Kim Kardashian & Kanye want North West to be ‘the next Emily Dickinson’


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and her sisters dropping off cards and gifts for Bruce Jenner’s birthday earlier this week. I think these photos are from Wednesday. Kim’s ensemble is an eyesore and of course it’s much, much too tight. But it’s not even the worst thing she’s worn this month.

Given Kim’s unfortunate habit of exposing her body in weird ways AND given Kim’s recent obsession with “waist training,” can we say for sure that she’s not pregnant right now? Apparently we can’t say that, because there’s a rumor going around that Kim is knocked up again. The gist is that Kim did a video interview with Pixiwoo at some point in the last month and she was talking about maternity clothes. She said: “I wore my regular clothes and I would just buy a size up. I don’t know if I would necessarily do that this time around…Pregnancy style is hard.” Do you see what people are picking apart? “THIS time around.” God, I really hope this is true. I want her to be pregnancy twinsies with Duchess Kate again. PLEASE LORD LET IT HAPPEN. It’s probably not happening though – Kim’s rep told Page Six definitively that Kim is “not pregnant.” BOO!

Meanwhile, I’m sure this story is crap but it made me laugh so much. Probably because it sounds so possible and so Kanyeezington.

If you are Kanye and Kim, you expect much more than just success. You expect a worldwide takeover!

“What they’re hoping for as parents is that [North] will find something that she loves doing every single day and, by default, make money from it. Whether it’s being a writer, a composer, an artist, a teacher, an inventor of the next big idea, whatever — it will never be work for her because she’s privileged enough to only do things that she loves and enjoys,” a source close to Kimye explained to EXCLUSIVELY.

“[Kanye] wants her to live the life and become one of the greats like him, or Emily Dickinson, or [Albert] Einstein, or Chopin, or Rembrandt. This is the life they want her to have and she will.”

In an effort to get little North up to speed on the “legends,” Kanye spends a lot of his quality time enlightening her tiny brain with masterpieces.

“[Kanye] reads poems to her and plays all types of music for her including scores from the most renowned composers,” our source explained. “He loves it when she scribbles on the paper in her bedroom or when she speaks her own baby language. He lets her explore life to the fullest because he wants her mind to know no boundaries.”

[From Hollywood Life]

North West is the new Emily Dickinson! She is the second coming of Albert Einstein. Or Chopin, man. You do not understand the brilliance of North West. The whole world will revel in North West’s genius!!



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Ag says:

    that outfit – LOL

    no pressure, eh? poor north west.

    • Petrichor says:

      But she has great coat style lately. And I love her shoes too.

    • Eleonor says:

      right ???
      I feel for the future teachers of North, who will have to deal with Yeezus tantrums because they don’t understand genius!!!

      • me says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye ends up “homeschooling” North because none of the teachers are genius enough to teach her.

      • Amy says:

        Don’t you mean “the governess?” (Or, maybe more accurately, “the latest governess?”)

    • Rice says:

      How does she get into those SUVs? Does Ego Yeezington lift her?

      • gefeylich says:

        Yeezington was in NYC partying with Madonna and his, er, very close friend Riccardo Tisci. You think he’d spend Halloween hoisting this heifer into cars? Hell, no. And he sure as hell wouldn’t spend it with his daughter.

        I guess the nannies will be responsible for Ignori becoming the next Emily Dickinson.

    • Sassy says:

      Yeah, this kid is the next Belle of Amherst. Does Kim actually read books? Kanye is so terribly intellectual. What a load of ++++!

  2. Sarah says:

    One word; Bra.

    • Falkor says:

      Those puppies are lookin’ like a couple of rusty cannons on a sunken ship.

    • me says:

      She’s been showing her nipples on purpose. Everything she does is calculated.

    • LAR says:

      Oddly enough, I think she’s wearing something. The first pic seems to show some quad boob.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      (To the tune of “do your ears hang low)

      Do your boobs hang low?
      Do they wobble to and fro?
      Can you tie them in a knot?
      Can you tie them in a bow?
      Do your Ears? Hang? Low?

      • RosettaStoned says:

        LOL you forgot “can you throw ’em over your shoulder like a Continental soldier” — she definitely could

  3. HappyMom says:

    All I can see is how painful Kim’s lips look with the fresh injections.

