2015 Golden Globes film noms: Angelina Jolie got majorly snubbed!


HOLY CRAP. Angelina Jolie got completely shut out of the Golden Globes. Who did she piss off? My God. That’s one of the biggest stories coming out of this morning’s Golden Globes nominations, which… just FYI, were disorganized as hell. If you’re going to split up the announcement, make one part TV and one part film. It’s not that difficult. Anyway, Jolie got shut out in a major way. No nominations for Unbroken. No nomination for Maleficent. Nothing. That’s really rough. And to cap off a horrible week for Jolie, Jennifer Aniston got another major nomination for CAKE. Here are the film nominations:

Best Motion Picture, Drama
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Best Comedy or Musical
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Into the Woods
St. Vincent

Best Actor, Drama
Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler
David Oyelowo, Selma
Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

Best Actress, Drama
Jennifer Aniston, “Cake”
Felicity Jones, “Theory of Everything”
Julianne Moore, “Still Alice”
Rosamund Pike, “Gone Girl”
Reese Witherspoon, “Wild”

Best Actress, Comedy
Amy Adams, Big Eyes
Emily Blunt, Into the Woods
Helen Mirren, The Hundred-Foot Journey
Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars
Quvenzhane Wallis, Annie

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy
Ralph Fiennes, “Grand Budapest Hotel”
Michael Keaton, “Birdman”
Bill Murray, “St. Vincent”
Joaquin Phoenix, “Inherent Vice”
Christoph Waltz, “Big Eyes”

Best Supporting Actress:
Patricia Arquette
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep
Keira Knightley
Jessica Chastain

Best Supporting Actor:
Robert Duvall (The Judge)
Ethan Hawke (Boyhood)
Edward Norton (Birdman)
Mark Ruffalo (Foxcatcher)
JK Simmons (Whiplash)

I’m actually super-excited for JK Simmons – what a long, brilliant career he’s had and he’s so deserving of all of this recognition. I still don’t get why Robert Duvall is getting nominated though. Let’s see… still no Laura Dern, that’s interesting. I’m glad to see Keira, Emma Stone and Patricia Arquette on the list. I’m happy for Bendy and for Ruffalo. Still disappointed that there’s no Charming Potato. Huh. But a mixed bag – I guarantee the biggest story of the day is going to be Jolie’s shut-out. Jesus, she’s having a terrible week.



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  1. aims says:

    I can’t believe angelina got snubbed. Shame. Glad to see boyhood up there.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      But why was everyone expecting a nom? It’s not loke Unbroken was getting the same buzz as TIG or TTOE.

      • Dolce crema says:

        Since they nominated her for the tourist? Maybe that is why ?

      • Catk says:

        This. Why would she be nominated? Why is this a snub?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @SpookySpooks , who wrote: “But why was everyone expecting a nom? It’s not loke Unbroken was getting the same buzz as TIG or TTOE.”

        @Catk, who wrote: “This. Why would she be nominated? Why is this a snub?”

        Ladies, I think people are more surprised at Angelina Jolie not being nominated for “Maleficent” than they are for “Unbroken.” After all, $516.3 million of the $757.7 million Worldwide gross for “Maleficent” came from Foreign Markets. It is therefore surprising that the Foreign Press (a.k.a. the Golden Globes) failed to nominate her; which is definitely a snub. More so that Angie wasn’t nominated than the film, because even though the film got mixed reviews the critics who didn’t like “Maleficent” still praised Angie’s performance in the film.

      • minx says:

        I agree. The reviews were somewhat mixed. I’m sure AJ isn’t crushed. She wanted to make the movie and get that story out there, and she did. The rest she can’t control.

      • aims says:

        Because the hype regarding her film has been relentless. She or the company that owns the movie has gone over and beyond I have seen campaign for an Oscar.

      • V4Real says:

        Box office gross has nothing to do with whether or not an actress/actor gets nominated. If that was the case The Avengers and IM3 would have been nominated. (Well Avengers were nominated for best CGI, technical something).

        But why should Angie expect to be nominated, is it because she’s Angie. Maybe the Foerign press was just not impressed with her work in Maleficient or with Unbroken. I don’t think AJ is losing any sleep over this.

        Jennifer Aniston? WHAT..REALLY? I guess they just figured it’s her time.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @V4Real, who wrote: “Box office gross has nothing to do with whether or not an actress/actor gets nominated.”

        No, but whether or not a film is well-received and whether or not critics–including Foreign critics–singled out a performance in a film does. As I said in my previous post, even critics who weren’t ‘impressed’ by “Maleficent” were impressed by Angelina Jolie’s performance in the film. And it is, after all, about the performance … right? Hence my surprise and perception of a snub by the Foreign Press.

        @V4Real, who also wrote: “But why should Angie expect to be nominated, is it because she’s Angie.” I never said anything about Angie’s expectation of being nominated for a Golden Globe. I only talked about ‘my’ expectations and the expectations of others that she would have been nominated for her role in “Maleficent” rather than nominations for “Unbroken.”

      • vauvert says:

        I agree. I love Angie and hope she gets directing awards at some point (heck, maybe she will get an Oscar nom this time anyway) but why does it need to be on her second movie, when she is barely forty and has already done and achieved so much? I think people want to see it as a snub just because Jen went around promoting like crazy and got nominated.
        I really hope Angie goes about her life doing her thing and ignoring both the horrible Sony emails and the “snub”… I am sure she has her hands full with the ongoing Unbroken promotion, her new movie that she is directing, her family and so on.

      • V4Real says:

        @Emma yeah I get that but you made a point of singling out the gross of Maleficient, not the performance. That’s why I said that. I asked a blanket question as to why should she be nominated, that was directed towards you, sorry you thought that it was.

    • LadyJane says:

      Maybe, just maybe, she isn’t very good?

      • Bucky says:

        I think she’s a pretty terrible actress. Have for years. I love all the good work she does, and I hope she’ll keep going in that direction and spare us her “talent.”

      • Jem says:

        I’m so glad this is getting batted around… I feel like the subject of Jolie’s modest talent as an actress was taboo for a long time. I love Angie, and I respect the heck out of her for all the humanitarian work she does… but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she AINT no Meryl Streep, folks. Never was, never will be. Not even close.

      • Korra says:

        I agree. I don’t think she’s a great actress. She’s mediocre, good sometimes. She does a serviceable job for certain things. But much like Keanu Reeves I don’t care that much if she is or not. What she does with her role as an actress is above and beyond what so many do. So she can continue being mediocre and get huge paychecks. RDJ does and does so much less. (yeah I said it). As does Johnny Depp, Dicap, Christoph Waltz, and a ton of other men.

