Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s cheesy sex shop encounter

First of all, I think this story is totally made up. It is way too funny to pass up, though, so you’ll forgive me for repeating it. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were supposedly spotted in a sex shop buying accessories for their personal use. When it was time to check out, Aniston approached Mayer as if she didn’t know who he was and they went through one of those “do you come here often?” scripts. You can see this happening with these two, even though it’s probably fiction:

Jennifer Aniston sashayed into The Pleasure Chest, Hollywood’s elegant sex shop, with hunky Young Stuff John Mayer in tow – and it looked like sparks were flying, romance-wise. As Jen smiled demurely at intriguing items offered by the naughty fun emporium, say My Spies, John fanned the flames by selecting: A bedside lock-box containing a copy of the Kama Sutra; handcuffs; a G-string with matching candy bra; and a “Dare Me” coupon book. As the love stud headed to the checkout counter, Jennifer slipped outside for a quick puff – then stepped back in, sidled up to John like he was a total stranger, and purred huskily: “Do you shop here often?”…. Not missing a beat, the crooner crooned: “No, but I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful women shop here.”… Totally into the role-play, he asked Beautiful Stranger: “What are your plans for the day?” Smiling sweetly, she replied: “I’m going to a children’s party.” He grinned. “I’m great with kids.” Then, playing it brilliantly, he asked to carry her bags! The star-crossed strangers left the store together.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker's column, March 9, 2009]

Doesn’t this sound completely likely and yet kind of suspect? We’ll probably never know if it’s true.

In related news, Aniston is now in Paris with Owen Wilson promoting Marley & Moi. She hangs all over him just like she does with Mayer so it looks like that’s her new thing now. I guess we can interpret it as not being clingy and just showing support in her way. She didn’t do this with Pitt on the red carpet at all, but if she wants to hug people now good for her.

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  1. Ana says:

    The body language (Jennifer and Owen) is enough to make anyone cringe.
    Jennifer: Pssst Owen, I’ve just let one off
    Owen: Told you not to eat the chilli. Now they’re gonna think I did it. Why can’t you be a lady?

  2. Lem says:

    can I sue you for the Sour Patch that lodged in my throat well that refreshed? Damn thing nearly came out my nose. You’re so totally libel. Ouch. :D

  3. amanda says:

    Hah! I don’t care if this is true or not – best Jennifer tidbit I’ve read lately. Love that it doesn’t mention that other couple she’s always linked to! :)

  4. hmm says:

    The children’s party reference was kind of creepy.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Owen looks… uncomfortable.

  6. someone says:

    Don’t believe this story at all!

  7. Jocelina says:

    I might be in the minority here, but that story strikes me as sort of funny. Kinda cheesy, yeah, but some couples are just like that. If it’s true, it sounds like they were having fun together.

    I also think she and Owen Wilson make an adorable pair, though those pictures look kind of weird. WTF is up with her tights?

  8. kap says:

    I really wish I could get a job where I sit in a room and make up stuff about celebrities and get paid for it. Seems she likes to hug (did it to Black at the Oscars, too). It could be from insecurity or just affection (beware of all the amateur body experts who’ll post about it, including myself). So far so good. 2 whole days abroad and not 1 mention of the ex or his family to promote the dog movie. Keep it up honey, might actually start rooting for you if you stop riding coattails.

  9. pixiegirl says:

    OMG I LOVE this story! I so want to believe it’s true!!

  10. journey says:

    while she looks like she’s hauling around a life-size owen wilson blow up doll that’s sort of unwieldy and awkward, at least she doesn’t have that siamese-cat-in-heat look on her face that she does in the pictures with guitar douche.

  11. Wonder Woman says:

    that is the worst role play scenario I have EVER READ. GOING TO A CHILDRENS PARTY? UMMM… eww how is that sexy? maybe for micheal jackson.

    Poor owen he looks so uncomfortable… lol whatever he seems like hes into the crazy blondes anyway

  12. Wonder Woman says:


    Did she pull out that outfit from her “friends” closet

    Dust it off and add some tights n’ high heels to jazz it up?

  13. daisy424 says:

    I have quite the array of ‘toys’ myself, doesn’t everyone?

  14. Ash says:

    @ journey, i almost laughed out loud when i read “hauling around a life-size owen wilson blow up doll”.

  15. Zoe says:

    @journey, that’s exactly what it looks like, funny!

  16. Lem says:

    @ kap sounds like a fun gig.
    I always have wanted to be offical baby namer. Bring me your baby and I shall tell you what it shall be called. Some folks just can’t be trusted to do that kinda thing on their own

  17. Ashley says:

    Actually, she did pose like that with Brad on the red carpet.

    Pictures here:

  18. cmoody says:

    If this is true, then its kind of adorable and only a little creepy with the”children’s party bit”. If its not true, I really wish it were except for the”children’s party bit”. I think sexy flirting should NEVER mention children, but that’s just me.

    I hate that her boyfriend is such a douche, and that she seems so intent on hanging on to him, but I think if she is happy then it really doesn’t matter what I think.

    Yay for Jen moving on – even if the media refuses to think she has.

  19. FFS says:

    Poor Owen he looks so uncomfortable…because it’s the first time in YEARS he hasn’t been stoned out of his gourd.

  20. Persistent Cat says:

    She strikes me as a huggy and touchy person.

  21. kd says:

    Those are not REAL sex couple items. Those are the items of the inexperienced and/or the underage kid that got in the shop while the worker was high . . .

  22. Jane says:

    This story reeks of favoritism.

  23. NotBlonde says:

    Maybe she likes showing off her arms? That story is hilarious though. Whoever comes up with these stories should write for sitcoms.

  24. Maritza says:

    Nothing wrong with being a huggy and touchy person, I know many people like that, me one of them. The story sounds like something they would do, I’d would like to believe its true.

  25. If this is true, then its kind of adorable and only a little creepy with the”children’s party bit”. If its not true, I really wish it were except for the”children’s party bit”. I think sexy flirting should NEVER mention children, but that’s just me.