention whore they are. Brandi’s dumbassery aside, she does not deserve this, and LeAnn needs a psych eval. Its unfair and short sighted to blame Brandj for responding to it. The blame for this belongs on LeAnn, 100%. (PS: not a Brandi Stan.)

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Just a thought about the ‘has been’ label- Leann seems to put precious little effort into putting some life into her dying career, preferring to be papped shopping, and cancel tiny engagements while searching for her oft-absent spouse.

        Brandi never was, so I’m not sure how she could be a has-been. At least she is trying actively to generate income via the trashy RH show, Trump’s idiot brigade program, her podcast (which I freely admit I like), & no holds- barred sh!t slinging books.

        It’s an entertaining, if tiring, triangle.

      • anne_000 says:

        @lisa & funcake:
        I don’t think BG wants to be harassed by LR. She doesn’t need this kind of creepy attention by LR in order for her to move on with her life. BG has way too many new things going on in her life than hope for LR stalking her some more.

    • KAI says:

      I highly doubt Brandi would have been able to secure a restraining order against LeAnn Rimes. Aside from copying her clothing, buying the same vehicle and generally annoying her via twitter, LeAnn has not really been a threat to Brandi or the children. Add to this the fact that Eddie Cibrian, the father of those children and a father who has rights regarding visitation and/or custody of those children, immediately began living with and soon married LeAnn, it would be next to impossible to get a judge to agree to keep the children away from LeAnn.

      Brandi has, for the most part, tried to take the high road in order to keep peace between LeAnn and the boys. She has said herself that she believes LeAnn loves those kids.

      Restraining orders are for women and men who are genuinely threatened by a person who may do them physical harm. LeAnn is just an entitled child who grew into a mistress/now wife who is insecure in her relationship with her unfaithful husband. Not an uncommon position to be in when you marry a known cheater.

      • Sal says:

        KAI LeAnn sat waiting outside Brandi’s son’s school. She attempted to run her over. She then sent a text message to Brandi about how she was looking forward to doing her boys’ school lunches. Not to mention forcing Brandi out of Parents Day and singing at Brandi’s son’s school for Parent’s Day even though not only did Brandi ask her not to, but LeAnn wasn’t even married to Eddie then. She was just a girlfriend. All of this was well before he was even married to LeAnn. In a couple of instances, only a year after Eddie and Brandi split, before their divorce, let alone Eddie and LeAnn’s marriage. So enough with the excuses. Any judge would have seen that and Eddie would be spending time with his kids outside of LeAnn’s house. Its been done many times before when there is a restraining order against the spouse of someone. I think trying to run her over, sitting outside her son’s school is enough for a restraining order, let alone the text message or the singing at PARENTS day as a mere girlfriend. Sorry, Brandi had ample reason to get a restraining order. She chose not to, and her boys (and her) have to suffer. She should have listened.

      • KAI says:

        I am not in the legal profession and I’m guessing you aren’t either.

        Did she really try to run Brandi over? Did Brandi call the police? Unless she did and a report was filed, it would be hard to present to a judge. Do you really think singing at PARENTS day is grounds for a restraining order?

        I am not defending LeAnn’s behaviour but I don’t believe it is grounds for a restraining order. Brandi would only be perceived as a bitter women who’s husband dumped her for another.

      • claire says:

        Sorry, Sal. Kai is right. None of that is not restraining order material. She cut her off in a parking lot. Okay, well she’d have to prove Leann was trying to cause her harm which would difficult to do. A judge would likely err on the side of accident for that. The rest wouldn’t qualify. You have to prove physical harm, or threat of physical harm. The actions seen so far, at least in public or told about, don’t at all meet that requirement. Leann’s actions are inappropriate but they’re not even remotely close to restraining order material.

      • Tracy says:

        Are you serious, Sal? I only started hearing about the LeAnn craziness about a year ago. I had never heard those stories. Wow.

      • 90sHasbeen says:


        As a victim of a stalker, unless they cause you harm or threaten you with harm and you can prove it there’s nothing to be done. LeAnn is batshit crazy but she hasn’t physically threatened Brandi. How I got out of dealing with a stalker (that b**ch was insane)…got me a concealed handgun license (TX) and posted that shit all over FB even at the gun range. She backed off then. That was a few years ago.

      • aaa says:

        @Sal and others,
        Brandi lies and exaggerates. I’m not sure if a judge would grant a restraining order over the other stuff, but IF Leann tried to run Brandi over, that’s very serious and represents a threat to Brandi and by extension her sons and Brandi should have gone after Leann criminally and gotten restraining orders – that is IF it happened.

        Brandi has carved out a nice little set up for herself where she goes to Twitter and the media and stirs things up, she makes very serious allegations, like in addition to alleging that Leann tried to run her down, Brandi said a few times that she is very worried for her children’s safety. She winds up her fans and the sympathy for her ramps up as well as the attacks on Leann, that is until the discussion moves to Brandi taking more substantive action like going to court over her “concerns,” then she comes up with excuses as to why she will not take legal action.

        I think that Brandi is a lousy person and mother, but I don’t think that she would sit by and do nothing if she genuinely thought she and her sons were in danger. I think the reason she hasn’t done anything is because many of her claims are exaggerations, if not flat out lies.

      • aaa says:

        Speaking of lying, this Pilates situation may be another one of Brandi’s lies like the Eddie wants her to pay child support whopper. There are comments above saying that the Pilates place is in Studio City. I recall Brandi talking about Pilates before and it seemed like the place she goes to is in The Valley.

        Also Leann tweeted that stories being made up, to me that is her passive-aggressive way of denying Brandi’s claim.

      • anne_000 says:

        “There are comments above saying that the Pilates place is in Studio City. I recall Brandi talking about Pilates before and it seemed like the place she goes to is in The Valley.”

        Studio City IS in “The Valley.” And far away from where LR lives.

        I don’t remember BG saying LR tried to run her over. That’s what somebody here interpreted it as, though that claim was never actually made by BG so far as I know.

      • anne_000 says:

        @Sal I don’t think one can get a restraining order just because somebody’s been mean & creepy towards you. I think it has to be more drastic. I don’t think BG said LR tried to run her over but had cut in front of her in a not-so-safe manner.

      • aaa says:

        I think of Studio City as part of Los Angeles, but you’re right it is also in the Valley, what I was thinking of something closer to her in or around Encino.

        I think Brandi has named her trainer so I will look around to see if it is this Grace person. I did not get the sense Brandi was driving a long distance in rush hour (she mentioned that she works out after dropping her kids off at school) to get to the place she goes to.

      • anne_000 says:

        @aaa I don’t know where Brandi lives but I also don’t know why one one hand, one thinks Brandi would/should go to a place in Encino rather than Studio City but then not ask oneself why LR, who lives farther east in Hidden Hills would not go to a place in Hidden Hills but would rather drive all the way to Studio City to a place where Brandi takes her classes.

        Also, Encino is so much closer to Studio City than Hidden Hills is to Studio City. As a matter of fact, if you’re in Hidden Hills going to Studio City, you’d have to drive through Encino first.

        Another thing, iirc, Brandi has lived in the SF Valley, in more than one location, for the past several years since her divorce, including the house she filmed at when she was first on RHOBH. So her going to a Studio City Pilates studio would not be such an abnormality and not out of her general location. The same though cannot be said for LR who lives farther away from Studio City & Encino.
        ” I did not get the sense Brandi was driving a long distance in rush hour (she mentioned that she works out after dropping her kids off at school) to get to the place she goes to.”

        Driving from Encino (since you believe that’s BG’s starting point) to Studio City is not such a “long distance.” It’s a “long distance” from Hidden Hills to Studio City though…

        Also, I don’t know what time Brandi goes to her classes but even with “rush hour,” imo, it would not be such a problem between those two locations since there’s different routes available.

      • Nan says:

        The studio that Brandi goes to is in Encino, and yes she has been working out there for 12 yrs, she’s good friends with the owner. LR went to the studio, the owner knew who she was and declined her membership, she doesn’t want drama, she has a right to refuse service to anyone. The studio LR ended up going to as of today is in Studio city.
        It doesn’t matter, I would be upset if brandi did this to LR as well. I would never go to the same workout place of my ex or his wife, or exwife, it’s common sense, with the type of relationship they have.

      • aaa says:

        This has veered off into a irrelevant tangent. The gist of what I’m saying is that I don’t think that the Pilates place that Leann has been tweeting about, which is in Studio City, is the same place that Brandi has been going to for the past 12 years.

        I thought that the place Brandi’s been going to is in the Encino area.

        How do you know that the owner declined Leann joining / working out at her club? As of now, I think that Brandi lied or went off half-cocked in order to stir things up and get attention, but if, as others have claimed, Leann admitted that she went to the studio Brandi’s been going to, or if there is other information, please elaborate.

      • msw says:

        @aaa, why are you always in these LeAnn threads (or in Brandi threads, bringing up LeAnn) and never anywhere else on this site? What are you trying to accomplish?