        If the Tourist was nominated, then Unbroken should get a nom. Worse movies than unbroken have been nominated. These awards shows are all bull hockey so what does it matter? I also still want her to do more indie films to build her craft as a director. I think she has a unique voice and obviously wants control. Maybe she’s just honest about the shelf life of a woman in her industry so she’s striking while the iron is hot which again more power to her.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        I thought she was excellent in Girl, Interrupted. As for the so-called snub, I think there has been a lot of hype around Unbroken because of the subject matter — Louis Zamperini — and also because it’s Angie’s first major directing job, right? But I guess the movie isn’t anything spectacular and the interest in it is only for the reasons listed above. I doubt it’ll get any Oscar love. As for Maleficent, I haven’t seen it and I didn’t even realize people were expecting it to get noms.

      • Janet says:

        She was good enough to win one Oscar, 2 SAGs and 3 GGs.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        “She was good enough to win one Oscar, 2 SAGs and 3 GGs.”

        Yep, there is that. :)

    • kennedy says:

      I’m thrilled for Rosamund Pike and David Fincher.


      • Phenix says:


        “As does Johnny Depp, Dicap, Christoph Waltz, and a ton of other men.”

        Are you saying Christoph Waltz is a mediocre actor?! Because that is the first time I have ever heard someone said that. And I’m kind of shocked.

      • korra says:

        @phenix Not mediocre as much as lazy. Imo he just gets paid to play the same role in his english films. He’s involved in some terrible english movies too. Someone once said something about how some people like marion and elevate her because she’s french and pretty. I think the same of waltz. He’s probably brilliant in his Austrian and German roles. I just haven’t seen him in those to say. He’s definitely not the most offensive on my list if that’s what bothered you haha.

    • Fan says:

      Does it have anything to do with the fact that Unbroken has not yet been released? Just asking?

  2. Frida_K says:

    The dogs bark but the caravan continues on its way.

    I don’t think that Angelina will be too devastated by this. She knows her value.

    I loved Maleficent and saw it twice.


  3. TWINK says:

    Omg at Jennifer, I like her but I saw a clip and it was good but not amazing award-worthy acting. Go, Jake!

    • Amber says:

      Come Oscar time, if an award isn’t in Keaton’s (and Norton’s) hands, I’m going ape sh*t. But I’m totally on Team Gyllenhaal here and now. I always liked him (and he’s been around forever) and he’s been quietly churning out solid performances in one film after another for a few years now.

      I don’t think any of us has actually seen Cake. But the point still remains that there was absolutely no hype about this movie (including Aniston’s performance) after it premiered and it’s only received mixed, mixed-negative and MEH reviews. All of THIS is the result of money, a high profile, and hustling/inserting yourself where you wouldn’t be on merit, in a way that only a high profile person can.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        There still is no hype about the movie. The other actors in it are not promoting it and theaters aren’t even showing trailers for it as a coming attraction.

        Thrilled for Jake. While sitting in the doctor’s office this morning, saw him being interviewed and instead of talking about himself, he kept saying how happy he was for his sister Maggie for her TV nomination and how he was looking forward to working with Ruth Wilson, who was also nominated for something. Very, very sweet.

      • noway says:

        Agree Anniston has been selling it! I have only seen clips and it seems depressing as hell and just okay and the fact that they have such a hard time getting a distributor isn’t really a good sign, but great sales job none the less. This year is so Julianne Moore’s year so I don’t think it really matters.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I am truly surprised Jennifer Aniston has managed to get two nominations (a SAG and now the Golden Globes) since “Cake” still has no official release date set before December 31, 2014 (the last I read, the official release date is scheduled for January 23, 2015). All of the other actors are in films set for official release in theaters prior to December 31, 2014. In fact, I just Googled a question about the ‘official’ release date for “Cake” and got back “The initial release date for “Cake” was September 8, 2014.” Wasn’t that the date it was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival? Color me confused.

        LOL! I don’t mean to break the hearts of anyone rubbing their hands with glee waiting for a ‘Loon’ explosion … But I have no shade to case at Jennifer Aniston for getting ‘nominated.’ She and Steve Huvane have run a brilliant campaign. :)

        I’m merely surprised because I obviously misunderstood the rules for receiving a nomination in Awards Season.

      • H says:

        I don’t think Aniston is hustling for an actual Oscar. She’s aiming for a nomination, which would be a huge validation of her questionable talent. Too bad she can’t find a quality comedy role – she was funny on Friends. I thought the nom was a long shot, but she’s hustled it into a real possibility.

      • Brodie says:

        Haven’t seen much of any hustling done by JA for Cake yet, just Horrible Bosses. On the other hand, AJ has worked every angle like a used car salesperson for Unbroken. It’s gratifying to seen that mediocre talents like AJ aren’t being rewarded this time around.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Didn’t CDAN have some blind about Jen knowing some serious dirt about people and using that as leverage for roles, etc.? More of the same? Because I don’t get it.

  4. Gine says:

    Huh, that IS surprising, considering that they’ve been nominating her for crap like The Tourist for years, just to get her and Brad to show up.

  5. Dani2 says:

    Amazed at Queen Julianne, slay a bit? Two nominations for two separate roles, she so deserves it.
    Pleased with Chastain and all the Selma noms, and really happy with Emma Stone’s and Patricia’s nominations too.

    Baffled by Jen’s nom but impressed with her PR savviness as usual, so good for her.

  6. M.A.F. says:

    Isn’t her film getting mixed reviews? If that is the case, then the shut out makes sense. But then again, it is the Golden Globes. They want Movie Stars (where ever those are now-a-days) at their show.

  7. Abbott says:

    You know what I can see happening? That Ben Affleck bounce back from a few years ago when he got snubbed for a Best Director Oscar nom. He played the weeping martyr game and the voters tried to over correct and gave him Best Picture.

    This snub will just be part of Jolie’s comeback narrative for the rest of award season.

    And I cannot believe this Cake bullsh*t is happening.

  8. OhDear says:

    Aw, too bad Chadwick Boseman didn’t get nominated.

  9. Jaderu says:

    I wonder if Miles Teller knows who JK Simmons is now.

  10. scout says:

    May be they didn’t want Jen and Angie bump into each other on the red carpet!! Haha..
    Oh well… good for Jen, don’t think Angie will be that affected. She did her best!

    • lower-case deb says:

      she’s been saying that this past few interviews when asked about what Louie inspired in her:
      “he didn’t win the race, but he finished it. that’s what’s important”
      so i guess she’ll keep hustling till the end, maybe get Deakins his first Oscar (like finally? give the man a break!), get a nom for one of her actors.

      glad to see Selma’s not shut out this time around. still can’t believe Oyelewo didn’t get anything at the SAGs.

      pretty bummed Maslany got shut out of GG again. like what’s a girl gotta do?

