An 82-yr-old billionaire married a 25-yr-old who swears money’s ‘not important’


If you’re a long-time gossip reader, you might recognize the name Richard Lugner. He’s an Austrian billionaire and he owns a chain of department stores and malls in Europe. He’s also somewhat famous for paying high-profile celebrity women to accompany him every year to the Vienna Opera Ball. In the past, he’s paid Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian to be his “date” for the evening, plus make one appearance at his Viennese mall. Kim K. was his date last year and the whole thing was a massive catastrophe (Kim still made $500K out of it though). So why this trip down memory lane? Well, Lugner is 82 years old. And he recently married a 25-year-old Playboy model named Cathy Schmitz. They just gave a joint interview where they discussed their marriage, and how she TOTALLY did not marry him for his money. So classy.

A couple with a 57-year age gap have insisted that they married for love but admit that they both have concerns about their relationship. Richard Lugner, 82, wed German TV presenter and former Playboy model Cathy Schmitz, 25, last September after a brief courtship that lasted just seven months. It is the fifth marriage for the Austrian billionaire and he admits the path to marital bliss has already been rocky.

He told This Morning: ‘We have to learn to be married.’

The successful businessman had previously sworn off marriage forever after his fourth divorce, but admits that Cathy managed to change his mind after they started dating last February. The couple were engaged in August and married a month later.

He said: ‘I had been married four times, and when I met Cathy I had been divorced for seven years. I didn’t want to get married ever again.’

Despite his misgivings, Cathy managed to change his mind, but Richard admits that he is still very fearful that his new wife is more interested in his bank balance than his personality.

He said: ‘I am always worried. Ladies are very dangerous – to be married is dangerous. ‘(But) I like to fight with the young ladies. It’s better for me.’

Cathy, who was trying to make her name as TV presenter in Germany before she crossed paths with the billionaire, admits that she loves the luxury lifestyle that comes with being Richard’s wife, but that it isn’t the reason she married him.

She said: ‘When we met I thought he was a nice guy. I knew he was rich, I am from Germany – he is very famous person. Of course it’s nice to life a luxury life. But it’s not very important to me. Before I met him I was pushing my own career on the television. But I had to make a decision between love and my career. (And) I am not the first woman that is much younger than him – none of his wives were as old as him.’

While many would struggle to understand what an octogenarian and a woman in her twenties could have in common, Cathy maintains that it is a match made in heaven.

She said: ‘I have a good teacher as he has been married four times before. I dated a lot of young boys – they are only looking out for themselves. They like football and many women. I have a lot of fun with him (but also)I have a six-year-old daughter to look after – I need a man.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Just for the record, this might be my favorite story of the week. An 82-year-old meets a 25-year-old wannabe TV presenter and even though he’s been married and divorced four times and he’s sworn off marriage completely, she convinces him to marry her. And she swears up and down that money is “not important” to her. Where to even start? First off, I’m going to need the receipts on Cathy being “25”. And she has a six year old daughter, which either means she got started young or… an 82 year old billionaire accidently married a 30-something golddigger. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, she IS a golddigger. And he’s an old perv. Why can’t they just own that? What would be so wrong with saying, “Eh, I’m an old man and I want someone young, blonde and perky by my side” and for her to say, “Eh, I have a kid to think about, and he buys me nice clothes.”



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. PunkyMomma says:

    That wedding pic is very Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Aye says:

    Well… Wealth redistribution has to happen somehow.

  3. Loopy says:

    LOL yes this a total marriage of love. But it could happen i believe that Anna Nicole Smith really did love her husband,she rejected his advances for a long time.

    • SamiHami says:

      I think Anna Nicole was totally a gold digger, but that she also had some affection for her husband. Not romantic love, of course, but I think she cared about him.

      But in Anna Nicole’s case, and in this case, I think all parties involved knew exactly what the score was/is. Old billionaire wants hot young blond, hot young blond wants old billionaire(‘s money). Not that I think this young woman is hot, but apparently the guy does.

      • Merritt says:

        This. One of the things that irritated me in the Anna Nicole case was that people acted like Marshall was this little old man she took advantage of. No, that guy knew what he was getting into. He met her after both his wife and mistress died. Anyone with a history of having a long term mistress, was not the innocent that his children and their attorneys tried to make him out to be.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        No mention of a pre nup. Will she argue that he was senile and it doesn’t count? Or maybe the millions are enough, since she doesn’t care about money – and she had a real career before she met him y’all. Why was her Playboy nickname “Crazy Cathy”? And why does he keep talking about arguing?