      • aaa says:

        Are you trying to create a diversion? a strawman? I said before I don’t comment on all the Leann posts and lurk on other topics, and now you try to twist things to discredit me, why is that? Are you not confident enough in your opinions that you can’t either discuss/debate the issue at hand or even ignore someone with a different pov.

        Some people are buying into this story because Leann has copied Brandi before and I understand and accept that. However, some, like me, are skeptical because Brandi has lied, misrepresented or exaggerated before.

  3. Rie526 says:

    LeAnn really needs to get a life.

  4. Samigirl says:

    My jaw seriously dropped. I don’t know why this surprises me, given her past, but it does. Let’s see how LeAnn and her “fans” justify this one.

  5. Jaderu says:

    Can they just fast forward to the hair-pulling/name-calling dramatic fight…this is way beyond the yawn stage.
    “Who are you calling a cootie queen? You lint licker!!!!!!”

  6. NewWester says:

    Considering how much Leanne and Brandi dislike each other, why on earth would Leanne join the same Pilates gym as Brandi? This certainly sounds like stalking and or trying to draw Brandi into another public disagreement.
    For all us Canadians good news! Leanne Rimes will be at Casino Rama next month! I guess this is payback for giving the world Justin Bieber

  7. Sarah says:

    I don’t think I could handle sharing my pilates studio with people I know. It’s where I purge and cry and get better abs.

  8. Anoneemouse says:

    This is hilarious! Just the laugh I needed this morning. What are we ever going to do if these two actually grow up one day and learn to get along?

    • Hautie says:

      I died laughing too! I normally avoid this entire self created drama routine, between these two.

      But damn. Let the girl do Pilates in peace.

    • anne_000 says:

      @Anoneemouse I think BG has been trying to have a cordial relationship with them when it comes to the kids. But I think LR all of a sudden, driving an hour out of her way just to bug BG by going to BG’s tiny studio of 12 yrs of attendance was out of line. BG hasn’t done anything in reciprocal back to LR all these years while LR has been SWF’ing/stalking her. That’s why they can’t get along. Because LR has proven time and again that she doesn’t want to get along, including bashing BG in her VH1 show just to get more ratings. There’s only so much one can do when the other side wants to continue the harassment.

    • ya says:

      Ya definitely – the funniest part about all of the LR, BG and EC stuff is how extremely invested in them some people online are… the comments that people make are more fun to read than anything else – especially the ones with the extreme details.

  9. sonia says:

    I would pay money to see Brandi deliver a beat down! But seriously, isn’t Ed embarrassed of his wife enough or is this the only way she gets him to notice her? Look at me Ed, I have the wedding ring I bought for you to give me, I’m your wife, look at me look at me look at me!

    She needs a 5150

  10. Leslie says:

    There are at least 20 Pilates studios in LeAnn’s neighborhood. Why would she want to take a freeway and fight traffic to go to the one Brandi’s been going to for 12 yrs? The answer is obvious. LeAnn and Eddie bashed Brandi on their “reality” show thinking Brandi would react. She didn’t. Now LeAnn and Eddie are going to up the stakes. This didn’t just happened. It was planned. Remember the thread that holds LeAnn and Eddie’s marriage together, is their hatred for Brandi. You can expect more stalking from LeAnn. First the Pilates studio Brandi goes to, next Brandi’s house.

    • Stacey says:

      Agree with everything you said with the exception of their mutual hate: I think it’s a toss up between the two of them of who loves and obsesses over Brandi more. LeAnn has tried to morph into Brandi and Ed hasn’t forgive Brandi for kicking him out and outing his HPV, which probably cut down his waitress notches. Fug & Pug.

  11. Jess says:

    So this Pilates studio is apparently tiny and an hour away from where LeAnn lives, yet she chose it because Brandi goes there and somehow the paps were there to catch her? This girl is truly insane, and Brandi should look into a restraining order and limiting LeAnn’s time with the boys, I wouldn’t want my kids alone with this psycho for one minute. Sickening what this woman has done to Brandi, she needs to let it go and stop obsessing over her, but I guess after the show we see why she does it, because Eddie is even more obsessed with ex.

  12. Ladybug says:

    Leann has to know she was SECOND choice. Of course she wants to be everything like Brandi bc she knows that Eddie was trying to stay with Brandi. It’s Leann only way to keep Eddie interested – SWF.

  13. Christin says:

    Now, it’s not SWF’ing. It’s mere coincidence. Just kidding; it’s weird to do that. It be a coincidence in a town with 2,000 population, but not LA.

    As for the car — it is a classic 1950s Corvette. They used it in some pap photos last year. Maybe she hides the keys and brings it out when Eddie acts like he’s ready to bolt.

  14. pnichols says:

    It’s funny to me how these two woman are still at it when the fact is that HE is the scumbag. The man always gets out of it unscathed.

    • Stacey says:

      Brandi doesn’t want to be stalked. I wish LeAnn’s tweet would have been included in this article to give perspective: Already sore from Pilates @kikicaldas only did it 3 hrs ago. 😳 #detoxbath & Advil are going to be needed soon LOL 🛁💊

      Eddie did not come out unscathed after their fake scripted show bashing Brandi. It tanked and they have nothing to do but call the paps. Le sings at Casinos and Ed picks her up at the airport.

      • pnichols says:

        my point is it seems on some level they are still hating each other and over what?? Him??! now that’s an lol issue. ;)

      • Stacey says:

        @pnichols From what Brandi has said it’s LeAnn’s lack of boundaries with her children. Posting happy family pics when she can’t be with them, referring to the boys as “my boys”, her whole bonus family BS. Well, that and her SWFing and stalking.

        As far as Ed, did you see the show? Overweight out of work actor. If he worked at all, but he doesn’t want to pay Brandi, I could cut him a little slack in the looks department. Nothing more unattractive than an able bodied man not working for his family and speaking poorly about the mother of his children.

      • pnichols says:

        I did not see the show. I am not blaming Brandi for anything. It’s just funny to me that this all is STILL going on because of him. They were all to blame with the social media, books, shows, etc etc. I’m saying that he is not worth it to me. That’s all.

    • anne_000 says:

      @pnichols I don’t think it’s both of them (LR & BG) actively trying to provoke each other. I think it’s just LR with EC loving the publicity. I think BG has moved on but then has to deal with new LR stalker/SWF crap. But considering how LR & EC’s show was partly about bashing BG, BG’s staying out of that & keeping mum shows that BG doesn’t want to be part of never-ending need to pull her back into that unhealthy interaction.

      The only reason BG tweeted about this was because LR couldn’t even stay away physically, which creeped BG out & would have creeped out a lot of other women too.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I agree Eddie is the scumbag, but I think the reason he “gets out of it unscathed” is that he knows how to keep his mouth shut and his affairs private. The other two don’t.

    • jenny12 says:

      The 2 women are not at it, and Brandi is clearly over her ex. She dates, talks about other men, etc. She has a bizarre situation in which her ex’s piece made sure to become his wife and now has a place in the boys’ lives. She has a crazy has been celebrity who spends her life trying to get Brandi to cease to exist so that she can BE her. Leann wrote an entire album and had a show based on Brandi bashing and nothing else. Brandi hasn’t said a word about her ex or LR in months, even when they were insulting her in interviews and on the show.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Creepy, and if the tabloids are so terrible (with their stories based on stuff she won’t shut up about) why does she keep reading them? Let me put it in terms she can understand: #stalker #mentallyunstable #creepystalker #narcissist #spendstoomuchtimefocusingonnonsense #youare30+yearsoldtimetogrowup #yourhusbandisagolddiggingjerk

    • funcakes says:

      Since the crap show ended Leann would tweet people to untag her from an drama going on. And would tell people she never see the drama going on in her timeline yet she is responding left and right to the people she ignores. Leann is not the brightest person in the world.

  16. funcakes says:

    Yeah!!!!!!! I knew it wouldn’t be long befor Leann did something nutty again so CB could do a story on it. I’ve being glued to the computer since 7:30am waiting to see if you would do a new story on crazy and you delivered. Now it sit back and enjoy the comments. The ladies on here make the best comments of all the blogs I read.

    • Christin says:

      The comments are great. This stuff reminds me of the worst high school mean girl behavior (though this seems to be at a much higher level). It has to be insecurity driving this, with her prize man being the linchpin of it all.

      After watching two episodes of their show, I think he cares just a bit too much about his ex. If Brandi offered to open her door to him, there would be an Eddie-shaped hole in the front door of the bargain casa.

      • funcakes says:

        I can’t wait for the revenge F#ck Eddie and Brandi are going to have at Leann’s expense after Eddie leaves. And Ed and Brandi will let the papers know just to drive Leann off the edge.

      • 90sHasbeen says:

        He would leave LeAnn’s stage 5 clinging ass in a second if Brandi gave him a chance. As I stated on Twitter yesterday, Eddie is still connected to Brandi spiritually and emotionally. LeAnn may have him physically but he’s still very much in love with Brandi.

