Lindsay Lohan takes a trip outside of rehab two days after checking in

Not even a week and Lindsay Lohan has been spotted out of rehab. It’s not like she’s off shopping or getting her hair done though, the girl was going to a local gym. The thing is, there’s a gym at the luxury rehab where she’s staying. Couldn’t she have used the gym there or hired an instructor to come visit her?

Lohan took a 45 minute session at a nearby gym on Wednesday and was seen trying to hide under her hoodie when photographers took her picture. According to insiders she has to show she’s serious in rehab in order to hold onto her role in Poor Things with Rosario Dawson and Shirley Maclaine. She is said to be too risky for most projects, and is off the “short list” of actresses considered for upcoming films. Because of Lohan’s history, she is expected to be required to cover her own insurance for any upcoming roles.

Isn’t it a bit arrogant of her to be taking a trip outside of rehab to go to the gym? It’s not like it’s our business, but she should probably wait a while. She was only in two days before she had her first field trip. Let’s see how seriously she takes this latest stay. She was out all the time during her last stint at Wonderland rehab, and we know how well that worked out for her.

The NY Times has an interesting article about how luxurious drug rehab facilites are the new spas for celebrities. Where rehab used to be kept secret by drug-addicted stars, they’ve now become a right of passage and a getaway.

Thanks to INFDaily for the pictures and story.

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