Jeremy Renner confirms that he married his baby-mama Sonni Pacheco


I always forget how much gossip there is about Jeremy Renner’s private life and sexuality. I forget about it until I write a somewhat innocuous story about how he used to work as a makeup artist and everyone is like “he’s totally gay, right?” I just don’t think he is, people. Maybe I’m wrong, but I buy him as an undercover womanizer more than a closeted gay man.

In any case, Jeremy dated Sonni Pacheco for a while a few years ago and they got pregnant. He moved Sonni into his guest house (reportedly) during the pregnancy, and he seemed very happy when Sonni welcomed a little girl. They named their baby Ava Berlin. We kept hearing that Sonni and the baby were still living with Renner, and there were even rumors that he married Sonni so she could stay in the country (she’s Canadian). Well, looks like that really did happen. Renner called Sonni his “wife” in a new interview.

After much speculation, “Avengers” and “Mission: Impossible” star Jeremy Renner has revealed he’s a married man — to Sonni Pacheco, the mother of his baby daughter, Ava Berlin. Previous reports have said Pacheco, a Canadian model, was living with Renner in LA, but they were no longer a couple.

But in an interview with Capitol File, Renner calls Pacheco “my wife” and says he wants to shield her from the public eye.

“I have tried to protect my family’s privacy, my wife’s privacy,” he tells Elizabeth E. Thorp when asked if he’s married to his child’s mom. “I don’t need her to get hammered with my life. Privacy issues are important because I want her to go about her day without being bothered. Paps follow me around . . . that’s fine. But . . . I don’t like being followed when I’m with my family. I’ve been talked about a whole lot, because the less I put out there, the less people know, and it makes it interesting, I assume.”

[From Page Six]

Okay. So, he’s married to his pretty young baby-mama. Good for him! I think their relationship might be unconventional, but whatever. It works for them.

Jeremy also spoke to ABC News about how he’s changed now that he’s a father:

“It’s painful. It should be the start and end of my day, my time with her. But daddy’s got to go to work, got to provide, got to hunt and gather. Thank goodness for technology. [We] FaceTime here and there, and videos and photos kind of get me through. But, also … she’s kind of ruined my life in the best way possible. I really mean it, she has ruined it. Because what I used to think I loved so much — I love my job, I love what I do and I’ve given my entire life to what I do — and she comes around and kind of steps all over that. It’s like, ‘Well, you know, you don’t love that so much! You love me more,’ [she says]. And ‘You’re right, I do, I love you more than anything on this planet.’ It’s unbelievable how she’s sort of killed my love for movies. Because now I know what unconditional love is, an amazing, amazing thing … the reason why I go do things is now for her. So, thank you for that Ava, because it’s freed me from myself.”

[From ABC News]

Aw. I love when he gushes about his daughter!!

PS… Sonni is SO hot. She looks like Evangeline Lilly but with big boobs.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    Alright then.

    • mimif says:

      He bugs me. The End.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I just think he chooses the women he does because he thinks it makes him appear more ‘manly.’ It’s like an overcompensation men sometimes do when they feel insecure in other areas of their life (“Of ‘course’ I like women! See how big her rack is?”). Just my opinion.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Superficial comment of the day: Her rack is amazing and I am jealous.

    • Lex says:

      Her teeny waist doesn’t hurt the appeal either

    • Tapioca says:

      I’m pretty sure she bought them, given that they seem pretty out of proportion, so for a few thousand dollars you can get your own!

      • Sullivan says:

        Maybe she’s still breast feeding?

      • JaySay says:

        Or maybe she just has naturally big boobs? Not all petite women with large breasts bought them. 🙂 I have 32DDs and a 24 inch waist. I wish I had small boobs to be honest. Tough to find tops that fit! I haven’t worn a button up shirt since 1998.

    • Charlie says:

      To me her rack seems a bit too big for her frame.

    • Chem says:

      Really? I think she has a very weird body, not saying is bad but seems weird to me.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that she’s shaped a lot like Angelina Jolie (skinny limbs, little butt, no hips, and big breasts)…..which was also weird to me. But her boobs on my body would make PERFECT sense….

      • Chem says:

        Yes, making memory now I remember girls with that body, is just that the breasts are really big for hers, ha

  3. Maria says:

    I love the gushing over his baby.

    Couldn’t care less about the marriage but congrats to them, also, Ava Berlin is a really cute name.

  4. MediaD says:

    Well, if they make a new Tomb Raider movie they know where to look for a new lead…

  5. delorb says:

    I thought the gossip said it wasn’t his baby, but his sisters? Has that tea gone bad?

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Please! The gossip ( CDAN or blindgossip above all) are often BS

    • Mia4S says:

      Check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page on CDAN. It literally says they publish “fiction”. They occasionally have a real story so unfortunately some sites still use them as a source.

