Giada De Laurentiis denies affairs with Matt Lauer, Bobby Flay, John Mayer & more


Just before New Year’s Eve, we heard about Giada de Laurentiis’ separation from her husband. Giada announced her split from husband Todd on her Facebook page, and Todd filed the divorce papers shortly after her announcement. The whole thing was done with very little drama, except that everyone pretty much assumes that Giada was totally fooling around and that multiple blind items were “true.” Some years-old rumors about John Mayer cropped up again, and multiple outlets also claimed that Giada was out and about in Miami with Bobby Flay the night before the separation announcement. So, put those two guys together and add a dash of Matt Lauer, and we get this Star story:

The New Year certainly isn’t off to a good start for Giada De Laurentiis. On Dec. 29, the Food Network star shockingly announced her separation from husband of 11 years, Todd Thompson, and Star has learned exclusively that a possible cheating bombshell could rock their divorce proceedings!

“Giada wanted to announce the divorce after the holidays,” a source claims. “But three different men — one from L.A. and one from Las Vegas — are looking for a payday or they’ll go public!”

This wouldn’t be the first time Giada has been linked romantically to someone other than her husband, either. In a shocking 2010 Star world exclusive, multiple sources claimed she and rocker John Mayer shared a steamy tryst at an NYC hotel. Plus, the famous chef has also made headlines for her close relationship with Today show host Matt Lauer.

Most notable, though, is Giada’s closer-than-close relationship with Bobby Flay, one of Food Network’s original superstars who had a hand in discovering her in 2002. “There were always whispers about the closeness between those two,” a Food Network source tells Star. “Their chemistry has been no secret at all to people around them.” In fact, just two days before Giada announced her divorce, the duo was spotted having a casual dinner together in Miami.

The stories about Giada’s close relationships with other men were devastating to Todd…and could make their divorce a real battle. “It could potentially turn really ugly where Giada’s money and their daughter are concerned,” a source adds. “I wouldn’t blame Todd if he felt angry and humiliated.”

[From Star]

Re: Bobby Flay – I wouldn’t doubt it on his end, I’ve heard the stories about his wandering eye. But would Giada go there? If she would go there with John Mayer, she might go there with Flay. As for Matt Lauer… is it weird to say that the Lauer rumor blew my mind? We all know Lauer is a womanizing dog (allegedly!!), but Matt with Giada? Now THAT makes sense.

But before we finish up here, you should know that Giada went to Gossip Cop to personally deny all of these rumors. From Gossip Cop:

Regarding the John Mayer rumor, De Laurentiis tells Gossip Cop, “I have never ever been romantically involved with John Mayer. I met him twice at least 5 or 6 years ago at public events along with hundreds of other people. The small amount of face time with John was in rooms filled with other attendees at these events. I have not seen or even heard from him since. The allegation of an affair was a fabrication back in 2010 and remains so today.”

As for the Lauer and Flay rumors, De Laurentiis tells Gossip Cop, “My long-time friendships with my co-workers Matt Lauer and Bobby Flay are exactly that — long-time friendships. There has never been a romantic relationship with these two men.”

That alleged outburst De Laurentiis had on December 10? Star made it up. She informs Gossip Cop, “I was not at the Standard Hotel on December 10th. I was on an early morning flight back to Los Angeles, and I have not stayed at the Standard Hotel for at least the last few years.” And regarding the Star allegation that “three different men” are “looking for a payday or they will go public” about non-existent affairs with De Laurentiis, she tells Gossip Cop, “This is a complete fabrication. There are no men out there making any such claims, and I have never been contacted by anyone.” There is literally ZERO evidence for ANYTHING Star says about De Laurentiis.

[From Gossip Cop]

Do you believe her? Was she faithful to Todd throughout their marriage? Did she ever spend too much time in Matt Lauer’s dressing room? Did she and Bobby Flay ever linger in the walk-in freezer? Did she ever have dirty hotel sex with John Mayer? I have no idea. I really and truly don’t know and I don’t even have a good theory for all of this.


