First Lady’s sleeveless look gets compared to Madonna’s gristle

People are not happy with Michelle Obama. She has brought change to America, and that change is sleeveless winter fashion. People are pissed. From the New York Times, to the Chicago Tribune to the Los Angeles Times, major newspapers are running snotty articles about the First Lady’s fashion sense… or lack there of.

Where did it start, really? Perhaps it was Michelle’s appearance on the cover of Vogue, dressed in a beautiful sleeveless dress. Follow that with Michelle’s balcony appearance at President Obama’s Tuesday speech to Congress. It’s really, really cold in Washington right now, but Michelle arrived on camera in a beautiful sleeveless plum satin blouse. That’s when people really started to freak out. But Michelle isn’t giving in! She’s the cover girl for People Magazine next week – and she appears on the cover in yet another sleeveless dress. The horror! The Chicago Tribune has more on Michelle’s People cover:

You’d think sleeveless were akin to topless in the setting of President Brack Obama’s speech Tuesday.

While first lady Michelle Obama already had made exposed arms one of her signature styles, her choice of a Narciso Rodriguez sleeveless plum-colored dress in this venue ignited some indignation among the citizenry. “Does the lady not understand that these Big Speech Events are serious and important? Not a cocktail party?” e-mailed one Tribune reader, who said she scanned the crowd for other bare arms and spied none. “The season is winter. The occasion is business. Dress was wrong place and time.”

The cover of People magazine hitting newsstands Friday shows Obama in another sleeveless dress. But it’s one that should silence a separate fashion complaint: that Obama had not worn a dress by an African-American designer.

The deep-pink lace confection is by Tracy Reese, a moderate-priced designer who happens to be black. The dress retails for $395 at

From The Chicago Tribune

But that isn’t even the worst of it. On the LA Times’ gossip blog “The Dish Rag”, they even compare Michelle Obama and her toned arms to… gasp… Madonna’s gristle. For the record, Madonna spends like four hours a day, every day to get those arms (shudder). Michelle Obama’s arms aren’t beefy or gristly or veiny. Her arms are simply lovely and toned. Read The LA Times and weep:

It’s freezing in Washington, D.C., in February.

But despite the chill, First Lady Michelle Obama is still exercising her constitutional fashion right to bare arms.

The first lady is becoming known for her casual sleeveless styles and impressive muscular arms, which we’ve glimpsed along the campaign trail and even on the cover of Vogue.

And she was bare-armed again last night when President Obama was addressing Congress for the first time.

“Oh my God,” Cindi Leive, Glamour editor, e-mailed the New York Times last night. “The First Lady has bare arms in Congress, in February, at night!”

Obama’s super-sculpted arms are reportedly well-earned. She started working out with a personal trainer a few years ago.

In recent years, she’s kept up her exercise regimen a few times a week — cardio and lifting weights, or doing Saturday training sessions with the same trainer who kept her husband in shape on the campaign trail.

Now her strong arms getting international attention as they slowly come to symbolize the inner strength of Americans, particularly American women.

Either that or Michelle is just a big fat Madonna copy cat. What do you think of Michelle Obama’s bare arms? Is it proper or disrespectful? Is it admirable or shameless?

From LA Times

Who knew that a First Lady’s sleeveless fashions could freak out so many people? I noticed that she was wearing sleeveless the night of Obama’s speech, but my only thought was “I bet she’s cold.” So, is this a new era of First Lady fashion? Will it be known as The Sleeveless Era? The Toned Arm Era? What was Jackie Kennedy’s fashion era known as? Probably something about French fashions coming to America, The Chanel Knock-Off Era. And for the record, Michelle really rocks that plum color. She should wear it more often – preferably sleeveless.

Michelle Obama is shown in a green sleeveless dress on 2/25/09 at “an evening of celebration at the White House in honor of musician Stevie Wonder’s receipt of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song” (UPI Photo/Ron Sachs/Pool). She is also shown on 2/24/09 hugging “eighth-grader and special guest Ty’Sheoma Bethea of Dillon, South Carolina before President Barack Obama addresses a joint session of Congress” (George Bridges/MCT) and with the President on 2/22/09 “after a black-tie dinner at the White House for the nation’s governors.” (UPI Photo/Mike Theiler). She is also shown in the White House kitchen giving a tour on 2/22/09. (UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch)

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  1. mojoman says:

    Are you kidding me? fussing over sleeveless dresses? god, obviously people has lot of time in their hands..

