Anjelica Huston ‘thought nothing’ of catching Roman Polanski & his victim

Anjelica Huston

Angelica Huston is promoting her new memoir, Watch Me. She’s already released some excerpts about her disastrous relationship and breakup with Jack Nicholson. Anjelica admitted to repeatedly punching Jack upon their final breakup. A lot of you commented about Anjelica’s association with Roman Polanski back in the day. Specifically, Anjelica was at Jack Nicholson’s mansion the night that Roman drugged and raped 13-year-old Samantha Geimer (nee Gailey).

We know from Samantha’s memoirs that Roman took plenty of photos of her. One of those photos made the cover of Samantha’s book. Samantha also revealed that Roman stopped to chat with Anjelica after the incident. Now Anjelica acknowledges in her own memoir that this moment did happen. She says that she “thought nothing” of the situation because Samantha looked older than her true age. Huh. Here are more excerpts from the Sunday Times (via The Independent):

Anjelica Huston said she ‘thought nothing’ of the moment she caught director Roman Polanski with a 13-year-old girl at Jack Nicholson’s home.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed details about walking into the house where Polanski and his under-age lover were together in 1977.

Huston said she arrived home to Nicholson’s house, who she was dating at the time, to find the director’s jacket and cameras in the kitchen.

In an extract from her memoir published in the Sunday Times Magazine, she said: “A short while later, Roman and a girl came around the corner, he introduced me to her and said they had been taking pictures.

“She was wearing platform heels and appeared to be quite tall. Roman collected his jacket and cameras, and they left together. I thought no more of it,” she said.

Huston, 63, said she did not give the encounter a second thought until plain-clothed detectives raided her home the next day.

She said: “They followed me upstairs and I showed them some grass in a drawer. At that point they went through my bag, where they found a gram of cocaine. That seemed enough evidence for them. Roman and I were bundled into the back of two separate police cars. We were under arrest.”

She added: “After that there were newspaper articles, photos, repercussions. Roman was charged with the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl at Jack’s house.”

Oscar winner Polanski has continued to make films and work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But he has not stepped foot on American soil since he fled in 1978 as he is still wanted by the US authorities.

[From Independent]

It’s hard to believe that Anjelica didn’t mentally question Samantha’s presence. She was wearing very high heels and looked tall, so it was okay? The whole case still gives me the heebies. Years ago in Roman’s probation report for the case, Anjelica described Samantha as “sullen” and went on to say this: “She appeared to be one of those kind of little chicks between — could be any age up to 25. She did not look like a 13-year-old scared little thing. She seemed quite tall to me. She seemed pretty well developed girl. I would have not thought she was 13.” In practically the same breath, Huston said of Polanski, “I don’t think he’s a bad man. I think he’s an unhappy man.” Anjelica is doing herself no favors with these new memoir excerpts. She’s capitalizing on a sordid and traumatizing event for Polanski’s victim, and she’s defending him yet again.

Anjelica Huston

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  1. Maddy says:

    The photo of Anjelica on the front cover of her memoir is really entrancing… As for Anjelica, how celebrities can continue supporting RP is a mystery to me?? I literally cannot even comprehend it. At all.

    • denisemich says:

      I am not sure that Anjelica is supporting RP. I think she had a very complex child hood and just saw RP with what she thought was a young woman.

      Back then, people were not as jaded. She would never have thought this man was knowingly having sex with a child.

      I also don’t think Angelica Huston ever says a man is bad. After all the crap Jack Nicholson put her through, she said he was a great guy.

      • epiphany says:

        I don’t know if people were less jaded – I’m more inclined to think they were more liberal (small L) back then, far more willing to allow anyone to do anything they wanted. – at least in Hollywood. I realize that theory may not apply to the general U.S. population of 1977. I don’t think it occurred to Huston that the girl was 13 years old, nor do I think she would have been terribly shocked had she known. What I gather from excerpts of her book is that she was shocked by her arrest for what she considered just a little pot and cocaine – part of her daily routine back then. The “Hollywood” attitude was, ‘as long as you’re consenting, do it!’. I’m an old lady, so I remember the gossip columns of the 70’s. Rona Barrett routinely posted photos of parties where Tatum O’Neal partied all night long right alongside her father, Ryan. Drew Barrymore was photographed with a drink in her hand – at age 10. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin dated a 14 year old – with the mother’s permission! I think the lines between right and wrong were far more blurred back then. While these things undoubtedly still go on, the advent of social media, and society’s current sensitivity to issues of child and sexual abuse has made it more difficult for anyone to get away with this kind of behavior.

      • Maddy says:

        That’s interesting, thanks! I actually don’t know a great deal about Anjelica’s background. I mean, I still question that she didn’t realise the girl was, at the very least, underage – but I could believe that she thought the girl more like 16+ rather than 13.

      • Merritt says:


        Jimmy Page kidnapped that 14 year old and basically held her prisoner for years. And the few interviews with her about it reveal major Stockholm syndrome.

      • sally says:


        very insightful! That really helps me understand how and why RP got away with so much.

      • Pandy says:

        I don’t think she was defending RP so much as defending herself? She assumed she was a model and older than 13 because she was in heels and didn’t have a prepubescent body type. If you didn’t suspect anything amiss, you wouldn’t question it – I can buy that.