  11. doofus says:

    yay for Steve Carrell, JK Simmons and Christopher Waltz!

  12. Mica says:

    So bad we are not going to see Angelina at the same red carpet than Jennifer

    • Loopy says:

      I’m actually glad, lol they would have been months of reporting leading to some imaginary showdown.

      • truthSF says:

        Me too. While this is likely Aniston’s only shot at nomination (there’s no way in hell she’s going to win over Moore), Jolie has many more chances to be nominated in the future for both acting and directing.

        Plus should she be nominated for this movie? It’s only her second. I think Jolie should earn her way in the directing field much like she did with her acting.

        I hope the Selma director wins, but it will tough going against Boyhood.

      • doofus says:

        while I agree that she’s (very) unlikely to win, I’m not so sure I agree that it’s likely her only shot at a nom.

        a few days ago, everyone was saying the same thing…”there’s NO WAY she’ll get nominated”…and look where we are now. SAG and GG noms. who’s to say that this won’t spur her to continue to look for better projects and stop doing those stupid interchangeable rom-coms?…and that might just lead her to more noms.

        however, if she DOES continue the rom-com route, I agree with you.

      • Grant says:

        If Aniston manages an Oscar nom, I imagine that this will change the trajectory of her career dramatically. As many have already said, she was really great in The Good GIrl. She’s actually not this wretched actress that many paint her to be.

      • Jessica says:

        Her last rom-com was Just Go With It in 2011. Since then she’s made 4 straight comedies and 3 indie-ish films. She’s already changed things up.

      • doofus says:

        Grant, to be truthful, I don’t think she’s a wretched actress, either. I think she’s a quite good comedic actress and, contrary to what a lot of people say, I don’t see “Rachel Green” in every role. I haven’t seen The Good Girl, but I have also heard that she was pretty good in that one.

  13. Maria says:

    What’s the problem here?

    Unbroken’s release date made this next to impossible for being a contender.

    She was great in Malificient but the performance was nothing she hasn’t played before, IMO.

    She doesn’t act like she use to and I totally get why but nominating her just because is pointless.

    I won’t be watching the GGS this year, 2014 was glorious for gossip, wretched for cinema.

  14. Jem says:

    She’s not that good of an actress. Niether is Aniston. These award shows are BS anyway

  15. someone says:

    I’m not Jennifer Aniston fan so I’m eating crow here. I never thought she’d get anything for Cake and now she’s up for a SAG and a Golden Globe. Wondering if the Oscars are next?

  16. bns says:

    Rooting so hard for Patricia Arquette and my love Edward Norton.

  17. sarah says:

    Why would it affect her? To be fair Angelina acts like Hollywood is beneath her so I’m not surprised. It’s better to award someone who actually wants to be there.

    • Dolce crema says:

      Well sure, but that makes the merit of the awards debatable

    • BangersandMash says:

      @ Sarah

      She wanted this one… She wanted this one badly!!

      And the timing of this…. G*d, the TIMING!!! The world knows how powerful executives, (the ones who navigate who is the next big thing) see her. They see her as a manipulative woman, who pulls her persuasions to get whatever it is she wants. And now, they are officially, flexing their power her way!!

      Now you KNOW the golden globes wants publicity and viewers, and Brange brings in the ratings. They always have!! To shut out the Brange is practically unthinkable… unless, there is a bigger thing going on behind closed doors here.

      Let’s face it, Angie is getting her ‘Mariah Carey’ moment, and she better pull it together, or else, she will be dethroned by some ‘Ariana Grande’ out there, laughing her *ss off.

      • Paige says:

        @ BangersandMash sounds like lainey 2.0 or tabloid fiction

      • Maya says:

        Better stop writing fanfiction – just because one vile man who is known to be a bitch especially towards women says something bad about – it doesn’t make the whole world agree.

        Universal the biggest company is behind Angelina plus she has lots of powerful friends within hollywood.

        So no other powerful people within Hollywood don’t think she is manipulative etc.

        SAG and Golden Globes can be bought with bribery.

        PS: Rudin attacked lots of people – how about you mentioning them as well.

      • Janet says:

        Rudin and Pascal are getting much more negative publicity over those emails than Jolie. This is a major embarrassment for SONY. Another email has surfaced in whicharge Pascal and another exec call Kevin Hart a whore.

    • Paige says:

      You sure have a lot of assumptions about this woman :)

    • Marny says:

      C’mon, she totally wants it. They all want it. I’m not saying she doesn’t have a bunch of other great stuff going on in her life & she needs it or anything but these awards give them more respect, power, & control. It’s natural to want one.

      • Paige says:

        Yeah she does but she still has a lot more growing to do, this being only her second film. I guess she didn’t hustle hard enough. I just hate how some people act like she’s crying herself to sleep because Jennifer got a nomination. Same way when Angie was nominated in the past years, Jen didn’t care. She hustled like everyone else, so she deserves her nomination.

  18. Jessica says:

    Is it possible Jolie isn’t getting an noms for Unbroken because no one has seen the film yet? They just started screening the film, but the voting process for these noms was a while ago. Maybe not enough people had seen it for it to even be considered really.

    • slyceej says:

      I saw Unbroken in an early showing – it releases fully on Christmas Day. It was fun, but definitely not amazing. There were a few really contrived moments that I had a hard time getting past, but I enjoyed it. Eh.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Slyceej …

        “Unbroken” was fun to see? Really? Where did you see it? I’m truly curious because it’s rare to hear about a film centered around torture in a prison camp being … fun.

      • slyceej says:


        For some reason I can’t respond directly to your comment, so I’ll just respond to mine. It’s not entirely about torture, it’s actually an inspirational story about the power of will. The torture parts were hard to watch, but that isn’t the entire movie. Sure, it’s not a comedy, but I enjoyed it overall and was engaged the entire time. I didn’t realize I had to be so careful about semantics here.

        I saw the movie in NYC as part of a private event.

  19. GlimmerBunny says:

    I’m worried now, I think “Unborken” looks great, but maybe it isn’t? I’m still going to see it but I’ll lower my expectations. Sad that we won’t get Award Season fashion and cuteness from Brangelina this year though :(

  20. Maxine7 says:

    Somewhere Jennifer Aniston has a BIG bowl of popcorn in front of her . . .

  21. EC says:

    Ummm Angie will be fine. She will get past this. I’m actually a bit annoyed that since she has directed two movies, she automatically deserves nominations? To me that demeans the work of “proper” directors and people who have been honing this specific craft (directing) for their entire career. Not saying that she doesn’t deserve a chance and can’t be great at it, but its only her second picture, which didn’t get outstanding reviews, so ????? why are we so shocked?

