Kim Kardashian: North West ‘will have to work for what she wants’

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This ^^ is the new cover of The Standard’s ES Magazine. That’s Kim Kardashian. It’s a terrible cover, I know, and that oversaturated red makes my eyes hurt. I have good quotes from the magazine, but first: where in the world are Kim and Kanye? As it turns out, Kanye planned a “surprise getaway” for Kim’s 34th birthday. He took her to Maui! That’s actually really sweet. I wonder if North was invited though? Hm. Here’s how Kanye celebrated Kim’s b-day (it was on Tuesday) on Twitter:

Call me a Yeezington apologist, but I think he genuinely loves her. I know, I know. I’m a big softie. I’m not saying he wouldn’t yell at her if she was in a wheelchair, I’m just saying… he seems to adore her. Anyway, as for those ES Magazine quotes… Kim talked about how North wasn’t going to be super-spoiled and she would grow up working for what she wants:

Kim Kardashian says her daughter North will have to find a job and pay her own way when she is older — just like she did. The reality TV star, who is married to rapper Kanye West, says despite her family’s wealth she worked at a clothes shop when she was at school. Kardashian, 34, said she used to save up her wages for treats and would like her daughter to “work for what she wants” too.

In an interview with ES Magazine, to be published in full tomorrow, she said: “I saved up for this Dolce & Gabbana dress I really wanted, or like in high school these Prada shoes that my parents wouldn’t buy me. And I remember they were $400, and I had to save for the entire year to get them … We didn’t get anything [from her parents], we had to get a job if we wanted it. So I was working in a clothing store and I would save and save.”

She added: “I was saying that earlier to my friends, ‘I wonder what [North’s] first job is gonna be’. And they were like, ‘What? She’s gonna have a job?’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Of course she is’. She will have to work for what she wants.”

North, who is 16 months old, has already started modelling for Vogue and CR Fashion Book. Last month she was on the front row of Paris Fashion Week with her parents. Asked what she thought North might do when she is older, Kardashian replied: “I don’t know. She loves fashion. Maybe she’ll be a designer. Who knows? It’s too early to tell.”

Kardashian said North also likes her father’s music, which she said she uses to rock her to sleep. She added: “The best is when Kanye’s recording in the home and we’re in Mexico or whatever. And the music will be upstairs and she’ll hear it, and it’s really loud and you’d think it would disturb her, but I just kind of rock her to it, and she’ll just pass out.”

[From The Standard]

My Kardashian-to-English Translator interprets Kim’s remarks as “Lucifer’s Homegirl is going to pimp out the little one as soon as possible.” While I think Kim’s version of “work” is very different than mine, yours and everyone else’s, in a larger sense… yeah, I guess we could describe her as a self-made woman. I do think that much of Kardashian Empire was built by Lucifer’s Homegirl though, not Kim. Kim wouldn’t be where she is now without the pimp hand guiding her every move. Will Nori be the same?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Loopy says:

    ‘Despite her families wealth’…just how rich were the Kardashians prior to sex tape???? I have seen the house they leaved in the first season very modest.I think they did ok and it was more to do with their connections than wealth.

    • L says:

      Before her parents spilt up, her dad was a very high profile lawyer. He was one of oj’s lawyers- so I’m sure they were quite wealthy. A different kind that now sure, but still quite well off.

      • Artemis says:

        He made very good money because he was also a businessman and he sold a company or something.

        Well the children went to expensive schools, ran in high circles (the Hiltons and the Richies), expensive holidays etc. They were at least high middle-class.

      • magz says:

        Holly Crap, I don’t want to think that would put me in Hollywood. I work for a nonprofit museum. What is a vacation again?,,.

    • denisemich says:

      Before the show they were quite wealthy. They were living off of Jenner and Kardashian money. I think Robert Kardashian owned some kind of music company and practiced law. When he died the kids got money. I also think they were living off of Bruce’s money..

      Regardless, I think Kris is the real mastermind behind the brand not Kim.

      It seems very obvious that Kris has a large role in North West’s life. Only time will tell with North.

      I think Madonna said something very similar about Lourdes. That she was into fashion and that she would have to work for what she believed in. Lourdes seemed to turn out okay. She is in college and her big rebellion is smoking cigarettes.

      • GByeGirl says:

        Yes, Lourdes has had to clean her own room, got punished if she didn’t, etc.