      • Jenny says:

        People were not more jaded back then. They were just more likely to let people do whatever they wanted (which is not a good thing).

      • LAK says:

        Epiphany: to add to what you said, don’t forget 14yr old Melanie Griffiths being allowed to live with 22yr old Don Johnson with no repercussions.

        Later, late 80s/early 90s 16yr old Juliette Lewis living with 27yr old Brad Pitt.

        In the 80s and early 90s, we had we had 16yr old Amanda de Cadenet openly dating 28yr old John Taylor from Duran Duran, 13yr old Mandy Smith openly dating 47yr old Bill Wyman of the Rolling stones, 13yr old Emma Ridley happily falling in and out of clubs and dating all manner of entertainment people old enough to be her grandfathers. All happily recorded by the paps and served to the public in the papers with no disapproval from anyone.

        Different times, different accepted mores especially in entertainment.

        Ps: how old was Elvis to pre-legal Priscilla?

      • epiphany says:

        @merrit – true regarding their initial meeting. However, shortly thereafter, she took Jimmy home to meet Mom, and Mom gave them her blessing. The 70’s were weird times, people!

      • Christin says:

        Priscilla met Elvis when she was 14 and moved into his home at 17.

      • Chris2 says:

        That was ‘my’ 70s too…..some things simply did not register as transgressive then. Bill Wyman and that Smith girl too, who looked about 30. ( or was that later, 80s?) When I was a teenager at school the brother of a super-famous pop star used to wait outside in his Lotus Elan and pick out the most Lolita-ish of the younger girls, and not even the teachers turned a hair.
        • As for Angelica, I agree that she probably grew up with skewed ideas about guys from having that Alpha+++ father.
        • One trivial observation: though she looks by far the younger of the two, she’s beginning to resemble Julie Burchill. Eeek.

      • alreadyready says:

        Jerry Lee Lewis married his second wife when she was 13. And this situation only came out because British press noticed her presence during his tour in UK.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        And 15-year-old Linda Blair living with Rick Springfield (age 25).

      • alex says:

        I completely agree. It was a very different era, and someone looking older than 13 (I too, was one of those girls, looking 18 when I was 12), and sleeping with a director, I guess I can see how the people there didn’t see it as a big deal, just a horrible misunderstanding. But it was wrong, and it doesn’t justify anything. I will give her credit for giving the story a grayer shade in the moral spectrum. It’s also normal to be protective of someone who has had a very positive impact in your career.

        My goodness she was and still is STUNNING!

  2. Brittney B says:

    “the house where Polanski and his under-age lover were together”

    That sentence alone sickens me, and after reading Samantha’s book, I’m sure she’d feel the same way. A 13-year-old girl — even if she *thinks* she’s consenting, which was never the case here — is incapable of being a 45-year-old man’s “lover”. She is his victim, full stop.

    Ugh, I don’t know what I expected from the Independent.

    • Loopy says:

      So wrong!!!! Have they ever mentioned where this young girls parents where?

      • Brittney B says:

        Her mom agreed to let him pick her up for a photo shoot that day. He was a celebrated director and photographer, and her mom genuinely believed he was a harmless mentor type. The press very quickly zeroed in on her, though, ignoring the predator himself and fabricating a story about a “stage mom” who sold her daughter like a prostitute to turn her into a star.

        Reading about her family’s devastation during that time was heartbreaking. The rumors were vicious, and far from true. It was Samantha’s mom who called the cops that night, after Samantha broke down to a friend about what happened. She also threw him out of the house when he showed the pictures he took (yes, he dropped off his rape victim and proceeded to show naked pics to her mother in the next room). Her dad lived in another state at the time.

      • Jennifer says:

        In my opinion this situation with Roman Polanski is not black and white. Kris Jenner type of mother is not something unusual. Entertainment business was and is full of these kind of people and I think that Samantha’s mother is/was not saint. Polanski should never have sex with her however all these circumstances and everything that happened after… In Polanski’s case everyone had ulterior motives that’s why I have a lot of doubts.

      • M says:

        @ Jennifer- you have a lot of doubts about what exactly?? Even IF her mom was a Kris type is doesn’t change anything he did or what happened to her that night. He was a grown man, she was 13 and he raped her (the details are really horrible). Not much in life is black & white but I think that is. Also- blaming the mother is unfair without the details….this should squarely be on Roman’s shoulders & conscious. So many people are blaming the mother who called the cops right away – it feels like victim blaming & keeping the focus off the perp.

      • Giggles says:

        I watched a documentary recently on RP. The woman and her mother were in there also. The entire time the mom was smiling, laughing and mugging it up for the cameras about the incident. I got a real odd, creepy vibe from her. The daughter was all about “whatever, I don’t blame him for anything and I forgave him, s#!t happens. Move on, stop talking about it. I like him and his work it’s no biggie and leave him alone”. I’m not trying to victim shame but the portrayal of her mom was messed up and the woman was doing it to herself and really seemed like she was seeking publicity and was talking about herself and how the case affected HER, not her daughter. It was a career ended for her. That was sick. Then the woman’s husband came on and was all about how the press and cops need to leave the guy alone. He apologized years ago and bla bla bla.

      • Cheesy says:

        Giggles, he drugs and rapes a child and you think it’s okay because he apologized? He was convicted of child rape and skipped out on sentencing. He also publicly made remarks about having sex with other underage children when he was in Europe. But all is forgiven because he said he was sorry?

