Gwyneth Paltrow ‘drew up a schedule’ for Chris Martin to spend time with her


Considering how often Jessica Seinfeld comes out to talk about how people really and truly love Gwyneth Paltrow, I think it’s safe to say that Goop has not been handling the Martin-Lawrence situation very well. Bedhead points out that some of the official-ish articles about Martin-Lawrence have sounded suspiciously sourced from Team Goop too. So, should we take Team Goop stuff with a grain of salt? I don’t know. I actually believe that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t spending any time with Chris and Gwyneth’s kids. Why would she? And if that’s not enough, there’s a general sense of unease in Goopworld. I really do wonder what Gwyneth is stage-managing behind the scenes. The Daily Mail/Grazia has an interesting claim about just that:

They might have consciously uncoupled, but it seems Gwyneth Paltrow is still making sure she has a significant place in Chris Martin’s life. That is if reports surrounding the separated couple are true, that claim Gwyneth has drawn up a schedule to ensure Chris spends enough time with her and their children.

Sources also claim that while the 41-year old actress is happy with the Coldplay star dating Jennifer Lawrence, she is ‘uncompromising with the amount of time she expects him to spend with their family’.

A source allegedly told Grazia UK: ‘She’s drawn up a rota to balance his time living life as a bachelor and seeing Jennifer with honouring their many family commitments.’

They say Chris, 37, is ‘torn’ that Gwyneth has this much power over him, even though she was the one who ended their marriage.

‘Gwyneth still has a lot of control over him, which isn’t exactly desirable to prospective girlfriends,’ the source tells the magazine. ‘The way things are at the moment, no sane person would want to be an accessory to their conscious uncoupling.’

The so-called ‘rota’ clearly hasn’t put Jennifer, 24, off as she watched Chris perform at the iHeart Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the couple arrived back in Los Angeles on a private jet together.

[From The Daily Mail]

So Chris Martin is henpecked by his estranged wife and he needed her to make a schedule and time table to get him to spend time with their children? I don’t doubt it, actually. I think the “rota” is probably more like a temporary child custody agreement, because Gwyneth and Chris’s “enlightened” conscious uncoupling is so much better than the average peasanty child custody agreements. But with Gwyneth and Chris’s “enlightened” agreements and rotas and their living arrangements and how involved Gwyneth still is in his life, how is any of this appealing to J-Law? I’m really asking. This seems like a lot of trouble for her. I mean, she’s a beautiful Oscar-winning 24-year-old. She could easily find a boyfriend who isn’t being haunted by a Goop Ghost.


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  1. Abbott says:

    So it’s an informal custody arrangement and she’s holding his feet to the fire to spend time with their children? What a monster.

    • Birdix says:

      Agreed. They’re both busy–if they didn’t schedule in advance it might not happen. She’s no shrew for ensuring that Chris has time with the kids, and I can’t believe any new girlfriend would object to that. Something about this story annoys me (and it’s usually Goop who annoys me).

      • Emily says:

        Yeah, the something about the angle feels misogynistic.

        And obviously there needs to be a schedule! Goop can’t just sit on her goop all day waiting around so Chris Martin can show up whenever he feels like. … I can’t believe that I’m actually siding with her Goopiness!

      • MCraw says:

        The only thing annoying me is the fact that JL is dating this guy.


        I loved her before, but this pairing makes me see her way different, idky.

    • frisbeejada says:

      What does the phrase ‘power over’ actually mean? (could just be tabloid speak), but it suggests she’s using leverage over him to control him and I sincerely hope she’s not using the kids to do that, it would be so gauche and peasanty

    • Sunny says:

      I totally agree. This sounds perfectly reasonable to me. She wants to ensure that the kids still feel safe in their family and reinforce they are a family despite changing circumstances. How evil!

    • Ag says:

      seriously. the nerve of her. (ugh.)

      it feels like this story is the usual narrative of trying to paint the ex wife as the shrew – “look what she’s doing, no wonder he wanted out” sort of thing. i am no fan of goopy, but i have a lot of sympathy for her here. it would suck to have your ex-husband date the IT girl who’s almost half your age.

    • Esmom says:

      My thoughts exactly. With Goop even the most reasonable thing will get spun into something negative, it seems.

      • CL says:

        Hey now, be reasonable. Gwyneth is only blown out of proportion on days that end in “y”.