    • Mon says:

      yea, she does not seem to be able to close her mouth!
      poor child by the way. each parent should want the best for their child but those expectations are ridiculous and should never be placed on a child. Just let her be who she is instead of turning her in some sort of project. Although if Rob example is anything to go by, IgNori better makes a lot of money when she grows up or else!
      I really hope they will stop reproducing.

  4. Tim Whatley says:

    If Kim can name an Emily Dickinson poem, I’ll eat my hat.

    • Ag says:

      i’ll eat your hat if kim knows who emily dickinson is.

      • kri says:

        “Omygosh, you guys, Emily Dickinson is that little girl from Harry Potter, okay!! I’m not dum, you guys!!!!!”

    • Sunny says:

      I would love if Kim was secretly a poetry buff but somehow I doubt it.

      It is nice they have the financial freedom to encourage North to follow her dreams but to then compare her to geniuses in their respective fields is insane.

      What if North is only a middling painter but loves it? What if she is a failed writer? Would loving what she does be enough for the two-headed monster of Kim and Kayne, if North isn’t a master at something?

      No pressure though.

    • Mia V. says:

      If she’s the second coming of Coco Chanel, I can’t see why North won’t become the second coming of Dickinson, Chopin, Einstein and Kahlo.

    • Dutch says:

      So they want her to lock herself in her bedroom and write poetry. High hopes for your kid there.

      • Renee says:

        I know right? I thought at first that perhaps they wanted her to become a recluse so that she would be away from the world’s prying eyes but then I forgot who this was coming from. I doubt that Kim, or Kanye for that matter, knows anything about Emily Dickinson.

      • Mia V. says:

        Better that than being famous thanks to a sex-tape. Go for the hiding, Nori!

      • muchadoaboutashoe says:

        Not just lock herself in her room, but become so self-conscious of her appearance that she refuses to even be in the same room as other people when she’s speaking to them? Dickinson had some crazy anxiety issues. (Which don’t mesh well with the Kardashian publicity juggernaut.)

    • JudyK says:

      @ Ag…agree…that was going to be my comment, too.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Not that I believe tabloids, but going with it just for fun…

      If they REALLY want North to grow up and be an intellectual WHY is Kim not being the role model she wants her child to have? She constantly puts visuals over knowledge or skill, so why would she expect her daughter to grow up to be anything but a pinup with no education? Even North’s aunts (Kim’s sisters) dropped out of school to be on reality TV.

      If you want your daughter to value her mind and not just her body, start by doing it yourself!

  5. lucy2 says:

    “I wore my regular clothes and I would just buy a size up.” Oh honey, no. We all have eyes, and a memory. But a size up right NOW would be a good idea.

    I know when I think of masters like Dickinson, Einstein, Chopin and Rembrandt, I always add Kanye to the list too. And clearly it’s such an education-focused family, right?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      Dickinson. Einstein. Chopin. Rembrandt. Kanye. One of these things is not like the others.

    • Chrissy says:

      I’d be encouraged if Nori learns to read and write properly. Kanye can say what he likes but PMK didn’t exactly endorse basic education never mind higher education. The rest of the family seem barely literate. Her parents are ridiculous. The poor child’s future is already being planned for her. They are setting her up to fail and never meet their expectations of her. Poor Nori. SMH

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I saw the two Jenner girls on TV this morning and thought about how little actual education they have probably been given. It’s such a shame to have so much in the way of resources and be so impoverished.

  6. Flora Kitty says:

    So Ignori is going to become a recluse?

    • Ag says:

      haha, that was my thought – so, they want her to be on a self-imposed lockdown, basically?

    • Sunny says:

      Amazing comment!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      That was my immediate thought too. The Belle of Amherst rarely left the house

    • Jem says:

      And a depressed one, at that.

    • Anastasia says:

      Yep. An agoraphobic recluse who never finds love.

      P.S. It’s commonly believed Dickinson would be horrified if she knew her poetry was ever published.

    • CuriousCole says:

      That’s what I first thought! Baby Kimye shutting herself away from cameras/the world? There’s a wealth of poetic justice in that scenario, but I’ll refrain from wishing depression and agoraphobia on a toddler.

  7. Hawkeye says:

    My first thought was that Kim and Kanye were googling themselves and somehow stumbled into Wikipedia, clicking away on random links, and JUST LEARNED about Dickinson, Einstein, Chopin and Rembrandt. I have a difficult time believing these two boobs knew about any of these people before.

