Diddy defends his role in Chris Brown/Rihanna reunion


Diddy appeared on “Ellen” this morning, and Ellen got right down to business, taking him to task for lending Chris Brown his Miami compound to stage his play to reconcile with battered girlfriend Rihanna. Diddy got uppity at first, saying that it’s his house, and he’s free to have whomever he likes at his house. When Ellen said she wondered if it was sending the wrong message that it’s okay for a girl to go back to a guy who hit her, Diddy spouted the typical “we don’t know what happened” BS that many other Brown apologists have been spewing.

Sean “Diddy” Combs feels that he was merely giving Chris Brown shelter from the storm.

While being careful to note that he does “not think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody,” the hip-hop mogul said Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he offered up his Miami Beach mansion as a refuge for Brown and Rihanna last month as a favor to a friend.

“It was a dark time for them, and I was there as more of a support,” Combs explained when DeGeneres, who also grilled the media-savvy multihyphenate about his twittering capabilities, asked him to “clear something up” for her.

Rihanna and Brown spent some quiet (minus the Jet Ski) time at Combs’ Star Island estate at the end of February, what was believed to be their first reunion since Brown’s Feb. 8 arrest for allegedly attacking Rihanna in his rental car after the pair attended a pre-Grammy party.

With friends like these, who needs hotels?

“It’s my house, and I’m allowed to give my house to whoever I want to give my house to,” Diddy said. “I don’t cast a stone—cast judgment on anybody. So, if friends ask me for a favor, then I’m going to be there for a favor as long as I know the energy of the favor is positive.”

He’s not directly involved in the situation, he added, and “I’m not going to pass judgment on it. I’m going to be there as a friend.”

DeGeneres said that she wouldn’t wany any woman to think that returning to an abusive relationship is the right move to make.

“I don’t think it’s right for anybody to hit anybody,” Diddy offered. “We know sometimes relationships get ugly…We don’t know exactly what’s going on. There are two young individuals involved.

“We need to pray for them, and we need to do things to support them.”

[From E!]

So, contrary to earlier reports, Diddy knew full well what Brown was up to when he called looking to crash at the rap mogul’s private Miami pad. Kudos to Ellen for questioning Diddy on this. Normally, she’s an easy interviewer and lets her guests off the hook, but this time, she seized a great opportunity. Diddy didn’t like being put on the spot, but that’s too bad. He should be. He completely contradicted himself in the interview by saying he didn’t want to get involved or take sides. Guess what? You facilitate their reconciliation, that means you got involved and took sides. I also don’t like the way Diddy is insinuating in the video clip that Rihanna was hitting Chris Brown. It’s true that we “weren’t in the car with them,” but we did see the photos of Rihanna’s bloody, bruised face. Did we see photos of Chris Brown beaten up – or with even a scratch on him? It wasn’t Brown’s blood the police found in the car, it was Rihanna’s. I wonder…what was Diddy on the show to promote – or, was he put up to it by Chris Brown’s PR machine?

Here’s Diddy at the NAACP Awards. Photo credits:Fame.

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  1. OXA says:

    He is such a DOUCHE, would he be so generous if it was one of his daughters that was used as a punching bag?

  2. XX says:

    Yeah, he doesnt know what happened. “She must have ran into his fist, Your Honor.” Give me a break, please.

  3. jojo says:

    Diddy sucks… I see him being the kinda guy to smack women around too…

  4. Wow says:

    Now wait a minute. Wasn’t he quoted last week as saying he didn’t even know they were using his home as the relocation to reconcile? In PEOPLE or US Mag?

    Diddy is either a liar (shocking only not) or he’s an enabler.

    Oh, just re-read and CB actually calls it in this article too. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who remembers that. So he’s both, a liar and an enabler. Good look on him.

  5. gg says:

    His mouth is detestable.

  6. BellaB says:

    Someone called him “common” the other day. It’s so true. He has no class and his attempts at being sophisticated are laughable.

  7. Terri says:

    I knew it – just a punk in a tux.

  8. pixiegirl says:

    Ya know, sometimes it’s OKAY to ‘cast a stone’ at people. Especially people who hit other people. Just sayin’.

  9. StrawberryFairy says:

    What exactly did he say that was wrong? He’s friends with both of them and he’s trying to stay neutral. He’s choosing not be judgemental about the situation and because he’s not being negative, he’s a douchebag? Have a seat.

  10. pixiegirl says:


    He is most certainly a douchbag. He willingly allowed his residence to be used by a known abuser for ‘alone’ time with his victim. And you think this is a smart idea? So because he’s ‘not being negative’ his actions are acceptable. Please. Have a seat yourself.

  11. Lina says:

    “…Diddy spouted the typical “we don’t know what happened” BS…”

    Chris beat the s*** outta her – that’s what happened Diddy. I don’t have respect for Diddy anyway, both Kim Porter & J.Lo say that Diddy used to cheat on them & lie all the time.

  12. MSat says:

    I’d add that Diddy claims he doesn’t want to get involved – but by allowing this meeting to happen at his home, he most definitely DID get involved. What if Brown had gotten angry, strangled Rihanna again, and this time succeeded in killing her while this meeting happened at Diddy’s house? Given the police report, that was a real possibility. There’s a big difference between not passing judgment and looking the other way.

