Cillian Murphy would like you to stop talking about his pretty eyes

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is a fantastic actor and so pretty that it hurts. He’s currently promoting the second season of Peaky Blinders and is very serious about his work. Cillian is a serious guy in general. He weeps about nature programs but still finds time for family and work. Nice guy, not too full of himself. We need more actors like Cillian in entertainment.

Cillian has grown weary of being considered as a pretty boy. In a recent InStyle feature (via TV 3), his Peaky costar (Annabelle Wallis) admits Cillian is tired of hearing about his best physical features: “Sometimes, when we’re doing a scene, I’m like, ‘I can’t do this; I keep getting lost in the ocean of your eyes!’ He’s like, ‘Stop being ridiculous!’ I call him ‘chisel cheeks’ because he’s got the most incredible bone structure.” Poor Cillian. It must be distracting to bring your best game to work, and even your co-star can’t stop rambling about your face. Really.

Here are some excerpts from Cillian’s recent interview with the Guardian, which describes his eyes as “huge, blue marbles” and “career-defining peepers.” There is no escape from Cillian’s beauty:

His greatest vices: “Tabasco on everything” and Dragons’ Den. “I can watch Dragons’ Den for hours. Why are they in that warehouse? Why is the music so ominous? Why are they sitting there with piles of cash like mini-dictators. Such terrible people, all of them. It’s riveting.”

He’s not as tough as his Peaky character: “I’m really a wimp. It’s nice to play a guy who’s tough. I’d only played two villains and they were more psychological” (The Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Rises and Rachel McAdams’s stalker in Red Eye.) “Tommy Shelby is properly tough.”

On avoiding fame: “It’s the easiest thing in the world to do Don’t go to openings, don’t go to those parties. It’s avoidable.” Although he thinks the pressures are more “upsetting and aggressive” for women, he believes “there are still lots of people at a high level” who manage to stay grounded. “I wish it was easier for me, but it’s excruciating. Who likes talking about themselves? Logically, the less people know about you, the more convincing you are playing someone else. It’s glaringly obvious to me. I get the bus, I get the tube, I go to the shop and get the milk and do normal things. I would hate it if that became impossible. As an actor, you’re supposed to be playing real people so it seems essential to live like a normal person.”

His true ambitions: “The thing people fail to realise is that the agents work for us. The agents don’t tell us what to do. Or they don’t tell me what to do. I tell them what I’m doing. The only thing I’ve tried to stick to, and I’ve repeated it ad nauseum, is to follow the good writing. I don’t want to go to America and up sticks to wherever a shoot may be for 12 months. I’ve got young kids, you don’t really want to uproot the family for a year.” Peaky Blinders, he says, “doesn’t preclude me from doing other work I want to do.”

[From The Guardian]

Cillian understands the fame game. I love that he strives to live like a real person because he plays real people. He’s not talking down to us either. Oh, and it’s good to hear that the actors are much more in charge of their careers than their agents. I’ll remember that next time an actor keeps appearing in awful movies. Cillian has a solid career and has made excellent choices. He’s done a variety of blockbusters and indies and now enjoys some regularity in television. Good plan.

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy

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  1. InvaderTak says:

    Ok then, let’s talk about that ridiculous hair in picture where he’s sitting, with the red background. I’m jealous of the curls.

  2. BendyWindy says:

    I have never found him attractive. At all. His eyes have a nice color, but he looks like a serial killer. He’s a damn good actor, though, and comes across well in interviews. But he’s no where near my hit list. Uh-uh.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      Same here! There’s something about him that creeps me out.

      • aang says:

        yes, creepy.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Yes! I came to ask, ” Shall we talk about his creep factor instead?”

