Emily Ratajkowski claims her bust is all-natural: do you believe her?


I’ve looked at a surprising number of photos which include Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts or cleavage. And quite honestly, I’ve always thought her girls were enhanced. She just has such a small frame and I swear, they have that “high” look of many breast implants. Don’t get me wrong, I thought she had gotten quality work and it’s her business entirely. But Emily apparently answered the questioned directly when asked by Cosmo. We still don’t have the exact quote, but she apparently “laughs to the magazine and insists yes, they are real.” She also claims she’s had a big bust since her early teens. If that’s the case and they’re real… well, I’m jealous. Damn it!

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail had some other quotes from Emily’s various interviews:

It was Hollywood star Ben Affleck who suggested Emily for the role of Andie, a student who finds herself caught up in the investigation.

‘It was amazing [working with Affleck],’ Emily told Stylist magazine. ‘He has so much patience for young people and it was a really good acting lesson for me.’

The 23-year-old, who we are more accustomed to seeing undressed than dressed, says that her mother taught her that sexuality is a ‘beautiful thing’ and not to apologise for it.

Her father, meanwhile, text her after her first ever nude shoot saying: “I just saw the photos and you’re as beautiful a model as you were as a five-year-old”.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“You’re as beautiful a model as you were as a five-year-old” – after her dad saw her first nude photoshoot as a model?! I’m sorry, but… NO. Go ahead and call me a prude and a puritanical American, but NO. If you’re posing nude, fine. Go ahead. But give your dad a heads up so he can go out of his way to avoid those photos.

Also: I love how she makes Ben Affleck sound like he’s so much older than her. He is! But I doubt he wanted to be a “mentor” to her.

PS… Someone needs to ask her about her lip enhancement though…


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Um says:

    Not much about this chick is real. Shame.

    • Lauren says:

      Her boobs are probably real.
      I hate jealous women who can’t stand some girls are just naturally pretty.
      Everything that is beautiful some of you consider fake: full thick hair (Amal), nice large breasts (Emily), full lips (many celebs).

      • Sabrine says:

        I have no idea who this person is but anyway they’re real. They don’t have the “half a soccer ball glued to the chest” look of implants. Hers just flow down very natural looking.

      • jammypants says:

        That bugs me as well. Maybe she is genetically blessed? Why is that so hard to believe?

      • littlestar says:

        One of my friends has implants and they are amazing looking. You can’t even tell they are fake. I’m not saying this woman’s breasts are fake, but I am saying that there are some very talented plastic surgeons out there!

      • Donna leo says:

        They aren’t real. This is what dream tits look like. Big boobs move. Sorry to disappoint. These are good silicone job. Definitely not soft looking. She’s soft looking so is illusion. She doesn’t look porn

      • FLORC says:

        I know a few ladies that have small frames and amazing racks. Racks that look fake in every way commentors here are citing as red flags to look for. And i’ve known 2 of these people since 10 years old when none of us had anything there. These can be real too. It’s not impossible to just be lucky in that way.

        When somone has a great chest and it’s not so easy to find the telling sign of enhancement it’s girls attacking girls for having flawless features. Why else claim there’s no way she just has great assets without any doubt?

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        She’s gorgeous and her body looks real.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I’m 5′ 4″ with 36 DD’s, I’ve had them since they arrived when I was 16 and I weigh about 130 lbs. My hour glass figure is 100% natural, if I had a choice I would have smaller breasts and narrower hips but I was born this way. I look like a pin-up, it’s my genetics. Why is it okay to be fat or skinny or whatever “real” shape but not 100% authentic woman crafted by nature? Not everyone gets augmented, some of us have idealized feminine forms without plastic surgery.

      • ozmom says:

        YES, Lauren!

      • Hally says:

        Lauren, your comment is everything. PREACH.

      • Anna says:

        She’s posted pictures before of her in her teens that show them getting progressively bigger, so based on that and the fact that I know women who have breasts like hers and are all natural I have to say that I’m pretty sure they’re real. I don’t get how people can try to argue that someone has implants based on the fact their frame is small. That’s like saying all plus-size/fat women should have big breasts because they aren’t skinny.