      • Loopy says:

        It was i think only last year that Lourdes got a smart phone,she was pictured using those flip motorola phones not too long ago and Madonnas kids are not allowed to watch TV. Sounds a bit extreme,sometimes in these situations kids end up rebelling badly,there needs to be a healthy balance.

      • Artemis says:

        Madonna’s kids can’t really rebel because Madonna has done everything. The bad girl, the good girl (motherhood), the rebel. Must suck.

      • word says:

        Yes Lourdes is currently a freshman at U of M. She’s a smart kid (minus her smoking of course). However, regarding her clothing line, let’s be honest, would she have gotten that line without the star power/money/connections of her mother? I don’t think so.

  2. NewWester says:

    That photo of North looking up at Kim is rather scary. Kim reminds me of Maleficent minus the horns. Not a warm and cuddly photo at all.

  3. serena says:

    I don’t believe one bit that North ‘loves fashion’ and seriously, I don’t get all these celebrity moms who wants to tell the world their daughters -no matter how little- love fashion, and blablabla.

    • Honeybea says:

      My niece has loved cute girly clothes since she was about 1 and a half. but she did not care whether they cost $10 or a $1000. North might like clothes but fashion..not so much. Plus I doubt she likes those leather leggings she is forced to wear or those toddler timberland.

      • serena says:

        I know there are some little girls who really likes clothes, I just don’t believe this famous moms who brags about that. Also North doesn’t dress like a kid her age (seems just adult clothes in mini-sizes), and I’m sure she wouldn’t choose just black, white or nude colours. Kim is full of BS as usual.

    • Betty says:

      I think it’s weird, too. I remember getting pressured to like clothes by my mother and female relatives. I was supposed to be a cute little girl and twirl around in outfits for them. I hated dresses when I was pre-school age, and I think it’s disingenuous for parents to claim their children like clothes without admitting that they have likely influenced them to become little fashionistas. I did not like getting clothes as presents and don’t know too many children who do today. By the upper grades of elementary school and older, I think it makes sense for kids to like fashion. I don’t think this is the case for toddlers and babies, though. I do not want my children to care about what they look like at that age.

    • qwerty says:

      I think by saying that she’s just wh0ring for freebies and potential ad campaigns for the kid

  4. lucy2 says:

    Yeah…I don’t believe a word she says. That kid is going to be so spoiled with material things, because that’s all her family knows how to provide.

  5. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe I remember this, but on some show (on E!, natch) years ago, Kim said she got her start in fashion buying (or something) by having her dad buy her super expensive designer shoes, and then reselling the shoes on Ebay. So, um, what was that about “my parents never bought us anything, I had to work for the things I wanted”? Was she lying then or is she lying now? Either way, she’s a liar.

  6. CM says:

    Ha! I love that photo of little North looking up at her mother like, “remind me: who are you?”

    • Fan says:

      Is anyone going to comment on Kim’s hideous white outfit in pic #1? Are we just becoming so used her her bad fashion choices?

  7. Ms. Lady says:

    Girl bye.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Let’s just say I’m skeptical.

  9. Birdie says:

    As if.

  10. Talie says:

    She is telling the truth on some level, I do think her dad was quite strict with the kids and I think that discipline helped her where Paris Hilton failed because she never had to save and work most of her young life, and face the humiliation of being someone’s “closet organizer.”

    • Betty says:

      I do not like the N-word spouting Paris Hilton, but how has she failed? She’s a very successful businesswoman with an international following. She’s just no longer as famous as she used to be in the U.S. Her businesses, I believe, are still going strong across the globe.

      • word says:

        That is true, Paris is internationally famous and successful. If it wasn’t for Kanye, Kim wouldn’t even be talked about anymore. She just follows Kanye around wherever he goes.

    • anylies says:

      I do not like Paris but to call her a ‘failure’ is wrong. Paris comes from a family worth billions and Paris has international fame. Kim is not world famous, even with Kanye West. Paris has stores in Asia which she makes a lot of money off of. Kim will eventually lose her fame along with her money, she blew $20 million on a wedding and the marriage lasted 72 days. Kanye West is already broke and he has 100 million. Kim certainly isn’t the one paying for those $40 million mansions and cars. That’s Kanyes’ money. Kim can’t afford what someone who has $100 or $300 or even a billionare can afford.