    • whatsmyname? says:

      What the hell is wrong with these people.

      • Moohoo says:

        Would anyone else here let their 13-year-old daughter head off alone with a 35 year old man? Celebrity and mentor type or no?? I wouldn’t.

        Why would a grown man want to photograph a thirteen year old?

        This kind of thing probably happened more often and Polanski got caught.

      • Dorothy says:

        Moohoo, totally agree! Like those SICK parents that even after known that Michael Jackson was so “inappropriate” with young boys, there were parents still eager to send their sons off to his Neverland Ranch. And boasting about it! INCOMPREHENSIBLE and beyond forgiveness.

      • @Dorothy
        That’s what pissed my mom off–I remember we talked about it shortly after he died. She couldn’t understand how after his original accusations/trial that people were still (and before that) letting their kids go with a grown man alone.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      @Brittany B,
      Thank you! That description jumped out at me too. Lover? No, she wasn’t his “lover”. So vile, so disgusting.
      Also, Anjelica would gain some points with me if she could acknowledge even in hindsight that Polanski’s actions were criminal. Instead she calls him “sad”, oh poor raping, pedophile if you are sad then I guess what you did or do in the future is okay 🙁

    • fairyvexed says:

      How come people are saying, “This teenager lived with—–(adult pervert’s name)”? The teenager was coerced or groomed or intimidated. In the case of Jimmy Page, she was actually kidnapped. And “his lover” turns a rape victim into an equal partner.
      I’ve seen pictures of Geimer, including the ones taken by Polanski. Anybody who claims she looked older is lying or nuts or blind. She looked like a child.

      • Anon says:

        I don’t think it’s so black and white. I don’t know all the details of any of the examples given above, but I don’t think all the guys were perverts. My grandpa and grandma got married when he was 26 and she was 16 and he certainly wasn’t a perv.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Exactly. His underage lover? No. That sentence is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. WTH.

    • delorb says:

      I was just about to type the same thing. They were not lovers. They were victim and criminal.

  3. itzblissy says:

    “Polanski and his under-age lover ”

    Really? Independent? that’s how you refer to a rapist and his victim? lovers?? wth?

    • Jules says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! WTF????????????? I never liked Huston, now even less.

    • Kattttt says:

      If you click on the link you can see they’ve re worded it… It’s horribly telling that someone wrote that in the first place though.

    • Anony says:

      I came on here to say the same thing. His ‘lover’???!?!? UM SHE WAS HIS ONE TIME RAPE VICTIM! She never had any consensual relations with him (not that she could at age 13!). Wow I cannot imagine having been raped as a child and then reading a paper in which my rapist was referred to as ‘my lover’. MY GOD! THis offends me so much!

  4. Jayna says:

    Let’s face it. Back in those times, Angelica was probably high as a kite when she saw him with the girl leaving. I highly doubt she looked even close to 20ish, but in Angelica’s pharmaceutical haze, . . .

    I think when someone is your good friend and, in your mind you try to excuse their behavior . It sounds like what she does. She knew the broken-hearted Roman over his pregnant wife being slain. She knew Roman probably as a close friend. She doesn’t want to see him as a monster.

    Angelica with her weight gain, which isn’t huge, has developed a lot of loose skin all under her chin all the way around. It looks so odd when she smiles. I’m so vain, I would have the liposunctioned it or something. Otherwise, she’s still a striking woman.

    • Bella bella says:

      I keep wondering what she has done to her face. It’s not just aging and extra skin. Her face itself looks jacked with something to give that puffiness under her eyes. Why doesn’t someone tell her to stop. Breaks my heart, she was so beautiful.

    • Lucy2 says:

      That was my first thought- she was probably too high to fully comprehend what she was seeing.

  5. Frida_K says:

    “The Oscar-winning actress has revealed details about walking into the house where Polanski and his under-age lover were together in 1977.”

    The Oscar-winning actress has revealed details about walking into the house where Polanski and his under-age VICTIM were together in 1977.

    There, fixed it.

  6. Cici says:

    I’ve seen some photos of the victim that were supposedly taken when she was 13 and she did not look older than 15. I don’t understand why Angelica even had to include this episode in her memoir. Well, I guess I do, for the publicity it creates. I guess there wasn’t enough crazy stories about Jack that she had to write about the Polanski rape case, too.

    • Jules says:

      Why did she include it? $$$$$$$$$$$

    • Des says:

      I don’t know… it was a major event in her life and these are her memoirs. If she hadn’t mentioned anything about it, then people would have accused her of whitewashing things. So she just wrote what she’d already said about it.

      She’s Anjelica Huston – she doesn’t need to juice sh-t up. She was the A-list daughter of an A-list director who dated THE A-list star of not just one generation but several generations.

    • Anony says:

      I saw the pictures too and there IS NO WAY IN HELL you would mistake that girl as an adult. She looked like a young teen. I would say the oldest she could pass for would be 16 and even that’s a stretch.

  7. Jenns says:

    My guess is that they were probably many underage girls around the Hollywood scene at that time and that is why she thought nothing of it. Still doesn’t make it right, though.