      • qwerty says:

        “They don’t have the “half a soccer ball glued to the chest” look of implants. Hers just flow down very natural looking.”

        That’s cause she clearly did not get the round shape but the teardrop (anatomical) one, assuming they’r fake. Not all fake boobs look like the disasters that Pamela and Posh had stuck on their chests. If you really must get implants, always always got for the anatomical… round are terrible http://implantforum.com/short/implant-shape.gif

    • LK says:

      I think they are real. They look squishy and soft and natural looking. I want her boobs.

      • Victoria1 says:

        Me too, that’s the photo I’d bring for my augmentation, fake or real, she’s got a great rack and I can’t wait to see that movie. Ben’s full frontal and boobies? Sign me up! I sound like a perv.

      • Stacey Dresden says:

        I know several girls (of Eastern European/Jewish ancestry) who have similarly enviable figures, including breast size to frame ratio. And my lips look a lot like hers. I think she’s rill. Rilly rill.

    • Donna leo says:

      She’s gorgeous but boobs SILICONE. remember they were banned. They looked much better than saline. Maybe cause auto immune hard to say. Watch blurred lines. Only tits not moving are here. Big tits are pendulous even on young people. I am naturally endowed. Not as skinny as her but slim. When I lie down the girls separate a lot! She clutches her boobs when she lies down. To make them not look fake. Bull the pic of her at 14. She looks 19 in that photo. Plus her parents seem like the type to let a 17 yr old get implants. Has been done.
      she’s a jerk though lying about it and mocking flat girls
      Only real boobs I can vouch for are kate upton and redhead from mad men bc they fly all over like mine
      Charlize Theron not huge but real.

      • FLORC says:

        All big racks are not “pendulous” with movement. Natural racks that look fake in the best way and none of the worst are real and not as uncommon as you’d think.
        I see below you stated comparison between yours and hers. Not all are the same. There are muscles and differences in the tissue for everyone. Maybe hers are more toned or naturally more balanced overall instead of just the side. There are whole workouts based on building those pec muscles to achieve this look.
        All i’m saying is she looks natural and all the reasons cited for hers being fake are not solid at all. It’s almost like we live in a world of white skin. The only way to tan is through artifical means. We meet a person who is naturally darker and dispute up and down she must tan like us.

      • J.Mo says:

        There are photos of the redhead from Mad Men in her twenties and she did NOT have those boobs.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Not all “real” boobs are the same, you’re generalizing to all women based on your breasts. I’ve seen plenty of boobs, hello mammograms, and they are not all the same shape, size or firmness. You cannot tell from photographs whether or not someone has been augmented unless it is over done.

      • Hally says:

        Donna you have some issues that I don’t think anyone on this board can solve. Good to see you at least will concede Christina Hendricks and Kate upton are natural, but whatever you have against Emily is clouding your vision, hers seem perfectly natural as well. This always happens in posts about women with large boobs. These women seriously get torn apart and it’s not ok. It’s sick and it reeks of misplaced jealousy.

      • Fwozbo says:

        People from Kate Uptons high school said she was flat and small at graduation.

    • Donna leo says:

      They are not real. I’m 100% sure. I have big boobs I’m 26 pretty slim. My boobs if not supported go all over wildly and earn unwanted attention when I lay down they sink towards my armpits. Hers defy gravity. Give me a break. Blessed with a surgeon She’s lovely looking Anywaybut what a little liar.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        did Emily p in your coffee or something? You certainly seem to have it in for her. Her boobs look real to me.

      • Denise says:

        They’re real. I’ve seen several nude shots with her arms raised and they slide and flatten out a bit. Fake boobs don’t do that. Lots of women have unbelievable breasts. It’s not the impossible thing you think it is.

      • GByeGirl says:

        Whatever. My daughter is a 00 in clothing and wears a 28 G bra. I’m a size 8 and wear a 32 E. My grandmother is in her late 80s and hers are perkier than a lot of 40 year old’s. Some families just grow great breasts that flow in all sorts of ways. Have you been on any of the hard-to-fit bra forums? There are so many different types of breasts. Wide root, narrow root, pendulous, projected, full on top vs full on bottom. There’s no “all natural breasts do ______________” rule.

