Tilda Swinton’s Scottish menagerie includes Springer spaniels & lots of hens


Here are some photos of Tilda Swinton in NYC yesterday. She was out and about on the streets with her boyfriend Sandro Kopp, who wore an amazingly colorful outfit. I’m also including some photos of Tilda at last night’s Gotham Awards – I don’t think Sandro came with her, which doesn’t mean anything. Tilda is still everything, to everyone.

Did you know that Tilda was named GQ’s Woman of the Year? If that’s not awesome enough in and of itself, here’s something better: GQ sent a reporter out to Scotland to interview Tilda in her natural habitat and the result is, in a word, AMAZE-BALLS. You can read the full GQ piece here. I don’t want to ruin it, but Tilda is a goddess. She has springer spaniels named Rosy, Dora, Louis, and Dot. She has a tortoise named Slowly. She keeps hens and she takes photos of their eggs. One hen, Speckled Jim, is gender dysmorphic and missing from Tilda’s property. Tilda grows a garden with cabbage. Dahlias grow everywhere. Tilda used to think she was a “foundling” but nowadays she feels more like a product of her family. She made money in her early 20s by being a professional gambler in London (she bet on horses). She refers to Sandro as her “sweetheart.” God, I would give anything to be BFFs with Tilda. Oh, and the best part? She’s still unafraid of throwing shade at Harvey Weinstein.

Tilda also did an interview with Variety which is more of a traditional industry-type interview, although Tilda still reads like a breath of fresh air – you can read the full piece here. She says she still has no idea how to campaign for an Oscar. She loved The Lego Movie (she declares it to be “brilliant”). She doesn’t really care about the lack of good roles for women. She doesn’t Google herself because she “has too much to do.”



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. kri says:

    A tortoise named “Slowly”, and a gender dysmorphic hen named “Speckled Jim”. I’m calling it now-morning MADE!

  2. Sarah says:

    Talk about incognito – I would never recognize her in that green outfit out and about with Sandro.

  3. Ari says:

    Love her

  4. Ratherbeme says:

    Oh Tilda my Tilda.

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Well, Harvey buried Snowpiercer and her performance in that was completely insane so she has reason to throw shade at him.

    • Kitten says:

      HOLY SH*T!
      We just watched Snowpiercer a couple weeks ago and I had NO idea that was her.
      Gah! She is so good.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      She stole that show. I loved her performance.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And she and John Hurt began filming Snowpiercer just days after they wrapped OLLA, which makes her transformation even more amazing.

  6. Kitten says:

    I clicked hoping to see pictures of animals and while I’m disappointed, I just have to say that Tilda is so f*cking cool.

  7. Leah says:

    Her boyfriend is so hot!

  8. Izzy says:

    I adore her and her Wein-shade. That is all.

  9. MtnRunner says:

    My FAVORITE post of the day. I’m doing a double-feature of Orlando and OLLA tonight to celebrate our alien goddess. Come one, come all…

  10. QQ says:

    Our alien overlord Tilda Is EVERYTHING THERE IS TO BE

  11. MtnRunner says:

    Favorite quote from the GQ article:

    “For a lot actors, there’s a sort of code of honor around playing something other than yourself, which I just don’t have. I love feeling like I’m—I won’t even say acting out, but performing in some deep seam of my consciousness, or my family’s consciousness, or my past. That’s really amusing to me.”

  12. Georganna says:

    They are craxy together. That’s what it is all about. (just look at the outfits and believe it)

  13. jammypants says:

    Tilda is a goddess.

  14. Miss Jupitero says:

    I’ll have what she’s having.

    Her ex John Byrne had a major exhibit btw. I wish I could have seen it:


  15. Grant says:

    Tilda, you are EVERYTHING!

  16. MtnRunner says:

    She doesn’t own a television. I LOVE THIS WOMAN. I want her as my BFF4EVA.

    Actually, a standing date for tea at 4p every day would be enough.