    • delorb says:

      LOL Not asking if its been fact checked, just if that bit of gossip has gone by the wayside.

  6. Jen2 says:

    Secret weddings seem to be all the rage this summer, proving that getting married does not always have to be a circus.

  7. Mia4S says:

    He just struck me as a guy who is unconventional about relationships due to an unconventional family life. Not that uncommon.

    In before the “what about his ‘longtime business partner’ who lives with him?!” comment. His business partner doesn’t live with him, it was a producer friend. I laughed when I read that because it’s a bit inconvenient for the conspiracy crowd! Either that or he really, really gets around!

    • Misstee says:

      You are the only person and place ive ever heard ‘producer friend’ everyone else concurs his friend/business partner who he renovated and flipped houses with stayed with him…so unless you are in his inner circle!

      Also I know the guys growing up now are all metrosexual but Jeremy who is close in age to me is of the generation that unless you were a Goth, New Romantic or Gay man who liked to party you definitely didn’t wear makeup – let alone be good enough with it to work it as a job, AND think it was a better place to work than a bar?

      • Algernon says:

        Anyone who’s done low-rent theater (which Jeremy Renner did both in school and his first years in LA) learns how to do makeup. My mom didn’t teach me how to wear makeup, an older girl in my community theater group did. He’s an actor, they all know how to put on makeup, even the butchiest butch of them. That’s a universal theater experience, regardless of generation.

      • Ash says:

        I would say most, not all. I’ve done theatre and some guys I’ve worked with don’t have a clue.

  8. Ag says:

    very sweet what he has to say about his daughter. i totally hear him, i feel the same way about my son. like i had no idea before him. 🙂

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    I know this sounds mean…but to me the gushing about his daughter is over the top! Just toooooo much…..He loves his daughter more than movies…Wow….I don’t know, he just rubs me the wrong way, for some reason…

    • Marigold says:

      I don’t think loving his daughter more than he loves movies is over the top. I’d be a little concerned if he said something like “I love my kid a little but movies beat her by a long stretch.”

      • MrsBPitt says:

        It’s just….does he really need to say that? I mean, I HOPE he loves his daughter more than making movies!

    • Morgan says:

      He’s talked before about how he was married to his career for a long time so I’d suspect that the love he has for his daughter has surprised him. I remember being shocked after my daughter was born about how little I cared about my job all of the sudden.

  10. Dawn says:

    I don’t think I will bash him for loving his kid. Good for him!

  11. Kali says:

    Awww yay! I’m liking this trend of secrety secret weddings, it’s awesome! He seems like a cool dude, I hope they’re really happy together. And I’m a sucker for when a dude gushes about his kid (I know it shouldn’t be viewed as being abnormally impressive when a dude is shown to adore his children but still, I love it 😄).

    Just realised Chris Evans is the only unmarried one out of the Avengers core cast. I’d love it if the “old marrieds” got together and talked about who they should fix him up with! 😜

  12. The Original Mia says:

    He’s been wearing a wedding ring for awhile. Guess he wanted to give Ava a more stable home life than he had.

  13. Chrissy says:

    I just find it interesting that if I read her age correctly, she’s 22- a full 21 years younger than him… and no one is really saying anything about that… But Aaron and Sam Taylor- Johnson people have issue with. Just sayin’. She was what, 20/21 when she was pregnant/had the baby? Wasn’t Aaron around the same age when one of his kids was born… And I know someone will say 26 years age difference is different than 21. But is it really? Does she still have so much of her life to live that it puts her at a disadvantage, as many of the comments say when the article is about Aaron and Sam?

    • Jen says:

      Aaron and Sam’s relationship is MUCH creepier. He was only SIXTEEN when they met. Not to mention she was his BOSS (they met while she was directing him in a movie). They started their relationship when he was 17 and she was in her 40s. Sure they seem happy, but he has talked about how he was a messed up teenager. She is a predator.

      I also find Jeremy and Sonni’s relationship weird.

      • Chrissy says:

        I totally get what you’re saying… And I want to think that both relationships are weird. I just don’t think she’s a predator (or maybe I think predator is too strong word). I think maybe because I feel they are happy that makes it seem less creepy to my subconscious. But you’re right, I should maybe be a little more disturbed by it than I am. And in situations like that, I am usually quite disturbed.

        I just thought about Celine Dion, who was like 12 and her husband, who was what, 105 (kidding) when he met her? To me that’s unsettling as well… but they seem happy, so who are we to judge?

      • Observer says:

        He was not 16 or even 17 when they met. He was 19.

    • Lori says:

      When it first came out that they were dating people said plenty about JR and Sonni. At least here in Vancouver where she’s from.