        Plus, I work in x-ray CT and see thousands of women in various states of undress. When you do chest x-rays and CT scans of the chests, you can see on the images if there are implants present. I’ve only had the occasion of NOT being surprised when the patient has a horrible boob job.

        You can’t judge all women by your own experience with your own body–nor should you.

    • mint says:

      I saw Gone Girl yesterday. Her breasts looked real to me- soft and they moved naturally. I really want her boobs – they are spectacular. Her lips looked fake, though. It looked really painful when she kissed Ben Affleck.

      • jojo says:

        False. You can’t just say because yours are one way hers must be too. I am slim with E cups and mine are perky and don’t fall into my armpits or ‘swing like a pendulum’. Anyway we will never know so what’s the point in calling her a liar. You cannot prove either way. Her boobs are amazing whether real or not.

    • samtha says:

      Didn’t she post a picture of her as a thirteen or fourteen year old, and she already had huge boobs? I seem to remember her posting it on Twitter as proof they were real…

    • The Bobster says:

      Fake, fake, fake, fake!

  2. Observer says:

    She’s only 23!? I thought late twenties at least…

  3. liab23 says:

    who cares

    • M.A.F. says:

      My thoughts exactly. Why is this even a topic?

      • Algernon says:

        I think it’s worth discussing plastic surgery not in a shaming way, it’s your body and you can do what you want with it, but to remind people that the figures we call beautiful and “perfect” are often the product of surgical intervention. I think it helps people to keep a realistic body image. I also hate it when celebrities won’t admit they diet and exercise like crazy in order to maintain such tight figures (Blake Lively!). I don’t think anyone should be shamed for the choices they’re making with their own body, but I also think we need to keep it real about what’s actually happening. Little girls starve themselves to look like these famous women, when *they* don’t even look like that!

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Me too. That’s one of the reasons I love Julianne Moore. She is one of the very few who admits how hard it is to maintain a small frame and the sacrfices she makes. Somebody asked her one time how she was doing and her response was “I’m hungry.”

      • Donna leo says:

        I lose my mind over implants bc then idiots like on here think real boobs don’t move. I’m slim and a full d. Men ogle me. They know I’m real out of clothes but bc I wearsupport bra people ask if I’m fake. I know Emily ratajkowski got implants. Bc Im young slim wit real big boobs. 99% of Hollywood boobs are fake so No one know anymore what real tatas look or hang like

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I don’t care about this person, but there actually is a serious reason to discuss this. There is now a new body type, thin with big boobs, because of all the estrogens in our environment. If you want to scare yourself to death, Google Bisphenol-A (BPA), breast size, and the work of Frederick vom Saal. He figured out that we are basically swimming in substances that mimic estrogen, and that even infinitisimally small amounts have a huge effect. For example, over three generations of women you can see a definite increase in breast size. Manufacturers are making bigger bras than ever before. Puberty is starting earlier. Environmental estrogens are SCARY and are also related to breast cancer. Ok, getting off soap box.

    • Donna leo says:

      It’s a topic bc this girl said she feels sorry for flat chested women. Basically her natural self

  4. savu says:

    I bet they’re real. Not to get graphic, but the way they move is really natural.

    From her interviews it sounds like she was raised by pretty progressive parents who really support her. Good for her dad for attaching no shame to a nude shoot. Maybe weird to see it, but to each his own.

    • Donna leo says:

      You’ve never seen real big boobs. These don’t budge. Look at other boobs bopping in video. Yet biggest ones just stagnate. Silicone. That’s why you don’t see ripples. These look so fake from the side. She holds them so you don’t see them not flop t

    • Donna leo says:

      Dad prob paid for the implNts

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      There’s nothing fake about this ladies boobs.
      They are totally real. I can see by the hang and drop of her boobs, there’s no false addition.

    • Daisyduck says:

      The boobs are probably real, but it does look like she’s had a breast lift. I speak from personal experience as a small person with big boobs, who has had a lift. A lift squeezes the breasts from below, which forms the convex you see on top. very very very seldom do you find natural breasts are convex on the top (words of my German surgeon), unless squeezed from the bottom with a bra/push up bra.

  5. Kiddo says:

    SOo, she is officially a ‘thing’ now. Why has no one asked her about George’s wedding?