    • Petrichor says:

      Wasn’t Kanye’s mom a professor or teacher? I have no doubt education was a focus in his (early) life. But as an adult it’s been overshadowed by his narcissism.

      • Hawkeye says:

        His mother was a tremendously accomplished academic, and I don’t think Kanye West is unintelligent. Snark aside, I think he could have followed in her footsteps and actually delivered on that genius he keeps talking about, but the more famous he’s gotten, the more of a laughingstock he’s become.

      • Petrichor says:

        I agree. He’s become a caricature. I guess that’s what he & Kim have in common.

      • lucy says:

        Yes, Donda West was Chairperson of the English Dept at Chicago State University. The reputation of Chicago State University is fraught with ongoing ethics controversies and accreditation jeopardy. CSU did not meet education quality standards and did not receive accreditation until 1980. As of 2007 CSU had a graduation rate of only 16.2%. (Source: Wikipedia)

        Taking into account Kanye’s inability to speak the English language with clarity and sense or even logic, let alone use proper grammar conventions, I have reservations about crediting Kanye with intelligence and his mother with a gift for teaching language.

        Instead, I view Kanye as a squeaky wheel opportunist, getting grease by associating himself with those he perceives to be successful, and by throwing tantrums when he feels threatened. Kanye co-opts established works by artists and claims his own genius for doing so. This just screams of a mama’s boy desperate for approval, rather than demonstrating integrity, composure, or talent.

        I hope that his offspring will be of strong well-adjusted character and rise above the emptiness of the Kardashian/Jenner/West narcissistic party line.

      • lucy says:

        Update: CSU graduation rate was 13.9% in 2012, making the list of the worst in the country. 🙁

    • Erinn says:

      Ahaha, see – these wiki-wormholes are exactly what happens with my poor ADD brain. Ya just can’t stop clicking.

      Kanye’s mom had her doctorate, and was a professor in Atlanta and a chair of the English department at Chicago State. So I’m assuming, maybe Yeezington does know who Emily Dickinson is.

      Ah, just found this (thank you wiki-wormholes) “After graduating from high school, West received a scholarship to attend Chicago’s American Academy of Art in 1997 and began taking painting classes, but shortly after transferred to Chicago State University to major in English. He soon realized that his busy class schedule was detrimental to his musical work, and at 20 he decided to drop out of college to pursue his musical dreams’

      So I would have to agree with Petrichor, and assume that Kanye’s narcissism is what causes all of the problems. For all intents and purposes, he seemed to be a smart guy, but he’s so far up his own ass.

      • Josephine says:

        Chicago State U. may be a fine university, but if the guy is the genius that he always claims he is, there are at least 6 (maybe 10?) universities in Chicago with much higher standing. Since he is always claiming to need the very best, I find it unbelievable that he would go to CSU over the much more demanding schools in the area if he had the grades and test scores to get into those schools. I think he is clever enough in his own ways, but he is no genius.

      • Erinn says:

        Josephine – agreed. I think maybe the decision was partially based on his mom being the chair of the department at CSU. Overall, he’s more clever than I thought he was, I suppose. But maybe that sense of entitlement came later once his music took off.

      • jwoolman says:

        Josephine- it’s common to offer free tuition to children of faculty and other staff. My mother could have put me through college just by working in the bookstore. I had a scholarship to the same school, which have her the freedom to take another job that paid more. Some schools also have tuition exchange programs with other schools in a regional association, just as they share foreign study programs and such. The small college where I taught for several years did that. One of my colleagues used to say we should start adopting kids full grown at the age of 18 to take full advantage of the perk… 🙂

        So I’m sure the free tuition decided the school Kanye attended. I do think he’s intelligent, although he has other problems (possibly associated with his accident years ago) that make his behavior increasingly bizarre. But he accomplished quite a bit before he started going off the kliff. The fact that he quit school before getting a college degree doesn’t mean anything- if he already had started serious work in the music biz, he didn’t really need the diploma. Just one or two years of college work would have helped a lot to expand his mind from high school, and he also had other educational experiences to back him up. The Kardashians seem very empty in comparison.

    • prettylights says:

      If you actually listen to Kanye’s music his lyrics are pretty intelligent. The way he brings ideas together and flows shows that he isn’t at all stupid. I think when he tries to voice his ideas in interviews or other ways he comes off wrong. Just my 2 cents. Some of his songs are the typical “hos and cars” stuff, but others do make comments on social status, race, different cultures, poverty, ect. It’s kind of surprising, and that’s why although I don’t like his public persona I have a lot of respect for his music/production values.

