Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds welcomed their artisanal baby over the holidays


I really didn’t think Blake Lively was due until late January/early February, but it happened a lot faster than I was expecting. According to Page Six, Blake and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their first child in Bedford, New York “over the holidays.” A Christmas baby? A New Year’s Eve baby? Something like that. Blake waited to announce her pregnancy until she had completely launched her Preserve site, which meant we didn’t know about her pregnancy until she was well into her second trimester. As such, it felt like she was only pregnant for a few months, right?

Blake Lively gave birth to her and Ryan Reynolds’ first child over the holidays, Page Six can exclusively reveal. The 27-year-old actress gave birth to their child near their home in Bedford, NY, just before the new year. Lively and Reynolds, 37, married in 2012.

The child arrived earlier than expected, but we’re told that mom and baby are both healthy and doing well.

Lively, who has looked stunning as an expectant mom, said in October that pregnancy was a dream come true for her.

She told Us Weekly, “Its something that I’ve always wanted ever since I was a little girl…I knew I wanted to have a lot of kids because I had come from a big family so it was always important to me. So it’s just the excitement of that finally being here.”

A rep for Lively, Leslie Sloane, repeatedly declined to comment, claiming the actress and Reynolds could not be reached.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, we don’t know the sex or the name yet. I was getting a “boy” vibe, but you could tell that Blake really wanted a girl. We’ll see. I always thought Blake was the kind of celebrity who would confirm the baby’s birth with a short statement confirming the name, but now that she’s shilling her artisanal Preserve crap, I’m kind of thinking that Blake will wait a bit, then debut everything (sex, name, first baby photos) on Preserve at some point. Good luck with that. And congrats on the baby!


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  1. Renee says:

    It seems like she was pregnant for 3 months.

  2. Belle Epoch says:

    Do people find him attractive?

    Hope all’s well with the wee artisanal baby. I had my kids at the same hospital (assuming she went to the hospital nearest her home.) It’s the same one where that pig Kennedy kicked the nurse to the floor when he decided to take his newborn outside (although the baby had not yet been discharged).

    • MelissaManifesto says:

      Which Kennedy did that?!?!?!?!

    • Jegede says:

      Ooooooh! Which Kennedy? Deets please.

    • Kori says:

      It was Douglas Kennedy. It was alleged (whatever happened with it?) that he shoved a nurse who was trying to prevent him leaving the floor with his newborn. It was all over the news and then nothing. I think he’s the Kennedy who works for Fox News.

    • Angie says:

      He is super vanilla looking to me. Like physically the guy does nothing for me. But a while back I read a really funny article written by him. Ever since I’ve found him quite endearing and charming.

      • QQ says:

        To me he is Sexless but… Like a Ken Doll?? like the right size Muscles hair or whatever but plastic crotch, no fire?/ that thing

      • GingerCrunch says:

        Same here. Totally not my type, but I bet if you met him you’d be all flustered. I’d say that about Blake too, because she’s sooooo my girl crush. Looks only.

      • Jayna says:

        I will always love him in that movie, Definitely, Maybe, with Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, and Abigal Breslin. I got his charm after that movie.

    • Konspiracytheory says:

      Belle Epoch, hi neighbor! ::waves::

    • siri says:

      I do find him attractive, in a very ‘universal’ kind of way. Think he’s quite warm, and charming. Funny, too.

    • Godwina says:

      No, I don’t find him at all attractive, and I’m still not convinced he’s 100% in touch with his sexuality. My gaydar pings SO HARD with him.

      I find BL way more attractive, physically–could look at her all day. I know folks don’t like her acting or personality and I’m neither here nor there about those. I do love her offbeat, slightly crooked goddess beauty, though.

      • Prince Valiant says:

        It is really true then that, as we say, what is poison for some is food for others. I find him the most attractive actor in HW. I have a gay radar too and mine does not ping at all (and I consider myself a professional in this domain). He is good-looking and elegant with clothes on and clothes off, his body is to die for, has charm to spare, is witty and intelligent, is tall, has beautiful skin, neck and hands (sorry, I am a fetishist), has dark hair and dark eyes (don’t like blue eyes in a man), AND the older he gets the better he looks. He makes me drool. Gay? Hardly. Check the lyrics of A. Morissette’s song Torch, dedicated to him. Normally it ‘s the less famous in a couple that beards for the more famous. Should we infer that both Alanis and Scarlett are gay? I should add that, notwithstanding my alias, I am a female.

      • Godwina says:

        Well, all I can say, PV, is I have never been wrong re. gaydaring in my 40+ years. Shruggles. But it doesn’t matter in the context of your crush, either way. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. MelissaManifesto says:

    I remember her stylish Preserve-curated photos walking around New York City, I would have never thought she would have any complications to warrant an early birth. I’m so glad she and the baby are okay. Ryan must be very excited.