  2. Livia says:

    Michelle Obama looks FANTASTIC. As GOOP Girl would say, f*ck the haters.

  3. georgiagrl says:

    No kidding Mojoman.
    If she is like this 45 year menopausal woman, I wear sleeveless year round. I also sleep with my bedroom window cracked open on 30 degree nights.
    F off Media and get real! She is the least of this Country’s problems.

  4. Jocelina says:

    I cannot believe the LA Times is asking if people think wearing a sleeveless dress is “shameless”! I mean, really? I guess I can see how some people might see it as inappropriate, though I don’t share that view, but “shameless”?

    I think she is a beautiful, elegant woman. That black dress with the pearls is just gorgeous.

  5. Brenda says:

    There will ALWAYS be SOMETHING for people to bitch about. And our lovely first lady is so wonderful, she can only provide fodder for a toned, healthy body image.

  6. Lem says:

    what a great sentense
    “But despite the chill, First Lady Michelle Obama is still exercising her constitutional fashion right to bare arms.”

    when you have strong shoulders and toned arms many cuts of shirts/dresses cut into your pits. We’d be in much more of an uproar over the First Lady with nasty pit stains in Congress in Feb.
    Give her a minute I think she looks great

  7. connie says:

    really??? in THESE TIMES who cares?

  8. Lem says:


  9. natalie says:

    she looks hot! people are just jealous.

  10. jane says:

    if i had her arms, id be wearing sleeveless year round, too haha. she looks incredible no matter what she wears. i think people want her to dress older than she is….chanel suits with pearls and a frozen stepford wife expression. im glad she doesnt cave. its just fashion! youre supposed to have fun with it.

  11. geronimo says:

    So sleeveless now equals subversive? Cindi Leive = moron.

    Michelle O looks ace.

  12. bros says:

    the fact that michelle is being reduced to what fashion choices she makes and whether or not she should wear sleeveless things insults me as a woman. she is a highly educated lawyer, mother, strong woman who worked for what she’s got, and she is more than the sum of her fashion parts. these F*cking people need to STFU about her arms because she’s got way more going on than that. these people seriously piss me off.

  13. guest says:

    her fashion sense is gorgeous, her arms look fab, but wonder why is she wearing this look all the time.

  14. Feebee says:

    1, I agree people have got way too much time on their hands
    2, She has perfect arms to show off
    3, Loved the dress she wore to the Big Speech. Hillary wore red in a sea of black and navy… who said you have to conform all the time?
    4, It’s freezing in DC in February. Yes, but not in a centrally heated indoor space. I doubt she went outside sleeveless duh!

  15. WUD says:

    I agree, insulting her fashion choices and making a big to-do over bare arms is an insult to her intelligence and the fact that she is a hardworking career woman and deserving of more respect than this! While I LOVE Michelle’s sense of style, that’s not what she’s about! She is more than what she’s wearing and who she is married to! Obama didn’t marry no fool! She’s an Ivy League grad!

  16. ohno says:

    are you kidding me? sleeves or sleeveless is even an issue? who cares. she looks fab and i can’t stand her husband.

  17. hmm says:

    You would think that with the rampant obesity rates in this country that people would be congratulating her on the fact that she is fit and fabulous at 45, not ripping her for baring her arms. She looks amazing and is always elegantly dressed. Michelle is her own woman and will not bow down to the nattering class.

  18. guest says:

    the country’s falling apart and we’re discussing sleeves versus sleeveless? no wonder we are where we are.

  19. caribassett says:

    Rock on Michelle.

    Maybe she is hot under all of those lights, or going through the beginnings of menopause. My aunt wore shorts in January during the change.