        I do feel sorry for the child.

    • Darkladi says:

      I ain’t saying she a gold digga, but she ain’t messing with no broke… #getmoneyb*tch.

  4. paola says:

    Just the fact he paid good money for a Kardashian to be his date speaks volumes about his mental health.
    She has a daughter to look after? At 25 she can’t find a job in order to keep her dignity?
    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a woman if this is what we have come to.
    And that pic looks like is taken from that tv program ‘My big fat gipsy wedding’

    • homegrrrl says:

      At least this one didn’t decide to wreck a forest or a meadow along with the million dollar nuptials. I mean, be a goldDigger, or an unrealistic old dude, but just because you’re rich and hellatacky, don’t mess up an eco system for that “special day”.

    • Forthelasttime says:

      This is not the worst thing to be ashamed of as a woman. Women do much, much worse. We really are our own worst enemies and that’s why men (with all their faults) rule the world. Sigh

    • Lauraq says:

      I don’t know what there is to be ashamed of. She wants a rich man, he wants a young blonde wife. It’s not love, and I wouldn’t be happy, but they both are getting what they want out of the relationship.

  5. NewWester says:

    In the wedding pic Richard reminds me of Papa Smurf without a beard.

  6. Red says:

    I have no sympathy for these billionaire types who just never outgrow objectifying women so you get your girl. Just invest in some good therapy to deal with the night time expectations.

    • Name du Jour says:

      Me either. Nobody ever frames it like, “billionaire swears he married for love, not for big boobs and youthful glowing skin.”

  7. greenmonster says:

    WANNABE-TV-presenter fits perfectly – before she married Lugner no one has ever heard of her. She is a nobody who wants money to live a nice life. He is a disgusting piece of trash.

  8. Frunk says:

    If you’re going to marry a baby gold-digger at least make sure she’s pretty! I know his eyesight probably isn’t what it used to be but Christ!

  9. Frida_K says:

    They kind of resemble each other and she could easily pass as his granddaughter.

    Also, it looks like she has a padded butt in the photo with the yellow dress (the penultimate photo).

    Who cares about details when it’s a case of true love, though? I don’t see dollar signs in her eyes…I see blissful adoration. And that sparkle in his? Clearly, it’s admiration for her intellect and her compassionate nature.

    *rolls off chair laughing*

  10. Maria says:

    still a better love story than twillight

  11. Murphy says:

    She looks a lot better in the recent pictures than she did in the ones that came out when they got married. Guess that money is already going to work.

  12. lolalulu says:

    I wish them a LONG and happy life together. I hope he lives to be 120yrs old.

  13. Alexandra says:

    Besides this article, I hate that the women always are the topic in situations like this. It’s not like the men are marrying for love either, and are blindly duped by scheming women. They get something out of the deal too.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Oh trust me, over here (Germany), the tabloid press is not kind to him. He’s the butt of the jokes, not these girls (he was “dating” like this for years after his last divorce). We feel a bit sorry for them and ask WHY??? but we laugh at him. It’s shockingly fair to be honest. Nobody believes he was duped or that there’s a victim in these stories at all. Okay, the kid is. But not the adults.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Is she a known TV presenter in Germany? Does she do the news or game shows?

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I’ve never heard of her. I just googled her and apparently she’s a trained nurse and had a small part in some crap reality show I’ve heard of but have never watched. She was also a playmate. Where they get “tv presenter” I do not know.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Thanks Littlemissnaughty! She has some resume, nurse, small part on crap reality show, playmate. If she was smart enough for nursing school, I don’t get her choices.

    • Christin says:

      What I would like to know is how she ‘changed his mind’.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        I’d love to know that too. We know what they’re doing, I want to know what she is saying! This is definitely a game of persuasion.

    • Toot says:

      My view too. Her youth for his money. They’re both adults and both are getting something out of the deal so I don’t like how the woman is usually maligned.

    • MariPoodle says:

      Sharon Lea-
      Unfortunately in the press anyone who can use a thermometer is called “Nurse”. In the US the standard for Registered Nurse has become a 4 year bachelor’s degree, and some go on to get Master’s (Nurse Practitioner) and even Doctor of Nursing Practice or PhD (my coworkers). A US Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is a bachelor’s degree and then another 2-3 years of Midwifery school (Masters) after that.
      In many places what they call a “Nurse” is what we call an office assistant or nursing assistant.

