LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are being sued by their former housekeeper


We’ve got two funny, horrible stories about LeAnn Rimes today. The stories are funny for us because LeAnn sounds horrible, just FYI. I’m not laughing at LeAnn’s victims’ pain and suffering. First up, LeAnn and Eddie are being sued by a former housekeeper because the housekeeper says she was bullied by LeAnn and Eddie’s other employees and Eddie’s mom.

One of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s ex-housekeepers doesn’t take kindly to being called a fat old lady, or being fired just for being from El Salvador … so she’s suing the couple.

Gloria Cevallos says things started to go South in the Rimes-Cibrian household when 2 other female employees started beefing with her. According to Gloria’s lawsuit, the women called her a vieja gorda (fat old lady) … and a pinche vieja salvadorena (old Salvadoran bitch).

Gloria cops to being Salvadoran … not the other stuff.

Cevallos says she overheard Eddie’s mom bitching about problems around the house … and demanding he fire someone over it. She says Eddie’s madre eventually showed her la puerta.

We’ve called Eddie and LeAnn’s camp for comment … so far no word back.

Their ex-maid is suing for back pay, and this is kinda unique … she also wants “front pay.” Basically, she wants them to pay her until she finds another job.

[From TMZ]

I have no idea if this woman has a legal leg to stand on, but it seems like the kind of thing that could easily “go away” if LeAnn and Eddie just throw some money at her. It doesn’t even sound like she wants that much – probably just the equivalent of three or four months’ pay, which is probably cheaper to just give her rather than fight it in court.

As for the other story… I’ve written about Ilana Angel before. She’s a blogger/columnist who has been very critical of LeAnn in the past. I think Angel’s LeAnn-specific criticisms are usually on target and Angel has a funny perspective on all things LeAnn. Well, Angel recently announced that she was going to attend one of LeAnn’s concerts. And LeAnn the Stalker heard about it and had Angel banned from the show and ejected by armed deputies. You can read Angel’s column about the incident here – it’s really, really funny and profoundly disturbing.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. AryaMartell says:

    Wow. Doesn’t LeAnn get tired of trying to force everyone to love her?

  2. Charlotte says:

    Oh, Leanne. Never change.

    Except, obviously, do change.

  3. Tracy says:

    Her craziness would be straight up entertaining if I did not know that those boys are being subjected to it. Eddie deserves it all and more but the kids do not.

  4. aims says:

    Knowing how sue happy Coco for cocca puff is, she’ll ride this lawsuit all the way into court. She’ll spend more money on the lawyers then what the housekeepers asking for, just to see her name in the papers.

    • Christin says:

      That’s exactly what I think will happen. It’s not as if she doesn’t keep her lawyer busy as it is. What’s one more letter or case to add?

  5. Brin says:

    Very bad week for wewe. Don’t forget the third story of that top picture that seems to be her photoshopped next to Mason. Karma train is at top speed.

  6. Green Is Good says:

    Stories about Falcor Rhimes and Ediot are comedy gold. The jokes write themselves.

  7. octops says:

    what i find disturbing are those shorts in the header picture…

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Me, too! I don’t care how great your legs are (or how great you think your legs are), you’re still required to wear actual pants, especially on outings with children.

      • Jackie says:

        I think she was trying to bother Eddie’s new girlyfriend, don’t you. It certainly was not intended for Brandi because you know those boys will tell her Leann was not even in the pic. How does Eddie tolerate her behavior.. I swear the egg cracked some time ago and look what poped out..

    • funcakes says:

      I’m a big girl and I know not to wear clothing to point out my most unflattering areas. But then I’m not trying to copy another person’s fashion sense.(cough,Brandi,cough)

  8. Kiddo says:

    No one can clean up this big of a hot mess. A housekeeper, pfft.

  9. Jessica says:

    I used to read Ilana Angel’s stuff, but the vitriol spewed about Leann Rimes became too much for me to handle – and I started following her because I found the Leann/Brandi drama to be interesting to watch. I understand not liking Leann Rimes, but I don’t understand the energy that some people put into outright hatred of her. I did read her blog about the concert – boy she did paint herself as a victim and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have let her in either with the vicious, ugly things she has said.

    • msw says:

      I feel the exact same way. Ilana Angel and Leann are both awful. They’re both ridiculously mean spirited people.

    • starrywonder says:

      She hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been said here numerous times. I actually like her blog since she is sarcastic and funny. I liked her Real Housewives recaps too. Her recaps of Leann + Eddie were the only things that made me want to watch that trainwreck since it sounded awful. And if Leanne wants to ban all writers/journalists/ex-fans from her concert after they pay for a ticket she needs to stop performing. She has been slammed on Amazon for her latest dance album, and for Spitfire and those people used a lot more strong words than anything that this blogger spewed at her.

