Chris Evans offered his huge arm to Betty White at the PCAs: adorable?

Twitter went wild last night when Chris Evans put his beardy goodness to good use. He overshadowed his own win when Betty White was named Favorite TV Icon. Chris immediately leapt out of his seat and offered up his sizeable triceps to escort Betty to the stage. Chivalry is not dead, y’all. The look on Betty’s face is priceless. She scores all the fly tail. This was an amazing gesture on behalf of the Dorito. He’s more like his Steve Rogers character than he’d care to admit. Here’s a clip, but E! has a gif of the moment too:

Chris also won the Favorite Action Movie Actor award for his performance as Captain America. Humility was the name of the game in his speech. He joked how “40 percent of the votes were my Mom, but the other 60%, it really means a lot. I’m eternally grateful.

Speaking of internet phenoms, I understand the bodice-ripping Outlander show enjoys a large following. Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe accepted the award for Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show. Catriona’s little black dress is Valentino. Sam should have ditched that suit for a kilt.

Sam Heughan Catriona Balfe

Chris Evans

Photos courtesy of Getty & WENN

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55 Responses to “Chris Evans offered his huge arm to Betty White at the PCAs: adorable?”

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  1. maria1981 says:

    and he still wants us to believe he “hates” fame. c’mon.

    • What? says:

      From memory, I think he has anxiety?

      He was, in my impression, mostly afraid of failing and not being a RESPECTED, working actor. Once he saw that the “muscles” role of Capt. Am hasn’t hurt his reviews or career he is starting to relax.

    • mint says:

      Why? Because he escorted Betty White on stage he likes fame? No, it just shows he has good manners.
      I don´t think he is comfortable being in the spotlight. I think he likes to be an working actor but wants to live his private life in private- yeah I know, shocking idea in this day and age where everyone shares everything on soicalmedia and people like the kardashians exist. When he is done promoting his movies he vanishes. He isn´t really papped – and its not because there is no interest in him, it´s because he knows how to fly under the radar. I´m pretty sure People magazine offered him Sexiest man alive a few times, but he doesn´t seek fame beyond his acting projects.

      • MonicaQ says:

        This. He give a few interviews here and there but only comes out when he has to. Which I say, “Good on him”.

      • Sunny says:

        I agree. I have always gotten the vibe that he hates fame. For the most part, I really like him even if he puts his foot in his mouth in interviews.

        He is adorable though! So so cute and he seems nice if awkward.

        Good manners are hot.

    • SteaminSam says:

      Wow, what a bitchy and unnecessary comment. It’s called good manners, hun. I bet you’d do a 180 if the clip instead showed him simply sitting there and watching a 93-yo woman struggle to get up the stairs to the stage, and criticize him for that as well.

  2. Abbott says:

    What a sweetheart. NEXT!

    • Rhiley says:

      Yeah, in that moment, he looks completely adorable in that moment. Timberlake would have done something similar and looked like a complete d-bag, but Chris looks really sweet.

  3. Beckysuz says:

    Nom nom nom

  4. bettyrose says:

    I don’t think we should gush about people just being decent humans, but this clip is great.

  5. InvaderTak says:

    Every now and then the beantown brosef is cute. He’s a total mommas boy, but hey whatever works.

  6. Jenna says:

    Oh sweet baby!jesus…………just one night with Captain Sexy. That’s all I want. *le sigh*

  7. LolaBones says:

    Kayley tried to make the same ‘parents voting’ joke right after Chris. It was embarassing.

  8. Nessa says:

    He is so dreamy.

  9. Bea says:

    Ugh I don’t need another reason to envy Betty White thankyouverymuch.

  10. 'P'enny says:

    I’m really starting to like him.

    I gather by the beard he wasn’t with Jeremy Renner for the Avengers reshoots this week. mmmm

    • Lilacflowers says:

      No, he wasn’t called back for the re-shoots. He has some time off before filming starts for Capt America 3. He has been home in Boston, except for a few short trips, since Thanksgiving and he has been hosting charity events for programs that help sick kids. He just did a big fundraiser at Fenway Park this weekend. He’ll probably come right home again for Saturday’s Patriots playoff game

    • MtnRunner says:

      This is the first time I’ve gotten the appeal of Capt’n Sexy. Don’t usually like the preppy look, but it’s working it’s charm on me today. Helping a older lady up the stairs doesn’t hurt either.

      Maybe I’ll get around to watching his movie one of these days… he’s growing on me.

    • Cate says:

      Me too…and I’ve been waiting for an Evans post to make it official, haha. Quite the timing.

      I’ll just get in line then. ;-)

      • Jessica Fletcher says:

        Agree with all y’all, ladies, that man is a nummy treat, all beard and muscles with a gooey, momma’s-boy, charity- do-gooder, old lady-assisting, chocolatey centre!

  11. Tiffany27 says:

    The closest he will get to an Oscar. Bless him. He looks gorgeous. Cap needs the beard for the next film.

  12. Esmom says:

    Lovely, melted my cold black heart. And he’s looking really hot, swoon.

  13. koko says:

    I found it very chivalrous and respectful. Something society in general is lacking. Two thumbs up Mr. Evans.

  14. AuroraO says:

    I get a grip on that arm I ain’t never letting go bitcheesss

  15. scout says:

    He IS Captain America, nothing less is expected! :)

  16. ickythump says:

    Adore this guy – drool x

  17. His beard is doing all sorts of things to my ladyparts……and it’s not like they can help that. Full out beards do things to me…..

  18. The other paige says:

    Betty White is amaze balls.

  19. Molly says:

    I flove him. Who’s he dating?

  20. Penelope says:

    This man was brought up right. :) What class.

    Just another reason to love him!

  21. Lucy says:

    Heart eyes, motherf*cker!

  22. Abby says:

    So cute!

  23. lunchcoma says:

    Awww, that’s adorable.

  24. Izzy says:

    Dear Chris: I was most of the other 60%. You’re welcome. :D

  25. MonicaQ says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had raw attraction like this to another human being. Grrr.

  26. Olenna says:

    He is so fine. SMH.

  27. MissMary says:

    I used to be meh about him but he’s grown on me over the years (once I stopped thinking of him as Johnny Storm lol). What a sweet guy and I hope his mother/father/whomever raised him is proud of him for being such a gentleman.

    And I hope they have no idea what the rest of us are thinking about dat ass. *ahem*

  28. Fatty Magoo says:

    Betty white is a boss. And I’ve always loved Chris Evans he is so sweet and shy. It’s a shame that someone showing manners is so news worthy but that’s the society we live in. There aren’t many gentleman left. But seriously that beard, swoon!

  29. Es says:

    Thanks for the Outlander tibbit! Yes. Kilts!