  20. audrey says:

    she looks fantastic! why are people making an issue of this? Her arms look nothing like Madonna’s. black don’t crack! 🙂

  21. RJ says:

    This woman looks fabulous! She has every right to wear what she wants, and she does not look trashy in any sense of the word!!! People need to get a grip, and get use to the first lady being fashion forward!

  22. lunachick says:

    Love her style, love that she – and the rest of the first family – is leading by example in so many ways.

    Being fit, eating well; setting her own style and often supporting lesser-known local (Chicago) designers; wearing clothes she paid for with her OWN money, that SHE earned – no trust funds here!

    Love her, she rocks!

  23. Alaina says:

    This is such a non-story…what’s the big deal? You’d think the people in the press would have better things to be talking about!

  24. boomchakaboom says:

    I guess it’s apparent what fashion people REALLY think of women, and it’s not good. Talk about out of touch.

  25. MAD HATTER says:


  26. pixiegirl says:

    MAD HATTER: Right on! I can’t imagine this sort of attention would be placed on Laura Bush had she gone sleeveless. And also, that would have been gross.

  27. Anna says:

    There was an article about that in the paper this morning (in Germany!). They seemed to think she was really self-confident and they love her for it. They said that there was a whole lot of hoohah going on in the US over that sleeveless issue and that Michelle’s classy, rocking, response to it all was: wear a sleeveless dress AND a plunging neckline to the Stevie Wonder thing. I think they are right. What’s wrong with an intelligent, classy, strong, Amazon-like First Lady? What’s wrong with being brainy and beautiful and fashionable? And for goodness’ sake, if she isn’t cold, let her be! I think Michelle should be left alone about her fashion choices. There are more important matters at hand and as long as she isn’t wearing Sarah-Palin-fuck-me-boots or going topless, there is no need to give her grief about her clothes.

  28. abbizmal says:

    I don’t see the comparison with gristle. Nothing compares to gristle, thank God. Michelle is toned, gristle is over-toned to the point of being dudeish. Michelle looks fantatic. I would be cold, but that’s me.

  29. Rreedy says:

    She is an attractive lady but will only have 4 yrs to invite “first lady” criticism….

  30. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I can’t help but think she’s getting this flak partially because of her skin color. I don’t know. It seems like SUCH an odd criticism. But I guess if that’s all they’ve got to criticize about her, she’s doing pretty well.

    Honestly, if I had arms like that, I’d wear NOTHING but sleeveless stuff to show them off!

    And who the hell cares, anyway? Is there not a horrible economy going on and people losing their HOMES? Do we really care whether the first lady is wearing SLEEVES?

    Dear God.

  31. WHAT? says:

    She is gorgeous and flawless. Everything she has worn has been tasteful and classic. Keep up the good work.

  32. Wow says:

    And so it continues…

    Like that songs says, haters are gonna hate.

    Michelle looks gorgeous. But she’s a black gorgeous woman who has her stuff together. That is what gets her critic’s “depends” in a bunch. They’re the shameless ones, not Michelle.

  33. Jenna says:

    Wow, does this mean we’re going back to the skirts having to be at the ankle? That’s pathetic, really.

  34. journey says:

    how dare she?!! how dare she not be a stiff, dull, boring little political wife! how dare she be a vibrant, confident woman and a great role model to all the little girls of the world!

    shake up the stuffed suits michelle!

    is it too early to start chanting, “four more years! four more years!!!”?

  35. Wonder Woman says:


    She looks gorgeous while madonna looks like a horny mutant from the planet venus

  36. mE says:

    Holy Sh!t! I bet she even had bared ankles for the love of all things holey.

    She looks fine. I think down the line she might run the risk of doing the sleeveless thing too much if she keeps on this pace but she has great arms. And as for “It’s February”, umm, I think they have indoor heating there now.

    People need to get a grip.

  37. Wonder Woman says:

    I am from Chicago and whoever wrote this crap on the Chicago Tribune needs to be fired asap. dumb ass

  38. the original kate says:

    she looks lovely, with or without sleeves.

  39. FF says:

    Sod that, her arms are hot. I don’t mind seeing them.

    Her skin is positively glowing. She looks great!