    • Lizzie K says:

      Ilana Angel is the crazy attracted by Leann’s crazy.

    • claire says:

      I think it’s her right to decide to not let in the blogger. It’s petty, but still her right. Her fans, though, are going nuts talking about how dangerous it would be to let Ilana in, calling her a stalker and saying she should be in jail. That seems like a MAJOR overreaction.

      • Kellykat says:

        Half of the “fan” comments on Leann’s twitter are her own invented alts she made up to flatter herself. She talks back and forth to herself on twitter all day.

    • MrsB says:

      I have read her blog a couple of times, and I agree she does go over the line sometimes- it bothers me how often she calls Leann a w*ore and sl*&. I can’t stand Leann, but I dislike those words even more.

      With that said, it’s ridiculous that Leann banned her from the concert. It just shows how much attention she pays to her detractors. Would’ve been smarter of her to not acknowledge, but of course Leann isn’t that bright.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree, I find it sad that Ilana uses those words to get attention. Don’t find her funny or interesting, she’s just plain sad. Tried saying that earlier, but my comment obviously did not make it through.

      • claire says:

        It’s kinda weird too that all of her fans have countered Ilana’s blogs on Leann saying she should see Leann perform herself before giving her a hard time about her wackiness while doing said reporting. Then she buys a ticket, doesn’t keep it a secret and they freak out that she’s going to harm Leann. Leann’s fans are such a special kind of stupid.

      • jenny12 says:

        My guess is that they like to criticize and whine, but when someone calls them on it, they panic and go the other way.

    • Jackie says:

      Oh ok.. And, Leann Rimes deserves everythng she gets. She pulled the first cord and continues to do it. Now, if Leann did not like it she should have maintained a semi private life..

    • betty says:

      Leann should have been happy she purchased a ticket and she stated she paid full price. Leann is not that much in demand to be picky about who attends her shows. Ilana Angel just calls it as she see it. Leann is so insecure she will go to any length to prove she is liked. It is obvious Mason does not care for her and all the photoshopped smiling pictures she plants of them will not change that. That kid is old enough to see Leann as she is a phony. Eddie is such a wimp he will allow any type of behavior from her as long as she pays the bills and he doesn’t have to work.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I don’t know anything about Ilana Angel but she makes a good point: everything she did was above board, in her own name. She easily could have gone to the concert with a friend unnoticed. So the spectacle of removing her as a “threat to the performer” makes Leanne look cray cray. Was she that afraid of what this woman would say about her singing?

  10. Julie says:

    Wait, so it was the other maids who called her names, not Leann or Eddie? Then, she was fired because the house was dirty? Hm. I wouldn’t throw money at her. We live in such a litigious society, it is pathetic. Sounds like this woman was lazy and got fired for not doing her job. Now she wants to get paid for it? Uh, no. As for the name-calling, get over it. Sue the other maids.

    • lem says:

      considering how many of leann’s “employees” are also her “friends” I wouldn’t be surprised if the employees/friends were making the comments in leann’s presence, and she was laughing/joining in but not using that language, hence the lawsuit. as an employer, it’s her job to make sure that she doesn’t create or foster a hostile work environment.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree. If they were aware of the situation and did nothing, then I think she’s entitled to ask for something.
        What amazed me the most is the idea that they had at least 3 people working in their household. Doing what???

    • Kiddo says:

      Well, technically, since the Cibrians were the employers, they are the ones to set the tone of the workplace environment and if the other maids were referring to her in a such a manner, it could be considered a hostile work environment. I’m not saying that she has a case, just that, typically, you do sue the employer. You can also sue the coworkers, but if they are maids, there probably isn’t any settlement money to be gained.

    • msw says:

      I would feel sorry for LeAnn if she weren’t a vexatious litigator herself. Even BS lawsuits are so expensive and stressful to deal with. After what she did to Kim Smiley, her dentist, and whoever else she sued recently, she deserves to be on the receiving end of one.

  11. sonia says:

    spiraling in front of our very eyes….1st the cheating, which everyone knows about anyway 2nd the banning someone that doesn’t like her (by the way, I read the article and it said a sold out show? Not according to the pictures) 3rd the photoshop disaster (check the shadow on Ed compared to shadow on kids) and now this? Oh we-we, so glad you are so happpppeeeeeeeeee and never respond to the “haters”

    For God’s sake Ed, get your wife some mental help! if not for her sake, think of your kids for once.