      • Ninja, please says:

        This gal was tabloid fodder when the baby rumors broke out- escort . Stripper. Exotic Dancer. Nudie pinup. Gold digger. This guy didn’t do a very good job protecting her then- rather feed her to the wolves with his denial. I think he is kind of a dick and BS artist but somehow that gets him fans

  14. Jen says:

    Oh, does anyone actually care about his personal life? I don’t really think so.

    He knocked her up when he was 40 and she was 20. ick.

  15. Charlotte says:

    I like him because he seems like a ‘do it all’ kind of person. He wasn’t making big bucks in movies before, so he was canny with his pennies and invested in doing up houses. Reminds me of a story my fave couple of all time told a few years ago. Felicity Huffman was saying that whenever any of their (non-famous, regular-folk) neighbours have a problem, they ring ‘Bill’ and he comes and fixes it for them. Broken toilet? Ring Bill. Leaky faucet? Ring Bill.
    And I kind of turned this into a William H Macy Felicity Huffman love bomb post, but I did have a point somewhere…

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I would love to be able to call Bill Macy to fix a leaky faucet. Then invite them over for dinner as payment. Renner can come over and fix the broken window shutter.

  16. GeeMoney says:

    I really do like Jeremy Renner… but him marrying someone almost half his age with breast implants the size of the moon is such a cliche.

  17. InvaderTak says:

    I’m going to ignore this….it is such a cliche.

  18. Ash says:

    If they did congrats to them. I say if, because it seems so many people (celebrities and normal people) have called their SO’s their wives and husbands and such without the legal document. I know a few couples, personally, that do that.

    She’s only 22? I thought she was older, maybe it’s the tan. Well, I do hope they can try to make it work for the child, but considering her age I’m doubtful. Best wishes.

    • Algernon says:

      The original marriage rumors said that she was having visa problems so they got married. I’m inclined to think they actually tied the knot, if only to simplify her living arrangements.

      • Cynic says:


      • Ash says:

        Ahh, I see. He married her so she wouldn’t get deported. Isn’t it kind of stupid to marry someone just so they can stay in the country legally? Why wouldn’t he just move to Canada? I know, none of my business.

        What does she even do for a living?

  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    How does one gain weight in the thighs to achieve a more feminine silhouette? She looks good but would look better with more weight in the legs.

  20. Cynic says:

    How long until the divorce? Hollywood.

  21. snowflake says:

    she has nice body, her implants are big but not too big, but i dont think she’s that pretty, jmo

  22. ToodySezHey says:

    *looks at Sonni*

    I ain’t mad at you, Jeremy.

    Also, I don’t think her rack is necessarily fake. Some small chicks naturally have big boobs, but people are quick to judge here so whatever. Either way, homgirl is smashable.

    I aint.mad Jeremy. Looks like Lainey was right all along

    • GeeMoney says:

      My breasts, which are rather large (I’m waaaay over a DD) and not fake, don’t sit up like that (and I’m fairly thin, too). Large breasts only go one way – straight down.

      I know implants when I see them.

      • Sister Carrie says:

        even when I was 22 they didn’t sit up like that

      • Hally says:

        Eh, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge her breasts as fake just because they don’t hang low. Mine are larger than DD’s and they’re doing a pretty good job resisting the pull of gravity, my friends can’t usually tell if I’m wearing a bra or not, although I know having kids and time will wreck them. People really need to get over the fact you can have naturally large breasts though, it’s insulting to those of us who do.

      • MariPoodle says:


      • MariPoodle says:

        + 1000 to GeeMoney. Silly computer.

    • kellybean says:

      Not necessarily directed at you but who cares if her boobs are implants or not? This is also true for the gay rumours too.

      Does it really matter if her boobs are fake or if he’s gay? So sick of it all.

      • MariPoodle says:

        Hey! this is a gossip forum. Shallow Obsessing for entertainment purposes. And he’s an entertainer, so he’s continuing to entertain us with his PR storyline.

  23. Gia says:

    Isn’t he a closet case?

    • Adrien says:

      On the picture above, there’s a sign that reads: walk-in closets. Tinginingining!

    • Greyson says:

      Yeah. It’s unbelievable how getting married to a woman and a baby can squash any gay rumors!! That’s why Hollywood men in the closet married their beards!! The People magazine crowd are quick to believe the publicist’s version of things.

      Ted Casablanca was FIRED from E! a few years ago because he accidentally outed Jeremy in a blind item, which was published using Jeremy name instead of a psuedoname.

      Also,that bar fight he got into with friends in Thailand was at a gay bar. Jeremy is definitely a closeted actor and is still living with his “roommate”.

      • Gia says:

        Yes! I forgot about that gay bar fight. My gossip senses are tingling…I’m sure I read that he was pretty much living an out life before he got famous with that war movie. It’s all about the mini van majority. People mag says your straight, then by god, the ticket sales will be good!

      • Bridget says:

        Teddy C was unceremoniously shown the door because of that. And supposedly Renner was pretty comfortable being out but was pressured back in the closet once he made it big.

