Kendra Wilkinson says she’s old fashioned; Hef won’t walk her down aisle


Kendra Wilkinson – she of naked Playboy fame – claims she’s really just an old fashioned girl at heart. Or that’s what she’s said to People magazine, as an explanation for why she’s changing her name once she gets married. Kendra also says that she and fiancée Hank Baskett can’t wait to have children, and have already been coming up with names together.

She’s packed her bags, moved out of the Playboy mansion, wrapped up another season of The Girls Next Door and started filming her own reality show. Up next for Kendra Wilkinson? Walking down the aisle – and starting a family.

“We always talk about [having kids],” Wilkinson tells PEOPLE about her plans with fiancé Hank Baskett. “He wants kids so [badly], and I do, too.”

The couple are so serious about children, they’ve even been coming up with names. “My first initial is K and my middle name is Leigh, so we were thinking of Kaleigh,” she says. “And he’s Hank Baskett III, so of course I’m going to have a Hank Baskett IV!”

Wilkinson, 23, whose engagement to Baskett, 26, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, took place in November. She will change her name to Kendra Baskett – because “we’re old fashioned,” she says – and is looking forward to having “modern but classic fairytale” wedding at the Playboy mansion in June, despite the fact she’s “overwhelmed” with all the planning.

[From People]

Normally I’d argue that you can’t be all that old fashioned if you’re having your wedding at the Playboy mansion. But the mansion is really old, stately, and beautiful. And when you don’t have a bunch of half (or completely) naked girls running around, it would be a beautiful setting for a wedding. And to further take away any hint of Kendra’s past – or perhaps just impropriety in general – Hugh Hefner is no longer going to be walking her down the aisle. Instead, Kendra’s brother will do the honors.

After much speculation, it appears Hugh Hefner will not give Kendra Wilkinson away on her wedding day to Hank Baskett.

“I would definitely love for him to walk me down [the aisle],” Kendra tells E!’s Daily 10 of Hef’s offer, but adds that she decided her brother would ultimately be a better choice.

“I think it would mean a lot to my family and me down the line,” the bubbly blonde says. “It just makes more sense.”

[From E! News]

It does seem like a better choice to have her brother walk her down the aisle. Having Hef do it always struck me as some kind of ratings ploy for one of their reality shows. Though she may claim to be traditional, I still doubt we’ll be seeing Kendra in a long sleeved dress or anything. But it seems like she’s moving on happily to the next stage of her life, and didn’t become the throwaway party girl everyone thought she would.

Here’s traditional Kendra heading to Hyde Lounge in LA for a girls night out last Friday. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Rosanna says:

    I would have never thought it could happen but I’m very happy for her. I just hope she isn’t morphing in what her partner wants from her 🙁

  2. Ash says:

    Um weird..Hef walking her down the aisle that is.

  3. manda says:

    Old fashioned?
    since when did old fashioned mean living in a house with my old boyfriend and his 2 other girlfriends?

    what does that make me??

  4. Baholicious says:

    Manda, that practically makes you Tilda Swinton 😉

  5. Sauronsarmy says:

    I give it 6 months.

  6. HEB says:

    I think her and Hef probably jokingly talked about him walking her down, and he ran with it because it sounded good. Can’t blame him, for a few weeks there every reporter asked him the same question “what happened to all your girlfriends”, he tried to make it look positive…for HIM.

    Anyway I’m not surprised by this ‘turn of Kendra’, I’ve been ‘myspace friends’ with her for a few years now and she has had a schpeel on her page about how she wanted to be married by 24 and have kids… she’s going to miss out on that goal by like 10 days though, she turns 24 on 6/12. So she had you all fooled. She just needed to get the parying out of her system.

  7. Dana Da Designated Hata says:

    She’s straight trippin…I could have told her that wasn’t going to happen. Um hello – – EARTH TO PLAYBOY BUNNY!!!! And then you get mad because you want to be taken seriously as an intelligent individual…WOW.