    • Oh Hey says:

      Just hearing her talk about her garden and her hens makes her my wanna be BFF4EVA, earthy woman, smart and funny.

  17. Emily says:

    Flawless. Patron saint her already.

  18. ellesbelles says:

    She really is flawless. The telegraph named OLLA one of the best films of 2014, so I’ve got a warm fuzzy for Tilda and Tom (and Mia and Anton and Jim as well)

    ETA: just read the GQ article and I want to spend time with Tilda just experiencing her

  19. Pandy says:

    Wow, she seems like a cool, genuine person.

  20. ellesbelles says:

    *setting out cushions and cocktails* Now the true test will be if this thread gets closed too.

  21. MtnRunner says:

    Ahhh… sitting in comfort and cocktail in hand. What shall we discuss first? Tom and Hogg? I’ll have some Snowpiercer to discuss once I watch it tonight.

    ETA: @TB do you have Netflix? If so, you should watch it too. We can discuss tomorrow.

    @Elle, The name Dragonflies came from the Flaunt photo shoot.

    • ellesbelles says:

      I need to get netflix. That is for sure on the agenda in the next few weeks. I dont mind that I actually purchased The Hollow Crown and T:TDW on DVD. I was looking at the new dvds I’ve purchased lately and its Sherlock, Hobbit, and Tom things.

      I’m not ashamed of this

      • Anne tommy says:

        I’m going to say I really liked Hogg’s Exhibition too, and then go and stand in the corner…

      • MtnRunner says:

        All of Hogg’s movies are on Netflix. Wallander too. it’s worth it for $9 a month. I use the Apple TV device to watch Netflix on my TV so I’m not stuck at my computer.

      • Grace says:

        All I found on Netflix was Exhibition, no Archipelago and everything else. Do they show different films to different regions?

        Also, the comments are disappearing so fast, aren’t they?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Anne Tommy, I particularly enjoyed the elevator scene in “Exhibition.” I found it hilarious but I don’t think Tom was acting or even improvising. I think that was his actual reaction to opening that door and realizing he could not fit in that elevator.

      • MtnRunner says:

        I didn’t make it all the way through Exhibition. I had no prob staying engaged with the other two films, but that one bored me. Tom looked nice, however. Someone tell me what I’m missing and I’ll give it another chance.

        Copying over what I said previously, Unrelated was harder to watch due to the cringeworthy subject matter, but I can’t deny that Tom was quite the looker in that one. I could feel ALL of Anna’s FEELS as the outsider in relation to the “olds” and the “youngs”. I’m so sensitive to it in my own life, that I related just a bit too much. I was embarrassed as I watched her get reeled in and rejected by Oakley. I could grasp the ridiculousness of a middle-aged woman being taken by a kid but able to understand why she was besotted with him as well.

        The fight scene between Oakley and his dad was very awkward. Did you notice that he was called both Tom and Thomas at different points in the movie? I wondered if Oakley was his nickname, but it wasn’t made clear.

        My only complaint was how quickly everything was wrapped up nicely at the end. It didn’t seem realistic to me. I liked Archipelago better in that there were unanswered questions when it ended. There seemed to be less dialog and that gave me time to process what was going on. I’ll be watching that one again and again, I loved it so much. I used to live in Maine and the coastal scenes reminded me of my time there. Joanna has a good eye for scenery.

      • Grace says:

        @MtnRunner, I feel the same way about Unrelated. I have no issue with a middle-aged woman having a schoolgirl crush on a much younger guy. I mean, it happens in RL. He’s bratty and hot, has given her the attention she probably craves but it’s difficult to watch for me. To see her going back and forth between happy and disappointed because he’s giving her mixed signals. And yet, she can’t help being drawn to him, for those little whiles that he’s made her feel young and wanted again. You just know it’s a head-in-the-cloud moment that’s never gonna go anywhere.