    People hated on Jen’s hustle, but it’s working! Can you imagine if she got an Oscar nom? Jeez.

    Jake G! Quvenzhane Wallis, that little cutie. Emily Blunt! Boyhoood! This awards seasons is going to be fun:)

    • Catk says:

      Agreed. The movie did not receive wide acclaim. She’s a new director, and her efforts don’t deserve a nomination because she hustled and we want to see that gorgeous face on top of a sack on the red carpet.

    • Anny says:

      I agree. She did two movies and suddenly she is Oscar material? Why? Apparently Unbroken isn’t exceptional movie according to critics. It must be very hard to be under such pressure when you are starting in a new career field. Angelina Jolie is okay actress, certainly not as talented as for example Meryl Streep. She can be okay director. There is no shame in that. To be accomplished in two professions is quite an achievement! Plus she is great at her humanitarian work. I feel there were huge expectations for her movies and maaaaybe it was a bit unfair. Unfair on her, on that movie and on her fans who are certainly disappointed.

      I am excited for JK Simmons. Now someone text me a photo of Miles Teller’s face when JK was nominated. I love JK Simmons! I loved him in Juno and in Oz and I am so glad he is finally getting recognition.

      Aniston got second nomination? Yay just for the gossip alone! I actually started really rooting for her when people hated on her hustling. You go, girl! Go get that nom! I mean why should we women be always so polite and humble? If she is proud of her work, then go for it and hustle until you annoy every single person on Earth!

  22. Talie says:

    It’s amazing how narratives change. A month ago, it was all about Unbroken, now Aniston came out of nowhere and made it happen. Cray!

  23. Sarah says:

    Julianne Moore could win best actress in both comedy and drama categories! I’m glad to see Rosamund Pike getting the love. She was fantastic in Gone Girl.

  24. bees says:

    I see an oscar nom in Jen’s future…

  25. Luca76 says:

    Lol us Angie fans aren’t having a great week must eat some crow.
    I’m happy for the (sane) Jen fans.

  26. Jen says:

    Well it’s about damn time karma kicked her in the arse. Perhaps her ego will deflate just a little.


    I think I still have my Team Aniston shirt somewhere…

  27. Sumodo1 says:

    Yay for Julianne Moore! Two nominations and maybe this will be her Oscar year!

  28. Karma says:

    why do you moderate/delete comments when people still follow the policy. does everyone have to agree with the site??

  29. Dani2 says:

    You know what I just realised? Ava DuVernay (Selma) is the first black female director to be nominated for a Golden Globe and I can definitely see her getting that Oscar nomination as well. Keep slaying me, Ava.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s awesome! I’ve heard Selma is great too. Not much talk about it before recently, but I could see it coming in and scooping up many nominations.

    • SugarMalone says:

      I saw SELMA last night at an advance screening that had a post-show Q&A with Ava DuVernay and David Oyelowo and I’m still getting goosebumps when I remember certain scenes from the film.
      It’s seriously amazing so I’m hoping that Oprah and Brad Pitt (both Producers and Oprah has a small role) get their asses in gear and campaign hard for it so it and Ava have a chance against the Hollywood Boys Club. I have seen all of the films that are on the Globe list and not one of them is as good as SELMA, imo.

  30. Gina says:

    She wasn’t nominated for a Globe. But, her peers didn’t nominate her for an award either. As much as fans think she is worthy to be Pope or the first American Female President, she isn’t. On the other hand, what some on this particular site consider her arch nemesis, Jennifer Aniston was nominated for the SAG and Globe. I’m sure that won’t sit well with many of you guys, but I congratulate her on her success, no matter how many jeers you may throw at her.

  31. lisa2 says:

    I pissed that Unbroken didn’t get a nod..

    well now I don’t have to watch..

  32. Kim1 says:

    I am disappointed that Unbroken didn’t get any noms .I already knew Malecifent wasn’t even submitted so there was no way it could be nominated.It is funny that the tabloids can’t use their awards show showdown covers. Brad and Angie don’t attend awards shows when their films / co stars aren’t nominated.So we will see them on the RC a couple more times at the premiers.

  33. Megan says:

    I’m starting to think Angie leaked the story about the final edit of the film… With the industry connections that she has, I bet she knew she wasn’t getting nominated and that was her way of shielding herself from some of the criticism. Still, Unbroken looks fabulous!

    • Esmom says:

      Interesting theory, makes sense. Having worked in a creative field (not film) I know what it’s like to distance yourself from the final product when it’s been altered by the corporate suits.

      Although I don’t think she or anyone should be upset at not being nominated. Getting the film even made was a victory in itself, imo.

    • ElleRob says:

      Take this with a grain of salt, but a friend who works in the industry and loves to gossip told me a while ago that he’d heard talk that Jolie is more of a figurehead than a director for Unbroken. That the studio wanted her name recognition and hired her over better qualified directors, and let her play at being a director and sounding important. That it angered a lot of people when she was chosen because Unbroken was a big project that could be a great vehicle for a director with the skills and talent to break into the top ranks but instead it went to an underqualified actress who had to be coddled and surrounded by qualified people to make her a “director.” That she could have been passionate about it as a producer (see George Clooney) and still hired a director. (I’m loosely paraphrasing some of his words)

      My caveat is my friend can be kind of a sexist jerk (it’s why he’s done well in Hollywood), but given the shut out … now I sort of wonder if there’ s a veneer of truth to it.

      • pwal says:

        Not buying. Given that this project languished for nearly 50 years, it’s doubtful that HW was waiting for ‘the one’, in term of directors.

        Angelina saw something in this project that no other director saw in the last nearly 50 years… end of story.

      • ElleRob says:

        I’d give it closer to five years, given that I don’t think the movie would have been made if the book hadn’t been such a huge hit. There are a lot of great stories languishing around Hollywood that take years to happen for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the actors or directors.

        Much as I hate to defend my friend, I do think he had a good point that she could have produced and hired a director. By and large, producers and studios are the driving force behind what gets made, not directors (except for a rare few like Spielberg).

      • Anny says:

        That is interesting piece of gossip. She certainly added a lot of name recognition for that movie. I wouldn’t believe it until yesterday and after reading all those incredibly sexist mails I am tempted to believe it a little. But I wouldn’t still take it too seriously. I don’t really believe they just “let her play at being a director” (that actually makes me SO angry being a woman…) but I bet they used her name to get more attention and there were much more talented or accomplished directors available.

      • noway says:

        I think the play director part was your friend being sexist, but you are right that is probably how he has gotten along in Hollywood so far. I still have no doubt that they gave it to her for the name recognition she gave to the project. After the success of the book, a more experienced director would have been a less risky choice. I am betting they second guessed her and had back up and oversight galore on this movie, and this could be the reason it may not be fairing well with the critics too many cooks in the kitchen.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @ElleRob, who wrote: “Take this with a grain of salt, but a friend who works in the industry and loves to gossip told me a while ago that he’d heard talk that Jolie is more of a figurehead than a director for Unbroken.”