      Now Kim…yeah, I think she’s probably pretty dumb but sweet.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I know lots of people who are “privileged enough to be able to do whatever they love.” They don’t have to do anything. And while some of them have found a career they love, most of them just drift from thing to thing and quit when it gets hard because “who needs it” and “I don’t have to do this.” I think there’s something to be said for needing to make your own way. I don’t know. I hope North can find a balance in her life with these two at the helm.

    • Josephine says:

      Agree, but somehow I don’t get the sense that these two understand the real pleasure of actually earning anything.

      She’s never worked for anything, and although he has worked, he is so convinced that he is owed greater accord by the world that I think he feels cheated out of the greater fame, money, respect and celebrity that he is convinced he deserves.

    • Ag says:

      GNAT, my sister in law is like that. it blows my mind. she could do whatever she wanted, including some good in the world. instead, she drifts from one thing to another, spending insane amounts of money, giving things up as soon as she meets any opposition or difficulty. sigh.

    • Anastasia says:

      I totally agree with you. Even if we were filthy with money and assets, we wouldn’t make our daughter’s life so that she had nothing to strive for.

    • yep says:

      YES! Hard work is inconceivable to them.The reward of that should go to their assistants, of which its passed on to, when it gets tough.

  9. FingerBinger says:

    Normally I would say that neither one of them would know who Emily Dickinson was ,but Kanye’s mother was an English professor so he may have read a few of her poems when he was younger. I don’t believe for a second that he reads anything.

  10. noway says:

    I am amazed they knew who Emily Dickinson was. Lips look painful or maybe she is auditioning for the part of Mushmouth in Fat Albert!!!

  11. Angie says:

    What Kim and Kanye want – Kim and Kanye get! I look at those pictures and I truly believe she would make the perfect blow up doll!

  12. Sullivan says:

    She has a better shot at being the next Janice Dickinson.

  13. Gingercrunch says:

    That all sounds great until her inherited mental illness kicks in around 19 or 20. Enjoy til then!

  14. Jac says:

    Or, y’know, just let her be whoever the f@#! she wants to be…

    • Amy Tennant says:

      Anything short of greatness will not be acknowledged by her father. Fortunately whatever she does he will proclaim as genius. The way her mother is the most beautiful fashion icon of all time. (I think that may actually be kind of sweet, in a warped way)

  15. Kiki04 says:

    Can someone tell them who Emily Dickinson is? They probably think she is a famous porn star or something…….

  16. Greata says:

    They “dwell in possibility, ” and Nori like Dickinson will seek to escape them all her life.

  17. Hautie says:

    What happens if this little girl, turns out to be just an normal average child? Seriously.

    What happens when she just wants to be who she is… and that means a decent ordinary girl.

    I mention this because I have seen some screwed up behavior over the last decade. From parents who are obsessed about their child being more than just a nice average child.

    They bully the child to be brilliant! Must take all advance classes! Must speak three languages and play two instruments by the age of 10.

    Even when teachers and counselors are telling the parent, that the child is not “gifted”.

    That is completely unacceptable! My child is gifted! She is just lazy! I will make her GIFTED if it kills everyone involved.

    All the while the child is miserable… because she has a set of parents determine to make her an over achiever. When she is a perfectly lovely normal child. Who makes decent grades in those *gasp* ordinary classes.

    I see this small child, North, in for a life of hell. If it becomes clear, she is a lovely normal ordinary child.

    • Ag says:

      excellent points. i see the beginnings of that behavior at our daycare. people fret about everything about their kids. math! art! life skills! the alphabet! they’re 2, FFS. let them play in the sand and be perfectly content kids.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, I knew the most obnoxious guy like that. His granddaughter was the most beautiful child on earth. (She was cute, normal cute). She would be a model or an actress! Which Olympic sport should they choose for her? She was so gifted in school! Perhaps the Nobel Prize! I felt so sorry for that kid. She was fine, your average nice kid. But it was never good enough. I don’t know how she turned out, but I always thought he was such a jerk.