      • Isadora says:

        @MtnRunner: That’s what I really like about Unrelated – this outsider feeling was spot on. And I think it works also for people who are not middle-aged or in any way at Anna’s point in life, but watching her being so lost and neither like the “young” nor like the “old”, yes… it was painful to watch, but very relatable, I think. And Oakley (yes, I think it’s a nickname) was a great character, imho, definitely more layered than just a “villain” or bad guy. He’s just Oakley – a very young attractive man who IS flirty and careless and a bit wild (and also fleeing his own demons). Sometimes I read online that people found Oakley was at fault, but to me it’s more that Anna just got on the wrong track – what you, Grace, accurately called the head-in-the-cloud moment.

      • Anne tommy says:

        mtRunner, as a bit of a leftie I might normally not relate to the couple in exhibition who are middle class and affluent and lucky in that sense, but I think it worked because of the focus on human issues that affluence can’t resolve. Their relationship primarily, though I thought in many ways it was a positive one. Reference was made in exhibition to a prior event which I construed as the husband being mugged, and I think there was also a theme that Hogg has explored before, a middle aged woman with regrets about not having a child. Terrific performances by Viv albertine and Liam Gillick. Not enough Tom though!

    • ellesbelles says:

      Wallender is the seal the deal for me. I’m a MASSIVE KB fan ever since Much Ado About nothing. (Still longing to see Tom as Benedick. I hope that comes to life)
      I see the preview for it when i pop a sherlock DVD in. I have a smart blu ray so I can stream netflix and hulu, just need to get all sorted.

      I really hope they let us sit here for awhile. I like it here. I defected from dlisted because it was getting to snarky. I just want to fan girl, not contemplate social issues

      • Grace says:

        D-listed is funny from time to time. But I have a feeling people there can act like they’re too cool for others who don’t share their views.

      • ellesbelles says:

        Grace I used to love it, but lately its not as fun. The comment section at least. I still love Michael K and Alison, but the comments, I just stay away. I’d rather come here and have fun

  22. TotallyBiased says:

    My name is TotallyBiased, and I’ve been DragonflyStoned for over two years. Of course, I’ve been mesmerized by Tilda since Orlando. Really need to see Snowpiercer!
    @MtnRunner, this is where you meant, right?
    (Oh, and much thanks to ellesbelles for the kind hospitality. Perhaps Lilacflowers will allow Mark Strong to run Colin over for a little bartending. The tortoise and transgendered chicken should be just up his alley!)

    • ellesbelles says:

      Ok, where did the Dragonfly name originate? Was the flaunt pictorial first? or did the name result because of the jacket?

      I’ve been full on Hiddlebelled since… last week! No.. like 2 weeks now. Feels like ages. How did I not know about this man? I saw the dang Jaguar commercial and not a glimmer.

      ETA: I saw the jaguar commercial during the superbowl and didnt get any twitches. I watch it now and get hearts eyes

      • Oh Hey says:

        Do believe it was the dragonfly jacket, which I love by the way, far more than that weird photo shoot with him in the white tights sitting on the lockers…he can pull it off. I hope he kept it. He can wear it to our wedding with a nice kilt.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        ellesbelles The second Jag commercial is MUCH better use of Tom. So hot, in fact, that it was “banned in Britain” for encouraging risky behavior. Heh.
        And, hey, wait–Snowpiercer is on Netflix? I can’t watch it until next week, but that’s good to know!

      • ellesbelles says:

        Oh man, I’m not sure if I could last a whole wedding if he was standing there in a kilt. As it is, weddings are so overwhelming to me. If I ever marry, its eloping and throw a party later

      • ellesbelles says:

        @TB the art of villiany commercial is on the Tom Cloud 😉 If I could isolate where he says “Its all mine” into a clip, it would be my phone alarm

      • MtnRunner says:

        Tom in a kilt. What a lovely image.

        You know he’d be FREEBALLIN’.