        I actually admire their attempts at this “Conscious Uncoupling” (although I hate that term). It seems as if they’re trying to make the split as easy on the children as possible, and that they are trying to respect each other and maintain some affection to keep their little ones happy. Heaven forbid a divorcing couple actually puts their children first!

    • MrsB says:

      Agreed. And I am so tired of this story line that Gwyneth is controlling his life, and he is powerless. This is the narrative that everybody would like to believe because she is so disliked. Lazy reporting imo.

      • Ag says:

        this is, i think, sadly the narrative with a lot of couples, famous or not. it’s so insanely sexist both toward the women and the men, painting women as controlling bi*ches and men as powerless idiots.

      • daniella says:

        Thumbs up on the anti-goop blowback. In some measure I feel for her here. Who wants to see their ex chumming around with someone half their age, no less someone who is having their super hot moment in the spotlight? Can’t be much fun. As for the “schedule”, you have 2 very busy people here and so of course they will need a schedule to make certain their time with the kids happens in an orderly manner. Goop is hardly perfect, but I don’t want to pick on her over every little thing.

      • MrsB says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head @Ag, poor helpless husband has to put up with the nagging wife who makes his life miserable. Ugh.

        Personally, I think they both set up the schedule together because Chris actually WANTS to see his kids and they are putting the kids first. No matter their faults, they both seem like good parents.

      • Carol says:

        I almost didn’t click on the article because I am so tired of the anti-Goop slant of every story here, but then I read these comments and feel like sanity prevails. I think I will stop reading now while I’m ahead!

    • Dude says:

      Seriously. And is the implication here that he should be free to just go off and be a bachelor and not spend time with his children since he’s a man and he’s single? And that she’s some kind of shrew for ensuring that a very busy, traveling father gets time to spend with his children? With someone that busy who travels that much, a schedule is probably the ONLY way to make it work. He’s their dad, he should be spending time with them. That’s how parenthood works.

      • Sophie says:


      • MG says:

        Amen. I suspect it is pretty difficult to be a woman who organizes her family’s schedule, gets a lot done (i.e., makes a nice life for her husband and kids), and is NOT seen as a henpecker or b**ch or nag.

        If you’ve figured it out, please let me know how to do it. Pretty sure I will not have kids for the reason above. Already I struggle to not nag my husband.

    • someone says:

      Maybe the part that upsets him is that it isn’t just spending time with his kids but spending time with his kids AND Goop. He doesn’t need to spend time with her. He can take his kids for his parenting time and do what he wants with them and not need Gwyneth around telling him how to do it. To me it reads: either you spend time with me too or you don’t see your kids.

      • CatFoodJunkie says:

        That’s how I read it too – “family time” with goop and the kids. Not a bad idea for te kids to see mom and dad getting along (and kudos to them for that) but they split for a reason. Can you imagine a schedule telling you when you MUST see your ex ?

    • Gia says:

      Completely agree. Visitation schedules are par for the course in separations. Both parents have a separate life to live now and are entitled make appointments, meetings, trips around the schedule. It’s easier for everyone and the kids will feel more secure with some predictability about when they will see each parent.

    • P.J. says:

      @ABBOTT: I think the whole point here is that Gwyneth “drew up a rota” (ugh) in regards to how much time Chris spends with HER and their children. In their diluted minds they may not (gasp!) be truly getting divorced like normal folks and merely “uncoupling” (double ugh) but the fact remains that their whole post-seperation situation is total bullsh*t. (If all the reports are true.)

      I’m sorry but, getting divorced or even just breaking up in dating means that I am no longer obligated to see your ass in any capacity other than games, school events, drop off/pick up etc. if there are children involved. What’s the point of divorcing is she’s still going to be acting like his %#&$ WIFE and he just goes along with it?? Good luck to any woman who walks into that situation…

  2. Mot says:

    Of course I have no real idea, but for JLaw she probably sees him when he doesn’t have the kids and then has a break and gets to hang out with her friends when he does have the kids.

    I am sure if it serious it would change things but it seems like a fun fling for now (and I am sure the absence make the reunions that much better…geez I am projecting my fan fiction I guess!!)

    • MG says:

      Coldplay is really famous and have made some very popular music. I can see why that might appeal to a 24-year old, no matter how famous she is. I would think most women would be very flattered to be courted by Martin, even if he is in the midst of a divorce. Besides, the divorce seemingly has been in the works for quite a while, which a lot of women take as a sign (often erroneously) that the red flag has exited the flagpole.