  40. Annie says:

    SCANDALOUS. Guys. She’s showing her ankles too. :O What a trollop.

  41. daisy424 says:

    She looked fabulous, I love that color on her.

  42. MARIE says:


  43. Holly says:

    Mad Hatter and others, why do you have to make it a race issue? You know, I bet a lot of “white folks” weren’t even thinking that until chip-on-their-shoulder types started sniffling about it like they know what’s in our hearts and heads. By saying its because she’s black, you’re saying more about your own prejudices than anyone else’s.

  44. madmutha says:

    nice guns, makes me want to work on mine. afterwhich, i’ll definitely be wearing NO SLEEVES whenever i can get away with it.

    she can, she’s Mrs. to the President.

  45. boomchakaboom says:

    To those saying it’s because she’s black, I think you’re wrong. Michello Obama isn’t kissing the asses of the fashion industry and it ticks them off.

  46. Cath says:

    “It’s freezing in Washington, D.C., in February.”

    Yeah, today it’s so “freezing” that I have all my windows open and I’m considering turning the fans on. I call bullsh*t on this one.

  47. boomchakaboom says:

    Marie: did you feel the same way about Nancy Reagan? She graced a lot of magazine covers and her devotion to fashion was well known.

  48. Rosanna says:

    Her fashion sense IS zero, but her arms are gorgeous and about the only thing she absolutely should so off because it makes her look so sexy.

    But the way she walks is *awful*.

  49. Jackie says:

    Madonna’s arms do not even compare with Michelle’s. Michelle’s are beautiful and toned. Madonna’s are freakish and scary. I would kill for arms like Michelle’s. If I had arms like that I’d be sleeveless in winter too. I say you go girl. So she should wear frumpy suits? Please. I really like her sense of fashion and how she mixes high end designer pieces with moderately priced ones.

  50. Embee says:

    I LOVE that other countrys see her arms as symbolic of the strength of American women. I believe in very different solutions to our current situation than this President, but I will say that he and his wife inspire me and make me proud of my country!

  51. teresita says:

    I am 42 and I wear sleevless whenever I feel like it whether it’s inside or outside, a party or the park!

  52. Leandra says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake. She looks fine and has great arms. It’s her business what she wears, First Lady or not. Some people just look for something to whine about.

  53. M.E. says:

    I love Michelle Obama. I’m 44, live in DC, and I also (ahem) have AWESOME arms thanks to running 7 days a week. But I keep them covered in FEBRUARY because it’s COLD. Save the look for 93 degrees in July and August! But did I mention that I still adore her?

  54. pam says:

    Any one who’s had to buy a dress in the last 3 years knows that almost every thing in the stores is sleeveless. Every season, every size. I’d rather see bare arms than cleavage or tight seaters 24/7.

  55. J-Lin says:

    Marie – I bet you also have sister wives too.

    This is 2009 and we are making the sleeve issue bigger than abortion.

    Right on – Mad Hatter.

  56. becca says:

    This needs to be dropped. RIGHT NOW. I can’t believe people are getting pissed off about this. I love Michelle Obama. FINALLY, American girls and young women have a role model to aspire to. I mean, my god, it’s not like she’s trying to dress younger than she really is.

  57. Alias says:

    Must be a slow news day when the rags start howling about the First Lady’s penchant for going sleeveless. She’s a stunning, strong woman with a ton of class and intelligence. Can we concentrate on what she’s doing with those traits instead of her lovely toned arms?

  58. Christina says:

    it is so disgusting the way we treat women in the media… even someone with as much grace and class as michelle obama isn’t immune… just sickening…

  59. nag says:

    DoI see another Princess Diana story occuring?

  60. Obvious says:

    I think it’s lovely and fits her well.

    It’s like people throwing a fit the Obama’s weekend meetings aren’t held in fl suits and tie. Big whoop. Younger president and family more in line with the rest of the world. Give them a break.

    Fuss over something really for a change guys. Sleeveless and classy dresses are soooooo not the end of the world.