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  1. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    All I know is that I like Giada better as Lusty Chef than Straightlaced Chef.

    • Addison says:

      All I know is that because of her divorce I see pictures of her everywhere now and all I can think is that she just looks like a giant head. How can these alleged men focus on anything else when her head is so large.

      Maybe the Photoshop people are responsible for this. Hopefully.

      • melissa says:

        The rest of her body. That’s the reason why men are able to overlook the giant, iguana shaped head.

  2. If anything, I believe the Bobby Flay rumors…he just seems like he’s ‘that guy’…I still remember the January Jones incident/rumor….haha. But I actually like Bobby Flay–I was watching his show while visiting my grandma down South, and he came off (from what I remember) as very sort of earnest to me. Almost like a school boy who wanted to do well on his test to impress his mother. He didn’t have a skeeze factor that you get with dudes like John Mayor or Matt Lauer.

    Maybe that’s why he gets all the women (apparently)…haha. He seemed very sort of shy and sweet. Someone correct me if he has some skeezy, creepy CONFIRMED behavior….but if my initial impression is correct, I can see why he gets all these women. He honestly doesn’t seem like an a-hole (although that contouring or whatever tf it is makes him look like a douche)…..

    • Dani says:

      I love Bobby. I met him once at a bar in Maryland when he opened his burger place near the UM campus. OMG. He IS really nice, down to earth and sadly so cute. He’s on his third marriage (or divorce?) and I do think he’s the type to wander, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be nice.

      • Yeah, I mean, I don’t doubt that he has a wandering dong….but that doesn’t mean he has to be an asshole. I can see why these women fall for him (in bed at least), he came off as very humble, and very earnest. That’s extremely attractive–especially to other female chefs, who have probably been patronized throughout their careers by dumbass men (am reminded of a season in Hell’s Kitchen, when some misogynistic douche was talking about how men were so much better at cooking–professionally, I’m guessing–basically because of evolution, and he was saying this shit TO THE WOMEN)….he’s probably a breath of fresh air.

      • Isabelle says:

        Never understood why consistent cheaters marry? They should just stay single, less selfish of them & hurt less people deeply.

      • Kitten says:

        @VC-you perfectly described how I feel about Bobby Flay.
        When I first heard about his skeeziness several years ago, I found it pretty hard to reconcile that with my image of him as this warm, sincere, and yes, earnest kind of a dude.

        Anyways, I still like him and I still watch his shows, even if he’s a sketchball.

      • @Kitten
        I was really surprised. Because I’d just had this vague idea that he was a skeeze from CB–like every time his name was mentioned, I’d think “Oh, that dude that January Jones probably banged, and he’s a ho”… I came across his show and was pleasantly surprised. But that’s probably how he gets them, lol. I remember one of my honorary cousins was probably one of the most adorable, cute little boy in the whole wide world. I mean, you could tell that he is going to be movie star pretty/handsome, even at a young age–and every time he did something bad (like ripping out the pages of my books, one by one), he’d blink his eyes really fast and say softly “I-I didn’t mean to….”, haha.

        He just seems so sweet…..and we fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

  3. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why when people are just standing next together people assume there’s an affair. I doubt she had an affair with John Mayer. Giada and Bobby work together on several shows. Why can’t they just be friends?

    • hazeldazel says:

      well, she didn’t earn the nickname “The BJ Queen” for no reason. Kinda hilarious that they’re trying to do the whole “who me? possibly cheat? no wayyyy” thing. I mean, c’mon she’s not even subtle about it. They probably had an open marriage or some type of understanding, and now the business arrangement is over or he wants to be with his new squeeze, so now there’s a divorce.