    • FingerBinger says:

      That’s what I was thinking. There were probably a lot of underage girls and drugs and sex. Behavior that should have been unacceptable was just thought of as no big deal. There’s doubt in my mind that Roman Polanski wasn’t the only with underage girls ,he’s just the only one that got caught.

      • Jayna says:


        But he got her drunk and drugged her and anally raped her. And 13 is probably still lower than the usual groupie teenage girls that rockstars were banging backstage, etc., which were probably more sixteenish. I agree that went on a lot and the drug culture was huge, and I think back then with directors and rock stars, the whole industry there were underage girls in the picture. That era was a far different time as far as what was going on.

        But 13? I don’t think that was the norm. And he has a penchant for young girls. Natasha Kinski was 15 when she got involved with Roman, who was 43. She denied there was an affair. She said there was a heavy flirtation and there could have been a seduction but he had too much respect for her. What the?

        Of course Natasha’s father sexually abused her sister, and Natasha was abused, but not sexually by her dad, saying she rebuffed his advances. So a 43 year old flirting with her at 15 and coming close but not seducing her she probably saw as an honorable man due to her upbringing. Sad.

      • Falkor says:

        Yes @FingerBinger, MTE

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, unfortunately, that’s my thought on it as well. And maybe she thought ‘oh another young one’ but didn’t think ‘oh good lord, how young is that child?’

      I was going to add that maybe Anjelica thought she was young…but thought around 18 – 20 young. But then I saw some photos of Samantha Geimer and there’s no way you could mistake her for someone that age. She looked INCREDIBLY young. So I don’t know. The whole thing is just so disturbing. Then again, maybe she was so strung out, she didn’t pay attention. Shame really, because maybe she could have prevented something.

      Side Note: was Anjelica the step mother in the Drew Barrymore princess movie? I can’t think of the name for the life of me.

      • Jenns says:

        Yes. Ever After was the movie. Total guilty pleasure of mine.

      • Erinn says:

        Jenns… I watched that movie three times in one weekend when I was sick earlier this year. It was so corny and amazing and I loved it regardless of how ‘good’ it could be considered. And I wanted the pretty ice blue princess dress.

      • @Erinn
        God, that movie is my favorite. I watch it all the time.

        And ugh–all this Polanski crap is making me change the way I feel about Anjelica. I used to love her–now I just look sideways at her. I don’t think she’s much better than Jack…..

  8. Pix says:

    Exactly…a thirteen year old is not a “lover” she is a VICTIM.
    I really liked Angelica Houston until I read this article. Why do these people defend this rapist? He fled the country…he knows he should have gone to jail and still these Hollywood actors defend, dismiss, and turn the other cheek. It’s called morally corrupt. Oh, Angelica. (sigh)

    • lisa says:

      it’s one thing if she didnt think anything of it at the time

      but she still doesnt think anything of it, but is willing to use it for her book. the fact that refuses to learn from it or reevaluate it really makes me mad.

    • Anony says:

      Even if she was 18 it would still be an insult to call her his ‘lover’ when she NEVER had any consensual relationship with him. He drugged her and sodomized her against her will. How is that a lover?!?!?!?!!?!? I am sickened that they used that term so inappropriately.

  9. Jenny says:

    The 70s were truly fucked up.

    • FingerBinger says:

      They were. Everyone seemed to be in drug induced haze ,but I’m sure some of this behavior still goes on in Hollywood.

      • Jenny says:

        Of course it still does. But not to the same extent it did back then. And certainly not out in the open, since people are more aware now that society looks down on it.

    • inthekitchen says:

      I would guess it’s not any worse than now, and it’s not just limited to Hollywood. What about all of the high school and college girls being drugged and gang raped and having it put online? Or the sex-trafficking industry? There are lots of terrible things going on right now. I don’t think the 70s were worse.

  10. Peppa says:

    I just finished her memoir last night (I reserved it at the library and got it on Thursday, so I guess I got an early copy). The Polanski incident takes up barely two pages. It’s very weird, she only says that her and Roman went out to the movies the night before, and that when she got back to Jack’s house the next day she saw Roman’s jean jacket he had worn to the movies the night before and some camera equipment. She said she called out to see if anyone was home, and a few minutes later Roman walked out with Samantha and said they were just taking pictures. Just like the story above says, Anjelica says she noticed Samantha was wearing very tall platforms and looked like a tall woman, and that she asked if Anjelica’s dog was male or female. That’s about as far as she goes. Then she goes on to tell about how detectives showed up the next day to question Roman and that they conducted an “illegal search” of the house and found grass in her room and coke in her purse. She and Roman were handcuffed and arrested, and according to her, they were going to use the drugs to force her to testify against Roman (which she seems aghast about and dead set against). Alas, Roman made a deal and fled, so she never had to go to court. You can tell she feels for Roman but never explicitly says it. She does make herself the victim about the drug arrest, and includes a note from Willy Wyler about how sorry he was she had to go through that.

    If you like old school gossip, read this memoir. It is a super quick read, and kind of bizarre (her first one was, too). She is probably even more out of touch than Goop and loves to name drop (seriously half the book is her name dropping!!)

    • Christin says:

      Not surprising that she seems out of touch. Not that everyone with a famous father ends up like this, but she would likely be unknown if not for having a famous director as a parent (like Goop).