    • claire says:

      I was on the side of no photoshopping, until the straight line of her hair and the shirt were pointed out. Now I can’t stop noticing that weird occurrence.

      • Lucinda says:

        Things I read suggested that she wasn’t photoshopped into the picture but she may have altered her image to make herself look thinner which would explain the weird line between her and the boy.

    • Insomniac says:

      I don’t think that picture is Photoshopped. I think it’s far more likely that LeAnn (who avidly reads what her “haters” say) noticed that people were pointing out how unhappy Mason almost always looks around her and voila — she had to make sure to get a photo of herself hanging all over him. See? He loves her too! Haaaaaappeeeeee!

      • funcakes says:


      • Sal says:

        Or, she noticed that people know Mason will not pose with her (in virtually all photos he is next to his father, on the end, and no where near Leann) so she had to resort to photoshopping. There is no way Mason would smile like that if that photo was real and she was next to him. He always seems to ensure he is not next to her, touching her in any way in photos.

      • jenny12 says:

        I think Sal might have the answer. People have always said she likes to be around Jake because he’s a little ham and was too young to know anything. Mason seems to avoid her. I can see her photoshopping the picture to look like she and Mason were next to each other. The outfit is bad enough- she knows why they were screaming “Breasts!” at her in the ice bucket challenge video she posted wearing a skimpy tank top that became wet and see through and makes sure to dress sexy around them- but why pose in a way that suggests sexiness next to an 11 year old? She’s gone from being inappropriately sexual with their bio dad in front of them to wearing inappropriate clothing around them to now posing as though she’s in a men’s magazine next to them. SICK.

  12. Jill says:

    I just can’t with people who try to take advantage of someone who is wealthy and famous. It’s disgusting.

  13. Greyson says:

    Hostile work environment for sure, but it sounds like their other employees and Eddie’s mom are listed as the bullies — not LeAnn.

    Ultimately she had to pay up $$ as the employer but so does Eddie, who also did not directly bully this woman.

    The LeAnn hate is clouding judgement in this instance.

  14. tweeters against cheaters says:

    This story just shows Leann at her craziest! The whole story with Ilana is beyond words!
    Can anyone name another singer, that would keep a writer from their show? For a month
    and 1/2 Ilana wrote that she would be attending, she tweeted about it several times, including
    on her way to the concert, gets there and is not allowed in because “Leann was afraid she would disrupt her concert? Just because Leann does the same thing, David Gray anyone, does not mean everyone will do the same! She has been doing beyond crazy things, especially in the last 6 months and no-one in her camp will get her help? Calls herself & Ediot a gay man’s dream? Joking about rape? The continuing stalking of her husbands ex, 5years later by showing up at her Pilates studio, that B has been going to for 12years, then tries to cover it up by using another studio name?
    I mentioned disrupting David Gray’s concert, to this day she does not understand why
    and just laughs it off, at the same time saying she was not talking loudly b/c her husband couldnt hear her, and her husband wasnt even there!
    She loves taking jabs at Brandi everychance she gets, and is pissed because she/Ediot has
    been being ignored, her fav thing to do is post pics of Brandi & Eddies boys, and refers to herself as super mom and Brandi as bio mom, and ACTS like she does not understand why people dont think she is wonderful for loving her husbands boys, CRAZY the song was truly written w/ her in mind, while she was still a special snowflake that the angels told Belinda about,
    Sad thing is, if she devoted all this crazy back into her career, kept her mouth shut, she
    might have a chance at a career again. Rather than thinking Ilana was going to ruin her
    concert, she should have figured out this was a golden oppertunity to shut her up for
    good by putting on a wonderful show,
    I am not a leann fan, never have been b/c there is just too much talent then and now
    that puts her to shame, but she did have a beautiful voice, and it is just a shame that her
    crazy behavior out shines that
    Take a lesson from Jolie/Pitt, your career can still be strong, after being called a speed
    bump and breaking up a wonderful family just b/c you wanted to, you just have to

  15. mollie says:

    This girl really needs a savvy PR person. Stat.
    This was a total missed opportunity. Leann is absolutely incapable of taking the high road in any situation at all, ever. Truly, not ever. She consistently makes the wrong PR move.
    Can she be helped?
    Not with only Darrell and Kiki, amateurs.
    Here’s the thing: I fully believe that the scandalous affair could have quieted down and been forgiven by the public, and her career saved, if she could have controlled herself regarding the constant posting and posing regarding the children. It comes off SO poorly, anyone can see that. She is trying desperately to show how happy and well adjusted the children are, so that people will forgive her, and it is having exactly the opposite effect.
    This just doesn’t seem like rocket science to me.
    Leann, settle down, get off twitter, have auto-postings ONLY that announce concerts and new music and collaborations. Next, stop any discussions of the children. Period. Believe it or not, loads of people manage to conduct their careers without bringing up the kids at every turn. It isn’t helping you.
    If you can manage that, eventually people might believe that life for those kids is drama free.