  61. Christina says:

    if we’re going to whine about something superficial… someone PLEASE tell her to fix that underbite… it’s so distracting… :/

  62. Jules says:

    Seriously people–you think she is getting criticism for sleeveless dresses because she’s BLACK???!!! Does one thing remotely have to do with the other???? Can anyone have ANY opinion about a black person without someone crying racism. I am so sick of it all. However, you should really use the race card all you can while you can still get a way with it. We elected a black man. Helloooo!!!!!

  63. Shannon says:

    Why the heck are they even bothering to insult her anyways? The American public – myself included – is in love with this family. Insult them, and I’m not going to like you very much.

    Michelle Obama looks lovely. What’s more important is that she’s intelligent, opinionated, a great mother, and a wonderful person to have representing women in America.

  64. Shannon says:

    Jules, that is a very ignorant statement. Racism isn’t an individual act or thought of hatred (that’s prejudice). Racism is a system of powers and inequalities that is embedded in our society. Just because we have a black president doesn’t mean those systems have suddenly disappeared.

    Black kids are still more likely to fall through the cracks because their schools don’t receive enough funding. How does having a black president make that instantly change?

    Our country is more racially segregated than ever, with rich, white people flocking to the suburbs behind gates and hedges, taking their tax money with them. How does having a black president affect that?

  65. blind item reader says:

    To M.E.: How does one work out the arms whilst running?!

  66. FFS says:

    The press has nothing better to write about?
    *shaking head*

  67. mel says:

    First of all lets leave race out of it, pleeze! Michelle has stated over and over that she buys alot of her clothes off the rack and not wearing designer clothes is probably ticking some people off. I think her style is very fashionable and different and we’re not used to it. I think she should wear what she wants and not allow any dictate otherwise.

  68. RAN says:

    She looks fine

  69. Dating Misanthrope says:

    Compaing her to Jackie O just pisses me right off….Jackie was a style ICON. Michelle, well…, wtf was up with that hideous black and red deal she wore when he won in Chicago? Or how about the God awful yellow sofa cover with built in diamondelle necklace for the ignaugaration? Or how about that white dress she wore that night? You know, the one that made her look like a line backer….the one that was covered in toilet paper wads? Honestly, that plum number was about the best I have seen her dress. She probably could have found a blouse with sleeves…not because sleeveless was inappropriate for the venue, but because it is FRICKIN’ WINTER! I am sick of her being compared to Jackie O….not even close on her best day.

  70. JonasP says:

    As a man I can say she oozes sexy, with those toned guns, I think the Michelle Obama White House is all about sexy, fitness and youthfulness, every first lady tend to have their own signature style and Michelle’s is about being alluring.

  71. maxine says:

    It works for her – accent the good stuff right? It takes attention away from th efact that she’s a geeky giant who walks like a storm trooper and the dismal mess of thigh and butt below the waist. Truth.

  72. czarina says:

    The real insult is reducing the First Lady to a “fashion icon”.
    I think everyone who writes here in disgust at reducing an intelligent, accomplished woman to nothing more than the length of her sleeves (as if fashion were the only contribution a woman can make as First Lady) should write to all of these papers.
    It would be nice if women showed the solidarity of the outraged that, because she’s a woman, Michelle Obama is nothing more than an accessory to her husband, and they can criticize her as if she were a purse or a pair of earrings that didn’t work properly!!

  73. DCDiva says:

    For the record, I live in DC and it’s not that cold here. It’s not anything like Chicago or anything and HELLO, she was INSIDE. With all the hot air at those events she probably didn’t want to over-heat.

  74. JonasP says:

    Czarina – I totally agree with you and if I had written anything that gave that impression, then I am sorry.
    I already know that the first Lady is actively involved in helping Military families, Children and adoption and a few other very important issues.
    Czarina, thanks for the reminder.

  75. Annie says:

    Yes. We should note that she’s a HARVARD LAW GRAD. Was an amazing attorney. And is one of the smartest women in the public eye today.

    Dating Misanthrope: you realize there were a lot of people who didn’t think Jackie O was an icon initially right? She didn’t become an icon until later.

    And yes, unfortunately, you are correct that we are still a very racist nation. Gentrification is happening all over the place and it’s a damn shame.