      • Christin says:

        Based on my own high school experience with passive aggressive mean girl behavior, it heightens when something goes wrong (as Claire mentioned upthread). It could be career doldrums or relationship issues driving this latest SWF episode.

        If their relationship ever ends, I hope she’ll use her energy to find another guy to show the haters. Anything other than staying fixated on this stuff.

      • FUNCAKES says:

        How much you want bet Eddie has called out Brandi’s name instead of Leann’s during sex?

      • Jess says:

        Funcakes, ha! I agree, if I were Brandi he’d be the last person If want to have sex with but I so would just to make LeAnn lose her mind. I have no doubt he’ll go running back to Brandi as soon as he can. I think it will be great for the boys when Eddie and LeAnn divorce because their parents will have a better chance at peaceful co parenting without a psychotic and insecure step mother around. I hate seeing pictures of LeAnn at their soccer games etc because she’s all over Eddie, I’m sure it makes everyone uncomfortable on top of making her look desperate.

      • anne_000 says:

        @funcakes BG has said that EC makes her sick because of how she now knows what he really is. I doubt they’d have sex with each other, even if it could hurt LR. LR might be the type of person to have sex with someone just to hurt a third party. But I don’t think BG needs or wants to do that. I think she knows she can do so much better, imo.

  17. Jaana says:

    Now LeAnn is definitely looking for a reaction. This is disturbing why is she such a stalker? This woman lacks self awareness and shame.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Exactly….if I had an affair with a married man, and he left his wife and children, and married me….I would try to stay as far away from the ex-wife as possible…just from the shame alone…but not this nutjob!! LeAnn know that the unholy triangle of Brandi, Eddie and herself, is the only way to keep their names in the media….

  18. Anon says:

    Something tells me were only getting one side of the story too.. There both immature as hell.. They both antagonize each other and the other girl called Eddie is wimpier then both. Grow up all three of you.

    Brandi loves the reaction too as much as Leanne. All three belong in the loonie bin

    • Nan says:

      Actually no, Brandi hasn’t said anything about LR or ED in a long time, all thru their show, when they kept bringing up Brandi and saying stupid things, Brandi kept quiet. The truth is the pilates studio is an hour away from LR, Brandi has been going there for 12 yrs, she’s very close friends with the owner as well. It’s a very small studio out of the way. Brandi going 12 yrs never pap’s there, LR 1st day paps appear, like I said small studio out of the way, not famous for celeb clients.

    • anne_000 says:

      @Anon I think BG has been doing her best not to get involved with anything LR and thus not going out of her way to antagonize LR. I don’t believe BG “loves the reaction too as much as Leanne.” I think BG ACTUALLY has things to do in her life and has been moving forward and doesn’t need LR trying to pull her back towards the bad ol’ worse days. BG gets fulfillment from her own life away from LR & EC. On the other hand, LR? Not so much.

  19. Nan says:

    Thank you Kaiser for posting this, I was hoping you would.
    From someone who is from California/San Diego, I know LA well, their are tons of gyms, pilate and yoga studios thruout. In the area that LR’s lives at least a doz or more in her general area, they cater to celebs as well. The pilates studio Brandi has been going to for 12 yrs, is at least with traffic an hour away from LR.
    I was always on the fence when it came to the stalking, until I decided to do some checking on my own. I started comparing LR & Brandi, from the beginning when LR 1st came into Brandi’s life. What I came away from this is LR is a certifiable nut case, I can’t believe noone in LR’s camp can’t see this, or the reports are true, her money is their bread & butter and they refuse to go against her.
    LR is now trying to say she didn’t know that is the same pilate’s studio Brandi has been going to and calling Brandi crazy, and Brandi is the one who’s making it bigger then it should be. Bullshit on this !!! LR knows everything about Brandi. LR has used Brandi’s dentist, boob dr, so on and so on, it’s been going on for years. Brandi does not want any drama with LR & ED, hint reason she stayed quiet thru their show, she wasn’t going to give them the drama they wanted and needed to keep the show alive. She has moved on with her life, she doesn’t sit on twitter hint like (LR) does, she’s building her life along with her boys.
    LR my advice, dump ED, get your rear back into the recording studio, stop the tabloid drama, GET OFF TWITTER. You used to have a great voice, and yes at one time I was a fan years ago, you lost me and lots of country music fans, and people in the industry, with all the DRAMA you created.

    • Brin says:

      Too bad she never listens to good advice. She is the definition of insanity, doing the same crap over and over again.

    • claire says:

      She said that? That Brandi is being a jerk about this? I wonder if that’s what her #grace is about as she announces she’s heading back to the studio this morning. What a freak. It’s not grace that you stalk someone, they call you out and you just lalalala around as if nothing is weird. That’s just delusion and scary behavior.

      All she had to do, if she didn’t really know, was say oops! sorry, didn’t realize, will find another one.

    • kpoodle says:

      Yep, agreed to everything you said. LeAnn is baiting Brandi, with the intent that Brandi will flip out and then she can say “See, we told you the ex-wife was crazy!”. I hope that Brandi stays quiet about it, and doesn’t make any further statements.

      • Nan says:

        Brandi knows thats what LR is trying to do. The only reason she made mention of it on twitter, she was told by the owner of the studio, B is close friends with the owner, and she was in a state of shock. I’ve been in contact with close friend of B’s, B knows LR is using this to get publicity and turn it around to make B the bad guy, she’s moved on from it, won’t give it another min of her time.

      • MichBB says:

        Yep now Leann is tweeting about a different Pilates studio. She got her reaction and moved to different pilates studio. Seriously psycho. Wish B would not respond to her bullsh-t. But I can imagine her shock at LR’s nerve to try to go to her same studio.

      • Christin says:

        The Pilates studio she mentioned today lists her as a client on their website. Why was she going elsewhere just yesterday? It just looks like crazy attention seeking to do that.

      • anne_000 says:

        @Christin Really? That’s just crazy. She is REALLY crazy showing up at Brandi’s studio when she’s publicly listed with another studio.

      • Christin says:

        I don’t know the name of the studio she went to yesterday, but she specifically named a studio today. That Pilates studio lists her as one of several (not A-list) clients.

        My head starts spinning trying to decipher all this, so anyone can correct me if the Grace studio mentioned today is not a different studio than the one she visited yesterday.

      • claire says:

        @Cristin: It’s funny. Looks like they slapped an old press photo of her up there with no testimonial and then spelled her name wrong.

      • aaa says:

        To me it is not far-fetch to believe that Brandi is lying or going off half-cocked in order to stir things up and get attention.

      • why? says:


        Why are you blaming Brandi? Brandi isn’t lying. Leann tweeted about going to a Pilates class on Wednesday and then was papped in the parking lot of a health food store dressed in work out clothes. Leann has copied many things from Brandi’s life, from inviting parents from Jake’s school to appear on her reality show to copying Brandi’s tweets.

      • aaa says:

        Leann tweeted about taking Pilates, as others have pointed out there are a lot of Pilates studios in LA, so it is not far-fetch to believe that Leann went to a different place and Brandi fabricated that Leann went to the same place Brandi’s been going, or that Brandi heard a rumor and reacted, and the reason she reacted was to stir things up and get attention.

      • why? says:


        Leann didn’t go to a different Pilates studio and you know it. Stop making excuses for Leann. There was a reason Leann tweeted about Pilates and then invited the papparazzi to take photos of herself in her workout clothes. Leann has a history of doing these things. You can’t make it go away by blaming Brandi. How do you know that Brandi heard a rumor? Is that what Leann is telling her fans to post? Leann hasn’t denied going to Brandi’s Pilates Studio. She did it.

      • Jezi says:

        @aaa The Pilates place Brandi goes to is Encino. Leann went there yesterday and today went to a different place in Studio City. Brandi isn’t lying because if you look at GingerHeinz’s twitter she admits that Leann in fact went to Brandi’s studio.

      • aaa says:

        I’m still not getting the leap from Leann tweeting about Pilates and being papped in workout clothes to that being proof that Leann went to the same Pilates studio that Brandi’s been going to. All we have to go by is something Brandi tweeted, well a few months ago Brandi tweeted that Eddie wanted her pay him child support and that turned out to be untrue.

        As I mentioned above, some people are buying into this story because Leann has copied Brandi before and some aren’t because Brandi has lied and exaggerated before.

      • Jezi says:

        @aaa Brandi has not lied before. The Eddie and child support situation will be on RHOBH so everyone can see she wasn’t lying. And if u read my comment u can see that Leann’s fan posted that Leann was at the same place. This is the same fan who knew all about B’s vaginal surgery because Leann tells her things so she can spout it all out on twitter. I honestly don’t think you care to know the truth since u clearly have a particular agenda on all these threads. I’m done responding. Think what u want. Ur opinion is of little consequence anyway.