  11. Marie-France says:

    What is it with media finding excuses for directors with pedophile and/or incestious behavior? Yes, they can be great and very gifted but sleeping with children is NOT acceptable. Some girls have huge issues, acting out sexually but it is every adult´s responsibility not to respond to this. Just say no!

  12. SnowyLioness says:

    To be dead honest, if a single friend came in with a girl wearing high heels and that did not look like a pre-teen and was not sobbing or looking distraught (if she looked unwell Houston could have guessed that she had consumed drugs or alcohol out of her own free will which seems a reasonable guess given the circumstances and the people involved), neither I would have probably paid attention (maybe Anjelica was also a bit high or hangover herself). And I am quite informed when it comes to signs of assault. Imagine somebody from that time early, under these circumstances and in the presence of that man in the morning. I think we should try to put ourselves into people’s shoes. That said, I am very sorry for what the victim went through and I hope one day, one way or another, Polanski gets punished for his actions and stops evading justice.

    • HughJass says:

      I tend to agree. I’m guessing Roman Polanski ALWAYS had 18-20 year old girls around. I don’t blame Anjelica for not guessing her true age at the time.

    • Wren33 says:

      Yeah, I don’t think she has seemed that sympathetic to the victim in general, and seems too sympathetic to Polaski, but even if she thought the girl looked 13 years old, she had no reason to think she had been sexually assaulted. A 16-year-old model in semi-inappropriate situations with photographers is not uncommon today. I’m sure her recollections are a bit self-serving, but it is not like she walked in on Samantha actually being assaulted.

    • Anony says:

      But have you seen the photos of Samantha he took? No way in hell she could pass for 18. She looks young!

  13. Maya says:

    I hate people who has seen, knows of a crime and does absolutely nothing.

    Those people should be punished as well for failing to report a crime.

    I never really cared about Anjelica one way or another but now she is on my list of people I will never support nor watch a movie they are in.

  14. Shelley says:

    I officially dislike her now. She is disgusting.

  15. MoxyLady007 says:

    Why do my comments keep disappearing?!?

  16. ToodySezHey says:

    Exactly Snowylioness: people act like the girl had a sign on her neck that said “underage 13 yr old”.

    She was probably used to Roman or other male friends(and maybe female) friends of Jack showing up with random broads.

    Now, it’s on Roman to make sure girl is of age…but why would Angelica absolutely know meeting some random girl in passing?

    • Anony says:

      1. The girl looked super young. Go ahead and google. She in no way could even pass for an older teen.
      2. Even if she for some reason didn’t notice how young this girl looked…why continue to defend him now? She could have explained what she thought at the time but looking back could have condemned his actions. She did not…if anything she defended him EVEN after knowing the truth.

  17. gina says:

    Here she goes bringing up this girl’s name again. She lived through the situation, watched him escape and get away with it…..and over the years it comes up in someone’s memoir or another. Angelica was known mainly because of her name and her boyfriend. China Town actually was her only good body of work. Hurray for Hollywood.

    • Ennie says:

      I actually liked Anjelica and her work without even knowing she was with jack before I was born. I fid her enthralling, a great personality that we cannot see nowadays easily with all that plastic surgery around.

      • gina says:

        I liked her too back in the day. She was exotic and different. Jack played her for so long and she let him. But that was then….I’m just annoyed that the now grown up 13 year old who tried to bury her past once again will be media scoop decades after the fact.

    • Jayna says:

      I loved her in the Grifters and in Prizzi’s Honor.

  18. Lia says:

    Definitely doesn’t excuse her normalization of rape, but Anjelica had a strange and dysfunctional upbringing. Her Fresh Air interview (which is still available for free online and originally aired on NPR) revealed that her much older father married her teenage mother, moved her far away from her friends and family, and then humiliated her by fathering a child with another woman. He brought adolescent Anjelica to meet her baby brother, the product of his affair, while her mother deteriorated at home. Her upbringing sounded awful. Full of selfish, damaged adults who failed to model or teach healthy boundaries, and normalized a great deal of dysfunction for the children they were supposed to be caring for.

    It’s sad that as a grown woman she has not taken the steps to recover from her upbringing, and her assessment of a child rapist clearly point to a lack of healthy emotional intellect, but I also feel sad for her. It’s certainly not comparable to rape, but she didn’t receive the guidance, safety, or support that she deserved as a girl and young woman either.

    • mayamae says:

      On her last post here, someone speculated that Anjelica was very likely surrounded by her father’s predator friends at that age, victimized one or more times, and that it was extremely common in that crowd.

      I have no idea if it’s true, but if Anjelica was having sex with (being molested or raped) her father’s friends at a very young age, that could be why she still doesn’t seem to get it. If it’s what happened to her and her friends, it’s normal for her.

      Regardless, she doesn’t seem to get it – even after decades to reflect.

  19. Talie says:

    I read her book and this was the only part that didn’t add up to me — weirdly, she drops to hints about Michael Jackson later on and how he add little boys on set when she worked with him. She seems to suggest more there.

    There have been detailed reports about Anjelica’s true feelings that night and how she hated Polanski, but here, she takes a different road.

  20. NewWester says:

    Huston said of Polanski, ” I don’t think he is a bad man, I think he is an unhappy man” So if raping a 13 year old does not make Roman a “bad man” what exactly does?
    Many of us have unhappy lives, but we don’t use that as a reason to hurt people or commit crimes.