      Brits also have a very self-deprecating way about them. Have never seen Martin in interviews so can’t say if his personality fits that stereotype, but sometimes that British personality + accent is powerfully attractive, at least to me!

  3. BendyWindy says:

    It doesn’t sound like Gwyneth needs to force him to spend time with the kids, it seems like she is trying to force him to spend time with the kids with her. But really, he’s an adult. Goop can’t force him to do anything. If he’s going along with it, it’s because he wants to, whether that is because it’s easier than fighting with her or what, it’s his choice.

    As for J.Law, they’ve only been dating for a few months. It’s probably not super serious.

  4. Jem says:

    In all honesty, I believe this is the tip of the iceberg. Goop is probably a Control Freak of the very first order. But I now truly hope that Martin Lawrence endures, because while they may be bland and boring – I’m LOVING the effect Martin Lawrence are having on the crazy Goopster. That’s the only really interesting gossip-angle in thier relationship, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Eleonor says:

      I think Goop is seriously pissed about her divorce more than we can think.
      She has pushed sooo hard this “happy uncoupling” and how “much loved and appreciated she is” I actually believe for her ruining the facade of her “perfect” marriage was hard.Even if they were estranged and living separate lives. I bet she is going to be the kind of ex wife who plan carefully how to ruin a date night of her ex husband just to prove she is important.

      • Artemis says:

        I don’t think so. They both had other sexual partners and they were not really together as a couple for over a year. The marriage was dead but they spend a lot of time together as a family and friends.

        I don’t think there is any bitterness especially not when they spend time alone with each other (as Twitter pics suggest and not pap strolls) and they both have a new partner. They love each other as friends and more importantly parents. In that regard, they are important to each other.

        Also, she had been dropping hints a few years before they separated by saying that marriage isn’t always great etc.

        More importantly, they have not officially filed for divorce which suggests that there is no hate or rush to consciously uncouple in the legal sense 😉

  5. Amy says:

    Y’know, in a weird way I can see how this could work for her. She’s 24, but she’s also busy. This kind of an arrangement would give her time to do her own thing and work without some crazed boyfriend breathing down her neck every time she turned around.

    • Dio says:

      Plus, it’s probably really heady for a young girl to be in the wings of the concerts of a famous singer… All the special treatment. At that age I wouldn’t want to interact w/his kids or ex either… Maybe down the road if & when it got more serious. Plus I don’t think kids should be exposed to everyone the divorced parent dates. It sets them up for disappointment & confusion if the relationship fails.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Okay, now I kinda wish Jennifer was just ‘taking one for the team’ and dating Chris purely to troll Gwyneth for our pleasure at seeing Goop Enlighten Being her way out of it. I know it isn’t the case, but the pneumonia/pleurisy wills it to be so.

  7. Gina says:

    For anyone guessing why Chris uncoupled with Paltrow, I present Exhibit “A.” JLaw must be such a refreshing change for him. I never did understand the Chris/Gwyneth union.

  8. littlemissnaughty says:

    Um, this doesn’t sound even remotely bad to me. And I have a healthy dislike (is there such a thing?) for Goopy. So when he uncoupled from his wife, his life didn’t actually transform into that of a bachelor who can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants? Big surprise, he’s not a bachelor. He’s an “uncoupled” man with two children. Who he wants (!) to spend time with I imagine. And the wife thinks it’s a good idea to have a schedule. And why do we think he has NO say in what that schedule looks like? Because she’s uncompromising? Um, as far as separations go, THIS doesn’t seem so bad.

    Look, we can mock Goopy for her blog, for her snobbery, for her general ignorance about the realities of everyday life for most peasants but divorce is hard. And oftentimes ugly. They seem to make it work so for that, kudos.

    ETA: Jennifer is a grown-ass woman. 24 and successful, yes. But still an adult. She can handle it or she can’t but it’s not like she’s waiting at home, eating chocolate while he’s spending time with the ex and the kids.

    • Courtney says:

      Agreed. They haven’t actually filed for divorce yet and they need some way to schedule visitation in the interim. The children are presumably in school and both of their parents have unconventional careers/schedules, a standard Wednesday evening, every other weekend schedule probably would not work for this family. I also don’t think it would work for Chris to just show up out of the blue whenever he’s in town. And it seems it’s always the moms who know the kids/family schedule.

