Still-married Balthazar & Rosetta Getty dine out without Sienna Miller

It seems like it’s been ages since Sienna Miller “homewrecked” her way into Balthazar Getty’s life (pants). But it’s surprising to learn how much the situation has stayed in a holding pattern, even after months have passed. Rosetta Getty is still Balthy’s wife, though estranged. Neither has formally filed for separation or divorce. The rumor several months ago was that Rosetta was trying to force Balthy into either coming back or filing for divorce. If Balthy’s option was divorce, Rosetta would try to get as much of the Getty family money as possible for her and their four children.

While it’s perfectly understandable that Rosetta and Balthy would try to be civil to one another, even with the current confusing romantic situation, this latest piece of gossip has added another layer. Balthy took his wife out to dinner in West Hollywood Monday night. The couple ate tacos. How romantic. Radar Online has more:

Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty was spotted sharing a meal with estranged wife Rosetta last Monday night at Pinches Tacos in West Hollywood.

Sources told X17 that Getty and the mother of his four children spent around two hours at the restaurant. Getty, wearing a suit, was seen talking on his cell phone for a large portion of the meal.

Is a reconciliation in the works or were they talking custody details? Getty is still believed to be dating Sienna Miller, and was rumored to have moved into her Manhattan loft.

Neither the restaurant nor the rep would comment.

From Radar Online

Ten bucks says that Balthy was talking to Sienna on the phone. I bet Sienna knew that he and Rosetta were going to meet and decided to make their evening all about her and her issues. Or maybe she just now got around to telling Balthy that she was kicked in the head by a horse. Rosetta must have had a field day with that one.

Most likely Balthy and Rosetta were discussing the kids. That is, they were probably discussing the children in between Sienna’s manic “Do you still love me, baby?” calls. Even though I know it’s just a media strategy, I think Rosetta would be really dumb and spineless to take Balthy back after the way he’s behaved with Sienna. Rosetta knows it, too. She’s just waiting for Balthy to cry “uncle”.

Balthazar Getty is shown out on 2/24/09. (Not the night in question.) Credit: Fame

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  1. sunseeker says:

    This hold-up is all about money for Getty, if he cared about his children he would not have put his wife and children though this embarrasing affair, a bit of decorum and sensitivity at the beginning would have gone a long way. Both are egotistical scumbags, and yes I agree that would have been Miller on the phone doesn’t trust him at all. Don’t blame her.

  2. bros says:

    I dont get why his dumb wife doesnt divorce him? she would be entitled to a large sum of money, alimony, etc. and she has clear grounds for divorce. either way, she gets money, so what is the freaking point of hanging on to this loser?

  3. Petra X says:

    I feel bad saying this, but I do find him hot. Sorry!

  4. Feebee says:

    Still don’t understand how Sienna, super skank that she may or may not be, constantly gets the brunt of the fury for this marriage’s breakup. HE was the one in the marriage not Sienna. HE made the choice to step out on his wife. HE was just as aware of the paps and the impact of those early photos. If it wasn’t Sienna, it would probably be someone else. I’m not excusing her role in this but he had the bigger burden of moral behaviour.

  5. Wench. says:

    Seriously, I adore Sienna Miller.

  6. Kaiser says:

    No, I agree FeeBee. He’s an evil douche. Sienna’s not the one who took vows, but the fact is, even after all this time, he’s *still* married, and Sienna’s *still* carrying on with him. And I don’t think Rosetta’s any saint either.

    At least bash Sienna for dumb p.r.

  7. Ash says:

    he’s a less cute version of liev schreiber.

  8. Totally Guilty says:

    It’s ALL Sienna’s fault ALL this affair was HER fault from the very beginning. Balthazar was drunk and that tramp just never keeps her legs shut. And the point that Sienna is still with him just confirms her TOTAL guilt in this affair.