    • Lola says:

      Exactly. It’s not so much that she didn’t think the girl was 13, it’s how she keeps defending what happened. The 70’s may have been confusing, but this is 2014 and she’s supposed to be sober now.

  21. Saskia says:

    Ugh, I hate when celebrities who do cute movies open their big fat stupid mouths and make it blatantly obvious that they are terrible human beings. Jesus, Anjelica. Thanks for making it 10,000% harder to continue adoring your version of Morticia Addams and Cinderella’s wicked stepmother.

  22. RobN says:

    The more she speaks, the less I like her. Perfectly fine to beat the crap out of Jack, the drugged and raped chick looked tall enough that, apparently, it isn’t drugging and raping anymore.

    She’s kind of starting to make me sick.

  23. Ann says:

    In my experience, every women I know is an apologist for the men in their lives. The level of denial and mental acrobatics women do to pander to men truly is astonishing.

    • Jadzia says:

      Yet women who tell the truth about the men in their lives often get tarred with the psycho crazy brush or my personal favorite, “vindictive.”

  24. poppy says:

    way to make it all about you , AH.
    poor baby caught with a gram of coke and some grass in the drawer then hauled off by the police.

    yes, this was normal hollywood lechery for the 70s. it isn’t the 70s any longer.
    her reflections on the incident reveal she has not developed an ounce of compassion or any sort of growth and maturity.
    she’s certainly not wise for her age.

    no remorse? nothing to learn? seriously?
    she sucks.

    • suki2 says:

      The lack of meaningful reflection or compassion is astonishing. A memoir is an opportunity for such things, if nothing else.

  25. scout says:

    Silent accomplice to a disgusting unforgivable crime!

  26. Cora says:

    Yes, Anjelica, I’m sure Samantha did look “sullen” when you saw her. She had just been drugged and raped.

    Edit to add: I have never, in my life, met a 13 year-old who looked 25.

    • RobN says:

      I’ve got a 14 year old niece who looks 25. Honestly, if I were a bartender, I wouldn’t even card her. It scares me how much trouble she could get into.

    • You’d be surprised. I started getting boobs when I was 12. I also haven’t gotten any taller, and the only thing that’s changed since I was 12 was that I have gained weight, and my boobs are bigger. When I was 14, and would go on summer trips to Wisconsin with my uncle, in gas stations people always thought I was pumping gas.

    • Anony says:

      Samantha could NOT have passed for an older teen. She looked very, very young. You can google the pictures.

  27. cheryl says:

    The biggest problem here is the lack of re-assessment of the event. There’s been plenty of time to digest the facts and reflect and come to a “i feel horrible about what happened.”

  28. I understand that she grew up in Hollywood and that her dad is John Huston one of the biggest misogynistic pricks in Hollywood. I get the feeling this behaviour was normal to her but I really wish she and others quit defending Roman Polanski. What he did was wrong and he deserved any punishment he got. And it sounds like she learned nothing. I’ve always wanted to like her but her support of Polanski has always been a big turn off.

  29. Malificent says:

    If Angelica didn’t already know this girl’s age — it’s not clear from the excerpt if she did or not — I can totally see how she would have thought the victim of legal age and not made a mental note about it. I’m not tall, but I was well-developed, had a low voice (as do all of the women in my family), and was well-spoken with a good vocabulary. A lot of folks had to chat with me for a good while to realize how young I was.

    So when I was 11 and 12, people routinely confused me for 17 or 18. At 13 or 14, people did think I was in my early 20s. And I wore barely any make-up and dressed age-appropriately. Even then, I did have a few situations where guys started to hit on me thinking that I was older. Fortunately, none of them were creepy and backed off when they were informed by me or someone else, how young I really was.

  30. Ginger says:

    It sounds to me like Anjelica is torn over the fact that Roman was a good friend of hers so she might not be able to believe he would do something so horrible. As for the victim not looking her age, my son is the same. He’s a big kid and has always looked many years older than he actually is. And if Angelica was doing drugs regularly at the time coupled with the fact that it was the 1970’s she may not have thought much of it as she says until the police showed up. I agree with Bedhead that the whole situation is gross. I feel so much for the victim in that she still has to defend herself so many years later. Roman is a punk and a wimp in my opinion. He should have turned himself in long ago but he’s obviously to weak to own up to his own behavior.

  31. Jeanette says:

    I buy what she is saying…

    When I think about my daughter’s friends’ siblings and try and guess their age, I draw a blank. A professionally made up girl, I think it would be even harder. There is a girl that my oldest daughter has in her senior class, and I swear that girl looks like she could be an elementary student!

    The part about defending Polanski is probably some ‘effed up daddy issues on her part. I give her a pass though, because this book is about her and her life, I wouldn’t touch that subject either further than what she did.

  32. heylee says:

    After reading this post I went back and read the original deposition of the victim. It is truly horrifying how drawn out and perverse RP treatment of her was. He knew her mother, knew her age, hung around her enough to be familiar with her naive, child personality. And yet proceeded to victimize her by making her the subject of child prn (took several sessions of naked/semi nude photos). And then drugged her so he could rape her twice. Btw, this girl had NOT gone through puberty and looked physically like a little boy.