    Unfortunately I don’t think she can control herself.

    • starrywonder says:

      She needs to take your advice. Only do auto posting and stay the hell off the internet. And I agree. Majority of her fans would have ignored the affair if she hadn’t lost her dang mind and tried to justify it to everyone and stalk her husband’s ex wife. It was just insane to me. Who else meets their fans in real life and slams her husband’s ex? Who else sues someone for taping them after she gets in their face about things they said on twitter? Who else moves into her ex lover’s neighborhood and forces him to meet her and then leaks the video so he is kicked out of his current wife’s house. She’s cray cray.

  16. Rita says:

    LeAnn sued her own father, her record company, and a family with six handicapped children and if you haven’t received a C&D letter from her lawyer, you are one of the few.

    What goes around comes around.

    • funcakes says:

      Don’t forget one of the minions that she is still in contact with that was in big legal trouble for what they did to the Smileys. It was documented in the news.

    • RobN says:

      Her dad and the record company conspired to steal from her while she was underage. Sorry, I’ve got to give her that one.

      • littlestar says:

        Did he actually? I was always under the impression that Leann was suing her father because he was trying to get her behaviour under control (underage drinking, sex with much older adult men, etc), and that her mother let Leann do whatever the heck she wanted. Weirdly though, there’s not much online about it.

      • Kellykat says:

        No you’re wrong. Leann’s dad and record company made her career, they wrote the songs, recorded the songs, produced the music and her shows, making Leann a big star after years of being a wannabe at fairs and talent shows. Then Wilbur cheated on his wife and left her and Leann for the mistress. Belinda flipped out and worked on 13yr old Leann, using her as a weapon against her dad. The divorce was vengeful and dirty and fought in the media. To keep Leann and her fortune close, Belinda moved her across the country and set her up in a mansion with no supervision, !5 yr old Leann partied all over LA, drank and did drugs and had sex with adult men who moved into the house. Leann started paying them and buying them cars and gifts and she began skipping concerts and partying constantly. When Wilbur objected to his underaged daughter not being parented and losing interest in her singing, Belinda convinced Leann to sue him and the record company for money. They lost the suit, when Leann was taped bragging about revenge and having a dark side and being able to cry on cue to win the case. It took many years and lots of therapy for Leann and her dad to reconcile, and she alludes to how she was manipulated by her mother in later interviews. Frankly it was a sick case of Parental Alienation by Belinda and is the blueprint for Leann’s psychotic behavior towards Brandi today.

      • briargal says:

        @Kellykat–Ever heard the expression that ”the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’? Explains most of Leann’s sick behavior and makes a person wonder about how sane her bio-mom is!! MAYBE they BOTH need mental help–they could both go to have therapy at the same place and time and get a discount for the help. BOGO! Leann needs to save money anyway she can!

      • Kellykat says:

        Hahaha! Love this idea but we both know they are too arrogant to do this. Even Leakann’s “tweehab” was just a week long stay at Darrell’s friends house, and then she was caught, shopping at the Calabasas mall.
        You’re right, and I’m glad you pointed out what an evil woman and mother Belinda is. She created a vengeful spiteful monster in her own image. And now the evil that she started with Leann is tormenting Brandi and her children.

      • Lady D says:

        The last thing ediot wants is her in intense therapy. He will react 1 of 2 ways. He’ll either be the loving supportive husband, surprise, surprise, or he’s going to see his free ride come to an end, and do all he can to discourage therapy. Be brave Leann. Tell him your going to go for a month of inpatient therapy and watch his reaction.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Kellykat- omg! In essence Leann was abused by pedophiles and manipulated into treating her perps like they were her prostitutes. Twisted. And now she’s repeating the cycle by purchasing her husband, drugging, drinking, slacking and despising a women (Brandi symbolizes her father’s mistress) who has the love and acceptance she’s always desired. This explains so much.

      • Kellykat says:

        Yes, Sea Dragon, that’s why this sick family pattern Leann is playing out is so interesting. It’s all happened before. I also think it’s why Leann is attracted to Brandi, she is desperate for Brandi’s attention and approval, like a little girl looking for a mother who will love her.