      • Denise says:

        aaa Brandi has never lied about anything as far as I know. The child support thing turned out to be true. Why would anyone following these 2 assume Brandi to be a liar? LeAnn has proven to be a PROLIFIC COMPULSIVE LIAR. LeAnn has lied so much about so many things, and been caught out, Brandi has yet to be, just once. Also LeAnn has a long and very documented history of stalking Brandi, not only documented by LeAnn’s own admissions, but photographic evidence. LeAnn: compulsive prolific liar + prolific stalker = this story is most definitely in the realm of believability. Face it; its vintage LeAnn.

      • aaa says:

        My previous comment was directed at why?, I did not see your comment when I posted my comment.

        I still stand by Brandi being a liar in general, but if someone who knows Leann tweeted that she went to the Pilates place that Brandi has been going to, then will rethink the position that I have taken on this matter. I wonder if Leann’s friend really knew what happened and if she was just throwing out her own theory.

        Regarding the child support matter, if more information comes out, I will rethink that as well, but Brandi actions seemed very shady to me. She started by tweeting that Eddie wanted her to pay him child support. When she got called out on it she posted a portion of a letter and then Eddie released a full letter and the letter has nothing to do with Eddie wanting Brandi to pay him child support, rather it is about Eddie overpaying Brandi support, per Eddie’s rep it was alimony that was overpaid, Apparently it was anticipated that this may happen back when Eddie and Brandi were getting divorced and it was agreed that in the event of an overpayment or underpayment, an adjustment would be made to Brandi’s portion of Eddie’s retirement plan.

        So to me Brandi lied when she tweeted that Eddie wanted to pay her child support, and when she tried to back up her lie she did it by releasing an incomplete document, which indicates to me that Brandi was not operating on the up and up.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      I posted this upthread, but it’s such a shocking display of her self-loathing and full -throttle crazy, I’m gonna post it again… apologies to any who are annoyed:
      ( sorry, posted wrong link first time)


      • MichBB says:

        Brandi’s studio told her she wasn’t welcome!

      • Serenity says:

        Thanks for the link AntiSocial Butterfly. It was an interesting read!

        I used to think that people were exaggerating when they said Leann always copies Brandi. All I had seen were the skull scarf pics and of them wearing the same shoes or something and I remember thinking, jeeez, even I have the similar stuff in my closet, am I stalking Brandi too. But after seeing all those pics and their timeline on the link you put up, I’ve changed my mind! Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

        And of course, the whole studio stalking isn’t helping…..

  20. kri says:

    These two are in a stronger relationship with each other than they ever were with Eddie. They should just jettison him and his squint and hook up already.

  21. Cirque28 says:

    Her sense of style is godawful. After all this time, she still looks like Brandi at B’s most hookerish plus a sprinkle of trailer park and a big dose of awkwardness. I realize she thought she’d dress exactly like the object of her obsession and get Brandi’s hair and sunglasses and boob job and family and white doily short shorts* and then she’d stop being so awkward and weird, but it’s NOT WORKING.

    *I have no idea if Brandi actually wears white doily short shorts. Let’s hope she doesn’t.

  22. Cris says:

    I don’t understand why some of you are telling Brandi to grow up. She’s just minding her own business, and along comes Ms. Whackadoodle intruding into her space, yet again. Leann is a nutcase, and is the one who is working her hardest to keep this crap in the tabloids. Those paps didn’t show up there on their own. She wanted everyone to know what she was doing. The question is why doesn’t she care that everyone knows she is a nut? Is she really that far gone? Scary stuff!

  23. msw says:

    Psycho, psycho, psycho. How many bazillion studios are there in LA?

    I don’t even like Brandi, but I feel so bad for her having this freak thrust into her life through no fault of her own. THIS is why Brandi gets sympathy, folks.

  24. 90saHasbeen says:

    For those that are saying Brandi is immature outing her crazy ass…I disagree. LeAnn drove and hour away from where she lives to a tiny pilates gym. She passed up at least 3 on her way there. Keep in mind she posted umemployED building them a home gym last year. Her assistant, Kiki the lackey, follows Brandi on Twitter.

    She is so desperate to be Brandi it is pathetic. No identity of her own. She knows she got him by default and it kills her daily. Brandi has been quiet for months on these two even during their fake reality show. Everything LeAnn does is contrived. If her family and friends truly care for her…they should get her inpatient treatment. She is on a verge of a nervous breakdown.

    Having been a victim of stalking I can tell you there is nothing cute or childish about. Brandi has tried to move on and live her life but dealing with two narcissist a**holes who have mutual hate for her can push anyone to the edge. I would have kicked her ass a long time ago.

  25. Nicole says:

    I was about to say this is weird but reading the comments about how this place is an hour away makes it creepy as f***. First the hair color, then the implants from the exact same plastic surgeon, the shoes, the bags and now the same tiny studio? Really? Brandi start carrying a weapon because this is a new level of SWF-ing from Leann

  26. 0hkaay says:

    I wish more outlets would report on her insanity and ridiculous statements. Very few blogs reported on her rape comment or her comparing her psoriasis to MS. And she doesn’t even have the audacity to apologize. She NEVER says sorry. There’s something seriously wrong with this woman. She needs help and not “tweet-hab”.

  27. Wyla says:

    It became painfully clear on that crappy freak-ality show how much Ediot is still hung up on Brandi. He talked about Brandi WAY too much to be over her. He is still angry that B kicked him out and likes to hurt her with stupid stuff like this. He found a dumb monkey to do his dirty work for him. Why in the world can’t Leftover Leann see that? He is making a big ole donkey out of her and the whole world just sits back and laughs.

    Hopefully Sharty will lay off the laxatives and wear black spandex to the Pilates studio. Some of those exercises cause a lot of straining in the abs!

  28. db says:

    Maybe she’s really in love with Brandi, not Eddie. Dun Dun Dunnnnhhhh

  29. enastein says:

    These two are in it together for business. The start might be different but after all money Brandi is cashing from her failed marriage ..i would not put it behind both of them that these two have agreed on business benefits. They both have shows and both need drama.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      You called it – this frenemyship is even more contrived than the Kardashians family. Oh well,at least neither Leann nor Brandi has pulled a child from their nether regions on live TV, not yet anyways – Brandi could decide to go maternity mode and have twins and then Leann would surely have best her by triplets or quadruplets- all inseminated by Octo-Moms defunct doctor with Kourtney assisting. Khloe and Eddie could top things off by making out in the spare delivery room.

    • Stacey says:

      If that were the case then LeAnn and Eddie would be successful as well. Ediot doesn’t work. LeAnn’s cd and their show were both flops. She sings at half filled venues and casinos and he picks her up at the airport.

    • Nan says:

      Trust me, B tolerates LR for the sake of the boys, and her being their step mother, she has always said LR loves the boys and thats what B cares for more then anything.
      Also B is not incahoots in any way shape or form with LR for publicity, business or anything else, she wants to be left alone.

    • Jezi says:

      Brandi is not in this with Leann. She wants to be left alone.

      • jenny12 says:

        Sadly, that’s why Leann does it. Brandi doesn’t care about Eddie, so there goes that power. The boys are getting older and Leann doesn’t have as much power over them (bet they’re getting too old to be interested in, too) so she searches for a way to get control/power over Brandi. So she unsettles her by starting up the stalking again, and doing things like showing up at her pilates place. I wish Leann and Eddie would fall off the face of the earth.

    • anne_000 says:

      @enastein I don’t believe LR & BG are plotting together. I believe that BG is truly annoyed by LR’s SWF’ing, (alleged) stalking, and using BG’s sons for her (LR’s) personal gain.

    • jenny12 says:

      You can’t be serious. Blame the victim much? Being stalked is a nightmare.

  30. Pager90 says:

    I watched anepisode of BH Housewives recently and was truly shocked at what a drunken, foul mouthed, garbage mouthed ,unlikeable woman Randi Granville is.

    She has fought with every woman on the show, she has talked bad about everyone on the show. What else is new

    Brandi is disgusting on that Housewives show. I can’t believe people find her appealing.
    She was the most disgusting woman I’ve seen on any of the housewife shows over the years. yuck Randi is utterly gross.

    I don’t believe half of what Randi says. I think she is just a drunk who spouts vile.

  31. LeAnn Stinks says:

    She is a psycho, period.

  32. Rita says:

    I am very worried about Donald Trump. Being that Brandi is staring in two prime time shows this fall, RHOBH and The Apprentice, I’m concerned LeAnn will show up at Trump Tower with a pair of scissors wanting to give Donald a clip……..not that kind of clip.

  33. MichBB says:

    Leann is now tweeting she went to pilates this morning and tagging a NEW studio. So basically she went to Brandi’s studio once, got her to react, now going to different one. She really is a stalking psycho. Her main goal is to get Brandi’s attention and try to driver her crazy.

  34. G says:

    Wow! LeMann can no longer deny she’s obsessed with Brandi. Brandi, “you in danger girl”. I would ask it be documented in family court at the very least. Just in case. That’s crazy.

  35. Pager90 says:

    After watching housewives one thing that is clear, Brandi is one crazy azz drunken woman.