    • Jegede says:

      Ditto to all you said!

    • Dana says:

      That seems an odd thing to say – why would you ever expect anyone young and seemingly healthy to have complications? It doesn’t necessarily mean she was induced due to complications – she may have just gone into labour early

      • Jegede says:

        Complications are actually more common than people know about.

        I’m not at all saying it was the case here, but even developed nations – like here in the UK, issues are more prevalent than people realise.

      • MelissaManifesto says:

        I don’t expect ANYONE to have complications, but I’m assuming carrying a child must have it risks otherwise pregnancies wouldn’t be monitored.

        The way it was worded “earlier than expected”, I’m assuming again there were minor complications. I don’t have the facts obviously.

  4. Danielle says:

    Haa. Given her fixation with the antebellum south, she’ll probably have that baby christened under an old lynching tree with Iggy Azaleas “runaway slave master lyrics” playing in the background. Despicable and pretentious.

    • Observer says:

      Lmfao irl *tears* so wrong 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Thank you Danielle. Cannot stand her or her husband. Those two have was too much ego for the crap careers they have. Getting married at a plantation was the last straw.

    • QQ says:

      FUUUUUUUUUU…. I Just Absolutely Lost It at work… OMFG

      • TheOnlyDee says:

        Do you pronounce that as FOOOO? Like little bunny foo foo? Because now I want to say that. Blake Lively.. fooooooo!

    • Brittney B says:

      Hahaha, thank you for this. Hiring/forcing women of color to raise your children was also an antebellum tradition. You KNOW she has her nannies lined up already…

  5. mkyarwood says:

    York Reynolds.

  6. Lee says:

    Of course she’ll debut him or her and the baby name on her Preserve website with another try hard entry! Hopefully the name won’t be too pretentious…she seems high maintenance, unlike Ryan.
    I laugh when I read people calling her ‘private’…she is when it suits her and everything she’s done so far was carefully studied and planned not random.

    • Erinn says:

      Lol, I actually see Ryan as being super high strung and type A. Tons of celebrities release their baby’s info over their own twitter, or websites. Hell, if I was a celeb, I’d want to release it on my own site if I had one, in my own way. I don’t think it’s odd of her to want to debut the baby on her website.

      People like to mock Blake – they did before she had this site – and I’m not even more than a ‘meh she’s okay’ kind of person in regards to her. Some of the hardness is deserved, but there’s a lot of silliness on these threads as well.

      • Lee says:

        The thing I can’t stand about her is that she’s claimed for years to be private but she’s still the same girl who flirted with Di Caprio and called the paps, her PR did an hectic job trying to make her happen.
        She craves for attention, nothing wrong with it, but I wish she was more honest, instead of pretending she doesn’t care about fame! The stepford wife image she and her team crafted was only a trick to make people forget about her naked selfies, imo. Free to agree or not, of course!

      • Erinn says:

        Lol… I actually had forgotten about the selfies.

        The Leo thing was definitely sketchy, you’ve got that one right for sure. To me she’s just kind of boring, even when she’s doing something scandalous. I find her less annoying than a lot of celebrities, but I can see why she’s not loved. And really, when she’s being offensive, I don’t think she ever intends to come off that way. I think it’s just that she kind of ‘rose colored glasses’ herself through life. There WERE some pretty things during the antebellum period – the architecture was beautiful, and some of the dresses were gorgeous. But if that’s what she liked, she should have just been like “I like the architecture from the late 1700’s” or something like that. As soon as you throw in the name antebellum it brings up the imagery of all the slavery and terrible behavior and lack of rights during the time. And no wonder it offends people. I just also don’t think it’s fair for people to automatically be like “Blake is pro slavery!”.

    • Lee says:


      Yep, I get what you mean, In all honesty, among all the reasons I can’t stand Blake, the least is the ‘Antebellum’ deal…I mean, don’t think she wnated to come off as offensice in that case, she probably simply didn’t check the post before it was shared and she doesn’t seem that bright, so…it didn’t really bother me.

  7. cannibell says:

    “Artisanal baby!” Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.

  8. Jegede says:

    Warmest congratulations to the couple.
    Name your child whatever you choose.

  9. Rhiley says:

    Congrats- although it is a bit irksome that she is going wait until appropriate time to announce name and sex on Preserve, but that is her right.

    I bet if it is a girl the baby’s name will be something like Savannah. If it is a boy, it will be something like Sullivan.

  10. Angie says:

    Congrats Blake and Ryan. She’s talked about wanting to be a mother for a long time. I hope there were no problems with the early birth. It’s kind of an odd announcement. I know people are speculating she wants to announce all the deets on Preserve but she could have sent out this same generic announcement in December. It’s odd to me. Why the wait?