  13. morgs says:

    Birds of a feather flock together yeah?

    “Relationships get ugly” was that your reasoning Diddy, the last time you smacked the sh*t out of your girlfriend?

  14. j. ferber says:

    So is Diddy saying there must be an eye witness (besides the aggressor/victim) to each domestic assault in order to “know what happened”? And would that hold true for rape, too? So it’s impossible to commit a crime against a woman unless witnessed by a third party? What country are we living in anyway and what century? So, according to Diddy, a man can do whatever the freak he wants to a woman, and as long as there are no witnesses, he mustn’t be judged. That is some dangerous crap you are spouting, Sean. Why don’t you shut up and do what you do best: promote yourself.

  15. Pamela says:

    I love Rihanna’ music, but if she really is back with Chris Brown, I’ll ignore her and her music, like I do with him. And doesnt matter who defend them!!
    It’s so sick

  16. Sarah says:

    Can’t stand this guy, ever watched his YouTube videos? He is ridiculous, and this just tops it all.

  17. hmm says:

    Is it impossible for people to be honest to their friends? I mean, is anyone in Hollywood capable of saying that what Chris did is wrong? I am so sick of the apologists and the “we don’t know what happened crowd” (which is code for she did something to deserve it) that I’m about to lose it. We do know what happened and we all read his (CB’s) sorry ass insignificant apology. I personally think that Diddy was surprised by the hatefest that came his way and now he’s super defensive. If you don’t want to get involved then don’t. But don’t give the douchebag your house to stage photo-ops for the paparazzi and then get mad when there are repercussions.

  18. Blah Girls says:

    Just by completely contradicting himself he is making it look like he’s taking Chris Brown’s side.

  19. Lara says:

    He is such an ass. Msat, you said it perfectly, there’s a huge difference between not passing judgment and looking the other way. He’s so careful to say he doesn’t want to throw the first stone, but that doesn’t mean there’s no right or wrong or no law. I can’t stand him. I watched an episode of I want to work for Diddy and he is a d***. he comes across with this attitude that the world owes him everything.

  20. Spike says:

    I wonder if Diddy orchestrated it. Diddy calling Usher and Kanye and telling them to back off makes much more sense than C. Brown.

    Manipulative a$$

  21. keltilass says:

    I always thought Diddy was a skank bitch, kudos to Ellen for showing me I was right all along.

  22. kimberly says:

    whatever “diddy’s” agenda is I don’t care. All parties involved are lame.

    We don’t need the BS in music.

    f chris and rhianna and their dramatic BS.

  23. conspiracy says:

    I think that there is something kinda odd going on here… Like all of these people defending Chris Brown… or not condoning it, they are all linked!!! its a conspiracy in the making!!!

  24. tweet says:

    What was wrong with Diddy’s comments? I see nothing wrong at all. Also its true no one should be hitting anyone. America wake up… No one wants to be honest about this situation. Rhi and chris are not the only ones in the world with relationship issues. I’m not mad @ Diddy.. Its his house, now what!!! I’ll do it for my sis and her guy if they had issues and wanted to get away. Chris and Rhi are both young adults. They are not role models. And just because a man hits once doesn’t mean he will hit again. It is likely it can happen, but with guidance and Jesus, it wont happen again. Thanks Diddy for being transparent about this matter and being a good friend. People need to learn how to forgive. I am so sick and tired of everyone trying to ruin their careers.. Leave them alone and let them make their own decisions. I’m a 30+ female, married with two boys. Parents raise your own kids, don’t look to the Celebs to do so. No one is perfect only Jesus !!!

  25. Christine says:

    I can’t understand ANY of the people who think it’s okay that Rihanna went back to Chris. He needs to be in prison then treatment, and not be getting his girlfriend (punching bag) back.

    I agree with all of the people who say that other celebs (“friends” of Rihanna and Chris) are being really wimpy and not saying the truth – that Chris is 100 percent wrong and that if Rihanna stays with him she is a complete and utter moron. They are all trying to be so mild-mannered and non-judgmental, when in fact this whole situation should be judged – harshly – and teach young girls that it’s not okay to go back to your abuser.

  26. Betty says:

    P Diddy is a idiot!! He needs to but out, he had no right to but it. I can’t stand him. What would he have done if they had done that to his daughter? She is someone’s daughter too. Chris Brown needs help and needs to give Rihanna her space.I can’t believe that he had the nerve to defend Chris Brown. No matter what Rihanna did , she did not deserve to be disfigured,hurt, and abused. P Diddy shut your trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Liz says:

    Diddy are you connected in any way with Chris Brown’s record deals? Sounds like there’s some money to be lost. I can’t think of any other reason why your greedy ass would get involved in this whole mess, unless you stand to lose money. If you do not stand to lose any money from this mess, then stop trying to exploit this unfortunate event. Don’t you have enough tv time. I’m sick of seeing your face plastered everywhere!!!!!!!

  28. Liz says:

    Diddy are you connected in any way with Chris Brown’s record deals? Sounds like there’s some money to be lost. I can’t think of any other reason why your greedy ass would get involved in this whole mess, unless you stand to lose money. If you do not stand to lose any money from this mess, then stop trying to exploit this unfortunate event. Don’t you have enough tv time?I’m sick of seeing your face plastered everywhere!!!!!!!