      • Josa says:

        Yes, he’s creepy looking. He looks the part of a psychopath, and very frightening in Red Eye. I like him very much, a great actor, picks good writing projects to work on.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Here’s one more vote for Cillian’s looks being much more unusual than pretty. MUCH MUCH more 😀 I would never have used “pretty” and “Cillian Murphy” in one sentence before CB did it. The combo of his cheekbones and jawline is so… unconventional. And it’s awesome, and the more unconventional types of beauty we see on screen, the better! And yes, I also think he’s a great actor and usually takes part in good projects.

      • icerose says:

        @Intro Outro Do you follow Peaky and if so do you know if there is information on the songs they are using in some of the scenes-I really like their choice in music

    • Morgan says:

      I agree, I think his features are a very odd combination nowhere close to pretty. He looks like he’s be even stranger looking in person, too.

      • bettyrose says:

        Wait…have you guys all seen Breakfast on Pluto? If not, do so stat and then let’s talk about how pretty he is – pretty, not sexually alluring. He’s not on my list but I do think “pretty” is an apt description.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Yes in Breakfast In Pluto he was amazing.
        I think he’s pretty.

      • Olenna says:

        Ahhh, Breakfast on Pluto…what a needy but interesting character he played! I think I watched most of the movie with my mouth open, staring because I couldn’t believe how pretty he looked in a wig.

    • balehead2012 says:

      OK, to continue in that manner: wait, wait, have you guys all seen Peaky Bliders? Because wow, he looks damn sexy in that one. Just like you, I’ve never found him attractive, just ‘pretty’ ( and pretty is definitely not my cup of tea), but I’ve always respected him for being such a solid actor, starting with his role as Pieter, the butcher in Girl with a Pearl Earring. But then I’ve watched Peaky Blinders and…oh, wow 🙂 Not just tremendously talented, but sexy too!

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    Can we talk about his cheekbones?

  4. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Okay,pretty eyes! I wouldn’t write on your beautiful clear blues eyes!

  5. Ana says:

    His looks are haunting but not in a good way to me. I like warmth and it seems that the more he talks the warmer he gets so he will have to get used to the adoration. His interview made him even more likeable.

  6. allons-y alonso says:

    I love Sunshine. One of my favourite films. Cillian Murphy is always entertaining to watch!

  7. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oooh, Cillian is fine. Everything about him is pretty……

    I’m going to start watching Peaky Blinders today (because TOM HARDY, hello!).

    • Maria Redman says:

      Tom Hardy……… Yes, that is SEX…..with a “Y” trying to get back to the “X”

  8. reba says:

    Wow, that’s what I’m talking about! Ok, I won’t mention it again.

    BTW how do you pronounce Cillian – Silly-in or Chilly-in or…?

  9. Etheldreda says:

    Sometimes I think he’s gorgeous. Other times I think he’s effeminate and just plain odd looking.

    Either way, I think Cillian is one of those people who looks much better in motion than in photographs.

    • lucy2 says:

      Totally agree, much better on film than in still photos.

      I love his attitude towards his work, fame, and his family.

      • Etheldreda says:

        Yes, great actor and seems like a great guy.

        When he says he keeps his private life private, he really means it. I’m from Ireland and we love to obsess over our celebrities, but you never see Cillian in the gossip columns and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of his sons.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yep. I just googled pics of him and his wife/kids–there are about three sets of pictures in all, and she’s wearing the same outfit in two of them.

  10. t.fanty says:

    I loves me some Peaky Blinders. I think Murphy probably either turns you on, or scares you. For me, it’s the latter. It’s great to see him in such a terrific role, though.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Can it be both, Fanty? It is for me. I’ve watched RedEye WAY too many times……

    • An says:

      Neither for me. Good actor, although I’m not sure about the following the writing bit. Lot of bad movies over the years.

      • Chris2 says:

        I enjoyed another interview in which he explained that he really craves TV roles more than movies, (such as the current Peaky Blinders), as TV gives him the chance to get s real firm grip on his character and see where it takes him.
        I love that he’s remained solid for Enda Walsh, the playwright, with whom he started out, in Cork. Not much modern theatre grabs me but Walsh revives the medium, imo. Aaaand! Both he and Cillian Murphy ( and Brendan Gleeson for that matter) manage to discuss theatre passionately without once sounding like excerpts from Private Eye’s ‘Pseuds’ Corner’ or ‘Luvvies’ !

