Miley Cyrus whines about Radiohead not wanting to meet her

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The men of Radiohead are gods to nearly everyone who hates the bubble-gum pop music world, anyone who appreciates what a really talented and challenging band should sound like. So it’s a surprise that Radiohead is like, totally, the favorite band of one Miley Cyrus.

At the Grammy’s, Miley really wanted to meet her “favorite” band backstage. What would you do if you were Miley? Maybe crawl on your hands and knees to their dressing room, knowing full well that they would be absolutely clueless as to your existence? Of course not! Because the world revolves around Miley. She sent her manager down to Radiohead’s dressing room to see if Radiohead wanted to come and meet her. Sick yet? Radiohead dismissed her, of course. And now Miley is whining to anybody who will listen:

Miley Cyrus may be every teen’s favorite celebrity, but there are, apparently, some people who couldn’t care less about the Hannah Montana star!

During an interview with JohnJay and Rich on their radio show, Cyrus said she was dissed by Radiohead at this year’s Grammy Awards, despite forcing her manager to beg them for an introduction.

“My manager asked and said, you know, ‘Miley, she’s really obsessed and she’d really like to meet them,’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, we don’t really do that,’” Miley told JohnJay and Rich. “I left ’cause I was so upset. I wasn’t going to watch!”

“I’d already texted all my friends, we were all freaking out. This is someone who I like would have cried to [have met],” she continued. “Stinkin’ Radiohead!”

[From OK! Magazine]

So because Radiohead acted like they were better than her (an empirical fact as far as I’m concerned), Miley is now off her “favorite” band. That makes sense. LaineyGossip already pointed out that Radiohead really doesn’t bow down to anybody, not even people that might consider peers, like Coldplay. And Miley’s not alone – according to Kanye West, Radiohead also snubbed him at the Grammy Awards.

I already adored Radiohead, but this whole situation has given me a new lease on my love. I’m going to go listen to The Bends.

Here’s Miley promoting her book ‘Miles To Go’ at Barnes & Noble 5th Avenue in New York City yesterday. Images thanks to

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  1. Trillion says:

    It is important to protect your image if you want to maintain integrity. Some talented musicians and songwriters out there (John Mayer, and hate to say it, but Fall Out Boy) don’t learn this lesson.

  2. Nony says:

    But they didn’t even snub her! It’s not like they said “Who the fuck is that, and why would we want to meet her” – they just said “we don’t really do that” and they don’t, never do. That’s not a snub, that’s a policy..

  3. Annie says:

    Besides, I’m sure she’s a host for some kind of dormant virus that causes nasally voices, horrendous singing, racist outbursts and asinine behavior.

  4. Sauronsarmy says:

    Shut up Miley. If you’re such a “huge fan” you should’ve known that Radiohead don’t do that kind of crap. What a self entitled little bitch.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Wonder if her book is going to flop. I hope so lol.

  6. Annie says:

    :( Modded ftl.

  7. the original kate says:

    i dislike this self-important little bitch more and more every time she opens her mouth.

  8. Kate says:

    Oh boo hoo girl. Miley Cyrus is not nearly as interesting or important as she and Daddy think she is. Maybe things like this will teach her that lesson before it’s too late and gets even more self centered.

  9. Amy says:

    why didn’t she go down and meet them herself if she really wanted to see them? it sounds a bit egotistical to send her manager.

  10. Aleksa says:

    This girl is turning into a cow already…And would she have us believe she´s written the book herself?

  11. Holly says:

    Ugh, whatever, Radiohead is so snobby and overrated. Get over yourselves (them not you guys).

  12. Your Friend says:

    Why does everyone have to like RadioHead. They’re music sucks and they are a bunch of tools. Everyone’s like ohhh, its soo innnovative..PSH

    But from this story it sounds like she should have just walked up and said hello. I think they meant that “what they don’t do” was orchestrated introductions (for press purposes) with people they don’t know. That sounds pretty real. Who can blame, em?

    Then again, may it was am image-oriented move. This band of cool guys didn’t want to be see with a Disney kids star. That, too, sounds possible..

    And again, for you Radiohead fans, radiohead sucks…Miley is probably more talented anyhow.

  13. Emma says:

    Thom Yorke and co have gone up even further in my estimation. Thank God that some musicians still take their music seriously and don’t just use it as a self-promotion excercise. Musicians with integrity, that’s what I like to see.

  14. Trillion says:

    I see one of Miley’s little friends here…

  15. Codzilla says:

    Your Friend: It’s “their” not “they’re”, professor.

  16. Obvious says:

    Radiohead=new musicgods of this generation.

    It’s official. Love them now more than ever. But I’m not sure if it’s for the Miley snub or the Kanye snub.

    Miley is annoying and Kanye is too full of himself-AND DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!!!!-therefor not for my generation.

  17. tigerlille says:

    I predict a lot more whining in Miley’s future as she comes to realize that the real world could give a rats ass..

  18. Gloaming says:

    I love my Yorkles a bit more now.

    And i didn’t think that was possible. :-)

  19. Sam says:

    @trillion you are right about John Mayer and Fall Out Boy. They didn’t learn. I feel they have lost integrety. I will never buy their music. I believe they will roll in bed with any one for a pr stunt to get attention. Thom Yorke would never compromise him self or his music. Nothing wrong with having respect for your craft.
    Radiohead are kings to me. Their music is the best thing going. Now I admire them even more. Miley is another Paris Hilton yuck.

  20. Jill says:

    oh, i love them even more now. they are amazing.

    i thought miley’s favorite band was iron maiden? i feel like she has a new “favorite band” every time i read an interview with her.

  21. Asiont says:

    I’d be very disappointed if they would have met her.

  22. geronimo says:

    Your Friend: “Miley is probably more talented anyhow.”

    bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …
    cough splutter wipes eyes goes to lie down

  23. Heironymous Grex says:

    That’s because they’re a legitimate performing band Miley, and you’re the latest in Disney’s parade of atonal caucasian jailbait, who will be forgotten when you’re no longer thought of as cute or when you hit 18 and considered ‘too old’.

  24. FF says:

    More love to Radiohead, then.

    Her response is bratty. Her attitude is bratty, and that might be at least half of the reason they declined.

    She’s no Hilary Duff, that’s for sure. And I don’t think Radiohead would agree to meet her either, so Miley might want to get some class about the rejection and not assume everyone wants to meet and greet.

  25. Shay says:

    Why hate on radiohead? How do you know their “we don’t really do that” really meant: We don’t do “people” set up situations. If I was a celeb I’d probably be tired of managers, agents, and publicists trying to ask me to meet one of their clients when they could have easily walked over and said hello. Maybe if Miley went over herself and met them they would have been fine.

  26. gossip_ho says:

    what a brat!

  27. Michelle says:

    Yay Radiohead! It’s like hearing the thing i love most telling the thing I hate most to fuck off, it’s a dream come true :D Pff, there is more talent in Thom Yorke’s thumb than that little brat has in her entire body.