  6. Angie says:

    Well, so what! My eyelashes are long and curvy and totally au naturel – and my hair…phew – 42 and not one grey hair here!! All natural, just like your lips sweetie :)

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I can’t believe I’m sitting here thinking about this.

  8. Megan says:

    I want to know what brand of foundation garments she wears. Her girls (assuming they are real) look great.

  9. Someonestolemyname says:

    No shelf, and a natural hang. I believe her.
    Don’t have a clue who she is though, don’t care.

  10. Tiffany27 says:

    She looks like Donald Trump’s 9th wife. Good for her and her publicist though for getting that publicity.

  11. Barbiegirl says:

    It is possible. A very good friend of mine has a tiny frame has really huge boobs and it’s all natural. She is even contemplating breast reduction.

    She says that whenever she loses weight she loses it on her legs so her boobs look even more in disproportion with the rest of the body… And when she puts weight on it goes in her boobs…

    Some people are just lucky…

    • I knew two girls like that in college — and both were gorgeous to boot. But they did not consider themselves lucky. They complained that it was impossible to work out with them, and they constantly wore oversized tops to hide them. Both eventually got reductions. Grass is always greener, I suppose.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Me, I got chubby on heart medicine and soared to my maximum denisity, my double D’s went up to some strange letter sequence I don’t wish to discuss. I don’t want bigger boobs, but that’s where the weight goes.

  12. Etheldreda says:

    Given that her boobs are her one and only claim to fame, there’s no way in hell she’s going to say ”Of course they’re implants”. So her ‘all natural’ claim is neither here nor there.

    If I were to guess, I’d say they’re very well done implants, but who knows? Or, when it comes down to it, cares?

    • BendyWindy says:

      Maybe she doesn’t have breast implants the same way Kim Kardashian doesn’t have butt implants? I mean, Kim’s rear is obviously enhanced, but there’s not an implant in there. You can have fat taken from elsewhere and put into your breasts just like you can into your butt. It gives a much more natural look. I’m looking into having it done myself.

  13. SuperStef says:

    I don’t think her dad’s quote was gross at all. I thought it was actually appropriate, unlike Jessica Simpson’s dad talking specifically about his daughter’s DDS and not being able to cover the suckers up.

    What else is a dad supposed to say about his daughter doing nude scenes? Just pretend it’s not happening and ignore it? He simply said she’s beautiful and always has been. Big deal! If he went into specifics, THAT would be inappropriate. What’s the difference if the mom said the same thing? You likely wouldn’t criticize her just because it’s coming from the female parent? In my opinion, that’s just a double standard.

    My husband was a full time single dad to 2 kids and my stepdaughter has a very large chest. She is also a rep softball player. Dad often has to ask about her chest size to buy her the right sized sports bras etc. She’s 16 now and she isn’t the least bit embarrassed by the conversations because she knows ITS HER DAD and not some creepy pervert.

  14. Veronica says:

    The breasts I could believe are real. She’s only 23, and a small frame can make breasts look bigger. (Breast size is very relative – 34D is a 36C, etc, etc.) Granted, it wouldn’t shock me if they were altered. Her lips, however, look altered to me. They have that “puffiness” to them.

    Also, her father sounds like a f*cking weirdo. Not being upset at your daughter doing a nude photo shoot is one thing, actively seeking it out and commenting on it is another thing altogether.

  15. Kitten says:

    I have a good friend who has a similar relationship with her dad with the uh, blurred lines, and it freaks me out.

    We have pretty clearly-defined boundaries in my family and that means no sex talk between myself and my parents or my brother for that matter, and I’m perfectly ok with that.

  16. Isa says:

    I’ve never thought they were fake. If hey are I need to know the name of her doctor.
    They don’t look high to me, just not saggy.


  17. Chinoiserie says:

    I think her breasts could be real, I just met a girl who has a body just like her. She does not seem to be the type to embarrased by these kind of questions, but if I had real breast and were an actress it would probably bother me if people wonder about them or think I am lying.

    And if her nudes are artfully done and her father just looked them briefly I do not think there is nothing strange about that. Or if if was a movie and her father did not turn away for the scene. I would not do such things myself but if I did I would not do anything my father could not briefly see.

