Ariana Grande’s life coach quit recently because Ariana really is a crazy diva


What would we do without Ariana Grande’s Toddler Dramz? We would probably be paying closer attention to Justin Bieber’s Toddler Dramz, quite honestly. So is it a conspiracy that Scooter Braun manages both Ariana and Bieber? Is Braun actively trying to hide Bieber’s shenanigans behind Ariana’s shenanigans? Or is Braun a terrible manager to only works with sucky babies?

Anyway, the latest Toddler Dramz is that Ariana’s “life coach” (or possibly a choreographer) recently quit because every bad thing we’ve ever heard about Ariana is true:

Ariana Grande, plagued by rumors of a bad attitude, has become such a diva that even her life coach couldn’t handle it, says a source. We’re told that the 21-year-old rising pop star’s life coach, who was in charge of keeping her centered and healthy, walked off the job months ago because he just couldn’t handle her attitude.

“He just couldn’t take it anymore,” says the insider. “Everything people are saying about her is true.”

Grande, the former Nickelodeon star whose breakout hits include the blockbuster “Bang Bang” and “Problem,” has been battling rumors of bad behavior, including allegedly stepping into an elevator after being swarmed by loving fans and exclaiming, “I hope they all [bleeping] die.” She’s also been accused of being difficult to work with and making diva demands.

The source confirms, “She’ll only be photographed from the left side, in a certain light. She’s rude to her fans. She was so obsessed with her hair that she had it dyed every three days, and the big ponytail is fake.” The source adds, “She acts like a child and constantly needs people to coddle her.”

A source close to Grande’s camp tells us that her aide was actually a choreographer, not a life coach, and that he was fired unceremoniously.

“It is nothing but a spiteful former employee that has been telling rumors around town for the last several months,” says the source.

[From Page Six]

First of all, 21-year-olds with life coaches make me want to drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. You’re 21 years old!! You do not need a life coach!! What you need are life experiences, work experiences, lots of travel and an opportunity to meet new people. There, I just coached you for free. Here’s more free life-coach advice: treat people well on your way up the ladder, because those are the same people you’ll meet on your way down. That’s something just for Ariana, because I think it’s safe to say that #ArianaGrandeIsAnUnhingedDiva.



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  1. Aussie girl says:

    Noo!! I just believe that her big ponytail is fake! !!

    • TheBestKittenAround says:

      Yeah I feel awful for her hair. I can see it underneath all the fake hair and it looks like it’s screaming for help. The problem is that once you have breakage from dying/excessive heat-styling, the weight of the extensions only exacerbates the problem.

      • Erica says:

        She told a week ago that her own hair has nearly fully recovered and that she can soon do without extensions.

      • deehunny says:

        @Erica, are they extensions? Here I thought it was something like a clipped in ponytail and that’s why she never wears her hair down

  2. Loopy says:

    I was starting to think there is a smear campaign against her, but all the stories can’t be false. She needs to do some good damage control asap.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Same here. At first I was sure that it was just a case of people wanting to tear down “the new girl” (even though she was on Nickelodeon for a while, she’s new to the mainstream) but now I tend to believe otherwise.

      If it walks like a brat, talks like a brat and we hear 346 stories about how she’s a brat then…she’s a brat. Also, having Scooter Braun as a manager probably doesn’t help her case, lol.

    • Kali says:

      I’ve always believed that where there’s smoke, there’s fire (to an extent). If you hear one random story of a celeb being rude (and they previously hadn’t really been known for it), you could chalk that up to a bad day. This just looks like it’s bad behaviour.

  3. bopit says:

    The cat ears she sometimes wears, the consistent hair style/makeup/left side/, and creepy Baby One More Time look SCREAMS insecurities! She can’t even break free of this uniform she’s created for herself and it’s quite sad.

    • Dani2 says:

      Her obsession with her “good side” must really piss off a lot of people that have to work with her. I watched an interview that she did in Australia recently and she kept trying to give the camera her good side, whilst facing away from the two interviewers, it’s as odd as it is irritating.