    • Zoul says:

      This. My brother-in-law is an extreme over achiever. Both he and my sister praised their son to the skies while he was younger. He was brilliant, he was going to be the next Supreme Court Justice, he was a poet, he would be an A list actor. They had such aspirations for the kid and felt they could buy any education he needed. Thing is, after he left high school he floundered. Went from one school and one subject to the next. Law, acting, english. He’s not stupid but he lacks any serious drive. He’s now 30, working as a cashier at a pet store. He likes his job which is great but sadly the parents are horribly disapointed and hardly acknowledge him now. I feel bad for the kid because he went from being doted on to being ignored. For any child in that position you would probably feel an awful sense of rejection. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      • Melain says:

        Overblown expectations are never about the child. They are always about the parents.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So true, Melain. So many parents see their children as little mirrors of themselves, or as a way to compensate for what they perceive as their own failures.

    • Inconceivable! says:

      This is NOT an exaggeration….but 90% of my friends claim their kids are “gifted”. Every time I hear it now, k gave to chuckle to myself. We must have a severely massive youth population of sheer geniuses!!

      • Hautie says:

        Have you ever notice that the parents, of all these gifted children… sh*t talk each others kids?

        And really. Say out of 15 children (of friends) I have been around in the last decade. I suspect only two of them are truly above average. The rest are nice ordinary kids with crazy obsessed parents.

    • Sassy says:

      I am horrified at the younger sister’s lip implants or whatever and keep thinking “how could Bruce and Kris allow this 17 year old minor get injections or whatever,and will they force her to have butt implants and do porn? “. Then I took it a little further in my thought process. In the past, child stars such as Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Shirley Temple were used by their parents in a similar fashion – as money makers. So in today’s world, even a child with no talent for acting, singing or dancing can have monetary value through social media. And, as for schooling, the old time stars didn’t go to school, but had tutors on set. All those selfies are work and make money by keeping the K family in the news. It is all in the way we perceive it!

  18. stephanie says:

    proud non-reader Kanye West wants his daughter to be the next Emily Dickinson LMAO!!

  19. OutoftheLoop says:

    Yes to Nori being the next Emily Dickinson.
    No to Nori being the next Kim Kardashian.

  20. Jem says:

    Never saw her fame-making porno. Never seen a single episode of her show. But I am subjected to her saucer-nipple, all the same. There is no escaping it, is there? *shudder*

  21. iseepinkelefafs says:

    If the skirt was high it would be a good outfit… On someone else.

  22. kri says:

    Hmmm. In all seriousness, I hope that kid turns out normal. I’d be thrilled if she grew up to be intelligent and kind-coming from that pack of succubi…well let’s just hope for the best.

  23. swack says:

    What is with her nipples always showing lately? Also didn’t Kim just say that North would have to earn her own money to get what she wants? Isn’t that a contradiction to her being privileged and so she can do whatever she wants with no thought about money? Agree with one commenter above – just let North do what she wants to do. And BTW , Kanye, most babies scribble on paper when given the opportunity to do so and walls and anything that can be drawn on including themselves. Also most babies have their own baby language. In other words, Kanye, she’s a pretty typical baby.

  24. rentho says:

    i like her coat and purse, thats all i got :)!!!!

  25. jm says:

    Anyone else notice how he threw himself in there “like him, or Emily Dickinson, or [Albert] Einstein, or Chopin, or Rembrandt.” Standard Kanye stuff, I know, but it couldn’t just be about his daughter, he definitely has to point out how he is genius too….vomit

  26. Skins says:

    Unfortunately for North she has Kim’s dna which kind of rules out any intelligence or artistic talent.

  27. Vampi says:

    Poor Nori is never going to have a REAL shot…thanks to her vapid parents! No matter WHAT she does, she will always be the daughter of the most clueless and famewhorey parents that ever lived…..and once she is an adult, all bets will be off as far as the media goes and we ALL know it. Unless Kim somehow develops a human soul and focus’ on something other that being a FW, and gets Nori a TRUE education. Way to go Kim….you haven’t evolved….what makes you think your daughter will?? As sad as this sounds, I can’t see Nori being anything other than SelfieQueen 2.0… All she has to look up to is a woman who cares about nothing but altering her body and face. Yeah….great role model there!! Hang in there North…I am rooting for you….. *cue “Against All Odds” *

  28. Falkor says:

    “We want North to be like Emily Dickinson because A Christmas Carol is our jam ‘n shit.”