  76. kathy says:

    i am 47 yrs old and I am always hot due to menaopausal issues. she could have the same problem. if i had arms like hers i would show them all the time too

    do people realy have nothing better to complain about? she is smart, articulate,well educated and will serve the first lady role wonderfully

    i think that she is great

  77. Annie says:

    Awww. Why am I being modded?

  78. Billy Clinton says:

    Well what’s she gonna do bout that Jinormous ass?

  79. lrm says:

    Um,I don’t think it’s b/c she’s black. Get off YOUR horse.
    Figures you’d have to bring race into it. We can’t just MOVE ON from it already-even though we have a black prez and 1st lady now. What will you do w/o that crutch?

    Regardless,there is no way to know if that’s why,since I don’t recall any previous first ladies wearing sleeveless. As has been said,Jackie O’ was considered fashion forward,and at that time,oH scandal! Her husband was an Irish Catholic president-the first! So,honestly,unless you have a basis for comparison,please don’t make racial acusations. Those comments actual demean M. Obama more than the fashion police comments.

  80. Codzilla says:

    She looks amazing. Statuesque, even. That aside, it seems so unbelievably ignorant for people to harp on her fashion sense when our country is in a financial crisis. Do you think the people losing their homes give a shit about Michelle’s outfits? Or those who’ve been laid off, and are scrambling to find employment so they can feed their families? What a small, insignificant thing in the face of such overwhelming challenges. A little perspective would be nice.

  81. michellle says:

    Black, white, blue or purple the first lady is a target for the opposition & those w/ nothing better to do. No matter, she has gorgeous arms and wears her clothes well. Not to mention, how refreshing it is to have a first lady shop who wears not only off the rack but has been known to sport discount clothes, (ie. H&M.)

    As a Washingtonian I can tell you it’s not that cold, especially indoors & I’m sure she could swing a cardigan if the need arose.

    I agree Dating Misanthrope, she’s no Jackie Kennedy, & thank god for that. The last thing we need is another one with nothing to offer but the superficial. MO is a strong individual & an ivy league lawyer w/ her own creditials to speak of, not another doormat wife w/ a ridiculously childish voice that’s difficult to take seriosly, who goes out of her way to increase the deficit by spending lavishly on fashion & redecorating. Regarding sleevelessness being inappropriate, many modern & high end suits are worn with sleeveless blouses or sweaters, at least by those who can work them.

  82. Baholicious says:

    @Blind Item Reader: jog/run with writs weights or small dumbells.

    Swimming is amazing for the arms if you don’t like running or weights because you still get resistance training through the water.

    I think Michelle O is really starting to look like a line backer, sorry to say. The more women work their upper body like that, they tend to compromise their neckline. It’s not feminine at all.

  83. anne31 says:

    I read quite some time ago that Michelle was very proud of her arms,and that’s why she wore clothes to show them…….I really do wish that someone could very discretly give her a few walking lessons tho. You don’t walk by clump clumping along swinging the arms. The daughter’s walk the same way……it somewhat ruins the whole effect. BTW, I like Michelle.
    At least she’s trying, compared to when she 1st started campaigning. Then she wore those twin sweater sets, plaid skirts, flats, and NO makeup at all. None………

  84. Lia says:

    I’ll admit, I didn’t vote for Obama, I don’t trust him, and I haven’t seen anything about Michelle Obama that I like. However, I don’t see anything wrong with wearing sleeveless dresses or shirts in the winter. I am always overheated, I hate feeling too warm, and I would have done the same thing if I was in her shoes. Why do these self-important fashion commentators believe that their opinions are the only correct opinions?

  85. tigerlille says:

    She looks beautiful, and she can damn well wear what she pleases, so stop wasting our time, thank you very much!

  86. sowa says:

    she has better arms and skin than I – and I’m 21. so find better problems – she’s beautiful, so she can wear anything she wants.

  87. Aspen says:

    She has a beautiful, youthful, athletic figure. Hate the dress…but love the way she looks.

    Her skin color has nothing to do with it. Her being the First Lady does. Mrs. Obama is going to be scrutinized and criticized a LOT. It happens to every first family. She’s a big girl. She can take it…even if some of the rest of us cannot.