        I’ve read this same thing at Female First for the past three months. I’d advise taking this with a mountain of salt. It sounds more like wishful thinking to me.

      • mayamae says:

        @Emma, who wrote: “I’ve read this same thing at Female First for the past three months. I’d advise taking this with a mountain of salt. It sounds more like wishful thinking to me.”

        Why do you do that to yourself? I went to FF only once, and found it disturbing. Why would you subject yourself to daily visits for three months? Especially when posters here have to constantly be reminded about the comments there?

  34. db says:

    I like Jolie, but I’m starting to feel like there’s some sort of backlash starting to gain momentum. Last week, or the week before, she mentioned that the studio had taken the final cut from her.I It felt like she was trying to front run that a little bit, say it herself before anyone else could. Then the sony hack, which none of them could control, but it lifted the curtain to the backroom action. And now the snub. I’m not saying it’s a full on backlash, but there’s something in the air. I hope Unbroken is a hit and whatever this is recedes.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @DB, who wrote: “I like Jolie, but I’m starting to feel like there’s some sort of backlash starting to gain momentum. Last week, or the week before, she mentioned that the studio had taken the final cut from her.”

      Did Angie say it? I thought someone else leaked that.

  35. DiamondRottweiler says:

    What I see happening this year is that the awards shows generally are being grudgingly pushed into more diversity in their nominations. Which is a good thing overall. But you see the vast majority of non-gendered category nods still go to white male writers, directors. This actually makes it a little tougher for anyone who isn’t white male, as there aren’t enough token slots to account for all the good work in TV and film being done by those outside this power structure. They’re only willing to throw so many bones to the Other at this point. No doubt, this will correct itself in time. That door has been opened. But it’s still a landscape of relative scarcity for women and people of color.

    • noway says:

      I don’t know that I agree with this. They had more diversity last year among all the nominees in both race and age. Women have their own acting categories and there are so few women in director or other roles that it really isn’t surprising to not have the nominees. It really is a middle aged white man’s world in Hollywood. The drama pitting powerful women against each other doesn’t help to cultivate more women in the industry either. Notice how you don’t really have the boy drama in the media. There saving there fiefdom. What I would like to see is the powerful women get together and push their agenda through. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Angie and Jen pushing a more woman centric Hollywood. Also, throw in Viola Davis and some of the other powerful women of color and really change the landscape.

      • DiamondRottweiler says:

        Hmmm. Just look at the actual numbers: women and people of color are–as always–in the minority, even though the amount of excellent product they’re producing has increased significantly in the last few years. That is, the people in power want to check some identity boxes and are generally looking for the most PR/prestige bang for their token buck (though some may actually have ethical principles about the issues, but I assume these folks are fewer as well). Women and POC are definitely doing better in getting things on screen–really impressive the quality of the work being done, despite the general resistance of the Film/TV gatekeepers–but it’s still exceptional, not a normalized part of business in Hollywood. Also, look at the specific kinds of stories that got the nod in both drama and comedy–”boy” stories, “boy” bio pics about other boys–a pointedly conservative grouping–and then they throw in Selma to put some window dressing on how liberal and “aware” they are. Which is no slam on Selma, but a slam on the cynicism of how they operate. My experience comes from working in contemporary literature and publishing, and in that world, women and POC are also doing slightly better in terms of prestigious awards and prizes. The last two years have given people hope. But this is a very new trend. For the majority of women and POC in Lit and TV/film, once you get to the top of the playing field–where the *real* money is made–the herd is still mostly very white and very male. As we learned from another movie, if you wanna know what’s happening and why, “Follow the money.” Also, are we truly surprised that Jolie didn’t get a nomination? Her window as a sex symbol is about to close. As a nearly 40 year old woman who (bravely) publicly discussed her radical mastectomy, her true value to them has a quickly approaching expiration date. Giving it to Aniston makes a better, fresher narrative, and results in “girl shit” buzz on threads like this one. These guys are mental cavemen–the same ones who can’ quite decide whether or not “a woman can be funny.” I mean, we’re still seriously reading these articles in 2014? Might as well be 1972 in Hollywood.

  36. Beth says:

    I mistakenly posted this in the TV noms article, but here we go:


    I doubt he'll win though. But I'd be thrilled if he gets an Oscar nom. He has good momentum now that he has both the SAG and GG noms in the bag. Though I'd put him as the most vulnerable one, behind the front four (Keaton, Redmayne, Oyelowo and Cumberbatch).

    Also thrilled for JK Simmons and Pride!

    But boo, no Marion. And Interstellar almost completely shut out. :(

  37. Desi says:

    So, Jennifer Aniston got nominated and Angelina Jolie didn’t. Her campaign aside – we also speak about them mostly in relations to Brad Pitt… but honestly, is Angelina Jolie really a better actress? I do think she has a more interesting persona and gets better roles… however, I don’t think that as an actress as such she is that better…

    • Janet says:

      Apples and oranges this time around. They were being considered in two different categories (acting and directing). But overall, I’d say Angie is a better actress. She’s been nominated for three Oscars and has won once, besides having several GG and SAG noms. I don’t think Aniston has ever won anything except some award for Friends.

      There were some interesting omissions this year. Besides Unbroken, Interstellar and American Sniper were both snubbed after receiving generally good reviews. And as someone noted upthread, if Pia Zadora could win a GG for anything, the award isn’t worth the plastic it takes to make it.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      She isn’t. She’s better at action, Jen is better at comedy, but all in all, they’re equal.

      • Janet says:

        Every comedy role Aniston has ever played has been theme and variation on Rachel Greene.

      • Peppa says:

        I think they are both extremely mediocre actresses. Angelina, however, has a movie star charisma to her, and other wordly beauty much like Elizabeth Taylor which propelled her into the A list. I don’t get the stanning for either of them though, because their movies do nothing for me and I really don’t know anyone who says “Oh I can’t wait to see the new AJ/JA movie.”

      • maddelina says:

        I’m going to disagree. Aniston is a much better actress. Coming from a comedic background I think it’s been harder for her to get a decent role. Plus she’s made some bad choices. Cake might change that for her. Changeling was Angie’s chance to show her chops and she failed. Maybe directing is where she should be and given another opportunity to direct she just might prove that.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Maddelina, who wrote: “Changeling was Angie’s chance to show her chops and she failed.”

        No, “George Wallace,” “Gia,” “The Bone Collector,” “Girl interrupted,” “The Good Shepherd,” and “Changeling” were her chance to show her dramatic chops … and she did.