      • Erica says:

        It’s not that odd. A scientific study published in the Netherlands last week revealed that 75% of all people have a natural preference to be photographed on their left side.

        Next to that everyone wants to looks as good as possible. An actress with nice long legs will also try to get them on every single pic.

      • SurlyMonkey says:

        Every time I see articles on her, all I can think about is how I wish I was able to run up on her, take unflattering cellphone pics of her right side, and then endlessly post them on twitter with some pithy hash-tag.

        Apparently, I am as immature and unhinged as she is….

      • TX says:

        I think I finally see why she’s obsessed with the left side though. It looks like she only has a dimple on that one side! Maybe she doesn’t want people to see that she’s asymmetrical lol

      • Dani2 says:

        @Erica Yes, it’s natural to have a specific preference for one side but to constantly insist on only being captured on one side, even when its a live recording and you can’t face the people who are asking you a question because heaven forbid they might catch your bad side? That’s on a whole other level.

      • FLORC says:

        Having a friend that only has 1 dimple I thought the same. She has a matching set of dimples. Honestly. I think she’s just very obsessive and bratty.
        On board with what Dani2 said to Erin. It’s a whole other level to demand only being seen from 1 angle. And worse yet to instruct your security to assault and threaten those who catch you on any angle other than the approved 1.

        Anyone remember when she was on the red carpet and started tearing up because twitter trolls were mocking her? Lots of us defended her as an insecure, emotional girl. Yea… that’s gone.

      • Charlotte says:

        My youngest two children and I only have a dimple on one side (the right side). I think it looks cute. On them, that is. My son’s dimple is very prominent and makes him look like a mischievous imp. Which he is.

    • Anners says:


      Me too!!! And I’m way too old to even care about her!

  4. Josefa says:

    Well, I still think she’s very talented and I like her songs a lot as far as tacky pop music goes. I tried to defend you, Ariana. I tried as long as I could.

    • Grant says:

      I’m with you, Josefa. Crazy diva or not, she still gave us two really great albums.

      • Erica says:

        And that’s in the end all that matters. The rest is gossip, interesting to read and to forget.

      • Dani2 says:

        And she has already started being rude to fans, no amount of talent makes it okay for you to treat people like sh-t. Especially the people who are responsible for your success.

  5. Happyhat says:

    “She’ll only be photographed from the left side, in a certain light. She’s rude to her fans. She was so obsessed with her hair that she had it dyed every three days, and the big ponytail is fake.” The source adds, “She acts like a child and constantly needs people to coddle her.”

    This urks me slightly, as if you’re gonna list all the ways someone is a diva, pointing out things like how she likes to be photographed, dying her hair and having a fake ponytail shouldn’t be included. Like…how is having a preference for being photographed diva behaviour? Dying her hair and having extensions???!!!!

    Throw her under a bus for acting like a child and being rude to fans yes, but the hair?! Blah

    • Ennie says:

      The good wide obsession where it interferes with work is a diva antic. Demanding fans and reporters to erase pics is an antic.
      I would understand if she were filming something and she had the time to be posing, but as an everyday occurrence?
      Leave that to Julio Iglesias or Mimi.

      • Dutch says:

        In Australia, she supposedly kept interrupting a photo session to look at the photos to either approve or disapprove then demand the bad ones be deleted. Later she sent her security after the photographer to have everything deleted. It’s gone beyond preference and straight to obsession.

  6. Chrissy says:

    The being photographed from the left thing – it looks like she has slightly wonky eyes. Wouldn’t you want to hide that too? Especially if your image is 95% of your success in that industry? As for behavior, that’s all her bad. I just can’t hate on someone who wants to disguise something people may make fun of her for. Or maybe they already have? I have no clue who this person is other than from the posts I’ve read here.

  7. Erinn says:

    I’m to the point where I find her more disturbing than sad. It’s like she’s trying to be a sexy little kid.

    And I can’t handle her singing. She might be able to get her voice up there, but if she’s unintelligible, it shouldn’t count. She sounds like she’s shoved marshmallows into her mouth.

  8. Tracy says:

    I told my kids about her behavior. They turn the channel now when her song comes on.