    • Dawn says:

      Oh Paris is still doing very well for herself. She supposedly was paid over two million dollars for spinning records in the Middle East over a 4 day period. Paris gave Kim a leg up by hiring her to be a closet manager and later a PA from there I believe she was hired by Brandi’s mother and isn’t that where she stole something like $100,000.00 by using Brandi’s credit card to buy clothes for herself and Kourtney? She did pay that money back and then did the infamous sex tape with Ray J. Then her mamma got involved and the rest is history. Without Kris’s nerve and brain power they would still be upper middle class people. None of the credit should go to Kim, it should go to Kris because she made it happen when Kim could not. I hope North West values an education far more than her parents. If so, she should do alright.

  11. Artemis says:

    North, who is 16 months old, has already started modelling for Vogue and CR Fashion Book. Last month she was on the front row of Paris Fashion Week with her parents.

    So much wrong. A 16-month old doesn’t start modelling, her parents made her. Just they like they take her to the front row of PFW. Take away her age and you would think that the writer was talking about an adult not a flippin’ toddler.

    I think children have preferences but Kim and Yeezy honestly can’t expect us to believe the child has much choice in her attire when you see her about in leather pants! Or when a toddler is dressed like her mother, I’m thinking that it’s the adult’s brain at work there and not a child’s.

    While I think it’s great that she wants North to work, we all know it’s for more luxury items as she would have an affluent life regardless. She would have a roof above her head, the best healthcare, designer clothes, lavish holidays, the best schools…Work for rich people definitely means something else than learning the value of money and achievement.

    • GByeGirl says:

      I wonder if she also does fun kid stuff? Rather, does she do fun kid stuff without it being a PR stunt, like wearing leather pants to the pumpkin patch? Does she get to be immersed in regular play time? Does she go to children’s science centers where she gets to play in sticky goopy stuff and ride old-timey bicycles that power light bulbs?

  12. Jess says:

    Kanye really does adore her and that’s sweet, it’s his only redeeming quality, everything else about him is annoying and selfish as hell.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I interpret Kanye’s adoration as obsession. He’s admits he’s been fixated on her for years. He told a story about photoshopping himself into her Xmas pictures. He’s telling her what to wear. I suppose it’s nice that he thinks she’s wonderful.

      • Ag says:

        he photoshopped himself into her christmas pictures? that’s… creepy.

      • Jess says:

        Whaaa??!? Lol. Who does something like that and even worse admits to it?

      • lucy2 says:

        Yikes at the Christmas card thing.
        I think he likes/is obsessed with the idea of her. I can’t imagine there’s actually a soul behind those dead eyes to actually love, or that his ego allows for the consideration of anyone else. He “loves” her because she’s #1 on the internet, remember?

    • word says:

      Just imagine what Kanye will go through when Kim divorces him.

  13. Lisa says:

    Pimp Mama Kris or Pimp Mama Kim – what’s the difference? This kid is done and doomed.

  14. greenmonster says:

    Oh please… North loves fashion… you could show little girls a garbage back with glittern thrown on it and they would want to wear that! That is their “fashion sense” – it has glitter or a princess/kitten/puppy on it or is pink or all in one? They want it.

    • Inconceivable! says:

      I completely agree. I laugh when Kim stated that Nori only likes to wear black and grey. Seriously….what little girl loves those colors unless they are told to. Nori was way too young at the time Kim said that to really have distinct color preferences for her clothes. I wonder….has Nori even seen the colors pink or blue or yellow??

  15. Ag says:

    “North will have to find a job and pay her own way when she is older — just like she did.” so… she’ll be forced to “leak” a sex tape in about 17 years, is what i get from this.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Work…I do not think that word means what she think it means.

    Also, your kid is only a year and a half-she doesn’t know what fashion is. Just because you use her as a prop to get press at fashion shows doesn’t mean she loves it.

  17. BengalCat2000 says:

    Why did the magazine get rid of her a$$?

    • Inconceivable! says:

      That was my first thought too! Either the magazine photoshopped about 8 inches off her hips or they elongated the photo. I’m pretty sure that’s how Kim wishes she looked since I think she regrets all the butt injections now.

  18. Bess says:

    PMK is the brains behind the entire Kardashian/Jenner empire. Kim would be lost without her. She should pray that PMK lives a long, long time.

    • word says:

      I agree, her mother is the one who made Kim rich and famous. Kim just does what her mom tells her to do.

  19. Mischa Jane says:

    I actually kind of like the magazine cover. Kanye’s tweets were sweet, but he and Kim are so annoying that I just can’t even get all mushy about it.

    I do think Kim has a work ethic, but she also took the easy road to get there (sex tape), so I don’t see her as some example of working hard to get what you want.