  18. Hithere says:


  19. Jayna says:

    My friend and her older sister from high school to early 20s (last time I saw them) were very thin girls, and both had really full, high breasts. They were a work of art. LOL

  20. GiGi says:

    If you’ve seen the nude version of the Blurred Lines video… they’re definitely real. Lots of “natural movement” happening in that thing.

  21. mazza says:

    Should I care?

  22. swack says:

    My daughter has a small frame and was at least a DD by 5th grade (probably even larger). She eventually had breast reduction surgery (which she asked for). So I can believe they are real.

  23. Merritt says:

    Who cares? They probably are real. But a lot of women have naturally large breasts. If they are real, that is hardly unique. But when your body is your claim to fame, that is the only thing you have to talk about. As I said yesterday, it is a good thing her publicity team is playing her 15 minutes for all they are worth. Every interview with her makes her appear really stupid. She tries to sound intelligent and fails.

  24. GlimmerBunny says:

    No way are they real. She’s way too thin/small-framed to have natural breasts that large. Kate Upton’s boobs being natural I can buy, but hers – no way.

    They are well-made though!

  25. Rachel says:

    They look real to me.

  26. Greek Chic says:

    I don’t know if i believe her because she also insists that her lips are real too. Her breasts seem natural (if they are plastic her surgeon did a good job) her lips though…The have this weird stretched effect…Anjelina Jolie has beautiful natural plump lips!

  27. Eileen says:

    It is possible to be petite and have large breasts-I was 115# and had a 38C bra size. I find her far prettier than Suki Waterhouse,Taylor Swift,Katy Perry,etc.

  28. Ashley says:

    From the way she’s working it, you’d think she was the lead in Gone Girl instead of a glorified bit part. Once this movie is out and the hype has died down, she’ll disappear into the ether again. Zero talent unless it involves shaking her breasts.

  29. Heather says:

    She is honestly just so dang pretty! The boobs look real to me.

    I thought it was pretty funny how she talked about Ben – pointing out that he was so much older. I don’t think she meant any harm. But I am sure Ben read that and was like “dang’! You know that stung him a little bit because he probably thought he could hook up on set a la Blake Lively on the set of The Town. Good for you Emily, for not going that route!

  30. Alexa says:

    I have fake breasts and mine look exactly like hers. You can’t tell mine are fake because I had breast tissue to begin with despite my size 2 frame. Had a lot of fat in my breast area but they weren’t perky enough, they didn’t have that round shape. Mine don’t project out of my chest like other implants because I went with a teardrop shape, which doesn’t poke out from your bony chest (If you’re skinny like her). With small implants (250cc) placed in my ( fatty but lacking perkiness c cup breasts) you can’t even tell they look fake. I can tell looking at her nude photoshoots they are 100% fake. They look real because a) she didn’t make them obviously larger than the existing fat tissue b) They photoshop, add makeup to create a more natural shape. EVEN HER NIPPLES IN THAT VIDEO HAVE BEEN ALTERED. SHE HAS PUFFY NIPPLES LIKE MYSELF. But they harden them & apply makeup to create that perfect nipple shape. Look it up people.

    Please wake up. There’s nothing wrong with having fake parts, but when you are constantly comparing women to others who haven’t been enhanced, it’s unfair. Why don’t people who bleach their hair get shamed? Really it’s not a big deal, but it does bother me when women try to pass themselves as being “natural” like this woman. Liars like this create more insecurity than being honest.


    Scarlett Johansson has/had fake breasts when she was younger but had them removed, Halle berry, Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr all have fake tits. Just because they choose a size that fits their proportions doesn’t mean they aren’t fake. I’m sick of men being all like, “Oh I hate fake breasts etc.” After seeing me naked, it’s ironic because they see my breasts and go, “Wow, I’ve never met a girl with natural breasts like yours, women should just stay natural etc.” Then they seem shocked with disbelief when I tell the truth. Sick of it. They are as fake as her lips, there’s nothing wrong with it. But when this has become the standard and women feel insecure for not living up to it, remember ladies. THEY ARE LYING.

    • Kitten says:

      ^^^^^^I’m gonna go with what this person says because she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.