    I think she’s lovely.

    And if Laura Bush went sleeveless…it would NOT have been gross. You can dish it but you can’t take it? Hateful. Leave your racist nastiness at home. Most of your countrymen did so long ago.

  88. czarina says:

    JonasP–Honestly, I wasn’t referring to your post at all…if fact, I wasn’t aiming at any single post, just a general line of thought. (sorry if I have you the impression otherwise)
    And I should add that there’s nothing wrong with considering Michelle Obama’s appearance (whether people find her lovely and fit or awkward and unfashionable), but what I heard in those newspaper articles quoted here was the First Lady being reduced to JUST her appearance which, in this day and age, is insulting to women everywhere.

  89. Z says:

    She looks great!!!! Madonna? Not.

  90. Z says:

    Christina, I’m with you. The way women in the media are portrayed is awful. I agree with those that said Michelle Obama should not be reduced to a fashion icon. She is intelligent and kind. And she looks great – but that shouldn’t be the focus. Comparing her to Madonna is ridculous…Madonna has always focused so much on her look and image. No comparison.

  91. rottenkitty says:

    First, if I had those gorgeous arms, I would be wearing sleeveless all the time.

    Second, Jackie Kennedy spent an obscene amount of money on her designer wardrobe — which her father-in-law paid for — and that was no small part of her success as a style icon. Given a huge budget and Oleg Cassini, Minnie Pearl could have been a style icon.

    Third, are we really discussing this? Really? That’s just so lame.

  92. Autumm Leaves says:

    Mad Hatter, thanks for exposing the elephant in the room. The fact that Madonna is critical is so laughable.

  93. Shay says:




    You do know that sleeveless shirts are common place now days. I mean this is 2009. Don’t get your Burqah in a bunch.

  94. Lila says:

    I don’t get it: she looks fabulous. What’s all the fuss?

  95. ZB says:

    She looks lovely. Good for her. Wish I had her arms and I can’t see what the problem is – arms – not cleavage, not thigh, just arms. Armless I’d say…

  96. Cindy says:

    Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is totally chic. She does NOT look like Madonna. Michelle’s arms look nicely toned, not stringy carcass yuck arms like Madonna. Michelle has had great taste in clothes so far. And, somebody in here saying people don’t have enough to do, but to just critisize…they are right on.

  97. Mara says:

    Michelle Obama’s body is fantastic and she should totally show it off with sleeveless outfits or whatever the heck she wants. Why does First Lady style have to be uptight and boring? I say Go Michelle and the whingers are probably just jealous that Michelle is hotter than they are

  98. Autumm Leaves says:

    People are so petty. I can’t believe the “sleeveless issue” is making news. I mean petty and pathetic. Nothing wronge with Michelle Obama, it’s that some people still have a problem with her being the First Lady of The United States. Let’s state the elephant in the room. This faux outrage of sleeveless is coded language.

  99. Lady says:

    Jacqueline “Jackie” Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis wore sleeveless quite frequently and I would think that if it were “scandalous” to do so while your husband held the most important position in the nation it would have been remarked upon way back then!

    If that is the best they can come up with…

  100. Lem says:

    100 comments on toned arms

  101. Bluebell says:

    Simply foolishness!

  102. Kathy says:

    Interesting fact is that the US has the biggest porn industry of the world and yet have a problem with a woman wearing a sleevless dress.
    The did not however had a problem voting twice for an ex-drunk, ex-cocaine sniffing, drunk driving man for the job of the president.
    Very interesting indeed. The hypocracy of this country is always good for a laugh in the rest of the world.