    • word says:

      What Kim does is not hard work. I don’t think she has much of a “work ethic”. This girl dropped out of community college for God’s sake. She got married at 19 to a 29 year old because he was rich and she wanted to be a housewife at 19. Has this girl really worked a proper day in her life? No. Getting dressed up to attend events is not work, even if you get paid for it…well it’s not hard work anyway. Who wouldn’t gladly get made up and paid to party? That’s not “work ethic”…that’s just having fun. With her lack of education, if it wasn’t for her pimp mother and sex tape, where would Kim be? Would she be able to do a normal 9 to 5 job? I doubt it. She’d complain the entire time.

      • Chem says:

        Your comment make no sense. You can have work ethic even if you are a pole dancer or an albañil. Work ethic is being descipline and do your job the way it has to be. If Kim gets pay for attending events I don’t think she will get far if she was not looking her best, the people that hire her want her to look attractive and beautiful, and she always does, she works to mantain her figure, her skin, hair, clothes, etc. She is probably never late and is nice to everybody, that’s work ethic. She wouldn’t be famous without her work ethic.

        And let’s be honest, she would not stay in a 9 to 5 normal job, with her body and skin she would have been a model (not high couture model, of course) or married to a billionaire, she didn’t need the sex tape, it just made her known, she is nothing average.

      • KC says:

        I’m going to have to agree with Chem’s response. While Kim is definitely and has always been privileged and well-to-do and although “work” for her seems like getting exorbitantly paid to simply “have fun” and just “exist” to the majority of the human inhabitants of this planet she DOES exhibit work ethic. She keeps herself together, is probably timely and courteous and even allows herself to be decked out and stuffed into some atrocious outfits as a walking billboard. I’ve never heard a word about her being unprofessional or even unreasonably demanding or rude in attitude or personality to the people she works with or for. The girl was flour bombed and assaulted and kept stepping towards the job she had come to do.

        Like her or not she DOES have work ethic/discipline in her “craft” and I’ll begrudgingly admit it’s in great part due to her mum’s example and influence, as opposed to someone like Lindsay Lohan who currently lacks either in personal or professional life (also and unfortunately probably due to her mum’s example and influence).

      • Chem says:

        Thank you KC. I always feel the need to defend Kim specially because everyone seem to have this crazy idea of her persona. They are probably jealous of her, because she gives this image of her being so perfect which I don’t mind but everyone hates and I don’t see the problem with it, nor even the point.
        AND she seems a ¨better¨person than many others that you all defend.

  20. joy says:

    I had to WORK for those $400 shoes! My mama would have beaten me senseless if I had spent that on shoes. But then again I grew up on a cattle farm in the middle of nowhere so my concept of work is different than Kim’s. And where $400 is considered a lot of $.

  21. Argirl says:

    I feel sorry for the poor baby’s ears. Sounds like the little girl is around loud music fairly often. It’s really not appropriate for a small child.

  22. Steph says:

    Yes Kim,taking your clothes off and filming yourself having sex and taking selfies is so hard. I hate today’s popular culture. A culture which promotes talentless skanks and whores. I am sure Kimmy and her mother will have North pimped out by the time she turns 13.

    • FingerBinger says:

      She also get paid to make appearances at nightclubs. That’s super hard too.

      • Steph says:

        Oh,I forgot. I need to start tuning out of popular culture because I am turning into a negative person.

  23. NeNe says:

    Somehow I find this hard to believe. Let’s face it her mom didn’t really work for all that she’s gotten. That is, unless you call posting/selling your own sell tape, work?

  24. Livealot says:

    I think her idea of work is more on the lines of interning. Sorta what Angela Simmons did at Baby phat for Kimora lee. It would be more for experience than actual money per se.

  25. Irishserra says:

    I guess it’s all relative. Her version of work may be our version of luxury, but somewhere out there are people who wouldn’t put in half the effort she does to make a living. So, I can see where she’s coming from.

  26. tracking says:

    “Work,” like her mother “works”? Ugh. I hope she becomes a brain surgeon or something.

    • Fan says:

      No one in the Kardashian family will ever be a brain surgeon. They do not value education and this will be handed down to the next generation. There is one possible exception and that is Kourtney who actually does have a college degree.

      • word says:

        Did Kourtney actually graduate though? I thought she only did 2 years? Rob graduated from USC. Of course this family doesn’t value an education. The most educated person in that family makes the LEAST amount of money. With regards to Kim, does she really know what “work” is ? “Work” is not getting dolled up everyday for the paps. And of course Nori will have to work, how else will Kim and PMK get heir 10 %, plus by the time Nori is old enough to work Kim and Kanye will have blown through their money.