  9. fern says:

    SM is EQUALLY responsible because she is encouraging the married man to dishonor his vows(ie-staging PDA photos). It was her duty to say no or go home to your wife. Since she didn’t reject the married man’s advances, the next best thing was to keep this affair discreet. She didn’t do that and after that first round of “embarassing” photos, she kept on staging photo-op after photo-op with the married man, leaking pr stories about her adventures with the married man, and whining about her “pain’.

    The “not the married one” excuse is a double standard and implies that women should not be held accoutable for THEIR actions when they participate in affairs and that women have the right to disrespect another woman’s relationship.

    Since when is it the woman’s responsibility to file for a divorce? Since BG and SM are having the very public affair, it is only right that he file for the divorce. If he was so in love with SM, he would have filed the divorce (instead of making public appearances with SM) and made the proper arrangements os that his wife and kids can receive the funds from his inheritance/job.

  10. Wench. says:

    Totally Guilty: Yes, you’re totally right. I’m sure she literally, and of course I mean literally, forced his cock into her.

    Didn’t stand a chance, huh.

    Deary me, fool.

  11. sunseeker says:

    At the end of the day they are both at fault,if we say it is only his fault we are saying woman are not responsible for their actions. We wanted Equal right so now we have to take equal responsibility, both are scumbags and Miller has been in this situation before, how many of us have been flirted with by married men but we know when to walk away., and it is not really about the affair but how they acted after it came to light.To humiliate his wife and mother of his children was insensitive and cruel and Miller was part of that as well.

  12. Totally Guilty says:


    The time and reality will tell you how stupid you are in your life’s disposition.

  13. gg says:

    Wow, he sure looks like a weasel in the face. Like an actual rodent-type weasel.

  14. becca says:

    Why aren’t people realizing that it takes TWO people to tango?!

  15. Wench. says:

    Totally guilty:

    I’m sorry but you are a moron.

    Either that, or Sienna could face jail time for rape, eh.

  16. A says:

    and how many female-rapists in the whole history of the world do you know, genius? wonder why?
    now go and ask any man why he silently wishes to be raped by a woman, or better by a couple of women.

    agreed, stupidity is definitely one of your virtues, “Wench”.

  17. A says:

    to “becca”

    what tango?? he was just drunk at the moment and she f*cked him. there was no any tango. and then she started blackmailing and pushing on him to finish with the wifey. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how womens mind works.

  18. Wench. says:

    A: My point, exactly – genius. How many female rapists? Hm. Which would led one to think that perhaps, Balthazar quite wanted Sienna to sit on his face. So she fucked him. Blah, blah. So he cheated on his wife. Blah, blah. So his wife is mad, blah blah. Sienna Miller is hardly devil incarnate is she?

    And drunk?
    Oh, come on. That doesn’t stand up for anything. He was drunk, not retarded.

    What a bunch of absolute idiots you are for thinking anything different.

  19. Wench. says:

    A: She blackmailed him? Ah, ok. And he has absolutely not bollocks to stand up or himself? Ok, sure. Moron.

  20. A says:

    how about rapists? still counting? try google, genius. )))))))))

  21. Cirque says:

    Two dogs fighting over and unable to let go of a bone. What’s the attraction?: hint of danger, arrogance and promise of wealth and possibly something the public is not privy of. Surely, there are better looking guys, with better morals/character. With Rosetta, she has four kids to think about, all his. He left her with 4 to raise while he is having fun with a younger woman. With Sienna, who has taken to wearing a cross (a travesty), she is after the promised wealth and the name/clout of being associated with a Getty.

  22. Yae says:

    My mother used to say “If all the women in the world practiced their God-given gift of sexual restraint and if women respected and loved each other……sexually weaker men would have noone to cheat WITH.”
    Her words carry much wisdom.

  23. Yae says:

    PS: Wisdom is an ancient feminine trait, by the way.