      • MariPoodle says:

        PS I think this is a fair and equitable transaction. She wants money, he wants boobs, everyone happy and on the up and up. What’s not to like, gossip-wise? I’m all for the gold-diggers when they’re honest. She invested in those hooters and the bleach and she’s getting the dividends. Melania Trump is her patron saint. She’s been fairly honest about her situation as well. Its a 10 year job, of sorts. It’s paid for by much time on maintenance, surgery and looking the other way when he has another gal on speed dial. Yolanda Foster (married to David Foster) is another high end example.

  14. Stef Leppard says:

    I just don’t think he’s as dumb as he is pretending to be. He knows she’s a golddigger.

  15. Mark says:

    If she’s actually made contact with his old balls she deserves the cash

  16. Annie says:

    That wedding dress lmao. Such a refined classy lady. What a cliche. An Anna Nicole Smith. Someone should tell her that if he dies she’s not getting anything.

  17. kpoodle says:

    “I have a six-year old daughter to look after, I need a man.”

    ^^tells me all I need to know about this situation.

  18. scout says:

    Hahaha…Look at her face, seems to say “Yes, I do and I just hit the Jackpot!!”
    I think these rich old people know that too and protect themselves before they say “I do”, atleast I hope so. Learn from Donald Trump’s first mistake although Ivana did deserve whatever she got during divorce.

  19. burnsie says:

    I’m ok with this bce he looks young for his age and she looks older than her age.

    Haha jk this is gross

  20. crumpetsfortea says:

    The mic clip nestled in the bosom of her wedding, um, dress …. Amal, *this* is how you accessorize formal wear!

  21. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Oh, these crazy kids in love… I’m not sure which one disgusts me more. They deserve each other.

  22. Bryon says:

    It is Anna Nicole Smith – J. Howard Marshall all over again.

  23. Lucy2 says:

    This is completely normal and healthy for all involved…said no one.
    I shudder to think of the example she has set for her daughter here. Hopefully the old dude sets up an education trust for her and she doesn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps some day.

  24. Rhiley says:

    Que the reality show in 3,2,1…

  25. jwoolman says:

    Awww. Wish all three of them the best.

    This means, of course, that his experience with rude Kim Kardashian was so traumatic that he rushed into matrimony so he would never again need to hire an escort for that ball. Lindsay Lohan also still owes him money, he paid in advance and then she missed the plane.

    English isn’t her native language and/or her quotes might be translations – when she said she needs a man, she was contrasting to what she said about the immaturity of the guys closer to her age. She just meant that she didn’t want an immature, irresponsible boy… She obviously knows how to make enough money to support herself and her daughter. He’s probably prenupped to the hilt anyway, so she probably can’t be much of a gold digger. She’ll want to keep him healthy and happy.

  26. funcakes says:

    Haaaaaàaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa. Wipe away tears. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

  27. captain says:

    He had a very young girlfriend for years, Anastasia Sokol, he called her Katzi. Katzi was full-on bulimic and couldn’t get better. They spoke openly about it, what she does, really in detail, and how it affects her health; went to a clinic together once, he – to lose weight, she – to recover from bulimia. In these interviews he always came across as a longsuffering caring granddad and she – as a neurotic idiot. But then she got better and put on some weight. He promptly got rid of her, bought her a flat, I think; and gave some money. She was very grateful to him in the interview after the break up. So don’t know, how much of her bulimia was triggered by this perv. I don’t remember exactly.. I think what I got from this interview, her mother was a single business-focused parent and really didn’t take care of her, so she was really starving for someone to parent her and take care of her. He was deciding EVERYTHING in their relationship, even what she’d wear.

    Look at his new wife. She is young, fresh, slim and tired to carry the load of responsibility on her shoulders, she wants someone to take care of her and decide things for her. Some women are like that – and I think it is unkind to hold this against them. Not everyone has this strong pushy personality, some just don’t manage the life very well. They want someone to manage it for them.

    So it is not that straight forward, that she wants him to die and get all the money. I don’t see it this way anyway.