  11. Angela says:

    Not making fun of her. It sounds like a difficult birth experience. There may still be difficulties. Genuinely hope she’s okay.

  12. christina says:

    I love them as a couple (judge away!) and am glad the baby was safely delivered and that all are well – looking forward to pix and baby name…

  13. Farah says:

    The name is going to be so southern! Like, I wouldn’t be suprised if they named the baby, Antebellum “Belle” Reynolds.

    gag. How can a Vally girl and a Canadian be so obsessed with the south?

  14. Mimz says:

    Aww that’s cute.

    I think she carried well, she was cute and stylish most of the time. And I like her, I really do. She’s bubbly and pretty and has a lifestyle website. And a handful of crap movies.
    And a hot husband IMO
    I can’t wait to know the name sex and every detail. We’ll probably just get a picture of the baby’s feet or its hospital band, with some cute effect and no further explanation. Like their so called wedding photo spread on Martha Stewart’s mag. Bunch of pics, nothing to see.

    • Hautie says:

      “I think she carried well, she was cute and stylish most of the time……”

      Blake’s pregnancy style, was exactly what Kim K. wanted to look like. And failed miserably at…

  15. Greek Chic says:

    I hope Blake doesn’t loose her baby weight,she looks younger and more beautiful with a little more fat in her face.

  16. minx says:

    I’m glad everything seems fine, congrats, etc. But I have to laugh when people talk about how gorgeous the baby will be–it may well be, certainly. But both mother and father had plastic surgery.

    • Lee says:

      he did too? really? her surgery is well known and well done too, I have to admit, but I laugh everytime I read she is a ‘natural beauty’, but I didn’t know Ryan had it too…his young pics look like he’s today, I have never noticed any major change…

  17. Misti64 says:

    Congratulations to them.
    Blake’s having a good start to the year.
    New baby and a part of Forbes 30 under 30.

    Dunno about Ryan’s family but if its a girl I hope it looks like Blake’s cute sister The Teen Witch.
    Or a boy then her GORGEOUS brother Eric!!!!!!!!!!
    Eric Lively and Jonathan Brandis (R.I.P) did unspeakable things to my teenage hormones.

  18. bakednotfried says:

    Martha if its a girl. Stewart is its a boy.

  19. scout says:

    Divine ethereal baby, no sex or name (yet) but I am sure it’s just divine ethereal lively baby right now!!!! Congrats.

  20. nicegirl says:

    Wow, that baby was sure curated fast!


  21. clara says:

    If it’s a girl, I’m predicting “Martha” as the middle name.

  22. Belle Epoch says:

    How about Mason Dixon?!

  23. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Dear God, can’t she EVER hold her head straight? Does she have perpetual vertigo or something? She looks like a dog with an ear infection.

  24. DogMom says:

    Just made it to Page Six. It’s a girl and her name is ‘Violet’.

    Swoon. Perfect name for a wee little baby girl.

    • Jegede says:

      Thanks for he heads up.

      Still I can’t believe a hospital nurse tweeted that info.

      Discretion and confidentiality in clinics and wards are obviously things of the past.

    • Lee says:

      It seems that tweet was actually a fake…..rumor is it is indeed a girl but the name might not be Violet.
      Anyway, I am sure this mess is planned…why can’t thay make a normal statement like every couple does and get over with it…?

      • Jegede says:

        Not surprised you think its planned.

        And why should they have to do anything?

        Why can’t they make a statement if/when they want to if the choose to?

        And when that happens you can get irate again.

    • Kiki04 says:

      I can see her picking the name Violet, but I still hope it’s all fake……I hate to think there is someone working at the hospital who would be disrespectful enough to tweet that. Plus you know that source is getting the boot if it’s true. I work in a hospital, and can’t believe someone would throw their career away over Blake Lively’s baby…..

      • Lee says:

        It would be totally unprofessional, exactly! Plus, I doubt Blake would miss the chance to give another ‘exclusive’ announcement on, as she did with the pregnancy one.

  25. Dawn says:

    I think they are both attractive people. Sure hope that their child is well. It doesn’t say how early she was. Mine was three weeks early and he had to be put under special lights for the first few days but he was just fine. I hope they do the refreshing thing and give their kid a simple honest name like Sam or Dave or Connie. I am just so sick of weird names or directions or verbs that celebrities think is a cool thing to do to their children. But that’s just my little old opinion!

  26. Magnolia says:

    Was this another early celebrity induction, to keep her figure from being “ruined”? Also love how she gave birth “near her home”…well, don’t most of us? I mean, I would have killed my husband if he drove me to a hospital that was FAR from my home. 🙂

    Was she trying for a home birth and it didn’t work out?

  27. Miss M says:

    Congrats to the couple and I hope mom and baby are ok!

  28. Camille (The Original) says:

    Congrats to them, no doubt that their baby will be a cutie.