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    You get involved with a guy with kids who is going through a divorce then you are getting yourself involved with everything that goes with that. And it does make sense that the “uncoupling” couple have a schedule for the kids and that they adhere to it. It makes life easier for the kids and less bitter for everyone in the long run.

    • Chris2 says:

      Zackly….how does any ex-couple arrange things, if not this way? Pretty gratuitous GOOP bashing, and entirely sexist, as most are pointing out.
      (What needs to be addressed, imo, is the ferociously straightened hair. Loosen up dahlink!) 😉

  10. bns says:

    This whole “GOOP was so controlling and rigid and J. Law is so free, young, and fun!” angle that the tabloids are pushing is annoying me.

    • eowyn says:


    • Lia says:

      Yes, I’m not a fan of her clueless, privileged, insular lack of perspective, but demonizing moms is an old, sexist trope. Once you’re a mother and a wife, having expectations of any kind will get you painted as a shrew or a scheduling fascist. If you’re more relaxed you don’t care, if you’re more involved you’re an overbearing helicopter mom. There is such a narrow window in which women who are not young and childfree can be seen to be getting it right. Men are not judged by these standards. If they ever see their children they’re “amazing fathers”. The double standards are ridiculous, and this feels like a round of cheap shots to me.

    • Sullivan says:

      Me, too.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      It reeks of sexism AND ageism.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, shake off the old ball and chain and make way for the younger model mentality. And she’s demanding and controlling because she’s trying to facilitate his spending time with his children. Ok.

    • magpie says:

      + 1,000 but that’s because I don’t buy the JL ‘Aw shucks’ routine. I think he goes for high maintenance gals, period.

  11. jinni says:

    So Paltrow making a schedule to help him be able to spend time with his kids is a bad thing? Since she was the one that did most of the work raising these kids (since she was the one that put her career on the back burner and spent more time with them while he was always on tour) wouldn’t it make sense for her to be the one that makes the schedule that fits everyone life comfortably since that was probably her job when they were together?

    What is wrong with making sure your kids aren’t being neglected by their father because he has new woman in his life? Plenty of men do that when they move on to a new relationship, so I don’t see what is so wrong with putting something together to prevent that.

  12. Kiki says:

    I call this “calling the kettle black” situation. This is causing to begin trouble really soon. So JLaw, hope for the best and prepare for the worse. Because there’s going to be some fireworks up in here.

  13. Rhiley says:

    Please don’t think I am defending Goop in any way, but given Chris’s schedule right now, maybe having someone give him a “rota” with things like, Take Apple and Moses to breakfast and shopping today, is good for him and helps to remind him that he has children who need his attention as well. When my parents divorced and my father started dating, he could go months without seeing me and my siblings. And while I love my father, I have never felt that I was a very crucial part of his life- he has his work, his hobbies, his girlfriends. When we see each other, we get on well, there is no bitterness or resentment, but we can go years without seeing or speaking which is kind of odd.

    • jinni says:

      Exactly so many guys see the break up of their marriage as a break up with the kids and just focus all their energy on their new woman and life. Paltrow’s father was a very big influence in her life so maybe she just wants to make sure her kids have that and don’t just become the kids of the first wife that get neglected and left behind by Daddy after he moves on to the new love interest.

    • Dingo says:

      You just know that if she was flying around without the children and a 24 year oldnew boyfriend she would be called a bad mother.

    • CatFoodJunkie says:

      I i read the article right it’s not about time with the kids but time “as a family” and I believe she means (assuming any of this is true) that they both hang with the kids. As I said upstream that’s all fine and dandy – until one person tells the other he/she MUST attend said family function. I wouldn’t care for that – and a decent dad is going to see his kids with or without a schedule that includes their mother.

  14. Bess says:

    I’ve said it before, but think Jennifer should run like the wind from Chris Martin. She is 24 years old. Why on earth would she want to be involved with a recently separated man who’s 12 years old and a father of two? That’s way too much baggage to deal with for someone her age.

    Also, I remember when Martin would either avoid Goopy’s professional events or attend them with a sulky attitude. That’s not the behavior of a grown man or a supportive partner. Does JLaw really want to deal with that kind of attitude.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Agreed. And she’s too young to be a step mom to two kids.