    • Jessica says:

      If think you compared their acting chops Angelina wins. She isn’t a Meryl, Julianne, or Viola but she has had films she’s been fantastic in. Gia is my all-time favorite. Jennifer is like Sandra Bullock to me. Jennifer acts like her character on Friends in every movie and I’ve never been impressed by any of her roles. I own one of her films and that’s because of Jim Carrey. I can think of many TV actresses and actors that transitioned to amazing film stars, but that didn’t happen for Jennifer.

  38. Madpoe says:

    Wow! What an incredibly boring year for film when it’s listed like that. I’ve only seen Ralph Fiennes flick- it had its good moments. The trailer for “Unbroken” looks good but I’ll wait for the rental.

  39. OTHER RENEE says:

    How is Big Eyes a comedy?

  40. Coco says:

    I’m not that surprised by Jolie’s shut out, the movie is having mixed reactions and was not a strong contender.

    I’m really happy for Gyllenhaal. Go, boy!

  41. jamrock says:

    There must be something on the table I mean they nominated her for both the tourist and in the land of blood and honey. Why not this?

    • tracking says:

      Maybe she suffered from backlash due to the merciless drubbing HFPA took for giving the Tourist all those ridiculous noms. I get that she’s type A+ personality and wanted it, but this was only her second feature film directing effort. Too much pressure for a novice filmmaker imo.

  42. jammypants says:

    I know Jen hustled and is getting recognition for it, but Rosamund Pike is full m.i.a. due to her pregnancy and she is still getting nominated. She does have the advantage of having the film released in October.

  43. JLo says:

    Ugh, Jen is so tiresome and one-note in her acting. I guess hustling, throwing money and having powerful friends can win anyone a nomination.

  44. Chihiro says:

    Disappointed that Mia Wasikowska didn’t get any love for Tracks.

  45. LadyJane says:

    Never have I seen a bigger excuse-making, sour-grapes fest. Yes, I am SURE Jolie doesn’t want any awards. She has been hustling more than Tom Cruise for the past 2 months for the simple reason that she does want her movie to garner awards. She can’t be of hollywood, in hollywood and also ABOVE all that is hollywood.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @LadyJane, who wrote: “Never have I seen a bigger excuse-making, sour-grapes fest. Yes, I am SURE Jolie doesn’t want any awards. She has been hustling more than Tom Cruise for the past 2 months for the simple reason that she does want her movie to garner awards. She can’t be of hollywood, in hollywood and also ABOVE all that is hollywood.”

      She would have been out “hustling” even if it were March instead of December. Why? Because the Studio expects it of her and the principle actors. It’s in their contract. Studios expect it for ‘all’ their films and they determine who promotes and who doesn’t … this isn’t the actor’s call because–unless you’re James Cameron or J.J. Abrams and the film opens with ‘A Your Name film’–it is ultimately the Studio’s film. Everyone in all aspects of Hollywood understands that.

  46. Miss M says:

    I am shocked that Whiplash didn’t get a nomination.
    I cannot stop laughing that Jennifer Aniston got nominated for another award. I said earlier I was rooting for her just because so many people wanted her to fail.

  47. yummy says:

    I am very happy for Jennifer Aniston getting nominated and perhaps she WILL win an Oscar for dramatic actress. I have not seen either Unbroken or Cake but wonder why Jolie was even expected to hit it out of the park so early in her endeavors as director. As for Cake, I am not sure any trailer could properly show the breath of a film dealing with addiction and the emotional turmoil surrounding it. Obviously, people who have seen the entire work have deemed her work worthy of these great nominations.

    • lower-case deb says:

      i think a lot of people expected Angelina to because, Golden Globes nominated her the Tourist (as actress) and ITLOBAH (for foreign film). plus Bermuda Triangle on the red carpet = more ratings for GG.

      putting the getting of shiny statues aside this whole business of being shut out of awards could actually deter the undecided viewers from going to the cinemas for Unbroken (plus up against In the Woods and Selma both opening on christmas day AND got many noms). it’s already getting the side-eye from the evangelicals, from Japan (where a huge chunk of Maleficent money came from), from squeamish people, from Anti-Brange. Donna Langley, nice as she sounds, would want to see the receipts.

      conversely, now that it has picked up several major award noms, Cake might get picked up for wider distribution.

  48. BNA FAN says:

    All I’m saying is, let Jennifer Aniston have her day. Angelina worked hard on this movie and I’m sure she is disappointed, but its not the end of the world. Life comes with peaks and valleys. Is this the last nomination for the rest of award season? Angie is a very young woman who has achieved a lot, and she will continue to shine. I’m hoping Unbroken will do great at the BO. I will be going out to support her because I’m a fan of Both Brad and Angelina. Tomorrow I will be getting my People magazine as another way to support Angie.

  49. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think it should be that surprising – the GGs only nominate 5 Best Dramas (where as the Oscars have some flexibility), and there’s some healthy competition out there, with a few films that people are in love with. Unbroken has gotten mixed to OK reviews – where people really expecting it to unseat one of the well received dramas up there? It may still sneak into the Oscars if they expand the category, but given it’s loss of awards momentum, I won’t be surprised if it’s not.
    As for Jennifer Aniston, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the SAG and GG nominations but got bumped from the tighter Oscar’s race. 5 Best Actresses there, and no division of comedy/drama. Amy Adams or Meryl will most likely bump her out. I haven’t seen the film to judge her performance, but after all those years of rom coms and then comedies, it’s good to see her mix it up a bit and stretch her career a bit.
    VERY happy for double nominee Julianne.

  50. BlueeJay says:

    Whether you like Jen or not you got to admire what has gone down here. Jen is not backed by a big studio, or one of the “powerful men” who usually decide who they will support for awards and usually throw money behind their choice. Usually the awards are decided months ahead by the “big names” and big studios backing certain people or certain movies. Jen decided to take a small movie with no big studio or “powerful men” behind her and run a campaign with very little money. She basically has run this campaign herself and has gotten nods for awards. How she did it is amazing. It is kind of like an in your face to those who love to control Hollywood. There is little doubt that the powerful people in Hollywood are scratching their heads right now wondering how she pulled this off without them. Doesn’t she know she is suppose to grovel and beg. Good for her. I love it when a female takes control and takes the power. AS for Unbroken – well I think that there was to much hype coming in and it did not live up to the expectations. That is a bad place to be in. It is always better to be the underdog and come in from behind.

  51. someone says:

    Can’t help but keep coming back to how shocked I am that Jennifer Aniston is getting these award nominations. Just projecting ahead – under the category of “anything that CAN happen WILL happen” imagine this: maybe she’ll be nominated and show up at the Oscars pregnant and married to Mr Tight Pants. The tabloid world would explode – all the best Jen headlines rolled into one!