    • bns says:

      Yep and if anything this makes me believe the rumors even more.

  24. Adrien says:

    Renner will star in a Lifetime movie this Christmas. He will be voiced by Aubrey Plaza.

  25. Jh says:

    I don’t like to snark on looks, but she’s as generic as white bread. Not so hot.

    • Ninja, please says:

      These pics dont do her nor him any favors. I remember seeing these and LOLing wondering if that was a professional date

  26. browniecakes says:

    I used to crush on Mr. Renner quite hard, so a few things I learned. Sonni is very newly pregnant in these photos with Ava, thus the ‘enhanced’ look. She was 25 when the baby was born. Jeremy in an Esquire interview referred to his business partner as his brother. He’s not. Is she his wife, really then? Maybe. Or is wife just a term he uses for her? Glad the ‘surprise, baby!’ had a happy ending in his case.

  27. maddelina says:

    Baby Pugs! So cute.

  28. Mike says:

    I wonder why there is so much speculation about who is or is not gay in Hollywood. I will stipulate that there are probably a lot more gay people than we think pretending to be straight but why does it matter. It isn’t like Portia Rossi would be dating me if she weren’t gay (unfortunately.) So what difference does it make?

    • Gia says:

      I’m assuming Hollywood has decided that being gay is bad for ticket sales. Girls want to feel they can be with them…I guess? It’s obviously a business decision. It’s all about the Benjamin’s! It’s a shame. And I think it’s a no brainer that actors are for the most part, gay. Gay men are drawn to the arts more than straight ones. (I’m going to get flack for that statement, but it’s the truth. IMO)

    • I Choose Me says:

      That’s what I keep saying. Let people live their lives. Geez.

  29. Ninja, please says:

    Something is not passing the smell test

  30. Artimis says:

    Can anyone say ‘Oscar Campaign’???? Hey, if it’s good enough for Clooney. I agree with Kaiser, I don’t think he’s gay but I DO think he uses the rumours to fly under the radar and act as a ‘player’. Whatever, though, congrats, happy for them all, Ava is a cutie and I’ll always like Renner (he is very, very weird but i like that) 😀

  31. Kim1 says:

    More than half of LGBT I know are in the closet it has nothing to do with Hollywood.They are afraid of being disowned by their families.

    • Aotearovian says:

      That makes me rage. I don’t know what business people think they have having children when they’re not prepared to accept them as they are. I do so hate a homophobe.

  32. Josefa says:

    I wonder when the day will come when people will stop speculating about other people’s sexualities. As someone who was a victim of it, I can say it’s incredibly harmful when people feel they have the right to rush you to do something as hard as coming out. It particularly infuriates me when I see people in the LGBT community do this. Most of us suffered hard because of this, and now you’re doing it to other people? How the f*ck do you tell straight people not to make a scandal out of our sexualities, when you’re making a scandal out of everyone elses?

    Sorry. Vent of the day. This subject really, really angers me.

    • Ash says:

      You’re right though. I have plenty of friends who are part of the LGBT community that are closeted, because if the fear of being disowned. I’ve known people who’ve gone back in the closet, and gotten married, had kids just to please family. It’s so sad. I hope the world is progressive, and realizes it’s not a phase. I’m straight, so, I don’t know what it feels to be in the situation personally! just through a friend’s eye.

      One day, there is hope all will come that everyone can live their lives freely.

    • MariPoodle says:

      I think your vent is completely legit with regular people. Anyone I work with is off limits with regard to their personal life, as well as my patients, etc. However Mr. Renner is an entertainer, who’s sole job is “Look At Me! I am stare-worthy and you should fantasize about me! I’m a good looking leading man! See my Abs? See my arms? Imagine me as your fantasy romantic liason, Mr/Ms Regular person!” Leading men are all about being the fantasy figure, he’s selling to women, mostly. If he wants people to be out of his personal life he should be a character actor. Those folks are under the radar and always working but don’t get the glam perks.

      *returns to dreamy fantasy of walking the beach holding hands with Ricky Martin and salsaing all night long*

      • Josefa says:

        I don’t see why him appearing shirtless on a movie I watched gives me the right to speculate about his sexuality.

        It only bothers me when celebs whine about their privacy when they are hypocritical about it. Jeremy’s very low profile, so the “look at me, look at my abs” argument doesn’t work for me. He’s not Zac Effron or Ryan Reynolds. And even then, I don’t think we should be speculating about the sexuality of those 2 either.

  33. ronia says:

    That is simply not true. Simply and purely false. I am a PR and have been in this industry and in the arts myself since I was 5 years old. Such statements are so funny, really. In certain arts, say ballet or fashion design, one can safely say the ratio will be higjer for gay men. But in acting, music and painting? Definitely not. No.