    • arabella says:

      Thank you @Alexa!

      Also, check out her pics from iCarly. At least we can confirm that her lips have been enhanced. http://www.barnorama.com/emily-ratajkowski-then-and-now/

    • INeedANap says:

      So, I have full B’s that sag like old-lady boobs, even though I’m 27. I really want to get them altered; not to make them bigger, but to do what you did, change the shape. Is there a name for the specific technique/procedure you did? Because that sounds like right up my alley!

    • littlestar says:

      I said about that a close friend of mine has implants and they are fantastic looking. They look and feel completely natural. She had a really good surgeon (his wait list is over a year long, he is so in demand due to his work).

      And I agree, people get way too bent out of shape over implants.

      • Jayna says:

        I’m surrounded by friends with boob jobs. Some are amazing, some good, and a few just have a fake look. Several had to have re-dos.

        The look of the breast also will just never look as good on some when they have a wide chest cavity with not much breast tissue. (I don’t know if I’m saying the term right). My friend went to a friend’s doctor. They were both small girls, size 2. The first one, her boobs are magnificent. The second one went and got hers done and they were a mess, way out to her arm. She went to three consults recommended after to fix them, not trusting the doctor who first did them. The top one said unless she went really big, because of the wideness of her chest, they are never going to be close together. She did the tear drop the second operation and he went a little bigger (she was too small to go really big) and they look much better but don’t look amazing. I still don’t get how she has a wide chest area because she’s so tiny and narrow.

        I didn’t know the specifics of how to describe what she told me, so paraphrased.

        My one friend told me that most women don’t tell other women what is wrong with their boob job, the ones not satisfied, because you can still look great in clothes. My sister’s was a disappointment. I won’t go into the issues for her. Another friend, her’s always looked so beautiful. I have friends who went too big and just didn’t look right. I had another co-worker that went big and she’s a vision, a beauty anyway, and the boobs just work on her body frame. I have friends who regretted going too big, friends who wished they had gone bigger, and friends who hit i just perfect for their size.

        One girl in my neighborhood after having a baby went bigger, small D, got divorced, and the next guy she dated didn’t like really big boobs and she went back and went to a C cup.

      • Jay says:

        I had a friend who went in for breast augmentation and didn’t survive. So yeah, it is a big deal. Putting your life at risk just to get slightly bigger/perkier cans is SO vapid and vain imo. I don’t respect it and I call BS on women who say they just do it for themselves. They need therapy, not silicon.

      • Isabelle says:

        @ Jayna curious as to where you live where a lot of women have implants? I rarely have met women with them, just on TV or reconstruction surgery.

    • enastein says:

      But I met in real life girls with her frame and had great breast just like her, many not once were surgeries were far from their reach. please people there is so much natural beauty out there don’t let Hollywood ruined that believe. I noticed this in the eastern European girls to be more precise. I even have a relative same as her frame with glorious rack just like Emile and she is not eastern European even. so yeah i totally believe that hers might be real.

    • yariettt says:

      You are so right.

    • Lauren says:

      But… No. My boobs are only a bit smaller than hers and they have the same shape. They are 100% real. Maybe she has had hers done but from all those ladies you mentioned, none of them just has naturally nice boobs? Really?

    • babbeg says:

      I cant beleive i needed to scroll that far to see a great comment.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I know tons of women with her breasts, no augmentation needed. I don’t know why people act like she’s a unicorn, her breasts are not that amazing nor are they unnatural. It’s sad that people are so image obsessed all they do is focus on whether or not she has had work. Who cares? Every photo of her will be photoshopped, get over it, fake people in Hollywood are fake, why parse it?

    • Isabelle says:

      Very informative post because there are women with great looking fake boobs & always wondered why they look great but others are very obvious.

    • Hally says:

      Alexa, your argument doesnt really hold up here. You got fake breasts to mimic naturally perfect breasts, so now any nice breasts must be fake? I’ll give you Miranda Kerr, I don’t know about Halle berry, but Katy perry and scar jo are part of the cup runneth over club, and naturally so. To further respond to your argument, my boobs are even larger than Emily’s and just as perky (don’t know how long that will last tho). Naturally large, round and perky boobs exist, people! Getting tired of these boob job “experts” chiming in all the time. You got fake boobs, great. She didn’t have to. Nor should any woman feel the need to surgically enhance herself. I’ll bet nothing was wrong with your old boobs anyways. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes, it’s time to let them be!