  36. Nan says:

    I’m going to put this out, I just found out, but had to sit on it, damn my fingers were burning too. LOL The reason Leann is at another Pilates studio as of today, she was told by the owner of Brandi’s she was not welcomed and her drama was not welcomed. LR went to Brandi’s knowing full well it was going to cause some drama, Brandi was going to react and she did, it’s disgusting as all hell.
    I was stalked years ago, the woman who stalked me was a friend, we had a falling out. It was bad, she stalked me as well as my kids, I lived in pure fear of my life, my kids life. She tried to ruin every aspect of my life. What I didn’t know at the time she had an affair with who is now my ex, I didn’t find out about the affair until 5 yrs later. It took the military to get involved, both her husband and mine were best friends, and worked together. It’s a long story leave it at that, I never talk about it.
    But if you’ve ever been stalked you would know what I’m talking about and what Brandi has been dealing with for years, sadly Leann has enablers that know, but won’t do anything about it, so it’s easier for them to blame Brandi. Trust me on this Brandi is a good person and just wants to be left alone and live in peace.

    • Brin says:

      So relieved the owner stood up for Brandi and so happy someone finally said ‘No” to LR.

      • Deanne says:

        Imagine the brat’s reaction to someone actually telling her no. She’s so used to being able to buy people and she probably thought that this was another one of the things Brandi cared about, that she could hijack. Does she have any idea of what a psycho she looks like by driving an hour from her home, to the tiny Pilates studio, her husband’s ex has been a member of for 12 years? It makes her look,like sje’s seriously deranged and yes, like she’s a stalker. She’s very unstable and obviously doesn’t have a grasp on reality. If she had any real friends, or family members who cared about her, they’d tell her she’s making a fool of herself, but everyone close to her is on the payroll, so they can’t chance upsetting her and getting kicked off the gravy train. People always say she’s probably got a P.I.tracking Eddie, but I think it’s actually Brandi she has under surveillance. She’s insane.

      • Brin says:

        I think her sense of entitlement drives a lot of her craziness too but she’s no longer a “child star”, she’s a z-lister at this point.

    • Tracy says:

      I just saw this information on Twitter and I am happy to know there are loyal people left in the world.

      • briargal says:

        Very happy that the owner showed loyalty to Brandi–someone who has been a client for 12 years and told LeakAss to hit the streets. I still surprised that LeakAss dares to wear white though considering the crapstain she had on her white dress a while back. That is a classic pic! But maybe she is wearing Depends now.

    • anne_000 says:

      @Nan That’s good to hear that the owner put loyalty and compassion ahead of publicity. As I was reading the article & the comments, I was wondering why the owner allowed LR to go there all of a sudden when their client Brandi is a loyal client for 12 years, especially since it seems LR showed up only to rile things up & bring paps.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I was stalked. My stalker left voice mails confessing to the murders of two previous girlfriends and I still couldn’t get a restraint order. So when someone says – go get a restraining order like you would go pick up stamps…. It really pisses me off.

      • claire says:

        Holy crap! That seems like a no-brainer! I can’t believe you couldn’t get one.

      • Lady D says:

        I honestly believe restraining orders should come with a gun or taser, and mandatory lessons. I mentioned this once to an officer, and he told me that most women aren’t confident enough to pull the trigger.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Scary stuff, Moxylady. I’m glad you’re okay. No one knows just exactly how scary it is to have a stalker if they haven’t been stalked, but I’m glad to see that lots of posters here have empathy and compassion for the psychological torture LeAnn is inflicting on Brandi. I was stalked for several years by a paranoid-schizophrenic man – a Manson devotee who waited in the dark outside every party or public affair I attended, came up behind me randomly in stores to say in my ear, “Do I make you unCOMFORTable?” Even followed me into a party once and then followed me around from group to group inside the room! He found my email address and began emailing me all day about everything he did (e.g., “I’m going to take a nap now.”) He once even emailed me that I should “get naked” because “Your life is not your own.” I called the police in desperation and they told me he would “have to make an overt act upon your body ” before they could do anything. Because I have a somewhat public life of necessity as a result of my work, there is nothing I can do, really, but try not to go out alone at night anymore – which is honestly a pain in the ass for an independent person like me. It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I have actually turned down some professional public events during times when his crazy was on high red alert. I’m NOT a scaredy cat, btw. I’m just realistic. He doesn’t actively stalk me anymore, but recently he came up to my table in a restaurant when I was dining with my husband. I just faked my way thru it and acted polite till he left.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        The cops who handled my case were amazing. I was on break from school at the time. I called, they showed up. Listened to a good ten minutes of his psychotic voicemails and helped me plan my escape. I moved in with a friend in another city. I didn’t visit my family for months. I told them I was living with a different friend in case he called and pretended to be someone else. I had my car checked out as car “accidents” apparently were his speciality. It all happened in the space of 8 hours. We weren’t dating. Apparently he thought we were. When he figured out we weren’t… He went crazy. He tried to kidnap my best friend as leverage. To get me to talk to him. Needless to say, the next day I went to a mechanic and moved. Thank god I was in the position to do so. My family all blamed me but frankly who gives a sh!t. I did what I needed to do to protect myself and them. The police drove by our house every 15 minutes for two solid weeks. Then the county filed charges against him for phone harassment. The ruling was 6 months weekly counseling. It was handled so well. But I was still helpless and hopeless and scared out of my mind.

      • Lady D says:

        ^^^, speechless.
        So not fair that you had to live with that terror and helplessness. Are you okay now MoxyLady007?

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I am great! It was almost a decade ago and almost feels like something that happened to someone else. Until I start thinking about it too much and then it just feels like- wow. That actually happened. And it was terrifying. I can feel the fear start to nibble at the edges of my mind. I developed debilitating agoraphobia and had to take a semester off. For some strange reason I was terrified to leave my house 😉….. It’s actually much more involved and worse than what I described. Just some details too horrifying to share. But it’s resolved and I am fantastic. Although I am still careful about all my social media interactions. Fake names etc. Just in case. But the point is, even though my case was taken seriously from day 1- I had almost no legal recourse but to move and run and hide. And that’s not ok.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        My God, MoxyLady, your experience was SO much more horrifying and life-altering than mine. I’m glad you had the moxy to handle it with such assertiveness, organization, and speed, considering all the terrifying things that were happening and the even worse things that could have happened. (You sure deserve yr screen name!) And no, it’s not okay that you were the one who had to turn your life upside-down. When psychological violence is seen as a crime – and as assaultive as it truly is – then the world will be safer. I’m glad that in your case there was at least a provable trail of harrassing phone calls that enabled law enforcement to act. How sad that your family didn’t support you at a traumatic time like that.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I was just going to say the same thing to you! Mine was intense and terrible. But it was all in all short. 6 months to a year. And I was hidden. I looked over my shoulder for a long time. But I covered my tracks. He had no idea where I was. I changed colleges, moved cities and states. To look over your shoulder and have them appear?!? To not have the police on your side? I know that fear. But mine never came true. My heart would seize up, start to pound, my fingers would get thick and clumsy as I scrambled for my pepper spray and all I could hear was the whoosh of blood in my ears. But then no. It wasn’t him. Thank god. Your didn’t have the same opportunity to run and hide. And that’s so hard.

    • jenny12 says:

      So glad the owner told Leann to step off. I was stalked by a guy many years ago, and I can tell you stalkers get off on control and power and making you feel fear. It’s very hard to get a restraining order without proof of physical violence. I don’t know how Brandi lives with this lunatic in her life and her sons’ lives. I think there must be something she could put into place for her sons, but maybe she has and has kept it quiet.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Yes, jenny12, it really doesn’t seem fair OR realistic that there has to be physical violence or the overt and very specific threat of it before police can do anything. Psychological abuse and violence don’t count? Even when, as in the LeAnn/Brandi case, it’s quite clear and well grounded in provable fact? That’s just wrong. And too often the overt act that police require happens when everyone least expects it, and then it’s too late.

      • jenny12 says:

        The POS that tormented me would follow at a distance, photographing me and blatantly laughing. Or make phone calls that had porno playing in the background. Or press my buzzer at all hours. Knew it was him, but there was nothing I could do and he was careful to be “legal”. I am so sorry for what you’re going through- I know that these people enjoy the sense of control and throwing you off your feed. If you won’t play the game one way, they plot to get you to respond in another. Or scare you. Or make a bold statement, often public. It’s about manipulation, power and control.

      • Jezi says:

        I think they’re actually changing stalker laws and taking things more seriously now. I have told B she needs to look into a protective order. However, I think Leann hopes one of her fans is crazy enough to hurt B for her. So she can keep her hands clean. She talks so much crap about Brandi to these people that they form hate on her just by Leann making up lies about her.