  4. QQ says:

    Didnt blow my mind Cause If you saw any of her appearance in the Today with Matt Lauer or that whole Grossness on Air when Mat did “Where in the world is Matt Lauer” and Inexplicably he took her with him to Bahamas to “cook the typical dishes” and she was EITHER sauced or extra comfy but she was outright trying to grindon him during some cringey limbo line situation .. At least Matt had the sense to look mortified… THAT was Like EXTRA CAPTAIN OBVIOUS

  5. Carolina says:

    Bobby’s makeup looks horrible.

  6. CT says:

    I have ALWAYS thought Giada and Matt Lauer were getting it on. Their flirting is out of control.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Yes. Their flirtation so early in the morning is nauseating.

      • QQ says:

        It was A LOT of skeezery early in the am! i too would switch the channel.. ya’ll remeber what I’m Talking about Upthread Last year?? when he went to Bahamas?

    • Sabrine says:

      Matt Lauer? Highly unlikely. Why bother. I don’t believe she’s had any of them. I’m not fascinated with her love life that I have to know who she is or isn’t.

  7. Kiddo says:

    How is Matt Lauer a co-worker? Does NBC own the Food Channel?

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      Giada does guest spots on the Today show periodically. I DO not believe that she and Laur are getting on. Even HE is not that stupid.

  8. Blythe says:

    Mayer, Lauer, and Flay? That’s Douchebag Avenue.

  9. Megan says:

    All three are so creepy. I would absolutely deny hooking up with them.

  10. NewWester says:

    Whether or not Giada had an affair with these men, she had to deny the rumours by going to the media. She and Todd will be going through a divorce, to have such rumours floating around and not deny them would reflect badly on her. She has a child and wants to protect her from nasty gossip.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    If any of these rumors are true, Giada really has really, really, crappy taste in men!!!

    Bobby Stray…

    Matt Letcher…

    John Lay her…

    ALL PIGS!!

  12. scout says:

    She is so fake. Don’t know about all the affairs, only her husband can say but I read that Matt Lauer separated again from wife for the millionth time with rumors of an affair ,started living alone in NY and got back again few months later. He is vile.
    Bobby Flay’s beautiful wife is from Texas, he better not mess with a Texan!

  13. Kiddo says:

    If the assertions made by commenters here are true, that she suffered abuse at an early age, I feel sorry for her and this ‘activity’ would not be uncommon, but might be symptomatic of such past abuse. I still, however, find her incredibly annoying/unappealing as a TV personality.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, that new info discussed on the last thread makes me regard her a bit differently now. Not sure what to think except that tabloid photo makes her look like a dead-eyed empty husk, yikes.

    • Diana says:

      Get out of my head kiddo!! I need to follow you around on here and just post +1 every time.

    • Bridget says:

      I feel the same way. And Giada is about to be added to my “threads to avoid” list – like Cosby, Cumberbatch, Duggers, some Kim K, most Aniston…

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, I think it sucks. But she’s still annoying.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      +1 x 6, y’all!!! I am still haunted by that last thread about her.

    • anythingyouwantittobe says:

      Reading that LA Times article was shocking and it stayed with me for days. I just feel empathy for her now and don’t look at her as fodder for gossip – it’s just too sad.

      • That is probably why the story ran in the first place….her people will know that she is a less than empathetic character, so they set about doing something about it. Me, I dont feel that empathy for someone’s past is at all contradictory to finding them shrill, annoying husks of tv personalities. I think she can be both.

    • Cindy says:

      Yeah, this story is no fun anymore knowing about her childhood. Now it’s just sad.

  14. Tateru says:

    I’m not quite awake yet and I swear I read the title as Matt LeBlanc.
    I was thinking WTF Joey???

  15. Maria says:

    lol so much for people actually saying “there will never be a female Tiger Woods”

    • Tig says:

      Whoa there Nellie-three alleged honeys is hardly Tiger Woods territory! Unless John Mayer is added points- like 1 John Mayer=10 other guys! LOL

  16. Courtney says:

    Her husband pings for me. That’s all I got.