    • Artemis says:

      I don’t think they are going to last that long. She and Hoult broke up mainly because of the media attention and their busy workschedules. CM is even worse in those two regards. They’re lucky now because Coldplay isn’t going to do a big tour and JL has a break in her schedule but from the moment they are both in work mode again, it’s going to be interesting to see how they’re going to handle it. Especially when CM is a dad of two. Add that to the media attention they’re getting as a couple and I think the appeal will wear off soon.

      Also CM was JL’s idol when she was a teen. As TomKat proved, the reality can be quite disappointing. People moan about Goop’s extreme attitude when CM can be just as bad. On does not dive in dumpsters and ignore the mother of his children when one is ‘laid back’. Expect a lot of middle fingers from Jlaw and grumpy face from CM. Great for gossip, bad for their relationship.

      • Stef says:

        I agree with this. As soon as this divorce (which hasn’t even been filed) starts to get messy that’s when this will end. Do I believe they are living together? No. Contemplating marriage? Nope. I think Jen is living out a cool fantasy of traveling with a band she really likes. The concerts are over and the blowback on her is already starting. So I don’t see this lasting much longer. She broke up with a bf of four years and never lived with him or got engaged. I highly doubt she’s jumping into a “serious” relationship with Chris like the tabs want us to believe. I think most of the stories about them were completely faked anyways. The inconsistencies were just way to easy to point out.

  15. poppy says:

    as much as i loathe teh goop, of course they schedule time as a family. he’s touring and promoting a new album. this was always happening even pre-uncoupling. he’s busy. the kids are busy.
    i doubt very much gwynsufferable dictates when he sees them because he has a job that automatically does that.

  16. smee says:

    I bet she and her people disseminate info about her perceived response to the “MartinLawrence conscious coupling” in order to make her look good. She is no doubt at least irritated to be replaced by the IT girl of 2014. I’m mentally saying a little “ha ha”, but you know it’s got to hurt. Poor G – she got too hung up in her perfection and the perfection of her little world.

    • BlueJay says:

      I don’t think so. I think that Gwen is so happy to be rid of him. He is not good looking, doesn’t really sing well and she is probably wondering what she ever saw in him. I would love to know what man she is with but she is managing to keep it so quiet. She can really keep herself out of the news and is probably enjoying the fact that the paps are on Chris because she knows how he hates it.

      • minime says:

        ahah I love your take on this story. No fan of goopyness here, but I find so disturbing the implicit misogyny of many of the comments and how much people take pleasure from it. This is a guy freshly “uncoupled” dating a 20 something year old. I would really like to see the comments if the situation was reversed. And please, no matter how annoying she might sound like, this is the woman who dated Brad Pitt when he was hot. Chris is not that good looking, not that much of a good singer and he looks as sanctimonious as Goop. Maybe she might get a funnier person now to date.

  17. Hmmm says:

    I would bet some good money on Goop being the one better off without Chris Martin than the other way around.
    The guy strikes me as very immature. He is already making a fool of himself right now.

    • jinni says:

      Exactly. What did she really lose? A guy that couldn’t be caught dead taking a picture with her or wouldn’t show up to support her work. A guy that on the rare occasion when he did force himself to show up for her book release dinner he was a fussy, disgruntle, moody git. A guy that if the gossip is to believed, cheated on her with one of her friends long before she started stepping out on him. A guy she had to make up excuses for why he didn’t seem to want to be seen with her in public. She’s better off without him.

      This whole thing with Martin being painted as a poor unfortunate is actually making me want to defend her and I don’t even like the snob.

      • Artemis says:

        It’s funny when people think Goop lost out. Almost every quote he ever gave about her (you can count them on your hands lol) is basically him saying how nerdy, uncool he was/is and how he got an Oscar winner to marry him. He was a virgin until 22 and his first real relationship was with Goop! He mentioned being intimated with Pitt being Goop’s ex so it kept him on his toes. Everything pointed to CM being lucky with Goop by his own account.

        And when somebody asked him about the cheating rumours ( in an interview when Goop said she can forgive) he said he was a ‘love rat’. The guy thinks he’s a loser and he still steps out on his wife. Jlaw has got another thing coming, I swear (if he couldn’t handle Goop’s success, what about Jlaw who is 10x more successful and likeable?!). This guy is a douche. But when Goop cheats, Vanity Fair is all over her ass trying to expose her. Sheesh, her husband was stepping out on her long before they officially decided to separate but of course it’s always the woman who is to blame and who loses out.

