Benedict Cumberbatch makes out with Reese Witherspoon for NYT feature


Benedict Cumberbatch has been having a good week! He received two SAG Award nominations yesterday (for Sherlock and The Imitation Game) and there’s every belief that he’ll be nominated for a Golden Globe in a short while. When asked about his SAG nominations by Entertainment Tonight, Bendy said: “I’m thrilled! That means we’ve got something right, that people think it is in that category – that’s terrific and that’s really heartening, both for our work and also for Alan’s legacy. It’s his story – it means that there will be an audience for it hopefully and that’s the main thing for me – if there’s a buzz about it, that means people will go and see this film. I’m in, that’s great.” He’s been pretty consistent about saying that any awards buzz should be used to get more people to see the film, so I buy that. But I think Harvey Weinstein definitely wants more.

Meanwhile, Benedict took part in the New York Times Magazine’s annual “let’s get buzz-y actors together to do weird stuff, for fun” feature. This year’s feature is nine videos of actors one-on-one, in various scenarios that lead to kisses. You can see the feature here – my favorite was probably Timothy Spall and David Oyelowo. Benedict was paired with Reese Witherspoon and the backstory seems to be “stolen kiss in the middle of a costume party.” While it might seem cheeseball, I actually thought the kiss was sort of hot.


Meanwhile, I guess you want me to talk about Bendy’s Nerdist podcast? I only listened to a few minutes of it, my bad. He has a voice like butter and he’s nerdy, but even then, I didn’t have time to really listen to it – go here to hear. Apparently, Bendy insinuated that Sherlock is gay, except I don’t think he was saying that at all. He was comparing Sherlock to Doctor Who and he said “….They’ve got different dress senses, different taste in the sex of their partners…” I think he just means that Doctor Who travels with a female companion and Sherlock travels with Watson.


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  1. t.fanty says:

    Oh, dear lord. Does Cumby realize that he’s supposed to open his mouth when he kisses a not-Wanda woman? I’m sure that DWI arrest isn’t looking quite so embarrassing now to Ms. Witherspoon.

    Holy crap, though this has the makings of a great game: things that still have more dignity than Zorrobatch. Go!

    1. The octopus his fiancé wore as a hat in her pop video,
    2. The investigative journalism department at Rolling Stone Magazine,
    3. Whichever poor woman woke up this morning and realized she was next to Robin Thicke,

  2. AlexandraJane says:

    Just reaffirmed his hotness to me.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    Is #bushpushing is the new #jawseyes?

    Its truly not the worst kiss I’ve ever seen, but I couldn’t see the crazy hotness, it’s too pursed. The hotness I can see comes from the urgency of it. I know it’s a shoot so they don’t exactly have time to get to know each other as on a set but come on!

    He doesn’t make a great Zorro though, he looks like an accountant at an office party, I think it’s the hair he needs more of a Cary Elwes in the Princess Bride vibe going on, and is she meant to be budget Lady Gaga?

    • Ingrid says:

      I’m starting to sound like a broken record but the weird kissing is most likely the result of Reese’s No Tongue policy (most a-list actresses have that). But it doesn’t make sense why they picked this scene if tongues weren’t allowed.

      • Beth says:

        This is the first time I’ve heard of a No Tongues policy. :D Didn’t know they have that in Hollywood.

        Though you don’t really need tongues for a nice, natural-looking kiss – check out the video of Gugu and Miles Teller. Definitely chemistry there.

      • Lindy79 says:

        You can have chemistry without tongues…just like you can have chemistry with your fiancee without dry humping her on a red carpet.
        Benedict has neither in these cases.

      • Lucifer says:

        but ingrid this was a BAD kiss, and m starting to sound like a broken record that u don’t need to use your tongue to kiss. Hell I v never seen BC kiss with his mouth open..but those were pretty hot

      • An says:


        No, that makes sense. They don’t pick the setting, the director does that. Same with the pairings. Closed mouths wouldn’t have been an issue if the scene wasn’t supposed to passionate, imo–although it wasn’t terrible, I thought it was going to be way worse than it was going by the comments.

        (They do these videos every year with a different theme; that’s how it worked in the past).

      • Ingrid says:

        Of course you don’t need tongue. What I was trying to say (and of course assumed that everyone can read my mind and come to same conclusion, LOL), was that there are strict rules in Hollywood and especially A-listers can be a bit of pain in the a$$ with these things. Most likely Reese’s people said something to BC and he was trying to walk the line between passionate and respecting Reese’s wishes.

        And the whole thing was one take. They picked the overall best.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Her no tongue policy had nothing whatsoever to do with his weird head shaking.

  4. Beth says:

    The video is cheesy as hell and Bendy boy is an awkward kisser.

  5. A. Key says:

    Just when I thought this whole thing couldn’t sink any lower….

    p.s. I see they’ve teamed up now – 2 of the most desperate Oscar campaigners together! yay

  6. Anname says:

    I tend to agree with this tweet about this latest Oscar campaign tactic-

    …Pretty sure the NYT “9 Kisses” videos are not only extreme click bait BS, but the low point of the trend of making actors perform for media

  7. Coco says:

    Hot? That kiss is not hot, come on! they have no chemistry.

  8. Jaderu says:

    Laura Jean! You get your mouth off that this instant, young lady!
    Don’t you know who you are?!?!?!!!

  9. Lottie says:

    The Gugu Mbatha / Miles Teller scene was good. She is so georgeous! Theirs was pretty believable.

  10. Anon says:

    Someone please give this man a lesson in kissing. One does not just press ones lips against someone else’s in the hope a kiss will happen. I had more chemistry with the back of my hand….when I was 13.