  29. Mischa Jane says:

    Oh my GAWD these people are ridiculous!

    Kim looks ridiculous in this white outfit. So cheap and tacky. Her face is melting.

  30. mernymerlyn says:

    “He loves it when she scribbles on the paper in her bedroom or when she speaks her own baby language. He lets her explore life to the fullest because he wants her mind to know no boundaries.”
    So he likes when she acts like Kim, scribbling and speaking in baby language.
    But that whole let her mind know no boundaries screams bullshit to me after he went into his girlfriend’s closet and told her what she was allowed to wear.

  31. Anastasia says:

    My daughter is 20. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have the specific expectations for her adult life that I had all the years she was growing up. Kids are going to be and do what they need to be and do. I wish I had only hoped for her happiness and success, not specific educational and occupational outcomes that fit what *I* wanted for her. Now that I’ve accepted that she’s going to find her OWN way, I’m much happier, she’s much happier, and we have a tremendously improved relationship.

    The Wests will not realize this.

  32. Dawn says:

    Kanye knows who Emily Dickenson is? Surprising because he seems to love to throw the f and mf word around more than anything and I doubt very much that those words ever were expressed by Emily. I wish I could say that I am surprised by this nonsense and I wish I could say I don’t believe a word of it but these two are such stunt queens and the only hard work either does is spinning nonsense out to the media for them report. I am so sick of it all and what are they going to do IF little North doesn’t want to do any of it? Disown her? It is sad to me that these two have resorted to using their poorly named kid to garner attention.

  33. Jh says:

    As someone with an apple body shape (I have skinny legs and a big belly, relatively speaking) I am curious about this waist training fad. I just can’t imagine how suffocating it would feel.

    • mernymerlyn says:

      It’s suffocating as hell from what I hear from some friends. But most wear it during cardio sessions loosely then as they get used to it more during the day and it gets tighter and tighter.
      It does work but it takes time and you have to work out and eat well.

  34. DrFunkenstein says:

    LOL right. I’ll be happy if she actually goes to college.

  35. pk says:

    Can’t they just enjoy who she is now?

  36. Kiddo says:


    FAME is a fickle food
    Upon a shifting plate,
    Whose table once a Guest, but not
    The second time, is set.
    Whose crumbs the crows inspect,
    And with ironic caw
    Flap past it to the Farmer’s corn;
    Men eat of it and die.

  37. EscapedConvent says:

    Hahahaha! The funniest thing I’ve heard this week & maybe ever will hear for the rest of time. Does Kanye West know who Emily Dickinson was? I only question this because Kanye has proclaimed that he is a “proud non-reader.”

    You don’t like books, remember, Yeezy? Cause “they be all wordy & sh*t.”

    • word says:

      I hope North just talks back and says “but you and momma both dropped out of college so don’t tell me what to do !”

      • lucy says:

        Maybe the kid will rebel by leveraging that since her parents don’t have higher education, SHE WILL!

        That’ll really rub the K-Wests wrong and serve them (and their spawn) right. 😉

  38. word says:

    Kanye wants North to explore everything there is in this world…except color. The girl can’t even wear anything green, red, pink…come on. I hope North ends up happy doing whatever it is she wants to do but one thing is for sure, Kim and Kanye will make sure North has a HUGE ego.

  39. BeckyR says:

    Oh, really? Bwa-ha-ha-ha

  40. Susie Q says:

    Well, it would be nice if someone in the family had some sort of talent.

  41. emma says:

    One of the greats.. Like Kanye?? Hahahahah. Hahahha. Ha. I can believe he said that. Nut he is not a great. He is not the same as Einstein Dickinson Rembrandt. Ugh.

    • lucy says:

      Tee hee. Hoping they don’t reproduce any more, but if so, I’ve got $5 on the name being Einstein Dickinson Rembrandt West.

  42. Wifey says:

    Poor North
    The fact that these vapid “celebrities” think that they can raise a child to believe that brains trumps beauty, is sad. That little girl might be Sheldon Cooper genius… But het parents will stifle that all in the pursuit of…Uhm…… What???? Sorry, I is pretty, I forgots.

  43. jasmine says:

    Because I could not stop for a sex tape
    It kindly stopped for me,
    A tape that held just my ass
    and a video full of titty

    That’s Kim’s version of Dickinson

  44. weirswalker says:

    I wish they’d all GO AWAY

  45. Reece says:

    I’m just, I’m baffled as to how she can walk in these too tight long skirts. You can’t take a full stride in that. Your knees end up taking on most of the work which is not good.