    I am sorry for my narrow minded point of view, but the only comment that any decent human being could make after reading that deposition is that of complete condemnation. You can’t convince me that AH doesn’t know these facts. Her light reference to the incident she witnessed, if only a brief part, demonstrates a profound lack of awareness and sensitivity. And perpetuates a Hollywood culture that looks the other way when it comes to “genius” and child sex abuse.

  33. kri says:

    WTF?! I used to adore this woman. Oh my god. Just goes to show that we really don’t know celebs at ALL. How she could be so dismissive when she talks about Polanski and what he did…damn. I guess growing up Hollywood royalty totally f*cks with your perspective/morals to say RP wasn’t bad, just unhappy. I’m unhappy today too, but I’m not going to go and commit a crime.

    • Jenny says:

      If you really adored her surely you would have known about this before? Like her ambivalence isn’t some shocking secret.

      • kri says:

        Allow me to clarify. I adored Morticia. I didn’t know about AH and her thing with Polainski. Forgive my hyperbole and ignorance. I will never “adore”someone again without totally vetting their history. Are you available for discipline sessions everyday, or just Mondays?

  34. lunchcoma says:

    I suspect part of the reason a 13-year-old didn’t seem out of place to her is that she was rather used to seeing girls under the age of 18 with adult men. I admire her acting, but most of what’s in this biography is very negative, including both this and her physical assault on Nicholson (who is himself a lousy person, which doesn’t excuse violence).

    • LT says:

      If you’ve ever seen Chinatown you know how sick Hollywood is. Such a twisted film. Polanski directs, and both John Huston (Anjelica’s father) and Jack Nicholson “act” in it. John Huston’s character is so frightening.

      • miapatagonia says:

        You’re right “Chinatown” is a twisted film and one of my favorites. I think it’s brilliant. I don’t think Hollywood is less wild today as it was in the 70s but one thing I believe is that the big studio films today don’t compare to the daringness or brilliance of the films that was in 1970s.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      This! Soooo this. Warped view from a warped individual. Too f—ed up to know what normal even is. Sorry, she’s a good actress, but not anybody to turn to for a viewpoint.

  35. LT says:

    Not a pretty picture, in all. AJ grew up in a dysfunctional environment, and still seems to live in the same dysfunctional bubble of Hollywood. Then there’s that whole thing of her having dated and lived with Terry Richardson’s father. It’s all gross.

  36. Domino says:

    I love Roman Polanski as a director. I guess I’m one of the few who thinks just because the girl was 13 it doesn’t make her a pure and innocent angel. I’m definitely not relying solely on her side of the story just because she was a minor.

    • Heylee says:

      “Just because the girl was 13” any sexual contact between a 13 year old and a 43 year old is RAPE. Don’t matter what her side of the story was. She was 13. 13 and 43 always equal RAPE.

    • Seriously. It doesn’t matter if she was willing–she was still 13, and he was still a man in his 40’s. It’s rape either way. She isn’t old enough to give consent.

      And wow–he DRUGGED her. That tells you right there that she wasn’t willing. It’s attitudes like this that make rape victims not want to come forward. It doesn’t matter that she was there willingly. He still did something wrong and illegal, and nothing SHE did or didn’t do negates that.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Polanski is a great artist but that does not in anyway excuse what he did, he was the adult, the onus was on him to act appropriately, instead he behaved appallingly. Strange how a man who could make a sensitive and moving film like the pianist could be the same man who committed this rotten offence.

    • Lia says:

      You should read the documents from the court case. For one, statutory rape is rape, period. Having sex with someone before they’ve reached the age of consent is illegal. That aside, this case involved drugging, and absolutely no consent, legally recognized or otherwise. I’m sorry for whatever has happened in your life that lead you to make a comment like that.

    • Anony says:

      Your sick Domino. He admitted to drugging her so he could sodomize her. Her pictures show how young and child like she looked.

    • M says:

      He can be a great director, a good friend, a victim of a heinous crime & still be a sick rapist at the same time. Go ahead and enjoy his movies but it still does not take away from the fact that he drugged & anally raped a 13-yr-old. Maybe she looked older with platform heels on (per Angelica) but once she was undressed? I bet she looked like the 13-yr-old girl she was.

  37. JenniferJustice says:

    Hmmmm….can’t help it. I don’t beleive her. Sadly, even though I kind of like Angelica Huston, or at least alot of teh roles she’s played (she is a good actress), I think she falls into the category of celebrities who have eachother’s backs no matter what. She was a model, Jack’s girlfriend, whom he cheated on regularly. She wants us to buy that she didn’t think there was anything sexual going on with RP and this young lady/girl as it happened? Why would they be in Jack’s house? Because it was Jack’s bachelor pad he allowed his friends to rendevous at for their trysts. He had his camera, why? I’m guessing to take pictures of the girl. IMO Huston is still trying to be one of the guys and desperate to be accepted in a fickle industry. I’m not liking her so much these days.

  38. Brionne says:

    Seems like Angelica writes some sort of memoir with a new angle every year. I remember hearing her discuss a book she had written about her and her father last year on NPR. Angelina doesn’t have anything else going on?

