Lindsay Lohan’s dad says she’s addicted to Oxycontin

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is speaking out about his daughter’s high-profile DUI. Despite the fact that he hasn’t seen her in three years he claims to know that she’s addicted to the painkiller Oxycontin, often called “hillbilly heroin.” It sounds like he got the information by calling up the rehab facility and getting them to tell him about his daughter. He sends her his good wishes and hope for God’s salvation through yet another media outlet, E! Online this time:

Lindsay Lohan is currently undergoing a rigorous detox program to help wean her of multiple addictions to alcohol and drugs, including the powerful painkiller OxyContin, E! Online has learned exclusively….

“I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care,” said Michael, who is studying to be a drug rehab counselor with the faith-based addiction recovery organization Teen Challenge. “And I’m satisfied they are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and things. That’s a very important step.”

Michael, who says he became a dedicated Christian after his recent release from jail for a DUI and assault charge, said he also wanted to make sure Lindsay would be getting religious counseling.

“And I learned they use the 12-step program,” Michael said, “which includes a lot of lessons based on God’s teachings, so I was satisfied with that. First she needs to get clean, then she needs to let God into her life.”

All that proselytizing gets on my nerves, and people can quit drugs and alcohol in all sorts of ways that aren’t based on God, a Higher Power or AA, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it should just be a personal choice.

Lohan’s upcoming role in Poor Things looks like it may be held to give her time to complete rehab. While a lot of people with a low-paid 9 to 5 would get the axe for taking a month off work, producers are going to film around Lohan’s rehab stint, and will wait to do her scenes until after she gets out. According to E! Online, that is contingent on Lohan taking rehab seriously and keeping her head down, unlike her last time at Wonderland rehab when she was seen out multiple times shopping and lunching with her friends. She was also said to have had people on call to give her massages and style her hair while she was there.

One thing Lohan won’t be able to hold onto in rehab are plans for her 21st birthday. After sponsor Svedka vodka pulled out, so did the nightclub, Pure, as well as the restaurant.

In terms of Lohan’s Oxycontin addiction, I had a friend who was addicted to the stuff after he started taking it for back pain. It changed his personality a lot and he became very self-centered and domineering. He ended up getting a divorce over all the issues he had with his wife concerning his addiction. If Lohan can quit the stuff, maybe she’ll be a whole new person. One that doesn’t dominate the damn news with her stupid antics every week.

Update I forgot the story about how Lohan supposedly tried to commit suicide. It’s hard to keep up. She was said to be cutting herself and to have run into the bathroom with a bottle of Advil saying that she wanted to die.

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