      • jenny12 says:

        Leann is scary. Not just creepy or weird, flat out scary. I don’t know how Brandi stands having her sons around that lunatic. I hope EC is a better dad than he seems to be and actually protects them from this psycho. I completely believe that Leann would harm Brandi if she could, or hire someone to do it. And I could see her egging on some nut like GGL to hurt her and then saying something incendiary about it that blames Brandi. Being stalked (years ago, thankfully) was horrible, like not feeling safe anywhere and always looking over my shoulder, even on the train. This whole situation has always been bad, but no one seems to truly comprehend how sociopathic Leann is, and how her fixation does not allow any healing or peace or even safety. I pray for Brandi and her sons to be okay and get away from this stalker.

      • Jezi says:

        Thanks Jenny. It is really bizarre but I do believe Leann does it with a purpose.

    • flori belize says:

      So LR never worked out at Bs studio, since she wasn’t welcomed there?

  37. Green Is Good says:

    Falcor must be a miserable person to live with, if she has nothing better to do than stalk her loser husband ‘s Ex.

  38. Me says:

    please im sure brandi is enjoying having a storyline to keep her on the housewives show. not like she has anything else going on but drinking and leann

  39. Cinderella says:

    It’s so unfortunate that she has to keep up the stalker activities to gain attention. She knows if she keeps doing this, she’ll continued to be plastered all over the internet.

    This only affirms that her marriage must suck. If they were such a happy couple, they would be doing a million other things rather than bothering Brandi.

  40. Penelope says:

    Wow. Seriously, LeAnn needs help.

  41. KatieD says:

    BOTTOM LINE- at the end of the day, LR CHOSE BRANDI! By pursuing a married man with a family, she CHOSE to deal with his wife. She has cried and complained so many times that Brandi isn’t nice to her and brandi is the bad one, and her fans like to repeat that line “but Brandi is a bad person tooooooo” anytime LR gets called out for bad behavior. Personally, I don’t think Brandi reacted any worse to having her marriage ended and world turned upside down than anyone else would have. But guess what? LR and EC created the situation, so no matter what people think of Brandi, she DID NOT ask for this or invite LR into her life, so she should not have to deal with this craziness in any form, online or otherwise. LR needs to take her filthy husband and bullying “friends” and just gtfo. As Brandi said, no one wants to hear you cry about getting everything you wanted.

  42. Singers Choice says:

    It is interesting how people can egg another to comment on things. Just interesting.

    Those 3 need to learn to set boundaries with each other and respect it. If She feels she is being stalked by Le-Ann then do something about it. Brandi isn’t known to hold her mouth back so use the forum that you have built to come at Le-Ann.

    I will say anybody can go anywhere as they please as long as the person doesn’t feel threaten in any kind of way. If you feel threaten then do something about it, No I don’t mean fuss about it on Twitter either.

    Brandi doesn’t own the Pilates studio but since she has been going there for a long time then I suggest she speak with management and let them know that you are uncomfortable with this person being in the same class as you and state your reason why.

    • Leslie says:

      @Singers Choice
      Everybody knows that LeAnn hates/loves Brandi and stalks her. Even the owner of the Pilates studio knows it, and rightly told LeAnn she wasn’t welcome there. The studio doesn’t want LeAnn’s crazies or the drama she brings. The owner has the right to turn LeAnn away.

    • Nan says:

      Brandi and the owner are good friends, have been for years, it was the owner who contacted Brandi and told her, LR was denied membership, because she knew it was only to cause drama that no business wants to be apart of.

    • jenny12 says:

      It’s hard when 1 person says okay, whatever, let’s move on and co-parent and the other 2 won’t cooperate because their entire existence is based on sticking it to someone who did nothing more than refuse to lay down and give over her life when told to do so by 2 selfish a-holes who already treated her like dirt. With stalkers and sociopaths, it’s not as simple as just ignore them because they spend their lives trying to manipulate and push. To live with this daily is Brandi’s hell and if we’re sick of reading about it, imagine what it’s like to live with it.

  43. Lisa says:

    Are you kidding? It doesn’t matter if this in the best pilates stuido in CA. Leanne should NOT GO THERE.

  44. Someonestolemyname says:

    When is Brandi going to stop playing the Jennifer Anniston role and stop using the cheated on spouse for PR?

    Brandi seems obsessed with LR. She just needs to stop talking about her on twitter. End of story,stop giving LR airtime on her twitter page or wherever.

  45. why? says:

    Where did all these Brandi haters come from? OK! and National E story must be true because the Brandi haters, are popping out of nowhere.

    I wish the press would call Leann out for her hypocrisy. She is being depicted as the victim when she is far from it. Why is it that Leann wants to push the agenda that OK! Magazine is lying and making up stories about her and Eddie when it’s an unfavorable story, yet when OK! was kissing her behind and writing nice articles about her reality show Leann praised them for giving her a voice to tell her side of the story?

    Something is going on because this week, Leann’s fans were very aggressive in their attacks on Brandi and Leann has been setting up a staged photo-op every day this week. Someone said that as of yesterday, she set up 4 staged photo-ops(airport, grocery shopping, pilates, shopping with Eddie). Leann found out on Sunday that OK! and National E were investigating because on Sunday, Eddie was papped picking Leann up from the airport. Eddie is never papped picking Leann up at the airport. Leann has tweeted many times that Eddie picked her up from the airport, but photos never surfaced of him doing it until Sunday. She didn’t find out yesterday that OK! was doing a story about her.

    Do the daily staged photo-ops, stalking Brandi, and playing the victim have to do with trying to get VH1 to give her a second season? VH1 announced that they renewed Nicole’s show last week and Dating Naked this week. Since they didn’t release a statement about not renewing Leann’s show, Leann is still waiting on a decision from them.

    Leann didn’t buy Eddie a car, she bought him a phone. Every time Eddie goes out in public with Leann, you have to ask, What did Leann buy him this time. Eddie only went shopping with Leann yesterday because today she bought him an iphone6.

  46. why? says:

    Why is Leann always playing the victim? Why is the press so afraid to call Leann out on her hypocrisy?

    According to what Leann tweeted yesterday, she thinks that OK! magazine is not a reliable source, yet she and Eddie did a photo shoot and an Q and A interview with OK in July while in NYC. In the photo shoot with OK! Magazine, Leann and Eddie are standing on a bed pretending to pillow fight and kiss. In the interview with OK! Magazine, Leann and Eddie discuss their sex life with OK! Magazine. It’s the interview where Leann was asked if she would call a truce with Brandi and she said that the feud is coming from Brandi not from her and Eddie.

    Here is the title of the interview from OK! Magazine: Will LeAnn and Eddie’s “Very Healthy” Sex Life Mean Kids Of Their Own Soon?

    At the end of the exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, OK! asks if Leann and Eddie are being unfairly portrayed in the press. OK! Magazine got the answer to their question yesterday, when just 3 months after doing an exclusive interview and photo shoot with them at Greenwich hotel in NYC, Jodi Rimes mocks them for being unreliable. Leann expects people to not believe OK! when they post that Eddie is cheating on her, but she wanted people to believe OK! magazine when they posted that she and Eddie have a very active sex life and all the negativity is coming from Brandi?

    • jenny12 says:

      Someone- Claire or Brin, I think- said it best upthread- she just lalalas around as though all the proof in the world doesn’t exist and calling her out on her bull means you’re a jealous hater. This woman is beyond evil- I believe she’s dangerous.

      • betty says:

        Leann likes to do things underhanded. She would never face Brandi and say or do anything one on one. Hers is done out of pure jealousy of Brandi. She wishes she was the woman Brandi is. Having money and manipulation tactics is all she knows and both are wearing thin. That is where her frustration comes in. It isn’t working for her but against her and she knows it .and Brandi keeps flourishing. The only danger Leann is, is too herself. Brandi can take care of her own and herself. Leann might be foolish but she is no fool.

      • Lady D says:

        That sleazy ditchpig would never go face to face with Brandi. She’s a first class coward and everybody knows.

      • jenny12 says:

        Betty, yes, but she is an underhanded manipulator. She would get an unstable fan so enraged against Brandi that the fan would hurt her. She’s revealing where the boys go to school, having them on speedboats with unzipped lifejackets or none at all, and has had Jake on a public road with no helmet and a bike without training wheels for his 1st ride without training wheels and exhorted him to go faster. She stood back and videotaped him as opposed to staying next to him. She brings those boys around unstable fans who loathe their mom. She’s dangerous. Think about it: now the world knows where Brandi goes to Pilates.