  17. Jess says:

    Pinche is a bad word. Doesn’t mean “old”…

    • TheCountess says:

      The order of the translation was reversed in English. “Pinche” is correctly translated.

      • launicaangelina says:

        Whether or not “pinche” technically means old, most Spanish speakers know it as “f*ck”. On the Kidd Kraddick morning show, one of the host said the word on air and the other host, of Mexican origin, cut her off because many people know it as “f*ck”.

      • TheCountess says:

        It doesn’t mean old, it means “bitch.” The translation is correct.

  18. HughJass says:

    I’m sorry, but did LeAnn and Eddie encourage the bullying? Did the housekeeper notify her employers that she felt harassed? She overheard something Eddie’s mother said about household problems, and then at a later date she (the housekeeper) was dismissed — and this is proof she was fired for being from El Salvador?

  19. elisabeth says:

    Do you think that LR said to Eddie
    “that Puerto Rican housekeeper is suing us.”

    Then went around with her minions saying ‘No bueno!’ and cackling

  20. TheCountess says:

    Wow, if pictures could speak, that top one just screams, “I’M A COOL (STEP) MOM!”

    • briargal says:

      Actually I think it screams “Look at me–I totally like looking like a ho around my children! And I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks–cause I am like soooo cool!” What a sick and deluded person!

  21. msw says:

    What goes around comes around, biatch.

    Same goes for Ilana Angel, though. She seems like a really nasty person. I would have booted her, too–but I think it’s hilarious she showed up. She and LeAnn should be buddies!

    • funcakes says:

      I’m not defending Ilana but Leann has a pretty interesting history with her that is well documented in Angel’s articles.
      Angel wrote that after some unflattering write ups someone in Leann’s circle made some antisemetic remarks. Then there were calls to the editor from the fan loonies asking to fire Ilana not to mention someone made some privated information public. Not to mention Leann’s C&D old standby move.
      If Leann would have just ignored the whole situation Angel would probrably moved on to someone else.

  22. 0hkaay says:

    I think the real news here is the fact they can afford not one, but three house employees.

    • Tracy says:

      That is pretty shocking.

    • littlestar says:

      I was surprised by that too.

    • Christin says:

      That is what caught my attention as well. Someone has previously claimed they have a fully staffed house, and I didn’t believe it.

      This is apparently one subject she has not tweeted about — her little army of housekeepers!

    • Jess says:

      Not only that but why? Neither of them really work, especially Eddie, but LeAnn is on twitter all day long claiming to be so busy. They have assistants, a nanny, housekeepers etc, it’s insane. She’s a flailing d-lister trying to pretend she’s in high demand and so busy, it’s kinda funny.

  23. why? says:

    Leann said in an interview that her best accomplishment is that she is still relevant and that she is relevant because people are talking about her. The maid story was planted by Camp Leann just like Star’s cheating story last week. Leann is trying to keep herself relevant and the only way she can get attention these days is through negative headlines. George Clooney’s wedding is taking up all of the presses’ attention. How else can she draw attention to the Christmas Song she released today? The maid story is an attempt to keep herself relevant because today, Leann released her Christmas song and no one noticed(even after she tweeted and tweeted about it for hours today) and prove to people that she and Eddie are living in the same house. The lawsuit doesn’t even make sense, unless the employee’s harassing the maid were Kiki and Mateo. Notice that the story emphasized Eddie and his mother. Many people think that Eddie has been living with his parents, so this is Leann doing damage control. See Eddie isn’t living with his parents because his mother complains about how the maids aren’t keeping HIS house clean. I also think it’s a storyline for her reality show.

    Some people thought that Leann had photoshopped herself into the photo with Eddie, Jake, and Mason. What does Leann do?3 days later she posts another photo with Eddie, Jake, Mason, and Kiki. Since Kiki was in the photo, who took the picture? Mateo? If Eddie and Leann love spending time together, why won’t Eddie ever go on vacations alone with Leann?

    Why is Leann shoving her breasts into Mason’s chest like that? Why did she think that wearing those extremely short shorts was appropriate for a family outing at the aquarium?

    She is also posting photos and tweeting about Jake to promote her Christmas song, since the song she did was Jake’s favorite song. Leann needs help.

    • Lady D says:

      Her planting stories explains why this story was on TMZ. They almost never mention the skank.

    • Kellykat says:

      ITA, it’s another planted story by psycho Leann desperate for attention. Just like kicking Iliana out and hoping to get a rise out of her.
      Desperate narcissist will do anything to get someone to notice her.