  46. Gina says:

    My fervent desire is that the blogs will stop the daily threads on any and all of this family and possibly…..with any luck…..they will disappear. Yet I see their story has the most comments, including mine. Even the black gossip sites include at least one Kardashian story a day. Like the cockroach and all things despicable, they’ll never go away. TMZ and sites like this won’t let them. No treat here, just another same old trick.

  47. jwoolman says:

    I hope this is true since it comes from Kanye rather than Khronic Liar Kim. It also contradicts Kim’s story, where she’a playing loud music and Kanye’s stuff while she’s with Nori 24/7 and Kanye can’t be trusted to put Nori to bed so Kim has to listen at the door to make sure he’s doing it right… That’s a good sign, since Kim is such a liar. Also in pics Nori does seem much more comfortable with Kanye than with Kold Fish Kim, so I can imagine he actually might be doing something like reading to her so she has a chance to get used to him.

    It doesn’t matter what you read to your kids, they just like you to do it. My mother ran out of kid books since the only way for her to get some rest with my older brother was to get him to lie down next to her while she read to him. So she started reading from the poetry section of her old high school American Lit book. So I had The Raven, Annabelle Lee, The Frost is on the Punkin’, How the Feud Started, and excerpts from Archie and Mehitabel plus some Emily Dickenson memorized by grade school age… I’ve heard of parents just reading from the newspaper to their kids or from books like Lord of the Rings, censoring on the fly. So go ahead, Kanye, read Einstein’s scientific papers to her, it won’t hurt.

    In modern times- young kids often like to watch their parents play video games. Some parents will play cooperative video games (where players can help each other) and do the hard parts so the kids can get further. One dad said he played the old 8-bit Nintendo Legend of Zelda with his preschoolers- he moved the character, since that was hard for them, but the kids made the decisions about what to do next and he read all the stuff onscreen to them. So there are loads of ways to combine something that interests the parent with something the kids will enjoy sharing, and I hope Kanye has reached that point. I don’t have any hope for Kim because she seems too self-absorbed, and pap-attracting fashion seems all she has to offer. She’s just lacking in real interests other than herself, and it was obvious long before Kanye on that silly show.

    • ketjo says:

      Jwoolman ….thanks for the memory you’re post gave me….My mother ordered a set of classic books from a traveling salesman who visited our coal camp when I was a child. And we spent the evenings and before bed listening to mother read us ” Ivanhoe” and the” Count of Monte Crisco ” and “King Arthur and the Round Table” but my favorite was a American classic…”Ramona” and a volume of American Poets…..
      I in turn bought the same books and read them to my children…..and My oldest grandson just showed me his bookshelf the other day which he was proudly displaying his own self of classic’s as he called them…..
      But try as I might I just can’t for the life of me see Kanye West or Kim Kardashian (I refuse to call her West) until I see proof they are legally married) reading stories to that baby….First He is never around enough and two She doesn’t even like to spent time around her own child…It shows in her face in every photo of them together that dislike she has toward her own child….

  48. Triple Cardinal says:

    May this sweet little girl grow up to be a classy beauty who puts her mother to shame, and a successful musician who puts her father to shame.

    The next challenge for her, however, is to learn how to hold a fork and a spoon.

  49. Dany says:

    someone seen the pictures of Nori in her little skunk costume? Super cute! She looks adorable

    • me says:

      Yes so cute ! Really glad Kim dressed her up in something Kid-friendly. But still sad this kid is only allowed to wear black and white…even for Halloween !

      I also saw a pic of Blue and Beyonce dressed up as MJ and Janet. Blue looks so cute in that costume !

    • Dawn says:

      There were lots of other pictures along with North’s and they were all equally cute to North.

  50. Gina says:

    Kim is a woman who married at 19 and was perfectly content to be a stay at home wife. Her father at the time left her out of his will. It was her mother that helped create the Kim that is Kim today. She bought and shopped the sex tape, got the reality show, produced the show and we all know the rest. Don’t give Kim too much credit for anything but being a willing victim of Kris Jenner’s schemes. Sadly, it seems to have benefited them all very well.