  11. Jayna says:

    I find his looks serial killerish also. I have never been attracted to way-too-pretty, blue-eyed men. I have blue eyes and have had people stop mid-sentence to say I have beautiful eyes. I don’t see it when I look in the mirror, though. And I’m not attracted to men with really blue eyes at all, unless they are maybe grey-blue. I like brown eyes . I just find guys like him that have piercing blue eyes and so pretty to be odd looking in a way, kind of like Angelina Jolie’s brother and Mia Farrow’s son.

    • Observer says:

      I’ve always thought blue eyes to be more masculine because they’re so cold. Cold = masculine Warmth = feminine. It’s just something about the coldness of light eyes…
      I’ve always liked blue eyes in men for this reason.

      • Jayna says:

        Maybe it’s the odd pretty boy look with the startling blue eyes. Because I forgot I had a boyfriend in my 20s with gorgeous soft blue eyes and dark lashes and gorgeous, thick medium brown hair and a killer smile and lips. I used to love to look at him. He was a loser but those eyes and hair and smile had me.

  12. Tania says:

    I think he’s gorgeous. I would hit that so hard lol

  13. Lendy says:

    I love him. I’d hit it.

  14. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    When I saw the headline, I rolled my eyes and thought, oh poor you. But I liked him a lot after reading the article. And he does have amazing eyes.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, he seems grounded, like a decent person. And actors are more effective in their jobs the less you know about them.

      He’s attractive to me in some photos and in others, definitely not.

      • Chris2 says:

        I know him and the Rhys Myers, from Cork. Cillian is the most amazingly lovely bloke, a real gem. (No comment re JRM)
        Funny thing about his looks…..too beautiful for my taste, superficially….but five minutes talking with him and you are smitten anyway, and so you come at his looks again ins kind of backwards way, and really fancy him madly!
        Watch out for a little Irish film called Perrier’s Bounty…Cillian, Brendan Gleeson and Domhnail his son, Jim Broadbent and an English actress whose name escapes me but who is great.

      • Kiddo says:

        Will do, thanks Chris. I agree, my deepest attractions are based on personality.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        That was a great movie, in and of itself, and also because…Brendan Gleeson… he slayed me in The Guard and The Snapper. In Bruges was great, too.

      • Chris2 says:

        ASButterfly hi
        Oh yes! The Guard’s tremendous, so many gems in throwaway remarks and scenes. (Also, I particularly liked the casting for the local IRA man…..very bold!)
        In Bruges, or as MadEye Moody in Harry Potter films: gawd he’s great. (Wondering whether to forgo this week’s lipstick and get Calvary.)
        He’s even a brilliant musician! Last time I was over in Cork I saw him in a small venue….by heck he has presence.
        Re Perrier’s Bounty…remember the thug whose partner is shot? See him in a very different role in another Cillian Murphy film, Intermission, with Colin Farrell as a very threatening bloke indeed. (Another Harry Potter link…Moaning Myrtle’s in it!)

  15. Jaderu says:

    I would set up a chair and have drinks with umbrellas in them next to his eyes. They are wondermous. Sorry Cillian. I can’t help it.

  16. Observer says:

    I don’t see the “prettiness” with him.
    He looks very cold and masculine to me. Maybe his lips and high cheek bones are more feminine but all features added together he looks like the guy in a clockwork orange. A bit broad features, especially nose and icey blue eyes that are a bit creepy but lovely color and the shape of them.

  17. Asra says:

    Are they pretty???!! Really??

  18. Rhiley says:

    I thought this was Goop’s jump off. If he isn’t, she should make it happen. He is beautiful in the most creepy way possible.

  19. Sozual says:

    He and James Mccavoy are my number ones. plus they are beautiful.