    • Elly says:

      yeah i remember “Katzi”. I felt so sorry for her. She had/has serious problems. Even his 4th ex-wife “Mausi” befriended her when this girl was so sick and anorexic. He was overchallenged with her health problems.
      Somehow i had no idea he has a new wife “Spatzi”. I thought he´s still with “Kolibri” or “Hasi” or “Bambi”….

      • captain says:

        Yeah, me too. She was so unhappy and fragile. I really hope she is holding it together. Bulimia is a life-long struggle. He somehow seems to find these volatile, emotionally retarded girls, it is as if he attracts them like a magnet.

  28. snowflake says:

    ok, so she says she has a six year old daughter and needs a man???!! why? because working and paying for her daughter by herself would be too much trouble?

    • captain says:

      Actually it would. It is not easy to be a single mother. She probably has some minimal education, being from Germany where it is a law that everyone gets their 8 years. She had a daughter at 19. Hardly a good time to start the university, especially if you were too dumb for it to begin with. But she is pretty and fun, so tried to become a TV Presenter or a playboy bunny or I don’t know who. These were the carrier paths she went for. And wasn’t good enough at it either. And her love life consisted of young guys who were quite happy to shag, but didn’t want to take on responsibility of caring for her and her kid. So it is possible she appreciates this man, who gave her a home, dresses, luxury and her daughter will always be looked after.

      • snowflake says:

        I agree, I’m sure she appreciates it. But it also teaches women to not go to school, not try and get a job, just find a rich old man to take care of you..jmo. but i know what you’re saying, you’re saying she might not be bright enough to do that. they both know the deal, no biggie. to me i would rather be poor, than have to do what somebody else wants for material things.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      My best friend is a single mother. With a job and able to support her child. She longs for a man. For a partner. Guess what? It’s not only about who pays the bills. It’s also about having a shoulder next to yours.

  29. Nayru says:

    I agree that as long as both parties know what the deal is on the table it’s not such s big deal. If two vapid shallow people want to be together let it be.

  30. Jayna says:

    I think I’ve read about them before. Isn’t she kind of like a selfie Kim Kardashian wanna-be over there and he’s a loudmouth, likes being in the press?

    Two grown adults who know what they get going in.

  31. teatimeiscoming says:

    He expresses concern that she might be interested in his money, but he marries her anyway. How does the saying go, No fool like an old fool?

  32. smcollins says:

    So, he actually admits that he more or less doesn’t trust her motives for marrying him. Okay, I’ll give him credit for not being a complete fool. I guess as long as he’s aware enough of the truth, and isn’t kidding himself about what she *really* loves about him, well….it’s his life, and if this is how he wants to live out the rest of his days then so be it. That being said, though, it does totally skeeve me out and she is 1000% a gold-digger. Not to mention one hell of a “Pro.”

  33. Mar says:

    I was doing ok with it until I scrolled down to the wedding photo. Very Eastern Euro I guess.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      Ugh??? I am a linguist and have studied Slavic phylology in two Eastern European countries and you have zero idea about the places or the cultures you so freely condemn.

  34. Ginger says:

    Are he and Hugh Hefner related? 80 something old man marries a 25 year old playboy model after four failed marriages. That’s straight out of Hugh’s playbook. But sure, they married for “love”. I’m sure there’s an airtight pre-nup. I’m sure she’ll get pregnant stat to seal the deal.

  35. **sighs** says:

    Meh. Everyone on here always goes on about different strokes for different folks and as long as they aren’t abusing one another.
    These are grown people. They’re both using each other and they both know it. It’s their choice. They both get something out of it. Who cares?

  36. BonfireBeach says:

    Yeah, she wants him for his body. It’s purely physical. Barf.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      Is there an equivalent to viagra for women? If not, I’d have to be stoned just to get through every night without feeling too dirty about being with a man the age of my Grandpa.

  37. Nuzzybear says:

    Are we sure she’s not Katy Perry in a wig?

    Of course, Katy would never need to get money the old fashioned way.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Speaking of the “old fashioned way”, am I the only one totally side-eyeing the notion that Kim, Paris, Carmen and Pam were all past paid dates of this billionnaire? Just dinner and accompanying him to events? um yeah….uh huh.

  38. Andrea says:

    This is a serious question: do you think they sleep together?