  51. Inconceivable! says:

    Wait….wait….wait a minute here. Kanye loves it when Nori “scribbles on paper”. But I thought she drew perfect hearts, parallel squiggly lines, etc on Kim’s birthday purse??!!! Something is not adding up here!!

  52. daisyfly says:

    Rantye might know who Einstein, Rembrandt, Dickinson, and Chopin were, but Dimbecile couldn’t tell you anything about any of them if the answers were on flashcards with their names on them and she could handpick them out.

    Compass will most likely be a kid with average potential puffed up to greatness with a matching sense of entitlement, just like her mother. This is what happens when children are born not because someone wants to be a parent, but wants to PLAY at parenting because it’s “cute”.

  53. Chris says:

    They say talent skips a generation, so Nori may end up being a genius like Kris Jenner. Granted she’s an evil genius but a genius nevertheless.

  54. Anastasia says:

    I’m Nobody! Who are you?
    Are you – Nobody – too?
    Then there’s a pair of us!
    Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

    How dreary – to be – Somebody!
    How public – like a Frog –
    To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
    To an admiring Bog!

    –Emily Dickinson

    • Chris says:

      Thought they were Kanye lyrics until I got to the bottom. 🙂

      I like the sentiment though. The true value of admiration depends on the calibre of your admirers.

  55. Deb says:

    If Kanye wanted an intelligent child, it might have been helpful from a genetic standpoint to have the child with someone who isn’t a total airhead. If I were him, I would be nervous about poor Nori inheriting the Kardashian stupidity.

  56. Likey says:

    With parents (and grandparents and extended fam) like this, she’ll be lucky to be motivated to go to college, even.

  57. LAK says:

    I think the salient point is that Kanye thinks *he* is comparable to Einstein, Rembrandt etc

  58. laughing girl says:

    That’s all I’ve got.

  59. LaurieH says:

    I think it’s fair to say that North West will turn out a whole lot more like Paris Hilton than Emily Dickinson.

  60. ketjo says:

    Kanye is what I would refer to some of my students I taught in College as intelligent idiots…..they are intelligent wise quite smart but personality wise they are idiots full of their self…narcissistic and vain…who thinks they are better , smarter and what they have to say is more important than other students therefore they are better and must always be first or they can’t control themselves and throw a hissy fit or rant about the injustice and even threaten the instructor or faculty with law sues or their parents power….Kanye strikes me as the poster boy for this group of people……

    • Likey says:

      What’s smart about him? We have all these “artists” who fancy themselves geniuses but in reality, they shoot random things out of their brain and tell us that’s it’s art; that it reflects society and that’s it’s a profound and deep take on human life. I don’t think Kanye West is an artist. I think he’s a brand.
      P.s. Not to be rude; you taught college but there are punctuation and grammatical errors in your post.

      • RosettaStoned says:

        Maybe they taught at Kanye’s college LOL… no seriously, maybe English was not the first language where this person instructed? Or perhaps this is a very elderly retired prof…. however if none of that is the case, I weep for the condition of higher education in this country.

        ETA: in another comment, this poster alludes to being from outside America, so I’m thinking they taught in their home language. Sorry, ketjo, for implying that you might have worked at Kanye’s school LOL

  61. Caitie says:

    I want Kanye to send North to a really good private school and because she’ll be around nannies and not her parents, she’ll be academically focused and smart and not the social mogul they want her to be. Then we can all lol because her parents vs. her

    • LaurieH says:

      Wouldn’t that be nice? Except we all know it’s not going to happen. Both Kanye and Kim fancy themselves as pop culture ambassadors and pop culture, for all its own self-puffery and importance, is really quite vacuous. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, pop culture had a social conscience. Starting with the “me decade” of the 1980’s and steadily declining since, pop culture has become a cesspool of self-indulgence, narcissism and entitlement. Think, for a moment, on the difference between Simon & Garfunkel or Bob Dylan compared to the likes of Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. For former spoke for a generation; the latter speak for themselves. To whatever extent today’s leaders of pop culture try to push a social message, it’s generally a late-to-the-party-jump-on-the-bandwagon sort of thing that is often no deeper than tweeting out a stupid hashtag, doing an empty PSA ad campaign or rotely repeating a talking point – all of which is mainly self-serving and done not out of any true conviction, but rather to benefit oneself by associating with the current cause du jour (which is often quickly forgotten). Kanye and Kim are two such self-serving individuals and there is no reason to believe they will raise their daughter to be any different.