  31. delorb says:

    It seems to me that if someone is wiling to get their lips enhanced, then they’d have no issue with getting their breasts enhanced. Just sayin.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      Not really. A Botox shot leaves the body in a few months, a breast implant is a major surgery.
      Just saying the two may be enhancements but they are certainly not the same as far as what a body goes through.

  32. KMac says:

    Her boobs might be real, but those lips sure aren’t. Seriously ages people. Why can’t they love their faces the way they are, these girls are beautiful and then they go and screw up their money makers.

  33. belladonna says:

    I think her lips and her boobs are real. I saw a photo of her at 14 and she looks pretty much the exact same. Some women are just lucky!

  34. INeedANap says:

    I have no idea about her boobs, but I will say that her skin looks amazing. But between the inflated lips and her nose, she has a face like a rat (albeit a cute one, like in a Disney movie or something).

    Normally I don’t like talking solely about a woman’s looks, but this chick has barely given us anything else to work with.

  35. Leslie says:

    If you look at those iCarly pictures, she has such a thin frame–legs, arms, waist chest–that those enormous boobs cannot be real. When you are that thin, you don’t have boobs the size of grapefruit unless you had them added surgically. As for her lips, she looks like she’s had the same kind of injection that Jessica Simpson and other Hollywood women get.

    • enastein says:

      Not true, i saw many girls with thin tiny frame with same natural breast as Emile and they were looking great. i assure you at least that were real.

    • boppity says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong! Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I was 115lbs and a 32DD at one time in my life, and I still have a (relatively) small frame and very large breasts (36FF). Not only do I know many, many women who are thin with naturally large breasts, you do too: Angelina Jolie. Even at her thinnest, and before her surgery, she has the exact body type you incorrectly insist doesn’t exist. We do exist, whether you like it or not, LOL.

    • Jessica says:

      I weigh 105lbs and have a GG boobs. All natural. In fact I had a reduction 10 years ago but the stupid things just came back even though I actually lost weight everywhere else.

  36. JenniferJustice says:

    I googled her – images – cause I dont’ know who she is. The first one that popped out at me was of her hanging on Terry Richards. Gross! I don’t like her.

  37. JenniferJustice says:

    Interesting FYI – I just read she had her start on ICarly in what was suppose to be a recurring role as Gibby’s girlfriend, but after just two episodes, she posed nude for a mag called “Treats” and was fired.

  38. Josefa says:

    Oh come on people. Are fantastic natural boobs really THAT uncommon in the USA? Plenty of my friends have perfectly sized and shaped boobs, and it all came from their mamas. I’ve seen pictures of her laying down, and yes, they are real.

    Her lips do look fake, but pretty good as far as lip injections go.

    • enastein says:

      Thank you so much, i ‘am amazed by how many could not believe such rack could exist on such frame. SMH

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Yes there are people who have big natural boobs .
        My best friend is a tiny woman, who is naturally large up top and she is always amazed that people just assume hers are fake. She laughs it off.

        This girl in the photo reminds me of Liz Taylor s figure up top.

  39. Hotpockets says:

    I have no problem believing that a small framed woman can have naturally huge breasts. I’m 5 5′ and 120 pounds with a 32FF bust, Victoria Secret doesn’t even carry my sizing. I’m 27 now, but when I was 23 my breasts looked just like hers, but larger, now and( thanks a lot gravity), they are a lot saggier. I guess time and gravity will prove the skeptics other wise.

    I don’t care if women have fake breasts, if they are fake, just own it. It’s not taboo anymore.

    • xoxokaligrl says:

      I agree. I think people should just own it.. If they are fake they still look good.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        She doesn’t need to “own it” by saying they are fake, if they are her natural breasts.

        Some women just have large ones.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        She doesn’t need to “own it” by saying they are fake, if they are natural.

    • Hotpockets says:

      @ someonestole my name.