    • tweeters against cheaters says:

      Good thing she has the link to itunes for her single because you cant find it anywhere on the site w/o it! I listened to it, it is so bad words can not describe!!! I can not believe this is
      something she is proud of doing, it is bad bad bad bad bad! bad!

      • Deanne says:

        It’s a horrible version of this song. Badly produced (sorry Shrekkie) and actually kind of creepy sounding. She’s throwing everything she can at the wall and hoping something sticks.

      • Tracy says:

        So funny…. I tried to search it out on iTunes and it took some work to find it.

        Also listened to 30 seconds of it…. it is soooo bad.

  24. bettyrose says:

    This Ilana Angel doesn’t seem entirely beyond reproach as she’s using a feud with Leann to build her own name…there are plenty of entertainment stories that would be more relevant to the readership of her publication, but Leann’s people failed hard at managing this situation. That experience being escorted out sounds positively Kafkaesque. And, um, yeah a writer’s gonna write about it.

    • funcakes says:

      Unfortunately Leann has a revolving door of management, if any, that she tends to ignore therefore causing herself to look like an ass.
      As for Ilana, Leann played right into the drama as usual. All she has to do is let her into the concert that they had to beg people to buy. Not letting her in only caused a firestorm. If she would have ignored Ilana all Leann would have to worry about is maybe a bad review.

  25. JustSaying says:

    It’s no secret L doesn’t shower, wash her hair, and brush her teeth regularly so you can bet a clean home isn’t up on her list of priorities. Stalking, tweeting, and being the center of attention are.

    The pic above is photo shopped big time, and everyone knows it. She does it all the time, too. Nothing new here. Happppy family? Not a chance.

  26. funcakes says:

    And it was only a month ago that Leann kept tweeting that she wanted to be untagged from any drama and that she’s unable to she the hateful tweets.
    Now she’s starting the drama and responding to every tweet she unable to see. Honey find a proper therapist.

  27. why? says:

    Leann Rimes:”@hihi1212 the single is on iTunes today full EP next month”

    This is the reason Leann is planting negative articles(maid filing lawsuit and Star’s cheating story).

    Posted all those photos of Jake and Mason, tweeted about them every day of the vacation, and dragged them through the airport.

    Had a blogger who called her out for her bad behavior escorted from her concert.

    The dance album, Spitfire, and every single she released from Spitfire bombed. The song with Motley Crew isn’t getting Leann the big major attention she needed. The David Gray incident was a failure because Leann got busted talking during his concert and then trying to intimidate the DJ who called her out on by calling into his job.

    Even the release of Leann’s remake of Jake’s favorite song was delayed, earlier this month, Leann tweeted it was going to be released on the 28th. Today is the 30th. Will this follow the same pattern as the dance album? Drop out of the top 20 after 8 hours or when Leann stops downloading it and off the Top 100 list after 3 weeks?

    • funcakes says:

      Come on. You’ve read enough of this drama to know Leann’s MO.
      - The music is going to be released.
      -Leann and her friend will type positive reviews say,” Wow, Leann has done it again! I’ve loved her since “Blue”. She is the best thing since Patsy Cline”.
      -Leann and the minions will download enough copies to make it number one for a nanosecond.
      -The Daily Mail will do an article how Leann is still number one in country music.
      -When the music crash and burn with the hour, Leann and her minions will tweet how her crap music is great for exercising with.

  28. JenniferJustice says:

    So, I went to the link for Ilana’s blog. All I can say is Wow! The crazy is strong there. That Holly person who spews pro-LeAnn rhetoric and then ends them all with “God Bless You” really gives off the creepy vibe. It’s a sad day when the main person sticking up for you is obviously batsh!t crazy. I think I’d rather do without the attempted loyalty and just go it solo.

    • briargal says:

      LeakAss needs people to sing her praises and Holly is always there for her, Bless her soul! Of course some of the “other people” are LR herself. Who knows for sure how many other people SHE really is?? All of it is really creepy and sick!

    • Tracy says:

      Holly is a nut for sure.

    • Deanne says:

      Leann has a lot of really unique (not in a good way) characters who are very, very devoted to her and who will defend even her most heinous behaviour. I don’t mean to be callous, but a lot of them seem to have some very extreme emotional, health and mental issues. Someone once showed me Holly’s Facebook page and it was seriously disturbing. I was torn between feelings of pity and revulsion. Seriously, she’s kicking a blogger out of her concerts when she should be more concerned with some of her diehards. I think she loves the way they fawn over her, but isn’t empathetic enough to get that they believe she’s their close friend and that they are all close to the edge of becoming unglued, if she rejects them.