  27. anylies says:

    Please Kim is has not worked a hard day in her life and her daughter already has jewelry wroth $1 million and clothes worth $100,000 of dollars. Who is she kidding? That little baby is already spoiled along with the rest of her family. Kendel hasn’t worked hard for her ‘modelling’ career. She used Kanye Wests connections to walk the ramps of Chanel and Givenchy. These Kardashians/Jenner would probably start crying and whining if they really knew what its like to work hard. They get paid millions for being talentless morons. They drive cars the value of what houses could be, they live in million dollar homes, eat out eat expensive restuarants on a daily basis. Its disgusting how much money they have from Kims sex tape.
    And I am sorry but do they really think they will be famous even when Compass Direction is a grown up? They would have faded by them. They are already fading.

  28. swack says:

    So had to look up what “dopest” meant: Dopest. Sickest; coolest; tightest; most awesome. One man’s opinion.

  29. kri says:

    Somewhere in the Calabas Headquarters, deep in the Skanktum Skanktorum, PMK is plotting out North’s future. I shudder to think what it will be. The only buffer right now between Grandma Succubus and North are the jenner girls.

  30. gooner says:

    North will have to find a job and pay her own way when she is older — just like she did.

    Born on third base and fronts like she hit a triple.

  31. CatJ says:

    Geez, like I hope like by the time Nori has like grown up, she can at least like not imitate her like mother’s deep, and like, thought-provoking and like philosophical views on like work, and a job and like getting what you like… ya know?

  32. Dena says:

    Kim wouldn’t be where she is now without the pimp hand guiding her every move. Will Nori be the same?

    Something tells me that if Nori survives her childhood given both Kim’s & Kanye’s narcissism & her grandmother’s attempts to “make it rain” that she’ll have a pretty strong pimp hand herself. No worries.

  33. pk says:

    Ok seriously…who talks about what a 16 month year old’s first job will be? Like that conversation every took place…she just wanted to make herself appear like teaching North good values is a priority for her. She is so full of it.

  34. Penelope says:

    Never noticed before that North isn’t allowed to dress in pretty, bright, little-girl colors like yellow, pink, orange, or blue. What a shame! No child should be restricted to blah.

  35. ketjo says:

    She ‘s a even bigger liar than her mother…the Queen of Liars…….
    and that top photo with the Red background for some Magazine should be sued for faking a cover cause that is not Kim Kardashian rear end…..and bust line…..Photoshopped to Hello and back….

  36. embee says:

    Maybe Nori always looks pissed is knowing Kims plan. Poor kid always dressed for a funeral

  37. Katie says:

    So her parents will be billing her upon her 18th birthday for all of the lavish perks they bestowed until?

  38. jwoolman says:

    Nori isn’t spoiled by all the expensive junk her parents throw at her. Her parents are stupid to do it, since she’d be happier with costume jewelry and clothes and toys from a discount store plus not being dragged around as a prop. But at least the jewelry will easily fund her adventures when she runs away from home at puberty, unless her parents have already hocked them since by then they might be broke.

    It sounds as though Kim is getting better advice about what stories to tell, since her Nori stories here aren’t as extreme as others. But repeat after me: Kim lies about big things, little things, and everything in between. She only says what she thinks people want to hear, what will make it easier for her to get what she wants. That means we have no idea if there is even the slightest bit of truth to this particular Nori tale.

  39. Lau says:

    Why does she look so miserable in the first photo? Nori is adorable though: “Who are you, miserable looking woman?!”

  40. Vilodemeanus says:

    Kim and the family didn’t grow up wealthy at all, when the divorce happened Pimp mama barely got anything because they spent the money as fast as it came in. Hence the pimping. Lucifer’s favorite pimp opened a kids store called … wait for it. DASH in the valley – by that the time the kids were in high school and Pimp mama married Bruce who was quite a business man – successful famous – odd in some ways. Pimp mama brought forth a couple of golden tickets and tried to find one of the kids to pimp out for fame and money and the rest is horrible, horrible history. The fact is, IF you loved someone you would see them more that once every few months. Sadly Ignori barely knows her father, and anyone’s music is probably the same to her. She will be pimped out by both Lucifer’s grandma and her mother because by the time Ignori is a teen they will need the money, and porn films obviously can generate cash in a bankrupt society for nearly any numbskull. A dyNASTY is born!