  24. czarina says:

    I have a friend who has been married for 22 years and her husband has been having an affair for about 6 months. He has not only been blatant about it, but he has been incredibly nasty to her (my friend) as well (telling her she is to blame for all his problems, how he wished they’d never married, that she’s a bit*h, etc.)
    So, my friend has been putting up with this for months. I think deep in her heart she was desperately hoping this was some sort of mid-life crisis and he would snap out of it. She loves him and, more than that, I think, she is afraid of being alone and having to raise their daughter (who is 10) alone.
    For me, I would never have been willing to put up with that for ANY amount of time, but perhaps, like my friend, Rosetta loves her husband and is afraid of being alone, raising four children alone?
    Someone once said to me that men get ruled by their dicks, while women are ruled by their fear of being alone. I am sure that is a major generalization, but I think there is some truth in it.

  25. A says:

    your mother is a wise woman, Yae. and I agree with her 100%. the question is why the men are sexually weaker? but I guess only the great Mother Nature could give the answer here.

    to ‘czarina’

    it’s not ‘a major generalization’, it’s the Reality. and your friend is hoping exactly because of the fear of being alone. but the thing is that hope never helps, and if her husband did it once, with all the nastiness, then he 99.99% is gonna do it again. so there is no happy ending in any case.

  26. fern says:

    These media outlets are manipulating RG’s refusal to file the divorce and making it appear as if she can’t move on or is waiting for BG to come home. The “not moving on” angle is just another tactic to depict SM as the victim and RG as the villian. In other words, these media outlets are trying to make it look like RG is standing in the way and preventing them [SM and BG] from taking their so-called “romance” to the next level by not honoring her duty(ie-filing for the divorce).

  27. Aspen says:

    If she divorces him, she loses what modicum of legal control she still has. The ONLY thing she gains by divorcing him would be the freedom to date again.

    Unless she wants to do that, it’s not in her best interest to divorce…I mean, from a pragmatic point of view.

    I applaud women in this lady’s situation who are in an impossible emotional situation…but still manage to stay focused on the practical, logistical, financial issues.

    I don’t think I could do it. I just don’t have the self control to stay there, dig in my heels, and say, “Make me, Bitch.” I think I would leave.

    I mean…in my opinion, this douchebag’s wife is a freaking gladiator, and I love it.

  28. sunseeker says:

    I agree with you ASPEN Getty’s wife is strong and is looking after her children, I don’t blame her for a second, why should Miller have all the cash, her whole aim in this affair seems to me to be Getty and his connections and money, nobody would put themselves through this hassle otherwise, love to me doesn’t come into it, just before she met Getty Rhys was the love and her life and her soulmate, her own words. I am just amazed at her egotistical and imature behaviour.

  29. gg says:

    Okay, I’ve done a little reading on the net about this Getty character. IF the things I found are true: Rosetta is a respected fashion designer with a life and has all the money. Bathy as a Getty has no clout, so he became an actor. He has a show now, but nobody’s beating his door down for work.

    So what about all this Getty power and money Rosetta is clinging to with her stupid husband? There ain’t any.

  30. sunseeker says:

    I don’t think Rosetta is clinging at all she is just looking after her children’s interest. As far as Getty is concerned he gets his inheritance when he is 35 years old, and it will not be peanuts, but yes his wife has supported him so far, which makes it even worse that he is leaving her now and as far as I know from what I read about the law in CA she is entitled to half plus child support if he divorces her.

  31. cirque says:

    Rosetta should not divorce him then if he stands to inherit by the age of 35. She is the breadwinner of the family for years, he left her for a younger woman after saddling her with 4 kids, after supporting him through his addiction. She and her kids deserve all of his wealth, not Sienna.

  32. Lady T says:

    Sienna did not force the affair but she is doing everything in her power to put the media spin in her favor. good luck.

    Anyone notice how her last boyfriedn has not been in the press since they broke up? She chases after married men for the challenge. As soon as he’s divorced, she’s out of there unless he comes into a buttload of money cuase lord knows neither one of them are working!!!

  33. bajagirl says:

    i don’t care what he did. he is hot so leave him alone

  34. Chair says:

    i really don’ get what anyone sees in balthazar getty. he’s a douche!