      I’m not saying Emily needs to admit that the’re fake, I’m saying that I believe her, but if she is lying ( which tons of normal people and celebs lie about their work) then just own up to it. It’s not a big deal to people anymore, it’s become somewhat of a norm to have work done. Even I do, I have botox and I always tell people when they ask. One of my coworkers has a lot of work done and it’s obvious and she always tries to play it off like it’s natural, which I think looks worse than just being honest.

  40. Whitney says:

    They look real to me. I have some pretty nice natural ones myself, and people have accused me of having implants on numerous occasions. She just has beautiful breasts, lucky girl.

  41. lily says:

    Sorry but when i look at her nude pics.. i can only conclude that they look natural but they are defenitly not. Nothing wrong about that .. but why lie about it. In some pics she looks like a exotic version of kendall jenner… does anybody see that too?

  42. Jayna says:

    Madonna had great boobs and was skinny.

  43. Isabelle says:

    Small framed people can have natural big boobs. My mother 4’11 never weighed more than 90lbs wore DDD+, myself, at my skinniest (size 4) was at least an F. Runs in my family. Big boobs can make you look a lot heavier than you actually are in the upper torso area. Think a lot of women aren’t as big as they look when their top heavy, their top heaviness makes them look larger.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I agree, I have a serious rack, so does my aunt and gramma and we’re tiny people, all our weight is boob,

  44. LaurieH says:

    She’s 23 years old. Her breasts appear natural. Her upper lip does not.

  45. Andy says:

    ‘It was amazing [working with Affleck],’ Emily told Stylist magazine. ‘He has so much patience for young people and it was a really good acting lesson for me.’

    - I think she just seriously offended Affleck here. Remember how he went on and on about Blake Lively not knowing that he and Matt Damon were in Good Will Hunting together because that was way before her time?

    Her father, meanwhile, text her after her first ever nude shoot saying: “I just saw the photos and you’re as beautiful a model as you were as a five-year-old”.’

    - This is just creepy. But then she’s had an European upbringing so it’s no surprise. I do believe her boobs are natural.

  46. jojo says:

    there is zero percent chance these are real. One, the ‘leaked’ photos of her have various poises, a few on her side. When she’s lying on her side, they stick straight out, would not even a hint of obeying the laws of gravity, even slightly sagging down. These are way to big to not even sag a little. And people say muscles can do this in young girls. Fair enough, but it doesnt matter how young you are, if you your of a certain size, and bending over, laying down or on yourside, they will drop a little.

  47. Chris says:

    She’s never lied to us before.

  48. xoxokaligrl says:

    Her breasts appear to be fake, I can’t believe I am even talking about it.
    They look really good though, almost like Dita Von Teese’s implants. I wish my 32 E’s looked that nice and perky.

  49. Someonestolemyname says:

    Her breast remind me of Liz Taylor’s.
    A petite woman with big boobs. It happens.

  50. MyLittlePony says:

    Yes, looks like hers are the real deal. The main cue for me is her posture – especially the lower back area. This is how it gets when you have big boobs (and have pretty much always had), if you are not careful. Poor (lower) back muscles, a curved spine and all the weight in front. Saying (and unfortunately knowing this) as have a slight frame myself and 32F girls.
    She might have had a lift, but nothing size wise I think – and bet there is either a very well fitted bra underneath that dress and/or it is structured like a miracle.

  51. Mischa Jane says:

    Her boobs don’t look “high” or fake in any of these photos.

  52. Naddie says:

    Real or fake, it doesn’t matter. She’s so random and meh that I actually want it to be real, so she can have something to be happy about. When your boobs are the most relevant matter about yourself… You need to be recycled.

  53. aurelia says:

    Just found a photo online in google images of emily pre boob job. And no its wasn’t from when she was 14. Then next door to it was a photo of her with her jumbo tits. It looks like she has actually gone up some CC’s since blurred lines. I’m going with fake because of this.

    Its like when giselle came on the scene she had nothing. I used to watch her when she was an unknown on this euro thing called Fashion T.V. Then she got kind of known and all of a sudden had these huge perfect tits. Then later on in her career – just before she had her son she had them taken out. Now she has nothing. Same with Elle Mcphearson. She is literally flat as a pan cake now afer having a career with monster boosoms.