Allison Janney & Anna Faris co-hosted the People’s Choice: how did they do?


I always forget that the People’s Choice Awards are a CBS property, and that CBS uses the People’s Choice Awards to heavily promote their line-up. Usually, Kaley Cuoco hosts the People’s Choice because she’s on CBS’s golden-goose, Big Bang Theory. But this year, CBS got the stars of their new hit (?) show Mom, Allison Janney and Anna Faris to cohost the show. The result was awkward and awful. Ugh.

As for their fashion, they changed clothes a few times, but I only have IDs on the red carpet looks. Anna’s white dress is Rani Zakhem. Allison Janney’s silver dress is Rani Zakhem. A lot of people LOVED Allison’s Rani Zakhem. She really did pull it off well.


Other CBS properties… Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls. They presented together and posed together on the red carpet. That’s something nice: they seem to genuinely get along and love each other. Kat’s black gown was by Ludmila Corlateanu. Beth wore Juan Carlos Obando. Beth’s dress is fine. Boring, but fine. I think Kat’s whole look is kind of too dark.


Stana Katic won for Castle, obviously. I’ll admit it: Castle reruns are one of my guiltiest pleasures. That show is so easy to watch. Anyway, Stana wore a Carolina Herrera ball gown. Very pretty, although she seemed slightly overdressed for the People’s Choice Awards.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I like Allison’s silver dress, and Anna’s gold one. Anna’s white one, however, looks like something Pam Anderson would wear (not a compliment).
    I like Stana’s dress a lot but agree it’s way too much for this event.

  2. GiGi says:

    I think people just don’t know what to wear to the PC Awards – the red carpet is always such a mess.

  3. Snazzy says:

    I love watching Castle as well! I know some of the humour is pure cheez but it always makes me smile 🙂

  4. scout says:

    Overdressed mess except Anna’s gold dress.

  5. smee says:

    Allison Janney looks fan-freakin’-tastic! She always does. Being tall and slender makes a lot of stuff look great, but she’s got something extra……..

  6. Kiki04 says:

    Agreed, nothing I really liked except the gold dress. You have to figured that so close to the Golden Globes, everyone is saving their A-dressing material for that

    • katP says:

      I thought the same, plus everyone looked appropriate, except Kat Dennings who loked GORG but maybe too serious. Still loved her and Beth though.

  7. Esmom says:

    Love the black ball gown but agree it’s too formal for the event. I wish Anna would tone down the eyeliner, it’s at Kate Middleton levels of heaviness and just like Kate I think she’d look much softer without it.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    Dear God, I would love for Anna Faris to cut those bangs, color her hair, and basically, just have it styled!!!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree. She’s been working that look for a LONG time and I’ve often thought she should try something else.

  9. DJ says:

    Peoples Choice Awards were a SNOOZE fest. Painful to watch!

  10. bettyrose says:

    Didn’t watch. Love them both, but that height difference in the first pic made me laugh. They’re like a cartoon pairing.

  11. QQ says:

    Allison’s Silver Dress is EVERYTHING: I have absolutely nothing else about anything else, not the show, or hosts, or winners, or nothing… except maybe a Hurray to Anna Farris for stopping the mess that was happening with her face and lips and makeup and hair since that Playboy Bunny Movie.. is like she looks like herself again

  12. JessSaysNo says:

    Allison is TV royalty and she looked FAB!

  13. Abby says:

    The only thing I saw was that Adam Sandler won best comedic actor. All I could think about was the sony emails. This award season is going to be awkward, no?

    Wishing Kat had brought Josh Groban to the red carpet!

  14. Jordan says:

    Kat Dennings is so pretty but looked like Morticia in that dress.

  15. I Choose Me says:

    Allison Janney! I love her. Goodness she looks fab. Especially in that sparkly silver number.