      • Esmom says:

        The narrative I remember is that he pursued Goop relentlessly. She initially wanted nothing to do with him, presumably thought he was beneath her station or something, but eventually gave in. I remember feeling like she settled because she didn’t have any other prospects at the time.

      • Artemis says:

        Goop doesn’t settle though. Every relationship she had was A-list. She cheated on Pitt and she confessed to being a mess during that time. Then she had a really bad relationship with Affleck and when she met Martin, her father just passed away and she was making changes in her lifestyle (macrobiotic diet, kaballah). She said she like the English lifestyle more because people weren’t superficial etc so I think it was a huge departure from the hunky A-list men and flashy lifestyle she was accustomed to. It helped that her new man was quite nerdy yet hugely successful I think. Goop always win, girls like her always win. Even Madonna can’t do what Goop does.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. The whole Goop is evil, controlling soon-to-be ex/poor Chris storyline is a boor.

  18. mrsDarcy says:

    Though I don’t like either goop or chris, good on her for ensuring the kids get to see their dad.
    On another note, didn’t Goopy mention that when she first met Chris, he was expecting another actress to attend his show (an actress he had a crush on)…she never did reveal who this actress was….any idea?

  19. Green Eyes says:

    Is it me or has Goop been looking kind of terrible lately? The recent pictures of her have been terrible – she looks way older than 41. Girl needs to sit down and eat some fatty food, pronto. Otherwise, who can imagine what she will look like in 10 years?

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      No Green Eyes, she looks harsh. Too blonde, too limp, too thin and not too toned. Too weathered from the “occasional” glass of wine or smoke. TOO TOO TOO MUCH!

      • Hmmm says:

        She is not too thin, she is a normal slender looking woman.
        Agree on the boring hair style though.
        She used to be more experimental when she was younger. She once had black hair, which looked quite interesting. I think she is scheduled to play Dora Maar, Picasso’s muse who had dark hair, soon. Maybe she’ll dye her hair for that.

  20. Malificent says:

    Can’t think this is evil — and I suspect it’s less feet-over-the-fire than coordinating with a busy schedule. If Chris has to choose between spending time with his kids or having a new girlfriend, he should pick his kids. His children are going through a major life change and they will only be little once. He has the rest of his life to date when his kids are older. If you choose to have kids, you need to suck it up and put your family first.

  21. Megan says:

    I tend to think the is JLaw’s jump off from Nicolas Hoult and it will be over after soon.

  22. Jayna says:

    Good for them. I take the controlling theme with a grain of salt. I do believe this is a couple doing right by their children during such a confusing time, by showing them they are still a family, not just only with mom or dad now and everything separate.

    It’s so easy to grab onto every tabloid story as true by those that can’t G and relish hearing anything negative about her.,. I applaud both of them as doing this as “thoughtfully” regarding the children as possible and still showing respect and love to one another during the split.

    • ByronicHeroine says:

      I see what you’re saying, from the point of view of the ex-wife and the once-family unit.

      But how is this really fair to Jennifer? Or any potential woman in her position? Especially if one day she wanted a more committed relationship from Chris?

      If Chris and his ex are still “family,” and hang out all the time as if almost nothing had changed, what does that make Jennifer?

      What if she, or another new woman in his life genuinely loves him and wants a marriage/family with him also?

      He is never going to be able to offer her his whole self… and if at some point he does want to make another woman his official new partner, he is going to have to make some changes as far as diminishing his ex’s presence and control in his life. That is just not fair to a new woman/new love interest.

      No woman who wants her own fully realized relationship/family should have to share a man that way.

      • Jayna says:

        My comment was specifically aimed at a confusing time for the children when Gwynneth and Chris first split, going from parents living together and not taking them straight to separation and being with their parents only separately and new people introduced too quickly into the scenario. They are easing their children into the new normal, their parents breaking up but in a way to ease the pain and make them feel safe and loved and that they are a family still.

        I wasn’t addressing anything past the aftermath of a split up and how they were doing it and this article trying to paint her the bad guy. Obviously, they both will move on and settle down with someone else eventually. That has nothing to do with a recently separated couple just trying to do their best right now by their family.

        Your comment still addresses this story like truth, controlling Gwynneth, not that Chris and Gwynneth are on the same page 100 percent on how they are handling this split-up and the children’s needs and fears RIGHT NOW

      • Courtney says:

        Kids were there first and need to remain the priority. Any future women need to deal with that. And they should share a man that way.

