Katharine McPhee Dissed by American Idol, Fans are Pissed

In a move that just doesn’t make sense, Katharine Mcphee was denied an invite to American Idol’s season finale, even though she called the execs herself to let them know she wanted to attend.

Her fans are very disappointed by the snub, and in response, have launched Project Kit Kat in an effort to show their support for Katharine. The project even has the approval of Katharine’s mom, Peisha McPhee. All the Idol execs who dissed Katharine are going to get Kit Kat bars, along with a note expressing the fans’ disappointment with the show.

Says one of her fans: “This is a fun and non-confrontational way to get our point across to the decision makers at Idol. The Kit Kat Project [is] to let Idol know how much Kat was missed this season.”

What “McPhans” want in the least, is to see an effort by Idol execs to invite Katharine on the show next season.

I’ve gotta say, I didn’t even watch American Idol regularly this season. It used to be a show that showcased talented singers (like McPhee and Kelly Clarkson), but lately it’s become a freak show that gives more attention to tone deaf singers with outrageous hairstyles.

Here’s to hoping that windfall of Kit Kats that’s gonna fall on the desks of Fox studio execs will help get the point across, that American Idol needs to shape up or ship out.

A big thanks to Jim for the heads up on this story!

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