    • funcakes says:

      I think she’ll sleep with him three times a month only after a bottle of wine and some vicadin. How many times can one blame cramps or a headache.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Absolutely! What else is in it for him? He already has maids, chefs, chauffers, and assistants. She puts a Brad Pitt mask on his face and he puts an actually attractive woman’s mask on her face…bing, bang, boom!

  39. GingerCrunch says:

    If that’s luxury, I’ll just keep shopping at Target.

  40. I swear to you all, it’s true lurve, because he doesn’t look a day over 65, lol!!!!

  41. SnowGlow says:

    Man, in those wedding pics she looks a ROUGH 25 yrs old.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      No no. All 25 year olds look like that, don’t ya’ know? Haven’t you seen Courtney Stodden? *snicker*

  42. Dr.Funkenstein says:

    LOL I spit coffee all over my monitor.

  43. sasha says:

    I dunno. Grown adults, with their own choices. Maybe she is a gold digger, but who cares?
    He gets laid, she gets money… Relationships are just that.. Relation-ships.
    Usually very wealthy men are lacking hearts of gold. They can be ruthless, bossy and demanding. I’m sure it’s work to be with him too. In all honesty, he probably has the easier job to just provide.

  44. Beth says:

    Eh, I don’t think she looks older than her age. In the pic before the jump, you can still see that she has young, taut, elastic skin. Lots women who are 24-26 look like that where I come from. I also went to a large uni with one of the biggest Greek populations in the country, where young ladies wore makeup like they applied it with a shot gun and chained themselves to the tanning bed…so maybe my experience is tainted, lol.

    That being said, these two are practically a circus show, so I can’t waste my energy getting offended (maybe other than by their appearance). It is comical really.

  45. Reece says:

    She’s wearing a mic on her dress. Was their wedding televised?
    I got nothing else. Nothing nice.

  46. JH says:

    Holy SH*T!!! That wedding dress…no- no,no,no,noooooo.
    Hey, lady! He’s a billionaire! And THAT’S the best you got?!? I am befuddled.

  47. Georgianna says:

    Happy for her…..

  48. anne_000 says:

    If she were smart, she’d get her near-death billionaire husband to adopt her daughter and make sure the kid is in the Will.

    She’d also do some IVF to get pregnant and ensure herself a payment for the next 18 years.

    You know that when this guy dies, his four prior kids are going to sue the hell out of her and try to leave her penniless. At least that’s how it’s done in America.

  49. BooBooLaRue says:

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented above. HILARIOUS!

  50. Sylvia says:

    That wedding picture looks so trashy LOL. She looks like the cat that ate the canary and he looks like “what have I done”. LOLOL

  51. Jules says:

    A tale as old as time…

  52. weegiewarrior says:

    Ffs – that wedding pic – is of a billionaires wedding?!!? Just shows money cant buy taste – atrocious! Iv got to admit they deserve each other but I do feel sorry for th little girl – an innocent party in this farce.

    • boredblond says:

      Well weegie, I think it was dolly parton who said it costs a lot to look this truly the ugliest wedding dress ever. Maybe she’s got a Depends fetish.

      • ickythump says:

        Yea, but Dolly Parton has class – she knows who she is and is proud of it and she has a fantastic voice, even if you dont like her style of music. xx

  53. Amanda says:

    If he’s truly a billionaire , why couldn’t he get her a designer wedding dress and beautiful jewellery for their wedding day?

  54. Dinah says:

    If money doesn’t mean anything to her, then why didn’t they marry in a private civil ceremony at a courthouse wearing jackets and jeans? If it’s true love, she only needed an audience of one: him.

  55. Blackbetty says:

    A billionaire couldn’t have bought a better wedding dress?!

  56. Lilly says:

    That guy is similar to Hugh Hefner here in Europe. Only he is in another business, I think it is building industries. That girl is an actress (although a pretty bad one). Like for Hugh Hefner, they get a monthly allowance. And of course, it is not for the money ;) They earn as being a wife more than hardworking people. It is not the first wedding of some celebrities in Europe which earn a fortune with a public TV wedding.

    I wonder how you came up with that only now. They married already in summer last year. But it is interesting to see which news go across the ocean and which don’t.

  57. Penelope says:

    Well, he’s not the worst-looking old geezer I ever saw. That’s about all I got on this. LOL

  58. Majicou says:

    He’s marrying her for her youth.

  59. MRVienna says:

    I am Austrian. I feel ashamed!

  60. Cc says:

    Good for her! you go girl