  52. serena says:

    Someone is Team Aniston over there, uh? I get that Cake is one of the first serious movies Jen did but let’s get over it, it’s just that (although I’ll watch it ’cause I love the other cast). On the other hand it’s really shocking Angelina didn’t get nominated, Maleficent was a HUGE hit all over the world and Unbroken is already having such a good response. What the hell are they thinking??

  53. Rhiley says:

    i am really surprised GPH is getting all of these noms. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE WES ANDERSON- his movies are usually funny, thoughtful, and all around charming, but GPH totally sucked. It was a complete mess and completely boring. As far as the actors/actresses being nominated, I think it shows that 2014 was a crappy year for movies.

  54. Birdie says:

    Love it!!
    Yay for Benedict, Aniston and especially Jake Gyllenhaal! He was so great in Nightcrawler!

  55. sighhhh says:

    The JA shade is endless on CB.

  56. enastein says:

    So people are here saying unbroken get mixed reviews at 55 with 20 reviews with rating 6.2 and nobody yet saw must be bad, but cake who is 50 with ten reviews and at 5.3 rating might be better ? Okay

    It seems Jack O’connell transformation is nothing compared to Aniston scar.
    I am not complaining about unbroken snub if does not worth it but surprised at how people judge two movie both supposed to be bad as per rating since no one saw them yet.

    • Jessica says:

      Good point.

      I want this to be Julianne Moore’s year so bad. It reminds me of when Kate Winslet was nominated twice at the Golden Globes and she took home Best Actress at the Oscars. :)

      People do realize a GG nomination or win does not equal an Oscar nomination nomination or win. I’ve seen actresses and actors win at the GG and not even get nominated for an Oscar.

    • noway says:

      I read that Unbroken got mixed reviews and with this snub I kind of think it might not be that good. I thought Cake was bad because no studio wanted to distribute it.

      If it looks like it could win awards or make money usually studios want to distribute. I think Jolie might have had trouble with the HFPA viewing the film I know they send it to them just as they did Cake, but I still think a lot of these people see it at film festivals which it really hasn’t been to. Let’s be honest obviously Anniston hustled and sold this film. I think they all may have thought Angie was the darling of the HFPA and no extra courting was needed.

    • Jessica says:

      But Cake isn’t trying for Best Director/Best Picture nominations. Aniston is getting significantly better reviews than the film as a whole, and it’s not at all unusual for actors to be nominated for a great performance in a mediocre film.

      Unbroken is getting very average reviews so it doesn’t stand a chance at Best Director/Best Picture. Jack O’Connell and Miyavi are getting much better reviews than the film itself, so if they did a 180 and started focusing on the actors instead of Jolie and the story of how she got the film made, they might at least pick up a nomination in the acting categories. Jack’s probably out since he was good but not amazing and Best Actor is a real tight race this year, but Miyavi could have a decent shot at a nomination.

  57. ellesbelles says:

    Still neither Team Jen or Team Angie, but I cackled.

  58. Luciana says:

    Congrats, Jennifer! I always like her and I think it’s time for her to get some recognition.

  59. Em' says:

    How does Maps to the star qualify as a comedy / musical ? That puzzles me more than evrything else

  60. Sheena says:

    First the cumberbatch engagement from hell and now this? It’s a sad day for celebitches.

  61. Anny says:

    If Unbroken was deserving of a nomination or even an award then it would be a snub. Since there is no critical acclaim attached to it and it scored rather average reviews, I would say it is definitely not a snub. It just wasn’t good enough for people responsible for nominations.

  62. The Original G says:

    Angie already has two Oscars. That her second director job didn’t get her an Oscar nom is hardly even newsworthy.

  63. Kim1 says:

    So will Amal steal the spotlight from Jen at the Golden Globes?

  64. allons-y alonso says:

    I’ve never cared about Award Ceremonies like the Golden Globes (and IMO the Oscars are just style over substance), but I am glad to see that Grand Budapest Hotel there. It’s a terrific film.

  65. Kori says:

    I guess I’m somewhat bipolar because, while Brad is on my List and Angelina is my #1 girl crush, I like Jennifer Aniston too–have since Friends. I loved Brad & Jen as a couple but I remember seeing Brad & Angelina in candid photos on M&MS and could see the chemistry from there. So I wasn’t devastated when Brad & Jen broke up and at least seemed amicable by it. I always figured that Brad wanted kids (made no bones about it for years), Jen was hot in TV and the movies and postponed because, let’s face it, in Hollywood women have a limited shot at striking while the iron is hot and eventually it just came between them. That’s my short backstory.

    So I’m happy for Jen. I feel like, yes, she did hustle the hell out of it for Cake. She needed to. It wasn’t a big film, it wasn’t particularly well-reviewed, it wasn’t her usual comedy. To get people to even see it, she needed to pimp the hell out of it. I admire when actors/actresses do that because I see it as part of their job to sell a film and especially when they have a serious interest in that film. I don’t respect actors much who take a good deal of money for a film and then are like ‘eh, it’s a piece of crap’ and don’t try to promote it. When studios lose money, it doesn’t hurt the big name actors, it hurts others. I just see the hustle as being professional. Personal hustle for attention can get a big nauseating–see Melissa Leo, Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, et al. But I don’t have a problem with it for getting people to see their work.

    Same thing with Angelina. She has been hustling the hell out of Unbroken. Magazine after magazine after interview after appearance. Good for her. It was a labour of love for her. I’m sorry it’s not being as well-received as had been anticipated. But lots of Oscar bait films have suffered that fate. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie, just sometimes that’s how it works out. But she and the family seem happy with it so that’s the important thing for her.

    So Congrats to Jen. I never thought it was unlikely when reports broke of her possible nomination. It’s not the strongest year for women and she seems to be well-liked and Hollywood loves a ‘stretch’ role. And hopefully Unbroken will pick up some awards love later but if not congrats to AJ for making a well-received (if not super acclaimed) movie, on such a scale, for just her second movie.

  66. Molly says:

    So, LOL, on the Golden Globes website the nominees are not listed in alphabetical order. Rather, it appears as though all of the frontrunners are the first name/title mentioned… it’s almost like they are ordered based on the number of votes received. Pretty sure they have just told us the winners. Hoping that it’s true because I like all of them.

    • Esti says:

      The first few categories do look like that, but I don’t think it’s actually ordered that way — no way in hell that Richard Linklater got the least votes among the Best Director nominees, or that Ralph Fiennes is beating out Michael Keaton.