    • Dani2 says:

      Parenting – you’re doing it right 👍

    • Tim says:

      It’s better you learn your kids to make their own judgement than to indoctrinate them. Risk is that they will say “yes” to mummie but find her now even more interesting behind your back.

      • Diana B says:

        How is she indoctrinating them by telling them how she behaves? she didn’t say she told them not to watch her show or anything, she merely informed them on the facts of the way she acts.

    • Izzy says:

      Your kids are smart, and they have a smart mom.

  9. qtip says:

    Maybe her left side of her is bitchy and her right side wants no parts of that, so it stays in the shadows.

  10. Sam says:

    Does she think she’s Barbara Streisand or something? BS used to be famous for insisting she had a “good side” that she preferred to be photographer from, but I never heard of her taking it to such a crazy level.

  11. Gina says:

    She looks like a wind up toy, doesn’t she. Paps caught her smooching her beau, Big Sean…big Sean that cracks me up. I guess the little munchkin likes her some bbd. Good for you little Ariana, I envisioned you with a Bieber kinda of a guy, guess you one upped him!

  12. Jaderu says:

    Has there been any pop star that has shot themselves in the foot this quickly out of the gate?

  13. Nicolette says:

    ‘Treat people well on your way up the ladder, because those are the same people you’ll meet on your way down.’

    This exactly. And if she keeps this up chances are she’ll be heading down sooner than later.

  14. Yup says:

    It’s only a matter of time for an impromptu bathtub baptism from Justin’s traveling priest

  15. Ellen says:

    I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that legit sites seem to be going out of their way to run photos from her right side. I can’t figure out if she’s posing that way more to shut down the rumor or if everyone has decided to call her on it.

    Two thoughts: when Ariana is as good a singer as Babs, then she can demand to be photographed from her good side. And also, it’s one thing to make that request when sitting formally. On the red carpet? With fans? In interviews, where you’re twisting so hard, you’ll probably need chiropractic afterwards? That’s just too much.

  16. QQ says:

    Hahahaha That terrible wormy two step shit she does (never forget Rih rih Laughing at her at the AMAs which is a Tall order!). Yeaahhh she/he had to GO!

  17. whatsmyname? says:

    I was such a big fan of hers but I can’t be anymore now that I found out her ponytail is fake. Now I truly believe she is a rude little diva :(

  18. Tim says:

    Her number of twitter fans is exploding since the diva rumours popped up, so I’m wondering wheter it’s all just for publicity. Bad publicity doesn’t exist, lesson #1 of every marketing course.

  19. kri says:

    Kaiser, that “sucky babies” quip was priceless. I can see someone warming up Lil Left’s bottle of White Russian and testing it on their wrist before giving it to Ariana. Seriously, her insistence on looking like a 14 year-old is very creepy. It’s as if mentally she is stuck at that age, and I wonder why. Weird. Get some brains, chica.

  20. emma says:

    I kind of love that the “toddler dramz” brought on my Ariana and Bieber are managed by a guy named Scooter.

  21. Feebee says:

    She may not need a life coach but she needs someone to do something because she’s approaching a split in the road and it sounds like left to her own devices and her current crew she’s going to pick the one that dead ends.

  22. EscapedConvent says:

    That’s a great shot of her unicorn head in the third pic.

  23. msw says:

    I object to the term “diva” in favor of @$$hole.

  24. some bitch says:

    That first image… that’s definitely coke in her nostril.

  25. venus velvet says:

    These Ariana drama posts give me life. :D

  26. anne_000 says:

    I can understand why she wants only a side profile (though I don’t know why the left specifically), because she looks cross-eyed sometimes when seen in a front-of-face profile.

  27. Izzy says:

    There are just way too many diva stories for this not to have truth to it. When even the most mainstream, suck-up entertainment “journalists” (cough E! cough) are calling it, then you know it’s a problem.

  28. Girl Down says:

    I just want to know why she can’t get a better weave. Her hair looks horrible, in every pic I’ve ever seen of her. And she has people, right? Can’t she get someone on that?