    • bella says:

      agreed! does for me, too. odd match those two.
      as for all the cheating/affair allegations?
      where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  17. kcarp says:

    Honestly where there is so much smoke for so long, there has got to be some truth somewhere in all of this.

    I want to know how does she have a kid and time to do all this? I understand famous people live way different but she is all over the place, cooking, spitting in buckets, having affairs, etc….

    • jojo says:

      they had a nanny that watches the kid. She mentioned her in an interview, where she said the kid prefer playing with her nanny rather than her.

      she travels alot, so the opportunity to cheat is there. She also seems like a complete control freak, or rather, a high maintenance diva. He seems the complete opposite. strange match..

  18. Size Does Matter says:

    She gives new meaning to Easy Bake Oven.

    • Bella says:

      I LOVED my easy bake oven!
      dont think i ever got a gift i treasured more!
      but this little biscotti giada does ramp up the easy in the oven.
      where does she find the time?

      • M says:

        You really loved your easy bake oven?! I was so pissed when it took to an hour to cook a brownie with a 60 watt light bulb & then when the brownie came out it was the size of a small cracker. Trying to cut that up for me & my friends at my bday party with the plastic knife was so depressing. Every time I hear about easy bake ovens I still feel ripped off 30 years later! And I learned that I am too impatient to cook by light bulb.

      • Haolebunny says:

        M- I’m dying laughing right now. I should know better than to read this thread while drinking anything. I HATED my Easy Bake Oven and I too always felt cheated that it was such a piece of crap. Cooking by light bulb indeed. Mine was at least 40 years ago but I still hate them. I never bought one for my daughter because she can barely wait for the microwave. Crap, I just outed myself for how old I am.

  19. mkyarwood says:

    Heh, those dudes are notorious for sleeping with ANYONE. Bobby Flay is the king of all leches.

  20. Jaded says:

    I feel sorry for her in a sense as she, and I believe her sister, were apparently horribly sexually abused by their father who was also very abusive to their mother. That kind of early trauma can often skew a woman’s perception of herself and perhaps her overtly sexy manner, dress and behaviour is a result of the early abuse. Just my two cents worth.

    • Lisa says:

      That, and the perma-grin-grimace she puts on is probably from keeping up a happy front as a kid. That sounds way more armchair psychologist than it did in my head, but considering her family name…

      • Jaded says:

        For sure…that and the fact that she changed her last name from her father’s to her grandfather’s when her parents divorced. Not for the cachet but to distance herself from the trauma.

  21. jasmine says:

    she sure has an odd looking face! she looks like south park character

  22. FWIW says:

    Of course she has to deny any affairs …. it’s a PR move. Celebrities always deny. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, so I do believe she’s had affairs and her husband had enough. I feel for him and their daughter. If she wanted to cheat she should have divorced her husband first.

    She was pretending to be a family woman only for her career, while behind doors was having affairs with men. She always seemed fake to me.

    • Maria says:

      no problem believing this story, but this whole “where there’s smoke there’s fire” is a very weird point. so if someone says something its true? just because it was said?

      like Jen Anistons pregnancy, right? more smoke than anyone can handle but no fire.

      its called a thought-terminating cliché:
      ““There’s no smoke without fire.” (used to convince others that a person is guilty based on accusation or hearsay and to discourage further examination of evidence)”

  23. Amber says:

    Her new episode last Sunday of Giada at Home had a completely revised intro with all images of Todd taken out of it. Was so weird, since I’ve been watching for years. My husband has never liked her, always thought she was annoying and fake. The info about her horrible father explains a lot, like why her mom is almost never shown on the show.

  24. Michele says:

    I don’t like that she feels the need to wear low cut tops while cooking her average dishes on her low rated show. I also have no respect for her at all if she slept with Matt Lauer, that’s worse than John Mayer could ever be. That’s just disgusting!