Lauren Hastings tells the story about how Lohan emptied her closet

Remember that story about how Lindsay Lohan went into her “friend’s” house when she was away and hauled off $10k worth of designer clothes? The woman Lindsay robbed, Lauren Hastings, was understandably upset and asked her about it. Lindsay then called her “delusional” and proceeded to taunt her with the help of her nasty friends Nicole Richie and DJ Samantha Ronson.

Yesterday the news came out that Lohan is going to get off scott free for the incident. Since the woman watching Hasting’s house let Lindsay in, the LA County DA decided to throw out the case.

Buzznet interviewed Lauren Hastings about what happened. In the video below, she comes off as earnest and completely believable. She says that the friend who was watching the house threw a party while she was away and that’s when Lindsay absconded with her stuff. There were plenty of witnesses who saw Lindsay take off with the bag full of clothes at the time.

When she describes how mean Nicole Richie and Lindsay’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson were to her after the incident, she seems visibly upset. She reads a particularly cruel text message from her Blackberry that Nicole Richie sent her:

Are you ok? I know you have nothing, but jesus f***ing christ. Are you so desperate for new clothes you’re willing to file a police report to get some? I’ll go to goodwill for you, pick out a nice pair of pants for you to wear and split them open because you’re so f***ing huge. If you’re going to do drugs, at least have something to show for it. Lose some damn pounds and get a life. You’re f***ing delusional and pathetic and embarassing. Next time you write Lindsay you’ll be dealing with the wrath of me. Consider this a warning.
– Nicole Richie. p.s. blow a horn.

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There’s a recent story that Lohan was asking for sick amounts of freebies at the swag suites at the NY upfronts. She made people go back and forth to fetch her more stuff, and went away with bags stuffed full, including seven pairs of sunglasses.

If Lohan isn’t going to face the consequences for stealing, maybe she’ll be the next one of the do-nothing crowd to get nailed for DUI. She certainly seems to drive drunk enough.

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