Jennifer Lawrence talks ‘platonic colonics’ with Letterman: gross or funny?

Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s a photo of Jennifer Lawrence rushing into the Ed Sullivan theater before her David Letterman appearance. He loves having her as a guest. They always go off the rails together in spectacular fashion. It’s a very different experience than when Katie Holmes stopped by a few nights ago. As always, Dave and Jennifer entertained their audience. There was some ugliness after the show, which I’ll get to later.

I’ve been searching for a full clip of JLaw’s appearance, but there are only bits and pieces so far. All serious topics were off the table except for the ongoing strep throat madness. Jennifer and Dave limited their discussion to stuff like colonics. For real. JLaw wants to get one done with Josh Hutcherson, and it would be a “platonic colonic.” From what Jennifer has said before, she needs no help in that department. Jennifer also revealed that she once visited Nick Hoult in Namibia and thought his house was haunted. Dave asked if she really believed in ghosts, and JLaw responded, “Of course I do, I believe in anything unrealistic.” Here’s the clip where JLaw and Dave commiserated over their mutual stomach issues:

In this clip, Jennifer talked about her very good friend, Justine, and their first meeting. Justine lacks just as much of a filter as JLaw, who repeated her friend’s first sentences to her in Letterman’s ear. I think Letterman blushed in response.

There’s more. Jennifer said the The Late Show would be really boring after Letterman retired. She talked him into walking offstage with her. Then JLaw returned to take over Dave’s desk for a minute. Oh, and Dave and Jennifer sang together. It was so bad it was good.

Something awful happened after the show. When Jennifer left, she was greeted by a huge crowd of autograph seekers. Someone did or said something to make JLaw flee from the crowd. It’s an absolutely frightening moment, and it happens around the 0:50 mark in this clip. Her security saw something and tried to block her view at the last moment, but she saw it anyway. Then she ran like crazy. My guess is that someone printed off one of the stolen photos. Whatever happened, it really upset Jennifer. (Update: The barricade started to fall.)

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. original kay says:

    the answer is always “gross” with Jennifer.

  2. Alexandra says:

    She looks gorgeous in that red dress with the red lipstick. She can be funny at times, just not in large doses.

  3. Luciana says:

    She should stop talking about number 2. It’s getting tiresome.

  4. PunkyMomma says:

    I think Jennifer is obsessed with colons generally.

  5. BreeInSEA says:

    Rather hear about this any day over a Kardashian nude pic. I still like her. Better than most

  6. Abbott says:

    If someone printed off one of those photos and tried to hold it up(?) that is horrible.

    On another note, I could do without her discussing how she wants to power wash her intestines with Peeta. Stahp.

  7. Charlie says:

    Gosh, she’s so funny and down to earth. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    And Colbert is taking over. The show will be fine.

    Does she seriously not know what hypochondriasis is?

  8. whatsmyname? says:

    Didn’t she run because of the barricade(?) falling? There are tons of pics of it there is even one in this story?

    I love the red dress on her.

    • Bedhead says:

      Sorry about that! Our photo agencies don’t have any pics of the barricade falling. But yeah, that apparently happened.

      • whatsmyname? says:

        Ah no problem that’s just what I saw elsewhere. I wouldn’t be suprised if someone did actually have those pics of her there.

  9. jinni says:

    So Chris Martin has a thing for women that are obsessed with talking about food/what they eat and feces? Hmm, wonder if he has an oral and/or anal fixation? Okay,eww! I just grossed myself out thinking about that. Let me stop.

  10. lunchcoma says:

    Gross, but I’m going to go easy on her today given that terrible incident on the street.

  11. Freddy says:

    The fans were overexcited to have signs and when they surged forward the barriers fell down. There are pics and videos on all internet

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Poor girl. What idiotic a-hole monster would print off those photos and show them to her? Its amazing how some people possess a disturbing lack of common sense.

  13. Milly says:

    She is really special andd something else. Her personality is unique

  14. Nev says:

    rolling eyes.

  15. JB says:

    I don’t blame her for being scared when the barricade came down. I wouldn’t want to stand there with an aggressive crowd surging at me either.

  16. Jackson says:

    She should have left the red dress on for her interview, looks much nicer. Although considering how short it is while standing, it may have shown way too much when seated.

  17. Greek Chic says:

    Can someone explain what platonic colonics means? I understand that it’s a gross situation but what has to do with Josh Hutcherson?

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I think meaning it wouldn’t be a date. It would be platonic. Although now I’m wondering who would do that as a date! Maybe I don’t want to know. I think they were just joking because it was absurd and it rhymed. Anyway, shame on those photo jerks.

      Also, DEM LEGS.

    • Kelly says:

      “Platonic” means friendly so it’s just a fun and rhyme-y way of saying friends who colonic together.

      • Greek Chic says:

        Thanks girls. Platonic is a Greek world, i was ok with that. I just couldn’t understand what her colonics had to do with Josh Hutcherson. Weird but i got it now.

        She has great body,nice legs!

  18. L says:

    I think the talk about colonics is a jab at Goop. A public jab at that.

  19. Kelly says:

    Dave LOVES her. He’s almost like a giggly schoolboy around her. It’s adorable.

  20. Nick says:

    Awesome legs on JLaw. I doubt pizza & doritos with not working out are the reason for her killer body but whatever.

  21. Veronica says:

    Her fashion is getting much better. Someone in Dior apparently feels she’s done her time. Unless this isn’t Dior, which wouldn’t surprise. Ford, Mugler, Klein, etc. have all done better by her.

    She gives a great interview, even if you feel her humor isn’t to your liking. Clearly ready to play every time, which I appreciate. She seemed kind of nervous in the first few MJ interviews but seems more relaxed now, which maybe means she’s easing back into the spotlight with a lot of support. Which is good; I get that she’s an A-lister, but what happened to her shouldn’t happen to anyone. (I really hope it was the barricades following at the end and not sexual harassment because holy shit human race.)

    While I rolled my eyes a tad at the colonic joke,* I do find it quite charming that she’s staying good friends with Josh Hutcherson. (They live on the same street! They hang out with Liam and Dan Rad!) The two of them goofing off together was one of the best parts of the HG promotional tours, and it’s pretty nifty that they stay in touch. Think how easy it is to lose touch with friends in a non-celeb life – it takes work to maintain those relationships!

    *MY COWORKER JOKES ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME – WHAT IS IT WITH HIGH EXTROVERT PERSONALITIES AND TOILET HUMOR?? I’m not offended by it, but I see it a lot, and it cracks me up. Lack of filter, maybe?

  22. dorothy says:

    Answer = gross! As is she if you ask me. So many more with so much more going for them. She is young, okay but not THAT young…better grow up fast IMO though. Seems to be getting pathetic. There have always been rumours about her…thinking they are true – something is definately off with her I think.

  23. Sofia says:

    I’ll say something nice about her: that red dress and lips looks really great on her. Like amazing! I think it’s the best I’ve seen on her actually. Oh I actually feel good ^_^

  24. PrincessMe says:

    I like the red dress, but what’s happening with her little toe in that pic? Is it trying to escape or am I seeing things?