  39. M says:

    Sadly, a lot of the comments here support the idea that women should be responsible for a man’s perversions. Ie : “Where was the mother?” “What was the mother thinking?”. Victim blaming rather then focusing on the fact that this perp (who can also make great movies) raped a 13 yr-old girl. So what if the mom allowed a famous & respected director to take pictures of the girl? How she got to the house doesn’t change what happened one iota. Men are in control of themselves & acting like the mother was the one at fault while he drugged & raped a girl? He did that all by himself & obviously enjoyed it. Oh- and it wasn’t sex, it was rape! We need to stop perpetuating the myth that men are not in control of themselves when “given” a girl.

  40. Longhorn says:

    I have a cousin who at age 14 looked like she was 18 – 19 years old. She didn’t dress provocatively or was overly developed but her face looked very mature. When I first met her (she’s from Argentina) i was shocked that she was virtually still a tween. So I can see how Angelica H assumed Samantha was at least 18.

    • M says:

      Maybe your cousin looked older but this girl did not. Would it also make it okay if your 14 yr-old-cousin was with a 40-yr-old pervert since she looked like she might be 18? Look at the published pics RP took of Samantha that day- she looks 13. AH said she was “wearing platform heels & looked tall” which says that she is looking for excuses to why she was not concerned. The victim looked like a girl in the pics the RP took that day & I am sure she looked like a girl while he was raping her. Let’s not give him or AH excuses. He knew her age- heels or not. Angelica just wants reasons (excuses) to why she was an innocent bystander. And Angelica was an innocent bystander- she has no responsibility in this story if she did not witness the actual abuse since that burden lands on Roman alone. AH should be pissed at RP that she needs to convince herself & the public of why it was okay that she played a small part in a crime that was committed & did nothing.

    • Ennie says:

      Remember that football player who took pics of his 1o YEAR OLD dressed in pink and with bows and a backpack and warned everyone how his child ws only ten.
      The girl was telling men online that she was older, even more than 18. this girl is easily 5′ 7” or more. Her face is childlike but so, there are people who have a baby face like Selena Gomez or older boys who look prepubescent like J. Bieber.
      Then there was that, nowadays still young girls with parents’ approval or not are easily preyed on on social media.

  41. teehee says:

    Well, keep in mind that when Anjelica saw this girl and Roman, she was probably high on crack.
    Nuff said.

  42. drea says:

    she looks like jenna’s mothers character on 30 rock after she only had one breast fixed in that middle picture… “i got the meat, jack”… anyone?!

  43. Kitsch says:

    This seems very safely worded. I’d read somewhere else that Huston was banging on the door. Okay, so you see an old guy with a 13 year old girl and thought nothing of it? I think this is BS.

    That girl’s mum was extremely disturbing to watch in an interview. She didn’t take responsibility for letting her child get in an awful situation such as this.

  44. Anna B says:

    I’m not defending or justifying anything, but it was a different era back then, understanding of sexual abuse was drastically under-developed, and I suspect everyone at the time was cutting Polanski a lot of slack because of his past.

  45. Godwina says:

    I came of age in the 70s and 80s, in a liberal swinging “urbane” artistic environment, and I remember the sexual/predatory culture distinctly, and was constantly on my guard. People really didn’t have the same reaction to older men and, say, 15-year-old girls. Heck, Melodie Nelson, anyone? Men were *lauded* for it. If AH perceived RP’s victim as 15 or so, I can “get” how she just…let it go. Even 15. 15 was considered “ready.” Men had ALL the power then, and they got away with it. It was “normal” or at least “a thing.” I can really see why the women around that victim–her mom, AH–just stood by before and during, not being protective. They mostly all did. (Reiterating: distinct culture/environment as well as era–I’m sure there were many demographics in the 70s where that crap was rightfully discouraged, but not where I was, not in Gainsbourg’s Paris, and certainly not in Hollywood).

    There was NO protection provided to me by most adults when I was that age, in that era and environment, when much older men were trying to get me into bed (I was lucky–they failed, and also I was just LUCKY). Unless my protective mother was aware, I was on my own. I say it again: Sooooo lucky, I was.

    AH, you break my heart with this f*cking apologism. You know now what you did/didn’t do back then was heinous. You have to know.

  46. Anonymous says:

    My first sexual experience was a rape that occurred in 1979 about a month after I got my first period , at age 12. Soon thereafter, my mother coerced me into an abortion at Planned Parenthood. The nurses and MD at Planned Parenthood neither asked the circumstances of the pregnancy nor did they (or my mother) make a report to child protection. I fainted inside the building. The surgical nurses held me down during the vacuum aspiration procedure and then the staff lectured me prior to providing me a Rx for a oral contraceptive, and told me to not get myself in trouble again. I will always hold disdain for Planned Parenthood as a “feminist” organization. And the deacon of our church who raped me? He was never confronted, and he is retired, still lives in the same area with his wife. They have adult children, all successful. I continue to struggle with happiness — it is elusive. I’ve been unable to maintain a long term healthy relationship. I’ve never had an orgasm with another person present. I had my first orgasm at age 39, and instead of joyful
    release, I sobbed with guilt.

  47. BlackBetty says:

    Why do they still make excuses for this pedophile? Why does being friends with Roman Pokanski trump Him being a disgusting pedophile? I am too young to remember Anjelicas history but I’ll never see her the same now!

  48. Ravensdaughter says:

    Serious moon face. Is she on corticosteroids (e.g. Prednisone) for some sort of health condition?