      • Oh Hey says:

        Oh you know he would be going commando, (as he does most of the time given the photos I’ve seen), as he said in the pajama party MTV thing, ‘He would insist upon it!’ (talking about a nude Skarsgaard, I think).

  23. Grace says:

    I ordered Chinese with Just East. Ate roasted duck fried noodles but still have shrimp fried noodles, chicken satay on skewers. Take your pick.

    Edit: replying to OH Hey’s comment.

  24. ellesbelles says:

    I think I found something hotter than the “I will be the first one to kiss you” bit (when that one is taken out of context.

    There is a clip of an interview on youtube called Tom Hiddleston Loved being punched by Natalie Portman, and he says something along the lines of “I am pleased to have given pleasure”

    I’m going to need a hot sauna and cold shower now

  25. MtnRunner says:

    Since this is a SWINTON thread, enjoy this prosy piece of awesomeness from the Gotham Awards:


    Like I needed any more reason to make her my fantasy BFF, le sigh.

  26. ellesbelles says:

    Ive uploaded 14 new clips to the hiddle cloud ladies. Last time I tried to link, it wouldn’t post the comment, same link applies xx

    Ive got a date with my pillow and headphones. Goodnight!

    • Oh Hey says:

      Thanks, off to download…..must try to see if I can get some on my android phone for listening, don’t have an ipod… 🙁

  27. joe spider says:

    In case you missed my LONG poem recording from the legit Tom thread:


    It goes on for ages, so just leave it running in the background while you concentrate on work.:)

  28. TotallyBiased says:

    @Lilacflowers, @icerose, @ellesbelles, @MtnRunner, @jammypants @Joe spider, @Allegra
    and all the many others I’m too lazy to type…
    That’s it, I’m done. Another post closed, and on a Saturday no less. It just takes TOO much effort to get invested in a thread and then try to keep it going by jumping from one post to another. I have theories, on a conspiracy train OTHER than the other guy’s enGAGement, but after two years it just isn’t worth the candle anymore (Though I will esp miss some of the classic posters–j.eyre. T.Fanty, Sixer.)
    Keep your powder dry, your beer cold, and your whiskey warm, and I’ll see you on the flip side.

    • jammypants says:

      I don’t blame you TB. If you ever do come back, you’re always welcome by us. I’m sorry you’re being run off by, sheer irony from your name, the totally biased.

  29. ellesbelles says:

    *waves a flag*

    There was a mass clean out of comments of ours yesterday, but I think I figured out why some of my comments disappeared. I have a hotmail and an outlook email with the same header, and didnt realize I was using outlook at work and mobile and hotmail at home. i probably triggered spam.

    I’ve binged watched all of his earlier stuff. I loved his compassion in casualty, miss austen regrets was adorable. Come chase me through a maze tom! and of course cranford. I cant get enough

    • jammypants says:

      have you seen Suburban Shootout? really funny and cute

      • ellesbelles says:

        not yet! I’ve been watching Wallender all afternoon. Finally got netflix sorted

      • ellesbelles says:

        Just watched exhibition. And I dont care how beautiful tom is… that movie was soooooooo bad. So dull, so awkward, just no.

      • jammypants says:

        oh god, I wished you asked. I would have prevented you losing those 2 hours of your life. It’s better to just watch the youtube clip :p

      • ellesbelles says:

        Jammy it was sooooo horrible. I got about 30 mins in and went NOPE! Just fast forwarded to the tom bits. I’ll try Archipelago and Unrelated, but I have the feeling Joanna Hogg isnt my kind of director. I just didnt want to watch two people walk around their house and talk to eachother and have sex now and then

      • TotallyBiased says:

        @ellesbelles, jammy I *try* to be a complete-ist…but i just can’t seen buying Exhibition for such a brief amount of Tom versus SO much of what I *don’t* enjoy about Hogg.

      • jammypants says:

        If I’m honest, I’m pretty ok with her first two efforts. They had pretty clear concepts and were interesting. Exhibition, however, is pretentious try-hard bs.