  20. 'P'enny says:

    oooh so pretty – I could drown in them eyes, only james McaVoy sapphire eyes are on equal terms for striking-knock-you-over- blues.

  21. mernymerlyn says:

    His eyes are definitely piercing and difficult to get past. My sister has the most beautiful blue eyes and even though I have been around her my whole life I have trouble getting past them sometimes, lol.

  22. Earth to Kelly says:

    After watching him in On the Edge and The Wind That Shakes the Barley I have been hooked on him……

  23. Chris2 says:

    This has reminded me of an jnteresting film project involving pretty much every living Irish actor, under the direction of Brendan Gleeson. I wonder if it’s still in the works? Sure hope so:
    Tis a film adaptation of Flann O’Brien’s great novel ‘At Swim-Two Birds.’ Which is a boggling notion in itself…..but imagine the movie, with Gabriel Byrne, the father and son Gleesons, Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, Stephen Rea, Colm Meaney, Johnathan Rhys Myers, Michael Fassbender….and whatever you’re having yourself. I die!!!

    • Earth to Kelly says:

      Agreed, I was looking forward to it. It was on IMDB as an upcoming project for each actor, but has since been taken off except for under Brendan Gleason.

      • Chris2 says:

        Damn, funding no doubt.
        Now there’s where Bono could do some good, in lieu of taxes….Indeed, so could a business, such as Apple, and for the same reason!

  24. Ginger says:

    So sweet that he’s a family man and doesn’t want to uproot them for a year. AND his eyes are mesmerizing! I can see how that might be annoying after a while that it’s talked about all the time. BUT get over it dude. Embrace it. No one is disputing your acting ability because of your looks. Personally I find him to be attractive but also creepy at times. I’m not sure that it’s his looks however. I think it’s owed to his fantastic acting.

    • Godwina says:

      Agreed. in Sunshine and The Wind that Shakes the Barley, he is unbearably attractive. But elsewhere…eeek. He does creepy well, and he’s getting more creepy-looking as he ages, alas. But Sunshine: MY GOD.

  25. Irishserra says:

    I don’t find him creepy but I don’t necessarily find him handsome. I am admittedly, however, fascinated by his face. He has a list of amazing features from his cheekbones, to his eyes, to his lips… But put together they don’t really do it for me. I suppose “pretty” is an appropriate description of him. As an actor I adore him and love that seems like a really grounded individual. I wish more were like him.

  26. delorb says:

    I think he’s gorgeous. Its just his cross to bear in life that he has gorgeous expressive eyes. No way around that fact.

  27. Steph says:

    I really love his comments on avoiding fame. I love it when actors hang low and live real lives and don’t over do it with PR campaigns. I think the more mysterious an actor is about his private life the more people want to see them act in movies.

  28. RobN says:

    Meh. Huge heads on small bodies don’t do it for me. Way too bobbleheady, even if the eyes are pretty.

  29. INeedANap says:

    I love what he said about the pressures of fame being worse and more aggressive for women. It’s good to see that men are beginning to get it, too.

  30. mollie says:

    ick. He’s so strange looking, not attractive to me in the slightest. Especially the eyes. No thank you.

  31. Josefa says:

    He looks like Handsome Squidward. Not my type.

  32. lower-case deb says:

    i like him and Sigourney in Red Lights.
    they go well together i think

  33. Ice Queen says:

    I actually don’t find him attractive at all… His eyes feel cold to me…meh.

  34. Godwina says:

    Well there goes my next hour. Cillian in Sunshine is the best wank material ever. Thank you, Danny Boyle!

  35. icerose says:

    My biggest peeve is having just missed him and Stephen Ray in a play the at the National.Do not know how that one slipped under my radar.The play got so so reviews but being able to able to see Stephen Rea on stage would have overridden middle of the road writing, Cillian would have been an exrtra little bit of icing on the cup cake. I do not know a lot of his work apart from Peaky but he sounds interesting. And here is a clip of what I missed.