    There goes his lead in a romantic comedy….

  11. Ingrid says:

    Our Otter boy is smoking again (new RIII photos).

    Or the more likely scenario, he never stopped but PR used it as an excuse for Pissybatch.

    Too bad, I wish he would actually stop.

  12. scout says:

    LOL! Good that he kept mouth closed while kissing her! He would have inhaled enough to get DWI on the way back if he was driving.
    I hope he gets an award, The imitation game movie looks good. XMas week will be good, Unbroken and this movie for us and Hobbit for kids, can’t wait!

  13. steffie says:

    I really have a problem with bad movie kisses, I know it’s a personal pet peeve but I can’t even watch it
    I mean do it properly or don’t do it at all
    That being said, the Rosario Dawson one was hot.
    That’s all.

  14. Jem says:

    He must have a mouthful of wine

  15. vauvert says:

    Based on that kiss as evidence, no thank you. Cheesy and so not hot. What were they doing in those cheap costumes, re-enacting a budget Barbarella running off with her dad’s secretary on Halloween? I am starting to think that he is too preoccupied with his own self to be any good at…. Well, anything interesting. And she was no better.
    The Gugu/Miles scene, that was great.

  16. Ag says:

    i guess i’m not getting the ART!. why is he dressed as zorro? why is she dressed in some “plan 9 from outer space”-level “futuristic” dress?

  17. Ingrid says:

    Ben got GG Best Actor nom for TIG

    0 for Sherlock (eligibility issue, maybe? IIRC, under the new rules, Sherlock is Drama series, not Miniseries. Don’t quote me on that though)


    TIG’s Golden Globe nominations:
    Best Motion Picture, Drama
    Best Original Score in a Motion Picture
    Best Screenplay, Motion Picture
    Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
    Best Actor, Motion Picture, Drama

    No director.

  18. tasha_nat says:

    Oh man, that was not a good kiss. Not good at all. Relax your jaw, Benny! What’s up with that tight mouth? The bushpushing could’ve been hot, but it needed a thicker hedge…he pretty much pushed her INTO the bush vs pressed her up against it. Showed it to my boyfriend and he started laughing and asking me why the alien Zorro was trying to eat Barbarella’s face.

    Gugu/Miles and David/Timothy…nice.

  19. Toodles45 says:

    Apparently Kiera’s publicist just confirmed she’s three months pregnant. Congrats, I’m happy for her. She’ll be sporting a nice bump come Feb. I love seeing pregnant actresses in their gowns, I think it makes them look so much more beautiful.

  20. Table says:

    Ick, no hotness from Ben and Reese. Love the Laura Dern/Steve Carell pairing though. That one was surely the best (with props going to Gugu and Miles) as well. And Julianne Moore can’t dance.

  21. MyLittlePony says:

    Fun to watch :D If only Cumby would simply open his mouth, and actually kiss Reese instead of pretending to do so. Probably a very good kisser when he is actually doing it and not only pretending to !

  22. Ncboudicca says:

    I have drool on my cheek…not because I’m salivating over that kiss, but because I feel asleep watching it.

  23. Gracie says:

    Second-hand embarrassment anyone?

  24. ellesbelles says:

    Still more chemistry than with Ursula

    whats the other saying.. Still a better love story than Twilight?

    When Twilight is a better love story than your engagement, you’re doing it wrong

  25. Koodles says:

    So, just looked at sogo’s tumblr and a fan got a picture of sophie arriving at the bifas(alone) and she is happy as a clam, no looks of nerves or anything. So, I hope people will stop with the “delicate flower,hated being photographed” nonsense.

    To me, it looks like benedict tried with Reese, but she was holding back. But, still awkward and didn’t feel it. The kissing scene in wreckers, however, purrs.

  26. Emily says:

    What stuck out most about the nerdist podcast is admitting he saw a therapist and the benefits of being able to do that. He claims a clean bill of health.

    The first mention of Benedict suffering mental illness and receiving treatment for it came from an anonymous style forum. Someone said they knew he was doing this via a friends connection more than a month ago.

    Either it’s true or he pays attention to even random obscure talk about him. That theory didn’t gain any traction, so why mention it?

  27. Lucifer says:

    Any idea where is may23 today?? or is she a “couple post only” kind of person ;)

  28. Lucifer says:

    Next red carpet post and she is gonna get serious competition from me. M practicing my omg so perf comments. Expect u guys to play along :D

  29. tasha_nat says:

    I’m ready. I’ll play. :) 🐙🐙🐙

  30. lunchcoma says:

    I think I’m over Otter Boy. I’m not one of the people on “the engagement is fake!” train, but this is deeply unsexy and he’s spent a lot of time making an ass out of himself lately. He’s still very talented, but there are other pretty dudes with pretty accents to lust over (I’m not inclined toward blokes, so those of you who have one on reserved need not fear!).

  31. Lucifer says:

    okay saw some comments in the article of NYT video . He was tight lipped kissing Reese because he wanted to respect his fiancee *barf*

  32. Ellen says:

    This should be called Benny Daily now. I bet when he changes his underwear there would be a new thread about. Tiger print Y fronts anybody?

    Btw Hi To Dara. We miss you

  33. Ingrid says:

    Smaug on Colbert was pure magic.

    “I spend most of the movie reciting lines to a tennis ball on a stick and I’m not even talking about Orlando Bloom”

    Smaug – better interviewee than Pissybatch.

  34. Lunar says:

    That kiss was terrible and painful to watch. I felt bad for the both if them; it looked as if it hurt.