  8. Christina says:

    yeah this’ll last… *eyeroll*

  9. cranky says:

    Old fashion girl from the mid west qwouldn’t be marrying someone the likes of Hank Baskett

  10. Rio says:

    “Kaleigh”? Oh, BARF. If you’re so “old-fashioned”, why not do something old-fashioned and give your kids a normal freakin’ name?! I am so unbelievably sick of the “tack -eigh on the end of it” approach to naming children.

  11. Lina says:

    They aren’t even married yet and she’s already coming up with baby names? I don’t understand how a guy can bring someone like Kendra home to meet the parents…if my brother brought a Playboy playmate home to meet our family my parents would be so disappointed/disgusted. We’re what you would call “old-fashioned”.

  12. Persistent Cat says:

    Why are these girls given attention?

  13. Annie says:

    Is it not old fashioned to have the pimp walk his ho down the aisle?

    Funny she changed her mind on that….

  14. Lem says:

    against the grain.
    She’s very young and has grown up alot since we met her.
    She was what 19 when she met Hef. (and poor) Who at 19 wouldn’t move into a mansion and pretend to date this old guy for a few years? I’ll pay all your bills, I’ll give you some cash, a place to crash and a career. Food, utilities blah blah. Just show me your boobs every so often. I won’t even touch. She seems to be honestly fond of Hef. She knows he changed her life for the better.
    At 19 I moved in with a guy for the endless free weed. C’mon cut her some slack.

  15. Lem says:

    I wouldn’t change my name to Baskett. no thanks.

  16. Rio says:

    “against the grain.
    She’s very young and has grown up alot since we met her…Who at 19 wouldn’t move into a mansion and pretend to date this old guy for a few years?”

    Different strokes for different folks– I am her exact age, and NO, at 19 I would not have moved into an old man’s house and flashed my boobs. I was living in a crappy apartment and at times literally starving so I could get a world-class education in Paris at 19.
    I’m not knocking anyone who would choose what Kendra did (if it weren’t for gossip blogs, I’d have no idea who she was) but anytime I read a “who wouldn’t ___” lead-in, I am compelled to respnd. No hard feelings.
    I still hate that damn “Kaleigh” name, though. Seriously, can you imagine “Senetor Kaleigh ___”? Death to the -eigh names!

  17. Persistent Cat says:

    @ Lem – No, my body has never been for sale. Not for weed nor for Christian Louboutins.

  18. Lia says:

    By “old fashioned”, does she mean something like the world’s “oldest profession”…? I think it’s odd that she’d want her pimp… er buddy Hefner to walk her down the aisle.

  19. ChristinaX says:

    Lem: that’s all fine and good, but I’m sick of hearing about all of this “Hugh Hefner is a second father” bullocks.

    No, he’s a shallow old hag who only chooses to foster girls who have “nothing” if they’re willing to capitalize off of flashing their naughty bits. There are so many people out there who are dirt poor/homeless/estranged from their families who Hugh Hefner wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

    He’s a lousy person too.

  20. snappyfish says:

    Oddly, she was the least “like” Holly, yet she is the one getting married and talking children. Which is all Holly spoke about during the show.

    Not to mention picking out really bad, unoriginal names for children. You have to give her the son named after Daddy, but Kaleigh? ugh.

  21. voodoobetty says:

    They should name the kid Helena Hand Baskett.

  22. Lem says:

    @ Rio and the Cat: Touche! Points well made
    I’m just sayin I don’t hate her for it.
    Selling pictures of your body is not selling your body. I don’t believe she ever slept w/ hef either * shutter

  23. Maritza says:

    I hope the marriage works out. Hey, maybe Kendra’s boyfriend could present Holly a nice handsome guy…
    I like Kaliegh, sounds cool.

  24. jess says:

    not a fan of it but kaleigh is a pretty common name (normally spelled kailey or the like.) i’ve gone to school with or babysat kaileys forever

  25. April says:

    @voodoobetty- AWESOME name! You should myspace friend her and suggest it.

  26. GimmeABreak says:

    I can’t even take her seriously enough to read the article.

  27. Trashaddict says:

    Is that an old-fashioned dress she’s wearing in the header photo?

  28. lway says:

    Her head is too big for her body. She looks odd….