  47. rlh says:

    Did anyone else think that maybe this is Leann’s reaction to Brandi never once commenting on Leann & Eddie’s shit show? I am willing to bet that as the ratings continued to tank L&E were waiting with bated breath for Brandi to say something, anything, to help boost the ratings. But Brandi never said, or tweeted, a word. If you recall Brandi knew last year when the L&E show was being shot that Brandi figured prominently in some of the plot lines; Brandi made the comment that since she was a part of 3 shows she should get paid more. But that was all she said publicly. So L&E must have been beside themselves when Brandi ignored the whole series, it must have burned like hell for Brandi to change the game on them. And in fact, LR in an interview recently said that, “Of course Brandi will comment about the show, she comments about everything.” But LR was wrong and Brandi looked like the bigger person who had actually moved on, not just paid it lip service. This pilates studio incident is the “child star” acting out that LR does when she does not, no matter how much she throws a fit, get her way; her show stunk, it was a critical disaster, everyone commented on how douchey she and Eddie were with their near constant Brandi bashing, and they got called out on how f*ing fake the whole thing was. Her “truth” indeed. So poor little spoiled rich girl Leann had to do something, anything, to get a rise out of Brandi.
    Sorry for all you Brandi haters, but I think B deserves allot more credit lately for her restraint than she gets.
    Keep making that bank B….it is obviously killing L&E that you are relevant.
    And Eddie obviously hates Brandi (which is NOT the opposite of love) because he is now stuck with Leann. Made his bed and does not want to lie in it. Hahahahaha.

    • Jess says:

      Agree with every word you said! Brandi has shown major restraint over the years, I would’ve done and said a lot more than she has. It’s obvious that she’s moved on and LeAnn and Eddie haven’t at all, it would be funnier if LeAnn wasn’t reaching a scary point in her stalking, girl needs help.

      • Julie says:

        I agree with every word also! Leann is pathetic with her stalking. I don’t know how Brandi has managed to keep it together as well as she has. I would of gone off on her a long time ago. Momma bear club. I hate that those boys spend time with Margaret, but I know someday they will read all the points of view and come to realize that we that strongly dislike her do not do so out of jealousy, but out of our observation of her horrible, immature, passive aggressive behavior towards their mother . They will know the REAl truth, and she will become a nobody to them one of these days. She Will pay for what she is doing, All her money cannot, and will not change the truth about who she is at her evil core as I see it, and one of these days they will also see it. She can take that to the bank!

      • kpoodle says:

        LeAnn’s ultimate goal is to have full custody of Brandi’s kids. Brandi knows this, so she is very careful about how she reacts to the BS that LeAnn and Eddie constantly throw at her. My heart breaks for how Brandi has been backed into a corner by these two a$$holes.

    • Tracy says:

      Karma is a bitch and I love that bitch!!

  48. why? says:

    Today, Leann made 5 tweets about Pilates. She tweeted that she was going to Grace Anatomy. Is Grace Anatomy where Brandi goes? The link says that Grace Anatomy is in Studio City and Studio City is in San Fernando Valley.

  49. Jess says:

    I think it’s very telling that Brandi has been going to the same Pilates studio for 12 years and most of us have no idea where it is or what the name is, yet LeAnn went once and the paps showed up, plus she’s already gone to another place and tweeted the name, grace anatomy, who is the one begging for attention here?

  50. briargal says:

    I’m trying to figure out why LeakAss continues to show the world how crazy she is. You would think she would want to keep all the craziness out of the limelight and out of the media. But she flaunts her crazy for everyone to see and keep track of. Like all the lies she spews out of her mouth. It has to be just to see her name in the media–publicity good or bad, she just doesn’t care. Most normal, sane people try to cover up any sort of craziness. Guess the operative words here are normal and sane. Something LeakAss is definitely not!

    • Christin says:

      It’s puzzling what she gains from such behavior, unless it is just for the attention and (minor) publicity.

      She reminds me of a spoiled teenager who wants to constantly push the envelope for attention and then argue when called out for it. I can just picture her saying ‘prove it’ to anyone daring to challenge her. It has to be exhausting.

      • jenny12 says:

        What she gains is publicly unsettling Brandi and upsetting her. She sees it as control and power; she also gets the attention she craves because no one is buying her music or going to her concerts or watching her show. Brandi hasn’t cared about Eddie in years, so that’s not a source of power for Leann. She enjoys using the kids, but they’re Brandi’s children and they’re older now, so that’s not enough for her. She needs to hurt Brandi and let her know that whatever fragile peace is there is up to Leann to preserve or destroy. Leann is ALL about power and control and manipulation. All the stalking, harassment and boundary crossing over the years has been dismissed as Brandi being bitter over the marriage ending instead of a frustrated mother who has to deal with Leann trying to push her out of her own kids’ lives and not coparenting with their biological excuse for a dad. So Leann feels vindicated, even though people paying attention to the situation know what’s going on. All the “oh, Leann loves them and the boys love her too” is crap. She endangers those kids repeatedly by taking them on boats with no lifevests, taking Jake on a public street to ride a 2 wheeler for the 1st time with no helmet and making sure to not only videotape it instead of stay next to him, but to go faster (she knows it will break B’s heart when it’s posted), naming their schools, and introducing them to fans who hate their mom. Love means doing what’s hard, as B does- accepting someone in her sons’ lives, even though she was who devastated her- not someone who says she loves them and buys stuff while doing music and a show based on bashing the kids’ mom.

      • Deanne says:

        That was a really excellent summary of the situation. LeAnn’s going off the rails on Twitter again. This obvious attempt to rattle Brandi and her engaging “haters” leads me to believe she’s not handling her most recent string of failures well.

      • jenny12 says:

        Unfortunately, Deanne, I have experience with this sort of person. She ups the ante by demanding attention and- if ignored- makes sure that Brandi feels threatened. You ignored me? I’m at your Pilates studio. You’re the mother of those boys (something she has NO power over)? Look, I’m plastering your sons all over the internet. They don’t need life jackets on a speedboat, right? They’re my stepsons, so I can post their school on Twitter if I want to. It’s a Catch-22: you either ignore her and she ups the ante in a dangerous way, or you acknowledge her sickness and feed her desire for attention and power. She’s really unhinged. I agree with Jezi- she’s looking for a fan to hurt Brandi, to create a John Hinckley situation.

      • Stacey says:


        That brought tears to my eyes. I have someone close to me that went thru that for years. Reading it in black and white brought it all back what that women did to her and her children. My heart breaks for Brandi and the boys. I hope this doesn’t escalate :( (

      • jenny12 says:

        I was very lucky to get away and have it end. I feel for Brandi. When you’re dealing with someone this unhinged, there is no end and no way to reason or compromise. To have your kids involved is a nightmare. I think Leann feels all powerful and untouchable, and that the media glosses over her actions adds to her feeling of power. People rejecting her as an artist? Great, time to take some power back. Where to get it from? She can’t make people buy her records or watch her show, so she torments Brandi to get a feeling of power back.

      • Jess says:

        Jenny12, I agree. If LeAnn truly cared about those boys she wouldn’t constantly use them to hurt their own mother, or put them in danger. She doesn’t love them in any way, if she did would treat their mother with respect, same goes for Eddie, he sits back and lets this happen, what a horrible example of how a man should be.

      • Christin says:

        This thread has been enlightening. I had a brush with harassment and stalking in HS years ago, led by a girl who somehow got people mostly unknown to me to assist her (she would have never confronted me one on one). I tried to ignore the behavior until it escalated to a near-miss in a parking lot one day.

        Though mild in comparison to what some of you endured, what helped me was having someone in authority make a viable threat to the person leading it, who was within a week of graduating. Being told that she could be expelled and not graduate transformed her from smirking and saying she couldn’t stop the others, into a wailing mess who got all the myriad harassers to stop their actions within a day.

        I don’t think people who harass others really think about consequences. Look at this situation. It’s a huge part of what’s derailed her career, yet the behavior continues. Whatever high comes from trying to break someone else down apparently overrides common sense. It’s hard to reason with the unreasonable, or shame the shameless.

    • Jayna says:

      She doesn’t know she’s crazy or narcissistic. She’s the wronged one, who is so giving and sensitive. When are you going to get that?


    • Kellykat says:

      She is desperate.
      This is what happens when everyone stops paying attention to a narcissist/attention whore. She do anything to get attention. And she knows threatening and stalking a single mother of two young children frightens people and that gives her a feeling of attention and power. Just like the movies: Single White Female, Fatal Attraction and Sunset Boulevard, Leann is becoming more and more unhinged in her obsession.

  51. Tea A. says:

    Brandi sounds like one paranoid person.
    Wasn’t there rumors she was thinking of going to rehab for her drinking? Maybe she’d stop imagining things and being so paranoid and crazy sounding.
    Now I finally understand why Adrienne Maloof did what she did concerning Brandi.

    Has Brandi ever talked to doctors or sought therapy about herself? Just curious because almost every story about her seems to blame everyone else for things.

    • Macey says:

      omg..LOL….seriously ?
      Its not actually paranoia or in your the head when its really happening, you must be on the same kool-aid and laxative diet as LR. actually read the story and check the history, all documented. LR is a grade A stalker. this was nothing more than LR playing her old and tiresome game of “poking the bear”. none of their other jabs got a response so she had to drive an hour out of her way just to go to the same place BG has been going for 12 years. LR needs help…serious help…like NOW.

      the drinking was nothing more than LR (the one paying you Im sure) calling in her rubbish to the tabs, no truth in that at all.