  29. Leslie says:

    LeAnn the stalker calling a blogger (who tweeted that she was going to LeAnn’s event) a stalker. Poor, poor, pitiful LeAnn. She has truly lost it. Her music career has gone down the toilet, and she is very angry about this, but it’s all her own doing.

    • briargal says:

      And supposely a very messy toilet too! Ewwww! Hope someone cleaned it first! Thanks to Eddie we know what LeakAnn’s toilet bowl looks like!!

      • Christin says:

        Let us not forget the wine glass used as a female urinal. As shown on their set the record straight, reality TV show.

        Any official word on renewal? (Crickets…)

      • briargal says:

        @Christin–Wine glasses will never be the same—female urinal–LOL! And as to the renewal of their ‘truth’ show—NOTHING!!! Of course the TV show as alllll fake–just like LR’s fake happpeee marriage, successful career and life in general!

  30. Kellykat says:

    Brandi called this scene a few years ago. a spoiled rotten child star, Leann is now a horrible spoiled hasbeen who lives to stalk and bully the people around her for attention.
    Mazel tov with that Eddie, hahahahaha.

  31. Lady D says:

    This picture was taken in Carmel CA, right? It kind of looks like Colorado in the background. Does anyone know the significance of the pit behind them? (for leann’s outhouse maybe)

  32. Christin says:

    So it was allegedly his mother who told her little 40 year old son his house had problems and decided someone needed to go?

    That is rich. Is the house that nasty? Is she that controlling? So many questions.

    I also assume ‘Gloria’ has been verified as a real person and not the legal version of a bot?

    • briargal says:

      Knowing the way LR takes care of her personal hygiene, a messy house probably doesn’t faze her in the least! She(LR) is a pig!

      • Deanne says:

        Anyone who leaves their enema bag on the kitchen counter, isn’t worried about a clean house. Notice how her fingers are always infected. Yuck.

    • Jezi says:

      Gloria is real. I don’t believe this is a plant. She used to nanny for Brandi as well so I’m not sure she would fake anything to save Leann’s career.

      • Christin says:

        Thank you for confirming. Anything dealing with this couple is like the boy who cried wolf to me and I tend to be skeptical as a result.

        I hope things work out for Gloria. She may be better off in the long run, simply not having to deal with those two (L&E).

  33. MY TWO CENTS says:

    Leann created the drama with Ilana at her concert hoping it would garner publicity. No way does she have 3 staff in her 6 bedroom home. That is another story for publicity. It’s almost as if she is trying to be her own PR person and coming up with these lunatic ideas for press. Dual purpose of generating publicity for her October Christmas music (crazy) and to show all those “losers” that didn’t watch their VH1 show that they do matter. All this publicity for stuff in the last week that seemed like “crazy” stuff. Yeah, definitely sounds like a hairbrained idea she would come up with. I think she and Eddie should film them both taking an IQ test, I would watch that. Bet between them they don’t have one good working brain. That’s my two cents!!!

  34. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I know this has been said many times before, talented people rely on their talent to make themselves known, not fake dramas, scandals, rudeness etc. There. And not allowing that blogger to watch the concert is childish and lame.

  35. anne_000 says:

    I read that fishwrapper article and their points just don’t stand up. I don’t think that top pic is photoshopped. She really does dress like that on ‘family’ trips and in front of children. She doesn’t have normal boundaries nor filters. She’s ridiculous.

    As for this lawsuit, she and Eddie don’t seem to be mature, thoughtful, caring people and I’m guessing that their bullying personalities affect the environment in that household. So I’m thinking maybe this housekeeper was indeed a target of ridicule and taunts by the type of people that LR and EC find similar to themselves and are invited to be there.

    As for the Ilana situation, she knew this might happen because she knew ahead of time how crazy LR and her fans are. If she had really wanted to see LR’s concert, I think she knew she shouldn’t have advertised it ahead of time. But I guess it’s good publicity for her and her article.

    Regarding LR’s response, it was an overreaction. She knew that Ilana wasn’t dangerous nor stalking her. She did it because she couldn’t handle it like a professional.

    • jenny12 says:

      I think Ilana publicly said she was going to be there so as to avoid stalking accusations. And she clearly stated she would say if Leann was fabulous or not. Leann needed to feel powerful in front of her 10 fans, most of whom probably need hearing aids anyway. As for Gloria, I believe Jezi said she worked for Brandi, so my guess is that made her a target for these jealous crazies. And Eddie and his family speak Spanish. #savejakeandmason #teamgloria

    • Brin says:

      That pic was definitely photoshopped. No one is denying she was there, just that Mason usually never lets her near him.