      • julie says:

        The page has changed since it was originally put up. In the Director category, it was originally:
        Best Director – Motion Picture
        Richard Linklater (Boyhood)
        Alejandro Iñárritu (Birdman)
        Ava DuVernay (Selma)
        Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
        David Fincher (Gone Girl)

  67. Jag says:

    Maybe it’s not who Angelina pissed off, but who Jennifer schmoozed. I’m really surprised, too.

    No Laura Dern? They need to nominate her!

  68. Veronica says:

    How smug must Aniston must be feeling right now? That’s what I’d love to know. I want to be a fly on the wall of her and Justin’s living room, listening to them giggle salaciously over the fact that she finally got hers over the Brange ten years after the fact.

  69. So says:

    I like Jennifer as well. The comments towards her are so sexist that I am ashamed they’re made by women.

  70. Hannah says:

    I don’t usually post in Jolie or Aniston threads because you can’t say boo without being an apologist for one or the other.

    However!! You all sound surprised and I don’t understand why. Unbroken was a mess. And Anistons performance in Cake is nomination worthy. Barazza’s performance is absolutely award worthy. Jolie was great in Malificient but I think it’s plot prevented it from getting any award buzz.

    ( And no, Aniston’s performance is not only award worthy because she doesn’t wear make-up. She is genuinely great in it. I was surprised.)

    I think I should sign this off with some kind of disclaimer re me not being particularly attached to either woman.

  71. KatyD says:

    I’m glad my two favorite redheads Julianne and Jessica were nominated. Both are lovely, talented and sweet–I hope they both win. :-)

    As for Aniston/Jolie—geez, both are so over-hyped at this point. If it wasn’t for Aniston’s PR man and her popularity, who knows if she would be recognized at all? Both have been skating on their fame as celebrities for so long. It’s sad that the dedicated actors have to step aside to make room for the famed-addicted celebs who have money and power to influence votes. But that’s been true ever sine they started giving Oscars to the likes of Julia Roberts, etc. It certainly cheapens the awards when you can buy your way in . . .

    • lunchcoma says:

      Has it ever not been that way? If you look at Oscars from early years, there are a number of cases where it’s clear the Academy chose a popular, crowd-pleasing movie or a very famous star over a film or a performance that time has proven to be more important.

      • KatyD says:

        True. It reminds me of the Sally Field acceptance speech where she said, “You like me; you really like me” rather than “you think I’m talented.” Popularity trumps talent.

        I guess when the big dogs get all the money, fame, AND awards to boot (by using their PR muscle), it makes you feel bad for the underdogs who do good work. At the very least, the academy does nominate enough strong actors to not completely lose their credibility. But I do feel bad that such amazing actors like Annette Bening, Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, etc., have never won and may never win.  :-(

  72. Brittany says:

    A snub? No. She was not snubbed. The only reason anyone knows about “Unbroken” is because AJ directed it but the movie is getting not so great reviews. Yeah, I know, AJ is a god around these parts but she doesn’t deserve to be nominated for every freaking award given. She doesn’t deserve it for this movie. I’m quite happy with most of the other nominees. I think it’ll be an interesting awards season.

  73. Lela says:

    Aniston’s nail polish is so off. Never matches her outfit. That seems to bother me so much I had to tell you. Bye.

  74. Ben@PR says:

    So happy for Jen Aniston. She deserve this nomination for being so talented and hardworking. She’s having the best week ever!!! Somewhere she’s doing tequila shots off Justin’s abs.

  75. embee says:

    I don’t think of it as a snub. Just an overrated actress wasn’t nominated. I do like Jen better, nothing to do with the Brad Pitt cheating. Hope she wins

  76. Falkor says:

    Damn Jen, good on ya. This is a most gossip-worthy turn of events.

  77. Bella bella says:

    I’m SO glad Patricia Arquette was nominated. I thought she’d be up for Best Actress! She was phenomenal in Boyhood.

  78. Michele says:

    I bet all the Jen Hen’s can’t contain themselves tonight celebrating it big with their cats and ice cream tubs tonight! Woot! You go Manniston!

  79. Me says:

    If DDL and Meryl Streep made a movie together, would the movie just win everything?

  80. Misprounced Name Dropper says:

    The biggest snubbing here is of Winter Sleep. It won the Palm d’Or at Canne and didn’t even get a Golden Globe nomination!

  81. neer says:

    The coming of Louis Z’s life to AJ’s is just very timely. Sure, AJ is known as someone who is very strong, independent, principled woman BUT as she admittedly said in her interviews, Louis helped her a lot in coping up during her own “health concerns”. Besides that of BP, the support & care he gave her during those time made it easier for her to handle the situation emotionally & perhaps spiritually. It seemed FATE met them because they NEEDED & DISCOVERED each other. Through AJ’s passion, his intent of spreading his message to the public is now realized thru film that was waiting for more than 50 years to be made. The STRENGTH of LOUIS gave AJ an ADDITIONAL ARMOR to her own strength. Together, they bonded beautifully and formed a very special friendship that NOT EVEN DEATH COULD SEVER or SEPARATE them. He may not be present physically with her anymore BUT his SPIRIT & MEMORY forever lives with her. Louis’ life & particularly his strength was so profound that AJ was inspired so much that gave her a better perspective in her own life. In spite of many challenges he faced, despite his flaws, he was still able to make better choices and became a better person.

    His life will forever be a REMINDER to AJ that no matter the obstacles she may encounter in her own life, she will come out stronger because she is strong in SPIRIT as well as in MIND coupled with good VALUES & ATTITUDE toward life.

    The award recognition that unjustly denied AJ’s talent & effort is NOT the KIND OF REWARD that AJ’s SPIRIT NEEDED MOST. The fact that she made the movie about LZ’s life & was really true to his story and that Louis & his family were very happy & satisfied with the outcome, that in itself is a REWARD THAT REALLY MATTERS to AJ. Accolades & awards are just bonuses BUT do not define AJ’s intent of being a filmmaker. To spread an important message to the public is her priority.

    We, her fans, may be hurt of the exclusion of AJ in the nominations BUT we have to learn to rise above this. Let us follow her example on how to focus more on what is important & lasting….and NOT be overwhelmed by any obstacles.

    With AJ, she doesn’t play the celebrity games. She lives honestly. She doesn’t badmouth other people. Let us surround ourselves with positive vibes & positive people that will make us better individuals as well.

  82. Jordan says:

    I just read that she has chicken pox! Poor Angie is having a bad week! I had them as an adult and they are miserable!

  83. A. Key says:

    So? Lets be real, everything on that list of nominations is 10 times better than anything Jolie ever did. It’s like she somehow deserves an award for being super famous. Well duh, no she doesn’t. I don’t care how beautiful of popular she is, 99% of her filmography is average and uninspiring.

    Also, YAY for Nightcrawler, again :D