      Now with all that said, I think at this point Brandi should have a life size cut out of herself made and give it to LR for xmas so she can have her by her side at all times, maybe even try on the outfits she copies on it. Or she could with a blow up type doll and LR could really have some fun with a pretend BG figure so the real one can be left alone to get on with her life like she’s been trying to do for the past few yrs.

    • jenny12 says:

      You do know that there are tweets, emails, texts, and photos of what Leann does? An entire show based on bashing Brandi that TV critics who have nothing to do with Brandi called Leann out on? That she wrote an entire album based on her hate of Brandi and bragged on Twitter that the boys were singing the songs that talked about killing their mom? That Leann gave shoutouts to fans wearing F–k Brandi shirts and brought them backstage with Brandi’s sons there? That it came out that the Pilates studio owner told Leann to go elsewhere, that she didn’t want the drama?

    • why? says:

      How many different names are you going to use? Brandi isn’t being paranoid. Just last night, Leann went to one of Brandi’s favorite restaurants and she got on twitter to gloat about it.

    • Deanne says:

      So she’s paranoid? Are you actually saying you think the fact that LeAnn went to Brandi’s plastic surgeon, dentist, hairdresser, dermatologist etc., is not odd. She went to theses people AFTER she found out Brandi went there.Her penchant for copying exact outfits Brandi wears, right after she wears them is photographically documented. She didn’t use any of these people before and her entire style of dressing has morphed into Brandi’s. She also drove over an hour from her home, to the tiny pilates studio Brandi has gone to for twelve years, rather than going to one of the dozen or so studios that are within minutes of her home. LeAnn is behaviour is odd and noticing it isn’t paranoid, it’s smart. Stalkers are not stable.

      • Julie says:

        I started following the twitter accts and the blogs about Margaret and Brandi around the time of the infamous cake-gate story (bed on top of cake, boys sitting on bottom of cake) It has been like watching a made for tv movie that is comparable to the SWF movie. I really think someone needs to make another made for tv movie using all the documentation available on all this SWF that Margaret does. I think someday it will happen, I think someone is already working on it but they are just waiting for the pink wig to happen before they finish the script. If she continues her behavior her legacy will not be about what a great singer she was it will be about what an evil, vindictive, psycho she was, and how she ruined her own career because of her obsession and jealousy of another woman.

      • briargal says:

        @Julie–There is a lot of documentation of all LeakAnn’s actions. I agree someone should make a movie of it or at least write a book about it. Then EVERYONE would know what a psycho she seems to be– not just the people who read about her now.Maybe Eddie could add a chapter or two or even write the whole book. Wait… does Eddie know how to read and write? Being he hooked up with this nitwit and the show telling their “truth”, he seems dumber than a pile of rocks.

      • Christin says:

        @briargal — Maybe his mommy can write a book for him, as he allegedly relied upon her to pay his bills and balance his checkbook and let him know when he needed to work more.

        Now that I think about it, his mother ought to write HER observations of this crazy situation. If his parents have ever expressed concerns, I envision him as the type who fibs his way through things to keep everybody quiet and maintain a cushy, lazy lifestyle.

    • Kellykat says:

      This sounds like something LeAnn would say, “Tea A”
      The same crazy person who did almost run Brandi over while stalking her in her own neighborhood (when she was still married and Ed had stopped taking Leann’s calls.)
      This is the same crazy who bought a house in Brandi’s neighborhood so she could stalk her and her husband. The same crazy who hired a faux painter to paint Brandi’s boys’ faces on the walls of her, Leann’s mom’s home, while Eddie was still married to Brandi. The same crazy who posted Twitter pictures of herself with a gun and made veiled threats toward Brandi. The same crazy who paid fans and friends and celebrated them when they created web sites and photos and tweets and t-shirts about killing or harming Brandi.
      Yeah, Brandi’s not paranoid, “Tea A” bless your heart, she’s being criminally harassed and stalked by a multimillionaire celebrity psycho!

  52. Jh says:

    Ok, that wewedrama blog is f-ing CRAZY! I had no idea. Leanne literally wears the exact same shoes, bikinis, make-up, etc. The EXACT same. This chick is crazy. Whoa. I’m not a fan of Brandi’s at all, but that is some documented full-on craziness.

  53. Deanne says:

    For anyone who is trying to somehow blame Brandi in this scenario, you really must have blinders on. There is no defence for LeAnn in this circumstance. None. There is too much recorded evidence of her copying Brandi and hijacking professionals that Brandi has a long history with. No, Brandi doesn’t “own” the studio, but her very close friend does and it’s completely bizarre that LeAnn would even want to join. I mean really. Why there? Why now? LeAnn successfully lured away two of Brandi’s friends and I imagine that tried to do the same with many more of Brandi’s friends and failed. She doesn’t understand what real loyalty is and never will. She buys friendship, but there is no real loyalty there. If LeAnn ever finds herself penniless, she will have nothing to offer anyone in her life. I don’t think any of her hangers on would be willing or able to pick up the check if she couldn’t.

  54. decorative item says:

    Old doofus face can never leave L because she would probably kill him , and herself, if he ever tried. He probably wakes up to her looking at him every morning. You know, right up crazy close to his face.

  55. Leslie says:

    LeAnn invaded the studio Brandi goes to because LeAnn and Eddie have run out of things to bitch about. See, for weeks now they can have something to keep them connected:

    LeAnn: “See, she doesn’t want me to go to the same Pilates class as she does.”
    Eddie: “I told you she was a bitch.”
    LeAnn: “What, she think she owns that studio?”
    Eddie: “I know, she’s the worst bitch ever.”
    LeAnn: “I’ll show that bitch…it’s a free country.”
    Eddie: “Yeah, you tell that bitch.”

  56. nemo says:

    MeAnn obviously has some serious issues. she’s obsessed.

  57. Kellykat says:

    Eddie must be cheating again. When the rumors that he is cheating circulate, or he leaves her for “guy’s trips,” Leann revs up the psycho-stalking and taunting of Brandi big time. She SWF’s Brandi and copies her twitter stuff daily, but when there seem to be problems or arguments in her marriage, Leann does this kind of more active stalking. I would bet Leann is really freaking out now that their show flopped, they don’t seem to have much of an income and Eddie is sick of her psycho personality.
    She is hoping to draw him closer to her with this “let’s dump on your ex together!” game. The problem is: the game is five years old and he is bored with it. Yes, he will always be obsessed with Brandi and the fact that she dumped him, yes he is still mad and jealous of her, no it won’t make Leann more attractive to him. Yes he is cheating.

  58. LovesGossip says:

    Maybe LeAnn found out that there will be no second season of ” Leann and Eddie” and is taking her anger out on Brandi with her psycho stalking?

  59. Michele says:

    I’ve heard they asked SleazeAnn NOT to come back because Brandi is such a long time member.

  60. Deanne says:

    LeAnn is truly the most arrogant person ever. One of her sychophants tweeted her that she is an amazing person, with a huge heart and she agreed. Having self esteem is important, but her parents and handlers really dropped the ball when it came to teaching her about humility. She has none.

  61. Leslie says:

    So LeAnn is relevant because she stalks her husband’s ex wife and tweets about it. Didn’t she used to sing?

  62. Vilodemeanus says:

    Nothing like driving an hour, at least, each way to go to a Pilates Studio to harass your sleazy husband’s ex wife. Someone should tell LeAnn no one is impressed she married a serial cheater, who can barely get acting jobs, and when he does he’s usually fired because his co-workers all hate his guts. Eddie puts the dingle in berries on every single set he’s worked on. LeAnn must be the dumbest person on Earth, Brandi wouldn’t touch Eddie with a ten foot pole. No wonder he doesn’t want any kids with her, she’s certifiable.

  63. mollie says:

    She’s at it again. Apparently went to David Grey concert and rudely talked through the set. Unfortunately for her, popular DJ was sitting in front of her and called her out on her behavior this morning.
    Twitter war!

    • Juliette says:

      She is so dumb, she should have just apologized for being rude instead of trying to deny it. There are witnesses and Leann has zero credibility. Once again comes off looking like the ass she is.

      She also has her side kick Darrel Brown trying to defend her. It is kicking off on Twitter.

      • Deanne says:

        She never apologizes for anything, ever. She’s got such extreme entitlement issues that she literally can never admit to being wrong or making a mistake. Darrell Brown is just another one of her enablers/bullies who telss her she’s right, no matter what, defends her blindly and tries to intimidate her detractors. They are both seriously disgusting people. They both tried to label the guy who called her out, a liar. There were other people who witnessed it and of course LeAnn tried to back peddle and claimed she was joking. She’s a pathelogical liar surrounded by enablers.

    • Christin says:

      Here is the audio of his claims and her call-in this morning:

      Kudos to him for sticking to his story.

      Edit: No wonder people have done screen shots of her tweets. I saw this unfold this a.m., but now it appears her tweets are off her TL, but they are on the DJ’s replies. So weird! And she claimed her husband was there, but others say he was not? Wow.