      • jenny12 says:

        So the crazy is officially through the roof. That outfit on a “family” outing, photoshopping a picture, photoshopping because her stepson avoids her and people notice that, photoshopping herself in that position and outfit next to Mason and posting it all. She’s a freaking nut. Those poor kids.

  36. 90saHasbeen says:

    TF she needs with 3 housekeepers, a nanny, and a personal assistant for him or her. They have no real jobs and singing three times highly qualifies as a job or touring. I know more people who dedicate more time in their church choirs. LeAnn is pathetic and insane. You ban a blogger from your concert but yet invite her to blog about her fakeality. It seems if you write anything unfavorable about her you’re a hater and jealous. Of what?
    She married a man who infected his wife with HPV. She pays ALL of his bills. She pays him to pay attention to her via a weekly allowance. His biggest part in a movie was 10 lines last year. He can’t act for sh**. A total doofus with ugly dimpled. Most of her photos are staged and the ones that aren’t you see the truth. Her marriage is a farce and EVERYONE her life is either on the payroll or she pays their bills.

    Her entire life is a replicas of Brandi’s because she has no identity of her own. Not very attractive by Hollywood standards (basic at best).

  37. jenny12 says:

    And she’s back to her old tricks- people shaking their collective heads over her nastiness were told “as moms, we should all support each other” as though she is a mother in any way. It’s like her crazy balloon stopped leaking and just plain popped open. She isn’t even pretending that she doesn’t think of herself as the boys’ mother and then doesn’t get why she is “bullied” and people “don’t get it”. Get what? You’re not a mother, you’re not THEIR mother, and you continually say it because YOU want to. They don’t see you as a mother. And whether she photoshopped herself into the picture or not, who wears booty shorts and a low cut top on a trip with kids and then does a sexy pose next to the kid? If it’s photoshopped in and she CHOSE that picture, she’s just as sick. Though she supposedly just posted another picture, so she apparently really did choose to wear that outfit and then pose with her silicone thrust against Mason. Classy. If Gloria worked for Brandi, I bet that’s why they were abusing her. As for Ilana Angel, she tells it like it is, and is on point when it comes to many things, including Leann. She doesn’t stalk her, and said straight out that if LR were good, she’d say so. If Leann were smart (excuse me- hahahahaha) she’d have delivered a hell of a show and made Ilana think of her differently. But Leann is too lazy and Ilana is Brandi’s friend, so of course Leann went the brainless route.

    • jenny12 says:

      Note- Sal, in an above thread, said that Leann may have photoshopped the picture to be next to Mason because people have noticed his dislike of her. I think that is a really good guess and would probably vote for that. Don’t get why this woman has gone from sexual behavior with their bio dad in front of them to sexual outfits in front of them to posing next to Mason as though she were in a lad mag. Then again, sickeningly, maybe I do get it. Remember the ice bucket challenge video she posted, wearing a skimpy tank top to be doused with ice water by Eddie and the boys? Soaked and see through, with the boys yelling, “Breasts!” at her? Even Kate Upton, a known sex symbol, doing the challenge with her BOYFRIEND and no kids, did not wear skimpy clothing to be made further skimpy by being doused with ice water and she is known for having a great and natural rack. #savemasonandjake

  38. Leslie says:

    LeAnn hired seat fillers for her community college yodel fest that only seats 700 something people? Was she trying to impress Ilana????? That LeAnn be cray cray.

  39. Christin says:

    Instead of three housekeepers, maybe she needs to hire / rent a security person to accompany her to the occasional concerts she does.

    If she’s worried about a blog writer attending, why involve the venue staff and deputies? Just have your own security person in the wings.

    I think it was an overreaction to ban entry. If you really don’t care and want to set the record straight, then let the writer attend and put on a good show (which is what every audience member deserves).

    • briargal says:

      But it makes for a bigger splash in the pubicity rags if a blogger is banned entry by a deputy. Makes it seem like LR is big celeb and a more important singer than she really is. It’s all about publicity. LR loves it–good or bad. And I think she likes it bad the best. Sick personality

    • Christin says:

      There is an article floating around that claims she threatened to not perform unless they banned IA. This sounds like a small venue that probably didn’t need this hassle. I don’t see why venues will even book someone who has a sketchy history of even showing up, and now this drama. I recall reading a comment from someone who had volunteered to help at a charity event, and they claimed it wasn’t a great experience (sounded spoiled with very picky demands).

      Wanting publicity of any type is obvious by now, but why anyone gives a platform is beyond me. There are plenty of acts that can be booked at most any price level that have better reputations.