      • Veronica says:

        Speaking from a general perspective on joint custody situations, if the scheduling is for the kids, then it is absolutely fair and any woman he dates needs to deal with that. Children need stability, and separation makes providing that a lot more complicated. It would work the same way if he was the one with primary custody. A parent’s responsibility to children overrules any other relationship they get into. That’s why dating somebody with children can be so difficult – you never get to enjoy any period where you’re the most important person in their life. The children always have to be the priority.

        I don’t think Paltrow is an angel, but for something like this? Strikes me as pretty normal procedure. Nearly every separated couple I know of with children has specific arrangements in place. Could she be a completely inflexible bitch about it? Sure. But I don’t know that personally, and Martin doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’s going to complain about spending time with his kids.

  23. Luciana says:

    I have the feeling all these stories are leaked by Chris team in order to make Goop look as the villainess. He is in desperate need to make her the bad guy because after all he is the one dating a younger hot girl and parting. It’s like he is having a midlife crisis.

    On a side note, please stop the comments such as “Chris was 14 when Jennifer was born”, etc. Both are adults and whatever is going on between these two is consensual. It’s not like he has kidnapped her and forced her to be with him. I agree with some who consider her to be a foolish girl for dating a man with “luggage” (I wouldn’t have done that at her age) but it’s her sole choice. She’s 24 not 14. Stop infantilizing her.

    • Jayna says:

      Or here’s a novel thought. Many of them aren’t leaked by either side. They are made up to fill the pages of weekly rag mags.

  24. Chicagogurl says:

    Bonus points if she can get him to start wearing shirts that end below his belt. Just stop with the tummy shirts chris.

  25. Mickey says:

    I think their entire uncoupling is controlled by a contract and every appearance and word they say about each other follows predetermined rules. They took a long time to hammer out the details before announcing their separation to the world. They’re wealthy and extremely image conscious, so I doubt they’re getting divorced like a normal couple. I believe there is a schedule controlled by Gwyneth, Chris, and a bunch of lawyers who’ve billed a lot of hours so far.

  26. Artimis says:

    F*ck off, Gwynnie. That is all.

  27. CK says:

    I really hope Goop’s people aren’t disseminating this story. If so, they should be fired. The only thing that is going to make their client look even remotely good, is for her to go away for a while and to let CM screw up his image. While this is responsible and the way to go if you husband is a rock star with a busy schedule, it only makes her look controlling and jealous. Sorry, but Martin Lawrence is the sweet sweet comeuppance that every Goop-hater has been waiting for and nothing is going to endear sympathy or compassion for Goop no matter how reasonable it is. Also, As much as I dislike Goop and like M. Lawrence, I like J. Law more so I hope she runs for the hills soon. They have not filed for divorce yet. Girl, that is a red flag. No, sorry, that is THE red flag.

    • Alex says:

      I agree. They haven’t even filed for separation. So they are still very entangled. And from early interviews from Chris he seemed to leave the door open for his marriage. So I doubt all these tab stories of him being madly in love. I barely believe they are even a casual thing because we have nothing to point to a relationship at all. At the end of the day this doesn’t look good on Jen either. People are coming down on her too and right now the last thing she needs is to be in the middle of this mess

      • CK says:

        It seems like they want to be in an open marriage, but are too afraid of their public image to say it and are going for “conscious uncoupling” instead, which I guess is the new hollywood way to sleep around outside your marriage and not be compared to the peasants. Because that’s the only difference now, it seems. Still acting married and just getting sexual satisfaction outside of the marriage (albeit openly instead of in the dark).

      • Alex says:

        @CK I could see that esp if the rumors about cheating from both parties are true.
        But if that’s the case then Jen needs to stay farrrrrr away from that mess.

  28. LAK says:

    Grazia are straight up liars. They make stuff up all the time.

  29. LaurieH says:

    I read something somewhere recently – a quote by JLaw – that she had a massive crush on Chris Martin when she was young. This made me immediately think of the unlikely romance between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, where she made a nearly identical comment about having had a crush on Tom when she was young. So yeah, if Katie Holmes could put up with the CO$ in exchange for the chance to be with her childhood crush, then yeah – I think JLaw is willing to put up with a bit of Goop Ghost.

  30. Veronica says:

    I’m not really seeing why this is so terrible…? They both have busy lives, and scheduling around that ensures everything is cared for. That’s what most joint custody parents do, celebrity or otherwise.