  103. Kandia says:

    I am a young black woman from the Caribbean. All of us down here are cheering for the first family and see the dawn of a new era. I consider myself a fashionista. I’m in school right now, and I hope to become a fashion designer some day. There’s nothing wrong with Michelle Obama going sleeveless. And so what if it’s February, you guys have heaters in the winter big deal. Is it really that offensive that an entire article has to be dedicated to a woman who decides to wear sleeves in the winter? What the hell? Have you Americans nothing else to talk about? Have we run out of so many human interest pieces that the thought of the first Lady wearing sleeve or sleeveless becomes a huge unnecessary matter? Come on. Your country is blessed, you have more opportunities at your finger tips than what we would ever have. Focus on what’s important. Personally, I cannot see Michelle Obama in a button suit and pearls. It does not fit her personality and I don’t think that there should be one type of dressing for first ladies. Before she’s a wife, a mother, a First Lady, she’s an individual. And the individual in her is showcasing what she feels most comfortable in. In other words, she does not wear the clothes, she does not conform to the clothes. The clothes become her and an expression of who she truly is on the outside. That, my fellow commentors, is true beauty, vibrance, honesty, virtue and an excellent role model. She inspires me to be better. They all inspire me to be better. Whereas I thought there was a limitation because of where and who I am, there are no longer boundaries. I can be successful.

  104. Miss say says:

    Kathy- Go F**k youself. What does Mrs. Obama’s sleeveless look have to do with President Bush? You obviously did not get enough attention as a child nor can you get anyone to pay any to you now. YUCK on your bad taste in an inappropriate situation.

  105. Kathy says:

    And here I thought there is this freedom of speech thing… *grin*

    Missy, honey – thanks for you words, I always appreciate it when people are honest and out themselves about their character.

    And you almost got my point: What does Mrs. Obama’s sleeveless look have to do with anything?
    In explanation, one should think people have other problems.

    And the fact that people all around the world are laughing about the hypocracy on a lot of things in the US is true. Believe me, I’m well traveled. And I can say it out loud because I’ve lived in the US for three years.

    I even have a lot of friends in the US who shake their heads about all the pretend prudery Because that is what it is,let’s call it a spade huh?

    A woman can’t show skin but it’s okay for everyone to have a couple of guns at home. Reminds me of some other religions….

    Why don’t the people who think a first lady cant go sleeveless go out and look behind the horizon… there is a whole world with interesting stuff out there!

    One other thing, it might be new to some (so don’t be shocked), but *all* women (and even men) have bare skin underneath their clothes.

    And that’s all she wrote because hey, weather is good and I have a life! 🙂

  106. ernaE says:

    Crazy people!!! Michelle looks very good sleeveless. And so what? Is she naked? She’s inside a building avery time she wears a sleeveless dress. Is she walking sleeveless in the snow? And heck, she is a young woman of this time she can wear what she wants. Jealousy also plays a big part in all this. Read what the REST of the WORLD thinks about her and her dressing.

  107. daisy424 says:

    @Kathy, And the fact that people all around the world are laughing about the hypocrisy on a lot of things in the US is true.

    I am a born and bred citizen of the USA for 50 years and I don’t give a rat’s hairy ass what you or anyone else thinks of my country, it’s people and leaders, or our decisions.

    Believe me, I’m well traveled. And I can say it out loud because I’ve lived in the US for three years.

    And that comment is supposed to impress who? Because you once lived here, it makes you an authority on the US? Your writing reveals you to be a phony wanna-be.
    Well traveled? Yeah, it shows. Next time you’re ‘traveling’ on a plane with nothing to do, read a book.

    All in all after your nonsensical off subject ramblings, you never did answer Miss say’s question. It was about our former President, GWB.

  108. brista says:

    Remember the recent ~*outrage*~ over Obama not wearing a suit jacket inside his own office? Scandalous! But I do believe his officials said that Obama keeps the heat up pretty high, so that would probably explain Michelle’s lack of arm covers.

  109. Shaun says:

    We all know that race is not the issue regarding Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless outfits. She looks great.She is among one of the the best looking first ladies there are in the history of America. But seriously, making comments on her butt and thighs just shows that some of you still can’t accept and come to terms with the shape of black women. She is black, people. The shape of her thighs and butt are synonymous with black people.Thighs,hips and her butt are traits of black women. There is nothing wrong with that. You talk about her not conforming to the fashion ideologies that is purported but it seems that some of you want her to conform to “ideal anatomy” too. Sorry to sound like I’m placing the race card on the table but that’s what I see it as.Besides there are so many things to talk about that are of greater importance.